Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1106


Kalends of January second feria, twenty-third of the moon. AD 1106.


An army was brought by Domnall ua Lochlainn to help Donnchad ua Mael Sechlainn, and they plundered the west of Mide and Donnchad was overtaken on a raiding party and was killed.


Dísert Diarmata with its oak church was burned.


Tuathal, successor of Coeimghein, rested in peace.


Cellach, successor of Patrick, went on a visitation of Cenél Eógain for the first time and brought away his full due, i.e. a cow for every six persons or an in-calf heifer for every three or half an ounce for every four, along with many offerings also.


Cathbarr ua Domnaill, king of Cenél Lugdach, died.



Ceallach was on a visitation of Mumu for the first time also and he brought away his full visitation, i.e. seven cows and seven sheep and half an ounce for every cantred in Mumu, along with many valuables also. And on that occasion Cellach assumed the orders of a noble bishop by the command of the men of Ireland.


Caíncomrac ua Baighill, noble bishop of Ard Macha, rested in peace.


Etgar, king of Scotland, died.