Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U759


Kalends of January
. AD 758.


Slógadach son of Donngal of Cenél Cairpri, Echaid son of Conall the Stammerer, abbot of Foibrén, Forduban ‘Life-loving’, Domnall son of Aed of Laigin, the learned teacher Siadal son of Luath, and the learned Echaid son of Fiachra, died.


The battle of Emain Macha in which Dúngal grandson of Conaing and Donn Bó were slain. Fiachna son of Aed Rón was victor.

    1. 1] Would that exultant Donn Bó had not come
      2] And forsaken his kingship
      3] So that he is now in a dwelling of clay
      4] After the battle of Cúl Chíre.
    2. 1] As they travel over a path to a mountain
      2] Or leave the stone church,
      3] Everyone's eyes that see it his grave
      4] Have sunk in the head in which they are.
    3. 1] Happy are you, O cowled little cleric,
      2] Who are noble when cornered by a serpent,
      3] Confronting your fierce enemy
      4] With your back to the citadel.
    4. 1] Your one side is towards the Erne lakes
      2] As you shape a course into Mide,
      3] And your other side
      4] Is towards the very warlike Glenn Rige.


The killing of Rechtabra son of Dúnchú, king of Mugdorna.


Dub Drumán, abbot of Tuilén, dies.


A rainy summer.


A stream with fishes burst forth from Benn Muilt.


The killing of Ferdamal, son of Cenn Faelad.