Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1067


Kalends of January second feria, twelfth of the moon. AD 1067.


Scolaige son of Innrechtach, superior of Mucnám, the superior of Dún Lethglaise, Aed grandson of Ualgarg, chief of Uí Duibinnrecht, Echthigern son of Flann of Mainistir, i.e. the superior of Mainistir, fell asleep in peace.


A hosting by Tairdelbach ua Briain to Loch Cime, and ua Conchobuir, king of Ciarraige Luachra, was killed on the hosting.


Cell Dara with its church was burned.


Aed ua Conchobuir i.e. Aed of the gapped spear, overlong of the province of Connacht, valiant steersman of Leth Cuinn, was killed by the Conmaicne in a battle in which many fell, and Aed ua Concenaind, king of Uí Diarmata and many others with them, i.e. by Aed son of Art Uallach ua Ruairc in the battle of Turloch Adhnach.

    1. Seven and sixty years, no trifle,
      And a thousand, a great virtue,
      From the birth of Christ, no perverse sway,
      Until Aed king of Connacht fell.