Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U688


Kalends of January
. AD 687.


Repose of Ségéne from Achad Claidib, bishop of Ard Macha.


The slaying of Canu son of Gartnaid.


Fínnechta assumed clerical life.


The battle of Imlech Pich in which fell Dub da Inber, king of Ard Cianachta, and Uarchride, descendant of Oiséne; and Congalach son of Conaing escaped by flight. Niall, son of Cernach, was victor.

    (Gabairchenn recited:
    1. 1] Sad are the Conaille today,
      2] Fittingly indeed after the death of Uarchride;
      3] A smile will come none too readily
      4] In Ard after the death of Dub da Inber.
    2. 1] Wistful
      2] Is the grief which afflicts Tadc's land
      3] Without Dub Cúile, without Bran's son,
      4] Without Dub dá Inber in Ard.
    3. 1] Sorrowful
      2] Are your glances at their grave-stones,
      3] With your hounds, your hunting-dogs, your women
      4] In the possession of your enemies.
    4. 1] If Crunnmael's son should fail
      2] To requite me thus for my yearning
      3] My tears for the dead of Imblech
      4] Would be tears of blood and gore.)