Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U914


Kalends of January
. AD 913 alias 914.


Southern Brega and southern Cianacht were invaded by Flann son of Mael Sechnaill. Many churches were profaned by him.


Mael Brigte son of Giblechán, king of Conaille, was mortally wounded by the Uí Echach in the fourth month of his reign.


Niall son of Aed made an expedition into Dál Araidi in the month of June. Loingsech grandson of Lethlabar, king of Dál Araidi, came upon him at Fregabal and was defeated, and left behind on his retreat Flathruae grandson of Lethlabar, his kinsman. Aed son of Eochucán, king of the Province, and Loingsech, king of Dál Araidi, met them again at Carn Éirenn and were defeated. Cerrán


son of Colman, chief of Cenél Maelchi, and the son of Allacán son of Laíchthechán, and others, were left behind. Aed, however, returning from the flight with a very few, and fiercely resisting during the flight, wiped out some of Niall's soldiers. His son Dubgall was wounded and escaped.


A naval battle at Manu between Barid son of Oitir and Ragnall grandson of Ímar, in which Barid and almost all his army were destroyed.


A great new fleet of the heathens on Loch dá Caech.


Peace was made at Telach Óc on the Kalends 1st of November between Niall son of Aed, king of Ailech, and Aed, king of the Province.


A Northern army was led by Niall son of Aed to Mide in the month of December. He halted at Grellach Eilte to the west of Crosa Caíl. A large force left the encampment at his order to seek corn and firewood. Aengus son of Mael Sechnaill, as well as his kinsmen and a large force of the men of Mide, came upon them and left dead forty-five of them, including Coinnecán son of Muirchertach and Fergal son of Aengus and Uathmarán son of Aileb and Erudán son of Gairbíth, chief of Uí Bresail Macha, and Mael Ruanaid son of Cumuscach, chief of Síl Duibthire, and Mael Brigte son of Aedacán, and the son of Erumain son of Aed, and Fiachra son of Cellachán, and Mael Muire son of Flannacán, heir designate of Airgialla.

    1. (Grief came from cold Grellach Eilte—
      We encountered a troop beside it;
      Cormacán said to Niall:
      ‘Let us not be thrown back, let us go forward as nobles.)’