Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U781


Kalends of January
. AD 780.


Dúngalach, son of Congal, dies.


A great disturbance in Ard Macha on Quinquagesima day, in which Condálach son of Ailill fell.


Senchán, abbot of Imlech Ibair, and Órach, abbot of Les Mór; the abbot of Inis Daimle, and Saergal grandson of Edairngne, abbot of Cluain Ferta Mo-Lua, and Dub Innrecht son of Fergus, abbot of Ferna, and Ailngnad, bishop of Ard Brecáin, and Maenach grandson of Maenach, abbot of Lann Léire, and Fechtach, abbot of Fobar, and


Colgu son of Cellach, king of Uí Chremthainn, and Ailbran son of Lugaid, abbot of Cluain Dolcáin, Nuadu grandson of Bolcán, abbot of Tuaim da Ólann, Dúngal son of Flaithnia, king of Uí Máil, the learned Saergal grandson of Cathal, and Fergus son of Eochu, king of Dál Riata—all died.


The battle of the Rig, gained by the men of Brega over the Laigin on All Hallows Day, in which Cú Chongalt, king of Ráith Inbir, fell. Diarmait son of Conaing, and Conaing son of Dungal—two grandsons of Conaing—and Mael Dúin son of Fergus, and Fogartach son of Cumuscach—two grandsons of Cernach—were victors in the battle of the Rige.

    1. 1] The Laigin went for Samhain
      2] To the house of a good man whom they did not love,
      3] Scarcity of drink did not affect them,
      4] They remained on the bank of the Rig.


Éicnech son of Éistenach, steward of Dam Liac, and Cú Dínaisc ua Ciarraige, die.