Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U970


Kalends of January
. AD 969 alias 970.


Cenannas was plundered by Amlaíb Cuarán.


Ualgarc ua Ruairc was defeated and killed with very many others by Conchobor son of Tadc.


The king of Ulaid, i.e. Ardgar son of Matudán, made an expedition with the foreigners and sacked Connaire, leaving a great many beheaded there.


The battle of Cell Móna was won by Domnall son of Congalach and Amlaíb against Domnall ua Néill, and there fell there Ardgar son of Matudán, king of Ulaid, and Donnacán son of Mael Muire king of Airgialla, and Cinaed son of Cróngall, king of Conaille, and very many others.


The sacking of Lugbad and Druim Inasclainn by Murchad, king of Ailech.


The sacking of Mainister and Lann Léire by Domnall, king of Ireland, in which three hundred and fifty were burned in one house.