Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1101


Kalends of January third feria, twenty-seventh of the moon. AD 1101.


Donnchad son of Aed ua Ruairc was killed by the Fir Manach.


Riagán, bishop of Druim Mór and of the province of Ulaid, rested in peace.



Inis Cathaig was plundered by the foreigners.


An expedition was made by Muirchertach ua Briain and by Leth Moga into Connacht, and over Eas Ruaidh into Tír Eógain, and they razed Ailech and burned and outraged many churches also, including Fathain of Muru and Ard Sratha. They went thereafter over Fertas Camsa and burned Cúl Rathain and committed slaughter there. They afterwards took the hostages of the Ulaid. They went home over Slige Midluachra.


A raid was made by Donnchad ua Mael Sechlainn into Fernmag, and ua Cerbaill caught up with him and killed two hundred of them or a little more.


Ferdomnach, bishop of Cell Dara, rested in peace.


Cathal ua Muiricán, king of Tethba, was beheaded.


Donnchad ua Eochada, king of Ulaid, was released from bonds by Domnall grandson of Lochlainn, king of Ailech, for the sake of his son and his co-fosterling, i.e. in the stone church of Ard Macha, through the intercession of the successor of Patrick and the community of Patrick also, after making mutual oath on the Staff of Jesus and other relics, on the eleventh of the Kalends of January 22 Dec..