Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U853


Kalends of January
. AD 852.


Ailill son of Robartach, superior of Lusca, and Flann son of Rechtabra, abbot of Liath Mancháin, and Ailgenán son of Donngal, king of Caisel, died.


Amlaíb, son of the king of Lochlann, came to Ireland, and the foreigners of Ireland submitted to him, and he took tribute from the Irish.


Echtigern son of Guaire, king of Laigin Desgabair, was deceitfully killed by Bruatur son of Aed and by Cerball son of Dúngal; and Bruatur son of Aed was deceitfully killed by his own associates on the eighth day after the killing of Echtigern.


Flaithnia, abbot of Biror and a bishop, died.


Cernach son of Mael Bresail, king of Cuib, dies.


Cathmal son of Tomaltach, one of two kings of Ulaid, was killed by the Norsemen.