Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1019


Kalends of January, fifth feria, twenty-first of the moon. AD 1019.


Ailéne son of Oiséne, king of Mugdorna, and Oiséne ua Cathasaig, king of na Saithne, were killed by the Gailenga.


All Cell Dara was burned by lightning.


Domnall son of Mael Sechnaill, successor of Finnén and Mo-Cholmóc, rested in Christ.


Ardgar and Árchú, sons of Mael Sechnaill son of Mael Ruanaid, two heirs designate of Ailech, were killed by their own people.


Gilla Caeimgein son of Dúlang, heir designate of Laigin, was killed by his own people.


Mathgamain son of Conaing son of Donn Cuan, heir designate of Mumu, died.


Flaithbertach ua Néill went to Tír Conaill and plundered Tír Énna and Tír Lugdach.


Ruaidrí ua hAilelláin, king of Uí Echach, was killed by the men of Fernmag. Two sons of Ceinnétig, i.e. Congalach and Gilla Muire, were then promptly killed in revenge for him.


The Uí Chaiséni made a premeditated assault on Donnchad son of Brian in which his right hand was cut off.


The stone church of Dermag was broken down by Muirchertach ua Carraig in an attack on Mael Muad, king of Fir Chell, and the latter was forcibly taken from it and afterwards put to death.