Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1054


Kalends of January seventh feria, eighteenth of the moon. AD 1054.


Ímar son of Aralt, king of the foreigners, died.


Aed ua Fergail, king of Tulach Ócc, and the son of Árchú ua Céilecáin, king of Uí Bresail, were killed by the men of Fernmag.


Dubgall ua hAedacáin, king of Uí Nialláin, was killed by ua Flaithéin.


The defeat of Finnmag inflicted on the Uí Méith and the forces of Uachtar Tíre by the Uí Echach, in which In Croibderg, heir designate of Uachtar Tíre, fell.


Aed son of Ceinnétig son of Donn Cuan, chief of Clann Tairdelbaig, was killed by the Connachta.


A battle between the men of Scotland and the English in which fell 3000 of the Scots and 1500 of the English, including Doilfinn son of Finntor.


The lake of Suide Odráin in Sliab Guaire stole away late at night on the feast of St Michael 29 Sept. and its waters entered the Faball—something unheard of from ancient times.