Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U695


Kalends of January sixth feria, tenth of the moon. AD 694.


Fínnechta, king of Temair, and Bresal his son, were killed in Grellach Dollaig by Aed son of Dlúthach son of Ailill son of Aed Sláine, and by Congalach son of Conaing son of Congal son of Aed Sláine.


    Mo-Ling of Luachair recited:
    1. 1] Alas for Fínnechta,
      2] Today he lies in a gory bed;
      3] May he have among the men of heaven
      4] reward for remitting the cattle-tribute.
    2. 1] The gap in which Fínnechta was smitten,
      2] Swift kings were laying one another low;
      3] Aed the swift, though he encounter(?) surliness,
      4] When he has cast them down(?), he does not ride over them(?).


The slaying of Tadc son of Failbe, in Glenn Geimin.


Repose of Menn Bairenn, abbot of Achad Bó.


Gaimide of Lugmad fell asleep.


Death of Bran son of Conall Bec.


Tomnat wife of Ferchar dies.


Death of Conall son of Tuathal.