Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1123


Kalends of January second feria, first of the moon. AD 1123.


The Gailenga stormed a house in Daimliac of Ciannán against Murchad ua Mael Sechlainn, king of Temair, and burned the house and eighty houses around it, and killed many of his followers. Murchadh, however, escaped by the honour of Ciannán, neither killed nor burned.


An unprecedented attack was made on the successor of Ailbe, i.e. Mael Mórdha grandson of Clothna, i.e. a house was stormed against him in the middle of Imlech itself, and against the son of Cerball ua Ciarmaic, i.e. king of Áine, and


seven were killed therein. The nobles, however, escaped from it by the grace of Ailbe and the church. The Bernán of Ailbe, moreover, was burned. The person who stormed the house was killed within a month, i.e. Gilla Caech ua Ciarmaic, and he was a deacon in name, and he was beheaded for offending Ailbe and the Lord.


Aengus ua Gormán, successor of Comgall, died on pilgrimage in Lis Mór of Mo-Chutu.


Flann ua Duibinnsi, superior of Lugmad, Cú Caisil ua Cerbaill, king of Fernmag, Mael Muire ua Condubhán, superior of Daire Lubhráin, Donn Sléibe son of Cathalán, happiness and prosperity of all the Ulaid, died.


Donnchad son of Gilla Pátraic Ruad, king of Osraige, was killed by his own people.


Congalach ua Laithbertaigh, heir designate of Ailech, was killed.