Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U783


Kalends of January
. AD 782.


The killing of Domnall son of Flaithnia, king of Uí Fhailgi, in Cluain Conaire of Maeldub in captivity (?)


Aengus son of Crunnmael, abbot of Dam Liac, and Ailill grandson of Tipraite, and Suairlech a celebrated anchorite of Les Mór, and the learned Bathallach of Senchua, and Domnall son of Ceithernach, king of Uí Garrchon (in clerical life), and the learned Rechtlaiten of Fobar, and the learned Aaron, and the learned Faelgus son of Tnúthgal of Cluain Iraird, and Fergus, bishop of Dam Liac, and Béc son of Cumuscach—all died.


The burning of Ard Macha and Mag Eó na Saxan.


Terrible lightning (?) throughout Saturday night—and thunder—on the fourth of the nones 2nd of August, and a very violent windstorm destroyed the monastery of Cluain Brónaig.


The battle of Duma Achad between the Dál nAraide themselves, in which Fócarta, grandson of Cú Allaid, fell.


A battle in Ferna Mór between the abbot and the steward, i.e. between Cathal and Fiannachtach.


Maenach grandson of Maenach, king of Uí Meic Uais, and Flaithnia's son, abbot of Cluain Ferta, die.


The scamach was prevalent.


Promulgation of Patrick's law in Cruachain by Dub da Leithi and Tipraite son of Tadc.