Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1119


Kalends of January fourth feria, sixteenth of the moon. AD 1119.


Cenn Corad was razed by the Connachta.


Muirchertach ua Briain, king of Ireland and tower of the honour and dignity of the western world, after victory of sovereignty and repentance, died on the feast of Mo-Choemóc of Liath, the sixth of the Ides 10th of March, the fifth feria, and the twenty-eighth of the moon.


Cú Collchaille ua Baighellán, chief ollav of Ireland in poetry, alms, honour and general compassion to weak and strong, was killed by the men of Lurg and Tuath Rátha, with his wife and two sufficiently good sons, and with thirty-five others, both household and guests, in one house on Low Saturday 5 April, the feast of Bácán son of Cula.


Ruaidrí ua Tomrair, superior of Othain Mór, rested.


Flaithbertach ua Laidcnén, king of Fernmag for a time, rested.


Fergal of Inis Locha Cré, a reverend elder and choice warrior of God, migrated to Christ.


Conchobor ua Gailmredaigh, chief of Cenél Moain, was killed by the Uí Dubda and the Clann Laithbertaigh.


Niall son of Domnall ua Lochlainn, heir designate of Ailech and Ireland, and paragon of Ireland in form and understanding, in honour and wisdom, fell by the Cenél Moain in the twenty-eighth year of his age, on Monday, the tenth of the moon and the feast of the Three Innocents, the eighteenth of the Kalends of January 15 Dec..