Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U836


Kalends of January
. AD 835.


Suibne son of Ioseph, abbot of Glenn dá Locha, Saergus grandson of Cuinnid, abbot of Dairmag, Forbasach, bishop and anchorite of Lusca, all ended their life happily.


Dúnlang son of Cathusach, superior of Corcach Mór, died without communion in Caisel of the kings.


The oratory of Cell Dara was seized by Feidlimid by force of arms from Forannán, abbot of Ard Macha, and the congregation of Patrick; and they were disrespectfully blockaded.



Diarmait went to Connachta with Patrick's law and his insignia.


Cell Dara was plundered by heathens from Inber Dea, and half of the church was burned.


Cairpre son of Mael Dúin, king of Loch Gabor, was killed by Mael Cerna, and Mael Cerna was killed by the Cairpri within the hour; and both died the same night.


The first prey was taken by the heathens from southern Brega, i.e. from Telcha Dromáin and Dairmag of the Britons; and they carried off many prisoners, and killed many and led away very many captive.


A great crop of mast, both nuts and acorns, and as a result the streams became blocked up and stopped running.


The battle of Drong between the Connachta themselves in which fell Cellach son of Forbasach, superior of Ros Cam, and Adamnán son of Alddail; and Connmach the great was victor.


A most cruel devastation of all the lands of Connacht by the heathens. The heathens inflicted a slaughter in a battle won over the Déis Tuaisceirt.