Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annales Breves Hiberniae (Author: Thaddeus Dowling)

annal 1494




Edwardus Poynyngis deputatus domini regis in Hibernia plura fecit statuta, et leges renovavit, et ordinationes regni in pristinum cum sua charta confirmavit.


Huc usque dicit autor meus Thaddeus; Nicolaus episcopus in libro flavo Leighlen Annotationes fecit.


Octavius Armachanus totius Hibernie primas addmittens appellationem David Curreyn decani et capituli Leighlen, a sede metropolitica factam, inhibuit episcopo Leighlen ne quod attemptaret in prejudicium decani et capituli appellantium circa suas distributiones quotidianas; per sententie instrumentum apparet episcopum comparuisse vigore inhibitionis et citationis emanate in consistorio generali crastino Sancti Patricii in cancello divi Laurentii, presente Willelmo priore Sancti Johannis baptiste de Drogheda tertio Novembris anno predicto coram eodem primate in presentia domini Radulphi prioris domus Hospitalis aut


ecclesie Sancti Laurentii extra muros ville predicte, reverandi Johannis episcopi Midensis, Thome Lang clerici, autoritate apostolica imperiali notarii puplici curie predicte consistorie registrarii et scribe principalis, atque Thome Moye apparitoris et preconis, Nicolai prebendarii de Hillard economi syndinque et prolocutoris capituli atque procuratoris contra eundem episcopum in hac parte destinat.


Vide antea quomodo Archiepiscopus Dublin in parlamento Kilkennie inhibet Armachano ne ferret ante se in sua provincia aliqua episcopalia insignia. Notwithstanding out of the province and in province he was above him.


Nicholaus Magwyr episcopus Leighlen vulgariter nuncupatur Mc Syr Moris in Odrona Lagenie in Hibernia natus apud Tulmogiman, Sacerdotis spurius, Thaddeus Dowlinge comendes him for hospitalitie and the number of cowes that he grased without losse (so well was he beloved) upon the woodes and mountaines of Knockbrannen, Cumnabally, Aghcarew, Ballycarew and Moilglas, but Thomas Brown his chaplen who also wrote his lif, reporteth that he studied in Oxford, although it was but ii. yeres and 3 months, yet he profitted so much in logik, philosophie, the seven liberall sciences and divinitie that in his latter days he seemed to excell, he was made prebendarie of Hillard, where he preached and delivered great learninge with no lesse reverence, beinge in favor with the King and nobilitie of Lenister, who together with the deane and chapter elected him bishop of Leighlen to succeed Milo then lately deceased. This Nicolas had obtained of the bishop of Rome litres of provision and was consecrated bishop being but 30 years of age, to the great losse of the church he died anno 1512 having begonne many learned workes and death preventing his purpose he cold not finish any savinge one cronicle sumariely by him collected and is found in the handes of many in written hand laten, and so farre Dowlinge and Browne.