Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1007


Kalends of January fourth feria, ninth of the moon. AD 1006 alias 1007.


Mael Ruanaid son of Ardgar was killed by Matudán son of Domnall.


Cellach ua Menngoráin, superior of Corcach, rested.


Tréinfher ua Baígelláin, king of Dartraige, was killed by the Cenél Conaill on Loch Éirne.


Matudán son of Domnall, king of Ulaid, was killed by the ‘Torc’ in Brigit's church in the middle of Dún dá Lethglas.


Cú Chonnacht son of Dúnadach, chief of Síl Anmchada, was treacherously killed by Brian alias by Murchad son of Brian and by Ua Dúngalaig, king(?) of Múscraige Tíre, in the vicinity of Lothra.


Flaithbertach ua Néill led an expedition into Ulaid, took seven pledges from the Ulaid, and killed the king of Leth Cathail, i.e. Cú Ulad son of Aengus.



Brian led an expedition to Cenél Eógain, i.e. to Dún Droma, beside Ard Macha, and took away ua Críchidéin, successor of Finnén of Mag Bile, who was a pledge in Cenél Eógain on behalf of the Ulaid.


The 'Torc,' king of Ulaid, was killed through the power of God and Patrick by Muiredach son of Matudán, in revenge for his father.


(Muiredach son of Críchán vacated the successorship of Colum Cille for the sake of God.


The assembly of Tailtiu was revived by Mael Sechnaill. Ferdomnach was installed in the successorship of Colum Cille by the counsel of the men of Ireland in that assembly.


The Great Gospel of Colum Cille was wickedly stolen by night from the western sacristy in the great stone church of Cenannas. It was the most precious object of the western world on account of the human ornamentation(?). This Gospel was recovered after two months and twenty nights, its gold having been taken off it and with a sod over it.


Domnall son of Dub Tuinne, king of Ulaid, was killed by Muiredach son of Matudán and by Uarghaeth of Sliab Fuait.)