Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition: L100001

Annales Hiberniae

Author: James Grace of Kilkenny

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Richard Butler

Electronic edition compiled by Jane McCarthy, Patricia Kelly, Philip Irwin, Miriam Trojer

Funded by University College Cork and
Professor Marianne McDonald via the CELT (formerly CURIA) Project.

2. Second draft, with the editor's introduction and annotations.

Proof corrections by Angela Malthouse and Jane McCarthy

Extent of text: 61000 words


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    Manuscript source
  1. Dublin, Trinity College Library, E. 3. 20.
    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. Annales Hiberniae. James Grace of Kilkenny Richard Butler (ed), First edition [vii pp.+ 167 pp. + 14 pp. (appendices and index)] Irish Archaeological SocietyDublin (1842)


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CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts.

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All indexes have been omitted. The translation is available in a separate file. The editor's introduction and annotations were added for the second edition in 2009. Editorial additions, extended abbreviations and corrections are integrated into the digital edition using sup, ex and corr tags.

Editorial Declaration


Text has been thoroughly checked and proofread.


The electronic text represents the edited text. No changes have been made to capitalization or the division of words. Superscript ordinals in the printed edition are rendered [ordm ] in the electronic text.


Quotation marks are rendered ".


Soft hyphens are silently removed. When a hyphenated word (hard or soft) crosses a page-break, the page-break is marked after the completion of the hyphenated word.


div0=the body of annals; div1=the four distinct series of annals; div2 the annalistic matter gathered under one year; paragraphs are marked; the single passage of verse is marked lg and l; and is embedded in a separate body; MS folio breaks are not marked.


The text is marked for structure. Divisions have been added in the year 2009. Footnotes are identified by letters in the hardcopy. This practice has been replaced by numbers in the electronic edition. The editor refers variously to, and quotes from, the Anglo-Norman poem The Conquest of Ireland now known as The Song of Dermot and the Earl, of which both original and English translation are also available on CELT.

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The title of the text is held as the first head element within each text.

div0 is reserved for the text (whether long or short, in one volume or many).

Profile Description

Created: By James Grace of Kilkenny Date range: 1537-1539.

Use of language

Language: [LA] Over 99% Latin.
Language: [EN] English (of various periods) appears in the notes.
Language: [GA] Some words are in Irish.
Language: [FR] Some words are in French.

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