Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U618


Kalends of January first feria, twenty-ninth of the moon. A.D.


The conflict in Eilenn(?) on Easter Day.


The slaying of Colgu son of Suibne and the death of Fiachra son of Conall and the slaying of Fergus son of Colmán Mór i.e. by Anfartach descendant of Mescán, of the people of Blaitíne.

    1. 1] If there should come to me to my house,
      2] Mescán's grandson, Anfortach,
      3] I shall give him wormy water
      4] For having slain Fergus.
    2. 1] When there shall come troops
      2] Of the Ceinél Colmáin past Cuilne,
      3] They shall for this interrogate
      4] Mescán's seed in Blaitíne.


Caemgein of Glenn Dá Locha, and bishop Comgall, and bishop Eógan of Ráithe Síthe, rested.


The incursion of Macha, and an earthquake in Gaul.