Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U782


Kalends of January
. AD 781.


Uarchride, grandson of Mael Toile, and Cormac son of Bresal, abbot of Ard Brecáin and other monastic cities, and Dub Tholarg, king of the Picts on this side of Monoth, and Muiredach son of Uargal, steward of Í, and Bécán of Lifechair, and Scannal grandson of Tadc, abbot of Achad Bó—on the feast of Comgall, in his 43rd year of office—and Banbán, abbot of Claenad, and Aedán abbot of Ros Comáin, and Ultán, steward of Bennchor, and Ferdomnach of Tuaim dá Gualann—all died.


Artgal son of Cathal, king of Connacht, took the pilgrim's staff, and made his pilgrimage in the following year to the island of Í.


The battle of Cuirrech in the vicinity of Cell Dara on the sixth of the Kalends of September 27 Aug., the third feria, between Ruaidrí son of Faelán, and Bran son of Muiredach. Therein fell Mugrón son of Flann, king of Uí Fhailgi, and Dub dá Crích son of Laidcnén in opposing him. Ruaidrí was victor; Bran was led away captive.