Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U649


Kalends of January fifth feria, eleventh or twelfth of the moon. AD 648.


The slaying of Ragallach son of Uatu, king of Connacht.


The battle of Carn Conaill in which Guaire took flight, and Diarmait son of Aed Sláine was victor.


    1. 1] (The field of Corb's son is thus—
      2] Something that sets every plain in Munster alight—
      3] A standing-stone has become the colour of blood:
      4] That is lamentable, Talamnach.
    Guaire sang:
    1. 1] I am thankful for what has been gained
      2] Tonight for my feast, a single morsel;
      3] I have had many another night
      4] When Mary's son gave me seven cows.)


Death of Aengus Bronbachall, king of Cenél Cairpri.


The warfare of the descendants of Aedán and of Garthnaith, son of Accidán.


Repose of Fursu in Peronne.