Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1084


Kalends of January second feria, twentieth of the moon. AD 1084.


Donnchad ua Mael Ruanaid, harrier of the churches, was killed, both body and soul, by the men of Lurg.


Glenn dá Locha with its churches was burned.


Muiredach ua Cethnén, superior of Cluain Eóis, died.


An army was brought by Donnsléibe, king of Ulaid, to Drochat Átha, and he gave stipend to the son of in Cailech ua Ruairc. A raid was made by Domnall ua Lochlainn in his rear in Ulaid, and they carried off a great prey of cattle.


An expedition was made by the men of Mumu into Mide, and it is on that expedition that Conchobor ua Céfada died. The Conmaicne went into Tuadmumu in their rear, and burned fortresses and churches, and carried off a prey.


The defeat of Móin Cruinneoici was inflicted by Leth Moga on Donnchad ua Ruairc, and in it fell ua Ruairc, i.e. Donnchad son of Cailech ua Ruairc and Ceinnétigh ua Briain and many others on the fourteenth of the Kalends of November 19 Oct..


Domnall ua Gailmredaigh was killed by Domnall ua Lochlainn.


Gilla Pátraic, bishop of Áth Cliath, was drowned.


In this year was founded the church of saint Fuinche of Ros Oirrchir.