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Annalium Hiberniae Chronicon ad annum MCCCXLIX

Author: Friar John Clyn

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Richard Butler

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    Manuscript sources
  1. Dublin, Trinity College Library, olim E. 3, 20; vellum and paper; 17th century; a transcript made for archbishop Ussher.
  2. London, British Library, Additional 4789; paper; 17th century; a transcript by Sir James Ware.
  3. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson B. 496; paper; 17th century; a transcript made for Sir James Ware.
  4. Dublin, Municipal Libraries, Gilbert Manuscripts, 105–6.
  5. Dublin, Genealogical Office, 28.
  6. The original from which these derive, directly or indirectly, is Liber communitatis fratrum minorum Kilkennie. , now lost. Annals from the beginning to 1346, with annals for 1467 and 1480 in a later hand.
  1. Richard Butler (ed.), The Annals of Ireland by Friar John Clyn and Thady Dowling (Dublin 1849), 1–46. (Edited without variants from MS (i), but collated against the MS of Sir William Betham [it is not clear which of the Dublin MSS this is], MS (iii), and perhaps others.
  2. Bernadette Williams (ed. and trans.), The Annals of Ireland by Friar John Clyn (Dublin 2007).
    Secondary Literature
  1. Robin Flower, 'Manuscripts of Irish interest in the British Museum', Analecta Hibernica 2 (1931) 292–340: 324–5.
  2. Aubrey Gwynn, 'Some unpublished texts from the Black Book of Christ Church, Dublin', Analecta Hibernica 16 (1946) 281–337: 321.
    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. The Annals of Ireland. By Friar John Clyn, of the Convent of Friars Minors, Kilkenny; and Thady Dowling, Chancellor of Leighlin. Together with the Annals of Ross. Richard Butler (ed), First edition [xxxvii + 85 (pp 1–39 the Annals of Clyn; 41–46 the Annals of Ross from TCD MS E. 30. 20, p 396 sqq; 47–70 notes to the Annals of Clyn; 71–85 Index of persons and places.)] The Irish Archaeological SocietyDublin (1849)


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Created: Created by Friar John Clyn, incorporating earlier materials. Date range: 1333–1349.

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Language: [LA] Text is in Latin.
Language: [GA] Two words are in Irish.
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H [main] Friar John Clyn

S [additional hand at end of text] unknown

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