Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1045


Kalends of January third feria, ninth of the moon. AD 1045.


Muiredach son of Saergus, superior of Dam Liac, Cathasach ua Cathail, successor of Caeimgein, and Maenach ua Círdubáin, superior of Lugbad, fell asleep in peace.


Congalach ua Lochlainn, king of Corcu Mruad, Glún Iarainn ua Cléirchéin, king of Uí Chairpri, Flaithbertach ua Canannáin, king of Cenél Conaill, and Domnall ua Cétfada, the glory of Mumu, died.


The superior of Leithglenn was killed in front of the church.


Muirchertach ua Néill made a raid in Brega, and Gairbíth ua Cathasaig, king of Brega, came upon his force at Casán Linne: the sea was in full tide against him, and Muirchertach and many others fell there.


Carthach son of Saerbrethach, king of Eóganacht of Caisel, was burned with many nobles in a house set on fire by the grandson of Longarcán son of Donn Cuan.


A battle between the Scots themselves in which Crónán, abbot of Dún Caillen, fell.