Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1103


Kalends of January fifth feria, twentieth of the moon. AD 1103.


A bloody clash between the men of Lurg and Tuath Ratha in which there was slaughter on both sides.


Ua Canannán was expelled from the kingship of Tír Conaill by Domnall ua Lochlainn.


Murchad Donn i.e. ua Ruadacán was killed, allegedly, on a raid in Mag Coba, and that raiding party killed the Gilla Got ua Cormaic on the same day.


Ragnall ua Ócan, steward of Telach Óc, was killed by the men of Mag Itha.


A great war between the Cenél Eógain and the Ulaid, and Muirchertach ua Briain came with the men of Mumu and Laigin and Osraige and with the nobles of Connacht and the men of Mide with their kings to Mag Coba to assist the Ulaid. They all went to the plain of Ard Macha, i.e. to Cell na Conraire, and were a week beleaguering Ard Macha; Domnall ua Lochlainn with the north of Ireland was for that time in Uí Bresail Macha facing them. Since the men of Mumu were weary, Muirchertach went to Aenach Macha and to Emain and round to Ard Macha, and left eight ounces of gold on the altar and promised eight score cows, and returned again to Magh Coba, i.e. not having obtained what he sought, and left the province of Laigin there and some of the men of Mumu. He himself went on a raid into Dál Araide, and left there dead Donnchad son of Tairdelbach and the son of Ua Conchobuir, king of Ciarraige, and ua Beoáin and other nobles. Domnall ua Lochlainn went with the north of Ireland into Mag Coba to attack the Laigin; the Laigin, however, and the Osraige and the men of Mumu and the foreigners met them just as they were, and give battle, i.e. on Wednesday the Nones


5th of August, the twenty-ninth of the moon, on the day after coming to Ard Macha. Leth Moga, however, was defeated, and slaughter inflicted on them: i.e., slaughter on the Laigin, including Muirchertach son of Gilla Mocholmóc and the two grandsons of Lorcán and Muirchertach grandson of Gormán, and others; a slaughter of the Uí Cheinnselaigh, including the two sons of Mael Mórda, and ua Riain, king of Uí Drona, and others; a slaughter of the Osraige, including Gilla Pátraic Ruad, king of Osraige, and the royal family of Osraige also; a slaughter of the foreigners of Áth Cliath, including Torstain son of Eric and Pól son of Amaind and Beollan Armunn and others; a slaughter of the men of Mumu including the two ua Bric, two heirs designate of the Déisi; and ua Failbe, heir designate of Corco Duibne, and a tributary-king of the Laigin, i.e. Ua Muiredaigh; the king of Ciarraige, with his son; and many others whom for the sake of concision we have passed over. The Cenél Eógain with the north of Ireland returned home with great slaughter and many valuables, including the royal tent and a camlinne and many other valuables.


Magnus, king of Lochlann, was killed on a raid in Ulaid.


Cathalán son of Senán was killed by the Cairpre.


Murchad ua Flaithecán, superior of Ard Bó, eminent in wisdom and honour and teaching, died happily on his pilgrimage, i.e. in Ard Macha.