Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1117


Kalends of January second feria, twenty-third of the moon. AD 1117.


Conchobor ua Cairillán was killed by the Fir Manach.


Cathusach ua Cnaill, noble bishop of Connacht, fell asleep in Christ.


Mael Brigte son of Rónán, coarb of Cenannas, was killed by Aed ua Ruairc and the Uí Briúin, with a slaughter of the community of Cenannas, on the vigil of Domnach Crom Duban. ‘The face of the Lord be against those committing these wickednesses, that He may wipe out their memory from the earth.’ Ps. 33, 17.



A battle, i.e. the battle of Lecan, was fought by Brian son of Murchad and the grandsons of Cathal ua Conchobuir with the Connachtmen against Tairdelbach son of Diarmait and the Dál Cais, and the Dál Cais were defeated and slaughter inflicted on them.


A slaughter was inflicted on Cenél Eógain na hInnsi by the Cenél Conaill, and many nobles fell therein.


Cathusach ua Cnaill, noble bishop of Connacht, Flann ua Sculu, bishop of Connere, Mael Muire, bishop of Dún dá Lethglas, Gilla Mo-Chua son of Camchuairt, bishop of Damliac, Cellach ua Colmán, bishop of Ferna, Anmchadh ua hAnmchada, bishop of Ard Ferta of Brénainn, Muiredach ua hEnlainge, bishop of Cluain Ferta of Brénainn, Mael Ruanaid ua Ciflichán, coarb of Fobair for a long time, all fell asleep in Christ.


Mael Muire ua Dúnán, an eminent bishop of the Irish and the head of the clerics of Ireland and a lord of alms of the world, in the seventy-seventh year of his age, on the ninth of the Kalends of January 24 Dec., completed the excellent course of his great religion.