Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U956


Kalends of January seventh feria, fifteenth of the moon. AD 955 alias 956.


Mael Pátraic son of Cú Bretan, superior of Sláine, Aengus son of Nocán, successor of Féichéne, and Gaíthéne the learned, bishop of Dún Lethglaise, died.


Tadc son of Cathal, king of Connacht, died.


Congalach son of Mael Mithig son of Flannacán son of Cellach son of Congalagh son of Conaing of Cuirrech son of Congalach son of Aed of Sláine, king of Ireland, was killed by the foreigners of Áth Cliath and by the Laigin at Tech Giurann in Laigin; and Aed son of Aichid, king of Tethba, and many others were also killed.



Maenach, successor of Finnia and lector of Ard Macha, Mael Brigte son of Erudán, successor of Mac Nise and Colmán of Ela, and Muiredach son of Éicnechán, die.


Domnall begins to reign.