Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1024


Kalends of January fourth feria, sixteenth of the moon. AD 1024.


Úgaire son of Dúlang, king of Laigin, and Mael Mórda son of Lorcán, king of Uí Cheinnselaigh, had a house in which they were at Dubloch captured from them by Donn Sléibe son of Mael Mórda, king of Uí Fhaeláin, and they fell there. Donn Sléibe was afterwards killed by the Uí Muiredaig.


The battle of Áth na Croise in Corann was fought between Ua Maíl Doraid and Ua Ruairc. Ua Ruairc was defeated and a slaughter was inflicted upon him.

    1. (At the battle of Áth na Croise,
      Men fought mercilessly;
      Corann was filled with corpses,
      Cenél Conaill has its glory.)



Cuán ua Lothcháin, chief poet of Ireland, was killed in Tethba by the men of Tethba themselves. The party that killed him became putrid within the hour. That was a poet's miracle.


Domnall son of Aed, heir designate of Ailech, was killed by Gilla Mura son of Ócán.


Mael Dúin ua Con Chaille,— king of Uí Nialláin, was killed by the Uí Dorthainn.


Mael Ruanaid ua Ciarda, king of Cairpre, was killed by his own people.


Ua Néill's son made a foray and plundered Uí Méith and Uí Dorthainn.