Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1015


Kalends of January seventh feria, fourth of the moon. AD 1015.


Domnall son of Dub dá Bairenn was slain in battle by Donnchad son of Brian.


Flaithbertach ua Néill went into Mide to assist Mael Sechnaill. Mael Sechnaill then went on an expedition into Laigin, plundered it, and brought away a great tribute in cows and the pledges of the Laigin.


Niall son of Fergal son of Conaing was slain by his own sept.


Muirchertach son of Muiredach ua Néill was slain by the Uí Thuirtri.


Donnchad ua Goaig, king of Ciannachta, was killed by the Cenél Eógain.


Muirchertach ua Lorcáin, superior of Lothra, Cernach son of Cathusach, superior of Dún Lethglaise, Niall son of Dercán, superior of Mungairit, Donngal ua Caintéin, superior of Tír dá Glas, fell asleep in Christ.


Aed ua Ruairc, king of Bréifne, was wickedly slain by Tadc, king of Connacht, i.e. at Loch Néill in Mag Aí despite being under the safeguard of the Bachall Ísu. It was this which deprived his seed of kingship, save only his son Aed.


(Flaithbertach son of Domnall, successor of Ciarán and Finnén and Crónán and Feichíne, rested.)