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Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na Núachongbála

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Anne O'Sullivan

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    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na Núachongbála. Anne O'Sullivan (ed), first edition [xv + 381 pp.] Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies Dublin (1983)


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Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na Núachongbála: Author: [unknown]



{folio 311a}

Can as roetattar Lagin ainmnigud? Ní. Lagin quasi Lagain óna lagnib nominantur .i. dona laignib doradsatar leo dar muir anall dia lotar la Labraid Longsech Moen co Slébe Elpa sair. Amal tancatar aridisi dochum nh-Érenn ba h-ingnad la Firu h-Erenn a n-errid & a n-airm .i. lagni mara do-bertatar ina lamaib conid díb ro ainmnigthe Lagin. Unde poeta.

    1. Moen .i. Labraid doen o ba noed .i. noidin     ni bud noos .i. nirbo mo
      [gap: extent: 3 letters]
      ardrig ardrig.
      ort .i.
      [gap: extent: 3 letters]
      marb. rígu. roud ropuath án    h-úa Luirc .i. mac Ailella Ane Lóegaire Luirc h-é.
      Láithe gaile Galion     gabsat inna lámaib laigne.
      Lagin de sin is de sin asberar Lagin.     slog Galian glonnach
      Glinnis .i. gniset catha cocthe     cota ler .i. co immel mara lerga iath h-Erimoin
      iarna .i. is ar lebor in oll longsi atrubrad Labraid Longsech de longais lochet fiann     flaith Gaedel gabsais.
      Griph .i. ar graine no gribdai indrith iath n-aneóil     .h. Luirc Loegaire.

Galion tra & Domnand anmand sin do Lagnib amal dorimther i Táin Bó Cualngi. Dolluid fianlag do Gallaib la n-dalta la Labraid Longsech dochum nh-Erenn coro ortatar Dind Ríg .&cetera. inde nominati sunt Galion quasi Gallion. Ocus ro mairset a clann céin máir isin tír. ut est Dún n-Galion la Dal Mesi Corb.

Coic rig trichat ro falnatar h-Erinn do Lagnib óta Labraid Longsech conige Nad Buidb mc Eirc Buadaig de h-Úi Dega amal demniges in prímfhili h-Erenn Ladcend mc Baircheda de Dál Araide ubi cecinit:


    1. Nidu dír do dermat &c.

Labraid Longsech Moen oenmc Ailella Ane m Loegaire Luirc m Úgaine Máir m Echach Buadaig m. Duach Ladcra m. Fiachach Tolgraig m. Muredaig Bolcgraig m. Simoin Bricc m Aedain Glais m Nuadat Find Fail m Giallchada m Ailella Olchain m Sirnai m. Déin m. Rothechtada m. Moin m. Oengusa Olmugaeda m. Fhiachach Labrinne m. Smirguill m. Enbotha m Tigernmais m Fhallaig m. Ethriuil m. Iriail Fatha m h-Erimoin m Miled Espane.

{folio 311ab}

IT e inso sis anmand na ríg sin ro gabsat h-Erinn.

  1. Labraid Longsech.
  2. Oengus Ollam Amalgaid
  3. Bresal Bregamos
  4. Fedlimid Fortren
  5. Feradach Febda
  6. Crimthann Coscrach.
  7. Mog Airt.
  8. Art Aldóit
  9. Nuadu Fuldón
  10. Feradach Án.
  11. Ailill Glas
  12. Fiachu Fobrecc.
  13. Lugaid Lóthfhind
  14. Bresal Brecc
  15. Setna Sithbacc
  16. Nuadu Necht.
  17. Fergus Faircce.
  18. Ros Ruad.
  19. Find File.
  20. Ailill mc Rosa
  21. Corpre Nia Fer
  22. Conchobor Abratrúad
  23. Mug Corb.
  24. Cú Corb.
  25. Nia Corb.
  26. Cormac Gelta Gaeth.
  27. Feidlimid Fer Aurglas
  28. Cathair Már.
  29. Fiachu Baccid.
  30. Bresal Belach
  31. Muridach Snithi
  32. Nad Buidb.

{folio 311b}

Gabais iarum Labraid Longsech ríge nh-Erenn amal nos-rime Find mc Rossa isin fhursunnud. Gabais ríge n-Alban iar sin & dobert ingen rig Fer Morca. amal asbert Ferchertni.


    1. Ni ceilt ceis ceol de chruitt Chraptini
      co corostar for sluagu suanbas.
      consert coibnius eter sceo Máin
      Moriath macdacht Morca
      mó cech luág Labraid.

Gabais dí Labraid Longsech ríge Gall & Gaedel & luid co Slebe Elpa. Unde Find cecinit.

  1. Domnais .i. cenglais giallu Gall
    co coic asa .i. benna Alpion.
    Airbri .i. immad folaig fichi long legión .i. xii. .m.

Ni rabi tra do rígaib h-Erenn ra sossed in chumachta ro siacht Labraid Longsech. Unde poeta cecinit.

    1. Lug .i. laech sceith     scal find
      fo nimib. ni rabe     bed mac n-Áne aidblither.
      airddiu deib dóen .i. duni     dron .i. dangen daurgrane .i. grane darach
      glan gablach     h-úa Luirc Loegaire.

Bressal Brecc trá da mc leiss .i. Condla senathair Ossairgi. Et Lugaid senathair Lagen. Mc didiu don Lugaid-sin in Setna Sithbacc.

Cethri mc la Setna ut Senchan cecinit.

    1. Cethri meic la Setna Sithbacc
      suabais n-aithmet imbid argg .i. anrath.
      Oengus Uchae Art Mis Delmond.
      Nuadu. Augen. Urgnaid ard.

Oengus Aucae dia tá Dún Ucae do-rodíbdáe a chland.

Mes Delmond cethri mc leis: Mes Gegra & Mes Roida & Mes Dana & Mes Domnand. Is leis con-rotacht .i. ro gniad mur n-Alinni quae postea fuit regalis ciuitas. Unde Briccini mc Brigni cecinit.

    1. Mál .i. ri adrualaid .i. ro a
      [gap: extent: 3 letters]
      nig láthu már     mac saer Sétnai
      selaig .i. ro snaid vel nó ro
      [gap: extent: 3 letters]
      nasc srathu Fomoire     for doine domnaib
      di ochtur Alinni     ort triunu talman
      treband tren tuathmar     Artt Mis Delmond Domnand.

Dibaid dano insin.


Augen Urgnaid in tres mc Setnai Sithbaicc .xiii. mc lais-side .i. Eocho Fergen a quo Tír Fergen. Finteng a quo Dún Finteng. Aucha a quo Cenel n-Ucha. Eru. Orb. Alb. a quo Mag Albe. Rogen Ruad. Donndelg. a quo Dún Donndelg. Dáne. Nár. Nue. a quo Rath Núi i l-Laigis & i nh-Úib Garrchon. Ladru a quo Ard Ladrand. Lergnaid. Luad Cuar a quo Dun Cuair. Cáinmasc a quo Dún Masc. Do-rodibdatar mc Augein uile acht Ucha Urgnaid tantum a quo Cenel Ucha. .i. h-Úi Fidchellaich h-Úi Maele Derir h-Úi Baetain Bic h-Úi Broscae h-Úi Fhualaing h-Úi Fhithrichain.

Item Find Fili mc Rosa cecinit de mcaib Ailb mc Augein

    1. Baeth. bude.     Banan .i.
      [gap: extent: 3 letters]
      dron .i. daingen
      danae dilmain     maicne Ailb airme
      acher buri     bru di deirg.
      Dondobur doel. Gabrón. ginne. fur. Findubur.

Nuada Necht tra in cethramad mc Setnai Sithbaicc {folio 311c} is úad atá bunad Lagen & ba ríg Temrach h-é. & is leis do-cer Eterscela Mor mc Eogain rí Muman .i. ar Lugaid Reo n-Derg do-ringni Nuadu in gnim-sin.

Et is iar sin ro gab Lugaid rígi nh-Erenn. Et is ua do Nuadait Necht Find h-ua Baiscni. Et Cailte ut Senchan Torpeist cecinit isin Cocangaib .i. isin coc
[gap: extent: 3 letters]

    1. Find Taulcha     tuath curi Cailte
      crothsait cres m-bodbae     bárcaib di thonnaib.
      tri h-Úi Baiscni .i. Find & Oisin m. F. & Cailte     buadach cuitechta
      conda ferta     filset .i. co filet a macca tri h-úi Nuadat Necht.

Find didiu m Cumaill m Trenmóir m Suaelt m Eltain m Baiscni m Nuadat Necht.

Fergus Fairge .i. for fairge rucad h-e dano mc Nuadat Necht. Mc dóside Ross Ruad. issesede arranic cuibdius i n-deud na n-dúan.

TRí mc la Ross Ruad .i. Find File. Ailill mc Matae .i. mur
[gap: extent: 3 letters]
. Corpre Nia Fer. quidam addunt quartum {folio 311cb} filium .i. Cathbath drui athair Conchobuir.


Ailill tra mc Rosa & Mata Murisc a mathair do Fheraib Ólnecmact. dib-side con-gairther Connacta indiu. Ro-ngabsat i r-ríge ara mathre. .i. Do-lluid Medb Chruachna ingen Echach Feidlig co Feraib Olnecmacht impi i crich Lagen co m-bertatar Ailill leo [gap: extent: 3 letters]cc[gap: extent: 3 letters] do rígu Connacht daig ba dib a máthair tre do dénam óentad eter na da coiced. (&) do chocad fri Conchobor & fri coiced n-Ulad.

Corpre didiu h-i Temraig. Find Fili i n-Alind. Ailill i Cruachain. Unde Senchan cecinit.

    1. Tri meic Ruaid     ruirig .i. fori flaind .i. faebair no obraidib iat.
      fiangal Find     Ailill acher .i. garg caem Car
      [gap: extent: 3 letters and 1 line]

      Ailend chruind     Cruachu Temair
      [gap: extent: 8 letters]

Cairpre Nia Fer tra is uad do-gairther coiced Corpri. Is í a chland Chorpri .i. Eocho Immete mc Corpri. Et mc do-side Corpre Athem dia ta Cenel Athemna Serthenna. oc Fid Chuilend. dia ta Beoan mc Nesain et cent[gap: extent: 2 letters] Criathar .i. [gap: illegible gloss] andes.

Conall mc Echach Immete dano senathair h-Úa n-Garchon. Is dia chlaind h-Úi Siláin o Thig Thin[gap: extent: 4 letters] & h-Úi Choibdelaig a Ochtar Fhine. Et .uii n-epscoip o Druim [gap: extent: 5 letters] .i. .uii. mc Conaill m. Echach Immeti. Et Fine Cilli Bicsige .i. h-Úi Baethgalaig et h-Úi Brittain la Sil Maela[gap: extent: ? letters] Et h-Úi Draignen i Fabur. Et h-Úi Sellaig. Et h-Úi Forca i m-Maig Letan et h-Úi Immete i Conulvel . Et Cenel [gap: extent: 4 letters] i m-Maig Ailbe ic Cill Eogain. [gap: extent: 2 letters] leo [gap: extent: 10 letters].

Find Fili trá in tres mc Rosa Ruaid is é senathair Lagen. [gap: extent: ? letters]. Mac dó in Conchobor Abratruad. Mc dó-side in Cú Chorbb.

IT e cethri mc Con Corbb. Nia Corb. Cormac Losc. Messi Corb. Carpre [gap: extent: ? letters].

{folio 312a}

It é tra cethri primshlonti Lagen insin .i. Dál Niad Corp dia tat ríg Lagen .i. Clanna Cathair & ind ríg olchena. Ar batar iat da mc Fheidlimid Fhir Aurglais mc Cormaic Gelta Gaith mc Niod Corp mc Con Corb .i. Mane Mál mc Feidlimid. Et Cathair Mar mc Feidlimid. Ór derg díre eneclainne in cheniuil-sin uile.

Dál Messi Corbb in primslonnad tanaise. Errid .i. trenfhir & tánaise ríg ind fhir-sin. Arggat brunti diri a n-eneclainne.

Dál Cormaic .i. Luisc in tres primslonnad. Errid cid in sin.


IT é a n-aicmi-side .i. h-Úi Labrada h-Úi Gabla h-Úi Chulind. Et Cuthraige. Argget mar bess eneclann in chiniuda-sin.

Dál Corpri Longsech Bec in cethramad primshlonnad la h-Arada Cliach.

Eithni ingen Oengusa Músc a máthair Messi Coirbb & Corpri Bic. Errid chatha sin. Arggat a n-eneclann. Et issí ind Ethni-sin mathair in Chormaic & ind Niod Cuirb.

Da primfhorslonnad Lagen Fothairt & Laiges. Fothairt chetus Cenel Echach Find Fuath Airt mc Feidlimid Rechtada. Laiges immorro Cenel Conaill Cernaig mc Amairgin. Créduma a n-eneclann dib linaib.

Corpre Cluchechair. Eithni Sithbacc ingen Oengusa Múisc a mathair. Bert chethri maccu do Choin Corb ut diximus.

Nos-beir iarum Laider .i.
[gap: extent: ? letters]
da Tail
[gap: extent: ? letters]
arae Con Corbb siar ind Eithni-sin iar marbad Con Corbb co m-bert .iiii. maccu dó. Luid iarum in Corpre siar iar tain do chungid cobra coa shenathair co Oengus Músc. Ar ní búi ferand iar n-éc a athar lia brathrea. Nis-tarlaic iarum Oengus aniar & do-bert ferand dó quia poeta erat.

IT é dano cethri mc ruc Eithni do Laider .i. Toeccae. Et Ennae & Dila. & Árte.

Do-bert iarum Oengus ferand do mccaib a ingine. et do-breth leth do Chorpriu mc Con Corb fri cethri mccaib ind arad. & do-breth flaithemnas do.


Flaithbertach m Crunmael m Commáin m Fhinain m Faigfhir m Ernine m Feic m. Ieir m Gussa m Fobrich m Maeil m. Ainmerech m Fir Roith m Muine m Fir Nued m Fir Lugdach m Buain m Argatibair m Corpri Cluchechair m Con Corbb.

{folio 312ab}


Cormac mc Con Corb Mc dó-side Imchad. Mc do Imchad in Labraid dia tát h-Úi Labrada. Uii. mc Labrada .i. Lugaid.


Cathub. Caeldub. Cainnech. Cáirthend. Nio Culend. Daig Bec. Is í cland Lugdech h-Úi Ochrae ár ní Lagin cen chlaind Lugdech ní maithni nó chruan cen luadi. Is uad ainmnighter Dún Lugdech & Sliabh Lugdech.


Dubh da Chrích mc Írgusa mc Echdach mc Eogain mc Mael Anfaid mc Sharain mc Feradaig mc Senaig mc Blait mc Nannida mc Oengusa Oenochrae mc Lugdach mc Labrada mc Imchada mc Cormaic mc Con Corb.


Fland mc Nuadat suí & rígepscop Lagen m. Cellaich m Fhurudrain m Fhoilleain m. Trena m. Lugdach.

Echthigern m Dondgusa m Cossaig m Uargusa m. Maelgairb m. Buide m Laidgnen m Cummini m Colmain Altini m Cummini m Blaithmeic m Aeda m Cathuib m Labrada m Imchada m Cormaic m Con Corb.

Cland Cathuib mc Labrada. Mc dó-side Aed Indén. Mc do Aed in Blaithmac. Mc dó-side Colman Eltine. Da mc Colmain Eltine. Cummine, Maelodur.

Trí mc la Cummine .i. Laidcnén. Conandil. Suibne.

Laidcgnen a quo h-Úi Buide.


Conandil mc Cummini a quo h-Úi Chonandla.

Suibni mc Cummini a quo h-Úi Shlogeni.

Dungus mc Slógeni .m. Odráin mc Diangusa m Doithnennaig m Conandla m Cummini.

Dungalach m Móinaig m Buide m Laidgnen.

Mc immorro do Maelodor in Gerthide.

Da mc la Gerthide .i. Dunamail & Snedgus.

Cóic mc Dunamla .i. Maengal. Cathal. Gerthide. Tommine. Dungus.

Artgal m. Fiangaile m. Cellaig m Dúnamla.

Trí mc Snedgusa: Fergus. Tuadchar. Uargalach.

Corpre mc Cathasaig mc Murgiusa mc Fhergusa mc Shnedgusa mc Maeludir mc Colmain Eltine.

Fothaid mc Cethernaig mc Colmain mc Uargalaig. mc Snedgusa.

Uarachan mc Fiannergi mc Fiannachtaig mc Tuathchair mc Shnedgusa.


Flaithnia m Echach m Fhorannain m Libriain m Fhurudrain m Oengusa m Trena m Fhergusa m Cormaic m Con Corb.

Artacan mc Taidcg m Sinill m Anchoraig m Siadalta m Maeluidir m h-Iuin m Colmain m Cuirc m Fergusa.


{folio 312bc}

Findruine díre in cheniuil-sin ina n-eneclainn.

Nia Culend mc Labrada dia tat h-Úi Chulind issí a foirb Mag n-Abna .i. Sil m-Brain. Melg mc Culind. Búi dá Cuilend & Ciar d'Úib Neill oc comraim is de as-breth: for-corastar Culend Ciar. .i. ron-geguin. & ba díguin don ríg. Curthir iarum Culend assa thír & do-breth a fhorbba don fhlaith ina einech. Do-bert immorro Enna Censelach ferand do Chuliund ara imguin ar ba trenfher é. Conid uad h-Ú Chulind i m-Maig Réid h-Úi Culind. Et h-Úi Chon Chiret. Is airi-sin do-dechatar araile dia chlainn in Chulind .i. h-Úi Bergdai indiu do innsaigid in bunaid ó n-dechaid in Culend .i. i n-Úib Labrada.

IS di Úib Labrada Cuthraige .i. Fergus Cuth a sen.


Cairthend mc Labrada.

IT é h-Úi Meic Cairthind. h-Úi Chummini. h-Úi Bróccain. h-Úi Gedgain h-Úi Fiannáin h-Úi Dimmae h-Úi Lill.

Cland Chaelbad mc Labrada immorro h-Úi Epscoip Aeda & h-Úi Cruthain. secundum alios h-Úi Lill.

Daig Bec mc Labrada a quo h-Úi Dega Bic .i. {folio 312c} h-Úi Muridaig. Is leo Ráith Dromma & Methuis h-Úa m-Bic & Tech mc Midnand & Cell Chlochair.

Cainnech mc Labrada a quo h-Úi Chainnig .i. h-Úi Broceni h-Úi Cummeni h-Úi Thogae h-Úi Amalgaid h-Úi Dimmae h-Úi Chulén, h-Úi Attain h-Úi Gaimdegair.

IT é forshlonti h-Úa Labrada .i. h-Úi Berrain, h-Úi Chormaccain h-Úi Luchine, h-Úi Cheolain h-Úi Latharnaig h-Úi Altbai h-Úi Eoganain h-Úi Chethirn h-Úi Duirn h-Úi Manchain h-Úi Fhlannain h-Úi Chiru h-Úi Dicolla h-Úi Garbine h-Úi Gerain h-Úi Dáire h-Úi Iarnain h-Úi Fidbadaig h-Úi Forannain h-Úi Maelglais h-Úi Duib Ratha h-Úi Ingaind h-Úi Chellachain h-Úi Bruggais. h-Ú Labrada hunc usque.

IT é ranna h-Úa Cormaic la Laignib .i. an-gebthi h-Úi Gabla Fhini uile. & Cuthraige & h-Úi Gabla Roirend .i. Eithni Gabulfhota ingen Chormaic mc Con Corb. Is í mathair h-ua n-Gabla & is uadi ro h-ainmnigit. A diathrub Connacht athair h-Úa n-Gabla .i. ceile inna Eithni Gabulfhota. Otá Culching co Dubathu et ó Glais Chriche i Cluanaib


Cuada fri Laigis adiu. co Ath Lethnocht ic Sleibti. co téit i nUssin. fri Uib Bairrchi atuaid & angebthi .h. Trena & h. Chuirc. is la Cormac sin uile. Is díb Abban mc .h. Cormaic.

Is díb mathair Choluim mc Crimthainn .i. Minchlú ingen Chenfhinnain mc Cese mc Lugdech mc Labrada.

Is díb mathair Chaemgin .i. Cóimell ingen Chenfhinnain.

Is díb in da Shinchell .i. Sinchell mc Cenfhinnain mc Macha mc Cruaich mc Duilge mc Imchada. Sinchell mc Corcain mc Eirc mc Cruaich.

Is díb mathair Mo Dimmóc Glinni Uissen .i. d'Íb Cummai.

Is díb mathair Mo Chua m. Lonain .i. ingen Locheni mc Dimmae (.i. Ciret) o Chill Canaig.


Secht mc Fhothaid mc Echach Lámdeirg mc Messi Corbb mc Con Corbb: Nazair. Garrchu. Nar. Fergus Laebderg .i. Clanna Gable Catt. Oescu. Eimre.

Coic mc Nazair .i. Airmúr. Coirpre Minloscan .i. ara eolcha i cluchi luascaind. Laignech. Caeldub. Fachtna.

Se mc Airmora .i. Cainnech. Cendlachan. Conall. Findchad. Dáre. Conlang.

Is di chlaind in Chainnig atát na tri mc .i. Sétna. Connad. Amlomaid.

Tommine m Altini m Eltine m Libreain m Aeda m Shetnai m Cainnig m Airmora. m Echach Lamdeirg m Messi Corbb.

{folio 312cb}

Aicmi Shetnai: .h. Con Corbb .h. Con Chainnig .h. Chuain .h. Alteni.

Connad a quo .h. Doccomláin .h. Brocáin.


Amlomaid a quo .h. Garbain.

Cendlachan a quo .h. Con Galand mc Maeli Tolai mc Dicholla.

Maelodran mc Dicolla mc Gobbain mc Caindera .m. Dimmae Chróin mc Fhintain m. Branain mc Cendlachan.

Feidlimid mc Uargalaig mc Uarchride mc Con Dinisc mc Conmarcain mc Segini mc Senchain mc Fintain.

Conall a quo .h. Brócceni.

Nazair mc Fothaid mc Con Dinisc mc Fhualascaig mc Duib Chaille mc Brocini mc Caille mc Enáin mc Sinill mc Dubthaige mc Nath Í mc Conaill mc Airmora mc Nazair mc Fothaid.

{folio 313a}Do shíl Conaill dano teora ingena Eogain mc Conaill con-gabsat Cill n-Garraisc.

Findchad a quo Nia mc Becce Bernsa mc Eogain mc Éitchen mc Baeth mc Maithgein mc Findchada.

Daire a quo Cenel Ciarain. Et .h. Techtaire.

Conlang a quo Meic Aird Maigne. Et .h. Máinaig & h. Condoid. & h. Fhechini. Et .h. Caichtangeni.

Corpre Miloscan a quo .h. Nathig. & h. Fallamain .h. Forandla i Cuil Eimre.

Laignech a quo .h. Dimmae Chuirr & h. Congnaid.

Caeldub a quo .h. Dubchróin h. Beraig.

Fachtna a quo .h. Donnain & h. Sharáin mc Fachtnai eter Drummaib.



.i. Síl Findloga di Thechtrigu. & h. Coil .&c.

Secht mc Garrchon. Findchad. Findchu. Echen. Delgene. Fergus. Bresal. Nath Í.

Cu Chongelt & Dondgal da mc Cethernaig mc Faebuirdatha quem Patricius benedixit mc Marcain mc Cillini mc Ronain mc Sinill mc Conaill mc Fhindchada mc Garrchon.

Síl Fhinnachta. .h. Marcain .h. Digráid mc Maele Duin .h. Colmain Fortobuil .h. Furudrain .h. Damain.

Findchu a quo .h. Conalta .h. Srafain.

Echen a quo .h. Sarain .h. Tormaig .hI. Leisc.

Deilgene a quo .h. Chuind Chuane .h. Aithmit Caiss .h. Brain Delgna.

Fergus a quo Síl Tuatain mc Fordubain .h. Cosmi .h. Shárain .h. Dubthaig.

Bresal a quo .h. Cherdda .h. Ceille .h. Nioth Angle.

Nath Í a quo .h. Annacain .h. Gobbain .h. Dubain.

Forshlonte .h. n-Garrchon. .h. Butire .h. Nemain .h. Lonáin de Fheraib Maige Fhene. h. Marggin Gaill .&c.

Secht mc Náir .i. Mac Liac. Mac Tinni. Mac Ier. Cobthach. Conall Glasderc. Furbbaide.

Mac Liac a quo .h. Berrini .h. Rodait .h. Fethlamda.

Mac Tinne a quo .h. Cummini .h. Chraich Cualand.

Mac Ier a quo tri ingena Meic Ier .i. Craeb & Lassar & Find.

Cobthach a quo .h. Damain & h. Thian.

Conall a quo .h. Con Anróit.

Glasderc a quo .h. Glasdeirc.

Fubaide a quo .h. Fuachon .h. Baetain .&c.

Fergus Laebderg mc Fothaid a quo Coemgen Glinni da Locha. Et epscop Eogain Aird Sratha. Lochan & Enna i Cill Manach Escrach. Mu Shenoc Mugnai. Mo Choeme Tiri da Glas. Coeman Enaig Truimm. Petran Cilli Lainni. Epscop Étchaín mc Mane eices i Cluain Fota Baetain Aba. Condlaed craibdech epscop Cilli Dara. Nath Í Cúile Fothirbe. Mo Acru mc Bennain. A quo etiam .h. Chaili .h.


Flathechain .h. Fidrechain .h. Chathain .h. Gaimdechair .h. Dobrain. Síl Cruachi for Gabrán.

Tri mc Caitt mc Fhothaid .i. Oengus. Conall. Decell.

Oengus a quo .h. Dolbain. & h. Con Chiaráin. Conall a quo .h. Foilleain. Decell a quo .h. Rechtabra et Berchan Senchilli. & h. Amsáin.

{folio 313b}

Muridach mc Columbae ingine Caitt & Ailella Cethig a quo .h. Mengain & h. Chaír.

Trí mc Oescan mc Fhothaid. Suibne Forannán Ossine. Forannan mc Oescan is dia h-uib Findbarr Cilli Adgair & .h. Connisi.

Trí mc Emri. Senach. Setna. Fergus.

Sil Senaig. h. Loppini i Cill Rannairech. Dá .h. Émir Conlád epscop. Nath Í epscop.


In Cethramad mc do Choin Chorb attrubramar .i. Nio Corbb. Húa do-side in Feidlimid Fer Urglas. Da mac lassin Feidlimid sin .i. Mane Mál. sen .h. Máil & h. Téig. & h. Cellaig Cualann. Et senathair Lagen uile in mac aile .i. Cathair Már. Cathair Már tri mc trichat leis. ut periti affirmant. Ro dibdait a chlanna uile acht .x. tantum .i. Ros Falge. Dare Barrach. Crimthann Án. Fergus Luascan. Eocho Timmin. Ailill Cethech. Cetach. Oengus Nicc. Bressal Enechglas. Fiachu Baccid.

Dáire Barrach is iat a nóeb. Tigernach Cluana Eois. Et Fiac Shleibe Dromma Gabla. Et Fiachra Goll Cluana Fiachrach. Et Mac Táil Cilli Cuilind. Et Mac Cuill i m-Manaind. In Fiachra Gollsin & Emine uno die quieuerunt in Roma. Et Diarmait mc Siabair mc Dallain .i. Mo Dimmóc Glinne Usen. Et Magistir Cilli Magistrech. Et Mac Onchon. Et Iustan .&c.

Cinaed m. Cernaig m Flaind m. Ailella m Aida. m Uargusa m Cind Faelad m Failbe m Domnaill m. Cormaic m Diarmata m Echach Gunich m Oengusa m Ercca m Breccain m. Fheic m Daire Barraig.


AEdgal m Cernaig m Coibdenaig m Mael Umai m Suibne m Domnaill m Cormaic.

{folio 313bb} Trí mc Dáire Barraig .i. Fiac. Et Muridach Sníthi. Et Eochu.

Breccan mc Feict m Daire. Tri mc leis .i. Mac Erca. Et Corpre. Et Colgu.

Is í cland Meic Erca mc Breccain .h. Chuilind mc Aeda mc Baeth dia fail Diarmait Glinne Uissen.

O Fhiac .h. Mael Umai. Et a quibus ind ríg.

Eochu immorro a quo .h. Briuin & Breodon mc Echdach in súi .i. Mac Onchon.Doborchú nomen eius.

Muridach Snithe in tres mc Daire. Mac dó Moenach a quo .h. Moenaig. A quibus Cenel n-Oengusa.

Robo rí h-Erenn dano in Muridach Snithi .i. ro shní rígi hErenn dó féin. ut Ladcend dixit.

    1. Longais mauru Murithach .i. robatar longse mó aice vel nó ro chuirestar sochaide for longais
      mo arddae Snithe saerchland
      sochla saín comarbbae.

Cenel Crochnae in cethramad prímaicmi .h. m-Bairche is fri h-Uib Breccain a toebud.

Teora saerchlanna .h. m-Bairrche .i. h. Breccain & h. Briuin. et h. Móinaig.

Brion mc Echach mc Daire. Et Breoda mc Echach.

Is dia chlaind ind Echachsa .h. Nath Í a quo .h. Connachtaig. & h. Mailain. & h. Duib Loda. & h. Dognaid. & h. Nóindenaig. & h. Brenaind.

Cathan mc Nath Í a quo Eochu. noeb Cluana Rétach & Maigistir Cilli Magistrech. Et .h. Suáin. dia ta Brudióc mc Emini.

Brian mc Echach a quo Enna {folio 313c} mc Briain cuius filius Fergus Laebderg cuius filii Erc Mend mc Fhergusa. Bairddene mc Fergusa. Cuius filii Derc n-Arggit mc Bairddine dia tát .h. Boeth .i. Robartach mc Faelgusa. princeps Banba Móre. Crimthand mc Bairddeni a quo .h. Emelta. Et h. Conchada. Et h. Fidchellaich.


Ruidnel m Rechtaid m. Enchoraig m Cilline m Roachtaig. m Derreni m Bongobonn m Aeda m Coluim m Fiachra m Fhergusa Laebdeirg.

Tigernach m. Corpri m Fhergusa.

Et Fiachra m Dara et Setna m Corpri.

{folio 313cb} TRí ingena Meic Dara Brigit & Temair et Sogaes. Et Iustan i Senchill. mc Corpri. Et Fintan mc Corpri.

Breoda mc Echach a quo Óic Cillini .i. .h. Crocheni. .h. Duib Chuilne .h. Fintain .H. Lamich dia tá in suí .i.
Doborchu mc Onchon mc Dibechain mc Maelain mc Con cen Mathair mc Nainneni mc Nainneda mc Aedain mc Fergusa Tregbotha mc Bloit mc Feidlimthi. Et Ailella Lamnig mc Breoda mc Echach mc Daire Barraig. Cuius frater Cronan sapiens.

Sil n-Indercaig. & síl Manchain. & síl Denetain. & h. Brandubain la h-uu Ellaig. di .h. Briuin dóib. h-ui Ellaig i m-Maigib. ut dicitur Find na tri Maige. O Cheniul Uchae la .h. Bairche Tiri fognamthaide .i. in h. Cendselaig. Ua m-Bríuin sin dar éise trín a n-orbba.

H. Breccain Mac Ercae mc Breccain. Et Corpre mc Breccain. Et Colgu mc Breccain.

Is í cland Meic Eirce. Siamair i n-Glinn Usen. & .h. Maelain. & h. Chomathig.

Breccan mc Baeth. Et Faelchu .h. Comathig. Etarscela mc Meic Erca a quo .h. Manchain. Et Uathgal mc Saergaile mc Con Ráida mc Duib Cluana mc Mael Inse mc Manachain mc Loppain mc Duach mc Etarscele. mc Meic Ercca.

Is ó Etarscél dano Algenan mc Baethgaile mc Abbáith mc Duchenna mc Manchain.

Dunechaid mc Con Duach mc Mancheni mc Mael Insi.

Is ó mc Meic Erca .i. Fiac epscop Slebti. .i. mc Meic Dara. Oengus mc Meic Erca cuius filius Eochu Guinech.

De Shíl Ailella Nair .h. Chuthlachain. Colggu mc Breccain.


Uargalach mc Tuimthi .m. Uairingerta mc Lichtenaig mc Marcain mc Monfhinn mc Fhind. mc Feic. mc Colgan. mc Breccain.

Is ó Cholggan sil na tirisi & síl Corci. & síl Roncgaig. & na Legi.

Síl Muridaig Sníthi mc Dare Barraig.

Moenach mc Muredaig a quo .h. Moenaig. & h. Brocain i Cill Magistrech. & h. Shenain. & h. Dimmata(in) i crích .h. m-Bairrchi Tire. & h. Amsáin. & h. Chrítain. La .h. Bairrche Maige in Dergraith.

Nargal mc Echtgusa mc Conchada mc Conamla mc Broccain mc Fhintain mc Eogain mc Guaire mc Scilline mc Shetnai mc Moenaig mc Muredaig Snithi mc Dare.

Tressach mc Beccain mc Fhuacarta mc Artgaile mc Echach mc Coibdenaig.

Carthach mc Ailgili .m. Becride mc Buidechrae mc Anfadain mc Saichda mc Dimmae mc Aeda mc Cellachain mc Móinaig.

H-ui Maelain ond Airdlius. & h. Chommain & h. Narbotha. & sil Saichda. & h. Gobbain. It ésin fini Cellachain mc Moenaig. Is díb Saérgal.h. Buidechair.

O Fhiac mc Muredaig síl Scilline Scothbain.

Eitchine mc Saergusa mc Conamla .m. Emine mc Cilline mc Fhinan mc Colmain mc Maine mc Fiachrach mc Fheic mc Muredaig mc Daire Barraig.


Cethri mc Conamla. Echtgus. & Dub Caille. Fualascach. & Snedgus.

Síl Rosa mc Muredaig i crích .h. m-Bairrche Tire día tá
Moengal mc Fithrig mc Errechtaig mc Eogain mc Eoganain mc Emine mc Scandlain mc Cormaic mc Rosa mc Muredaig.

Do Shíl Rosa .h. Bodbain & Sil n-Gaedelain .i. Bodban mc Emini. & Gaedelan mc Corpshalaig mc Cormaic.

O Fhiac immorro .h. Chuilini & h. Chuanain.

Suibne mc Furudrain. mc Beocride mc Fhoilleain mc Mael Anfis mc Emini mc Mani Chúarchind mc Cilline mc Cholmain.

IT é mc Oengusa. Trien mc Oengusa a quo .h. Fholachtain. & h. Dobágu ic Leithglind. Rotha mc Oengusa a quo .h. Fhethain i m-Maig da Chond. Ro bi Aed de muin Cormaic in ríg.

Fintan Meth mc Oengusa o tát .h. Critain & h. Chanain & h. Chonamla & h. Picleni i Conde.

Lugaid Odor mc Oengusa a quo .h. Emine [gap: illegible/extent: 2 letters] Cone.

Tadg mc Oengusa. a quo .h. Thaidcg. h-i toéb. & h. Micain. i crích .h. m-Bairrche Tiri.

.H. Drescaín i Coiniu ind Legi di Dál Messi Corb.

.H. Gestain di Cheniul Chruachni dóib.

.H. Nemain & .h. Chanain & h. Beccain i Scothba di Dál Messi Corb doib. Et .h. Scathain. & h. Briccine i m-Maig Ailbe.


IT e cethri mc Cormaic. Aed Find. a quo Sil Aeda Find i Llethtráith.
Conchad mc Cethernaig mc Uargalaig mc Fhlaithbertaig mc Aignide mc Conalta mc Aeda Find mc Cormaic mc Diarmata.

Broccan mc Cummascaig mc Clothaig mc Fhailbe mc Conchada mc Conamla mc Conchind mc Mael Odrain mc Brocain mc Cormaic.

Subne Mend mc Siadail mc Fhiachrach mc Cellaig mc Emini mc Cummine mc Chormaic.

Sil Aeda Demnuin mc Cormaic a quo .h. Moenaig Cosse Scaible .i.
[gap: extent: 3 letters]
lm nó ingena in h. Bairrchi Tiri

Cenel Cruaichne de Eoganacht dóib.

Di chlaind Echach Guinich .h. Domnaill mc Shuibni.

Faelchad mc Forbasaig mc Artgaile mc Coibdenaig mc Mael Umai mc Suibni mc Domnaill mc Cormaic.

IT e ranna .h. m-Barrchi. la Laignib .i. Cluain Conaire & Cell Auxaille & is dib in Craeban .i. in caillin cittacongab in cill .i. cosa ngéib in chell & atát dib fini ocon chill .i. h. Laigeni .h. Cassi & h. Duib Cilleni. Et is díb .h. Mátaid la .h. Enechglais Maige. Et is leo o Áth Trusten cossin n-Ath i Cill Corpnatan.

Cormac mc Diarmata ro idbair do Chomgall Bennchair. Imlech Ech. Et is leo o Beluch Forgetail co Banna.

Ata dano genelach rig h. m-Barrche eter genelaige rigraide Lagen.



{folio 313b}Ross Falgi mc [gap: name omitted] a quo .h. Falgi. Sé mc Rosa Falgi .i. Nath Í. Brenaind. Eochaid. Oengus Find. Oengus Dub. Dálan.

Ó Oengus Fhind atát .u. Maeli Topair. & h. Chuiline. & h. Mael Aithgein.

Focarta mc Fiachrach mc Duib da Chrích m Duib da Leithi m. Dunchon. m Onchon. m Maele Topair. m Failbe m Eogain m Ultain m Bruidge m Nath Í m Ailella m Oengusa Buaidgeltai m Rosa Falgi.

{folio 314bb}Oengus Dub a quo .h. Mane.

Beccan mc Garbaín m. Drecnai m Maeli Rois m. Mane. m Duib Enaig m Fhinain m Muccini m Ailella m Beccain m Oengusa Duib.

{folio 314bc} Brenaind mc Ruis Falgi a quo .h. Airmedaig & h. Subachain i toeb Adarca.

Dalan mc Ruis Falgi a quo .h. Onchon i l-Lége., {folio 314b} Eochaid mc Ruis Falgi a quo .h. Báeth mc Shétnai mc Feidlimid mc Echach mc Ruis Falgi.

Nath Í mc Ruis Falgi a quo Cathal mc Bruidgi mc Nath Í.

Cethri mc Cathail. Mael Uma. Aed Roin. Oengus Berraide. Coibdenach.

Cland Mael Umai .h. Fhlaind. Cland Aeda Roin .h. Cormaic.

Cland Cobdenaig .h. Maele Umai. o Dairthaig mc Maíline.

Cland Oengusa Berraide .h. Berraide oc Leccuch. Berchan cecinit.

    1. Ind raith i comair in diruda
      ba Bruidgi ba Cathail
      ba Aeda ba Ailella.
      ba Conaing ba Cuileni.
      & ba Mael Dúin.
      ind raith dar éis chaich iar n-uair.
      na ríg ronfoat i n-uír.


Conchobor m Congalaig m Conchobuir m Find m Mael Morda m Conchobuir m Fhlannachain m Cinaeda m Mugroin (.i. a quo alius Mugron na frithberte et a quo Colgu sen Clainde Colgan & Mael Carmuin & Mael Sinchil & Mael Finne) m Flaind da Chongal m Dimmasaig. m Fhorannain m Congalaich m Mael Umae m Cathail m Eogain Bruidni m Nath Í m Rosa Falgi m Cathair Mair.

Mac Tiri m Uallachain m Culeoin m Conchobuir .m. Meic Tire m. Uallachain m Fogartaig m Cummascaig m Colgan m Mugroin m Flaind da Congal.

{folio 314bb}Domnall .h. Oengussa m Aeda m Uallachain m Taidg m Domnaill m Oengusa m Cummascaig m Colgan.

Flandchad m Gillai Cholmain m Gillai Patric m Flanchada idem & demon. m Murchada m Oengusa .m. Neill m Duib Dithruib m Fhlannchada m Mael Chainnig.

{folio 314bc} Cú Chocríche m Domnaill m Mael Choscair m Finguine .i. Cu na locan m Cathail m Cummascaig.


Gilla Michil m Gillai Cholmain m Sinaig m Beoain m Congalaig m Cummascaig m Colgan.

Is h-í immorro cland Mael Chainnig in dara mc do Cholgain ar Cummascach in mc aile. & issí a chlandside ro thurmisem.

Cland immorro Mael Chainnig so .i. Cland Duib Dithruib. ET Munter Tigi Caineáin .i. Meic Rotaide & .h. Muriceain .h. Brain & h. Cholgan.

Cu Chocrichi m Alin m Finguine (rop éside in Staniub). m Murchada m Oengusa.

{folio 314c} Gilla Dulig m Duib Dithruib m Fhinguine m Murchada.

Cu Chaille m. Néill m Gillai Christ m Muridaig (.i. rop éside Colpthach). m Murchada.

Finguine m Domnaill m Diarmata m Muridaig.

Gilla Buide m Lam ra éc m Murchertaig m Cerbaill m Cellaig m Duib Dithruib.

Dubrind dano mc Duib Dithruib ro dibai side.


Eochu .i. in Samanach m Gillai Patric m. Diarmata m. Cathail m Echthigirn m Uallachain m Labrada m Colgan m Mael Cainnig.


Cú Mara m Conchobuir m Muriceain m. Lorcain m Murchada m Branacain m Flannchada m Mael Cainnig.

Cú Lang m Flandchada m Rotaide m Diarmata m Branacain.



Cú Dulig m Cerbaill m Con Bladma m Con Allaid. m Fidallaid m Duind m Dubgillai m Mael Fhinne m Riacain m Cinaeda m Mugroin m Oengusa m Flaind Da Congal.

Genelach Clainde Mael Ugrai.

{folio 314d}Aed mc Flaind m Mael Ruanaid [gap: name erased/extent: ? letters] m Corcrain m Fhlaind Uallaig m Diummasaig. m Fhogartaig m. Mugroin m Flaind m Diummasaig m. Corcrain m Mael Ugrai. m Conchobuir m Aeda m Tommaltaig. m. Flaind Da Chongal.

Culen Cu Broga dá mc Aeda mc Fhlaind.

Diarmait & Murchad da mc Con Broga mc Aeda.,

Fland mc Gillai Brigti .i. airchinnech Cilli Achid m Flaind.

IArnan m Cellaig m Gillai Patric m Conchobuir m Iarnain m Shibleain. m Fhogartaig.


Mael Sinchill. Et Mael Finni. Et Mael Carmain. Et Colgu quem diximus. Cethri mc do Mugron mc Oengusa mc Flaind Da Chongal.

Cland Mel Shinchill .i. Cland Mugróin oc Adarcaib. Et h. Matudain mc Aeda. Et h. Chinaeda o Thig ingini Baeth.

Cland Mael Fhinne .i. h. Meli Fhinne ó Chatlechan. & h. Tigernaig. ET .h. Murchadain.

Cland Mael Charmain .h. Dubcind. Et Meic Gussain mc Mugroin o Chill Achid.



Conchobor mc Flannacain mc Cinaeda mc Mugroin.

Murchad m Con Maige m Cerbaill.

Gilla Maire .i. in Gilla Cichech. m Mel Ruanaid m Dubda mc Dubrind m Dubgillai.

Donnacan m Cerbaill m Riacain m Cinaeda.

{folio 315a}Cerball m Mael Ruanaid m Cinaeda m Mugroin.

Muricean mc Tadcain mc Cinaeda.

Oenacan mc Flathiceain mc Cinaeda.


Cathal m Carpri m Gormain .m Domnaill mc Oengusa m Corpri m Flaind Da Chongal.

Focarta mc Cathail mc Corpri.

Gussan mc Flathri mc Corpri mc Flathrai mc Corpri.

Mael Ciar mc Cellachain mc Dungail mc Cellaich mc Flaind Da Congal.


Mael Cian mc Fogartaig mc C(um)mascaig mc Flaithbertaig mc Flaind Da Congal.

Ciarodor mc Flaithiceain mc Domnaill mc Dondgusa m Flaithbertaig.



Crimthand Án mc Cathair is úad atát na nóem .i. Colum mc Nannida mc Nazair mc Crimthainn Bic mc Echach mc Oengusa mc Crimthainn Áin Moir mc Cathair.

Et Midshúi .i. Mo Medoc mc Midgnai mc Nannida. Et Colum Cule mc Midgna .i. is e fil i Cluain Cáin.


Cend Faelad m Dungalaig m Congaile m Duib da Chrich m Mael Ochtraig m Eoguin m Cobthaig m Cormaic m Nannida m Nazair.

Genelach Clainde Duib Da Chrích.

Dub Da Chrich m Fergaile m Dungaile m Duib Da Chrich mc Mael Ochtraig mc Nazair.

Cethri mc Duib Da Chrichs mc Mael Ochtraig .i. Congal & Cú Chatha. Dongal & Dungal.


{folio 315ab}Dub m Fubthaid m Duib Feil m Murchada m Mael Morda m Murchada m Flathgiusa m Mael Ochtraig m [gap: name erased/extent: ? letters].


{folio 315ac}Gilla Ciarain .h. Duib m Domnaill m Lorcain m Fhlaithnían m Fhubthaid m Duib Fheil.

Gilla na Noeb .h. Duib m Mael Morda m Gillai Maire m Duib.


{folio 315ab}AEd m Gillai Ciarain comarba Coluim m Gillai Fhinneain m Cinaeda m Crimthaind m Find m Senaig m Branduib m Cobthaig m Branduib. m Con Dínisc m Cind Fhaelad m Dungalaig.

Carpre mc Nannida a quo .h. Maele Tola.

Mongan eices mc Echac cecinit

    1. Niba craeb crínfheda
      Colum mc Nannida
      m Nazair saer heo
      .h. Crimthainn Bic
      m Echach meic Oengusa.
      m Crimthainn Ain
      ar ba bun flatha
      fid fireoin.


{folio 315a}Eocho Timmin & Bresal Enechglas & Ros Failge et Dáre Barrach & Crimthann Án mc oénmathar insin. Ina chotlud ro bái intan dobreth ferand dona brathrib. Et se foendelta. Co n-erbailt in Bressail. is timm sin a Eocaid. conid de sin ro len Timmin de.


Nath Í mc Echach Timmine .uii. mc leis .i. Mac Máel a quo .h. Maelglais. & h. Annamaig.

Feidlimid a quo .h. Báetain & h. Crundmael.

Cormac a quo .h. Cummeni.

Tuathal .i. Bresal a quo .h. Chrumthir Aeda.

Conall a quo .h. Commain.

Crimthand a quo .h. Budi.

Eogan a quo .h. Baetain.

Forslonti .h. Timmini .i. h. Inscrind .h. Linge .h. Enain. .h. Telind .h. Altain .h. Shenain .h. Chobain .h. Chluastain.


Coic mc Bresail Enechglais. Nath Í. Daurthacht. Findchad. Nannid. Ernmáil.

Nath Í a quo Síl n-Dícolla mc Eogain. & Síl Baeth mc Muridaig. & h. Fheradaig.

Daurthacht a quo .h. Meic Críti. & h. Ailella.

Findchad a quo .h. Chuanach. & h. Forandla. & h. Teirmeisc.

Nannid {folio 315b} a quo .h. Fergnai.

Ernmail a quo .h. Muredaig .i. Sil Lugain Gaill. & h. Temnen.

Fiachra m Dunchada m Dungalaig m Tuammine. m Máeli Doborchon m Dicollo m Eogain m Beraig m Muridaig m Amalgaid m Nath Í m Bresail Enechglais.

{folio 315bb} Cinaed mc Mael Aithgen m Crunmel m Baithine m Fintain m Echach m Finchada m Bresail.

{folio 315bc} Tairmesc m Scandlain m Baithine m Findchada m Bresail.


Forshlonte .h. n-Enechglais .i. h. Inmeti .h. Athemon Mestichi. Cenel Lugair Fhachta. Cenel Lugair Úir dia tat .h. Chrutháin. Sil Fuamnaige .i. .h. Thoesechain o Druim Laígill. Síl n-Duib n-Damroiss .i. .h. Gobbain & h. Murbethaig. Et h. Dimbroga Tuathat.

{folio 315b} Oengus Nic mc Cathair. ISsed atberat araile quad uerius est conid macsom do Thuathul Tigech mc Mane Mail. Atberat dano araile conid mc do Chathair int Oengus. Et combad fria ingin doneth in Cathair é tria mesca. Intan iarum conrotacht ferand for Cathair. Nic ar int athair .i. nit-bia. Conid de ro ainmniged Oengus Nic de. Co tartsat a da brathair .i. Crimthann Án & Ros Failge ferand dó.

Dercmossach mc Cathair a quo .h. Derccmossaig oc Áth Cliath.

Fergus Luascan mc Cathair a quo .h. Loscain Scuirre. &c.

Ailill Cethech .i. beimnech mc Cathair a quo Mo Chua mc Lugada.

Cronan m Lugdach m Nath Í m Dolbaig m. Setnai m Conondla m Oengusa m Ailella Cethig.

{folio 315bb} Cathal mc Rechtabrat m Altchon m Onchon m Ailella m Condla m Garbain m Lugdach m Nath Í.

{folio 315bc} Foillean m Céthig m Commain m Mael Anfaid m Mael Doborchon m Crundmael m Shetnai m Oengusa m Ailella Cethig.

{folio 315b} InCathair Marsa tra ata meicc doruirmisem .l. bliadan dó i r-rige h-Erenn. I Temraig. Ut Laidcend dixit. Aittreb Cathair coicait bliadan buan flaith .&c.

Comamser dano don Cathairseo & do Chund Cetchathach síst máir. Cathair h-i Temraig. Cond i Cenannas na Ríg cen chath cen chocad eturru. Fodáil Cathair ferand da mccaib uile. acht do Fhiachaig a oenur. ar níba tualaing oirb ara áetid. Asbert Cathair immorro fria mccaib combtis mathi fri Fiachaig & co m-beth mís i n-acci cech fhir díb combad tualngi ferand. Is de ro len Fiachu Baccid. Et ba saeth lets.


& luid o(r) coe dochum a athar. Asbert iarum fris nirbat bronach rot-bia mo bennacht ind. Is tú bias os do brathrib & bid h-í do chland it 'laid co bráth. ro fírad a n-ísin. Ut Dubthach Lanfhile cecinit.
    1. Fiche filed fir nath nairec fordarc
      Fiachraig Fiachu ferr oen ilar brathri Baccedo.,

{folio 315c} Fiachu Baccid tra oenmc leis .i. Bresal. Is de asbert in file Lugair.

    1. An grian grisach     goires beo Bresual
      bress Elgga .i. h-erend .h. Luirc     latras bith Béoliach .i. ualglorach.

Is é tra Bresal Belach ro fich cath Cnamrois for Corpre Liphechair mc Cormaic. Ria m-Bresal ro memaid. Et ro marbtha and tri mc Corpri .i. Eochu & Eochaid Domlen & Fiachu Roptine & nóe mile leo. Dorochratar immorro coica ar dib milib de Lagnib i frecur in chatha. Ut Lugair cecinit.

    1. Mara .i. mora golgotha.     grith faebuir
      for Cairpri clannaib     Cnamrois i l-lergaib
    2. Lechit .i. ro lecthea mara     meic .h. Chuind co nói milib marbad
      már áin ríg Eocho.     Eocaid dil Domlen.
    3. Daith ruire Roptine     ro Fhiachu forderg
      fe fó scél     scith .i. ic innisin lim laithe .h. Cuind crólectaib .i. i l-lechtaib cro.
Is din chath chetnasa asrubairt in file inis chetul doringni do buadaib Lagen.
    1. In cath oc Cnamros ni chelam coscrad síde
      tri rig dorochratar and & tri tri míle.

In Bresal Belachsa tra da mc leis .i. Enna Nia. & Labraid. Enna Nia dí isse senathair .h. n-Dunlainge. Labraid immorro senathair.h. Cendselaig.

Da mc tra la Enna Nia .i. Brian Lethderg senathair .h. m-Briuin Chualand. Et Dunlang senathair .h. n-Dunlainge.


It é tra mc Dunlaing inso. Illand. Ailill. Eochaid. Fergus. Nad Buidb. Dubthach Lethderg. Mundech nó Oengus Dilmend.

Is h-í Cland Illaind mc Dunlainge in so i .h. Maele Dúin & sil Aeda Guaire .&c.

Cland Bruidgi mc Nad Buidb .h. Blaithmeic & h. Fhingin ó Alind .h. Thectais & sil Setnai Móir .i. h. Buide. Et síl m-Bruidgi eter Thulcaind & Abaind. Foithri. dia tá Aed Cluana Mór .i. Aed mc Eogain mc Bruidge mc Nad Buidb .m. Illaind mc Dunlainge. Et Colman mc Ainmerech mc Bruidge. Et Brandub abb Cilli Dara. mc Fiachrach mc Muridaig mc Bruidge. Et h. Fonascaig i Fothri. Et h. Dicolla Dresan. Et .h. Shubachain o Fhianba. Et h. Fhínain mc Echach o Chill Chorpnatan. Et h. Chuanain mc Aedain mc Fhiachrach for Faingil.,

Ailill mc Dunlainge. is dia chlaind atat ind rig Lagen. IS í cland Ailella. Úa do in Corpre Mór mc Cormaic mc Ailella.

It e tra mc Corpri .i. Colman. Manchine. Cilline Mór. Cilline Bec.

It e immorro mc Colmain. Faelan dalta Coemgin senathair sil Brain. Et Ronan. Et Mael Umai. Et Aed Find. Et Aed Dub. It e immorro mc Ronain .i. Mael Tuili a quo .h. Maeli Tuile. Et Mael Ochtraig dia tat .h. Aithechdai. Et dia raba Cellach mc Cind Faelad ro bái i r-RáithDirmaige. Is remi ro memaid cath Atha Slabaig {folio 316a} for Mumnechaib & for h. Cendselaig. Is é ro ort .h. Gabla Róirend. Is ésin ro dibdai Mo Chuilli Dressna iarna shargud do chath Atha Slabaig & dorrobaid a chland.

Eochaid mc Dunlainge a quo .h. Mane .i. Mael Dúin & Failbe & Finan.

Fergus mc Dunlainge a quo .h. Fhergusa eter Liphi & Firu Cualand.

Dubthach mc Dunlainge a quo .h. Dubthaig mc Dunlainge.

Moenach a quo .h. Moenaig.

Mc do Ronán mc Colmain Mael Chaich athair Maele Garba. a quo .h. Maele Garba.


Mc dano do Ronan Mael Fathartaig. Is é ro marbad la athair tria ét. amal is & irdairc .i. Fingal Ronain & ni fargab claind.

Mael Umai mc Colmain tra senathair Congaile a quo .h. Aeda Cróin.

Mael Anfaid mc Mael Umai. Is e in Mael Umasin dano ro marb Deichtre mc Findig d'Uib Meic Cruaich d'Uib Ercaín. inna dun i Cill Roiss aidchi oenaig Sinchi & ruc a innmass.

Aed Find mc Colmain mc dó Oengus abb Cilli Dara. Is í cland Aeda Find .h. Maele Caich ó Nás.

AEd Dub mc Colmain dano rígepscop Cilli Dara & Lagen uli é. & mc óige é & duni amra i n-ecnu- inde quidam cecinit.

    1. A brathair .i. fri Aed Find
      mad dia sech for iris.
      cia dú .i. cia dual duit combag fri Aed .i. n-Dub
      manip gaffand attibis.
    2. Indat cuirn buabaill do chuirn
      & in coirm Chualann do chuirm
      in Currech Liphi do thír
      int ua coicat ardrig.
      in Cell Dara do cell
      in la Crist do choell .i. do géil
      [gap: /extent: ? letters]

Cuach ingen Choelbaid mc Coluim mc Blait de .h. Cellaig .h. m-Bairrchi Maige Ailbe mathair tri mc n-Dunlainge .i. Illaind. Ailill. Eochaid. Is de asberar tri lemend Cuache Ingabuir. Co ruc mc cecha fechtussa dona mccaib remráite. Et co tarta tri dúne di dara n-és .i. Magen Garbain. & Achad Dairig. et Tilach h. m-Blait. Et adrópartsi na tri dúnisin dia brathair .i. do Choeman Shantlethan.

Etromma ingen Fhidchossa Indellaig mc Meic Orbba de .h. Telláin Roirend mathair Dunlaing mc Muridaig.

Conchend ingen Cellaig Cualand mc Gerthide mathair Muridaig mc Murchada. Mathair Chonchinni immorro ingen Fhailbi mc Domnaill mc Cormaic mc Diarmata d'Uib Bairrchi. Mugain a h-ainm. Mathair Mugaine Eithne ingen Crundmael cuius agnomen fuit Bolgluatha mc Ronain. ingen ríg Lagen Desgabair.

Mathair na Eithni h-ísein Failend ingen Shubni mc Colmain mc Cobthaig dena Desib Muman.


Cummie ingen Duib Chonnaid dena Desib Muman ben Cholmáin mc Coirpri.

Is i bói i farrad Branduib mc Echach post mortem Colmain amal is irdairc.

Almaith ingen Blaithmeic mc Eogain mc Colmain mc Baethain Cobraind de Dal Riatai mathair Murchada mc Brain. Mathair Brain mc Conaill Conandil ingen Chrundmael mc Fhinain mc Mane mc Nath Fraich mc Echach mc Dunlainge.

{folio 316b} Lassar ingen Daimine Daim Argait de .h. Crimthaind mathair Chrundmael & Guaire a brathar.

Sarnat .i. i mBerrech ata ingen Echach mc Baeth mc Nainneda mc Fheic mc ler mc Cathboth de Fhothartaib mathair Conaill qui rex non fuit.

Feidelm ingen Oengusa mc Dubthaig de .h. Mainin d'Úib Teíg Cometa mathair Faelain.

Mathair Feidilmi immorro Lassi ingen Fhergna mc Fergusa .h. Máil. sechtmad erlam Domnaig Shincill & óga arcena inti.


Athechda mc Mael Ochtraig mc Ronain mc Colmain a quo Fothaid mc Corpri mc Conaill mc Lethaig mc Moenaig mc Aithechdai.

item .H. MANCHINI.

Manchine tra mc Corpri mc Cormaic mc Ailella mc Dunlainge. Is i a chland filet eter Chenel Ucha & Liphe .i. Fergal m Ailella m Cind Fhaelad m Mael Bresail m Mael Chaich m Maeli Cotaid m Manchini m Corpri. {folio 316bb} Colgu mc Crunmael mc Corpri mc Uargusa mc Cind Fhaelad.

{folio 316bc} Cillini Mór mc Corpri senathair .h. n-Demre & .h. Faebraind a h-Uactur Fhine & is ésin mc inna h-Ultaige.

{folio 316b}Cillini Bec mc Corpri senathair .h. n-Aeda Cróin & Mael Ochtraig mc Fiadail.

.H. Fhingin tra Cland Illaind mc Dunlainge insin.

.H. Deccair Dála dano de Shíl Illaind dóib ut alii dicunt.



In dara mc Ennai Niad atrubrammar .i. Brian.

Is í a chland .h. Briuin Cualann ut est. Riacan mc Cathail mc Gerthide. Et Failend ingen Murchada a mathair.

Riacan m Cathail m Gerthide m Fhiangalaig m Mencossaig m Mael Aithgen m Forandain m Fhiachna Chaich m Feidlimid m Briuin m Ennai Niad.

{folio 316bb}TRí mc Feidlimid mc Briuin .i. Conall. Cobthach Fiachna.

Conall a quo .h. Elgonaig .i. h. Aeda Cometa. et .h. Aedain. Cobthach a quo .h. Émine h. Dibechaín. Forshlonte .h. m-Briúin. .h. Cuaneni .h. Maelini .h. Mannadain ó Rout Tarsna i crích .h. Fidgenti. .h. Maelain .h. Dilain ó Domnuch Mór Mittine i m-Mumain.


{folio 316b}Cid ara n-apraiter .h. Chendselaig do sil Labrada Laidig mc Bresail Belaig. .Ní. Cath Cruachain Cloenta ro memaid re Laignib for Eochaid Mugmedon ríg nh-Erenn. co r-ragbad and Cetnadach fili Echach Mugmedoin. In tan iarum bás oca anacul tuas forsna scíathaib na fer is and tánic Enna sin cath co tard gai i Cétnadach & coro thib Enna. Conid and asbert Cetnadach. is salach in gensin a Ennai. & bid e th'ainm so brath Enna Gensalach. Unde .h. Genselaig.

Cethri mc Labrada .i. Enna Gensalach. Drón. Daigre. Daig.

It é mc Dega. Erc Buadach. Eogan. Loegaire.

Enna Gensalach dano & Enna Nia comamser doib a n-dís. Unde Lugair dixit.

    1. Mair drecuin     drecuin da Ennae.
      h-úi nithaig Nuadat     nascad giallu Gaedel Necht.

{folio 316c}Is riasin Ennasin ro memdatar da chath dec for Uib Neill. & in tres dec for Loegaire mc Neill. Ut Anmchaid cecinit.

    1. Da chath déc ro fích Enna
      ard in chuire
      derb césu chian
      is for Niall ro sroinde uile.
    2. In tres déc dó
      for Loegaire lethi bagaig
      for rout recta .i. for sligi dirig
      is and ro fecta .i. ro fi (i n-dib fanaib),

Ocht mc tra la Enna Genselach. Crimthand et Feidlimid. Eocho. h-Erc. Trien. Conall. Corpre.

Is é Crimthann ro chreit do Patric i r-Raith Bilig & foracaib bennachtain fair co brath.

Is é int Eocho mc Ennai ro h-ort Becce mc Lethdergain co tri choicdaib éices imbe. i r-Raith Becce i m-Bregaib. i cinaid aíre a athar .i. Ennae. Et ro marb dano Laidcend mc Baircheda &c.

Eochu dano & h-Erc & Trien. tri mc Ennae is uadib ataat Fir na Cenel.

Ethne Uathach ingen Crimthainn ben Oengusa mc Nad Fraich mathair Bresail & Senaig da mc Oengusa mc Nad Fraich ríg Muman.

Is í ind Eithnisin & Oengus a fer dodechatar la Ú Cendselaig do chosnam rigi Lagen fri h-Illaind mc n-Dunlainge. Dolluid dano Illand & Murchertach mc Ercca co tuasciurt h-Erenn leis i n-agid Fer Muman & h. Cendselaig. Co comrancatar i cath Chind Losnada .i. losnad muicce Meic Da Tho ro rannad and i m-Maig Fea. Co torchair and Ethni & Oengus a fer & ár int shlúaig olchena.

Meld. & Belocc & Cinniu. teora ingena Ernbraind dena Désib. tri mnáa Crimthainn mc Ennae. Fiachra. Dath Í. Echen. Cobthach. Cethri mc Melda in sin cétmunteri Crimthainn.

Fergus. Tuathal. Feidlimid. trí mc Belce sethar Mella sin.

Cinniu immorro niro thechtside do chlaind acht oeningen .i. Eithne Uathach. IS aire immorro dogairthe uathach diside. uair feoil lenam doberthe di combad luathiti no fhorbred co tabraitis na lenaim fuath di. Is aire immorro doberthe di feóil lenam combad luathiti no fhorbred uair atrubratar a fádi risna Désib .i. frisin lucht ros-ail combad ina tindscra fo-gebad ferand .&c.


Ceithri mc Nath Í mc Crimthainn .i. Cormac a quo Sil Coluimb. Eogan a quo Síl Mella. Faelan Senchustul .i. crichaire é. Ailill issé atbath éc luinne. uair naro leiced é sin cath.

Da mc Ailella. Fiachu. & Fergus a quo .h. Fhergusa. Is í a chland in Chobthaig .i. Cenel Cobthaig i n-Ard Ladrand dia rabe Fair-chellach mc Feradaig.

Murchad m Etarsceli m Aeda m Colgan m Bresail m Fhiachrach m Crunmael m Ronain m Coluim m Cormaic m Dath Í m Crimthainn.

Dungalach mc Cinaed mc Cellaich mc Midgen mc Cinaeda mc Eodusa mc Dungalaich mc Rudgaile mc Fhlaind Lethfhotla mc Duibchíre mc Berchain mc Dimmai mc Fergnai.

Cathal mc Amalgada mc Tuathail mc Cathail mc Con Lothur mc Matudain mc Rogellaig mc Fhlaind mc Duib Thaidrich mc Motudain mc Cathail mc Cellaig mc Etarsceoil mc Cellaig Cualand.

{folio 317a}Oengus mc Dunchada m Conaill m Aeda m Oengusa m Fiachrach m Crimthainn.


{folio 317ab} Faelan Senchustul is remi ro mebdatar secht catha for Ossairge. ISsin chath dedenach docer Tuaim Snáma Ossairgi. Unde dictum est.

    1. In cath
      la Tuaim Snama ni setir .i. nirbo éter.
      dia m-bert fectas nad etail .i. ni etal
      [gap: /extent: ? letters]
      a thabairt
      Faelan cairdde ar ecin.
    2. Dó dos-rat fo chosmaile
      ba bráth a bronnud.
      Co tuc giallu Ossairge
      o Áth Buana co Commur.

Da mc Crundmael mc Ronain mc Coluim mc Cormaic.

Sil Aeda Cland Corpri mc Ladgnen mc Colmain mc Aeda Roin mc Crundmael mc Coluimb mc Cormaic Camshroin mc Nath Í mc Crimthainn.

Coic mc Laidcnén. Dondgal a quo Cellach Bairne .i. taísech .h. n-Dega. díbaiside. Dub Calgaig mc Ladcnén a quo Cland Calgaig qui cecidit i cath Ferna Móre. La Cendselach mc m-Brain .&c.

Da mc déc Aeda mc Corpri mc Laidgnen. Díbaid uile acht ochtur.

Bruatur mc Aeda .h. Cendselaig a quo Rian mc Bruatair. Echan mc Aeda a quo Cland Echain. Flannacan mc Aeda a quo Cland Fhlannacain. Mael Ciar mc Aeda a quo Cland Mael Cheir. Domnall mc Aeda a quo Cland Cinaeda mc Domnaill. Corcrán mc Aeda a quo Cland Chorcrain. Tuathal mc Aeda cl- a quo Cland Tuathail. &c.


Tadg mc Faelain m Guaire m Artgaile m Snedgaile m Elothaig m Faelchon Tulchotait .i. etan cruaid bói oca m Fhaelain m Shilain m Eogain Cháich m Nath Í m Crimthainn m Ennai.



Culennan m Foithbelain m Scandlain m Cummascaig m Úargussa m Fhorannain m Fhaelchon.


Cellach m Cinaíd m Corpri m Diarmata m Aeda m Rudgaile m Onchon m Faelchon.


Londgargan m Lorcain m Cellaich m Guare m Cernaig m Cathail {folio 317ab} m Con Chongelt m Con Mella m Mael Ochtraig m Maeluidir m Guaire m Eogain- Chaich.

Secht mc Faelchon .i. Elóthach. Onchu. Forannan. Forbasach. Snedgus. Ruidgius.

Cóic mc Eogain mc Nath Í .i. Guairi a quo Síl Maeluidir. Sílan a quo Sil Faelchon. Scanlan a quo .h. Noe.

Secht mc Cendselaig mc Brain .i. Cernach. Cathal. Tommaltach. Cu Chongelt. Ruadri. Dondgal. Congeltach.

Fland mc Mael Duin mc Artain mc Cernaig mc Cendselaig.

Tressach mc Slebini mc Fhlannain mc Argetain mc Cathail mc Cendselaig, {folio 317ac} Finnnachta m Lachtnain m Fhalbi m Dubóc m Erthuile m Fiangusa. m Crunmáil m Mael Ochtraig et mc Mael Duin.


Guaire m Flathim m Cinaid. m Flaind m Dondgaile. m Tommaltaig m Cendselaig m Brain m Dunchada m Mael Duin m Maeluidir m Guaire m Suldubain m Lactna m Cummine m Conchobuir m Flaind m Dondgalaig m Brain.


Cormac m Coscraig m Tuathail m Flannain m Adhuair m Colmain m Alteni m Maelain m Gobbain m Beraig m Ennai m Ailella m Dróin m Labrada. m Bresail Belaig.

{folio 317bb}Cethri mc Alteni .i. Colman & Bann. & Cael & Conbrann.

Cethri mc Colmain .i. Aduar & Scurrine. & Fiangal. & Alteni.

Deic mc Aduair .i. Flainnen et Snedgalach & Rechtgal & Elgal & Cuacán. Rudgal. Fiannacán. Moengal. Uarán.

Secht mc Flainnén. Tuathchar & Carthach. Rudian. Tomthach. Torcán. Fiannachtach. Sibelan.

Da mc Ailteni mc Colmain .i. Saerán & Congeltach.

Mael Umai mc Condmaich mc Selbaig mc Saerain.

Uanide mc Uargusa mc Ruidnen mc Rechtgaile.

{folio 317b}Draignen mc Mael Chothaid mc Snedain mc Fiannacain mc Doelgaile mc Beocraide mc Cuanain mc Maelain mc Gobain.

Cethri mc Cuanain .i. Beochride. Beochell. Aignide. Fianchuine.

Mac Beochride .i. Doegal a quo Cland Sneiden. Da mc Doegaile .i. Fiannacan & Carthach. a quo Dubacan mc Maelain & alii.

Elguinech mc Beochride a quo Cland Elguinig dia rabi Meic Nechtain & Meic Cormaic.

Cland Crichain mc Beochride .h. Chuanalaich. Fiangal mc Beochride. A quo Meic h-Aracain i Cruaich.


Agnide mc Cuanain. Is i a chland .h. Chrommine & Síl m-Beochill olchena.

Fianchu dano mc Cuanain dia tát .h. Chainline.


Ailill mc Nath Í mc Crimthainn mc Ennai Cennselaig. Tri mc leis .i Fergus. Fiachu. Scandlán.

Oenmc Fergusa. Andail & Dimma. Cland Dimmai .i. Conall mc Longsig mc Dunlaing mc Flaind mc Sechnasaig mc Duib Da Thuath mc Anandail mc Tuammine mc Cind Faelad mc Dimmai mc Fhergusa mc Ailella.

Da mc Dimmai. Cend Faelad & Cellach.

Cland Cellaich .i. Bran mc Subne mc Duingusa mc Torptha mc Feochan mc Brain mc Cellaig.

Da mc Cind Faelad. Tuammine & Crichtamail.

Ceithri mc Anandail .i. Dub Da Thuath. Fergus. Dub Da Thond. Maccossach.

Cland Fhergusa .i. Cernach mc Cinaeda mc Neill mc Fhergaile mc Bresail mc Fergusa.

Cland Duib Da Thond. Mael Brigti mc Culióc mc Airien mc Ainchellaich m Duib Da Thond.

Cland Maccossaich .i. Mael Sluaig mc Techthechain mc Cellaig mc Conaill mc Maccossaig.,

Cland Guaire. Caeróc mc Dunoc mc Anmchada mc Murgiusa mc Mael Chaich mc Fhergusa mc Guaire mc Fergusa mc Ailella.

Tri mc Caeróc. Fergus. Mael Caich. Congairid.

Cóic mc Fhergusa mc Guaire mc Mael Cháich mc Ailella mc Ruadgusa mc Conaill mc Fhálbi.


Cland Ailella .i. Lachtnán mc Saerain mc Anmchada mc Flathchiusa mc Ailella.

Cethri mc Ailella .i. Flaithgius. Ailgal. Fergal. Anfothach.

Da mc Mael Cáich .i. Murgius. Uargus.

Cland Fiachu mc Ailella. Cormac mc Tuathchair mc Rechtabra(t) mc Airbertaig mc Failain mc Sarain mc Fiacha m Ailella.

{folio 317c}GENELACH .H. FELMEDA.

TRi mc Muridaig mc Oengusa mc Fheidilmthi a quo .h. Fhelmeda mc Ennai Chenselaig .i. Eocho. Ailill. Eogan a quo Becc mc Eogain.

Coscrach m Arrachtain m Maeli Eochaide m Snedgaile m Coscraich m Meic Crundmáel m Eogain m Uargalaich m Mochthigirn m Laidainn m Becce m Eogain m Muridaig m Oengusa m Fedilmthe m Ennae.

Mithige abb Achaid Aball m Coscraig m Cormaic m Abbain m Ectgussa m Beochaimine m Brain m Gerthide m Baitain m Colmain m Eirc m Feidilmthe.

{folio 317cb}Secht mc Oengusa mc Feidilmthe .i. Uargus. Da mc leis .i. Ailill a quo Dunacan mc Aeda. Fland a quo Camin Cluana & alii. Domnall mc Oengusa.

Domnall m Anfid m Cinaeda m Domnaill m Oengusa.

Crundmael a quo Rigne et Dubcend mc Meic Duib.


Eochu a quo Brandub mc Echach.

Aed m Murchada m Oengusa m Ailella m Aeda Find m Dungalaig m Muchthigirn m Siadail m Seigine m Branduib m Echach m Muridaig m Oengusa. {folio 317cc} Is ón Óengussin ro chinset na ríg amra. .i. Brandub et Eochu et Muridach.

Feidelm ingen Feidelmeda mc Cobthaig mc Nath Í mc Fiachach mc Echach Mugmedóin ben Echach mc Muridaig mathair Branduib et Aedain mc Gabrain.


Crundmael mc Meli Duin m Fhorbasaig m Irgusa m Con Chuan m Onchon m Dibcheni mc Uidir mc Fhailbi mc Gubbae m Crimthaind m Ailella m Mael Muru mc Muridaig mc Oengusa mc Feidlimid. {folio 317c} Guaire mc Sechnasaig mc Irgusa mc Con Chuan mc Onchon.


Mane Mál mc Feidlimid Fir Urglais bráthair do Chathair Mar .i. da mc Feidlimthi dib linaib. ut poeta cecinit.

    1. Mál mac Feidlimid     faebuir fri h-eis .i.
      [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]

      atchonarcsa Mál     for Doborchon .i. for ... ceis.

Cethri mc Mane Máil. Amlongaid. Tuathal Tigech a quo .h Theig [gap: illegible/extent: half a letter] Berach. Setna. Cromdana. AEd mc Amlongaid. dá mc dec lais .i. Nannid. Tigernach. Cormac. Enna. Focarta. Fiachra. Mailith. Fergus. Conchend. Eogan. Oengus. Mac Silchon.


Sé mc Dimma. Diucaill. Berchan. Lappan. Ossan. Scandlan. Ronan. Nannid a quo .h. Chuaneni & .h. Locc. Tigernach a quo .h. Chilline. & h. Fithrichain & Meic Dilchon. Cormac a quo .h. Alteni. Et .h. Maelain Tolaing. Ennae a quo .h. Chommae. Focarta a quo .h. Emine. Fiachra a quo .h. Dubain. & h. Dererain. Malith a quo .h. Oeblen. Fergus a quo Síl Dimmae mc Fhergnae. Crimthand et Sinchill. Conchend a quo Meic Mailleic.

{folio 318a}et Síl Crimthaind & h. Lipae. & h. Gobbain. et .h. Chairchiu. Eogan a quo .h. Inderraig & Meic Shilchon. Oengus a quo .h. Faelchon mc Emine. & h. Rácai. Mac Silchon immorro dibaisede .&c.


Tuathal Tigech mc Mani Mail. Is aire asberar Tigech de .i. tiagach .i. tubach nó tiagach ar is leis rucad lón i tiagaib i nh-Erind ar tús.

It é immorro mc in Tuathailsin .i. Fergus Forcraid a quo Síl n-Aeda mc Shenaig. Echen Már a quo .h. Shubni .h. Dicolla. .h. Chraig Lagen. Echen Bec a quo .h. Chrochain. .h. Chairáin. .h. Maele Griain. Lugaid a quo .h. Lugach.

Tri mc Senaig .i. Aed & Ernine. Cilline .&c.



Laegsech Cendmor mc Conaill Cernaig. Is uad atat Laigsi. A quo Milige mc Intait mc Lugdach Loegsi mc Loechsigs Cennmoir. Da mc leis. Erc & Factna. Factna mc Meilge a quo
Bacan mc Briain mc Eirc mc Buabalchind .i. cendmar e mc Fedlimid mc Findchada mc Feidlimid m Fhindchada mc Fiachach Uamanchind .i. cendbristi é mc Daire Deirg mc Rosa mc Occomain mc Fhergusa Mulcheist .i. ceis & meill fo bragit.
[gap: extent: ? letters]
mag mulcheist
[gap: extent: ? letters]
[gap: extent: ? letters]
[gap: extent: ? letters]
indiu mc Factnai mc Milige mc Intait mc Lugdach Loigsi mc Loigsig Cennmoir mc Conaill Cernaig.



Sil Bacain mc Lugdach Loigsi a quo Sil Mescill .i. da mc déc Beraig mc Mescill .i. Cathal a quo reges .c. alibi in hoc libro scripsimus. Et do Síl Bácain Ú Dochlú. & Laiches Reta uile.

Erc mc Milige a quo Comgall mc Domangairt. mc Bairr mc Sarbile mc Cormaic mc Lugnai mc Eogain mc Guaire mc Eirc mc Milige mc Intait.

Síl Diarmata Laiges Rámne .i. nomen collis.

Sil Senaig Bic .i. Laiges Fer na Cenel dano Dublaiches & Laiges Bregmon nomen collis

Sil Senaig Móir: Laiges Lethnada & Laiges Cuile Buichle.

Cummascach m Cathniad m Dungusa m Narchon m Décsenaig m Cúlini m Brocain m Senaig m Comgaill m Domongairt.

Aeducan m Snedgusa m. Ruidgiusa m Snedgaile m Déchsenaig. {folio 318ab} Secht mc Lugnai mc Eogain .i. Ruadan. Nise. Lagnech. Erc. Columb. Garbán. Comgall.

Ruadan & Garban & Columb is é a ferand .i. Ráth Ruadain & Caille Coluimb & Cell n-Eithne & Ard m-Bruchais.

Nisi dano is é a orbba .i. Bile Methais. & Cluain Meic Nisse.

Laignech mc Lugna a quo .h. Báith & .h. Brocain issed a orbba Loch Laignich & Cluain Connaid.

Erc mc Lugnai a quo .h. Diamrain & Dodecce & h. Forandla & h. Chormaic. Is é a ferand. Tech n-Declaín & Domnach Findchon & Caelbothar & Cluain Da Fiach & Cluain Dartada. Et in ferand forsat .h. Fhoranla.

Comgall a quo Broccain. Is é a fherand Fán Lethan & ind Nuachongbáil .i. Tulach mc Comgaill la brathair .i. la Colmán mc Comgaill .i. erlam na cilli.

{folio 318b}Berach Find mc Domongairt mc Bairr mc Sarbile. Cethri mc leiss .i. Colman nó Comman Columb nó Subne. Furudran. Altene. Cóic mc Comgaill mc Domongairt. Senach. Aed. Fínan. Maelodor. Colman.



Coic mc Brocain mc Shenaig. Culen. Conamail. Emine. Altine. Dub Liss.

Epscop Ibar tra ro baiste da mc déc Bairr mc Cairthind. A cethair lia mathair cona fodlaib .i. i ferund a m-mathar ro gabsat ferand .i. Fergus. Enna. Nath Í. Aed. A cóic díb i m-Maig Réta .i. Fechuir. Bresal. Enna. Dubbronach. Findech. Luchtigern. A trí díb i Feib. .i. i n.h. Bresail Eogan. Lugaid. Diarmait.

Adrópart co brath eter a m-biu & a m-marbu a úi do Epscup Ibar.


Ronan m Snedgusa m Duib Thiprat m Fhaelchon m Faelbrain m Comain m Senaig m Aeda m Corpri m Fhergusa m Bairr. {folio 318bb} Flannacan mc Ruidgiusa m Ruadgusa m Snédgusa.

TRí meic Duib Thiprat .i. Snedgus. & Oengus a quo Cland Fhlannacain i m-Bairrchiu. Forannan a quo Cland Elge.


Cathnia m Dungusa m Narchon m Décsenaig m Cuileni m Senaig m Comgaill m Domongairt. m Bairr.

{folio 318b}Niall Nóigiallach. Cathair Már mc Feidlimthe. Fiachra Araide. Ailill Olom. Is iatsin tra cethri uaítne airegda cossa m-bertar genelaige ardríg & degdoene & uasalnoeb h-Erenn & sochenelach h-Erenn uile.




Ic h-Erímon tra condrecat na teora Connachta. & h. Neill in tuascirt & h. Neill in descirt & Airgialla & na Dési & Laigin & Ossairge. & Éraind. & Orbraigi. & Fotharta. & Dal Riata. & Dal Fiatach. Et rigrad Alban. Et Síl Conaire & Cland Oengusa & Fergusa & Loairn tri mc h-Eirc. Et Síl Conaire i n-Albain & i nh-Erinn .i. Muscraigi & Corco Duibni.

Ic h-Éber condrecat na secht n-Eoganachta & Lemnaig Alban.

Ic h-Ír condrecat Síl Fergusa & Conaill & Celtchair.

Ic Oengus Turbech condrecat Ulaid & Albanaig & Ernai frisna clanna remaind.

Ic Niall condrecat .h. Néill in descirt & in tuascirt. & uii. fini Temrach .i. Conall. Colman. Eogan. Aed Slane. Tethba & Cairpre. & Cenel n-Ennae & Loegaire.

Ic Eochaid Mugmedón condrecat .h. Neill & Connachta.

Ic Carpriu Liphechair condrecat Airgialla & h. Meic Cuais fri Ú Néill & Connachta & Corco Roidi fri Claind Cuind.

Ic Aed Findlíath condrecat Cland Néill & Cland Domnaill.

Ic Feidlimid Rechtaid condrecat Fotharta & na Dési fri Claind Cuind.

Ic Ugaine Már condrecat Lagin & Ossairge & Cland Chuind.

Ic Bresul Bricc condrecat Lagin & Ossairge.

Ic Bresul Belach condrecat .h. Fhaelain & .h. Dunchada & h. Muridaig fri Uib Censelaig.

Ic Cathair Mór condrecat .h. Falgi & h. Enechglais & h. Bairrchi. & h. Crimthainn & Clanda Cathair archena.

Ic Diarmait mc Cerbaill condrecat Cland Cholmain & Sil Aeda Slane.

{folio 318c}Ic Flathbertach mc Longsich condrecat Cenel Conaill .i. h. Mael- Doraid. & h. Chanannain.

Ic Cund tra fodlaiter saerchlanna Sil Chuind. Et it fortuatha Síl Chuind cach oen nach berar genelach co Cond eter noebu & rigu. amal atát Lugni Delmna. & Galenga & Cianachta.

Ic Cathair dano fodlaiter saerclanda Lagen & it fortuatha cóicid Cathair cach oen na berar genelach cu Cathair amal atát Laigsi & Fotharta.



Ic Ailill Ólom fodlaiter saerclanna Muman. & cach oen nad berar genelach co Ailill Ólom. It fortuatha Síl n-Echach Múmo amal atát h-Eraind & Ciarraigi .&c.

O Lugaid mc Itha immorro Corco Laigde & na Callraige.

It é sin tra sathge saerchland h-Erenn cona fodlaib eter scarad comrac .i. ó h-Ebiur & h-Erimon. o Ír. ó Lugaid.,

Conaille Murtheme do Chlaind Chonaill Cernaich dóib .i. Dál Runtar & Dál n-Imda i Cualngiu. & Glasraige .i. Glass & Runtar & Imda trí mc Conaill Chostamail. A ingen fein ruc dó na trí mcsain .i. Creidne banfhennid. ingen Chonaill Chostomail a m-mathair. Ba rí dano cóicid Choncobuir in Conall Costomail. Ba athiss immorro lais a ingen do breith na m-mac dó. Bretha na mcc úad i n-immull a fheraind & a cheniúil. Is moti dano ra chuir úad ar ecla na rigna .i. a mnaa féin .i. Aife. a ainm na rigna. Bái dano cocad mór eter in rigain. & Creidne. Luid Creidne iar sain for fennidecht d'fhogail fora athair. & for Aífe. Dobert a mc sechtar bunad a ceniúil ar ulc ra n-athair. Trí nonbair di for longais. Cúlmong furri. Cumma no fhiched de muir & tír. Secht m-bliadna di for longais. eter h-Erind & Albain. Dogní iar tain síd fria h-athair. Et atbert saide fria tré fhastini .i. in tír i rucait do meicc bid acut. & bid rit chlaind co brath. issed ón ro fírad.

Conall Costamail m. Fhianchada m. Oengusa m. Gaith. m. Enbláith m. Rochada m. Iriéil Glunmair m. Conaill Cernaig m. Amargin.

Caulnia & Condluán emon ruc Lebarcham ingen Oe & Adarce do Choin Chulainn. Is dib Corco Caullain & Dal Cualni i Cruithniu


{folio 319a}



Eber a quo dicitur Hibernia ut alii putant quinque filios habuit. Sed nullus ex eis prolem habuit nisi unus tantum .i. Conmael. Hi autem sunt qui non habuerunt prolem .i. Aer. Orba. Feron. Fergna. Et isti tres regnum Hiberniae per dimedium anni tantum tenuerunt.

Ingen Miled a m-mathair .i. Díl is í ro báded oc tuidecht dóib i nh-Erinn.

Conmael immorro is é ro marb Éthriel ríg nh-Erenn ro bói féin .xxx. m-bl- i r-rige h-Erenn co torchair la Tigernmas. Conmael dí cétri h-Erenn a m-Mumain. Mc dósaide Eocho Faeborglass. issé ro marb Chermna na dún. Da mc la Eochaid Faeborglas .i. Nuadu Declam. & Ma Femis. Ó Nuadait atát Síl Ebir uile. Ma Femis mc dóside Eocho Múmo a quo dicitur Mumu. Eocho Garb .i. Eocho Mumo.

Mugaeth Mórólach mc Ma Femis. Is é ropo mó ól do lind ro bói ina amsir. Is dó ropo ingen ben Fhiachach Labrainne mathair Oengusa Ólmugaetha.

Enna Airgdech mc Echach Mumo. ní h-irdairc a chland má foracaib. Cland Nuadat .i. na ríg ro gabsat h-Erinn a Mumain. Et is dia claind na h-Eoganachta uile.

Aildergdóit mc Munemoin mc Cais Chlothaig mc Airair Ardda mc Rothechta mc Rosa mc Glais mc Nuadat mc Echach Faeburglais mc Conmael.

Aildergdóit. Is leis doronta failge im dóitib ar tús i nh-Erinn. Munemon is leis ro tinscanad múin óir fo bragtib.

Tricha ríg do Shíl Ebir for h-Erinn ria Mog Nuadat. It e inso a n-anmand.



  1. Conmael
  2. Eocho mc Conmael
  3. Eocho Múmo
  4. Enna Airgdech
  5. Munemon
  6. Aildergdoit
  7. Rechtaid
  8. Ellim Ollfhinsnechta
  9. Art Imlig.
  10. Bresse. Rig.
  11. Setna Innarraid.
  12. Duach Find
  13. Enna a mc
  14. Lugaid Iar n-Dond
  15. Eocho Iarlug
  16. Art.
  17. Ailill Find
  18. Eocho mc Ailella
  19. Lugaid Laide
  20. Rectaid Rigderc
  21. Mog Corb
  22. Fer Corb
  23. Amadir Foltchain
  24. Niad Segamain
  25. Fintait mc Lugdach
  26. Lugaid Duach Dalta Dedad.

Duach Dalta Dedad mc Sin {folio 319ab} do Ernaib Muman dorochair la Fachtna Fathach de Ultaib. O dorochair Duach la Ultu. Ro fhirmiset Ernai & Síl h-Erimoin for Echaid Fermi mc Duach .i. fer forfuirmed. Ro gabstat Ernai nert for Síl Ebir coro gab Iair mc Dedad ríge & a brathair Dári. Et Binni. & Ros. & Forói & Glass. & Conganchnes. &rl.

Ro innarbtha cland Duach i n-iarthur Muman. Gabais Dari mc Dedad rígi co n-erbailt dia ruc a ingen in mc .i. Noine. Ar atrubairt in drúi ris in tan noberad a ingen mc iss and atbelad. Corrabi comet aice furri. Araide ros-torrchestar Mc {folio 319b} ind Óc scilicet quidam diabolus dia luid ind ingen tria mesca assin dún.

Co r-ragbatar na druid fora broind co cend .ix. m-bl- .i. nói mis fá nói. Co rucad in mc .i. Noidiu Nóibrethach .i. nóe m-bretha ruc iarna gein fochetóir. Is amlaid ro genair co trilis fot da lám fair. & co cassulcha. Marb tra Dáre mc Dedad in tan rucad Noinne. Gabais Eogan mc Iair rige co torchair la Énna Munchain mc Loich mc Ma Femis. Gabais Enna ríge co rod-marb Cú Rúi ut alii dicunt.

Na cuicedaig iar tain.

Eterscél Mór i Temraig. Conaire Mór i m-Mumain. Et dorochair leis Nuadu Necht Lagnech. Ba rí dano Cairpre mc Conaire. Ba rí dano Dáre Dornmar. Et ba rí Corpre Cromchend a mc. Na cuicedaig iar sain .i. Forbri mc Fini i m-Mumain & Lugaid Alladach. Sanb mc Ceit i Connachtaib. Ellim mc Conrach i n-Ultaib. Eocho Anchend i l-Lagnib. Ba rí Eocho Ilchrothach .i. Mug Láma. Ic tárcud usci ro bái dar lama ríg Lagen. Ba rí Srobcend co toracht Dergthene mc Ennai


Munchain. Dare & Dergthene i comfhlaith .i. Síl Lugdach & Síl Ébir amal bíti do grés. acht is uaisliu Síl Ébir. nó is é Darine ro bói i n-agid Dergthene .i. Ernai & Dergfhine do rad friuside ó Dáre mc Dedad. ó athair Con Rúi & ní Corco Laigde ut alii putant. Ar is ó Ernaib cach dara rí andes co Conaire mc Moga Lama. & ó Dergthene in rí aile. Et issed atberat na h-eolaig conid do chlannaib Dedad do Mac Con .i. Mac Con mc Luigdech mc Dáre Sírchrechtaig. Ba rí dano Muman & h-Erenn Conaire Caém. Et ba rí Mug Néit. Et Mug Nuadat a quo Leth Moga Nuadat. I comlaith & Cond Cetchathach co torchair i m-Maig Lena.

Is de búi dosom Mog Nuadat .i. ara bith dalta do Nuadait mc Darine mc Barraig. dia m-bái oc denam a ratha. Is and ro gaired deseom Mug. Eogan Taidlech ainm aile. amal ro scribsamar i Tochmarc Momera ingine ríg Espaine. Ailill Ólom a mc. Is é ro gab Áne ingen Fhir h-Í mc Eogabail coro ben a chluais de. Unde dicitur Ólom.

Is h-í trá Cland Ebir fo h-Erinn .i. Dál Caiss. & Dal Céin & Delmna & Dése in tuascirt & Dál Mos Corb ut quidam putant. Et Dal Mathra. Et .h. Derduib & Cathrae& h-Éli. Et Tuath Turbi. Et Eoganacht Áne. Et Eoganacht Locha Léin. Et Eoganacht Cassil & Eoganacht Rathlind. Et Eoganacht Glennamnach. Et Eoganacht Arand. & Eoganacht Ruis Argit.

Da mc foracaib Mug Nuadat .i. Ailill Olom et Lugaid Lága. Nói mc déc Ailella .i. Eogan Mór. Cian. Cormac Cas. Tidell Glasscatha. Dichorp. Dubmercon. Mac Corp. Conall. Croichni.

H-i sunt .ix. filii Sadbae ingine Cuind. Corba. Mac Malleoin. Mac Coll. Mathreth. Tigernach. Uillend. cethri Echdaig. Eocho Taebfhota.

{folio 319c}Eocho Freithirind. Eocho Orige. Eocho Dímóna.

Dibaide i cath Múcrima. Crínais a chland uile acht triar .i. Eogan Mór a quo Eoganachta. Cían a quo Ciannachta. Cormac Cass a quo Dál Caiss .i. in Déis.

Eogan Mór oénmc leis .i. Fiacha Mullethan. Da mc la Fiachaig .i. Ailill Fland Mór. & Ailill Fland Bec. Ambrit Ailill Fland Mór.

Ailill Fland Bec dá mc .i. Lugaid & Dáre Cerba.

Dáre Cebra .uii. mc aice .i. Fiacha Fidgenid a quo h. Fidgenti. Eocho Liathán a quo h. Liathain. Fidach a quo Crimthand Mór mc Fidaig & ba rí h-Erenn & Alban h-eside. Dedaid a quo .h. Dedaid .i. h. Braccain & h. Ailella i n-airthur Eoganachta Cassil. Dau. & Der. Lugdech immorro tri mc aciside .i. Da mc Dúile ingine Fiachach ríg Éli .i. Lugaid a quo .h. Lugdech Éli. Cathbath a quo .h. Cathbath


Chuille. In tres mc .i. Corc mc Lugdech .uii. mc aciside .i. Corpre Cruthnechan nó Luachral. mc Mongfhinne ingine Feradaig Find-fechtnaig. ríg Cruith. Inde Carpre Cruthnechan dicitur. A quo Eoganacht Locha Léin.

Cethri mc dano Aebinne ingine Oengusa Builc ríg Corco Láigde. Nad Fraich a quo Eoganacht Cassil. & Eoganacht Áne. & Eoganacht Glennamnach. et Eoganacht Durlais Airthir Chliach. Mac Cass dano a quo .h. Echach. Mac Brocc a quo .h. Trena. Mac Iair a quo h. Meic Iair. Sessed Mac Cuirc .i. Daig a quo .h. Muridaig &rl. Secht mc Cruith- ó ta Eoganacht Maige Gergind. i n-Alpae.

Is í ind Oebennsa atchonairc in aislinge in chetaidche ra fhói lassin ríg i Cassiul .i. cethri culeóin do lamnad di. Fothraic in cétna culén i fín .i. Nad Fraich. Forfhothraic in tanaise i corcair .i. Mac Cass. Forfhothraic in tres i l-lemnacht .i. Mac Brocc. Forfhothraic in cethramad i n-usciu .i. Mac Iair. Tarraid cuiced cuilén chuice dianechtair ina l-lige. & ro fothraicside i fuil ipse est Corpre & Cruthnechan. & atconnairc immorro éside do ithi a cíche da bruinne. &rl.

Nath Fraich dí da mc aice .i. Oengus & Ailill. Ailill a quo Eoganacht Áne. Oengus immorro .xxiiii. mc aice. IAr tiactain immorro do Patric adropart da mc déc & da ingin déc do Dia. qui omnes sancti & sanctae sunt. It é immorro inso a n-anmand in da mc déc shaegulla. Feidlimid. Dub Gilcach a quo Fíngin & Falbe. Eochaid a quo Cathal mc Finguine. Bresal a quo Cormac mc Cuilennan. Senach a quo dicitur oengres i n-gabair lasin ríg. cuius hereditatem Enna possidet. AEd Caech. Tri mc Eithne Uaithche a quo Cenel n-Eithne. Mac Carthind a quo Dubi & Dub Conaind & Dub Derir. Et Aed Colpthai. Nath Fraich a quo Gruifne. Aed. Feidlimid.

{folio 320a}Loscan. Nad Geid quorum trium genera i tírib .h. n-Dúach sunt. Et alia pars de genere Niad Gein isna Désib. Lugaid. Nad Geid. Nath I.

Da mc dond Oengus .i. Colmán Mór mc Daráne cuius reliquiae sunt i n-Daire Mór. Et Lugaid cuius reliquae i n-Druim Inasclaind.

Cúic mc Crimthainn mc Echach mc Oengusa mc Nad Fraich .i. Aed Crón. Feradach. Corpre. Feidlimid. Fiachra. Sithbacc. Uii. mc Corpri mc Crimthaind Sreim .i. da Aed. dá mc Cumini. Diarmait Find. Feidlimid Ulethan. Ailill Dub. Cormac Srubbán. Cormac Cáel.



  1. Oengus mc Nath Fraich .xxxui.
  2. Eocho mc Oengusa. .marb.
  3. Feidlimid .ui. secundum quosdam.

  4. p.1376

  5. Dubgilla.
  6. Crimthann Crom mc Echach .xxii. .ec.
  7. Corpre Crom mc Crimthainn .xxii. secundum quosdam.
  8. Fergus Scandail mc Crimthainn .xii. .ec.
  9. Garban nó Garbith .uii. marb.
  10. Amalgaid .x. .marb.
  11. AEd Bennain ix. .ec.
  12. Feidlimid mc Carpri.
  13. Fingin mc Aeda .xxiii.
  14. Cathal mc Aeda .xx. .ec.
  15. Falbe Fland mc Aeda .xx. .ec.
  16. Cuan mc Amalgaid .x. .ec. a éc nó a marbad i cath Carn Conaill.
  17. Moenach mc Fingin .xii. .ec.
  18. Cu cen Mathair mc Cathail .iii. .éc.
  19. Colggu mc Failbe .xiii.
  20. Finguine mc Con cen Mathair .xuii. éc.
  21. Eterscél mc Mael Umai .ui. i clérchecht.
  22. Cormac mc Ailella .ix. i cath Cairn Fheradaig dorochair Cormac mc Ailella mc Moenaig rí Muman forsin Déis tuascirt. .marb.
  23. Cathasach mc Etersceoil .xxuii.
  24. Cathal mc Finguine .xxix. .ec. atberat araile combad rí Muman Mael Duin mc Aeda Bennain.
  25. Artri mc Cathail .xx. .ec.
  26. Tuathal mc Artri .xiiii. secundum quosdam.
  27. Feidlimid mc Crimthainn .xxuii. .ec.
  28. Olchobor mc Cinaeda .iii. .ec.
  29. Algenan mc Dondgaili .iii. .ec.
  30. Mael Guala mc Donngaili .uiii. .marb. A Northmannis occisus est Mael Guala.
  31. Mael Fathartaig .x. .ec.
  32. Cend Faelad mc Mochthigirn .xiii. Rí Muman & abb Imlecha Ibair é. .ec.
  33. Dunchad .xui. .ec.
  34. Dub Lachtna mc Mael Guala .uii.
  35. Finguine mc Dub Lachtna .uii. mc Loegaire .i. Cend Gécain ros-marb per dolum.
  36. Anno Domini .dccccuiii.



Cormac mc Culennain .uii. La Cerball mc Muridaig rig Lagen dorochair Cormac i cath Maige Albe. Fiach Albe rod-marb.

  1. Flaithbertach mc Inmainen .ec.
  2. {folio 320ab}
  3. Lorcan .ix. .ec.
  4. Cellachán Casil .x.
  5. Mael Fathartaig mc Dondchada .iii. bliadna.
  6. Dub Da Bairend .ii. .marb.
  7. Fer Gráid mc Ailgenain .u. .marb.
  8. Mathgamain mc Cennetig .xuii. .marb.
  9. Mael Muad mc Brain .ii. .marb.
  10. BRian mc Cennetig .xxxui. A marbad i cath Corad Cluana Tarb la Lagniu & Gullu.
  11. Donchad mc Briain a ec ac dul do Róim.
  12. Dungal .h. Dondchada mc Mael Fatharlaig .marb. .i.
  13. Tairdelbach .xxii .ec.
  14. Murchertach mc Tairdelbaig .xui.
  15. Diarmait .h. Briain ix. mis .ec.
  16. Tadc mc Carthaig .ui. .ec.
  17. Cormac mc Carthaig .ui. .marb.
  18. Conchobor mc Diarmata .ec.
  19. Tairdelbach mc Diarmata .ec.



Tadc & Cormac da mc Muridaig mc Carthaig m Sairbretaig m Donchada m Cellachain m Buadachain m Lactnai m Artgaile m Snedgusa m Dondgaile m Faelgusa m Nath Fraich m Colggan m Failbe m Aeda m Crimthaind m Feidlimthe m Oengusa


m Nath Fraich m Cuirc m Lugdech m Ailella Flaind Bic m Ailella Flaind Móir m Fhiachach Mullethain m Eogain Móir m Ailella Oloim m Eogain Taidlig (diarbo ainm Mog Nuadat ro raind h-Erinn ra Cond Cetchathach.) m Moga Neit m Dergthene o tat Eoganachta m Deirg m Dergfhotha m Fothorthecht m Ennai Munchain m Loich Móir docer i Tain Bó Cuailnge i m-Bregaib. m Laigni Birb m Ma Femis m Lethdarbri m Echach Mumo o rater Mumu. m Muridaig Mucna. m Duach Duinn Dalta Dedad m Cairpri Luisc Lethet dia ta Lethet Luisc m Lugdech Lagne las cetna dernait gai & cruen i nh-Erinn. m Fintain Móir diaro giallsat Brega fo shecht. m Niad Segamain lasa m-bligtis diabul buar. .i. bai & elti. Flidais Foltchain a mathair diambtar bae elti. m Fir Chirb m Cobthaig Coel m Coilbath Cloair m Rechtada Rigdeirg ro chumrig h-Erinn ro ort flaith Alban.

Triur ro chomort flaith Alban do h-Erendchaib. .i. Rechtaid Rigderg. Labraid Longsech. Crimthann Mór mc Fidaig {folio 320bb} m Oengusa m Duach Find m Findrotha m Bressi. (IS é ro fhích tricha cath for Fomore.) m Imlecha. las cetna dernta classa dúne i nh-Erinn ar tús. m Ellim Ollfhinachta is leis ro fher snechta fina i nh-Erinn


m Echach Urchain m Lugdach m Anroith m Road Rothchind (las cetna dernta commach & fidelidecht i Temair ar tus.) m Roain m Rigairlid (las cetna derntá carpait i nh-Erinn) m Cetchumnig (las cetna dernta chumni i n-ogmaib ar tus i nh-Erinn) m Aeda Deirg las dernta fessa & forfessa i nh-Erinn ar tús) m Main Mairic (las cetna crecad ór argat i nh-Erinn.) m Cais Clothaig m Airair Arda m Cain Rothechtada m Rossa. m Infothaig m Conais m Glaiss m Nuadat Fáil m Ailcheda m Conmáil m Ebir m Miled Espain.


Finguine m Domnaill m Aeda m Dondchada m Cathail m Caím m Finguine m Gormain m Artríg m Cathail m Finguine m Con cen Mathair m Cathail m Aeda Flaind Cathrach. m Cairpri m Crimthaind Sreim. m Echdach m Oengussa. m Nath Fraich.

{folio 320c}Assíd m Mail Criche m Dunchada m Duib Da Bairend. m Crundmail. m Fhogertaich m Dondgaile.


Mael Guala m Dondgaile. m Tnuthgaile m Dondgussa m Dondgaile.

Dondchad m Domnaill m Aeda m Cind Fhaelad m Eoganain m Bercin m Etersceóil m Dondgaile.

Cathal m Finguine m Fogertaig m Dondgaile.

Flathri mc Fogertaig m Dondgaile.

Cend Faelad m Faelgusa m Nad Fraich m Colgan m Falbe.

Forbasach m Faelgusa m Nath Fraich.

Cormac m Culennáin m Selbaig m Ailgile m Echdach mc Colmain mc Dunchada m Duib Inrecht m Furudrain m Echdach m Bresail m Oengusa. m Nath Fraich.

Finguine m Loegaire m Duib Da Bairend. m Crundmael m Fogertaig m Fhailbe Flaind nó sic in aliis libris mc Crundmael m Dondgaile m Faelgusa m Nath Fraich m Colgan m Failbe Flaind.

Dub Lachtna m Mael Guala. m Dondgaile


{folio 320d} m Tnuthgaile. mc Fogartaig m Falbe Flaind. nó sic in aliis libris. mc Tnuthgaile m Dondgusa m Dondgaile mc Faelgusa.


Lorcan m Condlígain m Corcrain m Cuirc m Artgaile m Domnaill m Conaill m Snedgusa m Nath Fraich mc Colgan m Failbe Flaind.

Domnall mc Cathail m Duib Shlane m Corcrain m Cuirc.


Ecertach m Cormaic m Cellaig m Cerbaill mc Mael Fhínain m Artgaile.

Cethri mc Mael Fhínain. Fáelan. Mugron. Cerball. Loegaire.


Cu Chalma mc Cind Fáelad m Muridaig m Lachtnai m Loegaire m Mael Fhínain.


Murchertach mc Andiaraid. m Dunadaig m Duind mc Caillaide m Conaill.


Fogartach mc Finnachta m. Gaiscedaig m Mael Anfaid m Duib Torrain m Duib Thuatain m Colmain mc Crimthainn m Nad Shluaig m Muridaig. mc Tháil m Dega mc Cuirc m Lugdech.

Mael Corgais mc Oengusa m Elothaig m Anbthenaig m Con Riaguill m Thommin mc Ronain m Nad Sluaig nó Eoganain mc Muredaig m Thail m Dega.


Mo Themnioc .i. Temnen m Carban m Lugeda mc Themin m Themnen. mc Senaig m Cerddain m Cerdda Bice mc Cerdraige m Thigernaig m Ailella Oloim.


Mael Duin m Aeda m Conaic m Cummine m Aeda Bennain m Crimthain m Cobthaig m Duach Iarlathi m Maithne m Cairpri m Cuirc m Luigdech.

Cethri mc Crimthainn. Aed Bennain. Aed Damain. Aed Find. Failbe. Hinc Fathlend mc Aeda Damain.

Tri mc Aeda Bennain: Mael Duin. & Cummini & Mael Cáich.


Holchobor m Congaile m Maele Duin m Aeda Bennain.

Corpre m Con Dínisc m Fhorchellaig m Cind Fhaelad m Aeda Find.

Da mc Congalaig: Fergus. Ailill.

Cummine Fota m Fiachnai m Fhiachrach m Garrine m Duach Iarlathi.

Secht mc Corpri mc Cuirc. Oengus. Mane. Nad Slog. Fiachna. Amalgaid. Feidlimid. Conall.

Macnia m Lochene m Fhiachnai m Fhiachrach m Garrine m Duach Iarlaithe.

Soergus Dibergach m Faelchon Chiuil m Donennaig m Echdach m Oenguis m Falbe m Aeda m Cobthaig m Duach Iarlaithe.

Dunechaid m Crimthaind {folio 321b} m Suibne m Mael Duin m Aeda Bennain.

Trí mc Aeda Bennain & Damnatan ingine Feidlimid mc Thigernaig: Mael Duin & Cummine & Mael Caich. Mór Muman a siur. nó combad do Mael Dúin bad ingen Mór ut alii dicunt.

Trí mc Mael Duin. Suibne. Fiadal. Congal.


Dungal m Mael Fhatharlaig m Flaind m Dondchada m Mael Fhotharlaig m Brain m Mainig m Inrechtaig m Fhlaind m Rechtabrat m Sechnasaig m Fingin m Aeda.

Trí mc Sechnassaig: Rectabrat ind rige. Colman in crabuid. Fiachra in gascid.


Feidlimid m Crimthainn m Duib Da Chrích m Colmain m Shechnasaig m Fhingin m Aeda Duib m Crimthainn m Feidlimid m Oenguis m Nad Fraich.

Suldubán m Mael Ugrai m Echthigirn m Murchada m Duib Inrecht m Fhlaind m Fhiachrach m Shechnasaig m Fhingin.

Moenach m Duib Da Bairend m Grifni m Domnaill {folio 321c} m Dunechda m Fhiangusa m Echtgusa m Tipraite m Moenaig m Fingin.


Gainemach m Brocain Dibig m Dicolla m Crundmáil m Colmáin m Airgnaid m Cuirc m Ailella.

Corca Lossáte de Araib Tíre geguin Bebrae Fiachrach Tortchothis iss ind asrith crích .h. Cathboth Tíre ó Fhirt Moraind co Slíab Ebline.


Laidcnen m Suibne m Doinennaig m Suibne m Aeda m Oengusa m Conath m Concraid (diarbo ingen Mugain ben Diarmata mc Cerbaill dia tá Carn Mugaine i n-Argetros.) m Duach Cliach m Mane Munchain m Corpri m Cuirc m Luigdech.

Da mc Oengusa mc Fiachrach Bruidgi mc Fiachrach Oeli. Dau Da nó eda Derbeolach i n-Argetros. Dau Dibech Srubech i Cliu.



Dare m Blaithmeic m Noetan m Cerceain m Breccaen m Trichem m Rainnetha m Braccain m Dedad m Degluine nó Daire Cerba m Etarsceli m Degloth m Fiachach Oeli.

{folio 321d}Da mc Dedad: Braccan & Ailill.

Cuic mc Braccain .i. Naennid. Feidlimid. Cobthach. Eogan. Cron.

Trí mc Ailella: Fiachra. Nath Fraich. Tigernach. Sed alii aliter dicunt ut praediximus Dau. Det Dera. Liathan. Fidach. Fidgenid filios fuisse Dare Cerbae.


Faelchu m. Airmedaig m Mael Anfaid m Dimma Dicholla m Gubbi m Cormaic m Carthind m Oengusa m Nath Fraich.

Da mc Dimma Dicholla: Mael Anfaid & Aelaithach.


Anmchaid m Dunchada m Ronain m Dicolla m Fhergusa Tuli m Feradaig Dornmair m Cálleni Duib. m Meic Caille m Brocc m Echdach Liathain. m Dare Cerba m Mane Munchain m Ailella Flaind Bic m Ailella Flaind Móir m Fiachach Mullethain qui idem est & Fiacra Fer Dá Liach.

Cobor Mongfhind banchaém de Alpa mathair Fiachach Mullethain. Sciendum autem quod Ailill Fland Mór nullam prolem habuit. Sed Ailill Fland Bec ei proles numeratur.

Dare Cerba ideo h-óc nomine noncipatur ara genemain i m-Methus Cerbba i m-Bregaib.

{folio 321e}Da mc Dunchada .i. Tuathal a quo .h. Glassin. Et Anmchaid a quo .h. Anmchada.

.Uii. mc Anmchada .i. Faelchad Mór. Torpad. Flathnia. Aed Find. Cinaed. Domnall. Flandchad.

.Uii. mc Liathan: Corpre Cael. Corc Corb. Mac Brocc. Ailill Tassach .i. ar Tassach Mac Brocc. Bairich quem dicunt Mac h-Úi Chuirind fuisse. Fiacha. Crimthand Slébe Conall.


Cuan m Agnidi m Crundmael m Fiachnai m Corpri Sínig m Cend Fhotai m Oengusa m Dallain m Corpri Ciúil m Cuirc m Lugdach m Echach Liathán.

.Uii. mc Dallain: Oengus. Muridach a quo .h. Chonath. Ruisten a quo Fer Fuilli. Lugaid a quo Saran. Mac Carthind a quo Aed.

.Uii. mc Fiachnai mc Corpri Sínig. Fiachna. Tommine. Crundmael. Comman. Bethu. Cochlan. Cummine &c.


Secht mc Caille mc Broc m Echach Liathan. Calline Dub. Crumthan a quo Galchu & Gaibnebach.

{folio 321f}Et Fiachra Senchorpre. Eochaid. Dallchormac a quo Senach mc Culeni. Nath Í Senchrocend.

Allchu m Suibni m Faelain m Colmain m Fhergusa m Nath Í m Meic Caille.

Da mc Crumthaind Móir mc Meic Caille. Oengus & Baeth.

Cilline mc Lethbrathar qui & Brocán. mc Aeda Móir m Butheni m Buith m Crumthain m Meic Caille.

Trí mc Crumthaind: Crumthan Slébe mc Liathan ní tharraid raind. dobreth rand dó ó chách. Da Craumthan Mór mc Caille.

Trí mc Crumthain Draeic Deleith de .h. Cuirbb dia tá Carn Crimthaind hinc Cú Chormaic m Luedene m Maeli Duin m Furudrain m Crimthaind.



.Uii. mc Ailella Tassaig: Feidlimid. Oengus. Aed Brecc. Noes éices. Loegaire. Bressal. Mac Draigin. Mac Cairthind.

Euganan m Blaithmeic m Causain m Senaig m Echach m Aeda m Ailella Tassaig.

{folio 321g} Coic mc Blaithmeic: Onchu. Eogonan. Faelguini. Gallchu. Aleane.

Da mc Aeda: Blaithmac. Foirchellach.

Eimane m Gobbain m Combraite m Donnain m Fiachrach m Bresail m Ailella Tassaig.

Mael Athgen m Scellain m Cilline m Fergnai m Donnain m Fiachrach.

.X. mc Bresail mc Ailella Tassaig. A cúic fri Sliab anes. Fiachra. Eochaid. Cathaer. Crumthan. Silán. A cóic fri sliab atuaid. Eogan. Dubthaeh. Trien &rl.

Sé mc Combraite: Dimma Dub. Dimma Bec. Dimma Odor. Gobban. Breccan. Baetan.

Mac Tíre m Colmain m Con Crith m Meic Daro m Ainmerech m Muridaig m Longse Trian. m Meic Cairthind m Ailella Tassaig.

Se mc Uisserech de Chrecrigu a quibus Inis Móir mc n-Usserech: Cunnini Achith. Cunnini mc Trien. Cloin m Trien. Mac Maeil a quo Inis mc Neil {folio 321h} Sossad mc Sosta. Rathen a quo Mag Rathin. Maegnu. Magen.


Fogartach m Conaill m Fidalta m Cummine m Miannaig m Oengusa m Mane m Cuirp m Echach Liathain.

Da mc Mane mc Cuirbb: Tigernach & Mane.

Da mc Cuirb: Mane. Lugaid. Quidam addunt tertium filium .i. Tigernach.



Scanlan m Flaind m h-Irc m Donennaig m Oengusa m Nectain Cendfhotai m Brenaind m Airdde m Conail (a quo .h Chonaill Gabra.) m Intait m Dari m Brioin m Fiachrach Fidgennid m Dare Cerba. m Ailella Flaind Bic. m Ailella Flaind Móir.

De chur lunge ina n-giall Fidgenid nominatus est qui fecit equum ligneum in Circo Colmain i l-Lifiu agitari. Asberat araile beth mc Ailella Flaind Bic mc Fiachach Fir Da Liach.

Trí mc Fiachach Fir Da Liach: Brión. Setna. Loegaire.

.Uii. mc Brioin mc Fiachrach: Carpre. Goll. Lugaid. Dáre. Fergus. Cormac. Cosdare.

Cethri mc Dunemaig: Erc. Aed Dub. Conall. Tuathchar. Conchobor mc Gallchobuir {folio 322a} m Murebuir m Dinertaig m Oengusa m Nechtain.

Dubindrechta m Topertaig m Fogertaig m Oengusa m Nectain.


Cethernach m Celechair m Commain m Moenaig m Boetáin m Echdach m Cluasaig m Duach m Brioin m Cormaic Fintait m Daire m Briuin.

.Uii. mc Briuin mc Dare: Corpre Goll. Oenchinnid a quo .h. Locheni. Lugaid Dub a quo .h. Fergusa. Lugaid Find a quo Cenel Connaith. Ross a quo .h. Falbe Cirr. Ailill a quo Cenel Rechrach. Dubthach Eich mc Mainechain a quo .h. Fache.



Slogae m Flaind m Fhergusa m Aurchlosaig m Falbe m Cormaic m Murithaig m h-Irc m Fintait.

Torpaith m Maele Immorchuir m Maele Athgeain m Culeni m Galline m Scellain m Thail dia tá Dairbre mc Tail mc h-Irc m Fhintait.

Conall m Forchellaig m Faelain m Nad Fraich m Conaill {folio 322b} m Echdach Dirg m Lichtenaig m h-Irc m Fhintait.

Aed Bubure m Derglictenaig m Bairnig m Falbi m Dimma m Echdach m h-Irc m Fhintait.

Helathach m Rechtbronaig m Murdemail m Blaithmeic m Dimmae m Galline m Scellain.


Flathruae m Dungalaig m Fhergusa m Cuanach m Cuain m Conaill m Fhergusa m Endai m Lugdech Find m Fiachach Fidgente.



Cend Faelad m Duib Da Bairend m Aeda Róin m Eoganain m Crundmáel m Aeda m Oengusa m Lapae m Ailella m Cendfhotae m h-Irc m Corpri m Brioin m Fiachach Fidgente.

Cóic mc Corpri mc Briuin: Erc. Echen. Tren. Setna. Cormac IRbirae. Echen a quo Fir Thamnaig & Meic Brocain mc .h. Garbain. Trien a quo Cu Chaech mc Aeda Gairb. Setna a quo Meic Coniraig. Cormac a quo Caechluinge.

{folio 322c} Mane mc Echein mc Carpri dia tát .h. Chille ón Omnae. Et Andall mc Riatai h-i tirib Ciarraige des Cechair.


Fland Resad m Cummascaig m h-Irc m Sathcheill m Lapae.

Snedgal m Concon m Cind Faelad m Aeda m Oengusa m Lapae Congus mc Coibdenaig mc Falbi mc Garbain mc Aeda.


Tuathal m Murthe m Maeli Tuile m Cuan m Conaill m Grilline m Erce m Ailella Cendfotai m h-Irc m Carpri m Brioin m Fiachrach Fidgente.



Aurrachtach m Cuanach m Mael Octraig m Lonain m Feidlimthi m Daim Dasachtaig. m Rosa m Echen m Rosa m Brioin.

Setna m Conhiraich m Commain m Colmain m Budi m h-Ingu m Gulbain m Con Cret m Meic h-Irc m Setnai m Carpri Aba m Brioin.


Snedgal & Elathach {folio 322d} da mc Conamla m Ronain m Aedaín m Sinchill m Setnai m Trenai m Aeda m Loegaire m Fiachach Fidgente.

Cethri mc Loegaire: Aed. Echen. Fiachu. Oengus.

Cethri mc Loegaire tancatar iarna fodail do Thamnuch do Ragniu. Brudgne. Mane. Nad Fraich. Fiachra.

Daescur m h-Ingardail m Brocain m Carthaig m Minnu.

Demle m Enna m Aeda m Loegaire.

Decsenach m Derccaig m Ronáin m Grillini m Aeda m Etarsceli. m Findchada m Setnai.



Conallach m Maelodrain m Marcain m Aeda m Fiachach m Cendlachain m Cuirc m Shetnai m Fiachach Fidgente.

Tri mc Setnai: Corc. Findchad. Fintat.

Fer Anbuis m Aldebuir m Suibne m Colmain m Critain m Meic Rithe m Cormaic m Intait m Shetnai m Fiachach Fidgente.



TRí mc dec Caiss mc Conaill Echlúaith m Lugdech Mind .i. Blat. Cassin. Lugaid. Setna. Oengus Cend Nathrach. Aed. Loscend. Noi. Cormac. Cairthend. Cainnech. Oengus Cend Aitin.

Blat a quo .h. Blait. Cassin a quo .h. Chassin. Lugaid a quo .h. Mael Baetain. Setna a quo .h. Moenchen & na h-ingena filet i Cill na n-Ingen.

Cend Nathrach a quo Cenel Fermaicc. & Cenel Baith. & Cenel Collachtaig. & Cenel Failbe.

Oengus Cend Attin a quo Cland Iffernain. Et Nectain. Et Ingena Baith. & Ingena Gunnu mc Ailella.

Cormac. díbaid.

Carthend o tat Dál Caiss Lethet Lactmaige.

Cainnech a quo Epscop Meic Lasre tantum.

AEd a quo .h. Aeda.

Nói a quo Bec mc Dei .i. fumi ut alii putant.

Loscend. dibaid.

Cethri mc Carthind: Oengus Ollmaith. Eochaid .i. Ballderg. Scandail. Cormac Cochinmeth(?) a quo Sinech mathair Oengusa Tuile.

Da mc Echach Balldeirg mc Carthind Find. Conall & Bresal.

Da mc Conaill: Aed & Fianorb.

Trí mc Aeda: Congal & Athirne et Carthend.

Dungalach mc Meic Murgile m Carthind m Aeda.



Tairdelbach mc Athirni m Aeda.

Da mc Congaile .i. Toltanach & Irchlossach.

Sé mc Fhlaind ut dicitur.

    1. Sé meic Fhlaind mc Irchlosaig.
      Aurthole ard áith.
      Tuathal. Cernach. Fogertach
      Dub Inrecht. Mael Cáich.

Trí mc Thuathail: Inrechtach. Fland. Mael Coba.

{folio 322f}


Sé mc Inrectaig: Cú Bage. Niall. Tipraite. Eocho Inmaine. Cacher. Culen Dub.

Cúic mc Con Báge: Cadla. Corc. Conall. Tigernan. Anrothan.

Sé mc Cadlai: Málle. Caddán. Magair. Fursunnud. Cormac Dub. Conaire.

Cúic mc Anrothain: Ánchinne. Adnach. Inrechtach. Culen. Mael Finne.

Da mc Tipraiti: Find & Cennetig.

Currine mc Con Cibil mc Culen Duib mc Inrechtaig.

Tressach mc Riacain mc Eochach.

Eochu .mc. Ligdai.



Cóic mc Tairdelbaig: Flannan. Mathgamain. Aed. Eochu. Algel.

Cethri mc ic Mathgamain .i. Anlón & Aed. Sathgel & Fiangalach.

Oenmc ac Anlón .i. Corc.

Oenmc dano ac Curc .i. Lachtna.

Oenmc ic Lactna .i. Lorcan.

Cethri mc ic Lorcan. .i. Cennétig & Coscrach. Londgargan et Congalach.

Cennetig o fail Munter Cennetig.

Coscrach o tát Cland Cosraig. Londgargan o tát .h. Londgargain mc Lorcain.

Da mc déc immorro ic Cennetig .i. Cúic mc díb ic ata sil .i. Brian o tá Sil m-Briain. Et Mathgamain o tát h. Mathgamna. Dond Cuan o tat Munter Duind Chuan. Echthigern o tat .h. Echthigirn. Anlón o tat .h. Cuirc mc Anloin.

Sé mc díb immorro díb na fargaib claind .i. Lachtna is é ro gab ríge dar éis Cennetig. Unde dicitur Grianan Lactnai i Creicc Léith.

Is é ro marbsat .h. Flaind. Et Find Et Dub ro marbsat i n-ár Maige Dúine orus Marcan &rl.



Da mc déc dano ic Coscrach m Lorcáin a h-ocht díb ic ata síl .i. Flaithbertach o tát .h. Senchain. Et Congal o tát .h. Chnamin .mc. Congaile. Et Acher o tát Munter Ócáin. Et Allothach o tát Munter Allothaig. Et Mael Ruanaid o tát .h. Mael Ruanaid. Et Diarmait o tat .h. Gloiairn mc Diarmata. Et Angid o tát .h. Angida. Et Mane o tat .h. Mane.

Cethri mc immorro na fargaib síl .i. Mael Sechnaill & Fland. & Cú Mara.

Sé mc ic Brian mc Cennetig. Triar dib forfhacaib síl .i. Tadc & Dondchad & Domnall. Tri mc dano na fargaib .i. Murchad & Conchobor Fland .i. mc ingine Edind mc Clerig.

Sé mc dano ic Dond Chuan .mc. Cennetig .i. Conaing o tát Munter Chonaing. Et Riacan ó tát .h. Riacain. Et Londgargán o tát Munter Londgargain. Cennetig o tát .h. Chennetig. Et Celechair o tát .h. Chelechair mc Dond Chuan. Et Congalach dibaidside.

Fiangalach mc Mathgamna dano oenmc leis .i. Inrechtach.

Oenmc ic Inrechtach .i. Eochu. Oenmac ic Eochu .i. Dubcend.

Cethri mc ic Dubcend .i. Faelchaid o tát .h. Faelchada. & Dublunn a quo .h. Shamnin.

{folio 323a}


AEd m Dubcind da mc lais .i. Beollan o tát Munter Beolain. Et Dubcend a quo Munter Dubcind mc Aeda & Cu Criche ni fhargaib síl.

Sathgel mc Mathgamna da mc lais .i. Cathassach o tát Munter i Cathasaig. Et Domnall o tát Munter Domnaill mc Saithgil mc Mathgamna.

AEd dano mc Mathgamna oenmc leis .i. Cathmug. Oenmc ic Cathmug .i. Spelán. Oenmc dano la Spelan .i. Rotaide. Da mc ic Rotaide .i. Maelgorm et Murchad.

Maelgorm ó tát Munter. Et Munter Sidechain mc Sidechaint m Murchada.

Tri mc Maelguirm .i. Anrothan et Cellach otá Anlón mc Cellaig. Et Ecertach a quo Inderge mc Echertaig.

Ailgel mc Tairdelbaig immorro da mc leis. Eochaid. & Irchlosach.

.Uii. mc ic Eochaid .i. Eochaid nó Dunechaid o tát Munter Dubtaig mc Dunechda. Et .h. Shíthbe mc Corrdercain mc Dunechda. Cobthach o tát .h. Con Cibel mc Cobthaig. Et .h. Duib & h. Fithbeláin.



Et Scanlan a quo Cland Scanlain.

Da mc Fhinain .i. Colgu & mc Máil Shaingil.

Da mc Colgan. Allamáin. Cormac. Et Aurthole m Meic Bethad {folio 323b} m Dondgail m Beoain m Faelchada m Maeli Tuile m mc Torpthai m Allamain.

Falbe Find m Teithig m Flathim m Flaind m Echach m Alella.

Huamnachán m Aurchada m Dunchada m Flannabrat m Oengusa m Echthigirn.

Diarmait m Delbaeth m Tressaig m Mescill m Murithaig m Domnaill m Doelgusa m Flaind Sinna. m Dunamail m Dub Duin m Dimma m Diummasaig m Ronain. m Mael Coba m Flathrí m Airthaile m Oengusa m Dunamail m Dub Duin.

Mael Coba mc Fogertaig mc Dunamail.

Cethri mc Mael Choba: Bithen. Cendergan. Murchad. Fogertach.

    1. Torpaid Dimma Dondgalach
      Flathnia Cathnia co n-gelgraig
      Tnudgal & Tigernach
      Cummascach ocht meic Cernaig.


Enna Téith mc Conaill mc Carthend Duib {folio 323c} Diarmait mc Ca[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] Finan [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] Diar[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] Congal mc Mael Athgen mc Diarmata. Dub Tonna mc Diarmata dalta Conaill mc Domnaill.



Coic mc Cassin .i. Carthend. Eochu. Cinell. Cormac. Carthend. & Eochu & Cinell as ergnu and.

Eochu tra a quo Cenel Dungaile.

Cellach m Dubcind m Mael Lachtna m Tharraid m Sechnasaig m Flathri m Rodgusa m Fodalbaig m Dungaile.

Tipraite dano mc Cassin a quo Cland Aurthule Menma m Aeda m Assida m Shítai m Mael Chluchi m Culen m Airthaile m Dongalaig m Eogain m Aithlind m Fhergaile m Carthind m Cassin.

Cóic mc Aurthuile .i. Culend & Catharnach. Ferblain Bergcin. Bresal.


Tri mc Gormgaile .i. Bercan {folio 323d} et Torcan et Cellchin.

Dunchad m Domnaill m Gillai Patric m Cellchin m Gormgaile m Cathain m Menman Adar m Orgusa m Luthchobuir m Doborchon m Dublaige m Banbain m Aeda m Cillin m Sinill m Cassin.


Eocho m Rudgaile m Conaill m Cormaic m Cassin. Congal & Maicnia Adar da mc Órgusa.



Oengus m Flaind m Nargail m Echdach m Cassine.

Dedad m Domnaill m Duind m Duib Shalaich m Fhlandchada m Flaind Scripuil m Ferchinged m Fermaic m Con Alta m Slebin m Dimma m Shenaig m Rithe m Oengusa Cind Nathrach m Caiss m Conaill Echluaith.

Mel Meda m Gillai Baetain m Aeda m Mescill m Condmaig m Congaile m Congalt m Echtgusa m Echtgaile m Fherdomnaig m Blait m Oengusa m Caiss m Conaill Echluaith.


Cond m Dondchada m Shítai m Conlígain m Faelchada m Ifernain m Cuir m Abartaig m Ulín m Gemdegail m Colmain m Conaill m Oengusa.

{folio 323e}

Tri mc Cathgaile .i. Airechtach et Mael Dúin et Cathnia. Airechtach a quo .h. Longsig mc Conaill mc Airechtaig.

Mael Duin o tát Munter Néil & Munter Uanide & Munter Bercdai et Munter Brenaind et Munter Sestna et Munter Riatai. mc Flanchada m Mael Duin.


Cathnia (a quo Munter Thomraig et Munter Chormacain.) mc Maeluidir mc Cathnia m Cathgaile.

Cathgal & Cathassach da mc Duib Da Lethi.

Dub Da Lethi et Fland dá mc Rongaile m Mael Cháich m Rónain m Oengusa m Carthind.

Fland ó tát Cland Murchada. Da mc laiside .i. Duach & Lugaid a quo .h. Airchellai.

Da mc la Duach Aed & Diarmait. Aed ó tát .h. Abnér. Diarmait a quo .h. Chongaile & Aes Cluana Findabair {folio 323f} et h. Thommain et h. Duib Thomma et Liathain ingen Diarmata.


Find m Domnaill m Cind Fhaelad m Find cui nomen Dunadach a quo Mael Lactnai. m Cerrain m Dungalaig m Sechnasaig m Dunamail m Blaithmeic m Folachtaig m Cobdenaig m Libriain Gairb (cuius frater) Libren Find m Baetain. m Daigri m Béil m Mundig m Forait m Conlai (qui uenit ó Scothaig Mittine) m Duib Locain nó liachain m Nad Suind m Conaig m Condmaig m Cormaic m Con Nuadat m Auchai


m Conaire m Carpri m Cuind m Connath m Carpri Músc (cui nomen Oengus) m Conaire Caem m Moga Lama m Lugdach m Ailella m Corpri Cromchind m Dare Dornmair m Cairpri Findmóir. m Conaire Máir.

Trí mc Forait m Conlai .i. Fuirg a quo .h. Fharrga. Mechar a quo .h. Conmail m Diarmata m Fhinain m Berchain m Nad Fraich m Demle m Cainnig m Mechair & ní mair a síl.

{folio 323g}

Tri mc [gap: name illegible/extent: 8/9 letters]. Daigri. Gna [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]. Munech a quo Cenel [gap: illegible/extent: 1 letter].

Da mc dec Mundaig: Baetan mc Daigri. Carthach a quo .h. Mundaig. Nannid a quo .h. Nannida filet i nh. Mundig. Raibni a quo .h. Raibne Cilli Cére. & h. Rabni fri Sliab aness. Ailchi a quo .h. Lachtnáin o Ard na n-Én & h. Lunin Dromma Inbir. Et Cuanu mc Cailche. Unde Glais Chuana. Imchad a quo .h. Conaing mc Braccain. fil i n-Ath Cleithi. Et Colum nó Lonan mc Braccain fil i Tóm in Baird. Et Comman nó Lona mc Braccain fil i Cill .h. Mael Lachtna. Cend-lachan cuius h. [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]tas Les Duban & [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] Chnamraide Conach & [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] génus autem & hereditas al
[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]


Conna mc Daigri o tat Munter Emideain & Munter Chorcrain & Munter Flandchada.

Cend Cinad m Sluagedaig m Gerudain m Cinaid m Émideain m Fherdomnaig m La[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m (Dail)gaile m Faelain m Gubbain m Conna m Daigri.



Cú Shlébi m Mail Matarnaid m Flaithbertaig m Cerrain m Corcrain. m Faelain.


Mac Stelín m Crinain m Donnacain m Dub Laige m Dubgillai m Fhlanchada m Macain m Sainchoraig m Conaic m Con [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters].

Tri mc Indthait {folio 323g} .i. da [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] Cadla a quo .h. [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] & h. Budein Et Cichainech a quo h. Chichain [gap: deliberate omission/extent: 1 line] Et [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] a quo .h. Le[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters].

Mac Mara mc [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m Conch(a)l(e). m Andig m Loegaire m Dun[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m Tomtaig m Daigre.


Murchertach m Muridaig m Móraith m Donnoc[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m Aeda m Mael Tuile m Tuathail m Cella[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m Meic Dec[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m Lais[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m F[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m Br[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] {folio 324a} [gap: illegible gloss/extent: ? letters] m Nemangin m Nad Suird m Cormaic. m Condmaig m Con Nuadat m Corpri Músc m Moga Lama.



Cethri mc Blaithmeic .i. Fland. Fáelgus. Airmedach. Murchu.

Blaimac mc Scandail.

Murchu mc Fintain mc Scandail.

Tnuthgal m Scandail m Fintain m Coluim m Findchada m Dubi m Luchind mc ingine Fergusa Ronain m Nad Suird m Conaic m Condmaig m Con Nuadat m Anchai m Conaire m Carpri Chinni m Chonnath m Oengusa Músc m Moga Lama m Gartnain m Caelbuid m Gnathail m Conruith m Suada m Mafeta m Conaire m Etarscéili m Gaill m Indgaill m Romaill m Glaiss m Roglais Nitha. m Ier m Itha m Bregoin.

Ic Bregoin condrecat & Síl mc Miled .i. Eber o tát Eoganachta Muman. & h-Erimon o tát Leth Cuind & Lagin.

Da mc Itha .i. Lugaid & h-Ír. Lugaid isind leith tess {folio 324b} atá maroen is Éber.

Is uad atá Corco Loegde. h-Ír immorro insind leith tuaíd for óen & h-Erimón. Is h-ó Ír atá Dál Musca et Bascind et Dubne.

Co tarscensat Mumain i n-amsir mc Ailella Oloim .i. Corpre Músc mc Moga Láma. Et Ailill Basschain a lanainm dó dano.

Carpre mcside Oengusa mc Moga Lama.

Ci atberat araile betis brathir na trí Carpri. acht is ó athrib écsamlaib rogenatar. Is inund immorro a m-bunad for cúl ut praediximus. Atberat araile immorro at brathir Oengus Músc & Ailill Baschain. & Eochaid Riatai .i. tri mc Carpri mc Conaire mc Messi Buachalla.



Secht mc Coelbath m. Ditha m Nóichaire m Neill. ro randsat o Leith Bregoin fo des co Cend Currig i secht ranna. Factna dia tá Forrach Factnai. Odran. Lugaid. a quo Cenel Saráin. Lugaid Berr a quo Cellach mc Forinla . Lugaid Cloen a quo Dergsherraig . Locc a quo .h. Dorchella. Et Feldaig a quo Senach mc Crummin. Pich a quo Cuillan.

Cend Fhaelad a quo Cathir Chind Fhelad. mc Fhalbe Sreim m Faelain Donddige mc Cind Fhaelad m Maelodir m Rónain Móir m Loca .mc. Odrain m Caelbotha m Ditha m Noichoire m Neill.

{folio 324c}

.Uii. mc Cind Fhaelad .i. Tipraite & Dub Da Bairend. & Fland Cathrach et Dondmaige. Fogertach & Semplán & Bruatur. amal atrubairt in file.

    1. Maicne Chind Faelad cen fhell.
      Tipraite. Dub Da Bairend
      Fland. Cathrach. Dondmaige dron
      Fogertach. Semplan. Bruator.


Mathgamain m Gillai Brigti m Domnaill m Rónáin m Cuirc m Duib m Cennetig. m Bruatuir m Cind Fhaelad m Fhalbe Srem. m Fhaelain m Dondige .-- &c.

Trí mc Maelodir: Tipraite. Cend Faelad. Fogertach.

Dub Da Chell m Mael Ruanaid m Colmain Fhind m Fhintain m Fhactnai m Caelbotha.

Tri mc Colmain: Find. Cilleni & Forannán.

Da m Cillini: Mael Ruain et Dub Caille.

Da mc Forannáin: Caech Maige et Eogan.


Algal mc Conder m Sarchlada m Coniraich m Notain m Colmain m. Niath m h-Ilche m Mundig.

Fogertach m Leithig m Duib de Cholmain m Causan m Blathchon {folio 324d} m Lochain m Amlaib m h-Ilche m Mundig.

Maelodran m Colmain m Senain m Maicniat.

Is e fil i Cill Dromma.

Comman m Cúasan m Blathchon m Lochain m Camlaib m h-Ilche.


Fogertach m Faelguine m Noedenaig m Crundmail m Aedain m Carthaig m Trideni m Tricceni m Falbe Flaind m Carthaig m Tridenni. Is uad atá Rath Meic Carthaig.

Diangal m Conchada m Cilleni m Becain m Duib.

Se fini .h. Erbairt: .h. Chruithni. .h. Chorpain. .h. Chuirp. .h. Elend inso ule.


Duline mc Mael Umai. m Cachir (lasa n-dernad Dún Cermna)


m Etersceoil m Eogain m Dubthaig m Lugdech m Crimthain m Fiachrach m Fhergusa m Imchada m Fir Chorb m Con Filed Cetharriad m Carpri Chunlaig m Ailella Erand Dé Bolgae. {folio 324e} Is é toesech arránic faga m Noithi m Feidlimthe m Ailella Mate m Srobcind m Niúil m Fithech m Futhi m Dedad. (Uair Dedad Teth dá mc Sín) m Rosin m Thréin m Rothréin m Rogein m Ardil m Delmchend m Maisni m Matha Menimi m Ailella Irramo. m Fir Fhidb m Fiachach Fir Mara. m Oengusa Turbig.

Fer Mara m Cummascaig m Fhalbi m Cachir m Etarsceli m Eogain.

Cu Duin m Dublini m Furudrain m Garbain m Cachir.


Trí mc Cachir mc Etarsceli .i. Mael Umai. Falbe. Garban.

Da prímacmi déc do Ernaib & cethri forshlointe fichet .i. da forshlonnud cach aicme.

Fer Réin. Rus. Fiacha. Mac Carthind. Enna Bec. Eogan Mór. Fothad. Eogan Fudene .i. Corco Dene. Oenaicme de Dal Barddine Síl Oengusa mc Echach. mc Bardeni {folio 324f} mc Rigbaird dia tát Martini .i. iarna n-dilgiund do Leith Chuind .i. ar ba lethrand do Dal Chete & do Dál Bardeni ár is deich catha ro memaid ré n-Ernaib for Ultaib et a h-ocht for Ultaib re n-Ernaib.


Iar mc Dedad o tát Síl Conaire et Fute mc Dedad o tát Eraind. It é ra innsemar. Acht uaisliu Conaire conid uadside slonter a síl.

Corco Dubni mc Carpri Músc athair Corco Dubni.

Oenmc la Corc .i. Cormac Find. Oenmc dano la Cormac .i. IRchond. Uii. mc la h-Irchond .i. Nuden & Rathach & Erach & Mael & Cró et h-Er & Ség.

.Ui. mc Nuidin .i. Braccan. Corcan. Tarbanach. Lugaid. Flannan.

Issed tra as lie do shil ind Nuidin cland na dessise .i. Flannan o tá Cenel Flannain .i. Aes Conchind. Et Bracain o tát Munter Munechain díbside ind rigrad .i. da mc {folio 324g} Olchobuir .i. Mugno & Fland.

Cland Flaind as mó gabas ríge and .i. Falbe & Congal da mc Anrothain m. Longbardain m Fhlaind m Olchobuir m Tipraite mc Cathra m Fir Feda m Munechain m Falbe mc Ciarain m Nad Saiglend m Braccain m Nuidin mc h-Irchuind m Cormaic Fhind m Corc Duibne mc Corpri Músc. m Conaire.

Aera dano mc Irchuind o tát Aes Irruis Tuascirt. Tri Meic Era .i. Gaine & Corcán et Cailech.

Da mc Thacain .i. Nere & Conaich.


Tadcd mc[gap: scribal erasure/extent: 1 letter] Rectabrat m Tuadgaile m Nere mc Thacain m Enna m Echach m Gaine mc Era m h-Irchond.

Sund condrecat Aes Irruis Tuascirt & Aes Irruis Descirt.


Fland & Rectabra da brathair .i. dá m Aithechdai .i. AEd Roin m Rectabrat m Athechdai mc Thalamnaig m Laidgcind. m Báitain mc Donnain m Mogain mc Cuirp mc Cett mc [gap: scribal erasure/extent: 5 letters] Decci m Imchada mc Cuirp Luigdech mc Ailella Bascain nó Oengusa Corpri. m Conaire Móir. nó Conaire mc Moga Lama. Sund condrecat fri Muscraige.

.Uii. mc Décci quem Patricius baptizauit: Bolg. Cett. Conaire. Dubthach. Mac Thail. Mac Moenaig. Conla. h-Uidriu epscop mc Cuain mc Lugdech mc Fintain .m. Mechair mc Conaire mc Decci.

Da mc Cuirp .i. Imchad et Corpthe.

Trí mc Corpthe: Brocán & Cathbarr. Dobthae.

{folio 325a}

[gap: illegible gloss/extent: ? letters]

Lucta mc Dobthae. Carri m Luctae.

.U. mc Imchada: Decce. Nubron tri derbrathir. Daeron & Nemonchath da mc cumaile.

Cerere m Mail Shenain m Bráin m Con Chathrach m Saergaile m Úargosa m Bricc m Con Abla m Tulchain m Bernaig m Thenni m Dubthaig m Becce.



Lennan m Catharnaig m Aeda m Rectabrat m Aithechdai m Mael Brigti m Athechdai m Thalamnaig m Aeda m Rectabrat.

Cathrannach m Meic Raith m Bascind m Briain m Murchada m Cathrannaig m Aeda m Rectabrat.

Oct mc Rectabrat .i. Aed. Oengus. Murthele. Art. Dubinrecht. Carpre. Eoganan. Fland. Niall.

Nectan m Longain m Coscraig m Dunchada m Oengusa m Rectabrat.

Cellach m Brain m Carpri m Rectabrat m Bressa m Brain m Fhlathniat m Murthile m Rectabrat.

{folio 325b}

Huathmar m. Uchain m Fiachae m Airt m Rectabrat.

Sidechan mc Cathmoga m Neill m Rectabrat.

Cigurán m Flaind m Olchobuir m Dubinrecht m Meic Legind m Clerig m Fothaid m Flaind m Rectabrat m. Inmain m Bruic Duib m Cachir m Eoganain m Rechtabrat.


.Uii. mc Athechdai .i. Rectabra et Torpaid et Dub Da Lethi et Fland et Gallchobor et Mael Tuli et Dub Durlais.


Trí mc Cualnge: Dub Daire. Dairbran. Beccan.

Oenu m Eogain m Mescill m Thipraite m Dondgaile m Snedgusa m Narchride. (Im Narchride condrecat .h. Chonarge) m Dub Daire m Cualnge m Lugdech

m Mangain et Donnan m Cuirp Ceit m Decci i m Imchada.

Art m Diarmata m Bairich m Ainmchellaig m Shiadail m Fáelchinged m Ferchiss m Dairbrain m Cualngi.

{folio 325c}

Longsech m Eoganain m Cernaig m Cellaig m Inrectaig m Beccain m Cualnge.

Uathmaran m Cathain m Brain m Flandabrat m Aeda m Dunlaing m Duib Chonna m Cathail m Adgin m Dungain m Dimmae Gairb m Athail m Dallain m Noe m Imchada.

Sund condrecat anair & aníar mcne Dunamail .i. Dub Conam & Dungalach. Anmchad et Dub Derg et Dúnlainge et Uargusa.



Dunechaid m Echach Éli m Dungaile m Becce (cuius filius Fiangal.) m Flaind m Subni m Dermata m Bledini m Ennai m Bresail m Mail Maire m Carthind m Conaill m Nenta Con m Ailella m Echach Fedlig m Rechdada &rl.

Tri mc Becce m Forainn .i. Dungal. Fiangal. Bran.

Corc Aela do Shíl Conlai mc Taidc mc Céin doib.

{folio 325d}

Corco Thene do Shíl Tened m Briain m Echach dóib.

Tri ardacmi Corc Aela .i. h. Dunertaig et h. Midgusa et h. Amraid.

Dá ardacme Corco Thened .i. Cland Maeludir et Cenel n-Erc.

Na tri Fothaid .i. Fothad Argdech. Fothad Carptech. Fothad Dolos. Tri mc Fainnche ingine Náir mc Airmóra. &c. quod alibi scripsi. Sunt qui dicunt.

Maicnia i athair na Fothad mc Corpri m Cormaic m Mesen Súad m Messin Fuirc m Messin Forcill m Corpri m Menboth.

Alii dicunt. Na tri Fothaid .i. tri mc Feidlimthi mc Niath m Gnathail m h-Irc Moir m Capri m Math Fer.

Et Fedlime Foltcháime. Is de atá Lethglend h-Irc. Is de ro cet

    1. Nico r-rabe rigdomna
      bad mó h-Erc mc Feidlimi.

I l-Loch Rí báte.

Aliter Clanna Conaill Cernaig: Eogan & Ailill et Sem. Et Fer Tlactga. Cathnia & Druthnia. Cland Uathnia Uathne Tiri & Uathne Cliach quod fortasse uerius est.


Matudan m Ruadrí m Cathniat m Cathalain {folio 325e} m Cathain m Dermata m Oengusa m Gormgaile m Lathim m Fogertaig m Dondgalaig m Fhothaid m Tommáin m Fhinain m Fhiachrach m Fhintain m Nad Fraich m Meic Lasre m Meic Caille m Fhergusa m Dallain m Fhachtnai m Fhothaid Argdich m Maicniat ar roptar fat tri mc Maicniat na trí Fothaid.


Longsech m Setnai nó Sestain m Congeltaig m Donchada m Echach m Naennenaig m Brocain m Beraig.

Cethri mc Noennenaig m Brocain .i. Echdach & Forbassach & Fogartach et Murgius.


Dungalach m Ailella m Meic Con m Connacht Cilline m Fergusa m Ailella m Meic Rithe m Conaill Chláin m Gerain m Duach m Maicnioth m Meic Con m Lugdech Laigde m Dáre Sírchrechtaig m Sidebuilg m m Fir Shuilmi {folio 325f} m Techmanrach m Lugmanrach m Loga m Ethlend m Lugdach m Itha. m Bregoin.


Cóicn mc Dáre Sirchrethaig .i. Lugaid Laigde dia tat Corco Laígde. Lugaid Cál dia tát Calraige. Lugaid Corcthe dia tát Corcorthe. Lugaid Laiges. Lugaid Corp. Lugaid Coscaire dia tat Coscraige lasna Désib dia m-bái Danél mc Fathaig.

Tri mc Conchinni .i. ingine Cathboth .i. Mac h-Irc. Oengus. Conall Cloen.

Da mc Treno: Oengus Mac Irc. Conall Cloen m Gerrain. Deich mc Conaill Clóen. A cóic díb ar Doraib. A cuic aile far n-Doraib. A cóic dib fristontís a féich. A cóic rosnasctis a féich.

Inna cuic ar Doraib .i. Eochaid Liath. Eogan. Mac Rithe Cenfhota. Aed. Aelod.

Inna cuic fri Duru aníar. Mac Tail. Eochaid Cend Mairc. Eochaid Cend Muscraige. Eochaid Cirrige. Lugaid.

Silan epscop m Falbe m Ladcind m Fiachrach m Scellain m Irc Bic m Eogain m Conaill Clóen.

{folio 325g}

Bran a h-Echtge m Donngaile m Corach m Scelláin.

Fennid mc Murchertaig m Cuain m Fhergusa.

Milchonach m Blaithmeic m Locheni m Aeda Caelchois m Ailella m Fhergusa m Ailella m Echach Leith m Conaill Clóen.

Cú Allaid m Cuain m Ladcind m Aeda Caindeirc m Carthaig.

Eochaid m Dungaile m Failinn m Rónain m Aeda Camdeirg.


Dungal m Tuathail Bérri m Aeda Find m Carthind m Meic Con m Meic Rithe.

.U. mc Carthind: Aed Find. Aed Camderc. Ailill. Suibne. Conall.

Cú Chúmael m Meic Rithe m Conath m Cilleni.

Da mc Cillini m Meic Con. mc Meic Rithe.

Dinertach mc Fiachrach m Aeda Gairb m Fiachna m Fessfodde m Fiachrach Follerbe m Echach Cind Mairc. m Conaill Clóen.

Snedgal m Con Dúli m Crundmáil m Suibni m Carthaig m Ailella m Echach Léith m Conaill Clóen.

Da mc Geraén: Conall Clóen. Conall Find, {folio 325h} H-uí Geraein .i. Aes Achaid Mingthi.

Cethri mc Aeda Find: Bresal. Tuathal. Murchad. Tipraite.

Da mac Con: Ailill. Fland Ardda.


Dondgus mc Con Chongelt m Sainclannaig m Scanláin Duib m Aeda mc Shílain m Oengusa m Illedon.

Cluchine mc Sochme m Ladcinn mc Fheradaig m Murchertaig m Oengusa mc Illedon m Maicnioth mc Dúite m Echach mc Badamnai.


Dub Dísirt mc Dasen(i) m Goibnend mc Aeda m Silain mc Oengusa.

Folascach mc Ladcnen m Rónain mc Fhergnai m Fhergusa mc Coluim m Oengusa m Illedon.


Carpre mc Dinasca m Tricdromma m Fhínain mc Colmain m Bruneni m Murmuirn m Carpri mc Oengusa m Trena mc Duach.

Mane mc Falbe m Emini. mc Crithi m Senaig mc Ennai m Mani mc Oengusa m Trena mc Duach.

Murgal mc Celtchair Chlidna m Furudrain m Emini.

Fer Edinn mc Mael Athgeain m Ladcind mc Colmain m Bruneni.

Odrocan mc Conlai m Slebini mc Fhergnai Chiúil m Aeda mc Fhintain m Echach mc Oengusa.



Da mc Trena mc Duach. Mac [gap: scribal erasure/extent: one or two letters] Irc. & Oengus.

Trí mc Conchinni ingine Cathboth .i. Mac h-Irc. & Conall Clóen. Oengus in tres mc. Issed Cenel Conchinne a fhéic h-o Duni cosin drochet ic Loch Anmchada.

Trí mc h-Irc: Cormac. Bla. Ros.

{folio 326a}

Fergus mc Lapae m Fhiachnai m Rosa m Meic h-Irc m Treno.

Factna m Mainig m Cairill m Fhiachnai m Rosa m Meic h-Irc m Trena.


Dub Dúin m Flannain m Cobdenaig m Colmáin m Flannain m Branduib m Etarsceli m Nath Í m Oengusa Builg. m Niod m Meic Con mc Lugdech.

Da mc Lugdech: Oengus Bolg et Oengus Dubblesc.

Tri mc Fhlannain: Mochonna. Eltinni. Colom.

Da mc Eltini: Indlide et Ussine.



Do shíl Cais mc Cuirc d'Uib Echach.

Oenmc la Cas .i. Eocho. Da mc Echach .i. Crimthand et Lugaid Cichech o tát .h. Lugdech.

Is eside ro alt da mc Crimthaind .i. Aed & Loegaire asa chích. & ba fuil dobered Aed asa chích. Et ba loim dobered Loegaire assa chích. Conid ed ro tuced ass. Neim gascid ar Ceniul Aeda. Sonus immorro ar Ceniul Loegaire.



Dub Da Bairend {folio 326b} m Domnaill m Oengusa m Lathniat m Anilte m Selbaig m Fergail m Elathaig m Dunlaing m Claranaig m Carpri Riastrai m Aeda Osrig m Loegaire m Crimthaind. (Sund condrecat Cenel Aeda & Cenel Loegaire.) m Echach m Caiss m Cuirc.

.Uii. mc Echach .i. Crimthand. Lugaid. Caibleni. Aennae. Dam. Collarc. Brigall. Murithach. Brian.

Sed horum trium genera defecerunt.

Trí mc Crimthaind: Loegaire. Aed Urgarb. Cormac.

Duban mc Cardidi m Cuanglai m Diarmata m Cormaic m Eogain m Lugdech Cablini m Echach.

Xii. mc Lugdech Cablini e quibus heredes sunt octo.

Fergus m Ailella m Connath m Artgaile m Bécce m Fhergusa m Cind Fhaelad m Feildimid (cuius frater Scandal fuit mc Sodailbe de Chorco Birnd. Hinc Cenel Sodailbe) m Tigernaig m Aeda Urgairb m Crimthaind.

{folio 326c}

Ganimach m Con Cuan m Congaile m Gaibenaig m Maeli Umai m Feidlimthi.

Slogedach m Dub de Subne. m Foltaig m Subni m Marcain m Feidlimid.


Hectgus m Dungaile m Gertaide m Dicolla m Corre m Feidlimid.

Dungal m Mael Anfaid m Conbraite m Feidlimid.

.U. mc Feidlimid: Combrat. Corr. Fergus. Marcan. Mael Uma.

Tipraite m Fergusa m Feidlimid. m Tigernaig m Aeda Urgairb.


Mael Muad m Brain m Cein m Spelain m Cathniat m Conchobuir m Con Chongelt m Ailella Broga. m Connath m Artgaile m Fhir Da Lethi m Becce m Fhergusa m Fheidlimthi m Tigernaig m Aeda m Crimthainn m Echach.

Cethri mc Ailella Broga .i. Fergus. Flandchad. Cu Chongelt. Dub Conna.


Hinrechtach m Torptha m Mind Mache. {folio 326d} m Duib Dá Bárc m Moenchini m Crunmail m Conaill m Lasre m Moenchine m Moenaig Móir m Echach m Trena m Meic Bróc.

Echaid & Fiachra da mc Trena quem genuit de sorore sue quam habuit uxorem.


Cendselach m Labrada cuius genus in Lagnensi terra habitat.

Aires m Censelaig quorum dux Dubchormac ab hoc nomine uocatus est ideo quia pater eius obiit. nascente illo. propter memoriam mortis patris eius uocatus est Dubchormac

Rusene et Cluchechair et Suibne tri mc Lapae m Aeda m Causan m Ailella m Echach m Trena m Meic Bróc.

Da mc Aeda: Lapa & h-Ulide.

Airtene m Airmedaig m Lapae.

Subne m Mael Uma m Lasre m Echach m Trena.

Coeserach m Conaill m Mane m Fergusa m Scandail m Moenaig m Echach mc Treno. m. Meic Broc.

{folio 326e}


Domnall m Clerig m Cellaig m Mael Patric m Aeda m Cellaig m Selbaig m Maeludir m Indgusa m Cluchechair m Cellaig m Fhalbe m Conchind m Indlide m Folain m Coluim m Baithin m Oengusa m Corre m Iair m Cuirc.

Trí mc Iair: Lugaid et Corr et Conall.



Domnall m Aeda m Conchobuir m Mael Declain m Diarmata m Aeda m Dubacain m Lommanaig m Muridaig m Dailgaile m Cellaig m Con can Gairm m Dathail m Matnáin m Shíláin m Lasri m Dathail m Sairi m Saiglend m Dé m Labrada m Caes m Buain m Moga Ruith m Cuinisc m Fhir Dechet m Forgib m Fhirglain m Fhirfhalid m Caer m Fhergusa m Roig m Rosa m Rudraige.

{folio 326f}


Cormac m Mael Ochtraig m Aeda Becain m Eogain m Cormaic m Crimthainn m Echdach m Oengusa m Nad Fraich.

Da mc Echach m Oengusa .i. da Crimthand do brith don rig .i. Crimthan Femin i Casiul Crimthand mc Dercu i n-Daurlus Airthir Chliach.

.Uii. mc Cormaic: Crimthann. Aed Beccain et Aed Dub. Conall. Fiachna. Fergus & Garban.

Fland m Muchthigirn m Cellaig m Crunmael m Cormaic.

Diummasach & Cellach da mc Dínertaig .m. Mael Umai m Aeda m Duibcormaic.

Fer Edind m Dunennaig m Diarmata m Caichnenta m Conaill m Cormaic.


Fiannamail m Fechin m Brain m Mathgamna m Conaill m Cormaic nó Tomtenaig m Maeli Odra m Garbain m Cormaic.

Cuanachtach m Con cen Mathair m Fergusa m Cormaic.

Anluan m Concumal m Dicolla m Maili Uma m Fergusa Scandail.

Da mc Crimthaind: Fergus Scandal & Cormac.

{folio 326g}


Conaic m Larcada. m Duib Rubai m Fialaig. m Colmain m Aurgnaith m Tuirc m Ailella m Cathbath m Lugthir m Ailella Flaind Bic.

.Ui. mc Alella mc Cathbath: Cormac. Torc. Trien. Enna. Erc. Mac Arda.


Senchan m Úarchride m Adoer m Fholachtain m Brocain m Calce Airdde m Ludech Soer m Thoeca m Laidir. m Cathnill m Imrosnada m Fhir Thlactgai.

Trí mc Rosa Roig Rodani: Fergus. Fer Ceug. Fer Tlachtga.

Cend Faelad m Fhailbe Sreim m Faelain Donnaigi m Cind Fhaelad m Maeludir m Ronáin Móir m Odrain. m Caelbotha m Ditha m Nochori m Neill m Nathri m Cathri m Cuirc m Duib.



Cethri mc Laidir ind arad .i. Dail & Toeca & Arta. & Noene.

.Uii. mc Daula .i. Luger ecna mc Daula.

{folio 326h}

Corc Dul. Fathach mc Daula. Olcu Craibdech mc Daula. Dia chlaindside iarum na naem.

Ailbe mc Uilc Nais m Olcon m Daula.

Epscop Senach m Conaire m Cainnig m Olcon.

Colman m Trena m Olcon.

Scuthine m Senaig m Brethaig m Meic Nath Í m Brocain m Cainnig m Olcon.

Issed iarum ro bái de chlaind Olcon i n-oenamsir lán ind róit o Disiurt Scuthin sues. eter da chrois eter da chlad cenmotha inní ro bói riam & iarum. Conid iar sain ro scailset in chland noebsin ind Olcon Craibdig fo ailithri & do loc eisergi. Athair iarum ind Olchon Craibdigsin .i. Dula mc Laidir ara Con Corp. mc Imrosa Nitha mc Fhir Thlachtga.


Mael Morda m Mael Ruanaid m Rogellaig m Tuathchair m Caelboth m Colmain m Fithmuini Finnig {folio 326i} m Branduib Beldeirg m Brudi m Brudach m Find m Lugdach Lámhlúaith m Loga Lethdeirg m Luctai m Lamthig m Daula m Laidir.


Uallachan m Dub Lachtnai m Corcráin m Flathgili m Rosa m Brangaile m Fhiannachtaig m h-Uaman m Colman m Fithmuri m Findáich.


Caellaide m Duinn m Mael Chiarain m Baithellaig m Beccain m Cuain m Cillini m Binduib m Baethchellaig m Senaig m Rinne m Diarmata m Forannain m Lassernai m Imchada m Aurchada m Meic Conicc mc Conlai m Dicolla m Lochain m Lugair Ecnai m Dula mc Laidir.


Deich mc ic Fland mc Irc. Ledban o tát .h. Ledbain & Scanlan o tát .h. Scanláin. Sathgel o tát .h. Sathgil. Gallchobor o tát .h. Gallchobuir. Aurthuile o tát .h. Urthuili. Murchad o tát .h. Murchada. Cormac diarbo mc Becan mc Cormaic {folio 327a} o tát .h. Bécain. Et Artgal o tát .h. Artgaile. Et Conchobor. Et ní armither síl lais.

Scanlán immorro sé mc leis .i. Mael Cellaig o tát .h. Mael Cellaig. Et Dúnadach o tát .h. Dúnadaig. Et Muridach o tát .h. Muridaig. Et Dúbartach o tát .h. Dúbartaig. Et Flannabra o tát .h. Fhlandabrat. Et Bran tát .h. Brain.

Cummascach ó tát .h. Cummascaig. Mcside Oengusa mc Nectain Cendfhotai.

Lachin mc Nectain Cendfhotai o tát Áes Ragni.

Dub Inrecht mc h-Irc o tát .h. Duib Inrecht .&rl.


In Findshúilech et in Dubshulech .i. Dond Slebe et Cinaed tri mc Cathbuadaig sin m Murchertaig m Aeda m Maele Duin m Nectain.


Scanlán mc Cathail m Aeda mc Dubartaig m Dunechda m Aeda mc Conaic m Cummini m Aeda Bennain.

Murcherdach .i. .h. Cerbaill m Meic Raith m Fursonta m Lachtnai m Cathbuadaig m Mugroin m Cerbaill m Lathim m Aeda m Congaile m Maeli Duin m Aeda Bennain m Crimthaind m Cobthaig m Duach m Mathni m Corpri m Cuirc mc Lugthig m Aeda Bennain.

{folio 327b}

H-ua Cinaeda m Clothnai m Aeda m Congaile m Blaith Locha &rl.


Clothgna m Carpri mc Flaind m Clothnai m Cinaeda m Aeda mc Congaile m Maeli Dúin m Aeda Bennain.


Aed mc Celechair m Curida m Ellibuir m Bonnamair m Carthind m Fiachrach m Carpri m Cuirc.


Aes Iste dano .i. Síl n-Ernaig mc Carpri mc Cuirc .i.
Domnall m Irthaile m Innastain m Dub Shlane m Bercgin m Muridaig m Ernaig m Maithne m. Cairpri mc Cuirc.

AÉs Gréne dano .i.
Aille mc Adnaig m Segdai m Agdai m Arrochtain m Aedain m Artgaile m Aeda Bennain m Crimthaind m Cobthaig.


Ailill mc Nath Fraich o tát .h. Énnae Áne. Da mc Enna Áne: Garban & Amalgaid.

Cethri mc Olchobuir .i. Maelmaith & Finnachta. Cobthach et Come. Cland Corne as érgnu and.

Mael Guala & Ségin da mc Rind. Et is da silside Cland Ciarmaic.

{folio 327a}

Gilla Ailbe m Meic Maras m Ciarmaic m Mail Guala m Rind m [gap: illegible/extent: 1 letter]Ninláne m Cerbaill m Corne m Olchobuir m Duib Inrecht m Cathassaig m Uisnig nó m Mael Umai m Cuan m Amalgada m Ailella m Nath Fraich m Lugdach.

Da mc Cuain .i. Mael Uma et Cend Faelad.

Dondgalach et Tuathal et Dub Inrecht et Cernach et Flathrí cúic mc Cathassaig mc Maele Umai mc Cuain.

Cend Faelad m Tuathail m Tipraite m Eoganain m Crundmail m Conaill m Garbaín m Ennae.



Mathgamain m Meic Bethad m Conchobuir m Cathail m Conchobuir m Muridaig m Diarmata m Aeda m Cobthaig m Cormaic m Inrechtaig m Mael Choba m Flaind Eorna m Colmain m Rectabrat m Maeli Tuile m Aithlech m Enaig m Retha m Erba m Imchada m Mochon m M'Oluim m Messe Chon {folio 327d} m Moga Airt m Orbsen m Echadon m Artrí m Echomain m Idnaire m Delmnae m Ónne m Lonne m Ulsaig m Thamain m h-Ér m Fhergusa m Rosa m Roig Rodanai. m Echdach m Carpri. (H-íc condrecat fri Corc Oche immorro Charpre m Lugdech) m Lugair m Loga m Ethlend m Donond m Bratha m Connaith m Deatha m Ercfhatha m Ceu m Ilebuir m Bouis m Anfois m Fethoil m Fothoil m Órni Culbennaig. (Sund condrecat & Fir Maigi Féni) m Fidbi Faeburdeirg m Munremair m Condnig m Ollóti m h-Érech Febria. (Issed eside indara óethigern déc rogab h-Erinn) m Miled Espane.


Cethri mc Oscair .i. Conbrach et Baeth. et Fraech et Lugbarn.

Trí mc la Conbracc. Bruice et Cút. Et Linge.

Oenmc la Bruice .i. Tál. Da mc Tháil: Mac Ier & Amargin.


Oénmc la Amargin .i. Senach. Tri mc Senaig .i. Fuiline et Maelán. & Cronán.

{folio 327e}

Oenmc la Fulini .i. Maeldub. Da mc Maelduib .i. Rudrach. Et Dub Da Chrích .i. Maclaech. Et Dub Da Lethe. Et Oengus & Orgus. Et Soergus.

Bruatiud m Flathbertaig m Duib Chruib m Rechtabrat.

Longsech m Finnachtai m Banbain m Órgusa m Duib Da Chrích {folio 327f} m Maclaig m Duib Da Chrích m Baith m Fuiline m Senaig Máir m Amairgin m Thail m Bruice m Conbroic m Oscair m Sula & rl.The text now continues on 327e

{folio 327e}

Cacher m Loegaire m Fhlandabrat m Bricceni m Saergusa m Duib Da Chrích.

Mael sanctBrigte m Lathniat m Taidg m Oengusa m Duib Da Chrích.

Mael Ciarain m Maele Caích m Fhlathrúi m Duib Da Lethi m Duib Da Chrích.

Hic multa praetermitto.


Fiangus & Inrechtach da mc Fholachtaig m Guari m Lugdech m Coluim Chruim m Cainnig m Forgo m Meic Eirce (d'Ub Lugdech Éli in gabulsin ut dicunt quidam) m Imchada m Lame Feola m Cliathri m Mothaire m Fhergusa .c. m [gap: name omitted/extent: ? letters]


{folio 327f}


Tri mc h-Irc. Coel. Lugach. Losc. Is de atá Lethet Luisc i crích na Desi Tuaisc(i)rt de Athniu dollotar Oengus mc Nad Fraich dobert tír dóib.

Cendlachan m Brocain de h-Uib Dubthaige tar Luachair Dubthach. Dinnu. Da mc Currich m Brocain.


Becdegar m Uidreni m Maeluidir m Lathrand m Coluim m Finnabair Cerrda (qui inuenit aes in Hibernia mulieribus quibusdam quandam lapidem mouentibus).

{folio 327g}


Faelchad. Dunchad. Dub Tire. tri mc Eogain mc Bregduilb m Cummascaig m Cobthaig m Aeda m Fintain m Lasre m Cainnig m Ernbraind m Nioth m Brioin m Eogain m Bricc m Art Chuirp m Mes Gegra m Cuirp m Corpri Rígróin. m Fhiachach Suidge. m Feidlimthe Rechtada. m Tuathail Techtmair.

Da mc la Tuathal Techtmar. Feidlimid Rechtaid. Et Fiacha(id) Crisse Argait dia tá Dál Fiachach Éle.

Murchertach m Bricc m Airt Chuirp m Faelain m Cormaic m Mothlai m Rudrach m Cormaic m Domnaill m Dunchada m Bregduilb m Cummascaig m Cobthaig m Aeda m Fhintain m Meic Lasre m Cainnig.



    1. Bran Find Femin     fuath slúaig
      sluind Mael     na n-Ochtrag h-uaib.
    2. Eo cain Cobthach.     Aed Fintan már
      Mac Lasre. Cainnech.     Ernbrand án.
    3. Amra na fedba     fecc.
      Niad ba Brion     Eogan Brecc.
    4. Bid im sceol     scel n-úag
      Art Corb{folio 327gb} art     míl múad.

Mes [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] corbb muchd [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] mes g[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] guinec [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] Gradmar mes in [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] Fuair corb [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] is con rí [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] carpre [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] Ca [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] cna f[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] d ua [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] locha Feidlimid. Tuathal tua
[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]

{folio 327h}Manchine m Denmnetaig m Rónain m Fiachnai m Fhintain m Meic Lasre m Cainnig.

Trí mc Fiachnai .i. Forannan. Colman Bec. Denmnetach.

Mac Carthind m Faeláin m Fhinain m Rónain m Carthind m Brenaind m Dallain m Oengusa m Brioin.

Da mc Dalláin: Brenaind et Oengus.


Ger mc Gubbi m Fhintain m Lasre m Daurthacht m Blathchon m Mundig Blai. m Intait m Brioin.

Dub Dromma m Manchin m Falbe m Commain m Fiachrach m Corpri m Dubthaige m Mundig Duib m Intait m Brioin.

Hinc Loch De Mundech h-i tírib Mugdorne.

Hengalach m Con Dithrib m Crundmael m Fhiachnai m Cobthaig.

{folio 328a}

Cerrshalaig m Echdach m Tigernaig m Nad Buidb m Niod m Brioin.

Fiachra m Nio m Oengusa m Intait.

Cethri mc Intait: Mac Tháil. Aed. Mundech Thai. Mundech Dub.

Da mc AEda. Ernine mc Nad Fraich.

Huc usque .h. Briuin.

[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]
[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]
g m Rothniuil m Conaing m Marcain m Cormaic m Aeda m Fhurgern m Iarlaithe m Mani m Ailella m Rosa m Anblothi m Eogain m Bricc.

.Uii. mc Brigti ingine Dubthaig de Ultaib. Irruis. Feidlimid. Clár a quo .h. Chláre issed a charn fil i n-Etarba iniu.


Cormac mc Fomtenaig nó Fóindenaig m Duib Crumin m Maeluidir m Cilleni m Cormaic m Aennai m Caelboth m Thoicthig m Ailella.

Fer Da Lethi m Fetamail m Forannain m Brocain m Fiachnai m Fhergusa m Tigernaig.

Cethri mc Tigernaig .i. Fergus. Fuitgern. Fiachna. Crimthan.

{folio 328b}Fiachna m Fidgnáid m Tomméni m Fiachnai m Eogain m Fuirtgeirn m Tigernaig.

Huc usque .h. Brigti.


Cormac m Rosa m Maeli Fothartaig m Fingein m Nad Foglaith m Lugdech m Echach m Echdach m Cormaic m Rosa.

.Uii mc Cormaic: Corpre. Mac Tail. Dau. Eochu. Mane. Feidlimid.

Is díb Ferta na Ríg i n-Airthiur Fhemin.

.Ui. mc Fheradaig mc Fhingin .i. Mael Athgen. Mael Fhathartaig. Becc. Ailill. Conall. Crunmael.

Fogertach mc Mael Umai m Aeda m Fhingin.

Da mc Aeda: Mael Uma et Mael Octraig.


Heslesach m Brúin m Berchain m Fhiadail m Fhiachrach m Fhiachnae m Larini m Illedan m Fir Gair m Rosa. m Bricc m Airt Cuirp.


Cuan mc Mael Athgen m Berchain.

{folio 328c}Faelgus mc Dulind m Emini m Berchain.

Snedgus mc Duib Chlotige m Thutain m Berchain.

Cethri mc Berchain .i. Bran. Mael Aithgen. Emini. Tutan.

Faelchu m Con Dinisc m Conamla m Cluiblugi m Suibni m Commain m Cobthaig m Fiachrach m Fothaid m Lugdech sed uerius est Fothaid m Eirce m Caelboth m Cruind m Lugdach m Echdach m Cormaic m Rosa m Bricc m Airt Chirp.

Da mc Lugdech m Echdach: Nad Foglaid. Fothud.

Cethri mc Commain mc Cobthaig: Suibne. Ladcnen. Aedan. Mael Anfaid.

Noe mc Subne. Dunchad. Fothod. Fiachra. Cu Chongelt. Cend Faelad. Sechnasach. Conamail. Congal. Fergus.

Da mc Bricc mc Art Chuirp: Ros. Eogan.

{folio 328d}Da mc Art Chuirp: Brecc. Oengus.

Da mc Rosa: Cormac. Fer Gair.

Tri mc Eogain: Brion. Anfloth. Nannid.

Húc usque .h. Fothaid.


Crech Fartrae m Cuanach m Brocain m Echdach m Setnai m Dari m Intait m Lugdach m Dargabail m Oengusa.

Da mc Oengusa m Art Chuirp: Daurgabal et Daursaegul.

Tri meic Daurgabail: Lugaid. h-Erc. Anmar.

Da mc Daurshaeguil: Daurthacht. Nad Féic.

.Ui. mc Brocain mc Echach: Cuanu. Scanlán. Forchellach. Dimma. Ossan. Ronan.


Scanlan m Echtgaile m Faelain m Scanlain m Brocain.

Fiadal m Uargalaig m Maeli Umai m Fhiadail m Echdach.

Dub Da Muige m Blaimeic m Eogain m Aeda m Fiacha m Tigernaig m h-Irc Cenmair. m Daurgabail m Oengusa.

Treae familie .i. Daurgabail a quo Dub De Moge. et Aes Torra daae Corc. Duinech a quo .h. Orci.

AEd Toesech.

Cilline mc Dimmae m Finaen m Cobthaig {folio 328c} m Gulbain m Echen m Daurthacht m Daurgabail.

Setna m Cilline m Fhinaen m Combraite m Setnai m Fochde m Crimthain m Feic m Daurgabail m Oengusa.

Flathgius m Fiangaile m Gemill m Bricc m Forchellaig m Brócáin m Echdach mc Shétnai.

Oengus m Snedgaile m Craig Furtre m Cuanach m Brocain.

.Uiii. mc Aedgaile: Scanlan. Dunadach. Odor. Fland. Tnuthgal. Snedgal. Slogedach. Forchellach.

Da mc Fáelain: Eogal & Bécc.


Tri mc Bécce: Eochaid. Fergal. Fuirmeltach.

Cethri mc Gemill mc Bricc: Fiangal. Oengus. Tuathal.


Trí mc Daurthacht. Echen. Mac Lasrind. Echde.

Oenmc la Echen. Gulben.

Oenmc la Mac Lasrend. Eochu.

Oenmc la Eoch-. Lugaid.

Tri mc Lugdach. Baetan. Moenach. Liatnach.

{folio 328f}


Galenga tair & tíar. Ciannachta tess & túaid. Luigne tair & tiar et na cethri Delbna. Delmna Mór & Delmna Bec. i m-Mide. Delmna Ethra i n-iarthur Mide. Et Delmna Tire Da Locha i Connachtaib. Galenga dí Ciannacht cland Taidc mc Cein mc Ailella Oloim.

Sadb dí ingen Chuind Cetchataig mathair .uii. mc Ailella Uluim. Is dibside Cían athair Taidc. Is iat ro marbtha i cath Mucrima. La Lugaid mc Con et la Lugaid Lága mc Moga Nuadat .i. brathair a n-athar. ISseside ro marb Art mc Cuind i cath Mucrima.

Beinne Britt immorro issé ro marb Eogan mc Ailella. Conid ro marb Lugaid Lága fo chétoir. Tricha cét a m-Mumain ro bói Mac Con & .xxx. cet a l-Leith Chuind & .xxx. cet a Bretnaib immorro mc ríg Bretan .i. Beinne. Trí méich fo thri do grannaib catha tucsat leo dar muir.

Gabais Lugaid mc Con trá rige h-Erenn bái .uii. m-bliadna .xx. i r-rige coro n-innarb Cormac mc Airt. Et gabaisside rige h-Erenn co tanic nert Ulad fris. Coro n-innarbsat é i Connactaib iar m-brith a n-giall & iar n-denam na fledi dóib do Chormac i tuasciurt Maige Breg dia tarat gilla ríg Ulad in chaindel fo fholt Chormaic coro loisc co m-mór.

Tri mc Imchada mc Fhinnachta mc Ogomain m Fiatach .i. Fergus Dubdetach. Et Fergus Casfhiaclach et Fergus Foltlebor.

Luid Cormac co Tadg mc Cein ara tísad leiss do thabairt chatha do Ultaib. Tabar ferand damsa aire ar Tadc. Doberthar duit ar Cormac ina timchellfa do charpat chaidche iar m-brissiud in chatha do Maig Breg. Gebatsa ar Tadcg. Eirgsiu ar Tadc co Lugaid Lága & tuc latt é don chath. & bratimse duit in baile i fuigbe é 'na chotlud.

Et luid Cormac co fuair é 'na chotlud. Et impais rind in gai ria chride. Cia dogni seo ar Lugaid. Cormac sunna ar se. Dlige ar Lugaid messe. Is me ro marb th'athair. A héraicc damsa ar Cormac. Cend ríg i cath duit ar Lugaid. Gebatsa ar Cormac cend ríg Ulad. Fergusa Dubdetaich. Dobersa ar Lugaid.

Lotar na slóig co m-batar immorro Brug Meic ind Óc [gap: scribal erasure/extent: 4/5 letters]i Crinna cind chomair dóib. Et ni arlaic Tadg in cath do thabairt co matain arnabarach. IMtriallait co moch & niro leiced Cormac issin cath. Bái ar cul in catha i clud & a gilla osa chind. Et dorat Cormac a erred imme. & baí in gilla i r-rict Cormaic.


Dobeir Lugaid cend leiss & tasselbaid don gillu. Ní h-é ar in gilla cend in ríg acht cend a brathar. Dobeir cend aile lads. Ní h-é ar in gilla acht cend a brathar aile. Dobeir leis in tress cend. Inn éseo ar Lugaid. Ní hÉ ar in gilla. Dobeir buille de don gillu conic ro marb co torchair féin & coro laig nél fair. Ocus coro briss Tadc .uii. catha for Ulto in laasain. Co ránic Glais Nera i taeib Dromma Inasclaind. Unde Flannacán cecinit.

    1. Tadc mac Céin túaid i r-Raith Chró
      ro briss .uii. catha i n-oenló.
      for Ulto co rinna réim
      o tá Crinna co h-Ard Céin.
    2. Cath i n-Argetros lathach.
      cath i Conach garg baethar.
      cath Crinna cid dianid clú.
      cath h-i Sithbiu ba saethar.
    3. Cath Dromma Fuait fúaim fondmar.
      cath carge cruaid co n-armgail.
      for cert Conchobuir claidbig
      condat é a secht samlaid.

Luid iar sain Tadc ina carpat iar n-dul na trí n-gai trít. & gilla leis. Et a mathair in gillai do Leith Moga combad é bad fhiad dó.

Ba nél immorro do Thadc cachra n-uair co ranic iar sein co Ath Cliath {folio 329a} & nir fescor cid andside. Andsin atracht Tadc assa niúl dedenach. Conid and atbert Tadc. Cid tancamar a gillai or se. Tancammar mór ar in gilla. In tucsam Temraig lind ar Tadc. Ni thucsam ar in gilla. Atn-aig Tadg bulli dó conid ro marb. Unde Cinaed cecinit.

    1. Forsind oencloich i r-Ráith Chró
      tuttim na tri Fergussó.
      dia n-erbairt Cormac is gle
      ni chel a doe ar Loge.
    2. Re Tadc ro memaid in cath.
      is ó Chormac dorrograd.
      im sé chatha co n-gail géir.
      o tá Crinna co Ardd Céin.

    3. p.1435

    4. Nenaisc Tadc a chor far sein.
      for Cormac recta rogil.
      ma chuit i m-Bregaib cen brath.
      dia ternad assin morchath.
    5. Mani throethad a ara
      ro festais a morgala.
      ropad re Temraig tir.
      resfed carpat a da rith.

Iar sin doberar dias eórna la Cormac i crecht dia crechtaib. & duirp i crécht aile. & gae i crecht aile. Coro chnessaig tairsiu. & co m-bái bliadain i s-sirg. Luid Lugaid Laga úad ar cend ind fháthlega sin Mumain.

Ticside cona thrí daltaib leis. Cocualatar éigem ind fhir ic tiactain dóib dochum in tige. Cia h-égim seo ar in liaig. Cnet do chulg ar in dalta toesech. Craét so doridisi ar in liaig. Cnet do míl beó ar in dalta aile. Craet so dano ar in liaig risin tress cneit. Cnet do rind ar in tres dalta.

Dogní in liaig a leges & oslaicid na crechta. & dobertar baicc taris. Et dergthair coltur iar sain i tenid et dober in liaig ammus de for broind ind fhir. Co tanic in días eorna & in duirb mét lochad & in gai & cech a m-bái and archena.

Luid Tadc i m-Mumain et triallais cath do Chormac & dogniat síd.

Tadc dano dá mc leis .i. Conla & Cormac. Conla sen Ciannachta. tess & tuaid. Et sen Éle Muman. Cormac Galeng sen Galeng tair & tiar & na Satne.

Murcherddach m Taidc m Conduib m Mael Fhabaill m Innergi m Mael Temin m Dathgiusa m Lachtnain m Fhuluda m Concellaig m Conla m Luthlaetachta {folio 329ab} m Crechain m Dubain Ciannacta m Fhind m Findcháin m Feicc m Fhindchada m Fulig m Conla m Taidc m Céin.


Dubgall m Cele m Cummascaig {folio 329b} m Urddaig m Tigernaig m Oengusa m Ailella m Cind Faelad m Gertaide m Cronain m Tigernaig m Ailella m Echach Binnig m Dubthaig m Bresail m Fhiachach m Conlai. m Taidc.

Echthigern m Flaind m Echthigirn m Oengusa m Mail Maire m Bresliain m Echach m Mael Dúin m Eodusa m Ailella.

Conla mc Taidg. Da mc leis: Fianchad Dulach et Fiacha.

Findchad m Findchada Ulaig. Is é tóesech ro gab Glend Gaimen. Oct meic leis .i. Fiacha. Etchu. Echen. Fergus. Cassoin. Sobarnach. Coartach. Find.

Cóártach m Loscibet. Bancháinte do Chiannacht Glinne Gaimen do Cheniul Fhergusa m Lemna m Caelboth dobert tír dó atberar Cuartaige de.

Fiacha mc Conla immorro is uadside Cland Fhiachach.

Domnall m Maicnia m Mael Chosc m Domnaill m Maicnia m Tuathail m Eodusa m Ailella m Cind Faelad.

{folio 329c}

Maelodor m Ifernain m Canacain m Denmnetaig m Caracain m Ruadin m Dathgiusa m Lachtnai.

Cormac Galeng m Taidc. Uair ruc gai Taidc leis dochum na m-brocc co tancatar for einech Taidc immach. Unde Galenga nominantur.

Ego autem puto eos immánitate fúmi caloris igniti cogente foras tunc uenisse. Et nec mirum si gentiles putarent eosdem fores praeclari


illius ueritate eos uocatos esse. Et postquam fores egressi sunt et statim Cormaccusl eos occidit. Et ideo exul factus est a suo patre .i. Tadc hinc prouerbium uenit nomen eius gentis.


Domnall m Rigbardain m Con Chorne m Máinaig m Cerbaill (cuius filius Gilla Patric.) m Dublaige m Cnamín m Mainaig m Sechnasaig m Angida m Mael Ruanaid m Ultain m Lonain m Indig m Féic m Táil {folio 327d} m Meic Caire m Arad m Druad m Éli Rigdeirg m Imchada m Eirc m Sabarnaig m Findchain m Fheic m Findchada m Conlai m Taidc m Céin.

Broen m Gillai Brigti m Cuilen m Clerig m Cennetig m Algenain m Mael Ruanaid m Ultain m Lonain m Binnig.


Leocan m Laidgnén m Maelain m Ecnig m Dunchada m Cinaeda m Leocain m Dondgaile m Concobuir m Noendenaig m Mael Mona m Adamra m Dechraig m Dergthosciúil m Airt Choirp m Loi m Cormaic m Taidc m Cein.


{folio 329e}


H-ír octauus filius Militis qui cum uenissent filii Militis in Hiberniam mortuus est & in Sceliuc postea sepultus est. De quo tertia pars regalis generis Hibernie nata est. IR autem unum filium habuit id est Eber. Éber filius Ir qui ante omnes Scottos Campu(m) Lini & quintam partem Hibernie tenui(t).

Da mc la h-Éber .i. Artrí & Ebric. Dorochair Eber la Palam mc h-Erimoin. Ebric mc Ebir da mc leis .i. Cermna & Sobairche. Dá chetrí h-Erenn a h-Ultaib. Accu doronta na da dún .i. Dún Cermna & Dún Sobairchi.

Eocho mc Conmail a m-Mumain ro marb Cermna na dun nó in bello.

Eocho Echcend rí Fomore ro marb Sobairche. Ni ínnister clanna Cermna & Sobairchi.

Art mc Ebir oenmc leis .i. Setna ardrí h-Erenn conic ro marb a mc ut alii dicunt. .i. Fiacha Fínscothe .i. Rothechtaid mc Mane mc Oengusa Olmugaeda do shíl h-Erimoin. Ro marb Setna Art i Cruachan eter dí láim Fiachach Finscothe a mc fodesin. Conid airesin ro marb Fiacha Finscothe i n-digail a enig.

Ollam Fotla mc Fiachach Finscothe mc Setnai mc Airt mc Ebir m Ír m Miled Espain. Is ó Ollomain ainmnigter Ulaid .i. Ulaid Olleith ó Ollomain nó ulcha liatha leo i cath Oenaig Macha .i. oland líath ro cenglad dia smechaib. nó Ulaid .i. ulliu léith leo issin chath.

Ollam Fotla tra is leis dorónad feis Temrach ar tús & is leis doronad múr n-Olloman i Temraig.

Ollam tra bái .x. bl- i r-rige h-Erenn & gabais mórfeisiur dia chlaind ríge h-Erenn cen nech etarru.

Ollam .iiii. mc leis .i. Carpre & Finnachta Slanoll & Gede.

Rudraige mc Sithri mc Duib mc Fomoir mc Argatmair mc Sirlaim mc Find mc Blatha mc Labrada mc Corpri mc Olloman.

Argatmár úa dó Cimbaed mc Fintain mc Argatmáir.

Aed Ruad mc Báduirn mc Argatmair.

Dithorba m Dimmain mc Argatmair.

Is uad ríge cone chlaind.

Rudraige it iatso a mc .i. Congal Cláringnech.


Da mc Congail .i. Uislend athair Anle. & Noesen. & Ardain.

Cathbath drúi. Bresal Bódíbad. secundum quosdam. quidam dicunt eum esse Lagnensem. Mac Rosa mc Rudraige .i. Fergus mc Rosa.

Fer Filed mc Glais mc Rosa.

Celtchair mc Uithechair mc Fothaid mc Fir Fhiled mc Glais.

Ferchertne file mc Oengusa Beldeirg.

ILiach mc Loegaire Buadaich mc Connaid m Ili
[gap: illegible/extent: 3 letters]

Mál mc Rudraige Lett.

Fergus mc Lete.

Illand mc Fergusa.

Gergend at[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]

Cass cuius filius Factna Fathach.

Bricre mc Carbad mc Caiss. Athirne mc Athchló. Errge Echb[gap: letters lost through fracture of margin/extent: 2 letters]el m [gap: letters lost through fracture of margin/extent: ? letters].

Coic ríg fhichet de Ultaib ro gabsat ríge h-Erenn cenmothát na sect rig ro gabsat de Dál Fiatach {folio 330a} daig is do chlaind Oengusa Turbig do Dal Fiatach & do chlaind immorro Ollaman Fotla do Ultaib .i. do Dal Araide. Daig is iatsin na fírUlaid far fír.

Is iatso immorro na ríg .i.

  1. Cermna
  2. Sobairche
  3. Setna Art
  4. Fiacha Finscothe
  5. Ollam Fotla
  6. Finnachta
  7. Slánoll
  8. Gede Ollgothach
  9. Fiac
  10. Berngal
  11. Ailill
  12. Sírlam
  13. Argetmár
  14. Aed Ruad
  15. Dithorba
  16. Cimbaeth
  17. Rudraige
  18. Bresal Bódíbad.
  19. Congal Cláringnech.
  20. Ellim mc Conrach.
  21. Fachtna Fathach.
  22. Mal mc Rochride.
  23. Caelbad.

It iatso immorro na rig ro gabsat o Chimbaeth co Conchobor.

  1. .i. Eocho Eolechair mc Fedaig mc Fómoir m Argetmair .xx. b-
  2. Huamanchend mc Caiss mc Argetmair .l. b-
  3. Conchobor Rot mc Cathair mc Corain .xxx. b-
  4. Fiachra mc Feidlimid
    [gap: illegible gloss/extent: ? letters]

  5. p.1440

  6. Dare mc Forgo mc Feidlimid .lxxi.
  7. Enna mc Rochada mc Feidlimid .u.
  8. Findchad mc Baced mc Dare .ii.
  9. Conchobor Mael mc Fortath mc Forgo .xii.
  10. Rudraige mc Sirthi mc Duib .lxx.
  11. Cormac Lathig mc Conchobuir Mael .xxuii.
  12. Mochta mc Murchaid .iii.
  13. Enna mc Dáire mc Conchobuir .iii.
  14. Eochu Salbude mc Lot .xxx.
  15. {folio 330ab}
  16. BResal Bodíbad mc Rudraige .xii.
  17. Congal mc Rudraige .xiiii.
  18. Factna Fathach mc Cais .xxx.
  19. Fergus Laeta mc Rudraigi .xii.
  20. Fergus mc Rosa mc Rudraigi .iii.
  21. Conchobor mc Factna .xl.

  1. Causcraid Mend Macha .iii.
  2. Glasne mc Conchobuir .ix.
  3. Iarel Glúnmar mc Conaill Cernaich .xl.
  4. Fiacha Findmais mc Iareoil .xx. bl-
  5. Fiacha Find de Dál Fhíatach .iiii.
  6. Muredach mc Fiachach Findmais .iii.
  7. Ellim mc Conrach m Fergusa .xx.
  8. Ogman mc Fiatach .xii.
  9. Mal mc Rochride .xxxu.
  10. Tipraite mc Mail .xxx.
  11. Bresal mc Briuin mc Rocride .xui.
  12. Fergus Dubdetach mc Imchada mc Findchada .iiii.
  13. Eochu Gunnat mc Féic mc Imchada .xui.
  14. Oengus Find mc Fergusa Dubdetaich .uiii.
  15. Oengus Gobnend mc Fergusa Gallini .iiii.
  16. Lugaid mc Oengusa Find .x.
  17. Fiacha Araide .xx.
  18. Feidlimid mc Fiachach .xu.
  19. Imchad mc Fedlimíd .uii.
  20. Forgg m Dallain .iii.
  21. Ros mc Imchada .ii.
  22. Muridach Munderg .xxx.
  23. Eochu mc Lugdach mc Rosa .xx.
  24. Cruind Ba Drui mc Echach .xxii.

  25. p.1441

  26. Froechar Fortrén mc Cruind .x.
  27. Fergus Foga mc Froechair .xl.
  28. Coelbad mc Cruind .xu.
  29. Sárán mc Coelbad .xxui.

Secht primfhlathi di Ultaib im Chonchobor mc Nessa. Bá rí h-Erenn dano Fergus Dubdetach docer i cath Crinna. Ba rí h-Erenn dano Eochu Gunnat. Ba rí dano Fiacha Find. Ba rí dano Daig. Ba rí Muridach mc Forgo. Ba rí h-Erenn & Alban Baetan mc Cairill. Giallais Aedán mc Gabrain dó i r-Ross na Ríg i Semniu. Is dó ro cet ic brith chisa Muman dó fothuaid.

    1. IS mór do mílib{folio 330b}fichet
      o Dún Baetain i l-Lethet.
      IS cían do thír. már do muir
      etarru is Imlech Ibair.
Et is leis glanta Manand. & issin dara bliadain iarna éc dolléicset Gaedil Manaind.


Da mc Fhiatach Find rig h-Erenn .i. Sirchass & Ogman. Is leis arrobad for sídib .i. Sid m-Bresse. Síd Nenta. Sid Femin. Sid Culind quod dicitur Tech Cermnai i Sléib Chulind.

Cóic mc Imchada mc Finchada mc Fogamoin .i. Fergus Foltlebor. Et Fergus Teni fo Brega. & Fergus Dubdétach et Oengus Foscriche. Is é in Fergus Dubdetach ro fhich cath Samna i torchair Cian mc Ailella Oloimm & cath Ferta i torchair Eocho Toebfhota mc Ailella Oloimm. Conid iarum gabais Fergus flaith h-Erenn ar ropdar ríg h-Erenn in días dorochratar lais secundum quosdam. Co torchairsium iarum la Tadg mc Céin & la Cormac .h. Cuind i m-Brega .i. i cath Chrinna.

Tri mc Dubthaig mc Miannaig mc Lugdach .i. Aed. Daig. Dallan. Aed dibaidsede. Is é immorro Daig gabas ríge nh-Erenn far tain ut praedictum est. Is de atá Carn Dega & a quo .h. Dega. A quo etiam Epscop Oengus i r-Ráith na n-Epscop.

Da mc immorro Dalláin .i. Forg & Oengus. Mc dond Oengussin Eocho Rígéices qui hospitatus apud Daimine. & qui sepultus est i n-Domnuch Culind.

Forg mc Dallain immorro da mc déc leis .i. Murbran isseside ro recc in flaith fri sosar na clainne .i. fri Muridach mc Forgo. iarna timna dó.


Combrat a quo Cenel Combraite. Connaid a quo .h. Connaide Enna díbaidside. Nem á quo .h. Nemand la Crimthainniu. Lugaid a quo .h. Lugdech. Bresal a quo .h. Bresail. Longthe a quo .h. Longthe. Conall a quo .h. Conaill. Crimthand a quo Cenél Crimthainn. Oengus Ibtach a quo .h. Ibtaig & mathair eius d'Íbtachaib fuit.

Muridach Munderg quem benedixit Patricius ut alii dicunt in regnum Hiberniae.

{folio 330c}

Cóic mc Muridaig Mundeirg .i. Cairell. Eocho. Brenaind a quo Cenel m-Brenaind. Eogan Merchrom a quo Cenel Merchroim. Maelodor a quo Cenel Maelodir.

Secht mc Eogain Mérchruim .i. Congal. Blaithmac. Subni. Finan. Ronán. Érnine. Cummine.

Secht mc Conaill Chostodaig ar ba flaithside fon oenchumma. Bassí a raind. Ochtar Cuillche nó Cholland i n-Drumnib Breg. Iss inti randsat mc Muridaig nó Cairill a n-orbba.

Cablin a quo Cenel Caiblin. Ainmeri. Cormac. Fandleni. Bruit Bualid. Ginfhiach a quo Cenel n-Geno.

Baetán mc Cairill rí h-Erenn a quo Cu Gabraige. mc Flaind mc Fergaile mc Fergaile mc Dairchello mc Baetain mc Cairill.

Demmán a quo Cenel Demmain. Is é in Demmansa alta la Domangart mc Predae & fichetar leis .h. Echach i cath Dromma Clethi i torchratar secht mc Fhergaile .h. Ibdaig ríg Ulad. Hinc ipse regnauit statim. & genus eius usque hodie regnat.

Cóic mc Demmain .i. Fingen a quo Cenel Fingin. Glassan. Guare. Colman. clerech sithe. Fiachna mcside Demmain mc Garbae ingine Nelline do Cheniul. Cethri mc Fiachnai .i. Dunchad & Mael Duin. Da mc Cumne Duibni ingine Furudrain mc Duib Turtri in sin quae prius peperit filios Baetain mc Cairill. Is é in Mael Dúin ro gáet i n-Oenuch Descirt Maige la Murchad. Is é dano ro ort mccu Baetain mc Cairill & mccu a brathar i n-Dún Mugnae a quo Cenel Murchada.

Demman mc Conroch mc Congaile Cendfhotai mc Dunchada mc Fiachnai.

Dub Lacha dano ingen Fhiachnai mc {folio 330d} Demmain & Cumne Dub ben Mongain mc Fhiachnai mathair Cholgan & Conaill da mc Mongain.

Intan condiacht fer cerdda bratt co Mongan. Asbertsom fri Duib Lacha. Na tiag do eipirt sanaise itau. a n-asbermaisiu matáu ara-mbé do menmainsiu.


    1. A faile im menmainse
      ara-mbé do menmainsiu.
      Dered anma .i. Cumne Dub do mathar
      tossach .i. brat dub th 'anmasu .i. assin derthaig thucad
Suibne dano & Mael Coba da derbrathair .i. mc Fhiachnae & Cumne Finne ingine Baetain mc Echach.


Rechtabra mc Aeda m. Olcan mc Subne m Fiachnai mc Demmain.

Mael Coba immorro occidit filium patris sui .i. Dunchad et postea Congal Cendfhota mc Dunchada occidit Mael Coba ut cecinit Dub Doid.

    1. Cichis Congal Cendfhotá
      im Mael Coba cassil chró.
      bid cosmail a dath
      fri bratt ra ros do Dunchad.

Cethri mc Mael Choba nó da mc .i. Oengus & Blaimac. .i. Brandub mc ingine Duib Dibrama. Aed Rón is é orta i Fochaird Is fris atrubairt a chliamain .i. Mael Cáich mc Scanláin.

    1. Ni thíag isna dirthaige
      cotam-assaich Aed Róin de
      rirse mo chairpten h-i fat
      atchiu cella nin-anget.

Oengus in tres mc a quo Cenel n-Oengussa. Blaimac in cethramad. Secht mc aice .i. Messchar. Rectabra. Causantin. Fland Furtrí. Dunchad. Inrechtach. Becc Bairche.

Da mc déc la Béc Bairche .i. Dub Da Braine. Dubthach. Eterscél. Aed Róin. Cellach. Conchobor. Oengus.

Secht mc Congaine na rígna sain. Cú Rúi immorro Cacht ingen Mele Fuataig a mathairside. Cernach dano Rímid da mc Lethainne in sin. Duos autem alios filios habuit quorum nomina scripta non repperi.


{folio 331a}Sicut alii dicunt .u. filii Fiatach .i. Findchad. Trechen. Eochaid. Conall. Brian.

Cethri mc Feic mc Imchada mc Bresail mc Sirchada mc Fiatach Find a quo Dál Fiatach .i. Trichem a quo .h. Thrichem. Trian a quo .h. Trena. Brian a quo .h. Briuin.

Eochaid Gunnat cuius mathair Mathair Chaem uocabatur a quo .h. Echach na h-Ardda.

Findbarr .i. Finnia Maige Bile mc Corpri mc Ailella mc Trichim cuius filius Dichu.

Cumman ingen Allelláin mc Aeda mc Baetan mc Echdach Gunnat.

Eocho Gunnat immorro ba rí h-Erenn ut periti dicunt. Et is lais forfodalta Conaille fo h-Erinn. Fo daig mc h-i Lága ro h-ort secht rigu do rígaib h-Erenn im Art n-Oenfher. Unde Cormac h. Cuind cecinit.

    1. Ni chel a h-adde for Laga ro bí ríga.
      daig secht m-buinne óir imma dóit.


Secht n-athigaicmi in tíri ria tiachtain d'Uib Echach .i. Gailraige. De quibus Cainnech Dromma Fota. Sed quidam dicunt eum esse de Chlaind Feidelme. nó Felmedo. Gael de Mumain. Conaill de genere Fachtna mc Senchada. Rosraige de cheniul Cheltchair mc Uithechair. Corcraige de quibus Crumthir Corcain Dromma Cruind. Lusraige. Dubraige. Lugraige.


AEdgnai faethgnai lethain dia tá Gailini. Garbraige de cheniul Eogain Gairb de Dál Riatai. nó uerius. Fergna Garb mc Salaich mc Loairn Mair. hinc Garbraige dicuntur.

Buachaill. & Conall Cass & Corc. Asberat araile batis tri brathir do Chonget Chonganchnes mc Dedad. Et teora ingena Celtchair m Lithechair a teora maithrecha .i. Bél. Nemdaille. Scadarc Angain dano ben Chonget Chonganchnis ingen Celtchair mc Uithechair & Dronae ingine Conchobuir mc Nesa.

Ab h-ís tribus praedictis filiis Chonget Chonganchnis nati sunt Dál m-Buachalla & Casraige.

TRí mc Lugdach mc Oengusa Find .i. Aed. Daig. Dallan. Teora ingena dano Lugdach. Indiu. Indiach. Sciath. Indiu ben Néill mc Echach mathair Conaill & Eogain. Indecht ben Buti .i. Cruind. It é a mc .i. Colgu & Crimthann. Sciath immorro ben Taidc mc Céin.



Clanna Conchobuir mc Fhactnai .i. Cormac Cond Longas. Causcraid Mend Macha. Furbaide Bern.

{folio 331b}Findchad Find. Fiacha. Fiachna. Conaing. Maine. Follomon. Glaisne. a quo Cenel n-Glasne.

Cland Fergusa .i. Dál Conláid. et Dál Cethirn et Dal n-Áuluim. Dia fail Epscop Erc Sláine. Et Brenaind Birra. Et Corcu Áland dia tá Cainnech mc .h. Daland. Et Dal Connrach dia m-baí Ellim mc Conrach. D'oenbreith ructha Olom & Conri. da mc Fhergusa. et is amlaid rucad Conri & cluas Auluim inna beolu arna tescad de. Et Dál m-Buinni. et Mendraige.

Fer Céchech a quo Orbraige na h-Alle. & Orbraige Irruis.

Trí mc Medba ri Fergus dar cend Ailella .i. Ciar. Corc. Conmac. Ciar a quo Ciarraige Luachra & Ciarraige Churche. Ciarraige Ái. Ciarraige Chonmend. Corc a quo Corcomruad. Conmac a quo Conmaicne Cúle Tolaid. Et Conmaicne Ceniúil Dubain.

Mug Ruith mc Fergusa a quo Fir Maige Fene. Is é luid do fhoglaim druidechta co Símon druí. Et is malle doronsat in roith ramaig tic dar Eoraip ria m-brath. Isin bliadain ria cathugud ri Petar doronsat in roith ramaig.

Cacht ingen Cathmind ríg Bretan mathair Moga Ruith. Roth mc Roguill ron-alt is de ba Mug Ruith.

Da mc Moga Ruith .i. Buan & Fer Corb. Der Draigen mathair da mc Moga Ruith. Et mathair Chorpri Liphechair secundum quosdam. da shiair de Chorco Bairdni ó Dún Chermna.

Dron ingen Larine di Érnaib cétmunter Moga Ruith. Et ingen do Mug Ruith Tlachtga ut alii dicunt. Ros-torrchiset trí mc Simóin re tiachtain anair conid i f-fos ruc trí mccu dóib. Et issí tuc lee Coirthe Cnamchaille .i. fuidell ind ruith is é nod-briss. Dall cech oen non-faicfe. Bodar cech oen ra chluin. Marbh cech oen ris m-benfa.


Findcháem ingen Chathbad mathair Conaill Cernaig. {folio 331c} Clanna Conaill Cernaig id est Dál n-Araide & h. Echach Ulad et Conaille Murthemni. et Laigse Laigean. & na Secht Sogain.

Clanna Celtchair dano. Eogan [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] Tlactga. Cathnia & Uathnia & Druthnia a quo Dál m-Bundruini. La Connachta.

Cland Uathnia. Uathne Tire & Uathne Chliach.


Cland Cathnia. Caenraige.

Cland Sem dia tát Semni na n-Desi de quibus Mo Chuaróc sapiens. Cland Ailella dia tat Caenna la Luigne Connacht. & h. Ind Fhochlai. Cland Eogain .i. Corco Olcind Cruraich. Corco Shoilcind Des fiud. Corcu Sholcind Drochet. Corco Maige Locha. Corcu Thethba.

Cland Conchobuir mc Nessa doridisi. Mongan cecinit.

    1. Maicne Chonchobuir ind ríg
      la Ultu ba mór a m-bríg
      niro clos fri síd nó fri cath
      nonbur noda-sáraiged.
    2. Cormac ba Cond longas laind.
      Findchad Glasne & Conaing:
      Mani Causcraid g(rata) se
      Fiachra. Fiachna. Furbaide.

Alii dicunt eum habuisse duos filios .i. Benna a quo Bendtraige. Láma a quo Lamraige. Et ní h-e Lama mc Eirc. & mc Findscópe ingine Con Chulaind. Conchobor cecinit.

    1. Rom-bói lathe rordu rind
      de thuaith Chorpri des Boind.
      bái cend airech for airbirt.
      acht ar sithbe ba begairc.
    2. Batar cadain for clár clíu
      clar n-des gési for suidiu:
      ba derg ar carpat uile
      ba lan cend ar n-etruide.
    3. Ba fir ba escmond fri scor
      aroeb iss Ibor.
      ba h-é ar n-gním glan gle.
      isind aithliu imbairne.
    4. Rom-bái cland Amairgen erca cned.
      Conall Cernach a s-sinser.
      Mes De is Mes Dead dían.
      Loegaire Cas da fithian.

    5. p.1447

    6. Tri meic Fiachrach a Cualngiu.
      cethern no bid fri úabriu.
      ní choémchlóitis dath.
      Rus & Dare iss Imchath.
    7. Ní fhácbaitis ní dia n-urd
      maicne dia riacht a m-Murbulg.
      is cian ó thanic a r-ré
      Eogan. Crimthan. Congal Blé.
    8. Maicne Uislend ard a n-gus
      maith a techlachas i fuss:
      ráithitis curach dar sál
      Noise Ánle & Arddan.


ingin Echach mc Corpri mc Lugdach mc Loga Lúaith mc Eithnend Caiss .mc Domnaind Deirg mc Ethiuir mc Echach Fiad mc Congail Costodaig mc Echach Apthaig mc Airt mc Flaind mc Ebir Bricc mc Echach Etguthaig mc Daire Daimthig. mc Rosa mc Riguill mc Lugdach Clo mc Bregoin mc Lugdach mc Itha.

nó Fergus mc Róig mc Rosa mc Rudraige.

Uel Fergus mc Roich mc Echdach mc Corpri mc Lugdach mc Lugair mc Loga mc Cethnend mc Donand mc Bratha mc Connaid mc Defhatha mc Ceu mc Celebair mc Boais. m. Anfois mc Ebir mc Ethiuir mc h-Érich mc Febria m Miled Espain.



Cu Allaid m Lare m Finain Bic. m Silain m Clare m Dathail m Meic Sure m Saglend m Dele nó Dere m Cais m Buain m Cais m Labrada m Moga Ruith m Cuinisc m Fir Dechet. {folio 331cb} m Fhir glain m Fhir Loga nó m Fhir Alith m Mathrain m Mathrai m Magoon m Matherni m Aldoit m Noendi m Umaill. nó sic m Aldoit m Cethirn m Fhintain m Ailella m Nertláim m Trichim {folio 331cc} m Fhorgo m B nó Faetach m Trichthi m Druthbennaig. m Orni Chulbennaig. (IS andso condrecat fri Ciarraige.)


Sé mc Fhergusa .i. Fer Deoda. & Fer Tlactga. Et Mug Toeth & Mug Doeth et Mug Doet. & Uatu & Eithlend & Corp Aulaim.

Fer Deoda o tát Corcomrúad. Fer Tlachtga o tát na cethri Araid .i. Taecraige & Artraige & Descert Cliach. {folio 332a} Et h. Idban Mug Tói o tát Ciarraige. & Conmaicne. Et Bidraige. H-uatu o tát nói mc Maicniat in cach baliu. Eithlend dia tát Orbraige. Corb Áuluim o tát Corc Áulaim & rl.

Celtchair mc Cuthechair mc Fothaid mc Fhir Fhiled. Is die claind Finnian Cluana Iraird .i.


Finnian m Fintain mc Concraid mc Dairchella mc Senaig mc Diarmata mc Aeda mc Fhergusa mc Ailella mc Celtchair mc Fothaid m Fhir Fhiled mc Glais m Rosa mc Rudraige.

Alibi scripsi genelogias Scottorum qui sunt de progenie Fergusa.


Dondchad m Aeda m Longsig m Etig m Lethlobair m Longsig. m Thommaltaig m Inrechtaig m Lethlobair m Echach Iarlaithe m Fiachna Luscan m Baetain m Echach m Conlai m Coelbad Coba m Cruind Ba Drúi m Echach Coba m Lugdach m Rosa m Imchada m Fheidlimthe m Cais m Fiachach Araide m Oengusa Goibnend m Fergusa Gallini m Thipraite (qui occidit Cond Cetchathach) m Bresail Laig (qui subintrauit Loch Laig) m Bresail m Feirb m Mail (qui Tuathal Techtmar occidit) m Rochridi m Cathbath m Ailchado m Cuindchado m Findchado m Muridaig m Fiachach Findamnais. m Iriel Glunmair m Conaill Cernaig.


Cu Chulaind mc Sualtaim mc Dubthaig mc Caubir m. Lir mc Causantín mc Aedachair m. Báetain mc Midgnai m h-Uachaill mc Caiss mc Chlothaig m Cermata mc in Dagdai m. Inde mc Doraim mc Nomnuail m. Condlai mc Memnóin mc Samrid mc [gap: illegible/extent: 1 letter]puithe ?mc Thigernmais mc Fhallaig (& rl. usque Milid h-Espáin.)

{folio 332ab}

Tri mc Cruind Ba Drui mc Echach mc Lugdach .i. Coelbad rí h-Erenn las torchair Muridach Tirech. a quo Dál n-Araide. Eocho Coba. Fraechar Fortriun. Athair Fergusa Fogai tiugfhlaith Emna. Is é dorochair i cath Achaid Lethdeirg lasna trí Colla. Is andsin ro tascrad Emain la Ultu.

Oc Baetan mc Echach condrecat rigrad Dail Araide. Oc Echaich immorro athair Baetain condrecat .h. Echach Coba & Dal n-Araide.

Cathassach m Ailella m Dunlainge m Scandail m Becce m Fhiachrach m Baetain Cáich m Echach m Conlai.


Congalach m Aeda m Garbida m Ecertaig (cuius filius Cummascach) m Lorcain m Cernaig m Mael Bresail m Ailella m Feidlimthe m Maele Cothaid m Fergusa m Aedain m Mongain m Sarain m Mane m Fhothaid m Conaill m Echach (a quo .h. Echach.) m Cruind Ba Drui.


{folio 332ac}Niall m Gillai Fhechin m Neill m Fhergusa m Cummascaig m Ecertaig.

Bec Bale dano mc Echach Coba m Ailella m Feidlimid m Mongain m Aedain m Maeli Duin m Cummascaig m Fhogartaig m Fherdalaig.

Flaithbertach m Echmilid m Aeda m Echmilid m Aeda m Oengusa m Addith m Lagne m Blaithmeic m Domnaill m Conchobuir m Bresail Bl- m Fhergusa m Aedain.


AEd m Falbe m Illaind m Fhiachach Laeb m Mane m Oengusa m Cruind Ba Drúi.

{folio 332ad}


Cú Ulad m Conchobuir m Duind Slebe m Eochada m Neill m Eochada m Ardgair m Matudain m Aeda m Eochacain (qui habuit .xu. filios.) m Fhiachnai m Aeda Roin m Becce Bairche m Blaimeic m Meli Coba m Fiachnai Duib m Duib Thuinni m Demmain m Cairill (qui credidit Patricio) m Muridaig Mundeirg.


{folio 332b}


Coic mc la Causcraid .i. Fraech. Finder. Findchaem. Cofcass. Ciru. In Fraech is uad Conmaicne Criche Meic Ercae. In Finder is uad Conmaicne 'sin Brefne. In Findchaem is uad in Carith dia tát Conmaicne Cule Tolaid .i. nomen aquae Is de Síl Caritha. In Copcas. is uad atát Conmaicne Mide. In Ciru is uad Cenel Cirand i crich Ceniúil Meic Ercae.

Tri mc la Fraech .i. Duban & Luigne & Cass.

Cethri mc la Carith .i. Eithne. Et Ailltine & Mrugech. Et Erc.


Mael Brenaind Dall m Ectgaile m Moican m Indescid m Farsada m Congen m Congeith m Cuanscrem m Meic Carthind m Setnai m Cairetha m Findchaem m Fhornertai m Meic Cecht m Uisli m Berri m Beddbi m Lugdech Conmaic (dia tát Conmaicni) m Oirbsen Mair (dia ta Loch n-Oirbsen Mair at ba Mag n-Epsen a ainm ar tús & atá inad a thige ina iarthur in locha. acht tanic in loch tharis & fuath tigi dichairr) m Echin Dein m Segdai m Cathrae m Alltai m Ogomoin m Fidchuri m Dallbri m Iona m Calassaig m Mochtai m Messomai m Moga Doe m Fergusa .&rl.


{folio 332bb}


Mugron m Longsig m Cellaig m Adamnain m Clothachtaig m Lugdach m Rudrach m Faelain m Aignithe m Fhintain m Trena m Andlend m Brugaig m Caireda. (IS é ro slecht do Patric i Temraig.) m Findchaem m Causcraid.

Ferchair m Connmaig m Ailgile m Deooil m Lugdach.

Sochlachan m Clothgaile m Ché m Chlothachtaig

Moenach m Gemridain m Domgnasaig m Suair m Selbaig m Indelaig m Bicfine m Arnain (dia tá Carthe Arnain) m Meic Tail m Ailtne m Caireda .&rl.



{folio 332c}NA H-airgialla immorro. It é ata nessom d'Uib Néill aithli Connacht. Fiacha Sroptene mc Corpri Liphechair is é senathair .h. Néil & Airgiall .i. Muridach Tirech mc Fiachach Sroptene is uad Ú Néill.

Eocho Domlén immorrop mc Corpri Liphechair sen Airgiall. Batar tri mc oca .i. na tri Colla. Is uadib atát .h. Meic Cuais & h. Crimthaind & Mugdornai & Airgialla. Fiacha Sroptene dí Eocho Domlen da mc Carpri Liphechair. Is for Fiachaig tra ro imriset trí mc a brathar .i. na tri Colla. in fingail. Conid h-í ind fhingalsain ro scar ríge h-Erenn fri claind Echach Domlén.

Is amlaid so immorro forcoemnacar ind fhingal. .i. Ba rí i Temair in Fiacha Sroptene amal atrubramar. Baí mc amra ace .i. Muredach Tirech. Is é ba tuarcnid catha nó flatha la Fiachaig. Uair ba h-ord issind amsirsin na teiged in rí fein issin cath acht a thuargnid ca nó flatha dia ráith. Luid iarum Muredach Tirech fecht and do raith a athar co sluagaib móraib imme i m-Mumain. Co tartsat fir Muman cath dó. Mebaid remi et dobert giallu Muman. Bái Fiachu Sroptene i foss colléic i n-Duib Chommair fri Taltin aness. Slúag dano laiside issin dúnud i m-bái. Sluag aile dano la trí mccu a brathar lasna tri Colla i telaig. Acht ba la Fiachaig tra batar uile.

In tan iarum tanic fis scél .i. mebsain ria Muredach. issed bái i m-bélaib cáich. Muredach Tirech is é adbar rig h-Erenn. Is andsin atbertatar na tri Colla. Cid dogenam. ro gab flaith rí Fiacha. 'Sed asbeir cách dano bid é a mc bas ri 'na diaid. ISsed as maith dún tabram cath don t-shenrígse. & techfid in sluagsa immuind. & ticfat chucaind riasiu tí Muridach. Et dobéram cath doside acht co tí.

Tiagair uadib co Fiachaig co brathair a n-athar assin telaig i n-araile. Fuacairthair cath fair uadib .i. ó mccaib a brathar. Bói drúi la Fiachaig. Dub Commair a ainm. Atbertsede ra Fiachaig. Conicimse duit maidm remut. acht atá so de. Mad romut máis dogena fhingail for mccaib do brathar. Bat rí fein iarum & níba rí nech dit chlaind co bráth. Mad fort maides dogentar fingal fort & is uait {folio 333a} Eocho Mugmedón .i. cerchaill bói mo a medón. amail chlicht fir cholnaig remair. medoin fir remui
[gap: illegible/extent: 1 letter]
. unde dicitur mugmedon.

bias flaith for h-Erinn co bráth. & ní bia óna tri Collaib flaith co brath. Toga de sin ol in drúi. Asbert Fiacha. Maidm forom & ríge dom


shíl. Toethusa dano it arrad ol in drúi. Et bid é m'ainmse bias forsin chath do grés. Cath Duib Chommair is é ainm in chathasin. Marbthar iarum Fiacha issin chath.

Lotar iarum na Colla tri chét i n-Albain for teched ria Muridach. Gabaidside ríge nh-Erenn.

Dobert rí Alban gradugud mór dona Collaib ara laechdact. Batar tri bliadna i n-Albain. Imrádit tuidecht i nh-Erind. co n-dernad Muridach fingail forro. & co ructha díb int aire trom bói forro .i. ind fhingal.

Dollotar a triur na tri Collai cen choin cen gilla co m-batar i Temraig. Asbert in dorsaid fri Muredach. Atát na tri Colla forsind faidchi. Cid dogentar friu. Oslaic in les ol Muredach dús cid dogenat. Dollotar a triur co m-batar ar lár ind rigthige i Temair.

In filet scela lib ol Muredach. Friscart fer díb. Ni fhilet scela bud ansu duitsiu andás a n-dernsamni .i. guin t'athar. Adfetamarni chena na scéla h-ísein. Ni do dígde ém tancammarni ar na Colla. Is cumma dúib ol Muredach ní digeltar foraib. Mas da bar n-guin dodechabair ní ricfa ní int aire ro gabsabair. ni dingebsa díb. Is airbere maith sin do drochlaech ar na Colla. Atbert Muredach. Na bíd garbad foraibsi & robar-bia fálti. & cendsa.

Et bátar iar sin ré mór i n-degbrathirsi. Et is iat batar tuarcnide catha la Muredach Tirech na tri Colla. Et ba mór ind imseirc bói eturru. & in ríg.

Asbert Muredach iar sain risna Colla. Atchiu ro gabsat ililtnigud bes níbat córai diar n-éis. Scuchad cach o cheli úan. Et gebid imm amsirse oen na tire.

Asbertatar na Collai. Ca tír as assu latt do thabairt dúnni dit chumachtu co n-dernamni tír claidib dé. Ar ní batar oíc bad fherr indát na Collai. Atbert Muredach ergid for Ultu nidat gora dún.

Fianlaech mór i s-suidiu dona Collaib.

Lotar iar sain na Collai co Firu Ól n-Écmacht comtar daltai dóib & condagabsat.

Dollotar iar sain Fir Ól n-Ecmacht secht catha leo. Co m-batar la Ultu oc Carn Achaid Lethdeirg i Fernmaig. Ferait secht catha ón charnsin fri Ultu. Cath cach lái co cend sechtmaine. Sé catha Fheraib Ól n-Ecmacht. & in sectmad cath lasna Colla. Nomaided for Ulto cach oénlá. Cath na Colla in lá dedenach. Ni collad bág i suidiu. Geibthe in cath samlá & samadaig. co tánic fernu fuil. Atá i fail in chairn coll.


{folio 333b}

Maidid iar sain for Ulto i tossuch in dara lathe. Téit a n-imguin co Glend Rige. Sechtmain dóib far sain ic slaide Ulad. Co n-dernad tír chlaidib don tír i tat Mugdornai & h. Crimthainn & cosna h-Airtheraib & h-U Meic Cuais. Is é Leth Cuind h-Ú Néill in descirt & h. Neill in tuascirt. & teora Connachta & Aírgialla .&c.

Colla Oss. ron-alt oss sedguine a quo .h Meic Uais. & h. Thurtri. Colla Mend o tát Mugdornai. Ron-alt Mennet Chruithnech & Mugdorn Dub de Ultaib. Mennet dano o tá Dál Mennet la Mugdornaib. Is díbside Mael Bresail mc Maeli Dúin.

Secht mc Mugdorn Duib. Dubruig a quo Dubraige oc Imliuch Chorcu Duib. Papa o tát Papraige la Cremthannu. Caira a quo Cairraige i Cuib. Sord a quo Sordraige la Crimthannu. Is uadibside Epscop Ibar for Fobrech. Art a quo Artraige. Inhomomon a quo Corco Inmend la Luigniu. IS uadibside in súi Lochene Mend.

Mesnophe a quo Sobraige la Mugdornu. Is uadibside Epscop Ethern i n-Domnuch Mór Maige Laithbe.

Colla Fochrich nó Fochri nó Ochre. mc Echach Domlen. & Élige ben Chrinden Cherdda. Torrchis Eochu do chind a céile co m-breth Colla de & conceltsi ar a céli. Et báiseom for altrom co cend .xx. m-bl. Asrin Eochu Domlen coicait bó di fora altramsom fri Crinnaind a r-réir Chormaic .h. Cuind. Ar is cach fuiche a mc mani chreder de. Conid de as Chondla Fochrith a ainm. nó Colla Fochrí daig dobered a mathair criaid fó chnama dia diamlugud eter mccu na cerdda. nó Conla Ochrae .i. Ochrae ainm ind aite rodn-alt.

Is ón Chollasain atát .h. Crimthainn & int Airther & h. Méith. Ar it é cethri mc Colla Fochrith .i. Find. díbad. Et Fiachra Cassan a quo int Airther. Rochad o tát .h. Chremthainn. Brian a quo h. Bríuin. Labraid a quo h. Labrada.

Sé mc la Crimthand .i. Eocho & Aed & Fergus Cendfhota a quo .h. Chendfhotai. Lugaid ó tá Leithrend. Muridach mc dóside Eochaid Amainsen o tát h. Meic Brócc. Eochaid Andgaine a quo Cland Slébine i Fernmaig et Cland Fhlannan. Oenmc la Eochaid mc Crimthainn .i. Cairpre Dam Argait.

A secht la Carpre Dam Argait .i. Daimine a quo Síl n-Daimine. Cormac o tát Cland Cormaic .i. Cland Lugan. Nad Sluaig o tát Cland Nad Slúaig .i. Fir Fhernmaige. Feradach o tat Cland Fheradaig. Fiacha o tát Cenel Fiachach. BRian o tát Lethrind. Sil m-Baetain. Aed. ISsed so Síl Corpri Daim Argait.

{folio 333c}

Noí mc Daimine .i. Conall o tá Lethrend Conaill for Doblu. Ailill a quo Leithrend [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]. Lochan a quo Lethrend Lochain.


Tuathal a quo .h. Thuathail. Daman laech. Daman clerech dibaid. Bennan Bec. Bennan Mór. AEd Uach. a quo Dál n-Oich int Shlébe.


Cummascach & Buachail da mc Conchobuir Chorraig. Sé mc Cummascaig .i. Fland Rói isse ro greis na gagru asa charput coro ralad a comarbus Patric. Et Bec dia rabi Cinaed mc Muridaig. Et Aed Lagen a quo .h. Erodain. Et Mael Duin o rabi Cinaed mc Congalaig. Et Mael Bresail a quo [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]h. Longáin. & dia rabi Mac Cellaig mc Domnaill.

Colla Uais tra da mc mathe lads .i. Erc ri sliab atuaid a quo .h. Meic Cairthinn Locha Febail .& h. Fhiachrach Ardda Sratha. Fiachra Tort ri sliab anes a quo .h. Turtri .& Fir Li & h. Meic Uais.

Is lesiden cetna rónas tortgabail Conaille Murthemni. Sicut quidam cecinit.

    1. Da mac mathe Colla Uais
      cenmotha aní as olc.
      Erc shléib fothúaid.
      o shléib fodess Fiacra Tort.

Erc tri mc leis. Sicut quidam cecinit.

    1. Tri meic mathe la h-Erc.
      dia do gluair. do gamanraid co n-glandbuaid:
      Cairthend is Fiachra co n-gail.
      iss int anrath Amalgaid.

Fiachra Tort secht mc leis. Sicut quidam cecinit.

    1. Echen. Mane. Loegaire.
      Oengus. Nath Í co l-lín olc:
      Cormac is Muridach Brocc
      at e .uii. meic Fiachrach Tort.
nó tri mc Echach mc Colla Uais .i. Erc. Fiachra. Brian. Cormac mc Briuin a quo .h. Cormaic. Dáre mc Eirc a quo .h. Dáre. Sírlam mc Fiachrach mc Eirc a quo Cenel Sirlaim. Echen mc Fiachrach Tort. .uii. mc leis. Sicut quidam cecinit.


    1. Secht meic maithe ic Echen.
      Feidlimid. Bran fri feithem.
      dar Carthend. Echaid. Dallán
      .uii. meic forranaig Echen.
    2. Secht ríg do chlaind Chuanaig caiss
      ro gabsat ond ráith roglaiss.
      don gargdíne ón tuile thiar.
      ardrige uile Airgiall.
    3. Becc. Furudran. Suibne saer.
      Mael Dúin na certhern comcháem.
      Fergus. Maelgarb glan a graig.
      Muridach mc Inrechtaig.

Cethri mc Cúanach .i. Becc rí Airgiall a quo Cenel m-Becce. Baetan a quo Cenel m-Baetain. De quibus Munter Diucaire. Diarmait mc Cuanach i Cill Maelan Maige na Selga. Lurech mc Cuanach o Raith Lurig.

Trí mc Becce mc Cuanach .i. Suibne. Ronan. Furudran. a quo Síl Cathasaig. & Síl Duib Uaille. Et rigrad Fernmaige. Ronán a quo Munter Thamlachtan Loeg .i. h. Goerain & h. Duib Daire. De quibus .h. Bresail indiu. Suibne a quo Cenel m-Becce mc Melodrain mc Becc mc Cuanach mc Daire mc Feidlimthe mc Echin mc Colla Uais.

Feidlimid mc Echin a quo Cenel m-Becci & Cenel m-Baetain & Síl Cathasaig. & h-Ó Dacennan .i. Sil Aeda mc Bic. {folio 334a} [gap: illegible/extent: 1 letter]Echen mc Echin a quo Meic Carthind nó .h. Chonaig. & Cenel n-Echin. Carthend mc Echin a quo .h. Meic Carthind Locha Febail.


Lorcan m Gillai Patric m Matudain m Aeda m Trenfhir m Celicain m Garbith m Aeda m Mael Duin m Dondgail m Buachalla m Conchobuir Chorraig.



Flaithbertach m Aeda m Colgan m Domnaill m Cuind m Erodain m Garbid m Lathechan m Aeda Lagen m Fécc m Bresail m Feidlimthi m Fiachach m Colla Focri.

Garbid m Domnaill m Erodain m Garbid m Bresail m Echoden m Chanannain m Lathecain m Aeda Lagen.

Gilla Crist m Echach m Echoden m Meic Etig m Longain m Fiachnai m Mael Bresail m Cummascaig m Conchobuir Corraig.

Dub Emna m Ciaridir m Mael Giric m Cummascaig m Aeda Lagen.

Conchobor .i. mc in Derg mc Diarmata m Cernaig m Aeda Lagen.

Cinaed m Congalaig m Cinacain m Scanlain m Maeli Duin m Cummascaig m Conchobuir Corraig.


Flaithbertach m Diarmata m Aeda m Flaind m Anluain m Diarmata m Coscraig m Suibni m Ronain m Baetain m Muridaig m Eogain m Niallain m Feic m Feidlimthe m Fiachrach Cassain. m Colla Focri.



Cummascach m Cernaig m Mael Chiarain m Eochach m Cernaig m Echdach m Cummascaig m Ailella.

Da mc Ailella m Cummascaig m Cernaig m Shubne m Ecnig m Colgan m Suibne m Rónain.

Et Fer Dá Chrích m Suibne m Crundmael m Ronain m Baetain m Muridaig.


Cellach comarba Patric m Aeda m Mael Isu m Amalgada m Mael Maire m Eochada m Cellaig m Lán m Coemain m Airechtaig m Duib Da Lethi m Sínaig m Feradaig Cúlduib m Amalgada m Ailella m Echdach m [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] {folio 334ac} Murchad .i. ingen Chennetig .h. Briain a mathair m Find m Ruadrí m Muridaig m Ailella m Cummascaig m Echoden m Ruaduchain m Cellaig m Ruadrach m Conmáil m Conaing m Fheradaig m Amalgada.


Is iat da mc Conmáil. Ruadri & Fraechan.

Is iat tri mc Fheradaig .i. Sínach & Conaing & Maelodor Cáech mc Feradaig a quo .h. Brótaid i Cluain Fiacna.

O Rgnechan m Cathasaig m Daimini m Dubgillai m Bruaturain m Cinaeda m Conaing m Fheradaig.

Domnallan m Gillai Maire m Cerbaill m Anfith m Bruaturain m Cinaeda m Ancellain m Ruadrach.


Lethlobur m Fogartaich m Muridaig m Ladcnen m Fogartaig m Donnocain m Fogartaig m Ruadrach m Mael Fothartaig m Artrach m Aithechda m Mael Duib m Mael Fhathartaig m Cronain m Fhergusa m Nad Shluaig m Carp[gap: trimmed margin/extent: 2 letters]ri.

{folio 334b}


Bec m Fiachrach m Cummascaig m Muridaig m Cathail m Echdach m Duib Thire m Echach Lemna m Fodartaig m Mali Duin m Fergusa m Daimine m Carpri Daim Argait.

Flandgus m Aeda m Buide m Aithechdai m Mael Fhothartaig m Mael Duibtemin m Cronain m Fhergusa m Nad Sluaig m Carpri.


Mac Legind m Cairill m Crichain m Lorcain m Donnocain m Fhogertaig m Ruadrach m Artrach.

Mathgamain m Ladgnén m Cerbaill m Phoil m Fhogartaig m Ruadrach.

Eochaid m Mael Fhinniain m Fhactnai m Cethniáin m Cerbaill m Ruadrach.

Donnocan m Mael Maire m Fhlannacain m Fhogertaig m Ruadrach m Artrach.

{folio 334c}

Domnall & Faelan & Murchad Dall tri mc Cerbaill m Murchada m Mael Morda m Cerbaill m Fhaelain m Murchada m Fhind m Mael Morda m Muricain .&c.

Cethri mc Murchada mc Find. Faelan. Senior & Mael Morda & Muridach a quo .h. Daimini mc Muridaig. Et Mael Carmain mc na banamsa. Et Gormlaith ben Briain. ISsísede ra ling na trí lemmend. da n-ebrad.

    1. Trí lemend ra ling Gormlaith
      ni lingfea ben co bráth.
      léim i n-Ath Cliath. leim i Temraig
      leim i Cassel carnmaig ós chach.

Amlaib Cuarain a cetmunter & Mael Sechlainn mc Domnaill iar tain. & Brian.

Is h-í mathair Gormlaithe ingini Murchada atchonnairc in aislingi a feiss ra rig Lagen & mc do brith di dó & rige Lagen do gabail dó. Et ingen do brith di don rig cetna & ríge nh-Erenn do gabail di. Mael Morda & Gormlaith sin. Conid aire sin ruc (ruiri)(?) Lagen .i. Murchad a dligud h-í o rígaib na coiced aile ro bai aca cungid. Ingen rig


Connacht immorro in mathair. Is iatso dano na brithemain do ruc in m-breithsein .i. Éicnechan & Bladmasan. Et Brigan. & Mac Cinad.

Dá mc Faelain: Glun Iairn & Cerball. Trí mc Cerbaill Dondchad & Murchad & Gilla Patric. & Mael Morda mc dósaide Murchad. Cerball a mcsaide. Domnall & Faelan & Murchad Dall a thrí mcsaide. Sadb dano ingen Cherbaill mathair Dondchada mc Diarmata mc Murchada is e ro marbsat Ossairge ac Cill Draignech. Int Shadb chetna mathair Órlaithi ingini Diarmata m-naa Domnaill .h. Briain rig Muman. Glún Iairn & Cerball da mc Cellaich mc Brain mc Mael Morda. Da mc Fhind Domnall & Murchad.

{folio 334d} Nit ruirig nat coicid Conchobuir mc Nessa naisces o Drobais co Boin. & ba sed on coiced n-Gaind mc Delo mc Loith do Feraib Bolg .i. Fer Bolg a senóir ro gabsat leo do thuisigecht comairli. & bai cach uada.


Conchobor m Dondchaid m Congalaig m Conchobuir m Diarmata m Duinn Chuan m Condálaig m Maele Fothartaig m Conchobuir m Thaidc m Cind Fhaelad m Shuibne m Fhailbe m Ernain m Crachine m Cormaic m Eirc m Echin m Fhindchain (is eside cetna gab Glend Gaimen) m Fheic m Fhindchada Ulig m Conla m Taidc m Cein m Ailella Uluimm.


Murchertach m Taidc m Con Duib m Mael Fhábaill m Innerge m Mael Temin m Dathgiusa m Lachtain m Fhuluda m Concellaig m Luth Lethstá m Crechain m Dubain Ciannachta m Find m Findchain m Fheic m Findchada Ulaig.



Mugron m Longsig m Cellaig m Adamnain m Clothachtaig m Lugdach m Ruadrach m Fhaelain m Aignithi m Fhintain m Trena m Andlend m Brugaig m Caireda [gap: fractured margin/extent: ? letters]m Findchaim m Cuscraid m Meic Cecht {folio 335b} m Eirc m Ercdail m Duib m Ma Druad m Nertai m Fhornertai m Meic Cecht m Usli m Bérri m Bedbi m Lugdech Conmaic m Fhoirbsen Moir m Echin Dein m Shegdai m Cathrai m Altai m Agomain m Fhidchuri m Dalbri m Iona m Cassalaig m Moctai m Messomain m Moga Dit .i. Conmac.


Muridach m Duib m Mael Ruanaid m Fhlaind m Mael Dúin m Mael Maire m Eolais m Bibsaig m Crommain m Mairne m Idbrainn m Índgen m Nethe m Onchon m Fhindloga m Infhir m Cuscraid ut antea.

Murchad m Gillai Na Noeb m Broen m Shenlaich m Echach m Fhergaile m Congalaich m Broenain m Angaile m Eméin m Crommain.


Dondchad m Aeda m Sherraig m Cuind m Gormgaile m Shegunnán m Gillucain m Crommain.


Mael Domnaig m Ainbthig m Duib Thire m Cuangusa m Dochochta m Guasachtaig m Maele Ruain m Dadaill m Shinill m Locan m Daill m Thechuirni m Thréin m Shige m Andiled m Bic m Baetain m Delbaith m Thail m Conaill Echlúaith &rl.


Gormucan m Anbith m Mael Michil m Cochláin m Comdeith m Dondgusa m Clothchon m Comgaill m Blait m Shige m Andiled.


Fingin m Dondgaile m Maele Tuile m Fhiangalaig m Fhaelgusa m Fhalniad m Modba m Segain m Fhortcheirn m Maele Ruba m Dicholla m Crítain m Airmedaig m Shenaig m Aedlocha m Oscon m Mianaig m Lugdach m Imchada m Mechair m Fhidchuri m Cremthaind m Echdach m Ennai m Rosa Ríg m Fhiachach Suidge m Feidlimthe Rechtada.


{folio 335d}

Dochartach m Gussain m Uargussa m Maelacain m Dínertaig m Fhínain m Conaing m Oengusa m Branduib m Bresail m Bráin Fhianbotha m Nazair m Dimmain m Echach m Dubthaig m Fhergnai m Muridaig m Shinill m Bregain m Oengusa m Eogain Bric m Fhiachraig m Feidlimthi.


Mael Sechnaill m Murchaid m Domnaill m Fhlaind m Domnaill m Mael Shechnaill m Domnaill m Dondchada m Fhlaind m Mael Shechnaill m Mel Ruanaid m Dondchada m Domnaill m Murchada m Airmedaig m Conaill Guthbind m Shuibni m Colmáin Móir m Diarmata m Fhergusa Cerrbeoil m Conaill Chremthainne m Neill Noigiallaich.


Murchertach m Cellaich m Donnchada m Domnaill m Congalaig Cnogba m Mael Mithig m Fhlannacain m Cellaig m Congalaig m Conaing m Amalgada m Congalaig m Aeda Slaine m Diarmata.

{folio 335e}

Item Síl Aeda Slaine.

Gilla Mo Chonna m Fogartaig m Ciarmeic m Congalaich m Fhuacarta


m Maela Duin m Fhergusa m Fhogartaig m Neill m Cernaig m Diarmata. m Aeda Slaine.


Cu Ulad m Domnaill m Gillai Ultain m Oengusa m Cainelbain m Mael Chróin m Domnaill m Con Rai m Oengusa m Fheradaig Araide Bibre in cáinte de Mumnechaib ba sé ba rectaire do Chormac .h. Chuind. Cairech a ben. Is i ro anacht Fiacha mc Oengusa. inde dicitur Fiacha Araide a quo Dal Araide. m Mael Duin Dergainig m Colmáin m Aeda m Libuir m Dalleni m Ennai m Loegaire m Neill Noigiallaig.


Ualgarg m Mael Ruanaid m Mael Fhabaill m Ciardai m Mael Bennachta m Écnechain m Dunchada m Artgaile m Longsig m Loegaire m Con Gamna m Nóindenaig m Fhiangusa m Congaile m Maele Duin m Scandail m Roitich m Ainmerech m Cormaic Caích m Corpri m Neill.


Lachtnan m Mael Chiarain m Conaing m Congaile m Becce Tethba {folio 335f} m Condlai m Congaile m Blaithmeic m Oengusa m Aeda m Brenaind


[gap: left vacant/extent: 1 line] m Broen m Fhiachach m Mane m Neil Noigiallaig [gap: left vacant; some signs of erasure on last line/extent: 11 lines]


Niall m Gillai Fhechin m Neill mc Fhergusa m Cummascaig m Ecertaig m Lorcain mc Cernaig m Maele Bresail m Ailella m Fheidlimthi m Maele Cothaid m Fhergusa m Aedain m Mongain ut postea.


Cinaed m Ingerrce .i. Muridaig m Congalaig m Meic Étig m Culennain m Mael Brigti m Spelain m Sluagadaig m Uargalaig m Uactbrain m Úarchride m Dicolla m Collaim m Ossini m Cronain m Dungaile m Connmaig m Dunchada m Dinertaig m Dungaile m Colmain m Cairill m Conaill Anglondaich m Echach m Cruind Ba Drui.


Dondchad m Aeda m Longsig m Etig m Lethlobair m Longsig m Thommaltaig m Indrechtaig m Lethlobair m Echach Iarlathi m Fhiachnai m Boetain m Echach m Condlai m Coelbaith


m Cruind Ba Drúi. m Echach m Lugdach m Rosa m Imchada m Fheidlimthi m Meic Caiss m Fhiachach Araide. m Oengusa Gobnenn m Fhergusa m Tipraite (qui occidit Cond) m Bresail m Fheirbb m Máeil m Rochride m Cathbath m Aillchatho m Findchada m Muridaig m Fhiachach Find m Amnais m Iriel Glúnmair m Conaill Cernaig.


Flaithbertach m Echmiled m Aeda m Oengusa m Aitdíth m Loigni m Blaithmeic m Domnaill m Conchobair m Bresail Bal m Fhergusa m Aedain m Mongain m Sharáin m Mane m Fhothaid m Conaill m Echach (a quo .h. Echach.) m Cruind Ba Drui. ut antea.


Cu Ulad m Conchobuir m Duind Shlebe m Eochada m Neill m Eochada m Ardgail m Matudain m Aeda m Eochocain m Aeda m Echdach m Fhiachnai m Aeda Roin m Becce Bairchich m Blathmeic m Maele Coba m Fhiachnai m Duib Thuinne m Demain m Cairill m Muridaig Mundeirg m Fhorgo m Lugdach m Dallain m Lugdach m Oengusa Find


m Fhergusa Duib m Imchada m Fhinnchatha m Ogamain m Piachach Fir Umai Find m Dáre m Dluthaig m Detsin m Echdach m Sin .m. Rosin m Trír m Rotrír m Airnil m Mane m Forgo m Fheradaig m Ailella m Fhiachach Fir Mara m Oengusa Turbig.


Cu Ulad m Gillai Domongairt m Oengusa m Fhlathrai m Cummascaig m Mael Mocherge m Inrechtaig m Thommaltaig m Cummascaig m Cathalan m Inrechtaig m Thommaltaig m Cathail m Oengusa m Mael Choba {folio 336a} m Fhiachnai m Demmain m Cairill.


Dolgen m Dubcind m Eochocain m Fhergusa m Thimmen m Fhorannain m Shegain m Cummaini m Oschon m Broice m Aine m Shinill m Amargin m Cruttine m Eogain m Duach m Briuin m Echach Mugmedoin.

Doraiden m Dungalain m Doilgen m Fhergusa m Thimmen.


Cinaed m Ruarcain m Mael Shnechtai m Mornai m Fherchair m Ossine m Cummaine m Oschon.


DAuid m Mael Choluim m Donnchada (m ingeni Mael Choluim) m Cinaeda m Mael Choluim m Domnaill m Constantin m Cinaeda m Alpín m Echach m Aeda Find m Domongairt m Domnaill m Echach Bude m Aedain m Gabrain m Domongairt m Fhergusa m Eirc m Echach Muinremair m Oengusa m Fheidlimthi m Fergusa m Feidlimthe m Senchormaic {folio 336b} m Cruithluthe m Find Feice m Achir Chirr m Echach Antóit m Fhiachrach .i. Cathmáil m Echach Riatai (is eside Carpre Rigfhota) m Conaire m Moga Lama m Lugdech m Corpri m Dare m Corpri m Conaire m Etersceoil m Eogain m Ailella m Dedaid m Shin m Roshin m Morga m Fheradaig m Ailella Érand m Fhiachach Fir Mara m Oengusa Turbig.

CAusantin dano mc Culen m Illduilb (cuius filius Amlaeb) m Causantin m Aeda m Cinaeda m Alpin.

Cinaed & Dub da mc Mael Choluim m Domnaill m Cinaeda m Alpin.


Cethri prímchenela Dáil Riata—
  1. .i. Cenel Gabrain
  2. Cenel Loairn Máir
  3. Cenel n-Oengusa
  4. Cenel Comgaill.

GAbran & Comgall da mc Domongairt. Et Feidelm Fholtchain ingen Briuin mc Echach Mugnedoin a m-mathair.


Mael Snechta m Gillai Chomgain m Mael Brigti m Ruadri m Dondgusa {folio 336c} m Morgain m Domnaill m Cathmáil m Ruadrí m Ailchellaig m Fherchair Fotai m Fheradaig m Fhergusa m Nectain m Colmain m Baitain m Echdach m Muridaig m Loairn. m Eirc m Echach Munremuir.

Mac Bethad m Findlaich m Ruadri m Domnaill.


Diarmait m Cormaic m Muridaig m Carthaig m Shairbrethaig m Cellachain m Buadachain m Lactnai m Artgaile m Shnedgusa m Dondgaile m Fhaelgusa m Nad Fraich m Colgen m Fhailbe Flaind m Aeda m Crimthaind m Fheidlimthe m Oengusa m Nad Fraich m Cuirc m Lugdech m Ailella Flaind Bic m Fhiachach Mullethain m Eogain m Ailella Uluim.


Conchobor m Gillai Ailbe m Meic Maras m Ciarmaic m Mael Guala m Rind m Fhind Shláine m Cerbaill m Corne m Olchobair {folio 336d} m Duib Indrecht m Cathasaig m Usnig nó m Maele Umai m Cuain m Amalgada m Ennai m Crimthaind m Ailella m Nad Fraich m Cuirc m Lugdech.


Domnall m Duib Da Bairend m Domnaill m Duib Da Bairend m Oengusa m Blaithmeic m Dunlaing m Ainiltne m Dunlaing m Elothaig m Shelbaig m Crarainig m Corpri m Aeda m Loegaire m Echach m Caiss m Cuirc m Lugdech.


Conchobor ri Muman & Tadc ri Muman & Tairdelbach tri mc Diarmata m Tairdelbaig m Thaidc m Briain m Cennetig m Lorcain m Lachtnai m Luirc m Anluain m Mathgamna m Thairdelbaig m Cadleni m Aeda m Conaill Echluaith m Balldeirg m Cairthind m Blait m Thail m Lugdach Mind m Oengusa Tirig m Fhir Choirp m Moga Coirp m Cormaic Cais m Ailella Uluimm.



Gilla Patric m Mael Shechnaill m Gillai Brigti m Domnaill m Fhelain m Cormaic m Mothlai m Ruadrach m Dunchada m Eogain m Bregduilb m Cummascaig m Cobthaig m Aeda m Fhintain m Cláre m Cainnig m Ercbraind m Niad m Briuin m Eogain m Bricc m Airt Choirp m Corpri Rigroin m Fhiachach Suide m Feidlimid Rechtada. [gap: left vacant/extent: 11 lines]


Mathgamain m [gap: name omitted/extent: ? letters] m Meic Bethad m Conchobuir m Cathail m Conchobuir m Muridaig m Diarmata m Cormaic m Indrechtaig m Aeda m Cobthaig m Mael Choba m Fhlaind Feorna m Colmain m Rechtabrat m Maele Tuile m Aidloga m Shenaig m Dairthecht m Meic Recht m Fherbba m Imchada m Ambrit m Mochon {folio 336f} m M'Aulaim m Meso Chon m Saulo m Moga Airt m Coirp Somnair m Echthen m Aithri m Ailti m Sogomain m Fhidchori m Delbnai m Euni m Ussalaig m Astumain m Ceir m Fhergusa m Roig m Rosa m Rudraige.


nó Ita.

Fergus m Roich m Echdach m Corpri m Lugdach m Lugair m Loga m Cetnend m Donand m Bratha m Connáid m Deatha m Ceu m Celebair m Boais m Anfois m Ebir m Ethiuir m Erech m Miled Espain.

nó Fergus mc do Roich ingin Echach m Corpri m Lugdach m Loga Lúaith m Eithnend Cais m Domnand Deirg m Ethiuir m Echach Fiad m Congail Costadaig m Echach Apthaig m Airt m Fhlaind m Ebir Bric m Echach Etgudaig m Daire Daimthig m Rosa Riguill m Lugdach Loigde m Bregain m Lugdach m Itha m Bregain
[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]
achta ri
[gap: illegible/extent: 1 letter]


Falbe & Congal da mc Anrothain m Longbardain m Fhlaind m Olchobuir m Tipraiti m Cathra m Fhir Fheda m Munechain m Failbe m Ciarain m Nad Saiglend m Braccain m Nuidin m Irchond m Cormaic Fhind m Cuirc Dubni m Cairpri Musc. m Conaire.



CAthrannach m Meic Raith m Bascind m Briain m Murchada m Cathrannaig m Aeda m Rectabrat m Aithechdai m Thalamnaig m Laidcind m Baetain m Dondnain m Mongain m Cuirp m Cet m Déice m Imchada m Cuirp m Lugdech m Ailella nó m Oengusa m Cairpri Baschain.


Conchobor m Flaind m Máel Sechnaill m Argdai m Samredain m Fhlaithbertaig m Dub Raib m Maclaich m Duib Da Chrich m Angid m Andil m Maele Bile m Dermata m Sínaig m Drona m Amrit m Cuscraid m Messe Nued {folio 336h} m Meisen Suled m Meic Erca m Maethon m Necta m Aed Gnoí Fir Gai Lethain m Fheidlimthe m Medrúi m Fhollomnu m Cuirc Dothi m Fhergusa m Rosa.


Culen mc Iarlai m Matudain m Ruadri m Cathniat m Cathalain m Dermata m Oengusa m Gormgaile m Fhlathim m Fhogarthaig m Dondgalaig m Fhothaid m Thomain m Fhinain


m Fhiachrach m Fhintain m Nad Fraich m Lasre m Meic Caille m Fhergusa m Dallain m Fhachtnai m Fothaid.


Domnall m Rigbardain m Con Corne m Mainaig m Cerbaill m Dublaigi m Cnamin m Máinaig m Shechnasaig m Angeda m Mael Ruanaid m Ultain m Lonain m Indig m Fhéic m Tail m Meic Caire m Arad m Druad m Eli Rigdeirg m Imchad[gap: vellum fractured/extent: 1 letter]a m Eirc (mc) [gap: illegible/extent: 3/4 letters] m Findcha[gap: vellum fractured/extent: ? letters] m Fheic m Findchain m Condlai m Taidc m Cein.

This is given on p. 1470. At end of p. 336 of MS acc. to AOS. Colman mc Duach mc rig Connacht ollam & faid & suí senchasa Gaedel & sui ecnai is é ro thinóil genelaig
[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]


Diarmait [gap: illegible gloss/extent: ? letters]m Dondchada m Murchada Ath Cliath m Diarmata
[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]
mael í m Dondchada m Diarmata m Domnaill m Cellaig
[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]
c-cath & Broen mc Mael Morda. la o Mael (?)
[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]
m Cinaeda qui fuit m Corpri m Diarmata m Aeda m Rudgaile m Onchon m Faelain [gap: illegible gloss/extent: ? letters] m Shilain m Eogain Cháech m Nath Í m Crimthaind m Ennae Cendselaig m Labrada m Bresail Belaig m Fiachach Baccid m Cathair Moir.



Dond Slebi m Gillai Molling m Dunlaing m Aeda m Echthigirn m Duin (?) m Domnaill (?) m Murchada m Aeda m Thememain m Cannacain m Duib Da Chrích m Conamail m Aeda m Oengusa m Dega m Enna Chenselaig.

Murcad m Etarsceoil m Aeda Mind m Colgan m Bresail m Fiachach m Crundmail m Cormaic m Nath Í m Crimthaind m Ennae Chenselaig.


Guaire mc Sechnasaig m Irgusa m Crundmail m Maele Duin m Fhorbasaig m Irgusa m Con Chuain m Oncon mc Dichne m Failbe Uidir m Omma m Crimthaind m Ailella m Muredaig m Mael Brugaid m Aengusa m Feidlimthi (a quo .h. Felmeda) m Ennae Chenselaig.

{folio 337b}


Domnall Ruad & Gilla Patric da m Dondchada m Duind Shlebe m Murchada m Oengusa m Ailella m Aeda Find m Dungalaig m Mugthigirn m Siadail m Segine m Branduib m Echach m Muredaig m Oengusa m Fheidlimid m Ennae.



Mael Sechnaill m Dondchada m Taidg m Cairpre m [gap: name omitted/extent: ? letters] m [gap: name omitted/extent: ? letters] m Riain mc Dubgilla m Bruatair m Aeda m Corpri m Laidcnen m Colmain m Aeda Roin m Crunmael m Ronain m Colmain m Cormaic m Nath Í m Crimthainn mc Ennae.


Dunlang m Eochada m Dunlaing m Céle m Mael Muaid m Dunlaing m Murchada m Nuallain m Fhollomain m Dunain m Dondgusa m Congaile m Fhergusa m Moenaig m Fhinain m Ronain m Echdach m Baeth m Nannida m Fheic mc Ieir m Cathbath m Adnaig m Airt Chirp m Corpri Niad m Cormaic m Oengusa m Echach Find Fuath Airt.

{folio 337c}


ansna uirranna(?) nó(?) la pt

Gilla Coemgin m Con Mara m Gillai Choemgin m Dunlaing m Fhiachrach m Fhinnachta m Cinaeda m Cathail m Fhiachrach m Dunchada. m Dunlaing m Dungalaig m Tuammin m Mael Doborchon m Dicolla. m Eogain m Muridaig m Amalgada m Nath Í m Bresail Enechglais m Cathair Máir.


Flaith .h. m-Briuin Chualann.

Mel Morda m Mael Morda m [gap: name omitted/extent: ? letters] m [gap: name omitted/extent: ? letters] m Cinaeda m Fhergaile m Ailella m Cumalaig m Mencossaig m Mael Aithgen m Fhorannain m Ronain m Fhiachnai m Fheidlimid m Briuin m Ennae Niad m Bresail Belaig.


Murchad m Gillai Coemgin m Domnaill m Fhergaile m Domnaill m Fhlathniat m Mael Kaland m Gormain m Fhaebair Data m Dungaile m Cethernaig m Febair Data m Marcain m Cillini m Ronain m Sinill m Conaill m Con Congelt m Fhinnacta m Garrchon m Fhothaid m Echach Lamdeirg m Messin Corp m Con Corbb.

{folio 337d}


Murchertach m Gillai Comgaill m Duind Chuan m Gillai Chaemgin m Gillai Chomgaill m Duind Chuan m Dunlaing m Thuathail m Ugaire m Ailella m Dunlaing m Muridaig m Brain m Muridaig m Murchada. m Brain Múit m Conaill m Faelain m Colmain.

It é mc Murchertaig .h. Thuathail .i. Lorcan ardepscop Lagen. Gilla Comgaill rí .h. Muridaig. Túathal. Augaire Ruad. Dunlang. AEd. Conchobur. Mór ingen do Murchertach ben Diarmata mc Dondchada mc Murchada rig Lagen & Gall.



Domnall & Diarmait da mac Cerbaill m Murchertaig m Gillai Chele m Gillai Mo Cholmóc m Dunchada m Lorcain m Fhaelain m Muredaig m Brain m Fhaelain m Cellaig m Dunchada m Murchada.

{folio 337e}

GENELACH RIG .H. FALGE..i. h. Failge

AEd Find m Dondchada m Con Fhafni m Murchertaig m Congalaig m Duind Shlebe m Brogarbain m Conchobuir m Fhind m Mael Morda m Conchobuir m Flannacain m Cinaeda m Mugróin m Oengusa m Fhlaind Da Chongal m Dimmasaig m Fhorannáin m Congalaig m Mael Umae m Cathail m Eogain Bruidgi m Nath Í m Rosa Falgi m Cathair Máir.


Culen m Aeda m Fhlaind m Mael Ruanaid m Cellaig m Corcrain m Fhlaind Úallaich m Diummasaig m Fhogartaig m Mugroin m Fhlaind m Diummasaig m Corcrain m Mael Ugrai m Conchobuir m Aeda m Tommaltaig m Fhlaind Da Chongal.

Iarnan m Cellaig m Gillai Patric m Conchobuir m Iarnain m Shibleain.



Mathgamain .h Oengusa m Domnaill m Aeda m Uallachain m Thaidg m Oengusa m Cummascaig m Colgan m Mugroin m Flaind Da Chongal.

Mac Tire .h Uallachain m Uallachain m Culeoin m Conchobuir mc Meic Tiri m Uallachain mc Fogartaig m Cummascaig.

{folio 337f}


Cu Dulig .h. Duind m Cerbaill m Con Bladma m Con Allaid m Fidallaid m Duind m Dubgillai m Mael Fhinne m Riacain m Cinaeda m Mugroin m Oengusa m Flaind Da Chongal.

Faelan Mor ingen Chon Fhafni .h. Chonchobuir a mathair & Domnall da mc Cerbaill m Murchada m Mael Morda m Cerbaill m Faelain m Murchada m Find mc Mael Morda m Muricain m Diarmata m Rudrach m Faelain m Murchada m Brain Múit m Conaill m Faeláin m Colmain m Coirpri Duib m Cormaic m Ailella m Dunlainge m Enna Níad m Bresail Belaig m Fiachach Baccid m Cathair Máir m Fheidlimid Fir Aurglais m Cormaic Gelta Gaeth m Niad Cuirb m Con Corb.



Oengus & Murchertach da mc Gussain m Muridaich m Meic Craith m Gormain m Murchertaig m Dondchada m Aeda m Tressaig m Luachduib m Gussain m Dunacain m Gormain m Echdach m Cobdenaig m Mael Umai m Subni m Domnaill m Cormaic m Diarmata m Echach Gunich m Oengusa m Erca m Brecain mc Feic. m [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]

{folio 337g}

[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]

Maoilechlainn m Uaithne m Giolla Padraic m Fachtna m Daibith m Laidsigh m Neill m Laoidsigh m Con Cocrice m Domnaill m Laidhsig m Aimergin m Faolain m Aimergin m Cinaotha m Cernaig m Ceinneidig m Morda m Cinnaotha m Cernaigh m Cinneidig m Gaoitin m Cinnaotha m Caithail m Beraig m Mescill m Maoil Aithcin m Beraig m Bacain m Aongusa m Nad Sír m Bairr m Saoirbile m Corbmaic m Lugna m Eogain m Guare m Eirc m Bacain m Lugdach Laoigsig m Lugdac Laoigsig m Laoidhsig m Conuill C. [gap: left vacant/extent: remainder of column]


{folio 337h}


Dondchad m Gillai Patric m Domnaill m Dondchada mc Domnaill mc Gillai Patric mc Dondchada m Gillai Patric m Dondchada m Cellaig m Cerbaill m Dungaile m Fhergaile m Anmchada m Con Cerca m Fhaelain m Crundmáel m Ronáin Rigfhlatha. m Scandlain Móir m Indfaelad [gap: left vacant/extent: 1 line] m Colmain m Bicne Cháich m Lagnich Faelad m Rumaind Duach m Conaill m Corpri Niad Corp m Buain m Lamdoit m Amalgaid m Lóegaire Birn Buadaig m Oengusa Osrethi. m Crimthaind Móir m Iair .m. Shétnai m Ailella m Lugdach m Labrada m Carthaig m Nuadat m Condlai m Bresail Bric.

Cerball dano m Domnaill m Dondchada.


Cinaed mc Cellaich m Cinaeda mc Congalaig. m Matudain mc Cellaich m Duib Echtge m. Duib Lachtnai m Eochada. m Duib Da Thuath m Curre. m Diurain m Demre m Bresail m Dein mc Conlai Currig m Airt qui Chirbb


m Corpri Niad m Cormaic Mair m Oengusa Mind m Echach Find Fuath Airt m Fedlimid.


Murchertach m Neill m Domnaill m Ardgair m Lochlaind m Mael Shechnaill m Mael Ruanaid m Fhlaind m Domnaill m Aeda Findleith m Neill Kaille m Aeda Ordnidi m Neill Fhrosaig m Fhergaile m Maele Duin m Maele Fithrig m Aeda Úairidnaig m Domnaill m Murchertaig m Muridaig m Eogain m Neill Nóigiallaig m Echach Mugmedóin m Muridaig Tirig m Fhiachach Sraptini m Carpri Liphechair m Cormaic Ulfhota m Art Oenfhir m Cuind Cetchathaig m Fheidlimid. Rechtada m Tuathail Tectmair m Fhiachach Findfholaid m Fheradaich Find Fechtnaig m Crimthaind Niad Naire m Lugdach Riab n-Derg m na Tri Find Emna. Bres & Nar & Lothor m Echach Feidlig m Find m Fhintain m Rogen Rúaid m Essamna Emna m Blathechta m Labrada L. m Enna Agnig m Oengusa Turbig. [gap: left vacant/extent: remainder of column]

{folio 338b}


Flaithbertach m Longsich m Culiuin m Longsich m Mael Fhóit m Canannain m Fhlaithbertaig m Domnaill m Aeda Muindeirg m Fhlathbertaig m Longsig m Oengusa m Domnaill m Aeda m Ainmerech m Shetnai m Fhergusa m Conaill Gulban m Neill Noigiallaich.


Mael Ruanaid m Murchertaig m Oengusa m Mael Bresail m Mael Doraid m Oengusa m Mael Bresail m Meic Irchada m Fhlathbertaig.


CAthal m Domnaill m Murchertaig m Mael Ruanaid m Fhlathbertaig m Mael Dithruib m Mael Chainnig m Gormgaile m Tipraite m Thnuthaig m Sluaíg m Cormaic m Conchobuir m Sluaig m Ennae m Neill Nóigiallaich.


Cathbarr m. Gillai Críst m Domnaill m Écnechain m Dalaig m Murchertaig m Cind Fhaelad m Airnelaig m Maela Duin m Cind Fhaelad m Gairb m Ronain m Lugdach m Shétnai m Fhergusa m Conaill m Neill Nóigiallaich.


Dondchad m Con Chasil m Domnaill m Mathgamna m Laidcnén m Cerbaill m Mael Phoil m Fhogartaig m Ruadrach m Mael Fhothartaig m Artrach m Aithechda m Mael Duib m Cronain m Fhergusa m Nad Sluaig m Cairpri Daim Argait m Echdach m Cremthaind Leith m Fheic m Dega Duirn m Rocheda m Colla Focrí m Echdach Domlen m Cairpri Lifechair.



Murchad m Ruadrí m Muridaig m Ailella m Cummascaig m Eochoden m Ruaducain m Cellaig m Ruadrach m Conmael m Airmedaig m Fheradaig m Amalgada m Ailella m Echdach m Fheidlimthi m Fhiachrach Cassan m Colla Focri.


Murchertach m Con Chocaid m Ruadrí m Aeda m Cellaig m Muirchertaig m Lorcain m Ailella m Cummascaig m Cernaig m Shubne m Éicnig m Colgan m Shubni m Ronain m Baitain m Muridaig m Eogain m Niallain m Fheic m Fheidlimid m Fhiachrach Cassan m Colla Focrí.

{folio 338d}


Gilla Patric m Matudain m Trenfhir m Néill m Aeda m Maela Duin m Dondgaile m Buachalla m Conchobuir Chorraig m Maele Duin m Fhingin m Ronain m Thuathail m Ailella m Conaill m Fheic m Bresail m Fheidlimid m Fiachrach Cassan.



Gilla Coluim m Gillai Crist m Éicnig m Dalaig m h-Uidir m Cernaig m Lugain m Irgalaig m Feichind m Cormaic m Fhergusa m Aeda m Corpri Daim Argait m Echdach m Crimthainn Leith.

Gilla Crist m Meic Uidir m Duib Darach m Écnig.


Cu Ulad m Con Maige m Deoraid m Fhoglada m Meic Iairn m Aeda m Donnacain m Fhogartaig m Fhlaind m Muridaig m Inrechtaig m Rechtabrai m Mael Chraibe m Mael Fhothartaig m Shubne m Fhurudáin m Becce m Cuanach m Dare m Feidilmthi m Echen m Fiachrach Turtri (a quo .h. Turtri) m Colla Uais.

{folio 338e}


Niall m Fogartaig m Mael Ruanaid m Mael Patric m Aeda m Mael Maire m Mael Ruanaid m Mail Chaireda m Mael Bresail m Aeda m Crichain m Cathasaig m Mael Chothaid m Guaire m Fhorannain m Ainmerech m Cormaic m Dochartaig m Fiachrach m Eirc m Colla Uais.



Mael Ruanaid m Gillai Ciarain m Amlaib m Alene m Ossine m Scolaige m Machainen m Shuibne m Artraig m Alene m Mael Áil m Mael Bresail m Mael Duin m Alene m Ail m Masine m Fhergusa m Duach m Bresail m Colla Mind. m Echach Domlen. [gap: left vacant/extent: remainder of column]


Ruadri m Tairdelbaig m Ruadri m Aeda m Thaidc m Cathail m Conchobuir m Thaidc m Murgiusa m Thommaltaig m Murgaile m Indrectaig m Muredaig m Murgiusa m Rogellaig m Fhuatach m Aeda m Echdach m Fhergusa m Muredaig Mail m Eogain Sreim m Duach Galaig m Briain m Echach Mugmedoin.


Tigernan m Dondchada m Domnaill m Ualgairg m Neill m Airt m Aeda m Fhergail(e) m Ruairc m Thigernain m Sellachain m Cernaig m Duib Dothra m Dunchada m Baíthini m Crimthaind m Scanlain m Aeda Find m Fhergna m Fhergusa m Eogain Sreim ut supra.



Mael Ruanaid m Aeda m Cellaig m Dubdai m Condmaig m Duind Chothaid m Cathail m Ailella m Dunchada m Tipraite m Maelduib m Elgaig m Fhiachnai m Nath Í m Fhiachrach m Echach Mugmedoin.

{folio 338g}


Gilla Cellaich m Comaltain m Mael Chererda m Mail Fhabaill m Crerig m Cetadaig m Cummascaig m Cathmoga m Torptha m Fhergaile m Ardgaile m Guare Adni m Colmain m Cobthaig m Coibnend m Conaill m Eogain m Echach m Nath Í m Fiachach m Echach Mugmedoin.


Scandal m Fergail m Mael Chiarain m Casseni m Ailgili m Mael Tuli m Timidi m Nocba m Canno m Nad Setna m Gobrain m Thobthai m Branain m Briuin Lethdeirg m Murchada m Aeda m Guaire Adni.


[gap: name omitted/extent: ? letters] m Aeda m Diarmata m Thaidc m Murchada m Aeda m Cellaig


m Fhiannachtai m Ailella m Inrechtaig m Dluthaig m Fhithchellaig m Dicolla m Eogain Fhind m Cormaic m Corpri Chruim m Fheradaig m Lugdach m Dallain m Bresail m Mani m Echach m Domnaill m Fhiachach Sroptine m Carpri Lifechair.

{folio 338h}


Flannacan m Neill m Fherchair m Maclaich m Condalaig m Amalgaid m Déinmetaig m Dimmai m Laidcnen m Maeludir m Aeda m Fhinain m Amalgaid m Fiachrach Find m Bresail. m Mane Móir.


Godra m Dunadaig m Godrai m Longsig m Dunadaig m Cobthaig m Mael Duin m Dondgalaig m Anmchada m Eogain Búaic m Cormaic m Corpri Chruim.


Diarmait m Finnachta m Maele Cotaid m Maele Duin m Cind Fhaelad m Dúngalaig m Thaiclig m Cind Faelad m Diarmata m Fhindbairr m Brenaind m Nad Fraich m Iden nó Eoin m Idchuir m Niad Corp m Loi (o filet Lugni) m Cormaic Galeng m Thaidc m Cein.



AEd m Taichlig m Murchada m Domnaill m Murchada m Murgiusa m Egra Faprig (a quo .h. Egra) m Soergusa m Becce m Lathgusa (a quo Cland Lathgus[gap: margin fractured/extent: 1 letter]a) m Cind Faelad m Findbairr m Diarmata m Dala m Eoin mc Ithchaire m Airt Chirp.


{folio 339a}

INCIPIT GENELOGIA Sil Birn .i. Ossairge

The two leaves conatining the Ossairge genealogies are a separate section and in the hand of scribe T. OSsairge Síl Bressail Bricc insin. Bressal Brecc dí mc Fiachach Fobricc mc Ailella Glais &c. ut in genelogiis Laginensium scripsimus.

Da mc dano la Bressal m-Brecc .i. Lugaid senathair Lagen. Et Condla Caem senathair Ossairgi. Et ni dilsiu do chlaind Lugdach int anmnigud is Lagin oldas do chlaind Condlai.

I N-amsir in Bressail Briccsin tra tánic in cétna boár i nh-Erind. Et nocon fharggaib acht teora dartada i nh-Erinn. It é derrga .i. dairt i Cliu. dairt i l-Liniu. dairt i Cuailngiu. Is de atá Imbliuch Fir Oendarta. Din bóraimi dí tuc Bresal i nh-Erinn is de ainmnigther Bendchur Comgaill. Ut quidam dicunt.

Domnall rí Ossairge & Scandlán da mc Cerbaill m Domnaill m Donchada m Domnaill m Gillai Patric m Donchada m Gillai Patric m Dondchada m Cellaich m Cerbaill m Dungaile m Fergaile m Anmchada m Con Cerca m Failáin m Crundmaeil m Ronáin Rígflatha m Colmain Mair m Bicne Cháich
[gap: illegible/extent: ? words and letters]
[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]
sach m Laignig Fhaelad m Eochada m Imchada m Con Brothaig m Fir Chorbb m Cormaic m Coirpri m Niad Corbb m Búain m Loegaire Birn Buadaig. (Mcside ingine Delbáith drúad brathair Moga Ruith) m. Oengussa Osrithi (.i. eter ossu alta fofríth) m. Crimthaind Máir. (Cennait ingen Dári mc Dedad isí bóe i n-arrad Crimthaind Máir issí mathair Oengussa Osfríthi.)


{folio 339ab}

mc Meic Ieir m Faelreg m Sétnai m Ailella m Lugdach m Labrada m Carthaig m Nuadat m Condlai m Bressail Bricc & rl.

Dondchad dano & Domnall rí Ossairge cechtarde. Dá m. Gillai Patric m. Domnaill.

{folio 339ac}

Oengus Osfhrithe trá mc dósaide Loegaire Bern Buadach.

Mc dá do Loegaire in Búan. Cethri mc la Búan .i. Nia Corb et Dróida. & Cailte Bolcc. & Uilechán.

Nia Corbb da mc deac laiside .i. Calb. Corbb. Coirpre. Cáilech. Cóildub. Conaire. Dáre. Immorrus. Bairrche. Bernuc. Sétna. Seret.

Cóic mc Dróida mc Búain .i. Daig. Mál Fothaid. Conchend. Mas Crimthand.

{folio 339ab}

Cethri mc Cailti Builc mc Búain .i. Geintech. Assiuc. Conaire. Delbaeth.

H-uilechain dano mc Búain .uii. mc la saide .i. Furbithe. Tochmarc. Immdu. Garb. Derce. Gelestar. Goll.

Conchend mc Droida mc Búain .uii. mc leiss .i. Cattur. Ercc. Dorn. Fidach. Rosnad. Mac Cesse. Cúltanach. mc Rosnada.

Da mc Dega mc Dróida .i. Cairthend. & Findchad.

Secht mc Máil mc Dróida .i. Cronn. H-uinniuc. Daig Linguae. Nia. Eidlech. Aed Caemchend. Cass.

Trí mc Fhothaid mc Dróida.i. Dubthach. Dub Dagain. Liathán.

Cóic mc Fhindchada mc Dega .i. Oengus. Mc Cuilind. Dúnlang a quo .h. Dega Draignech. Eichen. Barrfhind.

Síl n-Óengusa .h. Scelláin & h. Fhollaig.

Síl Meic Culind dia tát .h. Scellain & .h. Cummín. Scellán & Cummin dá mc Dimma m Fhindchada mc Dega.

{folio 339b}

Cenel m-Báithéni & Cenel Cobthaig.

Síl Dúnlainge. Cenel Meic Inill H-úi Duinemla.

Síl n-Echini. H-úi Chaireni. Síl m-Barrind is díbad. Is dí ro bói Mucceni & Broicceni.

Cethri mc Sárain mc Senaig mc Dega .i. Laisriu & Ossán & Onchu & Aicclech.

Faelán mc Cellaig m Fhlathrói m Dondgaile m Fiannachtaig m Fiannamla m Aicclich m Sáráin


m Senaig m Fhergusa m Dega m Dróida m Búain. m Loegairi Birn Buadaig.


Suibne m Caróc m. Mael Chróin m Mugróin m Domnaill m Conaill m Rechtada m Rechtáin m Maele Ansid m Dimma. m Ildánaich m Laisrenn m Saráin m Senaig.


Cellach mc Meic Lachtnai m Faeláin m Rónáin m Fianngussa m Maele Cainig m Laidcgnen m Rónáin m Cobthaig m Meic Culind m Fhindchada m Dega.


Finsnechta m. Flaind m Laithem m Cobthaig m Shechnasaig m Uargussa m Sneidgaile m Ossáin m Saráin. m Senaig.

{folio 339bb}

Loegaire m Duibéitig. m Ailléccain m Dondgussa m Fhergussa m Dondgaile m Anfodaig m Brain m Nássadaig m Doborchon m Fhergusa m Ciaráin m Caiss m Mail m Dróida.


Cennetig m Fhlaithe (m) m Scandail m Cind Fhaelad m Gúari m Fhaebargaile m Odorchon m Forchellaig m Doborchon.

{folio 339bc} Secht mc Máil mc Dróida .i. Nia. Daig. Linga. Eidlech. Cass. AEd Caémchend. H-uinniuc. Crond.

Nia a quo h-ú Niad Cille Bléidini.

Daig a quo .h. Dega.

Linga i Tig mc Gerrthidi.

Eidlech a quo .h. Inmaisnig.

Cass ó tát sáerchlanna .h. Máil.

Trí mc Doborchon .i. Eimíni a quo .h. Chonberráin. Forchellach a quo .h. Fhorchellaich. Nássadach a quo .h. Bráin.

Gaithnemach. Loingsem. Foradag. Fonascach. Anfathach.

Da mc Anfadaig .i. Dondgal. & Ruidgal.

Cethri mc Dondgaile .i. Fínnachta. Fiannamail. Móinach. Fergus.

Cethri mc Odorchon .i. Faebargal. Airbertach. Fergus.

Airbertach a quo Máel Umai mc Tnudáin mc Fhlaithgiusa mc Dúngaile mc Airbertaich m Odorchon.

AEd Cáem a quo Adhuar mc [gap: name omitted/extent: 5 letters]Echin .i. qui fecit in (mc) chaín Echin.

Huinniuc a quo .h. Fhorannáin.

Crond a quo .h Nótain & h. Dimmain & h. Dícolla & Berchán mc Findich.

TRi mc Fhothaid mc Dróida .i. Dubthach. Dub Dímáin. Baithán.


Cellach mac Celechair m Muridaig m. Cormaic mc Dúngaile mc Fothaid m Blaithmeic mc Bercháin mc Brócáin mc Nath Í mc Dubthaig m Fhothaid mc Dróida.


{folio 340a}Da mc Blaithmeic mc Berchain .i. Fothad & Fairchellach.

Trí mc Fhothaid .i. Dúngal & Fachtna & Blaithmac. .i. díbad. Faelán mc Longsig m Ciabáin mc Cinaeda .m Cobthaig mc Uargusa. m Fhachtnai mc Fothaid mc Blaithmeic.

Nói mc Dúngaile .i. Cormac .i. dibad. Cellach. Dubthach. Bressal. Ólchobor.

Cóic mc Dannatainn .i. Suanach Coraind ingini Flaind mc Conic mc Marcain dina Désib .i. ingen ríg na n-Désse.

Tuathal. Flaithgius. Tnuthgal. Fiachrai. na ceithri mc aile do Dúngal.

Cramini mc h-Edmim mc Coscraig mc Berteni mc Cellaich mc Dungaile.

Fuacar(ta) mc Olchobuir m Dubthaig m Dungaile.

Dúbóc mc Gúturi mc Duib Da Bairend mc Olchobuir mc Dúngaile.

Dubacan mc Echóc mc Faeláin mc Bresail mc Dungaile.

Dub Techid mc Loegaire mc Ruadáin mc Adgalaich. mc Thuathail mc Dungaile.

Find mc Finguine mc Cumoc

or Cunioc

mc Cinaeda mc Cummascaig. mc Fhlaithgiusa mc Dungaile.

Teichthech mc Cormaccáin mc Oéngusa mc Ailella mc Dúngaile mc Thnuthgaile mc Dúngaile.

Gaíbthech mc Ailella mc Duib Durlais mc Fiachrach mc Dungaile.

Trí mc Fhorchellaig mc Blaithmeic .i. Echtgus & Snédgus & Mael Dúin.

Longsech mc Uathmaráin mc Muirchoraig mc Carthaig mc Fiangaile mc Echtgusa mc Forchellaig.

Bergda mc Conchobuir mc Dúngaile mc Oengusa mc Snedgusa mc Fhorchellaig.

Curríni mc Mael Bennachtan mc Máil Chainnig mc Cinaeda mc Snedgusa mc Maeli Duin mc Fhorchellaig.


ERc mc Maeli Tuili mc Duib Da Chrích mc Eirc mc Mael Dúin mc Cóil mc Fheichini mc. Threicdári.

Da mc Threicdari. Garban & Treicheni mc Eirc mc Conchind mc Dróida mc Buain mc Loegairi Birn Buadaig.


Tuathchar mc Dúngalaig mc Murgile mc Bríain mc Maele Dúin mc Cóil mc Fhéichini mc Senaig mc Nath Í mc Treicheni mc Thréic mc Dári mc Eirc.

Cend Faelad mc Bruatair mc Meic Éitig mc Forbasaig. mc Eirc mc Mael Tuili.


Fogartach mc Sluagedaich mc Duib Chonnaid mc Duib Da Chell mc Áthail mc Thiblide mc Alsedaich mc Éislesaig mc Roithnen mc Senaig mc Conna mc Liatháin mc Fhothaid mc Droida.

Muridach mc Cormaic mc Crináin mc Brain mc Diarmata mc Gemil mc Áilsedaich.

AEd mc Flaithen mc Brain .i. in sui

TRí mc Áilsedaich. Geimel & Tiblide & Dub Slébe.

Cinaed mc Clumain mc Corcráin mc Conamaich mc Athail mc Thiblide.

Cellach mc Aedacain mc Ectgusa mc Moengusa mc Diangusa mc Duib Sléibe mc Ailsedaich.

Dondgal mc Ailella mc Ectgusa.

Mithigen mc Cormaic mc Siadail mc Echtgusa.

Da mc Lachtchair. Comgell & Liber a quo Cenel Cobrain. {folio 340b} Comgell a quo .h. Berrcon.

Da mc Comgaill .i. Cróneni & Colmán.

Cethri mc Cróneni. Caisreni. Forandail. Uachtaide. Cuanachtach.

Dubcend m Aedacain m Oengusa m Neill m Snedgaile m Casreni. m Crónéni m Comgaill m Iachtchair.

{folio 340bb} Cethri mc Aedacain .i. Dubcend. Mael Cluchi. Oengus. Niall. Mc Scaru mc Céilechair mc Néill mc Sneidgaile.

Cinaed mc Fofosain mc Cernaich mc Flaind mc Thommaltaich mc Sneidgaile.

Máelicháin mc Uargalaig. mc Maináin mc Maile Aitnén mc Lethglind mc Forandla.

Selbach mc Lactnai mc Scandail mc Rectgussa mc Uachtaidi.

{folio 340ba} Cethri mc Garbáin mc Crundmael mc Colmain mc Comgill .i. Doelgus. Faelgus. Anfadach. Comman.


Broenan m Cobthaig m Fhlaind m Cormaic m Oengusa m Doelgusa m Garbain m Crundmail m Garbain m Colmain m Comgill.

Echóc mc Airbertaig m Dondgalaig m Faelgusa m Garbain.

Selbac m Dungaile m Faebargaile m Anfadaig m Garbain.

Mael Anfaid .i. sanctus Cluana. m. Anfadaig.

Fergus mc Fínain m Condmaig m Cethernaig m Airechtaig m Aduair m Daigri m Comgill.

Trí mc Bicni mc Laignich Fáilad .i. Colmán. Enán. Garbán.

{folio 340bb} Cethri mc Colmain Móir .i. Scandlán. Rónán. Mael Aicthen. Bran.

Tuaim Snama mc Congaile m. Mael Aichthen m. Colmain.

Cúanbrann m. Blaithmeic m. Maeluidir m. Brain m. Colmáin.

Cellach Roigne mc Faelchair m Fhorandla m. Maeleodra m. Scandlain m. Colmáin.

Bran mc Flaind m. Dunechda m. Flaithbertaig m. Cúanbrain m. Blaithmeic m. Brain m. Colmain.


Munechan m Ailella m. Uarchridi m. Cind Fhaelad m. Forchellaig m Maele Umai m Brain m Colmain.

{folio 340bc} Mael Garb m Tomméni m Blaithmeic m. Maele Garba. m Sencháin m Laignig Faelad.

Flaithrua m. Finnachtaig m Flaind m Cuanbraind.

Flannacan m Cnamsige m Gussain m Bruatair m Cind Fhaelad. m. Dínertaig m. Flaind m Cúanbraind.

Cethri mc Cúanbraind .i. Fland. Flaithbertach. Failbe. Mael Cáich.

Cethri mc Cind Faelad .i. Úarchride a quo Cúan mc Coilbóthir mc Ciabáin mc Muncháin.

Mael Aichthén .i. a quo Buadach mc Ailella mc Thnuthgaile mc Brain m Mael Aichthén. Elathach & Echtgus.

{folio 341a} Tri mc Flaind .i. Dínertach. Finnachtach. Dondgal.

Mél Feice mc Ciarmaic m Thaidc m Thuathchair m Duib Da Chrích m Ailteni m Cilleni m Scanlain .&rl.

{folio 341ab} Cethri mc Cilleni. Failbe a quo .h. Fhalbi. Alteni a quo Cland Taidc. Taircheltach a quo Meic Flaithecain ó Muniu Lichtein. Mael Athchén a quo Maelodor Comnart.

Cethri mc Thaidg: Mael Laíge. Ciarmac. Dunadach. Rechtan.

{folio 341a} Glassgabal mc Ailgenain mc Tuathail mc Culennáin m Rechtain m Thaidgg.



Failbe mc Cilleni m Scanláin m Guari m Fintain m Fhidaig m Meic Thail m Mechoir m Cattrend m Conchind m Dróida m Buaín m Loegairi Birn Buadaig.

{folio 341ab} Da mc Fhalbe .i. Sneidgus & Sechnassach. Trí mc Snedgusa: Dunechaid. Et Uargus & Dungal. Trí mc Dunechda .i. Cinaed & Crimthann. Et Faelchad.

Buadachan m Airen m Cinaeda m Dunechda m Snedgusa m Failbi. m Cilleni m Scanlain.

{folio 341ac} Da mc Cínaeda. Airen. & Dunchad.

Niall mc Loegaire mc Dunchada m. Cinaeda.

Mel Cáich mc Duib Chalgaig mc Crimthaind mc Dunechda

Mél Michil mc Duib Rigi m Lainnechain m Brain Fhind m Fhaelchada mc Dunec[gap: cutting of the page/extent: 2 letters]da

{folio 341a}


Niall mc Michéil mc Lommeni mc Moenaig mc Uargusa mc Shnédgusa.


Sétrachán mc Cellaich mc Fhlathim mc Forbasaig mc Dúngaile mc Snedgusa.


Cellach mc Lígáin mc Ceilechair mc Muridaig mc Dúngusa mc Shechnasaig mc Fhalbi.

De genelach Síl Damíni i Tír .h. n-Gentig. & do-róibatar h-Ú Gentich nisi pauci .i. h-Úi Churre & h. Gobbain.


Augra mc Dondgaile mc Celechair mc Dondgale m Domnaill m Dondgale m Coibdenaich m Máeluidir m Beraich m Senaich m Raithi m Daim Argait.

{folio 341ab}Trí mc Beraich mc Senaig mc Raithi mc Daim Argait .i. Techán. Maelodor. Snasán.

Trí mc Maeludir. Condalach & Conglass. Et Dunechaid.

Tri mc Condalaig .i. Rechtaig. Coibdenach. Eladach.


Celechair mc Cianacáin mc Diarmata mc Scandail mc Forbassaich mc Irthuli m Duib Da Thond m Conglaiss. {folio 341a} Ailillén m Irthuli m Ruidgiusa m Irthuli m Duib Da Thond. Gormán mc Airmedaich mc Rechtabra mc Condalaich.

Cland Elathaig a quo Ilmaid mc Móenaig mc Congeltaig.

Moenach mc Cinaeda mc Cormaic mc Muridaig mc Duib Da Thond.

Cland Srafain a quo Cethernach mc Saerchoraig [gap: second half of leaf cut away/extent: ? words]


{folio 343a}


A h-ui Chuind a Chormaic ol Carpre. Cia dech do rig. .Ní. or Cormac.

    1. Ainmne cen debaid.
      Soacallma cen mordataid
      Deithitiu senchasa.
      Fritholaid fhína.
      Géill i n-glassaib
      Slogad ri deithbere
      Fir cen fhuille.
      Trocaire co n-dluthud recta
      Síd do thuathaib.
      Ratha écsamla.
      Bretha fíra

      [gap: left vacant/extent: 1 line]

      Morad nemed
      Airmitiu fhiled
      Adrad De móir
      Torud inna fhlaith
      Deicsiu cach thruaig
      Almsana ile
      Mess for crannaib
      IAsc i n-inberaib
      Talam torthech
      Bárca do thochor i port
      Allmaire sét.
      Murchoirthe dílse
      Etach sirecda
      Drong claidebbemnech
      Arcometa a thúaith
      Forrana dar crícha
      Torramad eslánu
      Lessaiged triunu
      Tectad fír
      Cariged gói
      Baded bidbadu


      Bered firbretha
      Biathad cech n-ái.
      Uaged cach síd.
      Lessaiged a anmain
      IMmad fína. sceo meda
      Canad cach fír.
ar is tria fhir flaitheman dobeir Dia in sin uile.

A .h. Chuind a Chormaic ol Carpre. Cade cóir recta ríg.

Recht fallnaither ar talmain truim tathum at-chous duit ol Cormac.

    1. Congbaid máru
      Marbaid ulcu
      Moraid mathe
      Troethaid foglaide
      Argreind gait
      Coraigid coibnius
      Codnaigid síd
      Clannaid dliged
      Coscid indliged{folio 343b}Doeraid bidbadu
      Soeraid enngu.
      Angid idnu
      Conrig essidnu
      Focraid foglaide.
      Lándilsi do cach laim la fiachu.
      Comlúth re lanfiachaib.
      Fis lethfhiachaib.
      Anfis co cátu ríg.
      Co fursmaltaib flatha.
      Conoige dliged
      Techta cech fhír do neoch as leis.
      Muir & tír. foltaib fíraib do thuathaib a les cintaib láime.
      Forshilliud co silliud sula la cintaib bél
      Étsechtaib cluasaib
      Co firaib cuibse
      Lerigider cert cech cind.
      Airecht dorimmairg cech recht ar it e.
      Tecta flatha in sin fri tuatha.


A .h. Chuind a Chormaic ol Carpre cia dech do les tuathe. Ní. ol Cormac.

    1. Terchomrac degdaine.
      Dala mence
      Menma athchomairc
      Fochmarc do gaethaib
      Airdibdúd cech uilc.
      Comollud cech mathiusa
      Airecht ríglach.
      Sechem senchais.
      Senad rectaide
      Rechtga la flaith
      Toisech firian
      Cen fhorbrisiud truag.
      Commaid chairddine
      Trócaire co n-dagbés
      Dluthad coibniusa
      Comollud recta
      Recht senchairde
      Cotach cen irchaire
      Fíanna cen diummus
      INire fri naimtiu.
      INruccus fri brathri
      Ratha fiala
      Aithe shlána
      Bretha fíra
      Fiadain inraice.{folio 343c}Astud cundruda cen diupairt
      Fulliud diuperta
      Folaid chutrumma
      Airlicud éim
      Geill do inchaib
      Iasacht follan
      Oín fri toich Cubes cach maith
      Taithesc miadchar
      Messair dilmain
      Foglaim cach dana
      Eolas cech berla
      Druine cech brithemnais.
      Tacra co fossugud


      Brithemnas co roscadaib.
      Gella fri bretha
      Nadmand inraice
      Eitsecht fri sruithe
      Buidre fri daescarsluag
      Lessugud criche.
A n-as dech do les tuathe in sin.

A .h. Chuind a Chormaic ol Carpre Cad iat ada flatha & cormthigi. .Ní. ol Cormac.

    1. Costud im dagfhlaith
      Lassamna do lochairn
      Luthbás i sochaide
      Samugud suide
      Soichlige do daleman
      Dianlám oc fodail
      Fochraibe oc timthirecht
      Tigerna do charthain
      Mesrugud senma.
      Reclugud n-gairit. .i. scela gairddi
      Gnúis fhailid.
      Failte fri dáma.
      Feidle fri comad
      Cocétlai binne.
It iatsin ada flatha & cormthige.

A .h. Cuind a Chormaic ol Carpre Cid asa n-gaibther flaithemnas for tuathaib & clannaib & cenelaib. .Ní. ol Cormac.

    1. A feib chrotha & ceniuil & ergnai.
      A gaís & orddan & eslabrai & inruccus.
      A feib duthchusa & airlabra
      A n-nirt imgona & sochraite gaibther.

{folio 343d}Ceist. Cade tecta na flatha .Ní. ol Cormac.

    1. Rop sobraig
      Rop saigthech.
      Rop soaccobrach
      Rop soacallmach
      Rop becda.
      Rop morda


      Rop dian.
      Rop fossad
      Rop fenech.
      Rop gartaid.
      Rop sognassaid.
      Rop máeth
      Rop cruaid.
      Rop carthach.
      Rop fírían.
      Rop ainmnetach.
      Turgabad lubair
      Bered fírbretha.
      Biathad cach n-dilliucht.
      Miscniged goi.
      Carad firinne
      Rop dermatach uilc.
      Rop étsid cech mathiusa.
      Rop slúagach i n-dálaib.
      Rop uathad i sanasaib.
      Rop sorche fri gnáis.
      Rop grian tige midchuarta.
      Rop airitid dala .& airechta.
      Rop sercaid fis & ergnai.
      Rop cundrigid coisc caich bes
      [gap: illegible/extent: 3/4 letters]

      Miastar cách iarna tochus.
      Dobera a thechta do chach
      Rop dluthe a nadmand
      Roptar lacsa a thobaig.
      Roptar aithe etrumma a bretha & a chocerta.
Ar is triasna techtaibsin miditir ríg & flathi ol Cormac.

A .h. Chuind a Chormaic ol Carpre Cia bátar do bésa in tan ropsat gilla. .Ní. ol Cormac.

    1. Basa costechtach caille
      Nipsa descenach rainne.
      Basa thó fhásaig.
      Basa labor sochaide.
      Baso shulig midchuarta.
      Besam dulig irgaile.
      Bam solam d'fhoraire.


      Nipsa rochruaid.
      Nipsa roirusa.
      Nipsa rothim
      Nipsa melcend.
      Nipsa tromda
      Basa gáeth.
      Nipsa fhorlob
      Basa thrén.
      Basa lúath
      Nipsa airrechtach
      Nipsa fomsech.

A .h. Chuind a Chormaic ol Carpre Cia batar do gnima intan ropsat gilla. Ní. ol Cormac.

    1. No gonaind muic i m-biind m'oenur.
      No chingind i curi choicir
      Basa oirgnech imsa dechenborach.{folio 344a}Basa inrectach imsa fichtech.
      Basa cachtach imsa cetach.
A .h. Chuind a Chormaic ol Carpre cia messam latt atchonnac. .Ní. ol Cormac. Gnúsi namat i cath.

A .h. Chuind a Chormaic ol Carpre cia binnem let rochuala. .Ní. ol Cormac. Ilach iar m-buaid. Molad iarna luaig. ITge degmna dia h-adurt.

A .h. Chuind a Charpri ol Cormac. Ma contuase frim thecosc Ni tharda th'ainech ar choirm. na biad ar is ferr dín cloth oldas dín biid.

    1. Nirbat uallach manbat trebthach.
      Nirbat sriangabrach cen eocho.
      Nirbat olchobrach cen choirm.
      Nirbat lactmar cen bú.
      Nirbot massech mani bet caircha lat.
Ar is col i n-dálaib in domain. Uall cen trebad. Tete cen eocho. Olchobar cen choirm. Lactmairi cen bú. Masse cen [gap: erased/extent: 3/4 letters]

A .h. Chuind a Charpri ol Cormac Ma contuassi frim thecosc

    1. Ni chuitbe nach sen ciarbat ooc.
      Na bocht ciarbat somma.
      Na nocht ciarbot shúin.


      Na losc ciaso luath.
      Na dall ciaso feíg.
      Na lobor ciaso thren.
      Na borb ciarbot gáeth.
      Nirbot lesc.
      Nirbot súanach
      Nirbot neóit.
      Nirbot deaith.
      Nirbot etaid.
Ar is cach lesc lond etaid suanach neóit deáith is miscais Dé & dóine.

A .h. Chuind a Chormaic ol Carpre. Cia etergén síl Adaim .Ní. ol Cormac.

    1. Gaeth cach fossad.
      Firian cach fial.
      Fedil cech ainmnetach.
      Fissid cech foglaintid.
      Fuarrech cech finechar.
      Fáilid cach slán.
      Suán cech slemon.
      Serb cech borb.
      Báeth cach trén.
      Tibre cech mer.
      Mucna cach mog.
      Mórda cech n-dindba.
      Imresnaid cech n-aneolach
      Anbal cech anecnaid.
      Ecal cech uamnach.
      INraicc cech lobur.{folio 344b}Altromaid cech docraid.
      Ál cach angtha.
      Andgid cech ecal
      Diupartach cech n-dindba.
      Dalach cech cosnamach
      Conchar cech saithech.
      Solepthach cech surig.
      Sétach cech selbach.
      Slichtlethan cech saer.
      Socherna cech setach
      Menmar cach cainte.
      Solam cech marcach.
      Milis cech fír.


      Serb cech gó.
      Milbela druinecha.
      Dodalacha drochmna.
      Dodáil a maic.
      Mairg oca m-biat.

A .h. Chuind a Chormaic ol Carpre. Et gabail baíse cis lir. Ní. ol Cormac.

    1. Lugi ria m-breith
      Bretha diana.
      Duscud ferge
      Folabrad guach.
      Cairigud fír.
      Frithecht derthaige
      Tintúd breth
      Brón oc fleid
      Flaithem guach
      Gaíre immorro sen.
      Senchas do chleith.
      Cluiche for aill.
      Erchor cen chommus.
      Comrith fri baeth.
      Morthu fri ríg
      Recht cen chomollud.
      Comall cech uilc
      Olc fri carddine
      Cétlud fri cách
      Gel cech nua.
      Nama cech gnáth
      Gním cen fhiadnaisi
      Fiado tláith.
      Turtugud breth
      Bith cen sheotu
      Arlicud il
      Ilar carat
      Brón fri ríg.
      Rolabra cen gaís.
    2. Dligid ecna airmitin
      Arfich gaes gail
      Tomtenach cech n-uamnach
      Torsech cech sercach


      Gnimach cech gallrach
      IMresnach cech guach
      GAibthech cech báeth
      Baeglach cech labor.{folio 344c}IMgonad cech lond
      Trebar cech trebthach
      Triamain cech drochlaech.
      Anbal cech rudrach
      Uathmar cech ecal
      ISel cech athech
      Collach cach sámach
      Discir cech dona
      IMuamnach cech cintach
      Ecal cech fattech
      Cosaitech cech dotheng.
      Án cech cetludach
      Dunadach cech dagthúath
      Sétrech cech saigthech
      Suabais cach dana
      Eslessach cech brass
      Guach cach tairngerech
      Saisil cech brontach
      Cuitbide cach denmnetach.
      Athissech cach comsid.

A .h. Chuind a Chormaic ol Carpre. Cia etergen mná. Ní. ol Cormac.

    1. Etargleim & nis etargleim.
      Serba sirgnási
      Morda tathigthi
      Drutha follaigthi
      Baetha a comairle
      Santacha tormaig
      Aigde aisnise
      Debthaig frecnairc
      Freslig roscelaig
      Cailte digbala.
      Feidle miscsen
      Dermatcha seirce
      ITfaide toile


      Deithite cairddine
      Cundamna ecnaig.
      Ecundla airechta.
      Airrectai ugrai
      Etairisi rúne
      Rudracha tathe
      Garechtga eoit.
      IMaicsi taithlig
      Torachtaig baíse
      Brassa airnadma.
      Airlama forgill
      Foille foichlige
      Soera ainme
      Essoera ícci.
      Consuidet nad comraicet
      Ro mairnet nad aincet
      Uallcha tochmairc
      Écnaig miadamlai
      Foille foimrimme
      Taithe obrais.
      Rigne celide
      Diumsacha dagdóine{folio 344d}Doirche gusmara.
      Dermatcha coisc
      Cumnig immargaile
      INire debtha
      Diaride litha.
      Broncha cormthige
      Comnarta imresain
      Enairte fedma.
      Todiure ciúil
      Etradcha lige
      Tuillmecha augrai.
      Cessachtaig biid.
      Amairsi erlabra
      Eitche trebaire
      Tailce erlabra
      Ána athise
      Arrechtga freslig
      Frithberta coemnai
      Cumnig dichaemnai
      Dimbeoda tinóil


      Cetludcha báise
      Beoda tingill
      Tomtencha uilc
      Santacha dala
      Tromda coblige
      Bodra forcetail
      Dalla dagáirle
      Docheille sochaide
      Miancha blassacta.
      Mina a tairberta.
      Terca a tidnacuil
      Tlaith a timgaire
      Ainble a n-irnaide
      Cumgi airberta.
      Eolaig rebraid
      Aneolaig réri
      Rescacha rurit
      Dulbairi torbai
      Sulbaire espai
      Snímcha cendmassi
      Forcomat nad comradat
      Adgellat nad firat
      Dorairngerat nad chomallat.
      Ro chollet nad iccat
      Forfhodlat na tarcomlat
      Ro nertat na dernat
      Ad segat nad arget
      Conscarat naro thinolat
      Ro renat na tobget
      Ro bronnat naro threbat
      Fó cach tan tene.
      Elca mila mna.
      Maith fidbad cech rathe.
      Mairg roda fomlig
      Ferr a flescad a faenblegon.
      Ferr a sroigled a subugud.
      Ferr a tuargain a tatlugud
      Ferr a tomtin a tairisi.{folio 345a}Ferr a troethad a turgorud
      Ferr a n-digo a n-gradugud
Ni bia ainech na h-anim na cloth ac neoch contuasi ri drochmná.


A .h. Chuind a Chormaic ol Carpre. Cia etergén sína .Ní. ar Cormac.

    1. Mathair etha aig
      Mathair saille snecta.
      Túar fola fleochud
      Tuar tedma tart
      Andso gobél gaeth
      Dech do shínaib ceo
      Ferr a brathair bróen
      Acht do muir ni thorthech torand.

Cia messam trebad .Ní.

Trebad do na crenar ainech no h-anim. Atá araile trebad as messom .i. uic. thuic. beir. tabair.

Item Cormac ad Carpre.

    1. Ní baga fri ríg
      Ní chomris fri báeth
      Ni chomtheis fri dibergach
      Ni chomthana fri echta
      Ni chria do shecht m-baethaib .i.
      File la feniu.
      Do m-nái. Do chimbid.
      Do mesc. Do drúth.
      Do dásachtach. Di ardd
      Di airriusc.
      Ni rimthige fri roth. na rout. na roilbe. Na romur. na baegul. na ga.
      Ni dlutha écnach
      Nibat tibre dala
      Nibat bronach cormthige.
      Nibat dermatach dala.
      Nibat dochoisc
      Nibat imresnaid fír
      Nibat taithi neich
      Nibat fos foglithe
      Nibat cond ugrai
      Nibat munigu debtha.
      Ni thairngere nadot bé
      Nirbat coibchech arnabat fiachach


      Nirbat imgonaid arnabat melachtnach.
      Nirbat comramach arnabat miscnech
      Nirbat imresnaid arnabat cendscoilte.
      Nirbat garg arnábat doblaíth.{folio 345b}Nirbat ugrach arnaba aicennach
      Nirbat cotut arnabat dothcherna
      Nirbat rogartaid arnaba aithe
      Nirbat lesc arnabat meirb
      Nirbat roescaid arnarbat doescair.
      Nirbat debthach arnabat scarthach
      Nirbat dochoisc
      Nirbat ráth ar neoch arnaba eirse do chomaithech.,



Tossach augrai athchosan.

T. ethig arlicud.

T. écnaig airbire

T. eolais imchomarc

T. ordain enecland.

T. súthi sochoisce

T. tocaid trebaire.

T. féli forsinge.

T. crabaid cosmaili

T. ecnai algine

T. uilc uaborbriathar

T. córai cáinepert

T. dóire drochlepaid.

T. crine gallraige

T. tróge toirsige

T. Iubra lén.

T. cutma guforgell.

T. sodchaid dagben.

T. dodchaid drochben.

T. miarli malartcha

Arráli maith mesrugud.


Atchota sochell roda-biatha.

A. duthracht dorota.

A. ciall cáinchruth.

A. báes burba.

A. fascre rofhascre

A. miscais airbire

A. druis digna

A. lesci fatsine

A. becdatu cáinbude

A. diummus dimda

A. coirm clotha.

A. fergach frithorgain

A. flaith labrai


A. etla utmailli

A. accobur feidli

A. gaís airmitiu

A. báis bága.

A. brugas bronnud

A. bríg baraind.

A. biltenga brath

{folio 345c}

A. miltenga brithemnacht.

A. áne erlabra.

A. daidbre dochraite

A. brón debthaige.

A. cath cóiniud.

A. sochlach cocorus

A. imresain imned.

A. immad díchoilad

A. terca leire-

A. soíre soigthige

A. doíre cumga.

A. borb gnimcha.


Bat fattech arnabat fiachach.

B. trebar arnabat gabalach

B. eslabar corbot erdairc

B. gartaid corbat sochraid.

B. buidech corbat írach

B. umal corbot uasal.

Ferr dán orbba.

F. ledb luge

F. dál debech

F. doairm diairm

F. moín immatreb.

F. mog marbad

F. mag mórsliab

F. tigba torud. in another hand tigba cach n-dedenach. amal bid ed atberad is ferr
[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]
dedenach quam a
[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]

F. tuath tinnscra

F. teiched tairisem

F. trumma dinnimi.

F. tairisiu tairngire


F. sobarthain suithe

F. senfhiach senecraite

F. síd sochocad.

F. soben sochenel

F. cride gialla.

F. cara coirm.

F. ciall cáinchruth

F. colud cuma.

F. coma coimtid

F. athe opad

F. aire iarraid.

F. atitiu acsin.

F. ana fognam

F. astúd amaires

F. rend repind.

F. rath riarugud

F. ré rathaib

F. rous ruath

or ruathur

F. gart grísad

F. grés soos

F. gáis gasced

F. gaire immad

F. gremm grefel

F. luathi digairsi

F. lubair áine

F. léire lamide

F. bó bliadain

F. búane ane.

{folio 345d}

F. bríg bágaib

F. bás bithanim

F. bude digbail

F. bec éra.

F. drochdán dilmaine.


Dligid ecna airmitin

D. fír fortacht

D. gó cairigud

D. clóine cundrech.-

D. ugra etargaire

D. rath riara.


D. aite a shochraite

D. naidm nascar

D. rath a imdegail

D. fiadnaise a fugell.

D. fudir fritholta

D. maith mórad

D. díbe dimmolud

D. dall dítin.

D. erdál erfhócra

D. óc eladain

D. altram imfhochaid

D. magister sogaire.

D. foindelach fuacra

D. coibche certugud.

D. athair sogaire

D. mathair míne

D. mer múnud.

D. othur iarfaigid.

D. eitge amsir.

D. tairec tunide

D. aí astud.

Gáeth cach co r-reic a fhorbbai

Baeth cách co l-luaig tíri.

Rectaid cách co lenbo.

Ferach cach co crésíni

Sochla .c. co áir

Brugaid .c. co éthech

Fénnid .c. co trebar

Amus .c. co forus

Sochond .c. co mesca

Codnach .c. co feirg.

Sognaid .c. co fuacht

Sobraig .c. co h-altram

Rúnid .c. co ugra.

Fálid .c. co dona

Dana .c. co ethech

Erra .c. co fogail.

Traigthech .c. co cairpdech

Caíd cach ceól co cruit


Sochraid .c. sona

Dochraid cech n-dona

Milsem cach lochta a airigid

Milsem cech céol ceól ind orcín.

Milsem cecha corma a cétdeog.,

{folio 345e} Sé comartha déc drochthacrai .i. frithchathugud fessa.

Attach drochberla

Ilar n-athise.

Cathigud cen chomartha.

Rigne labartha

A molad fadesin

Failte fri tuisel tacrai

Tomus fri arddu.

Folabrad n-insci.

IMtholta n-gáisi.

Derbad n-inderb

Dínsem lebor.

Soud fri noise

Airdde n-gotha.

Utmaille tacrai.

Tacra fergach.

Spcad sochaide

Cátingud cáich.,

Is áil damsa co fessur cinnas beo eter baethu & gaethu & gnathchib & ingnathchib eter senaib & ocaib & ecnaidib & anecnaidib ar a mc fri Fithal. .Ní. ar Fithal.

Nirbat rogáeth

Nirbat robaeth

N. rouallach-

N. dimbrigach

N. romorda.

N. robecda

N. rolabar

N. rothó

N. rochruaid

N. rothim.

Diambat rogaeth frithot-sailfaider

Diambat robaeth not-togaibfaider

D. rouallach not-dimdaigfaider

D. robecda bat digráid.


D. rolabar bat dergna.

D. rothó nit-suilfither

D. rochuaid fordit-brisfider

D. rothim not-dr[gap: illegible through rubbing/extent: 2 letters]fider.

{folio 346a} Ceist Cinnas rombeo. Ní.

Bat gaeth fri gáis arna rot-togaitha nech i n-gáis

Bat uallach fri uaill arna tucthar crich fort.

Bat becda fri becdataid i n-dentar do thol

Bat labor fri labra inotagar cath.

Bat tó fri tó i n-étsider aisneis.

Bat cruaid fri cruas arnachat-tarda [gap: illegible/extent: 1 letter]sech i n-éisleis.

Bat moeth fri maethi arnadot-rocra cach.

{folio 346ab}

Cid immangéb trebad ol a mac fri Fithal.

Ni. ol Fithal IM indeoin.

Cade ind indeoin trebtha ol in mc.

Ní. ben maith ol Fithal.

Cinnas atgniusa in degmnai ar in mc.

Ní. asa deilb & asa costud ar Fithal .i.

Ni thuca in cail n-garit ossí chamfhinnach.

Ni thuca in remair n-garit.

Ni thuca in faind fatai.

Ni thuca in dupai n-dochoisc

Ni thuca in n-udir n-abbuidi.

Ni thuca in duib temlidi

Ni thuca in cenaind n-gairectaig.

N. in cáil clandmair is í druthethaind.

N. in miarlig miepertaig cecha tuca.

Ceist cia ben dobér ol in mc .Ní. ol Fithal. Matchotai na finna forsiunga. Na bána gela cenduba.

Cid as dech ban. Ní. Ben nad fetatar fir remut acht (matchathar)

{folio 346a} Iarmotha sin ni gabtha friu ara n-aicenta. Et nidat follaigthe ar richtain a lessa.,

Cid dogen friu ol in mc .A n-gabail dara n-anmi cipsi chruth beithi ol Fithal. ar noco derglastar eter díb meni gabtar dara n-ainme.

Cid as messo ban. Ní. Bé chairn.

Cid as messom andaside. Ní fer doda-beir i cormthech coa chen[gap: illegible as writing from obverse side shows through/extent: ? letters]

Perhaps chenel. chend Facsimile.

Cid as messo andate diblínaib. Ní. Mc berar etarru. Nin-aile. nin-turcaba. Ní mora ar ni bia cen n-ethig & cen mebail.,

Dán ecna dogni rig do bocht.

Dogní anrath do essirt.

D. sochenel do docheniul

D. gaeth do baeth.

Maith a thossach.

Ferr a dered.

Airmitnech issin chentur.

Logmar issind altur.

Ni dercointech fri dered .i. fri tabairt nime dó.

Dolig dán laechdacht.

Ni erdairc. & is dergna a dúi

Gnimuch duthain a súi.

It etradaig a bí. It iffernaig a m-mairb.

Nir thimna athair da mac.

Mairg dianid dan laechdacht.,



Briathra Moraind in so sís oc tecosc Fheradaig Find Fhechtnaig diaro fhóid Morand a dalta chuce .i. Nere.

Abbair ris ri cach m-brethir ar Morand. InNis dó ri cach m-brethir. Brig dó rí cach m-brethir.

Mórad fírinne. nommorfa.

Nertad firinne. nonertfa.

Cometad represents fírinne.f. nocometfa.

Tocbad .f. notoceba.

Seiched .f. nosseichfe.

Cipé chometas .f. ni esseba nach maith aire. Nochon airchiure flaith.

Ar is tre fír flathemon mortlada tromlige do dóinib dingbatar.

Is tre fhír flathemon at márchatha de chrichaib cunámat curethar.

Is tre fír. flathemon cach ana lán cach lestar lán imma fhlaith.

Is tre fír flathemon soss. slante. síd. suba. soad. same. sadaile.

slánchride cach comarbae cona chlí in cháinchomarbai clannas.


Is tre fír flathemon mesrada móra at manna milsi blaissetar.,

{folio 346b} Is tre fír flathemon tra libarna lána lanamna (bana). barc i cind cetre.

Is tre fír tocbait dúsi ili órda airgdide.

Is tre fír docuredar muir ildelba míl mina mór for tractaih dergetar.

Is tre fír aibne usci iasc a tonnaib de snamaib snegtar.

Is tre fír sína caíne cach tremsi techtaide dudecat .i. Gaim cáin cuisnech. Errach tírim gaithach. Sam tur frossach. Fogomur tromdruchtach torthech.

Gó flathemon dobeir sína saíba. & mortlada.

& gallra. ancessa for tuatha.

IS. tre fír cacha cethri i crichaib cach fhlathemon fireóin cen tedma cen ances foraib.

IS tre fír cech suth soínmech. cach doth torthech. cech lamnad lanchóir.

Is f. ni fhuiglid nach fuigled manip co fasaigib firinne fogabthar ar it fasaig & roscaid berthe bretha. Ni brithem lasna furecar.

Abbair ris tra nirip diumsach. diupartach doguittech. doitgi.

Dligidir cech duigthech dígi.

Dligid cech diumsach tairniud.

Dligid cech airrechtach atháini.

Dligid cech dothenga miscais.

Dligid cech gubrithem duaidid & gairsechla

Abbair ris nirip rannaire ruamna goa. Ar ni cumgat baa goa i cathróib.

Abbair ris nip fuilech. nip cuilech. nip croda a acnam.

Abbair ris ni fhuigbe co n-gói cathrói ar ní frith ni fuigebthar brithem bas fhiriu cathroi.

Abbair ris ni lua uarlommand for úarmirend croda for feola fine ar etarbai n-indeirb n-incliss immorro tír caich ar n-uair.

Abbair ris cóich rabúi. nó cóich bias in bithsa. Fingal mairg forndoirtither.

Mairg doda-foír. .i. mairg forndóirter do-fechar co nomaid nó. Is ole foferthar.

Marnas merthir. Gonas gentair.

Finit amen finit.,



{folio 346c} Milid Es(p)a(in) m Bile m Bregain m Bratha m Deatha m Ercada m Alloit m Nuadat m Noenuail m Fhebri Glais m Ebir Glunfhind m Lamfhind m Agnoman m Thait m Ogamain m Beomain m Ebir Scuit m Sru m Esrú m Gaidil Glais m Niúil m Fhaeniusa Farsaid m Baatha m Ibatha m Gomer m Iafeth m Noe m Lamiach m Mathusalem m Enoc m Iareth m Malalel m Cainain m Enos m Seth m Adaim m Dé Bí.

Conall Cernach m. Amairgin m Caiss m Fhactnai m Caipai m Igai m Rudraigi (o tát na fír Ulaid) m Sithri m Duib m Fachein m Ebordil m Cathiar m Glais m Indarcaich m Sruib m Rosa m Duib m Fomair m Argatmáir m Sirlaim m Fhind m Blatho m Labrada m Corpri m Olloman Fotla. m Fiachach. m. Setnai. m. Airt. m Ebrig. m. Ebir Duind. m. IR. m Miled.


{folio 346cb} Oengus Turbech m Echach Altlethain m Ailella Casfhiaclaig m Conlai Cháim m Irireo m Melge m Cobthaig m UGAine Máir m Echach Buadaig m Duach Ladrach m Fhiachach Tolgraich m Muredaig Bolgraich m Shimoin Bric. m Aedain Glais m Nuadat Find Fáil. m Giallchada. m Ailella Olcháin m Shirnai m Deín m Rothechtada m Móin m Oengusa Olmugaeda m Fhiachach Labraine. m Smirguill m Enbotha m Tigernmais m Fhallaig m Ethriuil m Iríuil m h-Erimoin. m Miled Espain.

{folio 346cc} Cathair Mor m Fheidlimthe Fir Urglais m Cormaic Gelta Gaeth m Niod Corb m Con Corbb m Moga Corb m Conchobuir Abratruaid m Find Fhiled m Rosa Ruaid m Fhergusa Fairgi m Nuadat Necht m Setna Sithbaicc m Lugdach Loth m BResail Bricc. (Sund condrecat Lagin & Ossairge.) m Fhiachach Find m Ailella Olchain m Fheradaig m Nuadat m Alloit m Airt m Moga Airt m Crimthaind Coscraich m Fheidlimthe Fortriúin m Fergusa m Bresail. m Oengusa m Ailella m Labrada Longsig. m Ailella Áne m Loegaire Luirc. m Ugaine.,

{folio 346cb} Ailill Ólom m Eogain Taidlig. m Moga Neit. m. Dergthened. m Deirg. m. Derchota m Fhortecht. m. Enna Munchain. m Lóich Móir (docer i Táin Bó Cuailnge) m Laigni Bir (i m-Bregaib.) m Ma Femis. m. Letharbrí. m Echach Mumo (o tát Mumnig.)


m Muredaig Mucnaig. m Duach Duind (Dalta Dedad.) m Cairpri Luisc (diatá Lethet Luisc.) m Luignech Laigne (las cetna dernad gae & cruen.) m Fhintait Máir (dia rogialsat Brega fo shecht.) m Niad Segamain (lasa m-bligtis diabulbuar .i. bae & elti) m Fhir Chirp. m. Cobthaig Cael. m Coilbad Cloair. m Rectada Rigdeirg. m Oengusa. m. Duach Find m Finrotha. m. Bressi. m Airt Imlecha (las n-dernta classa dún ar tús i nh-Erinn.) m Ellim Ollfhínecta. m Echach Urcháin. m. Lugdech. m Anroith. m. Road Rochind. m Roain. m. Rigarlid. m. Cetchumnig. m Aeda Deirg. m. Mainmairc. m Caiss Chlothaig. m. Airair Arda. m Cainrothechtach. m Rosa in fothaig. m. Con Aiss m Glaiss. m. Nuadat Fail m Ailcheda. m. Conmael. m Ebir. m Milid Espain.,



PAtraic m Calpraind m Fhótaide m Odisi m Cornuith m Leoburid m Ota m Muric m Oirc m Leo m Maximi m Cencreti m Philisti m Ferini m Britini (a quo Bretnaig. Briti filii Alani qui primus de semine Iafeth in Europam uenit) m Fhergusa Lethdeirg m Nemid m Agnomain. m Phaim m Thait m [gap: name omitted/extent: ? letters]Sera m Sru m Esru m Braimind m Fatecht m Magoth m lafeth. m Noe.

BRigit ingen Dubthaig m Demri m Bresail m Dein m Conlaida m Airt Chirp m Corpri Niad m Cormaic m Oengusa Mind m Echach Find Fuath Airt m Fheidlimid Rectada m Tuathail Tectmair m Fhiachach Findfholaid m Feradaig Find Fechtnaich m Cremthaind Niad Naire m Lugdach Riab n-Derg m na Tri Find Emna m Echach Feidlig m Find m. Fintain m Rogen Ruaid m Essamna Emna m Blathechta m Labrada L. m Enna Aignig. m Oengusa Turbig.


Fintan Cluana Eidnech m Gabrein m Corcrain m Echdach m Bresail. ut supra.

Below cols a-d 347 Sarnat ingen Echach mc Baeth mc Nainnida mc Fheic mc Ieir mc Cathbath di Fhothartaib i m-Berriuch.

{folio 347b} Mo Chua Tigi Mo Chua m Lonain m Senaig m Oengusa m Lugna m Bregduilb m Airt Chirp m [gap: name omitted/extent: ? letters]

Findbarr Insi Domle m. Aeda m Dallain m Liathain m Briuin m Eogain m Airt Chirp m Corpri Niad.

Finan m. Fergnai m Cobthaig m. Muredaig m Lasre m Dare m Ercain m Deín. ut supra. I Tig Airthir i n.h. Ercain.

Colum Cille m. Feidlimid m Fergusa m Conaill Gulban m Neil Noigiallaig m Echach Mugmedoin m Muredaig Tirig m Fhiachach Sroptine m Corpri Liphechair m Cormaic Ulfhotai m Airt Oenfhir m Cuind Cetchathaig m Fheidlimid Rechtada.

Epscop Aed m. Bricc m. Cormaic m Crimthaind m Fhiachach m Neill Noigiallaig. ut supra.

Lomman Locha Uair m. Erannain m Ceispir m Lathim m Fhergusa m Conaill Gulban m Neill Noigiallaig.


RUanach m. Maain m Muredaig m Neill.

Colman m. Luadain m Aeda Luind .m. Mane .m. Fhergusa m. Conaill Cremthainne .m. Neill Noigiallaig.

{folio 347c} Reotaide m Failbe m Aedain m Faeláin m Tentide m Luigdech m Ennae Boguine m Conaill Gulban m Neill Noigiallaig.

Is e congaib Grellaig Maige Tlachtga.

Lochan m Cathail m Cobthaig m Ennai m Ailella m Nath Í m Fhiachrach m Echach Mugmedoin.

ERnain Toraige m. Colmain m Mainain m Muredaig m Eogain m Neill Noigiallaig.

Mael Rubae m Elganaig m Gairb m Oirballaig m Con Bairend m Cremthaind m Binnig m Eogain m Neill Noigiallaig.

Femmi ingen Cairell m Lasre m Dallain m Eogain m Neill Noigiallaig.

Daig Cerd. & Femmi soror eius mc. Cairill mc Lasre Luind mc Dallain. mc Eogain mc Néill.

Mo Lugada. mc Lainneain mc Fintain mc Lugdach mc Ennae Boguine mc Conaill Gulban mc Neill.


Muru Othna Móre. m Fheradaig m Ronain m Eogain Merchruim. m. Muredaig m Eogain m Neill Noigiallaig.

Bec mc De Druad m. Gnoe m Lugdach m Dallain m Bresail m Mane m Neil Noigiallaig.

Nó Bec mc De Druad m Gnoe m Conaill Echlúaith m Lugdach Mind di Mumain.

{folio 347d} Ninnid Lamidan m Echach m Aeda m Loegaire m Neill Noigialliag.

Siur dó Cerc ingen Echach.

Ninnid apstal m Fergusa m Cóimeicc m Enna m Neill Noigiallaig.

CRonan m. Oengusa m Cormaic m Shenaig m Nath Í m Fhiachrach m Echach Mugmedoin.

Beirech Cluana Cairpde. m Amargin m Nemaind m Fintain m Máil m Dobtha m Oengusa m Erca Deirg m Briain m Echach Mugmedoin.

Baethin m Cuanach .i. eter cuanaib rucad é m Cein m Enna Fhind m Neill Noigiallaig.

Barrfhind m. Muredaig m Echdach m Conaill Gulban m Neill Noigiallaig.

Epscop Mane m. Echin m Eogain m Neill.


AEdán Cille More m. Oengusa m Echin m. Eogain .m. Neill.

Epscop Fiachra m. Fergusa m. Eogain .m. Neill.

Ruanach m Muredaig. m Eogain .m. Neill.

Beccan Tigi Conaill. m Lugdach m Tuatain m Aeda .m. Fergusa

Colman epscop m. Ronain m Tuatain m Aeda .m. Fergusa.

Epscop Brecain. mc .h-U Bain mc Tuatain.

{folio 347e} Epscop Cormac m Echdach m. Ellaind m. Eogain m. Neil Noigiallaig.

Do Chualén m Guaire m Coluim m Crimthaind m Binnig m Eogain.

Ernaine Dromma nó Cluana Railgech. m Eogain (et Sciri ingen Eogain) m Canannain m Ailella m Fhergusa Caechain m Echach Mugmedoin.

Crone ingen Diarmata. m Garbain m Branduib m Meilge m Enna Boguine. m Conaill Gulban m Neill Noigiallaig.

Dari .i. Sódelb ingen Chathair m Lugdach m Shétna m. Amalgada. m Fhiachach m Echach Mugmedoin.


Da Mongóc ailithir m Sárain m Tigernaig m Muredaig m Eogain. mc Neill.

Colman m Luachain m Leda m Maine m. Fhergusa m Conaill Cremthainne m. Neill Noigiallaig.

Enan Dromma Rathe m Eirne m Caelchrúaid m Aeda Slane m Diarmata m Fherguis Cerrbeoil m Conail Cremthainne m. Neill.

AEdgein .i. Bothi m Lugair m Ernin m Cail m Aeda Slane.

Epscop Oengusa m. Ailella m. Eogain m Neil Noigiallaig.

below col f Crumthir Sinill m. Tigernain m. Ailella .m. Eogain.

below col e Fortchern mc Feidlimid mc Loegaire .m. Neill.

{folio 347f} Dar Fraech ingen Echach m Crimthaind m Feic m Dega Duirn m Cairpri Daim Argait m Rochada m Colla Focrí m Echach Domlen m Cairpri Liphechair.

Ronán Find m Sarain Sini m Colgan Cumai m Tuathail m Feidlimthi m Fhechini m Fiachrach m Colla Focrí.


Colman o Ard Bó i muccaid m. Aeda m. Guare m Amalgada m Muredaig m Cairthind m Eirc m Echach m Colla Uais m Echach Domlen.

Mael Doid m Fingin m Aeda m Fhiachrach m Fiachach m Eogain m Briuin m Muredaig m Imchada m Colla Focri.

Constans anchorita m Fualascaig m Mael Aithgein m Forannáin m Totain m Amalgaid m Niad m Conaill m Fergusa m Muccada m Aeda Guaire m Amalgada m Muredaig m Carthind m Eir m Colla Uais.

Is é fil i n-Eoinis for Loch Eirne.

Guaire Mór m Colmain m Fhuachtaide m Fhergusa {folio 347g} m Loegaire m Fiachach Tort m Colla Uais.

Is e fil in n-Achud Dubthaig i m-Maig Lí for brú na Banna Ichtair atát na dá Guaire.

Guaire Bec. m Lasre m. Fergusa m Loegaire.

Maignend et Tua et Cobthach et Libren cetri mc Aeda m Colgan m Tuathail Chrundbeóil m Feidlimthi m Fhiachrach m Colla Focrí.


Furudran et Baetán da mc Maenain m Colgan.

DAman Scí m Daimine elit m Cairpri Daim Argait m Echach m Crimthainn m Feicc m Dega Duirn m Rochada m Colla Fócri.

Adnach m Erchoil m Fhergusa m Cormaic m Dochartaig m Fhiachrach m Eirc m Colla Óis.

Is é congab Lettir Dallain.

Dechoin Aed m Mane m Loegaire m Cairthind m Eirc.

Is é fil i Cúil Mane.

Baeglech ailithir m Faeldobair m Cummine m Lochine m Thotain. ut supra.

Colman m Eogain m Guaire m Forgo m Carthind m Eirc. ut supra.,

{folio 347h} Aithgne Bothi Domnaig .i. coic Patric m Ail m Massine m Fergusa m Duach m Bresail m Colla Mind.

nó ita.

Aithgein & Crumthir Cenannán da mc Ail. Et Curchach a siúr.

Dar Cairthend ingen Ennae m Trenai m Cairthind m Eirc m Colla Uais.


Moedóc Ferna m Setnai m Eirc m Fheradaig m Amalgada m Muridaig m Cairthind mc Colla Uais.

Fiachraig m. Colmain m. Eogain m. Baetain m Ailella m Suibne m. Maele Duin m. Fhínain m Ailella. m Muredaig [gap: illegible gloss/extent: ? letters] m Imchada m Colla Focrí.

Fland Febla m Scandlain m. Fingin m. Aeda Bennain m. Fiachach m. Muredaig Me[gap: illegible/extent: 1/2 letters] m Imchada m Colla Focri.

Colman Cilli m Eogain m Muredaig m Niallain m Fheidlimid m Fhiachrach Cassain m Colla Focrí.

Énna Áirni m Conaill m Daimine m Corpri Daim Argait m Crimthainn.

Li Loene soror Enna(i) Epscop Co[gap: illegible/extent: 2 letters]ain m R[gap: illegible/extent: 1/2 letters]thini m Corcain m Airt m Lugdech Cennfotai.

in marg. dext. Techan no
[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]
sanctus m [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m Senaig m Nath Í m Daimine m Cairpri Daim Argait.


Mo Dobba m. Segain m Fortcheirn m. Mael Ruba. m. Dicolla m Critain [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m. [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]a.


Ronnat ingen Fiachnai m Aeda m Libreain m Daleine m Ennae m Loegaire m Neill.

Conall m Fiachra m Mael [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m Colmain m Aeda m Lib[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m Dal [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m Enna m [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m Neill Noigiallaig.

Aed Cael m Feradaig m Colmain m Aeda m [gap: illegible/extent: 2 words and ? letters]

Mo Lugad m Lainneoin m Fhintain m Lugdach m Ennae Boguine m Conaill Gulban.

Se[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] m [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]a m Aeda m Lugdech ?m [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]end of text in marg. dext.

{folio 348a} Lurach m Cuanach m Daire m Feidlimid m Eichein m Fiachra Tort m Colla Uais.

in marg. sup. Trea ingen Chairthind mc Eirc .m. Echach m. Colla Uais.

opp. Lurach hoc ante

Mo Lua m Sinill m Amargin m Cruttin m Duach m Briuin m Echach Mugmedoin.

Findchú m Setna m Abrai m Branáin m Dobtha m Oengusa m Eirc m Briuin m Echach Mugmedoin.,


Tigernán m Ninnida m Ainmere m Aeda m Cairpri m Amalgada m Muredaig m Cairthind m Colla Uais. hoc ante debuit esse scilicet inter alios nepotes Neill

Cumman & Crón & Rignach tri ingena Aeda m Guaire m Fhínain m Amalgada m Fhiachrach m Bresail m Mane m Neill Noigiallaig.

Cumman & Crón i Cill Ingen Aeda i fail Irchulind i Fothartaib Fea.

Et Rignach i Cill Rignaige i n.h. Enechglais & i Fothartaib Airbrech.

DAig Cerd & Femmi soror eius m Cairill m Lasre Luind m Dallain m Eogain m Neill Noigiallaig.

Tri primcherda h-Erenn .i. Tassach la Patric & Conlaed la Brigit & Daig la Cíaran. & tri epscuip insin.

Epscop Dronain i Cill Epscuip Dronain in .h. Maele Ruba m Fiangalaich m Fianchon m Maelodrain m Fhailbe Tibri m Dimmae m Colmain m Aeda Cael m Libir m Dalline m Enna m Loegaire m Neill.

Da Chonna o Ess Mac n-Eirc. Et Lugaid Cluana Loeg. Et Epscop Cormac. Tri mc Echach m Illaind m Eogain m Neill Noigiallaig.

opp. Da Chonna Ferail naeb Dergaenaig m Maele Duin m Colmain m Fheradaig Find m Aeda Find m Colmain m Aeda.

Mael Dub m Aeda Findleith m Neill Kalle m Aeda Ordnidi.


nó Fintan & Maeldub o Laind Melduib eter Ros na Rig & Boind ut dicitur

    1. Cara m'anmasa Maeldub
      nocon é frith ar baegul.
      acht a chulchi 's a blae lín
      ni ro thecht dont Shaegul.
    2. Doberim teist ar Maeldub
      ar ulc fri demun n-daerdub
      co m-berad cuil ina crub
      na fil do chul i m-Maeldub.,

{folio 348b} Epscop Colman i Cluain Iain Móir m Fortchernd m Dicolla m Critain m Airmedaig m Senaig m Aedloga m Oschon m Miannaig m Lugdach m Imchada m Mechair m Fhidchuire m Echdach m Ennae Munchain m Rosa Rigfhota. m Fhiachrach Suidgi m Fheidlimid Rechtada.

Epscop Aed. m Muredaig m Fortcheirnd m Dicolla ut supra.

Epscop Manchín i Cill Iain Bic.

Epscop Diarmata.

Epscop Tairchill.

Epscop Faebarchon.

Epscop Cainne.

Secht mc Muredaig m Fortcheirn m Maele Ruba m Dicolla.

Secht n-ingena dano Muredaig i Cill Iain. Et Eithne ingen Iain i n-Ochtur Aird i Cill Chuile.

Berchan m Aeda m Echdach m Fidchuire m Cathchon m Ossain m Oengusa m Eogain Bric m Airt Chirb m Fiachach Suidgi.


I n-h-Uib Luachain i n.h. Brigti isna Desib Muman i n-Druim Luachain.

Colgu Cilli Colgan. Ic Áth Cluana Medraige & Fhaeliu soror eius. m. Aeda m. Lugdach m. Nath Í. m. Fhiachach. m. Echach Mugmedoin.

{folio 348c} Forannan Domnaig Móir Maigi Femin m Rónáin m Fhiachnai m Fintain m Lasre m Cainnig (Tri ingena Cainnig m Ernbraind m Niad m Eogain m Brain Fhind m Eogain &c.) m Ernbraind m Niad m Brain Fhind m Eogain m Airt Chirp m Mess Chuirp m Mes Cegra m Mesa Fora m Conuschain Bretnaig m Condrach Cathbuadaig m Rigruáid m Fiachach Suidgi m Feidlimid Rechtada.

Senan Achaid Cael Cerc soror eius. Cerc & Becrall a dí siair i n-Achud Liss. m Ernine m Triain m Duind Duaig m Echdach m Niad Brain m Briain Fhind m Eogain. ut supra.

MITe ingen Chind Fhaelad m Cormaic m Conchobuir m Conaill m Oengusa m Airt Chirp m Carpri Rigruaid m Fhiachach Suidgi m Feidlimid Rechtada.


Mo Briccu Belaig Fheile m Sílain m Dubthaig m Fergnai m Muredaig m Sinill Chossaig m Bregain Brígaich m Oengusa Aslethain m Eogain Bricc. m Fiachach Suidgi m Feidlimid Rechtada.

Epscop Mac Cairthind m. Cainnig m Feidlimthi m. Echach m. Clothchon m. Airida m. Mailida m. Bresail m. Briuin.

{folio 348d}

IBar epscop m Lugna m. Cuirc m Cuirbb m Corpri m Neill m Echach (a quo .h. Echach) m Sin m Roshin m Triir m Rotriir m Airnil m Maine m Forgo m Fheradaig m Ailella Erand m Fhiachach Fir Mara m Oenguis Turbig.

nó ita.

Epscop Ibar m Lugna. m Cuirc m Cuirb m Cairpri m Neill. m Echach (a quo .h. Echach) m Lugdach m Rosa m Imchada m Feidlimid m Cais m Fiachach Araide.

Comgall Bennchair m Setnai m Echach m Broen m Forgo m Ernaine m Crimthaind m Echdach m Lugdach m Rosa m Imchada m Fheidlimid m Caiss m Fhiachach Araide.


Mo Ninni qui Dar Erca prius dicebatur ingen Mochta m Lilchain m Lugdach m Conaill m Echdach m Cruind m Lugdach ut supra.

nó ita.

Mo Ninni ingen Lilaig m Lugdach m Nellini m Murchertaig m Muredaig m Eogain m. Neill.

{folio 348e} Mo Cholmoc Dromma Moir m Conrathain m Corcrain m Lugdach m Rosa m Imchada ut supra.

Buaidbeo m Lugdach m Liathchon m Fhiachach Araide.

Ternoc m Ciarain m Sarain m Coelbad m Cruind Ba Drúi m Echach m Lugdach. ut supra.

Cátan m Matain m Braccain m Caelbaid m Cruind Ba Drui.

Fulartach m Bricc m Scandail m Baetain m Echach m Conlai m Caelbad.

Is e fil i n-Disiurt Fhulartaig i n.h. Falgi.

Epscop Carpre m Decill m Adsluáig m Caelbad.


TRian m Deid m Luctai m Findchada m Fheidlimthe m Shogain Salbude m Fhiachrach Araide.

Murdebur & Forannán da mc Cuanain m Meic Thire m Diarmata m Fhind m Luctai.

DEclan Arde Móri m Ernbraind nó Declan m Rosa m Naír m Fiachai m Conaill m Mechain m Oengusa m Cormaic m Airt Oenfhir. (& Colman Airthir Fhemin germanus Declain.)

{folio 348f} Fergus & Muridach Brucach et Mo Chommoc tri mc Ennai m Cormaic m Fhergusa Cendfhotai m Crimthaind m Fheic m Dega Duirn m Rochada m Fhiachach Araide.

Comman Rois Chommain m Faelchon m Dretleain m Condla m Domangin m Imchada m Nair m Erca m Soguin Salbudi m Fhiachach Araide.

Cairech Dergain & Ness Ernaigthech et Curach. et Duthrach cethri ingena Ennai m Cormaic m Fhergusa Cendfotai m Crimthaind ut supra.

BRigit ingen Aeda m Echach m Colla m Coelbad m Cruind Ba Drui.


Fainche ingen Bledine m Lugdech m Echdach m Carpri m Ninnida m Cruind Ba Drui.

Fainche ingen Oengus m Critain m Echdach m Colla. ut supra.

Fergus m Oengusa m Critain m Echdach m Colla.

BRaccan m Sarain m Celbad nó ita m Cruind Ba Drui.

nó ita

Breccan m Saráin .m. Aeda m Dichoin m Trichim.,

{folio 348g}

MO Lua Cluana Ferta m Carthaig m Daigre m Cuirc Ocha m Fhergusa Foga m Cruind Ba Drui.

nó ita

Mo Lua .m. Carthaig m Fualascaig m Colmain m Ennai m Themnen m Comgain.

nó ita

Mo Lua mc Carthaig m Daigri. m Erca m Imchada. m Lama Feola m Clithaire m Focha m Dubthaig Duind.

Mo Lasse apstal m Nad Fraich m Barrain m Con Brain m Dualsen m Dega m Cruind Ba Drui. ut supra.


OEngus mc Oengoba m Oebleain m Fidrui m Diarmata m Ainmere in marg. dext.Nannan et Tigernan dá mc Nindida m Ainmere. m Cellair m Oengusa m Nad Slúaig m Coelbad m Cruind ba Drui.

Glunalach Slebi Fuait. m. Costomail m Echdach m Luind m Lugdach m Rosa m Imchada m Feidlimid m Fhiachach Araide.

Conall m Aeda m Sharáin m Maine m Fhothaid m Conaill m Echdach m Cruind Ba Drui.

Is é congaib Cluain Dallain i n-Dál Echach i fail Chúain Snama Ech.

Mo Luoc m Luctai m Findchada m Feidlimthe m Sogain Salbudi.

{folio 348h} Finnian Cluana Eraird m Findloga m Fintain m Conchraid m Dairchella m Senaig m Diarmata m Aeda m Fhergusa m Ailella Duib m Celtchair m Cuthechair m Fhotaid m Fhir Filed m Rosa m Rudraige. (ut antea in genelogia Conaill Cernaig.)


CAinnech m Lugthig m Lugdach m Daland m Echdach m Fhidchuiri m Fhergusa m Rosa m Imchada m Fiachu m Cais m Isis m Airirich m Condlai m Corpri m Orb m Fael m Corpri Auloim m Fhergusa mc Rosa. m Rudraige.

nó aliter

Cainnech m Leintich m Lugdech m Aeda Alaind m Fhidchuiri m Altae m Ogamuin m Fidchuri m Delmnae (&c. sicut in genelogia Brendini.)

BRenaind Birra. m Nemainn m Duibdechoin m Scellain (Dariussa et Sinech et Crón nó Críta tri ingena Ernáin m Coluim Ruaid m Nemaind m Dubdechoin m Scellain &c) m Nazair m Taphail m Branchon m Airmora m Achir m Imchada m Dubthaig m Rosa m Imchada ut supra.

Ciaran Cluana .m. Nois m Beodain m Bolggain m Linnida m Cuirc m Daaed m Cunnida m Cais m Fraech {folio 349a} m Causcraid m Messin Sued


m Suiled m Ercada m Mechoin m Nechta m Aeda m Coirbb m Aeda Gnoe .i. [gap: illegible gloss/extent: ? letters] m Fer Gae Lethain m Fheidlimid m Me Drui m Fhollomain m Cuirc Dothi m Fergusa m Rosa mc Rudraigi.

Don t-shechtmad aicmi do Latharnaib Molt dó. Ro bái ar tús a athair i n-daere i m-Bretnaib. Tanic iar tain i nh-Erinn. co Cenel Conaill assuide ar imgabail císa truim co Connachta co ro genair Ciaran ic Ráith Crimthaind i m-Maig Áe. Beonaed Saer nomen patris eius. Dar Erca nomen matris eiusdem.

Mo Chuta Lis Móir m Finaill m Noe Náir m Firb m Ambrit m Imchada m h-Ebric m Mencon m Aulaim m Meschon m Sula m Moga Airt m Corpsen Moir m Echadoin m Ennae Uais m Eochamain m Fhidchuire m Telmne m Eoinne m Lainne m Tulsaig m Demmoin m Moga Tuatha (qui & Ciar.) m [gap: name omitted/extent: ? letters] m Fhergusa m Rosa.

Brenaind apstal m Findloga m Olchon m Altai m Ogamain m Fhidchuiri m Delmnai m Ennae m Fualascaig m Azamain m Mogaed (qui dicitur Ciar) m Fergusa m Rosa.,

Do Chiarraige Luachra do Altraige Cind Bera & do Chorcu Duibni.


nó aliter

Brenaind m Findloga m Olchon m Gossa m Gabli m Ecni m Altae m Ogamain &c.

{folio 349b}Duilech m Malaig m Sinill m Nad Fraich m Fhiachnai m Allai m Conmail Glais m Fhergusa m Rosa.

Mo Bái dano mc Sinill m Nad Fraich.

Malán dano m Sinill.

Et Curnan mc Sinill.

Et Cronan mc Sinill.

Et Maniu mc Sinill.

Epscop Erc Sláne m Dega m Branchon m Airmora m Cathfhir m Imchada m Dubthaig m Rosa m Findchada m Echach m Cais m Isis m Airig m Carpri mc Fail m Carpri Uloim m Fhergusa m Rosa.

Coeman Santlethan Ardni m Thalain m Dubthaig m Rosai m Imchada m Echach nó Fiachach m Cais m Isis.

Baetán Cluana Andobair m Sinill m Nad Fraich. ut supra.

Sin immorro ingen Neill mc Mechair de Chorco Bascind de .h. Conaire Lemme Con Culainn a mathair. I coíced bliadain flatha Faelain mc


Colmain ríg Lagen dolluid co Lagniu & congab Indsi Fualae la h-Ú Falge ar tús. ISin .clxxxii. bliadain post Patricii aduentum ad Hiberniam fundauit ecclesiam suam .i. Cluain Andobair & .xuii. annis in ea habitauit.,

Epscop Eithern m Laithbe m Mes Nube m Mugdorn Duib. de Ultaib.

Is e congab Domnach Mór Meic Laithbe.

Ciar mc Ambrit m Imchada m Mochon m Saulim m Eschon m Saulo m Moga Airt. Is é fil i n-Achud H-í la Aes Tiri. (qui & Ciar.)

{folio 349c}

Ailbe Imlecha Ibair. m Olcain .i. Naiss m Arra m Dala m Laidfhir m Imrosa m Fhir Thlactga m Celtchair m Cuthechair .ut antea.

Finnian Maige Bile m Coirpri m Ailella m Trichim m Fheicc m Findchada m Bresail m Sirchada m Fhiatach Find a quo Dál Fiatach.

Secht mc Trichim: Laegaire ic Dún. Ailill i m-Maig Bile. Dichú ic Sabull. Durthech ic Oendruim. Eogan i Cill Chlethi. Niall i Cill Chlethi. Rus ic Dun Da Lethglas.

Felic Find deochain m Beocraide m Cunnida nó Cunna m Daathim nó Daithid m Cais m Fraich m Causcraid.

Comman m Ainmerech m Bruidge.

Do Dál Araide do Shil Shogain Shalbude.


Fachtna .i. Rois mc Erca ar brú Locha Febail. nó Echach m Bronaig m Corpri Charamail m Ailella Abrain m Fhiatach Find m Dare m Fhorgo m Feidlimid Find m Uamonchind m Corrain m Caiss m Argatmair m Shirlaim m Fhind m Blatha m Labrada m Carpri m Olloman Fotla m Fhiachach m Shetnai m Airt m Ebrig m Ebir Duind m Ir mc Miled Espain.

Congend & Náre di ingin Brónaig.,

{folio 349d} Mael Celtair m Ronain m Echdach m Muredaig m Forgo m Dallain m Lugdach m Oengusa m Fergusa Dubdetaig m Imchada m Fhinchatha m Ogamain m Fhiachach Fir Umai m Dáire m Dluthaig m Deitsin m Echdach m Shin. .m. Roshin m Trir. m. Rotrír m Airnil m Mane m Fhorgo m Fheradaig m Ailella m Fhiachach Fir Mara m Oengusa Turbig ut antea.

Do Chumma m Aedain m Echdach m Muredaig m Forgo ut supra & Cobthach Cael mc rig Airgiall it e congabat Druim Bó.


Diarmait Disirt Diarmata m Fergaile m Aeda Roin m Becce Bairche m Blaithmeic m Mail Choba m Duib Thuinni m Fhiachnai m Demmain m Cairill m Muredaig Mundeirg m Forgo. ut antea.

Mo Lasse Lethglinni m Cairill Chruaid m Muredaig m Fhorgo.

Oenu .h. Loigsi m Beraig m Domongairt [gap: left vacant/extent: 1 line] m Bairr m Cairthind m Cormaic m Coluim m Lugnai m Eogain m Guaire m Eirc m Bacain m Lugdach Loigsi m Loigsig Cendmóir m Conaill Cernaig.

{folio 349e} Senach & Colman da mc Comgaill m Luaigne Eogain m Guaire m Eirc m Milige m Intait m Lugdach Loigse m Conaill Cernaig.

It é congaib Tulach mc n-Comgaill & Druim Toga.

Caillén i Fidnachaib Maige Réin m Matach m Dubain m Fraech m Cuscraid ut antea.

Coeman m Tacain m Baeth m Baethgil m Cind Glais m Celtchair m Cuthechair. ut antea.

CRumthir Da Thi m Conamla m Congalaig m Dungalaig m Dúnchada m Neoil m Eoil m Fidchuire ut antea in genealogia Brenaind.


CRumthir Fraech Cluana Conmaicne m Carthaig m Nethe m Onchon m Findloga m Findir m Causcraid.

IARlathi m Trena m Feic m Imchada m Bresail m Sirchada m Fiatach Find.

TRi ingena Comgaill .i. Boga & Lasre et Colma m Fhiangalaig m Dimmain m Nuatulain m Mutulain m Cantalain m Fhiangalaig m Niad Cendmóir m Buain a quo Dál m-Buain.

{folio 349f} Do Biu mc Comgaill m Eirc mc Araide m Coluimb m Cainnig m Buain.

Colman m Lugna m Caiss m Rectadba m Cainnig m Buain.

Tiu mc Fínain m Cassain m Fhergusa m Niad Cendmóir m Buain.

MUNNU cuius soror Dígi m Tulchain m Trena m Dega m Dubthaig m Maain m Cuirc m Fiacha Riatai.

Baethine m Finnach m Echdach m Bairr m Cairthind (qui & Sárbile dicitur.) m Cormaic m Lugnae m Eogain m Guare m Eirc ut antea in genealogia Óenu.


Fursu m Fintain m Findloga m Degrota m Luachain m Laga Lethanglais m Conaill Anglonnaig m Feic .m. Rosa m Fhactna m Shenchada m Ailella m Cestaig m Rudraige.

Gelges ingen Aeda Find mathair Fursu.

nó ita.

Fursu mc Fintain m. Findloga m. Conaill m. Luachain m. Lugdach Laga m. Eogain Moir (qui & Mog Nuadat).

Colmán Mulind m Conaill m Conchobuir m Cais. mc Comgain m Conaill m Laga Lethanglais.

EPScop Mac Erca mc Fraechain i n-Domnuch Mor Maige Coba.

Coelan mc Luachain.

Epscop Luachan mc Duachain.

Duachan & Luachan & Fráechan tri derbrathir in sin .i. tri mc Roire mc Laga mc Conaill. &c ut supra.

{folio 349g} Fintan mc Echdach. & Colman. i. Colum Roisc Gil Glandai fil oc Snam Luthair & oc Midísiul. Et Nannid Cilli Tommae. Et Lugaid Tiri Da Chraeb. Et Muridach Cilli Alaid .i. nomen fontis i n.h. Amalgada. Cóic mc Echach in sin.

Aglend ingen Lenin mathair Fhintain & Coluim & Lugada. Ligach Bregmuinech immorro mathair Nannida & Muridaich.

CRonan .h. h-Elmine i n-Disiurt Atha mc Mugnai i Cind Chlair i Fid Eoin. ET Bríg Mór i Sendomnuch Feda Eoin.

Der Innill Chetharchichech .i. mathair Muro
[gap: illegible/extent: 1/2 letters]
ra mathair Domangairt mc Echach mc Muredaig Mundeirg & mathair Ailleain & Aedain cuius filius est Mo Chumma Dromma Bo. Et Cilleain achaid i l-Leith Chathail ar ur Trága Dromma.

Mael Uma mc Baetain mc Murchertaig qui fuit filius Ercae. qui fuit filia Loairn.


Trí mc Cendfhotai m Détchain mc Niad .i. Clethe & Coimri et Brandub. It e congabat na trí Ross .i. Ros Clethe. & Ros Coimre & Ros m-Branduib. Et Cairpre mc Feidlimid i Fothirbi Móir na fail.

CÚach ingen Coelbad mc Coluim mc Blait de .h. Ellaig .h. m-Bairchi Maige Ailbe mathair tri mc n-Dunlaing .i. Illand. Ailill. Eochaid. Is de asberar tri lemmend Cuache i n-Gabuir. Co ruc mc cecha fectusa dona mccaib remraite. Et co tarta tri dúne di dara n-esi .i. Magen Garbain. & Achad Dairig. Et Tilach .h. m-Blait. Et adropartsi na tri dúnisin dia brathair .i. do Choeman Shantlethan.

Teora nóeb immorro .h. Loscain do shíl Fhergusa Loscain mc Cathail .i. Cerc .h. Loscain ic

or i C_

Noittiu .Et Finnia h-i Tilaig Madair. Et Rignach i Cill Rignaige i Fothartaib.,

Colum ingen Luagni mc Eobrain mc Condath mc Luigdech mc Daigre.

Domma .i. mc Lairne. Dromma Dóthe de .h. Neill a athair. A mathair do Fheraib Breg .i. de Fhothartaib Mac Decill is é congab Disert n-Ennae iar tect do Enna dar muir.

Berchan mc Dimma mc Aeda Cróin béus i n-Druim Dothe.

Secht n-epscuip & uii. n-ingena i Carnmaig. Et Mo Chonoc Cilli Mucraissi.

Diucaill & Colman da mc Credach mc Diarmata. It é congabat Cluain Trelec. Et Crita ingen Senaig ic Russ Torc.

Finus ailither. & Mo Chonoc & Mo Chasoc & Anfegen cum suis omnibus i Tig na Commairge i Maig Itha isin tuascirt.

{folio 350a} Cellan & Garban da mc Nisi & a n-dí sier .i. Lasar & Columb. Et Conlaed Craibdech i Findchore.

Brigit & Cumman ingen Dallbrónaig. et Diarmait. et Oengus & Epscop Eogain de Fhothartaib dóib. It é sin filet i n-Achud Togarta i Crích .h. n-Duach Maige Argetrois.,

Cromm & Cumman dí ingin Cronain. nó Guaire. Et Conall mc Cronain i Cill Libir & i Cill Ingen n-Guaire.

Crumthir Munnu & crumthir Mechair & crumthir m-Becain ic Rus Achaid Liac.

Ultan & Maeldub et ingena Brenaind i n-Oenmaig.

Crumthir Lugnaith dalta Patric & mc a shethar in sechtmad mc in Baird ic Nuthfheraib.

Tír Fecc for Loeh Mesea. is and ro h-alt sancBrigit .i. Fecc mc Detig & Odran et Mechar mc Odrain dorat Dúi Galach Tenga Umai mc Fhergusa mc Muredaig mc Briuin orbba doib. O tá Snám Tíri Feicc co Sail Deal.


Teora ingena Mane mc Cerbaill .i. Der Mór. Et Cumman. Et Ethne. Et Colman Find. Et Crumthir Duban in cuiciursin i n-Airiur Boinne.

Attracht ingen Tigernaig i Cill Saile i Crích Conaill.

Coemgen noeb Dál Mes Corb in so mc Coemloga. Coemoc soror eius.

Epscop Eogain Aird Sratha.

Lochan & Enna i Cill Manach

Escrach i n.h. Dunchada

Mo Shenoc Mugnai

Mo Choemi Tíri Da Glas.

Coeman Enaig Thruim. Et a da brathair .i. Murdebur & Corconutan.

Epscop Etchian mc Mane eicis mc Fhergusa .i. Laebdeirg o Chluain Fata Baetain Aba.

Epscop Nath Í mc Senaig mc Fhergusa Laebdeirg. i Cúil Fothirbi.

Mo Acru mc Senain.

Conlaed Craibdech epscop Cilli Dara.

Petran ó Chill Lainni.

Biclend nó Bicliu Uscidi o Raith Biclend.

Epscop Aedain mc Mane mc Fhergusa Laebdeirg.

Becnat ingen Cholmain mc Eda i Cill Becnatan & i Tír Choicir.

Coimell & Trenan drui i n-Imgan.

Cillíni mc Dermata i n-Uachtur Achaid.

Lumsech & Fedelm i Cill Lumsigi.,

Mucein Mucinne mc Moche mc Barrind. mc Fhindchada mc Dega mc Droide mc Buain mc Loegaire Birn Buadaig mc Oengusa Osrithi. Dicna(t) ingen Gabrin derbsiur Fintain Cluana Eidnech mathair Muccín.

{folio 350b} Mael Anfaid Cilli Mael Anfaid m Anfothaig m Garbain m Crunmael m Comgaill m Lachtchair m Dungaile m Murgaile m Brain m Maele Duin m Fhechine m Shenaig m Nath I m Trichim m Crechtaire m Eirc Buadaig.


Da Beoc Glinni Gerg m Luanin m Dibroga m Thola m Dorblusa m Dichon m Trichim.

Samthand Cluana Brónaig ingen Díaráin m Fherdomain m Dichon m Trichim.

Adhuar m Nechim m Forbaird m Aeda m Lugdach m Bairr m Cairthind ut antea in genealogia Óenu.

Colman. Et Senach da mc Lugna m Eogain m Guaire m Eirc m Bacain. ut antea in eadem genealogia Oenu.

It é filet i Tilaig mc Comgaill & i n-Druim Thogae .i. isind Uachongbail.

Manchan Léith m Sillain m Conaill m Luachain m Laga m Conaill Anglonnaig m Fheic m Rosa. Mella mater eius.

Scuthine Slebe Mairge m Setnai m Trebthaig m Dala m Laidfhir ut antea in genealogia Ailbi.,

{folio 350c}


Martan epscop m Dunain Deirg m Mael Fhinniad m Ercbrai m Beochaill m Condelgaig m Onchon m Mael Fhithrig m Fechin. m Rois. mc Colmain m Caelchon. m Loairn mc Ruaid m Cuirc m Lugdech Mind m Cormaic Cais m Ailella Óluim.


I Cúil Breccain i n.h. Falge atá Martan .i. I Tuaith Da Maige.

Colman mc Darane m Oengusa m Nad Fraich m Cuirc m Lugdech Find m Ailella Flaind Bic m Ailella Flaind Móir m Fhiachach Mullethain m Eogain m Ailella Óluim.

Is aire asberarsum mc Darane .i. SAnt ingen Ges a mathair et ba combritsi. Et ro chunnig fore siair co ro ainmnigthe in mc uathi. Ar ni bae mc lee. Et dobert a siur anísin. Ro alt iarum Darane. mc a sethar conic de asberar Colman mc Darane.

Mc Doborchu m Onchon m Dibechain m Mailáin m Con (cen mathair) m Nainnini m Nannida m Aedain (cuius frater Crónán sapiens.) m Fhergusa Tregbotha m Blait m Fheidlimid (qui & Ailill Lamneg dicitur) m Breoda m Echach Glunig.

Fínan Lobur m Conaill m Echach m Thaidc m Céin m Ailella Óluim

Ultan m Bruidgi {folio 350d} m Ernaine m Garbain m Senaig m Muredaig m Thalgluind m Brocain m Cormaic m Thaidg m Cein m Ailella Oluim.

CIAnnan m Setnai m Trena nó Drona m Thigernaig m F- hindchain m Fheic m Imchada m Condlai m Thaidg m Cein. mc Ailella.


Cumman ingen Ailleain m Aeda m Baetain m Echach m Briain m Enna m Cathbad m Echach Gunnata m Fheic m Imchada ut antea.

Luadrind ingen Cholmain m Fhalbe m Fhindlatha m Dala m Drona m Suail m Eoin m Idgaire m Airt Chirp m Fhir Da Choire m Laithig m Cormaic Galeng m Taidc m Cein m Ailella.

Liadain ingen Diarmata m Duach m Cairthind Móir m Blait m Cais m Thail m Conaill Echluaith m Lugdach Mind ut supra.

Beccan Cluana Aird m Murchada m Muredaig m Diarmata m Eogain m Ailella Uluim.

{folio 350e} Odran magister i l-Lettrachaib i n.h. Daigri. Et Medran Saigri dá mc Meic Craith m Throchaill m Essamain Daigre. m Nuadat Nemnich ac Caille Cind Fhebrat.,

Berchan profeta & episcopus & poeta m Muridaig (qui & Mican.) m Dega Dimmasaig m Anbchellaig m Fherchair m Fheradaig m Colmain m Baetain m Echach m Loairn m Eirc Móir m Echach Munremuir m Oengusa Fir m Fheidlimid Aslingthig m Oengusa Budnig m Senchormaic.


m Cruithluthi m Find Fecci .i. ramand m Achir Chirr m Fhiachrach .i. antoit m Cathmail m Echach Riata (qui & Carpre Rigfhota a quo Dál Riata.) m Conaire Chaem m Lugdach Find (qui & Ollsuthach. nó Olldotig.) m Corpri Chromchind .i. a smech fora brunnib m Dare Dornmair m Cairpri Findmoir m Conaire Moir m Etersceoil m Eogain m Ailella m Dedaid m Shin m Roshin m Morga m Fheradaig m Ailella Erand m Fhiachach Fir Mara m Oengusa Turbig.

Manchíne Lumnig m Setna m Cais m Thail. ut antea.

Epscop Mac Lasre m Conaill Echluaith m Lugdech Mind.

{folio 350f} Feidelm et Ronnat dí ingin Rónain m Oengusa Uill m Urchlosaig m Ailgile m Tairdelbaig m Caidleni m Conaill Echluaith m Echach Balldeirg. m Cairthind m Blait ut supra.

Mo Langa Sangil. m Finain m Echach m Ailgile m Tairdelbaig. ut antea.

Coeman Brec o Rus Ech m Nisi m Nemadain m Eirc Móir m Echach.

Tola Craidbech m Dunchada m Ernaine m Garbain m Shenaig m Muredaig m Thalgluind m Brocain m Cormaic m Taidc m Cein.


Ruadan Lothra apstal m Fergusa Birn. m Echdach m Duib Dein m Dáre Cerba m Duach Duind m Mane Munchain m Ailella Flaind Bic ut antea.

Secht mc Oengusa m Aeda m Eirc m Echach Munremuir m Oengusa Fír (ut antea in genealogia Berchain). .i. Mo Thrianóc Ruscaig. Itharnaisc Cloenta. Eoganan Leccaig. Mo Chulli Dresnada. Mo Thairean Tilcha Fortchirn. Troscan Arda Breccain. Agatan ar ur Ethni.

INde dixit Colum Cille.


H-uriu epscop m. Cuain m. Lugdach. mc Fhintain m. Mechair mc Conaire m. Deicce mc Imchada m. Cuirb mc Lugdach m Ailella Baschain m.. Conaire.

{folio 350g} Fínan Cam Cind Ettig Becnat nomen matris eius m Moenaig m Ardda m Fidaig m Corcain m Nudin m Irchuind m Cormaic m Corpri Músc m Conaire Chaem.

LActain Achaid Úir m Tarbín m Nuachair m Carthind m Cainnig m Cairpri Músc.

Fintan Find .i. Dromma Ing m Eogain m Cattain m Fhergusa m Fhindchada m Fheic m Findcháin m Conlai m Taidc mc Céin.


Fintan mc Eogain m. Cattain mc Aedain m Colmain mc Fhergusa m Conchobuir m Mail Mata m Muredaig m Eogain m Durthech m Cairpri Luisc m Loich Moir m Ma Femis.

Require in genealogia Ailella Uluim.

Epscop Beoaed o Ard Charna. m Olcain m Commain m Maithne m Triuin m Liuin m Lugdach m Con.

Colmán Lénin m Gannchon m Donola m Conamla m Colgan m Crundmael m Ailt. m Oengusa Carraig m Moga Nuadat m Dergthene.

Secht n-ingena Lénine: Aiglend. Machain. Luiden. Druiden. Lucell. Rimthech. Brigit. Et óga in sin uile. cenmotha Aiglend a h-oenur.,

{folio 351a} Finan Dromma Abrat m Garbain m Amalgada m Enna a quo .h. Ennae.

Mo Laca m Duibligid m Duibdechoin m Duib Chuilli m Lactnai m Colla m Causcraid m Fir Chulchi m Buain m Moga Ruith.

Mo Chulli m Diculli m Commain m Dega m Baide m Colla m Causcraid.


Cuanu m Cailchin m Dimmain m Findbairr m Findloga m Deche m Con Filed m Causcraid.

Breccan m Eirc m Coluim m Sabarnaig m Imgáin m Taidc m Céin. mc Ailella.

Silan epscop m Falbe m Laidcind m Fhiachach m Scellain m Eirc Bic m Eogain m Conaill Cloen m Gerain m Duach m Nioth m Con m Lugdech.

Factna m Moenaig Mongaich m Cairill m Fhiachnai m Rossa m Eirc m Trenae m Duach m Niad m Con. m. Maicniad. m Lugdech Loigdi. Factna ailithir ó Ros Ailithir

Colmán ailithir m Grillini m Aeda m Shani.

{folio 351b} Mo Themnioc m Corbbain m Lugada m Teimen m Themniain m Senaig m Cerddain m Cerdda Bice m Cerddraige m Tigernaig m Ailella Uluim.


CRonán m Odrain m Domangin nó Amargin m Phuirg m Olchon m Amraith m h-Oeluirg .i. deirg m Eirc m Abarnaig m Finnchain m Fheic m Imchada nó Findchada m Condlai m Taidg. mc Cein.

Dimma Dub m Oengusa m Cairthind m Find m Blait m Caiss. ut supra.

Cormac .h. Liathain m Dimmai m Commain m Condmaig m Congaile m Corpri m Sinnaig m Echdach Liathain a quo .h. Liathain. m Dare Cerba m Mane Munchain m Ailella Flaind Bic.

Senan Insi Cathaig m Eirggind m Dubthaig m Decce m Imchada m Cuirb.

Benian salmchetlaid Patric m Sescniain.

Do Chiannacht Glinni Gaimen do síl Taidce mc Céin dó.

Flannan & Aedan Cluana Domail i n-Almain.

Da mc Tairdelbaig m Caidleni m Conaill Echluaith ut supra.

Buti Manistrech m Brónaig m Balair mc Cais m Niad m Airmedaig m Findchain. mc Fhéic m Imchada. mc Conlai m Taidc. mc Cein.


{folio 351c} Cummini Fota m Fiachra m Fhiachrach i Garrini m Duach Iarlathi m Mani m Corpri m Cuirc m Lugdech m Ailella Flaind Bic.

Comgan Glinne Usen m Diarmata m Dega m Themne m Fir Chorb m Moga Corb m Cormaic Cais m Ailella Uluim.

Epscop Forcitail i Cill Tidill. m Tail m Dega m Cuirc m Luigdech.

FAthlind m Aeda Damain m Crimthaind m Cobthaig m Duach Iarlathi m Mani Maithni m Carpri m Cuirc m Lugdech.

Gobban Find m Lugdach m Dallain m Cairpri Chael m Echach Liathain m Dare Cerba m Mane Munchain.

Colman Imrama Othna. m Fergnai m Olchon m Echach Munremuir m Oengusa Fír m Feidlimid Aislingthig ut supra in genealogia Berchain.

Mc Táil Cilli Culind. Et Caelan Cilli Clethi. Da mc Echdach m Derggain m Coluimb m Cronain m Oengusa m Nad Fraich m Cuirc. mc Lugdech.


Berchan a thrí sethracha Brig & Copp Corp facs. & Lasar i Cill Dara & i Cill ingen Namnann

Nemnann facs.

., m Nemnann m Aeda m Eirc m Echach Muinremuir m Oengusa Fir.

Dalbach Cule Collainge m Branduib m Shirshlataig m Fhergnai m Donnain mc Dimmai mc Bresail m Tassaig .m. Echach Liathain. a quo .h. Liathain.


Colum Tiri Da Glas apstal. m Nannida m Nazair m Crimthaind Bic m Echach m Oengusa m Crimthann Áin Móir m Cathair Moir.

Mo Medoc Feda Duin Aed proprium nomen. Et Colman Culi dá mc Midgnai m Nannida. Conchend a siúr.

Secht mc Lugada: Lasran. Boetan. Garban. Baethin. Senchan. Ruadan. Cronan qui & Mo Chua Cluana Dolcain.

CRonan dí m Lugada m Nath I m Dolbaig m Setnai m Conandla m Oengusa m Ailella Cethig m Cathair Moir.

Tigernach epscop. Cluana Eois. m Corpri m Fergnai nó gusa m Ennai m Labain nó Labrada m Brioin m Echach m Dáre Barraig m Cathair Moir.


Epscop Aed m Brocain m Cormaic m Diarmata m Echach Gunich m Oengusa m Eirce m Breccain m Feicc m Dare Barraig m Cathair Moir.

Dí ingin Ailella .i. Mugain & Fedelm i Cill Ingen Ailella. m Dunlaing m Enniai Niad m Bresail Belaig m Fhiachach Bacceda m Cathair Moir.

Dí ingen Chormaic m Ailella m Dunlaing Ethni & Dar Cárthend i Tilaig.

{folio 351e}

Dí ingin Charpri m Cormaic m Ailella m Enna Niad.

Cumman & Sodelb i Cill Nais.,

Mo l-Ling Luachra m Faelain m Fheradaig m Eirc m Fiachnai m Oengusa nó Eogain m Dega m Labrada m Bresail Belaig m Fiachach Bacceda m Cathair Moir.

Coemgen m Coemloga m Coemfheda m Crinfheda m Cuirbb m Fhergusa Laebdeirg m Fhothaid m Echach Lamdeirg m Messin Corbb m Con Corbb. .cxx. anno etatis suae quieuit.

Epscop Eogain Aird Sratha. m Cainnig nó mc epscuip Erc m Cuirbb. ut antea.


Conlaed .i. cunnail Aed Craibdech m Cormaic m Oengusa m Echach m Setnai m Deimre m Echach Lamdeirg m Messin Corb. m Con Corbb.

CRaeb & Lasar et Find tri ingena Meic Ieir m Nair m Fothaid m Echach Lamdeirg.

Epscop Nath Í m Senaig m Fhergusa m Laebderg m Echach Lamdóit m Eimre m Fhothaid m Echach Lamdeirg.


Findbarr Cilli Adgair m Aeda m Connois m Foramain m Oescain m Fhothaid.

{folio 351f}

Dagan Inbir Doele .i. nomen amnis m Colmadan m Conaill m Énain m Sinill m Conaill m Cathir m Airmora m Nazair m Fhothaid m Echach Lamdeirg m Messin Corb m Con Corb.

Ingena Báeth m Setnai m Fhedlimid m Echdach m Rosa Falgi m Cathair Moir.

TRi mc Conaill m Airmora m Nazair.

It e filet i Cill Garraisce.

Eochu Cluana Rétach & Magister Cilli Magistrech da mc


Cathain m Nath Í m Echach Gunich m Dare Barraig m Cathair Moir.

BRigit & Temair & Sogaes tri ingena m Dara m Fhergusa m Ennae Niad.

Et Iustan & Fintan da mc Fhergusa i Senchill.

Berchan m Dimmae Duind m Aeda Croin m Mael Anfaid m Mael Umai m Colmain m Corpri m Ailella m Dunlainge m Ennae Niad.


Berchan m Dimmae m Fhergnai m Fhergusa m Aeda m Amalgada m Mane Máil qui fuit germanus Cathair Moir.

I n-Domnuch Shinchill i n.h. Máil atá in Berchansa.

{folio 351g}

Berchan m Decill m Caitt m Fhothaid m Echach Lamdeirg m Messin Corb.


Berchan m Declain do sil Daimine Daim Argait i n-Inis Rocha for Loch Erne.

Berchan m Maín do shíl Luigdech Loigde i n-Glind Berchain.

Berchan m Beoaid Barrfhind de Chorco Thrí .i. Mo Bí Glasi Nóenden i nn-Gallaib.

Berchan m Ultain m Aedgein m Colmáin m Shilain.



Berchan m Fidne i Cill Fidne i Cluain Cáin i n-Delbna Ethra below col eEthra ainm lathach & is ria atberthea Laith da Bend. inde dicitur Delbna Ethra.

Berchan m Aeda antea scripsimus inter sanctos na n-Desi.

Berchan Cluana Sasta.

Berchan mc Nemnand quos antea scripsimus. Non quod isti omnes sint Lagnesnes. sed quia quidam eorum.

Colman m Ainmerech m Bruidge m Nad Buidb m Illadan m Dunlainge

Et Brandub abb Cilli Dara. m Fiachrach m Muridaig m Bruidge m Nad Buidb.


CRundmael m Ronain m Coluim m Cormaic Camróin m Nath Í m Crimthaind m Ennae Chennselaig.


{folio 351h} Segine Gabú. m Senaig m Nath Í m Cormaic.

Et Falbe m Echach Clithair m Coluim m Cormaic.


Finnacta Findchorad m Colgan m Bresail m Fhiachrach m Crundmael m Ronain m Coluim m Cormaic Camroin.

Ronán Epscop m Aeda m Senaig m Cairthind Muaich m Etarscela m Oengusa Ailchi m Fhergusa Forcraid. m Tuathail Tigich m Mane Máil a quo .h. Máil.



Aduar m Echcind m Aeda Caemchind m Máil m Droido m Buain m Loegaire Birn Buadaig m Oengusa Osrethi m Crimthaind Móir m Iair. m. Shetnai m Ailella. m. Lugdach m Labrada m Carthaig m Nuadat m Condlai m Bresail Bricc.

Oengus Lamidai .i. Muccín m Barrfhind m Findchada m Dega m Dreda m Buain.

Comgall oc Boith Chonais et Cele Crist da m Echach m Cormaic m Eogain.

Epscop Sinill m Aeda m Scandail m Scanlain m Thimchiuin m Ronain m Oengusa m Crimthainn.

{folio 352a} Epscop Erc m Fergna m. Elchada m Allaid m Bresail m Muridaig m Crimthaind.

Senshinchell m Cenfhinnain m Macha m Cruaich m Dulge m Imchada m Brolaig m Lugdach m Labrada m Cormaic m Con Corbb.

Sincell .i. Ocshinchell m Corcain m Eirc m Cruaich.


Secht mc Nesain: Diucaill. Muridach qui & Cronan .i. craibdech .d. Cairell. Fland. Et h-í .iiii.or in Enga sunt. Nessi vero Ness Luga in Insula sunt. Beoan i Fid Chulend.

Beoan dí m Nessain m Eirc m Aeda m Colmain m Ailella m Dunlainge ut antea.

Aed Cluana Mór m Eogain m Bruidgi m Nad Buidb m Illaind m Dunlaing m Ennae Niad.

Fiac Slebti m Ercada m Fheic m Dare Barraig m Cathair Moir.

Abban Maige Arnaide & Cilli Abbain. m Lagnig m Cainnig m Labrada m Cormaic m Con Corbb.

Et Daman. Et Miaca fratres eius. .i. n
[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]
.i. i Cluain Fotai. Et Senach. Et Líthgein. Et Duban. Et Tomdenach. I Rus Glassi septem fratres sunt. Mella nomen matris eorum soror .s. Coemgin.

    1. Secht m-bliadna delbglana déc.
      i fulliud armi tri chét
      saegal Abblain delbda duind.
      airet ro bui i coluind.

{folio 352b} Ciaran Saigri m Luaigne m Ruanaind Duach m Conaill m Corpri Niad m Buain m Dimbuain m Echach Lamdóit. m Amalgada m Loegaire Birn Buadaig m Oengusa Osrethi.


Fiachna Find ó Chill Ingen Fiachna. m Cobthaig m Aeda Aird m Dimma Duib m Fhergnai.


Cammine Insi Celtra m Dimmae m Fhergusa m Ailella m Nath Í m Crimthaind m Ennae Chendselaig.

nó ita.

Cammine m Colmain m Comarbaig m Insain m Aine m Ambrit m Mo Chon m Saulim m Eschon m Saulo m Moga Airt qui & Ciar dicitur.

nó ita.

Cammine m Dimmae m Fheidlimid m Crimthaind m Scandlain m Aeda Find m Fhergnae m Fhergusa m Eogain Sreim. m Duach Galaig m Briuin m Echach Mugmedoin.

Mo Shenoc Mugna m Senchain m Sinill m Conaill m Fhothaid m Echach Lamdeirg. ut antea in genealogia Coemgin.

Fiacra Goll. Ó Chluain Ferta. m Dáire m Fergusa m Ennai m Labrada m Brain m Echach Guinich m Dare Barraig m Cathair Moir.


{folio 352c} Diarmait .i. Mo Dimmóc Glindi Usen. m Siabairr m Dallain m Erca m Breccain m Fheic m Dare Barraig m Cathair Moir.

Sinchi ingen Annuda m Dálaing m Fhidchellaig m Oenguis Osrethi m Crimthaind.

Epscop Lugach i Cúil Bennchair m Lugdach m Luchtai m Anrodain m Mael Tuili m Aedloga m Daurthecht m Shenaig m Retaig m Fherbba m Imchada m Ambrit m Mo Chon m Saulim m Mes Chon m Etechta m Saulo. m Moga Airt (qui & Ciar dicitur) m Fhergusa m Rosa.

Chaelfhind ingen Chael m Fhindchada m Lugdach m Luchta.

IArlathi m Loga m Dana m Moduirn m Dubain m Fhraech m Causcraid immecomraicet Conmaicni.

Lugna m Moenaig m Fiachna m Rosa m Eirc mc Trena m Duach m Maicniath m Con m Lugdech.

H-i sunt fratres eius .i. Epscop Brandub. Causan. Fachtna. Mo Lua. Lochan i n-Úib Echach. Cailchin. Manchin Cula Cassin.,


{folio 352d} Senan Lathraig Briuin m Fintain Srenedo. m Glinnir m Cuirc m Cureda m Fiacca m Máil m Carthaig m Laire m Larine m Cuiltri m Cluinig m Immite m Corpri Immete m Lugo m Lingo nó Mogo m Mede m Duib m Ruibrig m Duib m Tressaig m Lugnai m Mata m Fheidlimthi m Saille m Clothrad m Cothail m Roe m Carthaig m Clithraim m Maireda m Caireda m Bresail m Almone m Moethcelt m Rohiel m Cermata m h-Irieil m Dega m Reosorcha. m Reodorcha m Maireda m Amais m Shingite m Inbuithe m Tigernmais m Fhallaig m Ethriel m Iareoil m h-Erimoin.

Liban .i. murgen ingen Echach m Maireda m Caireda ut supra.

{folio 352e} Mo Boe Fota. i n-Airiud Mo Boe m Senaig Fírepertaig. Et Fraechnat soror eius.

Mc H-í .i. Colmán .i. Conna is é fil i n-Achud H-í la Áes Tiri. m Amargin m Sarain m Liadglassi m Duib m Andgain m Ferbba.


Faindith ingen Marcáin m Carthaig m Domungin m Fhindchon m Mellrach m Faelain m Dorbbo m Failgine m Connad m Lugdech m Daigri.

Cuan & Colman et Bec Bile et Conadil cethri mc Shilain m Aedlugo m Findchon m Mellrach.

Factna i Cill Tomma et Gabrán et Eoil trí meic Dubthaig m Lugair m Lugdech m Ruaid m Rosa m Marthened m Congail Chlár m Ailella Anglonnaig m Oengusa Umaill di Chonnactaib.

Fethgna Figlech m Nechtain m Mael Bile m Amargin m Ninne m Loegaire m Cellaig m Cathbath m Echdach.

Land ingen Becce m Cuanach.

{folio 352f} Martra mc Tinni oc Senbrug Dromma Snechta.

Cuanu mc Duanamail i Cill Cula Balldeirg.

Mc Liac Dicaill Dromma Glais m Cernaig m Aeda m Guaire Gáith m Amalgada m Muccada Ruaid.

Colman Elo m Beodgna m Moctae m Cunnida m Oengusa m Fiaclae m Mail m Carthaig m Laire m Lugdach m Larine ut antea in genealogia Senain.


Feidlimid m Crimthaind m Duib Da Chrích m Colmain m Shechnasaig. m Fhingin m Aeda m Crimthaind.

Sect mc Dubtain .i. Comman. Comran. Do Chonna. Fergna. Pilipp. Lurint. Manchin.

Manchin dí m Dubtain m Ruin m Tithumain m Rouithen m Gurthigirn m Clothnoscain m Peleithir m Britain (a quo Bretnaig).

Barri et Mo Dichu m Amairgin m Duib Dubui m Airt m Carthind m Flaind m Ninnida m Echach m Corpri Ardchind m Echach.

{folio 352g}Fechine Fabair m Cailcharna m Cillini m Grillini nó Cillini m Cail m Aeda m Saini m Airt Chirb m Niad Corb.

Mael Ruain Tamlachta. m Colmain m Shenain m Agnidi m Moctai m Cunnida m Fhiacca m Mail.

Mo Bí Chlarinech apstal m Beónaid m Bresail m Ailgil m Idnai m Athrai m Lugnai .i. Tri n-Og m Bregduilb m Airt Chirp m Corpri Niad de Fhothartaib.

Telli m Segáin m Colgan m Thuathail m Crundbeóil m Feidlimid m Fiachrach Cassain m Colla Focrí.


Et Bebil soror eius qui est i l-Laind Rónáin Fhind.

Et Sodelb nomen matris eorum qui est i Tig Thelli.

Fratres Telli filii Moenain mc Segáin. Ideo Telli dicitur quia stratum eius fuit in tellure.

Mac Culind Cunnid proprium nomen m. Cathmoga m Cathbath. m Cattáin m Fhergossa m Fhindchada m Fhéic m Fhindcháin m Imchada Ulaig m Condlai m Taidc m Céin. m Ailella Óluim.

{folio 352h} Findchu Bri Gobann m Setna m Abrai m Branain m Dobtha m Oengusa m Eirc m Briuin m Echach Mugmedoin.

nó ita

Findchu m Find m Loga m Findbairr m Ail m Masside m Fergusa m Duach m Bres[gap: illegible/extent: 3 letters]ail m Colla m Carpri Lifechair.

Lugaid m Oengusa m Nad Fraich m Cuirc m Lugdech m Ailella Flaind Bic.

Cuius reliquae sunt i n-Druim Inasclaind.

Banbán m Dondgaile m Dondgalaich m Aurchlosaig m Fhir Shin m Corbbain m Etnui m Duib Dunig m Angain.

Mo Chonna. Et Eltine. Et Colum tri mc Fhlannain m Cobdenaig m Colmain m Fhlannain m Branduib m Etarsceli m Nath Í m Oengusa Builg.

Colman Craibdech m Sechnasaig m Fhingin m Aeda Duib m Crimthaind m Fheidlimid m Oengusa m Nad Fraich.

Ronan m Beraig m Critain m Ercloga m Ernini m Ureni m Shechnasaig m Coluim m Culae m Muridaig m Loegaire m Neill Noigiallaig.


Siur dó Cairech Cluana Bairend. Cairech Dergain ingen Beraig m Critain.

    1. Ba mín ba már mc Alpraind
      craeb fhina fo mes.
      ni fail nad íccad ro fess
      acht co r-risad a less.
    2. Secht coicait sruithepscop
      ron orddain in cád.
      im trichait cet crumthirech n-og
      fors ra furim grad.
    3. Trí chet abgitrech ro scrib
      ba bil lith a lám.
      secht cét cell conacaib
      dosn-acaib do lar.



{folio 353a} Crumthir Mechair & Mursan i Cill Crui.

Colman mc .h. Miadchon i n-Domnuch Fhemin.

Epscop Etchiain mc Mane i Tig Do Chua mc Nemain.

Fidnat ic Rus mc Ceit i Cruachán Ceniuil Ucha.

Colum Drummfhota ingen Aeda a Drummut Gesilli i Cill Chalma i m-Maig Lifi.

Dar Erca & Clothach i n-Disiurt Meic Cailli.

Ingena Conaill i Cennaib Ech i m-Mide.

Trean ingen mc Leat i Cluain Gamna.

Minchuin ic Tig Minchuni i n-Asul.

Bicsech i Cill Bicsigi i m-Midi.

Ultan & Eltini i Cluain Dabcha i Fid Eoin.

Ronsech ingen Charpri i Tír Fholaing ic Glasloch.

Beccan & Colán Cocán tri mc Colmain mc Dermata i Fothirb Sinill.

Secht meic Restituit de Longbardis. Sechnall episcopus Nectain episcopus. Da Bonna sacart Mo Gornan sacart Da Rioc episcopus. Auxilinus episcopusLugnaith sacart.

Nonbur Síl Chonaire. Senach mc Cairill. Eolang i n-Athbi. Bolg i m-Muscraige Mittini. Odran i l-Lettrachaib i m-Muscraige Tire. Trí senore Sil Conaire sin. Ceir Ascad .i. nomen campi i Cill Ceiri. Gobnat i m-Bairniuch i cocrich Muscraigi Mittini & Eoganachta Locha Lein. Sciath ingen Mechair ic Firt Scethi i m-Muscraigi Aeda. Trí óga Síl Chonaire sin. Lachtain Achaid Uir o Belaig Fhebrat i Sleib Chain. Finan Cam Cind Ettig i cocrich Éle & Fer Cell. Senan Insi Cathaig. Trí caindle Síl Chonaire sin. Inde dicitur.

    1. Nonbur Síl Chonaire
      o nach berar ní i n-deolaid
      tri caindle tri senore
      tri oga foclait eolaig.

    2. p.1579

    3. IT é na trí senore
      cantais fri Crist a comrad
      Senach mc Cairill cen chrad
      Eolang án & Odran.
    4. IT é na tri callecha
      nochardais Crist cen dechair,
      Ciar Ascad. Gobnat co m-blaid.
      & Sciath ingen Mechair.
    5. Trí caindle Síl Chonaire
      saerthar os Mumain medan
      Lactain find forglidi án.
      Finan Cam & Senán.
    6. Senan i Sleib Lumnig na lec.
      Lactain Belaig Ebrat.
      rigan na rand rád cen chlith,
      Finan Cam Cind Ettig.
    7. INUnd a recht ic Ríg nel.
      inund a cert 's a cenel.
      inund oentu fodasgaib
      i n-nim & i talmain.


Secht mc Tarbin in so sis .i. Silán ic Áth na Cell ar brú aba Móri. Sinill Caelan ic Áth na Cell. Senán Líath i Cill Senain. Trian i n-Domnuch Mór Muscraige Mittine diblinaib. Mo Choba Lis Moir. Crochan i Cill Crochain i cocrich Laigsi & Ossairgi. Lactain i n-Achud Ur i n-Aes Cind Chaille i n-Ossairgi.

Secht n-ingena Tarbin. Corcsech. Ceirsech. Cronsech. Sodelb. Cellsech ic Áth na Cell.

Mo Lasse & Mo Chumma & Colum Crom & Ronan & Dar Lugdach i l-Lemdruim. Sác Colum .h. Crimthaind Mo Lassi Lemdromma.

Fecht oén da tánic Semplán sacart Tiri Da Glas co Tír Crónin do Licc na Sinnach ri toscib. Is and bái Dirmaid oc glanad urdrochit a thaigi & a luasat na laim. Luid iarum a chú fona clerchib coro letrad in sacart. Ra bual in sacart in coin iar sin. Ro bual immorro Dirmaid in sacart dint shluasait coro bris menistir Coluim ro bui fore muin. Dolluid iarum Lactain comarba Coluim do acru in gnímasin co flaith .h. n-Dróna .i. co Ruiden mc Lainnen. Co tartsat .h. Dróna .uii.


cumala o Dirmaid do muntir Choluim & do Lactain & dorat Lactain na .uii. cumalasin do airchinniuch Lemdromma .i. do Uamnach.,

{folio 353b}Da mc Gabrin .i. Maelan & Melán ic Tuaim da Fhiach. Crumthir Lappain i Cluain Medoin. Epscop Santain. et Epscop Sanctain. et Epscop Lethain. tri mc Cantoin ríg Bretan it e filet i Cill Epscuip Santain.

BRigitae sanctae subiectae erant omnes hae uirgines sanctae quarum loca & nonina enumerabimus. CAiner ingen Chruthechain i Cill Chulind i Cairpri. Cainer ingen Airmind i Cluain Corind. Indú Már & Indú Bec dí ingin Breccáin mc Brénaind i Cill Da Indend. Bríg ingen Fhergusa i Cill Brígi. Cetheora ingena Fergnai mc Fhergusa i l-Lethráith .i. Delbnat et Cainer. Deimlir. & Fuin. Fainder cuicir i Cluain Brónaig. Necht ingen Chommain i m-Bruig Broc. Fedbair ic Boith Roichnig. Ingena Choluim & ingena Bresail i Cill Chalaid & i Caill Lugmind. Curchass ic Tig Curchaissi. Lassar i Cill Lasra i n.h. Bresail is inti ro loisc Brigit in n-garmuin oc funi ind loég. Corpach ingen Fhiachnai mc Nui i Cill Corpaigi. Cron Muni Taplain i n-Inis Crone for Loch Andind. Findnat i r-Rus Meic Ceit. Find ingen Mantain i Tracht Findi. Aibind ingen Mani i Cluain Draignigi. Failtem ingen Mael Echdach ic Telaig Fhunechda. Lút & crumthir Lugaeth ic Tig Lúta i Fotartaib Maraib. Cromsech & Créd ic Raith Gaisni & i n-Etargabuil & i Fordruim. Ronsech ic Tig Maile Achaid. Ciar ingen Duibrea i n-Airiud. Bicell & Bicsech i n-Imliuch na Lega. Columb ingen Beraig i n-Imliuch Már. Ingena Cetain i Cluain Ech. Ingena Fiachnai ic Tuaim Neill. Caibell ingen Aeda Bairr i Cill Lusca. TRea ingen Meic Cairthind i n-Aird Trea. Cethri ingena Meic Iair .i. Derbinill. & Der Inill et Coel & Comgell. Caimell ingen Dermata i nDisiurt Brigte i Cill Suird.


Tri ingena Ernin mc Choluim Ruit .i. Dar Nisa & Sinech & Crón a m-brathair i n-Enuch Dirmaige. Brunsech ingen Chrimthaind i m-Maig Threga. Ciar Midan da ingin Cerain & Finnech ingen Shenaig Fhind do Cheniul Chormaic dóib uile. It e congabat Ros Iar- nglais. Scoth & Mengan inund athair & mathair leo & do Dál Messin Corp dóib it é sin fil i Cellaib Maigi Uachtarchaib & Ictarchaib & i Cluain Moescnae. Do Chatti i n-Achud Chorcaigi. Brig ingen Amalgada & Cillini & Cellan i n-Achud Aeda.

Cainer de .h. Dega cetmunter Nannida mc Dermata. Et Bronach et Senán mc Becain. Et Luan. & a dí ingin .i. Curchach & M'Ita i Cill Ingen Luain & i Cill Bronche iar cetgabail. Segine mc Cerain & Elltine mathair Ronain mc Cenannain. Et Gnathnat & Dicuill mc Ronain iar n-gabail tanaisi. Dí ingin Eltini & Crumthir n-Delgini & Mac Onchon dano beus ina tresgabail.

Mac Onchon in súi i r-Raith Scothban., {folio 353c} Pol & Deineth & Martan epscop Tamlachtan ic Domnuch Mor i Febib. Cron ingen Aeda & Emini mc Altini i n-Domnuch Mor sanctBrigti. Aed mc Fortchirn. Et Corpre mc Binnig et Pol & Deneth i n-Inis Beoaed. Neman & Bia i Cill Bia. Ness & Mac Carthind i Cill Nesse. Et Garban mc Eremaig inti beus. Gentine & Segine na da chrumthirsin i Tír Guare. Eltini mc Meic Mailain i Senchui. Lochini mc Illain & Ness beus i Senchui. Baethboth mc Cronain i r-Ruba Shenaig. Conlaed & .uii. n-epscuip .uii. sacairt .uii. n-ingena óga i n-Dind Fhlatha geneoil Lugair. Melan & Fairchellán i Cill Condala. Findech & Ciar & Mida tri ingena Chiarain brathairside Senaig Fhind Mo Segu & Fhintain & Affraic ingen Cumlachtaig & Cummain ingen Cummini i Cluain Fota .i. i n.h. Culann. Cummini mc Fothlain mc Beccain mc Fhergusa i n-Dercdaim. & Becc mc Duib Duili mc Garbain mc Fhintain i Craebaig. & i n-Dercdoim. Nemnat i Cluain Mór Lugnad. Berchan mc Nemnaill & Brig & Coip & Lassar tri ingena Nemnaill. Et Broccán & Cronan da mc Lochin i Cill Lathraig osthuile. Mu Grellóc & Mo Chellóc & Mael Dub i Cluain Conaire Mael Duib.


Brig & Tigern & Duthracht i Cill Muni i m-Maig Liphi. Sinech & Mac Nisi & Eithni i Cill Roiss. Finán & a dí shiair ic Tig Airthir. Finech & Mo Oinis dí ingin Dibechain beus ic Tig Aithir. ILet & Ernan i m-Methus Chaille. Mo Enóc ic Glais Eille i n.h. Ercain. Crit ingen Baetain insinn Ernaidiu. Ronan mc Beraig ic Tig Threbtha. Columb ingen Dulechain i n-Enuch Gabrini. Fureman & Trostan & Aedgein tri mc Fidgein lega ic Tig Derescain ic Tibprait Sabraille., Crai & Ricenn i siur Patric i Cill Cai. AEd mc Cormaic & Illand mc Aeda i n-Imliuch Fornocta. Collidan & Barri & Finan & Midnan & Manchan. teora ingena Ercdaith i Cind Tracta. Senach mc Echin & Srafan & Sinchell & Brutiuc .i. epscop & aite Coemgin epscop Mac Cairthind & Conlaed & Brigit i Cuil Chorra. Mac Nisi dano i Findchoraid. Cumman & Ronnat ic Tig a Cronain. Mo Dimmóc ro gab Tech Mo Chua mc Lonain. CRon ingen Ernaine i m-Marcaig & ingena Cobthaig. Et Temoir ingen Ernini i Cluain Salaind. Feidelm & epscop Daurthech i Cill Achaid Draignige. AEd mc Ernin & teora ingena Aeda .i. Angais & Dar Tinne & Bronaig i Cill Araid. Fiachra Caech mc Feidlimid. & Ennac mc Nemnain i Cill Ennga & epscop Dimma beus. Mu Ninne & Lonan & Mo Lasse tri mc Dubthaig & ingine Cainnig & Mo Chommoc mc .h. Lugair i n-Dind Fhlatha geneoil Lugair & crumthir noeb de muntir Patric immalle fri Dubtach. Martar ingen Fhiachrach mc Muridaig mc Illadain mc Dunlainge .i. Bríg & Mugain & Sarnat & Brig aile & Sarnait dí ingin {folio 353d} Grellain mc Gaillin i Cill Bairnig. Nath Fraech sacart & ara Brigti i Cill Cula Dumai. Sodelb ingen Chuanain ic Tig Cendorcha.

Affrica ingen Chumlachtaig & Adán .h. ind Eicis i n-Imliuch Tuascirt. Laignech & Fondil i Cill Fheirbe. Bríg ic Tig Brige. is lé tomlachta na bee fo thrí i n-oenló dona epscopaib. & is lé topacht in lathi m-buana dia m-buannmech fon tír archena.


Bíte & Brigit dí ingin Fhiachnae i r-Rátha Brigti i Crích .h. Cormaic .i. h. Loisc. Do Cholmoc mc Fergusa & Sárnat i Cill Tuascirt .i. Tiri. Cónach & Lucennan & Colmán Mór mc Fergusa i n-Ard Chonaig. Petrán i n-Domnuch Eochaille et Duthracht & Temair. Lassar & Cummain dí ingin Cholmain mc Fhiachnai i Cluain Cain. Conóc mc Concertaig. Et Sodelb ingen Marcain i n-Dumu Ríg. Mu Scelloc & Lochan & Lasar i n-Dercni. Epscop Domungin & escop Nath I .i. duo fratres is é dobered grada for clerchib & callechaib la epscop Senach & Mo Gobbóc mc .h. Láimi is é congab Lethglend post. Et Brigit Mór siur do epscop Domungin di Mumain dóib. Et Mo Bí Berchán et Mo Bi Brócan filet i Sruib. It e sin uile congabat sruthair n-Guaire. Ingena Trena & ingena Meic Rithe .i. L[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]igs Tigern i r-Rus Chonaill. Epscop Dimmae mc Senaig de Fhothartaib ic Tig Dimmae.


Traditions relating to St. Patrick.

IS fat so in cethrur at fhichet baser i n-urd la Patric .i. Sechnall a epscop. Mochta a shacart Epscop Erc a brithem. Epscop Mac Cairthind a trenfher. Benen a shalmchetlaid. Coeman Cilli Riatai a maccoem. Sinell Cille Aires a astiri. Athgin Bothi Domnaig a choic. Crumthir Mescan o Domnuch Mescan a chirbsiri. Crumthir m-Bescnai o Domnuch Dula a shacart mése.

A thrí gobaind o Domnuch Arnnó moin & Loibán & Fortchern. A trí cerdda. Essiu. & Biti. & Tassach. A tri drunecha. Lupait & Erc ingen Dáre. & Crumthiris. Odrán i n-Disiurt Odrain i n.h. Falgi a ara. Crumthir Cathan .i. o Thalmachtain Ardda & Crumthir Brocan a da fhoss. Crumthir Manach a fher denma connaid. Roddan a buachaill.

Do mcaib Israhel immorro co fír do Patric. Acht dia ro esróided mne Israhel o Thit & o Uespasian fo chethair aird in domain fo daere i n-digail fola Crist is and doriacht a bunud co Bretnu. Is ar bunad Patric do mccaib Israhel dorat Dia tigernus basti & cretmi in h-Erinn & innarbba demna.

Oenfhiacail immorro la Patric in tan luid a Cruachan. Et la epscop oc Achud Fhobair ro facbad ind fhiacailsin .i. fer[gap: erased/extent: 1/2 letters] h-á[gap: erased/extent: 1 letter] ut Patricius dixit.

    1. A fhir á
      facus mennutan i m-bá;
      nocotfhacca cosindiu
      o tú i m-biu a fhir á.

    2. p.1585

    3. Ón aidchi condranac frim
      atberim fiad Rig na rend:
      ni dechaid feoil tarut sis
      ní thanic góu anís dart' chend.
    4. IN Fiada find fil for nim
      co n-ecnu co n-armitin
      domícc fo bathis báin bil.
      nomléic fo bathis oenfhir.


    5. Saegul Mo Chaemóc Leith
      nocho chelat tuir na tréith
      da secht m-bliadan cethri cét
      ní iarmar ní immarbr
      [gap: illegible/extent: 2 letters]


{folio 354a}

Biblical Genealogies.

Maire ingen Iochim m Ioseph m Eli m Elizar m Mathatha m Leue m Melchi m Iohannae m Joseph m Mathiae m Amos m Nauum m Esle m Nage m Maath m Mathathiae m Simei. m Joseph. m Iuda. m Iohanna m Ressa m Zorobab robabel m Salathiel m Nerei m Melchi m Addi m Cossani m Elimadam m h-Er m Iesu m Soryn m Mathia m Leui m Semeon. m Iuda m Ioseth m Iona m Eliachim m Melcha m Menna m Mathiae m Mathan m Salomon m David m Iese.

Samuel m Elcanna m Ierotham m h-Eliuth m Thou m Suub m Elchanna m Assur m Chore m Amminadab m Gaad m Leui m Iacob. mc Isaac.,


{folio 354b} Saul m Ciss m Abel m Seóir m Bechóir m Aphia m h-Uiri m Emeni.

H-estras profeta m Seleu m Azariae m Celchae m Sellum m Saduc m Achitob m Amariae m Erarath m Azariae m Oziae m Bocci m Abisius m Finees m Elizar m Aaron m Ambra.

Emán (cantator frater eius stabat a dextris) m Iohel m Samuel m Elcanna.

Asaph m Barachiae m Sunima m Michael m Basre m Melchiae m Athanae m Azariae m Adia m Ethom m Semei m Eth m Gerson m Leui. (Frater eius stabat a sinistris.)

Ethan m Chusi m Abdi m Maloch m Iasabiae m Amasiae m Elchiae m Amassabi m Bonini m Sonmer m Moori m Musae m Merari m Leui .&c.


{folio 354c}


AEd mc Guaire mc Lugdach mc Loegaire .i. oc Gabuil Muscraigi oc Lochaib Erni.

Fainche Garb ingen Chrimthaind mc Guaire mc Lugdach mc Loegaire i r-Rus Airthir ic Lochaib Erni.

Comaig ingen Echach mc Ailella mc Guaire mc Lugdach mc Loegaire. ic Snám Luthair i n-Oenchill & a brathair .i. Colman mc Echach. for Lochaib Erne. Is é dano fil i m-Midishiul. Aglend immorro ingen Lenin a m-mathair.

Ruman mc Colmain in fili diatá Síl Rumain i n-Ath Truim. Tri filid in domain .i. Homer o Grecuib. & Fergil o Laetnaib. Et Ruman o Gaedelaib.

Secht mc Rumain. Subne epscop. Cend Faelad epscop. Rudgius et Muridach. Cellach. Conall. Cairpre.

Fuinecht ingen Maele Fithrich mc Dimma mc Colmain mathair o Cormaic & Baethgalaich. & Rumain.

Trí mc Colmain .h. Subni .i. Corpre epscop mc Colmain dia n-epert Oengus .h. Oibleain.

    1. Dlomthus cach co ollmuir
      féil Chormaic co n-glanbuil.
Baethallach mc Colmain.

Cairech Cluana Bairend. siur Ronain mc Beraig. &c. ut antea.

Cainne ingen Brosain mc Muredaig ic Tig Cainne lasna Desi Breg.

Scandlach ingen Sechnasaig mc Coluim Cuile mc Muredaig mc Loegaire mc Neil i n-Ard Scandlaig i Ceniul Ardgair.

Cainer ingen Chaelain mc Libir mc Daillini mc Loegaire.

AEd Mór mc Fergusa mc Fheidlimid mc Loegari. Et Aed Bec a brathair i n-Ath Truim.

Coinet ingen Cholmain mc Aeda mc Libir. Et Odba ingen Cholmain.

Et Ricell ingen Attract mc Aeda mc Libir siur do Chassan mc Attract. Et Ronnat ingen Fhiachna mc Aeda mc Libir i Cluain Cuirc i m-Maig Locha sin.


Lasar ingen Fhergusa a siur i Cluain Lagen i Crich Loegaire Breg.

ILladan mc Echdach mc Aeda mc Daimine mc Ennae mc Loegaire mc Neil i r-Raith Liphiten la Firu Cell i m-Mide.

Beoan mc Attract. Et Ossan mc Attract. i r-Raith Ossain & i r-Raith Attrach ri Ath Truim aníar.

Mael Tuile mc Nochure mc Fhoractair mc Mael Derir mc Tuammine mc Baetain mc Muredaig mc Loegaire mc Neill.

Colum Cule & Colum Tommae da mc Muridaig mc Loegaire mc Neill.,

Garban epscop mc Oengusa mc Ardgail m Conaill Cremthainne mc Neill.

Cerc ingen Echach mc Loegaire i Tig na h-Erfhoclaige i m-Mugdornaib.

Diarmait mc Baeth mc Aeda mc Loegaire mc Neill. Ic Airiud Sinnaig nó Senaig. ic Lochaib Erne. Et a brathair Cobthach mc Baeth i n-Achud Maic i Crích Loegaire.

Eithne ic Ros Tiprat. ingen Dimmae mc Noe mc Fechin mc Corpri filed m Ailella Máir mc Breccain m Feic mc Dare Barraig mc Cathair Moir. Derbfhind Belfhota ainm aile di.

{folio 354d}

Secht n-Ingena DalbrÓnaig do Dál Chonchobuir asna Desib Breg inso.

    1. Brocsech. Sanctbroc. Cumman. Caimell.
      Fannchi. Findbarr. Feidelm.
      Secht n-ingena sain adrímmem
      do Dallbronuch adfédem.,

Ro genatar nóeb & nóeboga imda on mórfessiursa tra.

Ro genair chetus Brigit o Brócsig.

Oen aile dib Cumman. Dosrala do acallaim Patric. & si thorrach fora céttorrches co tarat Patric crois dia bachaill dara broinn. Et is í gein bói ina broinn in tansin epscop Mane & ro báe in chrossin ina etun chéin ropo beo. Et atbert Patric icá sénad co n-genfitis nóeb & noebóga imda uadi. Conid far sin genatar uadi morfesiur ar dib fictib do noebaib. Acht Tuathal Maelgarb a oenur. Et Ailill mc Mochta. Is uadi ém ro genair Mo Ninne Slebe Culind. Et da mc Comgaill i m-Maig Coraind. Et epscop Mane Echenaig i Tír .h. n-Ailella. Et epscop Roin i Cill Epscuip Roin i Cairpri Móir. Et Muridach i Cill Alaid i Tír .h. n-Amalgada. Et Cammini Insi Celtra.

    1. Cros Chammin afar m'irlabra
      do bennachad mo laide.
      m Colmain mc Comarbaig
      m Insain is mc Aine.
    2. Aliter
      Cammin caem inar cangnim
      mc Dimmae de roLagnib:
      a Fothartaib Fea fuarus tair.
      is ass iar fír dia athair.
    3. nó Camin Insi Celtra cain
      mc Dimmae mc Feidlimid.
      m Fhlaind luchair lathair n-glain
      d'Uib Briuin Ratha a Conactaib.,

Et Senan Insi Cathaig. Et Riaguil Muccinsi la Dal Cais. Et Senan Lathraig Briuin. Et Eirne Cluana Raigech i m-Mide. Et .uii. n-epscuip Cluana Emain ar brú Sinna. Et Loeban & Fortchern i nOidim i Ceru i Partraigi. Et Grellan Craibige i n-airthiur Maige Luirg. Et Sciri o Chill Sciri. Et Corcair Chet di ingin Eogain. Et .uii. n-ingena Cathbath i Cill Chomlach i m-Maig Luirg. Et Lomman Locha Gille eter Chairpre & Brefni. Et Midu Midbrisi mc Factna ic Slicig. Et Mell Chraibdech ic Beluch Gabrain. & ic Daire Melle. Et Osnat o Criched i n-Glind Dallain i Cairpri Mór. Et Dabríg Cluana Lochain. Et Dar Filed Indsi Cethig i n-Irrus Domnand. Et .uii. n-ingena Caechain i Tír .h. Fiachrach Adni. Et Miadaine Ratha Arad.

{folio 354e}Et Brig Cochlach a Crích Cairpri. Et Tuathal Maelgarb rí h-Erenn. Et Ailill mc Mochta brathair Dommai.

Et condrancatar immorro acallaim uile in buidenseo i Carn Tracta Eothaile & doringset oentaid. Et asbertatar nech conscerad i talmain a n-oentaid na ricfa a anim nem. Et na biad a athgabal i talmain. Et in carnsa i n-rachomrachomraicsem co tí muir dar róe .h. Fiachrach na ticfad tairis. Et asbert Epscop Mane.

    1. Nech conscera oentaid ár noeb
      sech bid clóen bid mer
      ni aittrebba talmain tind.
      ni ria a anim for nem.


Feidelm ingen Dallbronaig mathair Ite Cluain Dedad. Sanctbróc ingen Dalbronaig & Fedbair ingen Dalbronaig i m-Bothaib Ech Roichnig. Cul Ugaine ainm a cille i m-Maig Luigne.


Epscop Mél. Epscop Melcho. Epscop Munis. Tres filii Cnois. Rioc Insi Bó Finni. Crummaim. Midnu. Mo Genoc. Lomman Atha Truim. Luran duanaire. Loorn o Chill Chundu a n-dís. Ciaran. Carantot. Epscop Colum. Brenaind .i. fini. Epscop Mac Caille. Brocan.

Eche & Iallóc ó Senlus far m-Badbgnu. na [gap: illegible due to staining/extent: 2 letters]di [gap: illegible due to staining/extent: 3 letters]chaillig.

Lomman Atha Truim .m. Dallain m. Bresail .m. Mane mc Domnaill m Colla Mind .m. Echdach Domlen.

Tri mc Angain mc Retacha. Mc Rethi & Cairnán. Colman i Cill Etargabla i Fid [gap: illegible/extent: 5 letters]

Allabair & Dessabair & Lessabair & Midabair i Cill Ard ic Raith (Lid)

De chomlib Dáil Chaiss do m-Mo Bae .i. Baethanan mc Sinill. Iamnat immorro ingen Shinill mathair Émin Ruis Glais.

First quatrain below cols a-d 354 in another hand.[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] cecinit

    1. A Iamnat ingen Shinill
      m Nad Fráeich
      [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]
      ragaid do mac éc innocht
      bia cen abb is cen epscop.
    2. Sin ingen Néill niamda a dath
      ba máthair don Baeth buadach
      Mo Chaemra ingen Neill náir
      mathair cháemalaind Chronáin.

Scandlach sétig Aeda Róin rig .h. Falgi bert ingin do Aed Róin .i. Crednat a ainm. & dobert a m-mathair dia h-ingin a rath conid Crednat ingen Aeda Roin congab Ráth Scanlaigi i termun Brigti.
The four quatrains below columns a-d folio 354


    1. TRea ropo maith in ben
      ingen Ronáin rig Lagen:
      cona caemcheil gnathaig cain
      mathair Baithin maic Finnaig.
    2. Finnach foglaid ro bái i n-gait
      isin sciaich forsin tiprait:
      dia tánic d'indlat a lám
      Trea rindbalc ingen Ronain.
    3. O ro derc h foglaid féig
      for ingin Ronain roréil
      ro sní ní dia thoil a cuirp
      forin gas m-bilair m-blathguirt.
    4. Ro chaith inn ingen in n-gas
      [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]
      int adbar amnas,
      suairc in saerchéim asa gleo
      dia ra compred Baethin bithbeo


Colum Cille cecinit.

The following poem is below cols. d-e.

    1. Secht meic áille Oengusa
      lotar co íath nh-Erenn
      Mo Thrianoc is Itharnaisc
      Eoganan aille remend.
    2. Mo Thrianoc i r-Ruscachaib.
      la .h. Fálge ro faemad:
      Cend Leccaig im Eoganan.
      Itharnaisc án i Cloenad.
    3. In cethrur for-fhacabsat
      luidset dar farge fostán
      Torannan is Agatan.

      [gap: illegible/extent: 10 letters]
      Mu Chullian- is Troscan.
    4. Troscan tren tarrasair.
      i n-Ard Breccain co m-binni.
      Torannan in tairbertach
      os toraib Tulcha Tinni.
    5. Mo chuille in D

      or i nD

      Fothart Fea feidm n-ualle.
      Agatan 'na disiurtan
      ar bru na Ethni uaire.
    6. Uais itge cond-rancatar
      forind ardríg find fethal.
      combad oenláe a n-estechtsum
      'n a cure comlan cethrar.

    7. p.1594

    8. I Prid noin Iuin etamuin.
      luidset a bethaid brethglain.
      di deoin Meic Dé da
      [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]
      'n a curi comlan cethrair.
    9. INd lecc fora tancatar
      dar tríathmuir trethnaig.
      Agatan a sosarsum
      ros-fuc a crandcor cethruir.
    10. Na manistri fuaratar
      i n-dernatar a ferta.
      is la .h. Neill Noigiallaig
      co r-rath in Spirta sechta.


    11. Brathir Fursu cóir a rad.
      Mo Choe nach daimend acrad.
      Epscop Mac Erca glan gne
      o Domnuch Mor in Maige.
    12. Colman Mulind .i. o Daire Chaechain i n-Dal Riatae mór a rath.
      domunim o ra noemad:
      Colman Comraire co l-lí.
      Manchan di Liath Ligi.
    13. Ba h-ísin a siur uile.
      Damnat beoda in dune.
      Et ba langart lanech
      Damnat chonnalb Chonaillech.
    14. Ba d'Úib Laga na l-lend.
      in sesiur dorurmisem:
      & Damnat ní gó dam
      cona sessiur derbbrathar.


    15. Ingen Milcon miad cen on
      a m-mathair a m-morfessiur.
      is Milcon miad cen raind
      ropo mug maith Meic Albraind.



Alternative Names of Saints.

  1. Crimthand ainm Coluim Cille.
  2. The following four lines are below col. a-d. Oengus ainm Meic Nisi Condere.
  3. Oengus ainm Meic Nisi náir
  4. Crimthand ainm Coluim comlain.
  5. Colum mc Crimthaind deilm n-dil is dó ba comainm Cunnid.
  6. Cunnid ainm Meic Culind. Lusca.
  7. Carthach ainm Mo Chutu. Lis Moir.
  8. Mo Eca ainm Fechin Fabuir.
  9. Gnia ainm Muru Othna Moir.
  10. Da Chua ainm Da Chualen.
  11. Dar Erca ainm Mo Ninni Culinslebe.
  12. Carthach ainm Cummini.
  13. Crónán Mo Chua mc Lugdach.
  14. Cunnid ainm Coluim mc Crimthainn.
  15. Tairchell ainm Mo l-Ling.
  16. Fer Da Chrich ainm Meic Cairthind.
  17. Aed ainm Mael Doid Mucnama.
  18. Colman ainm Meic Lenin.
  19. Aed ainm Moedoc Ferna.
  20. Lasren ainm Mo Lassi.
  21. Finnbarr ainm Finnen Maige Bile.

Eog[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] Diarmait [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] [gap: illegible/extent: ? letters] Sa[gap: illegible/extent: ? letters]