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Annales Breves Hiberniae

Author: Thaddeus Dowling

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Richard Butler

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1. First draft, revised and corrected.

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  1. Transcript on paper made for Archbishop James Ussher, TCD Library, Dublin, E. 3. 20.
  1. Richard Butler (ed.), The Annals of Ireland by Friar John Clyn and Thady Dowling (Dublin 1849).
    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. The Annals of Ireland. By Friar John Clyn, of the Convent of Friars Minors, Kilkenny; and Thady Dowling, Chancellor of Leighlin. Together with the Annals of Ross. Richard Butler (ed), First edition [xxxvii + 85 {pp 1-39 the Annals of Clyn; 41-46 the Annals of Ross from TCD MS E. 30. 20, p 396 sqq; 47-70 Notes to the Annals of Clyn; 71-85 Index of persons and places;} plus xxiv + 66 {pp 1-45 the Annals of Dowling; 46-66 Index of persons and places.}] The Irish Archaeological SocietyDublin (1849)


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The electronic text represents pp i–xxiv and 1-45 of the printed edition.

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Introduction and main annals proofread twice.


The electronic texts represents the edited text. The editor does not elucidate his editorial policy. The dating is taken from the chronology of the compilers and has not been corrected; however, where there were obvious errors, date values have been added. Some years are not in sequence in the printed edition, and some appear twice. To avoid duplication of div1 elements, stray entries appearing under another year than that to which they belong, have not been given an extra entry. Marginal additions are tagged add place="margin". Text supplied by the editor is tagged sup resp="RB". Where personal, collective and place names are identified in the SGML/XML master file, the regularization is given in the reg attribute of the corresponding on/pn/ps tag.


Quotations from written sources are rendered qt.


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div0=the body of annals; the front matter contains the introduction in an unnumbered div. In the main text, div1 represents the individual annal (i.e. the entries for one year); div2 represents the individual entry in a given annal. Page-breaks are marked. Passages in verse are marked by poem, stanza and line.

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This text uses the DIV1 element to represent the annal.

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Created: By monks and secular scholars, over various centuries. Date range: 590–1600.

Use of language

Language: [LA] The text is in Latin.
Language: [EN] The introduction is in English; entries and phrases in Elizabethan English appear in the main text.
Language: [FR] Some words are in French.
Language: [GA] Some words are in Irish, in anglicised spelling.

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