Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U669


Kalends of January
. AD 668.


Death of Cuiméne the Fair, abbot of Í, and of Crítán, abbot of Bennchor, and of Mo-Chua son of Cust; and death of Mael Fothartaig son of Suibne, king of Uí Thuirtri.

    Cenn Faelad sang:
    1. 1] No dearer to me
      2] Is one king rather than another
      3] Since Mael Fothartaig was taken
      4] In his shroud to Daire.


Itarnan and Corindu died among the Picts.


The killing of Mael Dúin son of Maenach.