Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1063


Kalends of January fourth feria, twenty-seventh of the moon, AD 1063.


Gormlaith daughter of Cathal son of Ruaidrí fell asleep on pilgrimage in Ard Macha.


Motodán ua Celecáin, prior of Ard Macha, died.


Cathal ua Donnchada, over-king of Uí Echach of Mumu, Cú Duilig ua Taidc, king of Fir Lí, Mael Sechlainn ua Motodáin, heir designate of Ailech—by his enemies, i.e. by the Cenél Conaill—were killed.


A great billeting was imposed by Lochlainn's son from Glenn Suilidhe west to the west of Luigne and to Muaidh Ua nAmalgaidh, where the kings of all Connacht came into his house, including Aed ua Concobuir and Aed grandson of Niall ua Ruairc and the son of Art ua Ruairc.


The cave of Aill in Cera was taken by the Connachta against the followers of Aed ua Concobuir, and one hundred and sixty were stifled therein.


Niall son of Eochaid, over-king of Ulaid, died on Thursday the Ides 13th of November, the eighteenth of the moon.


Cinaedh son of Aicher, superior of Les Mór of Mo-Chutu, and Eochaid ua Dalláin, superior of Connere, fell asleep in peace.