Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U870


Kalends of January
. AD 869.


Suairlech of Int Eidnén, bishop and anchorite and abbot of Cluain Iraird, the best exponent of religion in all Ireland, rested.


Aed son of Niall overran Laigin from Áth Cliath to Gabruán. Cerball son of Dúngal with what force he could gather invaded them and reached Dún Bolg. The Laigin attacked Cerball's encampment and slew Gaíthíne's son and others, and were then thrown back in flight with their king i.e. Muiredach son of Bran, and some of them were slaughtered.


Dálach son of Muirchertach, chief of Cenél Conaill, was killed by his own people.


Diarmait son of Diarmait killed a man in Ard Macha in front of the door of the house of Aed, king of Temair.


Dub dá Thuile, abbot of Liath Mór Mo-Chaemóc, and the anchorite Maelodar, abbot of Daiminis, and the abbot of Ciarán's hermitage of Belach Dúin, i.e. Cumscuth, a scribe and a bishop; Comgán the Tall, anchorite of Tamlacht and disciple of Mael Ruain; Connla, anchorite of Druim Cara of Ard Ciannacht—all ended their lives in Christ.


The siege of Ail Cluaithe by the Norsemen: Amlaíb and Ímar, two kings of the Norsemen, laid siege to the fortress and at the end of four months they destroyed and plundered it.


Mael Sechnaill son of Niall, one of the two kings of southern Brega, was treacherously killed by Ulf the dark foreigner.


Cobthach son of Muiredach, superior of Cell Dara, fell asleep.