Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U736


Kalends of January
. AD 735.


Aengus son of Fergus, king of the Picts, laid waste the territory of Dál Riata and seized Dún At and burned Creic and bound in chains two sons of Selbach, i.e. Donngal and Feradach; and shortly afterwards Bruide son of Aengus son of Fergus died.


The battle of Cnoc Cairpri in Calathros at Etarlinde between Dál Riata and Foirtriu, and Talorgan son of Fergus goes in pursuit of Ainfchellach's son who had taken flight, many nobles falling in this encounter.


Death of Fianamail son of Gerthinne, abbot of Cluain Iraird, and death of Crunnmael son of Colgu, abbot of Lusca.


Dainél son of Colmán of Int Eidnén(?), abbot of Ard Brecáin, and Colmán, son of Murchu, abbot of Mag Bile, rested.


The killing of Mael Fothartaig, son of Mael Tuile, by the Laigin.


Duiblitir, a learned man and anchorite of Inis Bó Finne, and Samson, grandson of Corcrán, fell asleep.


Bodbthach son of Conall of Gabair, king of Cairpre, dies.