Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1025


Kalends of January sixth feria, twenty-seventh of the moon. AD 1025.


Flannabra, coarb of Í, Muiredach son of Mugrón, successor of Ciarán, Mael Eóin ua Toráin, coarb of Daire, Cenn Faelad son of Flaithbertach, superior of Daiminis, Mael Brigte ua Críchidéin, successor of Finnén and Comgall, Dub Inse ua Fairchellaig, superior of Druim Lethan, and Saerbrethach, abbot of Imlech Ibair, fell asleep in Christ.


Niall ua Conchobuir, heir designate of Connacht, and Gerr Gaela, king of Brega, were killed.


Mael Sechnaill Got, king of Mide, died.


An army was led by Flaithbertach ua Néill into Brega and among the foreigners, and he took the hostages of the Irish from the foreigners.


Cathalán, king of Fernmag, made a raid on Fir Manach. The Fir Manach forthwith made a raid to Loch Uaithne, and burned the district and killed seventeen men on the shore of the lake.


Termann Feichín was plundered by Cathalán ua Crícháin.