Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U829


Kalends of January
. AD 828.


Muiredach son of Ruaidrí, king of Laigin, Aed son of Cellach, superior of Cell Dara, Mael Dobarchon, abbot of Cell Usaile, Cinaed son of Mugrón, king of Uí Fhailgi, Cormac son of Muirgius, superior of Sentrab, Cerball son of Fínnechta, king of Delbna, Mael Umai son of Ceithernach, steward of Finnubair, Drucán son of Tadc, king of Uí Méith—all died.


Conaing son of Cellach was deceitfully killed by Eochu son of Cernach.


Diarmait, abbot of Í, went to Scotland with the halidoms of Colum Cille.


A battle-rout of the Connachta by the men of Mide, in which many fell.