Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1128


Kalends of January first feria, twenty-sixth of the moon, AD 1128.


A leap year and embolismal year. The men of Magh Itha, i.e. Domnall ua Gailmredhaigh, and the Cenél Moain stormed a house against the king of Fir Manach, i.e. Faelán ua Duibdara, and he fell by them, and a number of the nobles of the Fir Manach with him.


Gilla Pátraic son of Tuathal, successor of Coemghein, was killed by the Uí Muiredaigh in the middle of Glenn dá Locha.



A defeat was inflicted by the horsemen of Conchobor grandson of Lochlainn on the horsemen of Tigernán ua Ruairc, and in it fell ua Ciarda, king of Cairpre, and Cathal ua Roghallaigh, and Sitriuc ua Mael brigte, and the son of Aed ua Dubda, king of Uí Amalgadha, and many others.


Muirgius ua Nioc, superior of Tuaim dá Gualann for a time, died in Inis in Ghaill.


A detestable and unprecedented deed of evil consequence, that merited the curse of the men of Ireland, both laity and clergy, and of which the like was not previously found in Ireland, was committed by Tigernán ua Ruairc and the Uí Briúin, i.e. the successor of Patrick was insulted to his face, that is, his company was robbed and some of them killed, and a young cleric of his own household that was in a cuilebadh was killed there. The aftermath that came of that misdeed is that there exists in Ireland no protection that is secure for anyone henceforth until that evil deed is avenged by God and man. The insult offered to the successor of Patrick is as an insult to the Lord, for the Lord Himself said in the Gospel: 'He who despiseth you despiseth me, He who despiseth me despiseth Him who sent me.' Luke 10, 4..


A raid was made by Tairdelbach ua Conchobuir into Laigin, and he plundered Loch Garman; thence he passed around Laigin to Áth Cliath, and destroyed many cattle along that way; from Áth Cliath he went to his house again. The disrepute of that expedition lies on Tigernán ua Ruairc.


A raid was made by Maghnus and the men of Fernmag into Tír Briúin, and they took great booty. Tigernán with the Uí Briúin and a number of others overtake them at Áth Fhirdiadh. Battle is given between them, and Tigernán and the Uí Briúin are defeated, and three or four hundred of them are killed, for the honour of Patrick.


An army was brought by Conchobor ua Lochlainn and the Cenél Eógain and the Dál Araide and the Airgialla into Magh Coba, and they took the hostages of the Uí Echach. They turn thereafter south into the territory of the men of Brega, and left some of their people dead there and committed a great crime before God and man, i.e. the burning of Áth Truim with its churches, and a number of people suffered martyrdom there. They returned home, not having obtained peace from God or men.


A year and a half's peace or a little more was made by the successor of Patrick between the Connachta and the men of Mumu.