Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U878


Kalends of January twenty-third of the moon
. AD 877.


Rhodri son of Merfyn, king of the Britons, was killed by the Saxons.


Aed son of Cinaed, king of the Picts, was killed by his own associates.


Gairbíth son of Mael Brigte, king of Conaille, was beheaded by the Uí Echach.

    1. (Rhodri of Manu, splendid here,
      Aed from the lands of Cenn Tíre,
      Donnchad, lustrous stuff of sovereignty,
      Gairíth, diadem of smooth Macha—
    2. Whenever I bring it to mind
      It inflames the limits of my heart,
      Cold flags over temples of the buried,
      Barrfhinn of Bile is distraught.)



Cumuscach son of Muiredach, king of Uí Chremthainn, was killed by the Ulaid.


Mael Pátraic son of Cellach, superior of Mainister Buiti, died suddenly.


Great wind and lightning. A shower of blood fell and clots of gore and blood were found in the fields.


The fair of Tailtiu was not held, although there was no just and worthy reason for this.


There was a lunar eclipse on the Ides 15th of October, the fourteenth of the moon, on the fourth feria about the third watch; and a solar eclipse on the fourth of the Kalends of November 29 October, the twenty-eighth of the moon, on the fourth feria, about the seventh hour of daylight, fifteen solar days having intervened.


The shrine of Colum Cille and his other halidoms arrived in Ireland, having been taken in flight to escape the foreigners.