Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annales Breves Hiberniae (Author: Thaddeus Dowling)

annal 1120


A.D. 1120.


Murchardus serenissimus Lagenie in Hibernia princeps, fidus amicis, terribilis inimicis, alienis liberalis, a subditis propter ejus benemeritam pietatem et justiciam pre caeteris amandus, obiit, (quem cives Dublin in domo consilii occiderunt et fecerunt cum cane sepeliri ut infra) et apud Fernes sepelitur. He was not so much beloved, but his sonne Dermot McMorogh (for his cruelty and adulterie committed with the wif of Morice alias Murdhich king of Midia) was hated, as shall appeare in the history followinge.


Walterus fitz Richard fit primus comes Penbrochie Anno 31. Henrici 1. et edificavit abbatiam de Tyntern in Wallia, cui successit Gilbertus Richardus et cetera. Anno Stephani 14.