Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1032


Kalends of January seventh feria, fifteenth of the moon. AD 1032.


Mathgamain ua Riacáin, king of Brega, was killed by Domnall ua Cellaig by a stratagem.


Gilla Comgán son of Mael Brigte, earl of Moray, was burned together with fifty people.


Domnall ua Maíl Doraid, king of Cenél Conaill, was killed.


The son of Mathgamain son of Muiredach, king of Ciarraige, and Domnall son of Donn Cothaid, king of Gailenga, were killed.


Étrú ua Conaing, heir designate of Mumu, was killed by the community of Imlech.


The defeat of Druim Bennchuir was inflicted on the Ulaid by the Airgialla.


The defeat of the Boron estuary was inflicted by Sitriuc son of Amlaíb on the Conaille and the Uí Dorthain and the Uí Méith, in which they were slaughtered.


Mael Tuile, bishop of Ard Macha, rested in Christ. Aed ua Forréid assumed the bishopric.

    1. A sixth-measure of oaten grain,
      Or a third-measure of dark purple sloes,
      Or of acorns of the brown oak,
      Or of nuts of a fair hazel cluster—
      All are to be had in full abundance
      At Ard Macha for one penny.