Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U950


Kalends of January
. AD 949 alias 950.


Donnchad son of Domnall, king of Mide, was killed by his kinsmen.


Hywel, king of Wales, dies.


Scothíne, superior of Dairmag, Mael Finnáin, bishop of Cell Dara, and Cleirchéne son of Conallán, superior of Daire Calgaig, rested in peace.


Matudán son of Aed was killed by the Uí Echach, i.e. by the sons of Bran, but God avenged him within a short time by bringing about their deaths.


Ruaidrí ua Canannáin, i.e. heir designate of Ireland, was killed by the foreigners after he had beleaguered Mide and Brega for six months and had inflicted a slaughter on the foreigners, to the number of two thousand or more. Niall ua Canannáin and a few others were also slain in a counterattack.—The battle of Muine Brócáin.


An abnormally great mast-crop.


The bell-house of Sláine was burned by the foreigners of Áth Cliath. The founder's episcopal staff, and the best of all bells, the lector Caenachair and a large number with him, were all burned.