Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1020


Kalends of January sixth feria, second of the moon. AD 1020.


Cell Dara was burned with its oratory. All Glenn dá Locha was burned with its oratories. Cluain Iraird and Cluain Moccu Nóis and a third of Sord Coluim Cille were also burned.


Flaithbertach ua hEochada was blinded by Niall son of Eochaid.



Gilla Ciaráin son of Oiséne, king of Mugdorna, was killed by the Fir Rois. Mael Muad son of Oiséne, king of Mugdorna for one day, was killed by the Uí Moccu Uais of Brega.


All Ard Macha was completely burned on the third of the Kalends of June 30 May, the Monday before Whitsun, i.e. the great stone church with its lead roof and the bellhouse with its bells and the Saball church and the Tóae church and the abbots' chariot and the old preaching chair.


Mael Muire son of Eochaid, successor of Patrick, head of the clerics of all the north-west of Europe, rested in Christ in his twentieth year as superior on the third of the nones 3rd of June, the Friday before Whitsun. Amalgaid was installed in the successorship of Patrick by the wish of laity and church.

    1. (Mael Muire, greater than any abbot
      Whom Ireland in general chose (?)
      Was the powerful forty-seventh abbot—admit it—
      After the introduction of the faith.)


Finnlaech son of Ruaidrí, king of Alba, was killed by his own people.


Aed ua hInnrechtaig, king of Uí Méith, was killed by the Uí Nialláin.