Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1099


Kalends of January seventh feria, fifth of the moon. AD 1099.


A great epidemic throughout all Ireland.


Cenannas was destroyed by fire.


Diarmait ua Maelaithgein, superior of Dún, rested on the night of Easter.


Half of Cell Dara was burned.


Caencomrac ua Baighill assumed the bishopric of Ard Macha on Pentecost Sunday 29 May.


Donnchad grandson of Maenach, abbot of Ia, Uamnachán ua Meictíre, successor of Colmán son of Léinín, Annud ua Longarcán, successor of Colum son of Cremthann, rested in peace.


An expedition was made by Muirchertach ua Briain and Leth Mogha to Sliab Fuait, and Domnall, successor of Patrick, made a year's peace between them and the north of Ireland.


An expedition was made by Domnall ua Lochlainn and the North of Ireland over Tuaim into Ulaid; the Ulaid, however, were in camp at Craeb Telcha. Their two forces of horsemen meet, the force of the Ulaid is defeated, and ua hAmráin is killed there. The Ulaid then leave their camp and Cenél Eógain burn it and cut down Craeb Telcha. Two hostages are given to them thereafter, and the successor of Comgall as surety for two other hostages.

    1. The hostages of the Ulaid were taken by force,
      Witnesses state distinctly,
      By Domnall grandson of Flann like a lion,
      And the descendants of generous Eogan.

    2. p.537

    3. Two stout hostages were given
      Just now by the warriors of the Ulaid;
      The third of them was Comgall's abbot,
      To make a king of Domnall ua Néill.
    4. The ninety-ninth year
      And the thousandth in fame
      From the birth of unwithered Christ,
      It is then that that was beheld.


The stone church of Ard Sratha was burned by Fir na Craíbhe against Uí Fhiachrach.


Ruaidrí ua Ruadacán, king of Airthir of Airgialla, and the flower of the kings of Ireland, ended his life in the forty-fifth year of his rule, on the tenth of the Kalends of December 22 Nov..