Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U738


Kalends of January
. AD 737.


Faelán grandson of Bran, king of Laigin, died unexpectedly at an unripe age.


Tóle, bishop of Cluain Iraird, a worthy soldier of the Lord, rests.


Cernach, son of Fogartach, is treacherously killed by his own criminal adherents, and the calves of the cows and the women of this lower world for long bewailed him.


The battle of Áth Senaig i.e. the 'battle of groans' on the 14th of the Kalends of September, the sixth feria, between the Uí Néill and the Laigin was sternly fought, and the two kings respectively, leaders firm and exalted i.e. Aed Allán king of Temair and Aed son of Colgu king of Laigin. One of them i.e. Aed Allán, though wounded, survived triumphant, but the other i.e. Aed son of Colgu was beheaded by a battle-sword. Then the descendants of Conn enjoyed a tremendous victory, when in extraordinary fashion they rout, trample, crush, overthrow and destroy their Laigin adversaries, so much so that almost the entire enemy is well nigh annihilated, there being a few messengers to bring back the tidings. And men say that so many fell in this great battle that we find no


comparable slaughter in a single onslaught and fierce conflict throughout all preceding ages. There fell in the battle, moreover, excellent leaders: Aed son of Colgu, Bran Bec son of Murchad i.e. two kings of Laigin, Fergus son of Maenach, Dub dá Crich son of the grandson of Cellach son of Trian, i.e. two lords of Fothairt, Fiangalach grandson of Mael Aitchen, Conall greatgrandson of Aithechda, four sons of Flann grandson of Congal, Éladach grandson of Maelodar, and many others, and for the sake of brevity, they are here omitted.


The killing of Fergus son of Crimthann.


Death of Coscrach son of Naendenach, king of Gailenga.


The battle of Inis in which Fernbeand fell.


Death of Sothchathach grandson of Mael Tuili.


A hosting by Cathal son of Finnguine to Laigin and he took hostages from Faelán and great treasures.