Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1043


Kalends of January seventh feria, sixteenth of the moon. AD 1043.


Cathal son of Ruaidrí, king of the west of Connacht, died in Ard Macha on pilgrimage.


Domnall ua Fergaile, king of the Fortuatha Laigen, was killed by his own people.


These were killed: Flann ua hAinbíth, king of Uí Méith, by ua Cerbaill, king of Fernmag: Aed ua Con Fhiacla, king of Tethba, by Muirchertach ua Maíl Shechnaill; Ceinnéitig ua Cuirc, king of Múscraige.


Cellach ua Cléircíne, successor of Finnén and Mo-Cholmóc, Cairpre ua Laidcnéin, superior of Ferna and Tech Mo-Ling, and Gilla Mo-Chonna ua Duib Dírma fell asleep in peace.


The defeat of Mael Caennaig on the edge of the Súir was inflicted by Carthach son of Saerbrethach on the Osraige and the Airmumu; and ua Donnocáin, king of Ára, was left dead there.


A defeat was inflicted on the Cenél Conaill by the Cenél Eógain at Termann Da-Beócc.