Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1010


Kalends of January first feria twelfth of the moon. AD 1009 alias 1010.


Cathal son of Conchobor, king of Connacht, dies in penitence. Muiredach ua hAeda, king of Múscraige, and Cathal son of Dub Dara, king of Fir Manach, died.


Mael Suthain ua Cerbaill, chief sage of Ireland, and king of Eóganacht of Loch Léin, Marcán son of Ceinnéitig, successor of Colum son of Cremthann and superior of Inis Celtra and Cell dá Lua, and Muiredach son of Mochloingse, superior of Mucnám, fell asleep in Christ.


Aed son of Conn, heir designate of Ailech, and Donn Cuan, king of Mugdorna, were killed.


Brian led an army to Claenloch of Sliab Fuait and took the pledges of Leth Cuinn.


A very hot summer, a fruitful autumn.


(Scannlán ua Dungaláin, superior of Dún Lethglaisi, was outraged in Dún Lethglaisi, abducted and blinded in Finnubair, by Niall son of Dub Tuinne.


Der bFáil, daughter of Tadc son of Cathal, died.)