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Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na N˙achongbála

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R. I. Best and Osborn Bergin

Electronic edition compiled by Benjamin Hazard

proof corrections by Caoimhín Ó Domhnaill

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2. Second draft.

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    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na N˙achongbála. R. I. Best, Osborn Bergin (ed), first edition [xi + 209 pp. 2 pls. (MS facss.)] Dublin Institute For Advanced StudiesDublin (1956)


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Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na N˙achongbála: Author: [unknown]


Scéla Chonchobuir

{MS folio 106a}Ropo fer amra airegda inti Conchobor mac Nessa Imráter
12421] sunda for Ultaib. O máthair ro hainmniged .i. Ness ingen Echach Salbudi ríg Muman a mathairseom in Chonchobuir. {MS folio 106a 5} Is airi dano ro ainmnigside Ness .i. Bátar da aiti déc ocá haltrom inna hingeni do réir Echach. Assa a ainmsi leosom i tossuch ar
12425] ba hurussa a haltram. Fennid amnas i nHerind in tansin .i. Cathbad mac Rossa a ainm. Sech ba druiside ba fénnid. Luidside {MS folio 106a 10} dí cuaird fénnidechta hi crícha Muman. Iss ed doralaside cona féin do thig a haitisi .i. ingine Echach. Orta leis issind oenaidchi a da haite déc na ingine. & nicon fess cia ro ort in n-orggain.

Luid iarum iar suidiu ind ingen for fennidecht & gabais gaisced. & {MS folio 106a 15} luide trib nonbaraib fo Herind. co ffessed nech ro marb a haiteda. & ro chrín na túatha. Is cumma nos crínad uili daig ni fitir sainriuth a bidbada. Ni hassa bith fria fodechtsa ol cách. Is desin ro boí Ní hassa fuirri. Luidsi dí for fiannas i cocrich nUlad.
12435] {MS folio 106a 20} Luidsi laa and dí a hoenur dia fothrucud. Conid tecmang cucci in fennid cétna .i. intí Cathbad. Co tudchaidside eturru & cranna & ardagaib. Co 'mmanarnaic dóib. & co mbaísi do mnaí gradaigthe ocosom. & co mbert mac dó. Ba hé in mac hísin dí .i. Conchobor {MS folio 106a 25} mac Cathbad. Ba caín tra a n-orddan ro genair i suidiu .i. intí
12440] Conchobor. Deithbir són dano uair issind úair ro génair Crist iss and ro genairseom. Ro bátar .uii. fáthi oca thairchetul secht mbliadna riana genemain. No geinfed gein n-adamra la gein Crist forsin chloich ucut forsaro genair Conchobor & ropad irdairc a ainm i nHerind.,


{MS folio 106a} BA mór a n-orddan do Chonchobur hi cind .uii. mbliadan iarna {MS folio 106a 30} genemain iss and ro gab ríge nUlad. Ba sí a thucaitside .i. boí Ness ingen Echach a mathairseom i n-oentama. Boí dano {MS folio 106a 35} Fergus mac Rossa i rrígu Ulad. Adcobrastarside in mnaí .i. Ness do mnaí dó. Nathó ol sisi condom rab a log .i. ríge mbliadna
12450] dom mac. Conid tairle nocon erbarthar mac ríg frim mac. Tabair ol cach & bid lat a rrige cia chongarthar ainm ríge. Foid tra iar {MS folio 106a 40} suidiu in ben la Fergus. & congairther ríge nUlad do Chonchobur. Ro gab tra in ben for tinchosc a meicc & a aite & a muntire .i. lomrad indala fir & a thidnacul diaraile. & a hórsi & a hargat do thidnacul do
12455] aradaib Ulad ar dáig iartaige dia mac.

{MS folio 106a 45} Tanic dí cend na ree hísin dia bliadna. Dorimgart i suidiu Fergus a giallu. Immacallaim immi or Ulaid. Ro imraidsetar i n-oendáil. Ba dímicin mór leo Fergus dia tabairt hi tindscra. Roptar buidig im do Chonchobur ara degthidnacul dóib. Ba sí
12460] {MS folio 106a 50} im a n-immacallam anro rir Fergus scarad dó friss. Anro chennaig Conchobor anad aici.

{MS folio 106b} Iss and sin tra ro scar Fergus fri ríge nUlad. & || iss and sin tra ro gaired ardrige choicid Herend do Chonchobur mac Cathbad.,


{MS folio 106b} Ba mór ind airmitiu tra doratsat Ulaid do Chonchobur. Ba
12465] si a airmitiu ám leo .i. cech fer di Ultaib doberad ingin {MS folio 106b 5} macdacht a feiss la Conchobor in chetaidchi combad hé a cétmunter. Ni rabai for talmain gein bad gaíthi.u. Nocho ruc breith ríam uair nocho léicthe do. fo bíth na rucad gubreith. napdis messaiti a thorthi. Ni rabi dano forsin talmain caur ba tressiu. & ni reilced
12470] {MS folio 106b 10} ríam i n-eislind .i. do airichill meic ind ríg. No bítís cauraid & arsidi catha & láith gaile ara bélaib hi cathaib & immaircib arnabad eslind dó. Cech fer do Ultaib dobered aidchi n-oegidechta. fess dó lia mnaíside in n-aidchisin.

{MS folio 106b 15} Cóiciur ar trib fichtib ar .ccc. ina thegluch Conchobuir .i. a llín
12475] laa bís issin bliadain iss é lín fer no bíd hi tegluch Conchobuir. Commaid im no bíd eturru. .i. fer cech n-aidchi dia mbiathad. Is and im ticed in fer toesech in biatta in n-aidchiIsin hi cind bliadna {MS folio 106b 20} doridisi. Nirbo bec im in biathad .i. mucc & ag & dabach do cach fir. No bítis fir is taig im nach faerad sain. .i. Fergus mac Roig
12480] amal adfiadar. Masu fír ba húais a méit .i. in tsechta Fergusa nibu comthi.h la nech n-aile .i. Secht traigid etera ó & a beolo. & uii. n-artim etera da súil. & .uii. n-artim na sróin. & uii. n-artim {MS folio 106b 25} inna bélaib. Lán coid méich fliuchad a chind coa folcad. Secht n-artim na luirg. Bolg méich ina thistu. Secht mna dia ergaire
12485] mani thairsed Flidais. Secht mucca & uii. ndabcha & uii. n-aige do chathim dó. & nert .dcc. and. Ba hecen dosum dí sechtmain {MS folio 106b 30} do biathad in teglaich sech cach. Conchobor im fessin no gaibed in samuin dóib fo dagin terchomraic in tslúaig móir. Ba hecen in tsochaide mór do airichill. fo bith cech fer do Ultaib na tairchebad
12490] aidchi samna dochum nEmna. no gatta ciall de & focherte a fert & {MS folio 106b 35} a lecht & a lie arnabarach. Airichill mór di for Conchobor. No noisigthe leis na tri lae ria samain. & na tri laa iar samain fri tomailt i tig Conchobuir. Ba caín dano in tegdas. Tri tigi la Conchobor .i. in Chroebrúad & in Téite Brecc. & in Chroibderg. Issin
12495] {MS folio 106b 40} Chroebdeirg. no bítis in chennal & na fuidb. Issin Chroebruaid im no bitís na rríg .i. ba rúad dono rígaib. Isin Teiti Bricc dano no bítis na gae & na scéith & na claidib .i. ba brecc do imdornchoraib {MS folio 106b 45} na claideb n-orduirn. & do chainnlig na nglasgae cona muncib & cona fithib óir & argait & do lannaib & imthimchellaib na scíath
12500] di ór & argut. & do intindrim dano na n-escra & na corn & na mbaiglend.

Is airi no bertís a n-arma uadib i n-oentech. Cech ní gargg


{MS folio 106b 50} rochluintís mani roistís dígail fair fo chetóir. Atraiged cech fer {MS folio 107a} dialailiu combid cach díb oc tuarcain a chind & a scéith || for a
12505] cheiliu sethnón in taige. co mbertis a n-arma uadib uile isin Teite mBrecc. Ind Ochoin Chonchobuir and .i. sciath Conchobuir. cethri imle óir impe. & Fuban Con Culaind. & Lamthapad Conaill Chernaig. & ind Óchnech Flidais. & ind Orderg Furbaide. & in {MS folio 107a 5} Choscrach Causcraid. & ind Echtach Amairgin. & ind Ír Chondere.
12510] & in Chaindel Nuadat. & ind Leochain Fergusa. & ind Uathach Dubthaig. & ind Lettach Errgi. & in Brattach Mind. & ind Luithech Noisen. & ind Nithach Loegaire. & in Chroda Chormaic. & in {MS folio 107a 10} Sciatharglan Senchada. & in Chomla Chatha Cheltchair. Moo turim dano anro boí do sciathaib and olchena.

Mor n-orddain dano & ániusa & alluda & aurdarcais. in teglachsa Conchobuir. Cenco beth do threnferaib & chauradaib and chetmus. acht Fergus mac Róig ba lór do chalmataid. in fer {MS folio 107a 15} atacomaing na teora Formaela Mide. i cath Gárige for Táin Bó Cualnge .i. teora builli dorat forsin talmain o doánic a ferg fri
12520] Conchobor co filet na trí cnuiccsin and béus & merait and co bráth. Cenco beth do gasciud and acht Conall Cernach mac Amargin {MS folio 107a 20} Iarngiunnaig ba lór fri immarbáig .i. ond úair gabais gaí inna láim ni rabi cen guin duini cech lai do Chonnachtaib & argain fri daigid cech n-aidchi. & nar chotail riam cen chend Connachtaig
12525] foa glún. Ni rabi i nHerind ferand boairig forsna rubad Conall Cernach guin duine. Is é ám Conall Cernach ro rand muicc Meic {MS folio 107a 25} Da Thó ar comram gascid ar belaib láth gaile fer nHerend. Fer ro diglastar Ultu for firu Herend .i. do neoch díb ro marbad & mairfither co bráth. Fer na dechaid assa noendin o gabais gai
12530] inna láim.

Cenmotha dano in gilla urdairc imma n-agat fir Herend .i. Cu {MS folio 107a 30} Chulaind mac Sualtaim meic Becaltaig meic Moraltaig meic Umendrúaid a sídib. & Dolb mac Becaltaig a brathair. & Ethne Ingubai ben Elcmaire a sídib. a siur. & Dechter ingen Chathbad a
12535] mathair Chon Culaind imscoich & imacher a gnímrad in gillai. {MS folio 107a 35} Ba dolig bith friss in tráth ba fergach. Imrethitis a dá thraigid & a n-adbrond comtís luathidir ruathur funemda. Nach finna no bíd fair ba athidir delg sciach. & no bíd banne fola for cach finna. No theiged indala súil ina chend. & araile ass fot airthema. Ni
12540] {MS folio 107a 40} athgned coemu na cairdiu. Cumma no sliged iarna chulaib & ara belaib. Sech cech fer i nHerind dó a ngaisceda tuc o Scáthaig Buanand ingein Ardgeimme i lLetha .i. cless Caitt. & cless Cuair. &


{MS folio 107a} ubullchless & faeborchless & faenchless & cless clettinech. & tetchless {MS folio 107a 45} & corpchless & ich n-erred. & cor ndeiled. & léim dar néim. & filliud
12545] erred nair. & gai bolga & bai brassi. & rothchless & ótar. & cless for analaib. & bruud gine & sían curad. & beim co commus & tathbéim & réim fri fogaist co ndirgud chrette fora rind co fornaidm niad.

{MS folio 107b} Moo turim im teglaig Conchobuir. & turim a thigi. || .i. tri choicait {MS folio 107b 51} imdád is tig. & teora lanamna in cach imdai. Stiall archopur do
12550] derggibur a teg & na imdada. Imdai Conchobuir for lár in taige. Airinig creduma impe. co mbarridaib argit. & eoin óir forsna {MS folio 107b 5} hairenchaib. & gemma do liic lógmair it e súli no bítis ina cennaib. Slatt argait uas Chonchobur & teora ubla óir furri. fri tinchosc in tslúaig. & in tan no chroithed no thurcbad son a gotha fessin. no
12555] thoad in sluag & ce dofaidsad snathat for lar in taige rocluinfide {MS folio 107b 10} lasin tuí i mbítis ar airmitinsom. Tricha láth ngaile i n-imdai Chonchobuir fri ól. Ol nguala .i. dabach Geirg for lár in tige bithlán. Is í thucad a Glind Gergg diar ort Gerg la Conchobor. Fer frithalma more is taig .i. Bricriu mac Carbada .ix. meic Carbada
12560] {MS folio 107b 15} Uill is taig. .i. Glaine & Gormainech. Mane Minscoth. & Ailill Duress. & Ret & Bricriu. Fer nemnech drochthengthach in Bricriu. Ba lór do neim dó dia ngabad forsin rúin no bid fora menmain no ássad bolgg corcra assa etun & ba metithir ferdorn. Co n-apradsom {MS folio 107b 20} fri Conchobor mebais din boilgg innocht a Chonchobuir. Mór tra
12565] do daínib ingantaib ro batar i taig Conchobuir fon innasain ...


Aided Guill meic Carbada & Aided Gairb Glinne Rigi

{MS folio 107b} GEssa & ilberta bítis for Coin Culaind for clothmaccaem {MS folio 107b 25} Croebruade. for mac sethar Conchobuir for lígbratanach Line for buageltach mBreg. Batar íat a geisi. A slonniud do óenlaech. traig fordail di chonair ria comlund oenfir. Comlund
12570] do opa do oenfir. Techt i ndáil cen airiasacht. techt ra oenlaech {MS folio 107b 30} dochum dala. Feiss eter mná cen firu ocaib. geiss dó commaid la mnai. geiss dó grian d'ergi fair i nEmain Macha acht combad é atressed rempe.

Fecht n-oen atraacht i nEmain i tus laí ria ngin. Atbert fria
12575] araid carpait. Maith a mo phopa Laeg ar Cu Chulaind. fetar {MS folio 107b 35} na fil it menmain ar Laeg. Cid son ar Cu Chulaind. na eich do gabail & in carpat do innell. ed em ar Cu Chulaind. ar iss ed ar Laeg ni toil dot gasciud iss indilti in carpat. is gabtha ind echrad. Tair dí dit charpat. Atraaacht Cu Chulaind. Cid leth
12580] na mochaergi ar Conchobor. Cian uad a mo phopa chaem Conchobuir ona lud do chur chuardda im Murthemniu. & is digraiss {MS folio 107b 40} lend techt indiu. Nadba cian ind aurnaide duit a meic ar Conchobor. ar is mitharba lend cach main & cach maith it ingnais.

Luid Cu Chulaind dia charput iar tain. Tarblaing na charput
12585] chobsaid chomerma. Saigis Láeg brot forin n-echraid. Snedis {MS folio 107b 45} slaitt i cend seta & imthechta. Rancatar rempu co Athis Murthemni. Maith a Laeg ar Cu Chulaind is oebind in dindgnasa. Deithbir son ar Laeg. daig is gle muir o sund. & ro raid na briathra. & dorone laid

    1. Oebind sund amne.
      i fich Maige Murthemne
      eter tír & Muir Mend.
      tarpig torthig trebardrend

    2. p.406

    3. {MS folio 107b 50} Mani anam sund amne.
      i foir Maige Murthemne. ||
      {MS folio 108a} is diar ngessib cen ail
      techt cen chomlund co hEmain.
    4. Ni faccasa tiactain duit.
      a hEmain erctha carpait.
      do dula for cula di.
      cen chomram doridisi.
    5. Arai anmait sunda tra.
      a Laeg a meic Riangabra;
      {MS folio 108a 5} co mbermais lind líth co ngail.
      comram croda co hEmain.
    6. Ni fubai dam a laech laind.
      olda duitsiu a Chulaind;
      ni fuil mo thoisc armotha.
      acht airm nodot faccursa.
    7. Is airesin fáth co ngail.
      sinsit m' eich for Cruachanmaig;
      doriacht .l. cend lem de.
      Emain im chenn iarnaide.
    8. {MS folio 108a 10} Is iarom sain fath cen gaí.
      ba maith in comlund oenlaí;
      tucais cen mebail cét ngus
      co hEmain mor d'oebinnius. Oe.

Maith a Laeg fodail in n-echraid & discuir in carpat ar bith contulind mo laem cotulta. Uair is dom gessib techt co hEmain
12620] {MS folio 108a 15} cen chomlund. Scuris Laeg in carpat & tascrais ind echraid. Ocus dérgis fortgemne in carpait foa. & dobert fuan corcra cortharach taris & cendadart clúmdaide fo chind. & Cu Chulaind a laem cotulta. Bai Laeg ic foraire & ic forcomét do.

Níba cían dó ic forcomet mara & tíri co n-acca in curach n-adbal
12625] {MS folio 108a 20} no bruinned dochum tíre. Metithir óen na primsliab in chorr thuisech din churuchsin. & ba haidbliu leis. in chorr aile. Adbliu leis co mmór oldás gesca ralach rodírge os fult fidbaide in laech-


{MS folio 108a} seiss for braine in churaig. Da rámma do iurn aithlegtha i ndib {MS folio 108a 25} lamaib dó ic tescad in mara immi sain chan. No rannad bledmila
12630] in mara immi do bressaib na ruadrama súas i n-ardda clethi. co tuittitis i frithdruing na conaire cetna a dochum co mbítis ar medon in churaig. Co tibedsom a mangfáitbiud gaire for aird impu. co ndigsed tresess cona nirt nonbair dar ginchráes dó. Comtar écnaig {MS folio 108a 30} a thruim & a glainene for ettegail dar commur a chraes & a bráget.
12635] Samla beolo fidchuaich indara súil dó fria chind dianechtair. acht mod ma 'dresed corr in tsúil anaill do ind a grúade. Samalta comchubrech daim amríata cech finna sescnidi imluathi acarb sinis {MS folio 108a 35} tria fortrennaib a chrúadchind fri fonascad ngaíthe. Baí dano Láeg coa thuarascbail & tairderc for aird. & dorone in laed.

    1. Atchiu churach dar Muir Mend.
      ascnas i n-iathaib Herend;
      adbal lim airdde ind ethair.
      darin fairgge forlethain.
    2. Oenláech fil na sudi and.
      mó do ócaib Gaedel is Gall;
      {MS folio 108a 40} fothesc in fairgge 'male.
      uad súas co niulu nime.
    3. Oensúil ina chiund céim ngle.
      meit fri coire colpthaige;
      in tsúil aile aidble glond.
      ni ró corr asa chlocond.
    4. Sciath aca ar lár a ethair
      cona thugi dublethair;
      fo tailfed dag ni gó dam.
      cethri drond dechenbar.
    5. {MS folio 108a 45} Claideb mór dia leith deis.
      tricha traiged no tomaiss;
      mairg dia tibre a buille.
      tráth doficfa a laechluinde.

    6. p.408

    7. {MS folio 108a} Eirgem suas facbam in mag.
      a Chu Chulaind na comram;
      nacharthair in laech lond.
      dáig nad cossid a chomlond.
    8. Atbiur fom scíath scenbda tra.
      A Laeg a meic Riangabra;
      {MS folio 108a 50} nach fuiciub in mag met glond.
      co fesser in me a chomlond. ||
    9. {MS folio 108b} Dia mbetis Ulaid malle.
      immut a meic Dechtire;
      dosberad fo thaidbsin troch.
      in laech atchiu sin churoch. A.

Maith a Loeg insaig in laech n-ucut na n-iarfaig moa chrích {MS folio 108b 5} & moa genelach & a ainm & a atharthír & cia dú consaige. Luid dano a dochum & tarrasair forin phurt cind chomair dó. Can
12675] lod a mórlaech ar Laeg. ni labair dano fri sin co Láeg. Can lod a laech móir fil isin churuch ar Laeg. Niro labair beus. Atbert {MS folio 108b 10} Laeg in tress fecht. Can lod a laech móir. cia th'ainm & t'atharthir. c'airet imrecaim do set. Dogénsa mo slonnniud duit ar atchiu is delb arad fort. & menbad sin nithó. Dena dí ar Láeg
12680] ar iss ed connagam fort. Goll mac Carbad mac ríg na Germane {MS folio 108b 15} tuascertaige don domun. Triur brathar ataam .i. Goll & Cromm & Rig. Ocus focherdsam crandchur immna teoraib insib .i. im inis Bretan. im inis Danmarg. im Herind. Mo chrandsa dano taet ass ar tús. dosbert for Herind. Atbiursa mo dee ar Láeg is
12685] {MS folio 108b 20} cétcrand co torud chraind dedenaig. Maith a gillai ar Goll cia coa mbí. Cosind laech ucut arin tulaig i mmedón in maigi ar do chi. Cia conseiss in tulaig n-ucut ar Goll. Cu Chulaind mac Sualtaim sund do feraib Herend ar Laeg. Atchualammar in láech mbecsin ar Goll. ráid friss arcocoragba mo chor & mo thuarastas
12690] {MS folio 108b 25} & arco fargbur errige Herend frí. laim fessin leiss. Meni thoga anísin .i. bith formu chur & mo thur collad a Herind sechtair. Dolluid Laeg a dochum Con Culaind. Ocus iarfaigid Cu Chulaind dó. cúich in suut. Goll mac Carbada. & ro innis uile aní remi


{MS folio 108b} connici collad a Herind sechtair. Maith a Laeg na n-insaig doridisi
12695] {MS folio 108b 30} & ráid friss na gaibed i n-airiur do airireraib Herend din chursa. & nad gaibed cocrích nUlad a n-ed beorsa i nHerind. Dothaet i frithdruing na sliged cetna. & adfét a aithesc. Maith aile a Guill {MS folio 108b 35} atbert in laech ucut isin tulaig fritt. na taisc do churach co calad do chaladaib Herend in n-ed bessum i mbethaid. & na taise dochum
12700] nUlad in tsainruth.

La sodain dobert Goll band feramail fora churach co 'mmarossed dar noí sessaib i tír tírim. Tanic Laeg i rroí madma do innaigid {MS folio 108b 40} Con Culaind. Dothaet Cu Chulaind do saigid Guill. foróbair cach díb ic folmaisi gona araile. Luathium luis Goll a láma.
12705] Gabais [...] Coin Culaind dara armu no n-imnais eter a láim & a thoeb ar ammus a churaig. Maith a siriti a siabairthe a {MS folio 108b 45} hebarchaim. luid torut mar tháet bó dar láeg. Vot chur mar churait idain mna. Rot naisc mar nasces idu feda. Rot tregdastar mar thregdas fadb omnaid. Ro tuairgestar mar thuargther íasc
12710] {MS folio 108b 50} for ganmig. Rot snigestar niar negar a lundu. Is litiud meic bic {MS folio 109a} dia scamun dorone in laechsin dít. || Ni fuil do dluig do gasced l^ dot tarim eter dagóco Herend dind lóso. Colla dom inchaib ní mó na mo chumlond féin in fersin.

Bidgais Cu Chulaind co 'mmarossed dar noí n-immarib on Gull
12715] {MS folio 109a 5} sechtair. Ni roacht o Gull tascud l^ tincur dind fót forsa mbaí. co lingis Cu Chulaind mar cach n-ethait a haeraib co seiss for bil scéith in Guill. Dobert Goll fochrothad dá uilind fon scíath co roacht band fata úad. Indara fecht lingis Cu Chulaind for bil {MS folio 109a 10} in scéith chetna. & nochtais in Cruadín Catutchend .i. a chlaideb.
12720] Cumma no gabad chloich & crand & cnáim. Dobert béim do Gull co tall in cend i comarda a muniuil de. & dobert athbéim ina médi conid i n-oenfecht condráncatar a da gabait chliss dochum talman. {MS folio 109a 15} & dobert in tress co ndergenai da n-ordain de. & no facband amlaid- sin. & atbert na briathra & ro ráid in laed.

    1. Cend Guill seo atchí im láim a Laech.
      a meic Riangabra rogaeth;
      dotháet sunda budni drend.
      do chosnam insi Herend.

    2. p.410

    3. {MS folio 109a} Asrubairt rimsa rad ngle.
      Goll mac rig na Germane;
      naco mbeind aice cen ail.
      nach beind i nHerind adbail.
    4. {MS folio 109a 20} Atrubartsa frisin láech.
      frisin fer fichda forbaeth;
      ciano trebaind sund nach than
      na gebaind a thuarastal.
    5. Ro chomraicsem imme sain.
      messe & Goll mór din maig;
      dorochair Goll arin traig.
      conid é a chend so atchi im láim. .C.

{MS folio 109a 25} Maith a Laeg ar Cu Chulaind aig brot forin n-echraid & sneid slaitt forru. Cia dú són ar Laeg. Co Emain móir Macha ar Cu Chulaind. Dia nernta form ni ragmais o Dún Delga & ó ingin Forgaill. Cid duit a Láeg na forcuala a n-atbert mo phopa
12745] Conchobor i tús laí indiu. Bec do grád la Conchobor ar Láeg. {MS folio 109a 30} acht co mbethi ri gleicc & ri gliaid dar cend a chuicid. Fó leiss ciano thiasta ass. fó leiss cenco tiasta. Mad fír duit anísin ar Cu Chulaind bamsa deorad dar crích nUlad fri bliadain & ni fuigbet Ulaid mo greim. Mád gó im bát innarbthach féin uamse & nibat
12750] {MS folio 109a 35} munter dam ár ní miad lim mo ara do marbad.

Imthúsa Con Culaind ni sed iss innisti sunna colléic acht imthúsa Con aill meic Gleo Glaiss a Cualnge. Briuga cetach atacomnaic. Tarmchemnigid remi .lll. carpdech co hEmain Macha i tús laí. {MS folio 109a 40} Aill bruitt budi. aill bruitt deirg. aill bruitt úane. aill bruitt gorma.
12755] aill bruitt chorcra. aill bruitt duba. And seiss Conchobor for rubu na rígrátha fri hEmuin immuich. co mmathib Ulad imme. for forodmaig na hEmna.

{MS folio 109a 45} Mo chen mo chen a Chonaill meic Gleo Glaiss ar Conchobor. Is ed conairnecmar ar Conall. Atetha samlaid ar Conchobor.
12760] Nithó ar Conall. acht fled mórchain tarclamad limsa duitsiu. A {MS folio 109b} tochathium || damsa ar Conchobor. Cia lín ludfamar ar Conchobor. Ulaid fir sceo mnaib maccaib ingenaib feib amal connís ar Conall. ar dia mbetís eter biu & marbu Ulaid i n-oenbali atethaidís leór a llessaigthi fri bliadain láin limsa ic Dún Cholptha i Cualngiu.


{MS folio 109b 5} Gabtar far n-eich a Ultu & indliter far carpait ar Conchobor. Ro gabait echrad Ulad & ro indlit a carpait. Táncatar mathi Ulad .i. damrad dermór cóicid Herend meic ríg & ruirech & amus & ócthigern. & gillarad chass crodund in choicid. & macra.da & {MS folio 109b 10} bantrochta cáemchendchassa chuicid Ulad. aindre & ingenrada &
12770] maccaeme. glámma & clíara. fiallach ciúil & airfitid. fir denma drecht & nath & admolta Ulad. Comeirgset i nn-oenfecht a hEmain samlaid. Senchaide & brithemain & echlacha & obláire & forbfir & ónmiti & grácberthaig.

{MS folio 109b 15} Tancatar Ulaid uile i n-oenchonair im Chonchobor. And atbert
12775] Conall roga ar díb conairib lim duit a rí chuicid Herend. Cia da chonair ón ar Conchobor. Conar réid fota. l^ conar garit amréid. In chonar garit amreid ar Conchobor. luid dar formna laí acht {MS folio 109b 20} súail. Ni fail do amréid inti ar Conall acht Garb Glinni Rige. Ni nGlend Rige tiagait na slúaig ar Conchobor acht i Slíab Fúait
12780] cach remdirgi. Ni fácbam mo chonair la Garb Rige tria bithu ar Conchobor. Niro rathaig in Garb na sluaig do dul secha co cuala culgaire na carpat fo deoid. Luid Garb fo deired na slúag {MS folio 109b 25} conascar .l. láech díb assa carptib. Fosrimmart i ngonaib & i crobuillib báis do methescul derid in tslóig.

Dolluid Conchobor co tech Conaill meic Gleo Glaiss co Dún Colptha i Cualngiu. Ro frithalit na slúaig & na sochaide ar dánaib {MS folio 109b 30} ar grádaib ar dligedaib. ar úasli ar chaínbésaib do neoch badas tadas fínaib firmathi. Ro esráit tigi ardda urgbaidi do aín & do úrlúachair & do cholcthib clúmdaide. & cach neich bad comtig do
12790] mathib Ulad dia frithálim fri i mbrudin bronnfarsing bélscailti {MS folio 109b 35} Conaill meic Gleo Glaiss in n-aidchisin. Maith a rí chúcid Herend a Chonchobuir inro dál nech dit muntir itíaid innocht. Niro dál ar Conchobor do neoch ro fácbus i nEmain. Cid són ar Conchobor. Coro oslaicther din choinse imdeglas in lethtrichait
12795] chet .i. do Chonbél. Is é nar n-airend ar chuirib ar chobdenaib echtrannaib. Iar sin ro oslaiced do Chonbél.

{MS folio 109b 40} Tucait airigthe bíd & lenna dona sluagaib iar sin. & dorónait gretha glanfothraicthe dóib assa aithle. Fliuchcaemna folcthi & fothraicthe. Ro figdírged a canuch cetamuin do cach laech fo
12800] leith. Dobert cúachsnaidm curad ar cach laech fo leith. Tucait {MS folio 109b 45} na dáer & na dorsaire do faire na cathrach iar tam. Ro tasselbad a llind & a mbiad do Ultaib i n-áitt oenbale. Ro dáiled mid mesc {MS folio 110a} medarchaín forsna sluagaib || a cuachaib a cornaib a coplestraib.


{MS folio 110a} Imthús na slúag iss ed iss innisti sund colléic. acht tarrasatar
12805] ac ól & ic oebinnius. Imthusa Chon Culaind im maith a Laeg cuir m cend sin carpat & aig brot forin n-echraid & do dait co hEmain. {MS folio 110a 5} Lotar rempu. Ba samla fri crích in da chlod doringensat roith iarnaide carpait Con Culaind in lásin do thaebaib na sliged. Ba samalta ri helta dubén ic snigi dar mag moradbal. ina curtis na
12810] eich do cheppaib & do chorrfótaib & di fuatnib talman asa n-aigthib {MS folio 110a 10} síar sechtair fri fonascad ngaithe. Ba samalta fri eill ngéisi ic snige dar mag móradbal ana curtis rempu d'uanfadaig dar glomraigib a srían. Ba s amla ri diaid do rigbruidin in dendgur & ind análfadach & in smútgur. ar tressa na hérma dobert Laeg mac
12815] Riangabra ar da n-echaib Con Culaind in lásin.

{MS folio 110a 15} Dofarnaic reme co faidchi na Emna fon samlaidsin. Maith a Laeg ar Cu Chulaind indar lim is fás ind Emainse thall innocht. Cid dia fil lat sin ar Laeg. Ar ní chlunim gáir l^ gretha inti ar Cu Chulaind. Ni chlunim gáir echlach l^ boccmell sluaig l^ tarcon
12820] {MS folio 110a 20} turusa inti. Ni chlunim gáir chiuil l^ airfiti inti. Fosta latt éssi fostada th' echraidi co ndigsa dia fis cia teidm tethra dothait forsna sluagu. Fostaid Laeg ind echrad. & luid Cu Chulaind i nEmain. Is é cétlaech dorala dó i nEmain Súanan Salcend rannaire Conchobuir. Ar ní facbad a rannaire féin Emain do gs.
12825] {MS folio 110a 25} Maith a Súanain cid lotar na sluaig. Co tech Conaill meic Gleo Glaiss i Cualngiu ar Suanan. Inrom imraidse Conchobor ritsu ar Cu Chulaind. Ni chualammar ar Suanan. Is fír a n-adbert Láeg. nad fil mo gradsa la Conchobor. Atbiur mo brethir na bia Emain feib amal conairnecus. nodas ber i corthair tened. Ni bia
12830] {MS folio 110a 30} éludach esti. l^ óen di éis oirgni. Dá ní no thairmescad Choin Culaind do gs .i. cichi & aurbrunne ban do thasbenad dó. l^ raind espai & airchetail cachnaitis fiadu. Ro gab ecla inti Súanan & cachain rand.

    1. Mo chen a Chu Chulaind chruaid
      a hú Chathbad chlaidebruaid;
      failti duit sund armothá
      cach óenaidchi & cach oenlá.
    2. Mo chen fort fein fichtib tor.
      is mo chen ar Conchobor;
      mo chen ar Dechtir mét rath.
      is mo chen ar Sualtach.

    3. p.413

    4. {MS folio 110a} Na bí ic imthecht na hoidche.
      fúairi flichi firdoirche;
      a Chu Chulaind cetaib reb
      airis i fus is mo chen. M.

{MS folio 110a 40} Níra chomaill Cu Chulaind trá anro thingell .i. Emain do loscud acht tánic ar cúl immach. Maith a Laeg aig brot forin n-echraid dó rún co tech Conaill meic Gleo Glaiss i Cualngiu dáig iss ed lotar na sluaig & Conchobor. Dia ndernta form ar in gilla ni ragmais
12850] {MS folio 110a 45} a hEmain innocht. dered dind ló. Cromm barr cráeb. ísel cithar fidbad. ro laig fíad i fórib. salaig cretta carpat. lesc ri fomóir cumscugud. ni tráth imlúate echraide. Níram irgaire ar Cu {MS folio 110b} Chulaind. Nitho ar in gilla. Roga ar da conair || lim duit conar fota réid l^ conar fota amréid. In garit amréid ar Cu Chulaind.
12855] Ni fil d'amreid inti ar Laeg acht Garb Glinni Rige. Ní fácbaini mo chonair la óenláech ar Cu Chulaind.

Luid Cu Chulaind reme i cend séta. Co cuala in feólbéim issin {MS folio 110b 5} glind ba nessam dó .i. i nGlind Rige anro thascair reme in Garb do sluagaib Ulad. Luid Cu Chulaind fon feolbéim. Co n-ecmamg
12860] comlund dó & Garb Glinne Rige. Ro gab cách díb guin & airlech araile dona slegaib slemunchruadib. Facsit la Coin Culaind dond {MS folio 110b 10} imbualad l^ dond imrubad. Lecis a sleig úad & gabais a láim & dobert crothad cotud furri condas tuc á gualaind cona slinnén. Léicis Garb Glinne Rige a iachtad écomlaind ar aird. I fail nech
12865] beo sund ar Láeg. Am beósa ar Cu Chulaind & domroched mo {MS folio 110b 15} chlaideb. Dobert Laeg dó in claideb. Nochtais Cu Chulaind in Cruadin Catutchend co tuc béim don Garb co topacht in dá cend bátar fora óenméidiu de & dobert athbeim dó ina médi conid i n-oenfecht ráncatar a da gabait chliss for talmain & tuc in tress
12870] {MS folio 110b 20} buille dó co nderna dá n-orddain de. Maith ar Láeg cinnas comlaind. In n-ed bam beó ticfa frim ar Cu Chulaind & dorigne in laed.

    1. Garb Glinni
      olc a fúath is a inni .&
      sochaidi dorochair leiss
      nirbo thabarta d'eisleis.

    2. p.414

    3. {MS folio 110b} Dorat .l. crecht form chness
      dom leith chle & dom leith dess;
      ni fail díb ar talmain tend.
      crecht arna fagbaim fairrend.
    4. {MS folio 110b 25} Ro chomraicsium rad cen fell.
      iar techta dún isin glend;
      ticfa frim céin bam béo.
      nirbo chennais ar cruadgleo.
    5. Atrubart rutt cen fell.
      ria techta duit issin glend;
      is eol dam na mbiad duit de
      dot trut & Garb Glinne. G.

Cuir in da chend a Laeg issin carpat & saig brot forin n-echraid
12890] {MS folio 110b 30} & dó romaind co tech Conaill meic Gleo Glaiss i Cualngiu. bid fír for Laeg. Tancatar rempu i sligedaig saethair co torachtatar in n-abaind i fail tige Conaill. frisi nn-abar Aband Cholpthai i Cualngiu. Mór ind aband ar Cu Chulaind. Domroched fertas mo {MS folio 110b 35} charpait coro fromur in n-áth riasinn echraid. Atchuala Conbél
12895] cú Conaill fúaim ind usci fri formnaib in míled. Oslaicis a ginchráes & atnaig a gloim n-archon for aird. co ndigsed treess dar ginchraes dó. Dobert Cu Chulaind in fertais na gin & a laim & gabais {MS folio 110b 40} a thrommu & no n-imnaisc mo chend feib imnaiscther lathranna staible co nderna briscbrúar dia chnámaib na chroccund & dobert
12900] urchur uad de ó abaind Cholpthai i Cualngiu co Belut. conid de atá Belut forsin chloich fora torchair Conbél cú Conaill meic Gleo Glaiss.

{MS folio 110b 45} Dothaet reme co dorus na cathrach. Apair oslucud remut a Laeg & na raid missi and. acht apair gnáthmaccáem do maccáemaib
12905] na hEmna ||

{MS folio 111a} Dothaet Láeg co dorus na cathrach. Oslaicid a dorsaire. Cia condnaig in n-urslucud. maccaem do maccaemnaib na hEmna sund ar Laeg. Ni uasalgen i nEmain intí ná tanic in fleidsea {MS folio 111a 5} cosin trathsa. & naro cumniged im biad l^ im lind. d'oslucud remi
12910] dia tísed sund. Na radid a mogadu. borb & anseirc in mac fil sund. Atberum ar mbrethir ar na dorsairi in maccaem dia tucsat


{MS folio 111a} Ulaid i n-áitt oenbaile brón & tár & tarcusul na ticfa co solustráth {MS folio 111a 10} éirge imbárach isin cathraig co tuca cách aichni for araile. Rochuala Cu Chulaind in guthsain. Ocus gallán clochi boí forsin
12915] faichthi. A thrian i talmain & a da trían uasa. dofúargaib fria ais & tarlaic a urchur dar fiartharsna ind imdorais coro briss in {MS folio 111a 15} dunad & coro marb .lll. mogad batar ic frithalim na sluag na ranic fer maíti airgni úad innund. Ro nocht a chlaideb & dothaet is tech darna sluagaib & a chlaideb frithnocht leis. Cona rathaig fer
12920] dotheing dúaig diarbo chomainm Bricriu mac Carbad Uill di Ultaib. & doroni in rand.

    1. {MS folio 111a 20}Cu Chulaind sund srethaib gal
      a ócu áille Ulad;
      claideb nocht na deiss dendgil.
      ní tráth comóil comérgid.
    2. Arm nocht cip é dombera.
      cucum im thech trenmeda;
      ní n-ainset ríg mod n-amra.
      ná meic ríg ná rigdamna.
    3. In láech i fail in t-arm láim.
      atberim tria immarbáig;
      {MS folio 111a 25} ma cach mairer sund co se.
      fort ní chunnig commairge.
    4. {MS folio 111a 5} Dobérsa degbuilli duit.
      a Bricriu báeth briatharguirt;
      raticfa ra mod n-ellaim.
      meni chosce do drochthengaid.
    5. Attúsa ar commairge chrúaid.
      Con na Cerdda asin Chraebruaid;
      ceno radiur rad cen brath.
      nocon águr mo marbad.
    6. {MS folio 111a 30} Is eol dam na mbia duít de.
      a Bricriu ataí for buadre;
      mairfidir sib malle.
      tussu & do chommairge.

    7. p.416

    8. {MS folio 111a} Mairg ro raid a brethir móir.
      meni chomalla a chétóir;
      mad dia ndig for culu de.
      atberthar bid genaige.
    9. Éirgid a Ultu ána
      & comaillid for mbága;
      {MS folio 111a 35} tócbaid for clú erctha raind.
      & marbaid Con Culaind. C.

Cia airm i tát francainais mo thige ar Conchobor. Senoll Uathad.
12955] Bruchur a Bruachairne. Sescnén mac Forduib Mani Lámgarb. Cia airm i tát mo meicse ar Fergus. Buinne Find. & Illand {MS folio 111a 40} Ilair cland. Cia airm i tát meic Uisnig. Noísi & Ánle & Arddán. Maith ar Conall cia airm i tát mo brathirse. comérgid & congnaid fri Coin Culaind.

Atragat na sluaig. Ro baí fe 'nund & fe anall in dúsin. essgal & tessgal. rocloss fúargfothrom na sluag i céin. Atraacht Sencha {MS folio 111a 45} iar tain & ro chroth in cráeb sída ósna sluagaib combtar sídaig amal betis meic oenathar & óenmathar. Ra coraigit a scéith fora ndelgnaib. a claidbe fora n-adartaib. & a slega fora n-adlennaib.
12965] {MS folio 111b} Tánic cách na inad óil. || Dobreth Cu Chulaind a chlaideb na fintech. Ro gab flesc findairgit & dobreth béim di i mmulluch Conchobuir o bun irlai co clais a chuil. Díambad áil dam ar se is é in claideb dobéraind & ni fail do slogaib ocut lín t'anacail {MS folio 111b 5} menbádat aite & brathair máthar.

Tánic Conall Cernach & Fergus. dobrethsat póca do Choin Culaind & ra fucsat leo dind fochlai fennida. Tancas ó Chonchobur na díaid co n-airdig meda i llestur argait óengil dó co mbethaid & slánti ónd ríg. Tanic Laeg immach fiadna sluagaib & fuachais dí {MS folio 111b 10} chúalle. & dobreth cend Guill for indara cualle. & da cend Gairb
12975] Glinni Rigi arin cuailli aile. Maith a Laeg ar Conchobor cia cend in cend attnech acarb mór út. Cend Guill meic Carbada ar Láeg meic ríg na Germane tuascertaige in domain. conarnaic dó fri Coin Culaind ar Áth Mór i mMaig Murthemni. Niba Áth Mór a {MS folio 111b 15} ainm ondiu co bráth ar Athirne acht Áth nGuill. Conid de atá
12980] Áth nGuill fri Dún Delga anís. Cit n-é dá chend in da chend út forind oenmuníul ar Conchobor. Da cend Gairb Glinne Rige ar


{MS folio 111b} Láeg. Atlochur dom chumachtaib ar Conchobor. Ro thascair .l. do deriud na sluag ic tiachtain secha.

{MS folio 111b 20} Mo chen do thichtu a Chu Chulaind ar Conall mac Gleo Glaiss.
12985] Ro gelcais do láma isin chathraig i tanacais innocht. Cia holc daróne ar Conchobor. Trí choicait mogad bátar ic frithalim na sluag rodos marb d'óenurchur don gallán chloche ambúaruch. Nach baí cú maith latsu ar Laeg. Ní raba i nHerind acht cú na {MS folio 111b 25} cerdda coin bad ferr oldás ar Conall Cernach. Fuil culén dó
12990] limsa níba ferr a athair oldás. doberthar duitsiu do inchaib Con Culaind. Doberthar .lll. mogad uaimsi ar Conchobor dar cend aigthe Con Culaind.

Fessatar co cend trí cóicthiges and i tig Conaill meic Gleo Glaiss. Ba hé sescend a n-oigidechta a cetadaig & niba hí ind adaig
12995] dedenach.

{MS folio 111b 30} Tancatar na sluaig co hEmain asa aithle. And atbert Cu Chulaind fri Laeg. Aig brot fora n-echraid & sneid slaitt forru. & do duit co tech Eogain meic Durthacht co fosud fer Fernmaige. co fargbam in coiced fri bliadain conna faccara nech di choiciud
13000] Ulad ar n-agid fri bliadain airm innar n-imdergad. Maith a meic {MS folio 111b 35} ar Conchobor niba fír anísin. Atetha breth do bél féin duit. Ni géb mo breth féin ar Cu Chulaind acht breth bertait brithemain & filid in chuicid. Tucait aes dána Ulad ar leth. & is sí breth rucsat screpul cacha sróna. unga cacha cathri. ech aigenmais cacha grega.
13005] {MS folio 111b 40} Screpul cacha bóbotha. mucc mucríme cach treóit. Cumal cacha cathrach. Ro maith Cu Chulaind a dá trían sain dá aiti & dá thigernu & do brathair a mathar. Dorat a trían n-aill dar cend a einich do filedaib in chuicid. Combad marthanach in echtrasin dó mar cach n-echtra dochuaid riam. Ocus in mochergisin mar
13010] cach mochergi.

{MS folio 111b 45} Conid hísin Aided Guill meic Carbada & Aided Gairb Glinne Rige.,


Incipit Scel Mucci Meic Da Thó.

BOí rí amra for Laignib .i. Mac Da ,Thó a ainm. Bui cú oca.
13015] {MS folio 112a} No ditned in cu Lagniu uile. Ailbe ainm in chon. || & lán Heriu dia aurdarcus. Tancas o Ailill & o Meidb do chungid in chon. I n-oenuair dano tancatar & techta Conchobuir meic Nessa do chungid in chon chetna. Ro ferad failte friu uile. & {MS folio 112a 5} ructha chucisium isin mbruidin. Is ísein in tsessed bruiden ro
13020] boí i nHerind in tansin .i. bruden Da Derga i crích Cualand. & bruden Forgaill Manaich. & bruden Meic Da Reo i mBrefni. & bruden Da Choca i n-iarthur Mide. & bruden Blai Briuga i nUltaib. Secht ndoruis isin bruidin. & uii. sligeda tréthi. & .uii. tellaige inti. & .uii. core. & dam & tinne in cach coire. In fer dotheiged
13025] {MS folio 112a 10} iarsin tsligi dobered in n-ael isin coire. & na tabrad don chetgabail iss ed no ithed. Mani thucad ní don chéttadall ni bered a n-aill. Ructha trá na techta na imdai chucisium do airiuc thuile doib riasin feiss. Ro raidset a n-athes Do chungid in chon {MS folio 112a 15} dodechammarni ó Ailill & ó Meidb ar tecta Connacht. & dobertar
13030] tri fichit cét lilgach a chetóir. & carpat & da ech bas ferr la Connachta. & a chommaín i cind bliadna cenmotha sin. Dia chungid dano dodechammarni ar tecta Ulad o Chonchobur. & ni messo Conchobor do charait. & dano do thabairt sét & indile. & doberthar a chomméit {MS folio 112a 20} cétna i cind bliadna. & biaid degcaratrad de.

Ro lá dí i socht mór intí Mac Da Thó. Co rrabi tri thráth cen dig cen biad. cen chotlod. acht co immorchor ón taib co araile. Is and ro ráid a ben riss. Is fota in troscud i taí. atá biad lat cenco n-essara. cid no taí. Ni tharat frecra forin mnaí. conid and ro ráid in ben.

    1. {MS folio 112a 25}Tucad turbaid chotulta
      do Mac Da Thó co thech;
      ros boí ni no chomairled
      cenco labradar fri nech.

    2. p.419

    3. {MS folio 112a} In ben Asoí dosoí uaim fri fraig
      in ferg fene co londgail;
      a ben trebar dosbeir mod
      bith dia ceiliu cen chotlud.
    4. .In fer. Asbert Crimthand Niad Nair.
      ni thardda do rún do mnaib;
      run mna ní maith concelar
      {MS folio 112a 30} maith ar mug ni athenar.
    5. .In ben. Cid fri mnai atberthasu
      mani thesbad ní aire;
      ní ná téit do menmasu
      teiti menma neich aile.
    6. .In fer. Cú Mes Roida meic Da Thó
      ba holc lathe etha dó;
      dofaeth mór fer find fria rath
      bid lia turim a chath.
    7. {MS folio 112a 35} Manip do Chonchobur bérthair
      is derb bid mogda in gním;
      nocon faicebat a sluaig
      bas mó do buaib na do thír.
    8. Mad do Ailill era
      leis Falmag darsin túaith;
      dodonbéra mac Matach
      atanebla i luim lúaith.
    9. .In .ben. Tathut airle limsa ris
      ní holc fri íarmairt n-inni;
      {MS folio 112a 40} tabair doibsium dib línaib.
      cumma cia thoetsat immi.
    10. .In fer. In chomairli doberisiu
      is í ním déni cutal;
      Ailbe doroid Dia
      nicon fes cia o tucad. T.


{MS folio 112a} Iar sin atraacht suas & no mbertaigedar. Bad maith dún tra ol se & dona haigedaib dodnancatar. Anaitside leis trí laa & trí {MS folio 112a 45} aidche. & hairmtgr chuci fo leith techta Connacht. Ro bása tra ar se i n-imsnim mor & cuntabairt móir coro glé dam .i. doratusa
13080] in coin do Ailill & do Meidb. & tecat ar cend in chon co sochraid & ros bia lind & biad. & bertait in coin. & is fo chen dóib. Buidig {MS folio 112b} techta || Connacht dond athesc. Luid iar sin co techtaib Ulad. Doratusa trá ar se asmo chuntabairt in coin do Chonchobur. & bid uallach tiastar ara chend .i. formna mathe Ulad. Bertait
13085] ascada & ros bia failte. Budig techta Ulad.

{MS folio 112b 5} I n-oenló im ro dalaitseom eter anair & aniar. Niro follaiged leosom dano táncatar da coiced Herend i n-oenló co mbátar i ndorus bruidni Meic Da Thó. Ticseom féin immach & dogní failte friu. Nirobar fachlisem a ócu. ar apaide is mo chen duib. Tait
13090] {MS folio 112b 10} issin les. Lotar iarum uili isin mbruidin. Leth in tigi dano la Connachta & in leth aile la Ulto. Nirbo bec dano in tech. secht ndoruiss ind. & l. imdad eter cech da dorus. Niptar aigthe carat im fleid im bátar isin taig. Sochaide díb ro fuachtnaig fri araile. {MS folio 112b 15} Tri chét bliadan ria ngein Christ ro boí in cocad eturru. Marbthair
13095] dóib dano in mucc Meic Da Thó. Tri fichit gamnach coa biathadsaide co cend .uii. mbliadan. Tri neim im no bíata coro lathea ár fer nHerend impi.

Tucad dóib i.arum in mucc. & .xl^. dam dia tarsnu cenmotha in biad archena. Mac Da Tho fessin icond ferdaigsecht. Mo chen
13100] {MS folio 112b 20} duib ar se ni dabar samail rissin ataat aige & mucca la Laigniu. A testa desin mairfider dúib imbarach. Is maith in mucc ar Conchobor. Is maith im ar Ailill. Cinnas rainnfither in mucc a Chonchobuir ar Ailill. Cinnas ar Bricriu mac Carbada anúasane. {MS folio 112b 25} bale i taat láith gaile fer nHerend acht a rraind ar galaib & ar
13105] chomramaib & dorat cách dib buille dar sróin a cheile riam. Dentar ar Ailill. Is cóir ar Conchobor. Atát gillai dún is taig ro imthigitar in cocrích.

Ricfaiter a les do gillai innocht a Chonchobuir ar Senlaech Arad {MS folio 112b 30} a lLuachraib Conalad aniar. Ba menic ag méth díb d'facbail
13110] acumsa & rota Luachra Dedad fó tóin. Ba méthiu a n-ag foracbaisiu ocainni .i. do brathair fadéin .i. Cruachniu mac Rúadluim a Cruachnaib Conalad. Nirbo ferrsaide ar Lugaid mac Con ruí {MS folio 112b 35} andás in Loth Mor mac Fergusa meic Leti foracbad la Echbél mac


{MS folio 112b} Dedad i Temair Lochra. Cinnas fir lib ol Celtchair mac Uthechair
13115] Conganchness mac Dedad do marbad damsa & a chend do béim de. Immotarla trá dóib fo deóid. co tarat in t-oinfer for firu Herend {MS folio 112b 40} .i. Cet mac Matach. Dofúargaibside im fair a gasced uas gaiscedaib in tsluaig. & ro gab scín inna laim & dessid ocon muicc. Fagabar tra ar se do feraib Herend tairismi comrama frimsa l^ lécud na
13120] mmucci do raind dam. Roslá i socht na hUlto. Atchi a Loegaire {MS folio 112b 45} or Conchobor. Niba fír ar Loegaire Cet do raind na mucce arar mbelaibni. An bic a Loegaire corot acilliur ar Cet. Is bés dúibsi {MS folio 113a} infar nUltaib ar Cet. cech mac gaibes gaisced acaib || is cucainni cend a baire. Dochuadaisiu dano isin cocrích. immatarraid dún
13125] inti. foracbais in roth & in carpat & na heocho. Atrullais fein & gai triut. Nis toirchi in muicc fon innasin. Dessidside dano. {MS folio 113a 5} Niba fír or laech find mór dodechaid assind imdai Cet do raind na mucci arar mbélaibni. Coich and so or Cet. Is ferr do laech andaisiu or cach. Oengus mac Lama Gabaid sin do Ultaib. Cid
13130] dia ta Lam Gabuid for th' athairsiu or Cet. Cid ám. Rofetarsa {MS folio 113a 10} or Cet. Dochuadusa sair fecht and. Eigther immum. doroich cách. Doroich dano Lám. Tarlaic urchor do gai mór damsa. Dosléicimse dano dosom in ngai cetna co mben a laini de co mbui for lár. Cid dobérad a mac do chomram frimsa. Téit Oengus
13135] ina suide.

In comram do thairisem beus or Cet l^ in mucc do raind damsa. {MS folio 113a 15} Niba fír a rraind duitsiu chetumus ar laech find mór de Ultaib. Cia and so or Cet. Eogan mac Durthacht sin ar cách .i. rí Fernmaigi. Atchonnarcsa riam or Cet. Cia airm indom facca ar Eogan. I
13140] ndorus do thaige oc tabairt tana bó uait. Ro héged immumsa {MS folio 113a 20} isin tír. Tanacaisiu fon égim. Ro thelgs gai formsa co rraba asmo scíath. Dollecimse duitsiu in ngai cetna. co lluid tret chend. & co mbert do súil asdo chind. Atotchiat fir Herend co n-óensúil. Messe tall in tsúil aile asdo chind. Dessidside dano.

{MS folio 113a 25} Frithalid dano a Ulto. in comram beus ar Cet. Nis raindfe innossa ar Munremor mac Gergind. Inn é seo Munremur ar Cet. Is me ro glan mo gó fo deoid a Munremur or Cet. Ní fuilet trí thráth and o thucusa tri laíchcind uait im chend do chétmeic ast ferund. Dessidside dano.

{MS folio 113a 30} In comram beus or Cet. Rot bia són ar Mend mac Salcholcan. Cia so or Cet. Mend or cách. Cid ane or Cet. mac na mbachlach cusna lesanmannaib do chomram chucum. Ar ba úaimse fúair th' athair in t-ainmsin .i. Messe ra ben a sail de do chlaidiub conna


{MS folio 113a} ruc acht oenchoss úaim. Cid dobérad mac ind oenchoisseda
13155] {MS folio 113a 35} chucum. Dessidside dano.

In comram beus or Cet. Rot bia or laech líath mór forgránna do Ultaib. Cia so or Cet. Celtchair mac Cuthechair sin or cách. An bic a Cheltchair or Cet manip dom thuarcain fo chetóir. Ro {MS folio 113a 40} tanacsa a Cheltchair co dorus do thigi. Fo heged immum. Tánic
13160] cách. Tanacaisiu dano. Dotluid i mbernai armo chindsa. doreilgis gae damsa. Ro thelgiusa gai n-aill chucutsu. co ndechaid triat liasait. & tria uachtur do macraille. Ataí co ngalur fúail {MS folio 113a 45} ond úairsin. noco rucad mac l^ ingen duit ond uairsin. Cid dotbérad chucumsa. Dessidside dano

In comram beus or Cet. Rot bia son or Cuscraid Mend Macha mac Conchobuir. Cuich seo ar Cet. Cuscraid or cách. Is adbar {MS folio 113b} ríg || ar deilb. ni buide frit or in gilla. Maith or Cet. Cucainn cetna thanacais do chétgasciud a gillai. immatarraid dún issin chocrich. foracbais trian do muntire. & is amlaid dochuadais &
13170] {MS folio 113b 5} gai triat bragit. conna hetai focul fort chend i córai ar ro loitt in gai féthi do braget. Conid Cúscraid Mend atotchomnaic ond uairsin. Dorat tra fon n-innasin ail forsin cóiced uile.

In tan dí ro mbertaigestar ocon muicc & scían inna láim. co n-accatar Conall Cernach is tech. Is and tarblaing for lár in taige.
13175] {MS folio 113b 10} Ferait Ulaid im failte móir fri Conall. Is and rola Conchobor in cennide dia chind & rod mbertaigedar. Is maith lind ar cuit do thairiuc ar Conall. Cia rannas dúib. Ro ddét dond fir nod ranna ar Conchobor .i. Cet mac Matach. In fir a Chit ar Conall tusso do raind na mmuicce. Is and asbert Cet.

    1. {MS folio 113b 15} .R. Fo chen Conall.
      cride licce.
      londbruth loga.
      luchair ega.
      gus fland ferge.
      fo chích curad.
      crechtaig cathbúadaig
      ad comsa mac Findchoeme frim.

conid and atbert Conall.


    1. {MS folio 113b} .R. Fo chen Cet
      Cet mac Matach.
      magen curad
      cride n-ega.
      eithre n-ela.
      eirr trén. Tressa
      trethan ágach
      {MS folio 113b 20} caín tarb tnúthach
      Cet mac Magach.

Bid mend inar n-imchomrucni ón ar Conall & bid mend inar n-imscarad. bid airscela la fer mbrot. bid fiadnaisi la fer manath.
13200] adcichset airg loman londgliaid fer dar fer is taig seo innocht. {MS folio 113b 25} Eirg ón muicc dí or Conall. Cid dano dot béradsu chucci ar Cett. Is fir or Conall do chungid chomraime chucumsa. Dobér oenchomram duit a Cheit ar Conall. Tongu na tongat mo thuath ora gabus gai im láim nach menic ro bá cen chend Connachtaig fóm
13205] chind oc cotlud. & cen guin duine cech oenlá & cech oenaidchi.{MS folio 113b 30} Is fir or Cet at ferr do láech andósa. Mad Anluan no beth is taig doberad comram ar araile duit. Is anim dún na fil is taig. Atá im ar Conall ic tabairt chind Ánlúain assa chriss & nos leice do Chet ara bruinni co rroimid a loim fola fora beolu. Ro gabside
13210] {MS folio 113b 35} im ón muic. & dessid Conall aicce.

Tecat don chomram a fechtsa ar Conall. Ni fríth ón la Connachta laech a thairismi. Doratad im damdabach dona boccótib immi imm chuairt ar ro boí drochcostud is taig do chloendiburgun la drochduini. Luid iarum Conall do raind na mmucci & gebid
13215] {MS folio 113b 40} dano cend in tarra ina beolo co rránic dó raind na mmucci. ra suig in tairr .i. aere ind nónbair conna fargaib ní de.

Ni tharat im do Chonnachtaib acht a da cois na mmucci fo brágit. Ba bec dano la Connachta a cuit. Atragatsaide. Atragat dano Ulaid co rriacht cách araile. Ro boí trá builli dar ó i suidiu.
13220] {MS folio 113b 45} comba comard ra sliss in taige in carnail ro baí for lar in taigi. co mbatar na srotha don chrú forsna dorsi. Maidith dano na sluaig forna dorsi co rralsat grith mór co suifed fuil mol for lár {MS folio 114a} ind liss .i. cach oc truastad || a cheile. Is and gabais Fergus dóib dair mór ro boí for lár ind liss assa fremaib. Maidit immach
13225] dano asind liss. Doberar in cath i ndorus ind liss.


{MS folio 114a} Is and luid mac Da Thó immach & in cú inna láim coro leiced {MS folio 114a 5} eturro. dús cia díb no thogad .i. rús con. Doraíga in cú Ulto. & ro leci for ár Connacht ar ro mebaid for Connachta. Asberatsom iss i mmaigib Ailbe ro gab in cú fertais in charpait fo Ailill & fo
13230] Meidb. Is and donáraill Fer Loga ara Ailella & Medba .i. co rrala {MS folio 114a 10} a cholaind for leth. & coro an a chend i fertais in charpait. Atberat dano is de atá Mag Ailbe .i. Ailbe ainm in chon.

Dolluid a mmaidm andes for Beluch Mugna sech Roírind. for Áth Midbine i mMastin sech Druim Criaig fris rater Cell Dara
13235] {MS folio 114a 15} indiu. sech Ráith Imgain. i Fid nGaible. do Áth Mac Lugnai. sech Druim Da Maige. for Drochet Cairpri. oc Áth Chind Chon i mBiliu. is and ro lá cend in chon asin charput. Ic techt iar fraechrud Mide síar. is and donarlaic Fer Loga isin fraech .i. ara Ailella. & ro ling isin carput iar cúl Conchobuir corra gaib a chend dar aiss.13240 {MS folio 114a 20} Beir buide n-anacuil a Chonchobuir ar se. T'ógríar ar Conchobor. Niba mór ar Fer Loga .i. mo breith latt do Emain Macha. & mná oentama Ulad & a n-ingena macdacht do gabail cepoce cecha nón a immum. co n-erbrat Fer Loga mo lennansa. Ba écen ón ar ní {MS folio 114a 25} laimtis chena la Conchobor. & ra leiced Fer Loga dar Áth Luain
13245] síar dia bliadna & dá gabair Chonchobuir leis co n-allaib óir friu. Conid desin ro cet.

    1. A gillu Connacht nad liu
      far trommacht ic rada gó;
      gilla lasma bec far cuit
      forfodail muicc Meic Da Thó
    2. Na tri coicait coica fer.
      dó dollótar almaib tor;
      {MS folio 114a 30} comrac úalle im Albe sin
      bec in cin tria changin chon
    3. Conchobor buadach ro thelt.
      Ailill sluagach & Cet.
      Bodb iar n-araib fora slicht
      Cú Chulaind ní damair cert.
    4. Congal Aidni and anair.
      Fiamuin Dúin Binne don muir;
      ro ches tairmthechta iar sin.
      Eogan mac Dairthechta duib.

    5. p.425

    6. {MS folio 114a} Tri meic Nerai ar lín lerg.
      {MS folio 114a 35} tri meic Uislend cobra ngarg;
      Senlaech Arad nadbo borb
      a Cruachnaib Con Alad ard.
    7. Dubthach Emna ard a bríg.
      Baithén Berba breithir bláith.
      Illand irdairc ilair glond.
      Munremur lond Locha Sáil.
    8. Conall Cernach cruaid a gal
      Marcan Sinna setrod son;
      {MS folio 114a 40} Celtchair Ulad fer dar fer
      Lugaid Muman mac Tri Con.
    9. Fethis Fergus Ailbe n-oll
      crothais dóib dairbre ndall;
      gabais fianbrat dar sciath scenb
      brónderg toidlech dar fer fland.
    10. Cethern mac Fintain ro bíth.
      uathad a llín forsind áth.
      {MS folio 114a 45} Fir ól nEcmacht ermaig sluaig
      nis relic uad ri se thráth.
    11. Feidlimid co n-ilur thor
      Loegaire Buadach sair.
      ba leth ndograi immon coin
      Conaeth mac Mornai nach mair.
    12. Mora airig aidbli band
      crodai curaid cumtaig dind;
      mora fina fortbi chland
      móra gialla móra gill. A. ||


Incipit Talland Etair

{MS folio 114b} BAÍ fer amnas étrocar i nHerind .i. Aithirne Ailgesach de Ultaib. Fer ro chunnig a oensúil ón chaech. & no guided in mnai oc lamnad. Is de boi dosom dia lluid for cúaird a
13295] {MS folio 114b 5} comairli Chonchobuir. Is ed luide i tosuch chetumus tuathbel Herend co rrala cuairt Connacht. Is ed luide iarum co rríg medóin Herend eterna da Ath Chliath .i. co Echaid mac Luctai co rríg descirt Connacht. Luidside dia idnacul ind Athirni co firu Muman dar Sinaind fades. Conna ruca ar ndimda a Athirni or Eochaid.
13300] {MS folio 114b 10} ma tá ocaiind do sétaib l^ maínib ní bas áil duit co rruca. Atá im or Athiune ind oensúil út fil it chind do brith damamsa im durn. Níba éra im or Eochaid rot bia. Is and dorat in rí a mér fo súil {MS folio 114b 15} co tall assa chind & co tarat i ndorn Aitherne. Geib mo láim a gillai or in rí dochum ind usci do nigi mo agthi. Dális iarum tri
13305] tonna dond usciu imma agid. In tallad in tsúil asmo chind a gillai or in rí. All amae or in gilla. is derg in derc dot fuil. Bid ed a {MS folio 114b 20} ainm co bráth or in rí .i. Dergderc. Lasin féli dano daroni in rí .i. a oensúil do thabairt do chind a enig. Firt feli dano dorat Dia dá súil dósom. Is desin ro cet.

    1. Suil ind ríg ramot clothach
      do Athirne ba brig brethach;
      sella sillit an tuaraid
      ercsait cend uallaig nEchach.
    2. {MS folio 114b 25} Eter Athirne n-irach
      is Echaig mbalderg mbuadach
      doringne Dia dúlech
      im chloichmod súlech sluagach. S.

Iss ed dolluid Athirne iar suide co rrig Muman .i. co Tigerna Tetbuillech. Nira gaib dano ní dia inchaibside acht ind rígan
13320] {MS folio 114b 30} do feis leis ind aidchisin. nó einech fer Muman do brith co bráth. Ocus ind aidchisin ro assaíted in ben is í ad aig ra foí la Athirne do aenig a fir arna ructha a enech.


{MS folio 114b} Iss ed luide Athirne iar sin co lLaigniu co mboí i nArd Brestine {MS folio 114b 35} i ndesciurt Maige Fea. & tancatar descert Lagen ina agid do
13325] tharcsin sét & maíne dó arna digsed issin tír. dáig na facbad ailche. Ar ní bítis a maíne nach neich fora tabrad ammus mani thabairthe dó. Ni faicfed dano athgabáil túath l^ chenel lasa mairfide som. {MS folio 114b 40} Co tabrad in fer a mnai dó. no co tabrad a oínsúil asa chind. no co tabrad a saint do sétaib & maínib. Is ed im tucsom inna menmain
13330] ailchi móra d'acbáil for Laignib coro marbtais Lagin é co mbetis {MS folio 114b 45} Ulaid do gs oca dígail for Laigniu. Is and trá gabais áilgis do desciurt Lagen i mBrestine .i. nad facca do sétaib l^ maínib ní no gabad uadib. acht ail brethri do facbáil forro co bráth conna {MS folio 115a} turgebtais a n-aigthe || la Goedelu. mani thucdais dósom in sét
13335] as dech boí is tulaig & nad fitir nech is tilaig cia sét so l^ cia bale i rrabe.

Ba gress & ba imdergad mór don tslúag anísin. & ro guidetar {MS folio 115a 5} uile Tigerna na ndúl co tardad fortacht dóib im dingbáil díb na gressi rolad forro. Baí tra marcach ic airimrim a eich is tilaig.
13340] doscuiched dochum na hairechta. no linged uadib. Fecht and dí oc soud ind eich dar colptha. Docuridar in t-ech fót mór da díb croib. Niro airig duine isind airiucht coni tarla i n-ucht ind ríg {MS folio 115a 10} .i. Fergusa Fairge. Co n-accaiside a ndelg i n-agid ind fóit dond leith on talmain. i rrabatar cethri fichit unga do dergór. Cid fil
13345] im uchtsa or in rí a Athirni. Is and asbert Athirni.

    1. Delg fil i nArd Brestini
      do chruib eich doridnacht.
      taris rucad mór imbreth cert
      {MS folio 115a 15} i mbrutt Mani meic Durthacht.

Is é in delgsin rop áil damsa or Athirne .i. brathair m'atharsa fodracaib & dorat i talmain iar maidm áir chatha for Ulto .i. cath Brestini. Is and sin doratad dó in delg. Ocus luid iar sin co Mes Gegra .i. rí Lagen. Brathair dó Mes Roídia .i. dá mac Datho {MS folio 115a 20} in sin. buidir amlabair a mmathair & a n-athair. Feraid Mess
13355] Gegra falti móir fri Athirne. Is maith limsa trá or Athirne acht co rraib im farrad co mmatin. Cid ara tibrind mo mnaí duit ar in rí. Dot inchaib ol Athirne. Naconom marbasa corop ail {MS folio 115a 25} do Laignib co bráth. & conna hanat Ulaid com digailse forro co bráth. Mad ar Ultaib nocot biadso falti limsa a Athirni. Rot
13360] bia in ben im dom inchaibse. Ni fail im la Ulto oenfer nos berad


{MS folio 115a} acht manis tabraind duitsiu dom inchaib. Is fír ol Athirne. Ni anubsa trá ditso co rruca oenfer d'Ultaib do chend & do mnai. {MS folio 115a 30} Ni gébthar inniut or in rí. Rot bia falti. Foid in ben leis .i. Buan ben Mess Gegra. Ocus anaid Athirne for cúaird Lagen co
13365] cend mbliadna co tuc tri coicdu rigan do mnaib flatha & dagdoine Lagen dia mbreith dia thír leis.

{MS folio 115a 35} Maith tra a gillai ol Athirne fria gilla airg damsa co Ulto co tisat imm agid. Is dochu biaid imrádud la Laigniu formsa immon mbraitse acht co nnechur dia n-inchaib.

Dollotar dí Lagin do chelebrad do Athirniu co mbatar oc Telchuine fri Ath Cliath atúaid. Celebraid dóib iarum inti Athirne & ni {MS folio 115a 40} fargaib bennachtain. & ni thuc a n-aill. Ba olc im la Lagnib a mnaa do brith uadib i mbrait do Ultaib. O thanic do ainiuch Lagen inti Athirne lotar Lagin do iarmoracht a mbraiti.
13375] Doroachtatar Ulaid dano i n-iarmóracht Athirni. Dollotarside dia {MS folio 115a 45} thessaircainseom. Fechair cath immi fo chétoir. Maidid for Ulto. co ndechatar la muir sair co rragbad Etar forru. Noí trath dóib i nEtur cen dig cen biad. acht meni esbetar sál in mara. l^ mani dotar in n-uir. Secht cét bó im la Athirne for lár in dúni ||
13380] {MS folio 115b} & ni rabi la Ulto mac na fer no blaissed a loimm acht no leicthe fon aill a mblegon. arna taiscelad nech dib etir a biadsom do blassacht. & dobertis cuci ind fir athgoeti & ní leiced banne ina. {MS folio 115b 5} cend co n-aplaitis a n-oínur do chrógalar. & teigtis niathe Ulad cuce i n-impide im dig do Chonchobur & nocon éta úad. Conid
13385] ed no furad Chonchobor a ndobered ind ingen fora mmuin otá Emuin Macha im thráth nóna béus .i. Leborcham is sí dobered. Mug & cumal ro batar i tig Conchobuir is í gein rucad eturru .i. {MS folio 115b 10} ind ingen Leborcham. Ba dochraid dano a delb na ingine .i. a da traigid & a da glún inna diaid. a da escait & a dá sáil rempe.
13390] Is í toichled Herind i n-oenló. Cech m do maith & do saich dognithea i nHerind adfeided do Chonchobur isin Chroibrúaid deod lai. Turtíne tri fichet mbargen ara cind i cind tened. {MS folio 115b 15} cenmotha a cuit lasin slúag. Is í tra no bered a chuit do Chonchobur ara mmuin otá Emuin co Étar.

No bíd tra ind imguin eter lá & aidchi immon dún. Atberat Lagin is síat ro chlaidsetar Dún Etair. Atá Bern Chon Culaind and cen iadad. No bíd cách ica gressacht imma immi. Nithó ar se cúal gai immusniada lemsa. No bíd dano Conchobor oc {MS folio 115b 20} airbriathrad Con Culaind conna rucad a burach immach etir .i.
13400] co tairsed tóchostul Ulad. ar dochoid Leborcham do thochostul Ulad. co tístais i curchaib l^ co tistais ar tír dia cobair.


{MS folio 115b} Doratad im Mess Dead mac Amargin dalta do Choin Culaind mac secht mbliadan ar cléith ar dorus in dúne. & nonbur cecha {MS folio 115b 25} uaire isind ló do marbad dó. & geill Ulad do thabairt immach
13405] cech lá do Lagnib fó thrí. & a mbreith innund do Mes Dead fo thrí ar galaib. Combad airsein no imberthea écomlund i tosaig i nHerind. Iss ed trá asberatsom in tan rod ngabsat Ulaid i tir {MS folio 115b 30} issind Etur anair. Is and dochotar tri chét laech cosin mac forsin chléith dia marbad. Dorat a búriud ass iarum oc beim a chind
13410] de. Co cuala Cu Chulaind. Is nem maidesl^ is muir thráges l^ talam conscara l^ búriud mo daltaise oc imbirt ecomluind fair. La sodain focheird Cu Chulaind bedg immach. Roínti in sluag ina diaid. {MS folio 115b 35} Fechair cath and fo chetóir. Trom im in gress ro lasat. Cróda ind imthócbail amnas a mbúrach ro fersat na curaid & na láith
13415] gaile. Ro congaibthe trá na da urgail ó theirt co nónai. Maidid iarum for Lagnib co turgabsat múr derg fri Ulto. ar ba geis do {MS folio 115b 40} Ultaib dul dar múr nderg. Ba fe ille f ba fe innund im in comrac. Dorochratar sochaide mór and do Ultaib i frecur in chatha. Dorochair and chetumus Mess Dead mac Amargin. & Bríannán
13420] Brethach. & Condla. & Beothach & Conaed mac Mornai & sochaide archena.

{MS folio 115b 45} Is and sin tra luid Leborcham fothuaid riasin sluag co celmuiniu do mnaib Ulad ar ro batarside i ngúais & gábud & i toirsi móir ond uair ro gabad Etur forsna feraib .i. Mugain Aittenchaithrech ben
13425] {MS folio 116a} Chonchobuir meic Nesa andtuaid. Feidelm Noichruthach || dano ingen Chonchobuir .i. noí crotha furri & ba hailliu cach cruth araile. Feidelm Foltchaín and dano ben Loegaire Buada ig. Findbec ingen Echach ben Chethirn meic Fintain. Brig Brethach ben Cheltchair. Findnige ingen Echach ben Eogain meic Durthacht.
13430] {MS folio 116a 5} Findch aem ingen Chathbada ben Amairgin Iarngiunnaig. Derb Forgaill ben Lugdach Riab nDerg. Emer Foltchain ingen Forgaill Manaig. ben Con Culaind meic Sualtaim. Lendabair ingen Eogain meic Durthacht ben Chonaill meic Amairgin. Niab ingen Cheltchair meic Uthidir ben Chormaic Con Longes meic
13435] Conchobuir. Mó t urim andro batar do degmnaib and chena. {MS folio 116a 10} Mugain tra ro boí oca hacallaimsi na Leborchaimmi. Conid and atbertsi Mugain.

A ingen a luath a Lebarcham cia Ulto ána acca. A bé find forusta atchonnarcsa caimchele sliasta i sni m sruthfola. Fua
13440] mbui beo cathmil Conchobor. Atchonnarc and Coin Culaind


{MS folio 116a} certlain o chúl co ulaig {MS folio 116a 15} cnedmar fadessin essi derga dia luid. Atconnarc Loegaire lon- Buadach fria thair culpait tolla imma thoíbu. tlacht a da bergin buada bebárnatar. Atconnarc and Brianan bretsatar fir frisa
13445] comarnaic carn. Atconnarc and Gabliol lesciol lemnech lug. {MS folio 116a 20} Atconnarc and Conla Cáem toib selgatar fri lathraige lár. Atconnarc and Furbaide Fer Bend for daid ben doensus dergsus asa beirn buí. Atconnarc and Eogan Eo dia dergdeiss. assa dí láim dobebarnatar fuili folcmara fair. Atconnarc and Dubthach
13450] di dóit lugdaig leosait dessa dlungsius. Atconnarc and Lugaid {MS folio 116a 25} lín a mac mbrogsus in n-ind fri durach nderg. Atconnarc and Amairgin artruad ro lassair assa chuthchath cath. Atconnarc and Ferghna fer brígach fer cetaro raid ria cach coraid foa dib sebtaib selsus. Atconnarc and Auchride augestar fri slúag sainsóis fria
13455] {MS folio 116a 30} n-indeg firu foi fó. Atconnarc and Beothaig beogestar dara óir srethius. fuli foa ún a selad fri slas. Atconnarc in tudbigid troethas rigrátha Rochad rúadbullech mac find Fatheman fri sellad slúag. Atconnarc and in suid sulbair soacallma rosiacht a ardinsci ardrígda úad ro sáraigsetar fir Fercherdne file ind ríg. Atconnarc and
13460] {MS folio 116a 35} Fiachraig n-ail ail cech ecló saír clóó. Atconnarc and Conaed cetguinech cetaro ráid ecrata garg. a róe rith ro bith mac Mornai moid no da thoib tuill túaim i timargar ith. Atconnarc and Corpre cend fir fris tnuid fris brunniu ben. Atconnarc and na riglasra {MS folio 116a 40} lassait amal oínaíbill. garg a ngascid gním gaile glaine. & Gormainech13465 Mane Milscothach & Ailil scel & Toscel Dures & Ret & Bricriu bertsait mórgnimu noí meic Carbada uill. Atconnarc and Conall Cernach co coscraib co fodbaib co finnib co n-étib co n-ócaib ro ráith bríga in cathmiled cathbúadach cathchoscrach Conall cáem Cernach. {MS folio 116a 45} Atconnarc and Úarathach Cethern claidebrúad conmeil morgala.
13470] asa Eolairg ard. Atconnarc and fofuaratar Ulaid nírro selgatar amal liges milchobur mil millsiund sastund sál mara móir tethragtar {MS folio 116b} cu tig. Atconnarc and do fuargaib || ur immon sínsetar fir.


{MS folio 116b} immo tarlaicthe cranna imma cloiset gai. sciathgal scíath i cath. i cathbuadaig Ulaid iar n-araib ecrat iar fortbiu buiden iar slige air.
13475] {MS folio 116b 5} Dofairchelsa giall cech coicid de choicedaib Herend acht coiced Galion dofil ticfat tadbat fibait i nEmam dadaig. Ulaid ollchathaig frithalid na firu dosfil far ndochum acht cecha torchair díb iss ed celmaini in sein ruc Leborcham do mnaib Ulad.

{MS folio 116b 10} Luid Conall Cernach a oenur i n-iarmoracht Lagen do dígail a
13480] brathar dorochratar sin chath .i. Mes Dead. & Loegaire. Iss ed luide for Áth Clíath sech Drummainech for Uib Gabla. i Forcarthain. sech Uachtur Aird. sech Nás. do Chloínud.

O ráncatar dí Lagin a tír luid cách úadib dia bailiu. Anais im {MS folio 116b 15} Mess Gegra for Cassán Chloínta a oínur. & a ara dar éssi in tslúaig.
13485] Contuiliubsa colléic ar in t-ara fri Mess Gegra. & contolasu iarum. Maith lim ar in rí. A mbuí Mess Gegra oc descin ind usci co n-acca in cnoi ar fut na haband chuce. Ba meti cend fir in chnú. Luid sís fadessin conos tuc cuce & ros teind cona scín. & foracaib {MS folio 116b 20} leth ind eitne don gillu. Co n-faccaiseom in ngilla dofurcbad ón
13490] talmain triana chotlud. & ro dúsig in gilla iar sin assa chotlud. Cid taí a gillai ol in rí. Drochaslingi atchonnarc ar in gilla. Gaib na eochu a gillai ol in rí. Ro gab in gilla na eochu. In chnú {MS folio 116b 25} dódais ar in gilla. iss ed or in rí. In farcbais a lleth damsa or in gilla. Minigid lim chetus or in rí. In fer doid in mbec sechomsa
13495] ar in gilla no issad a mmór. Ro boí a lám in ríg fria agid ind ríg co lleith ind eitni. Donaidlend in gilla co claidiub co tall a {MS folio 116b 30} láim de. Olc sin a gillai ol in rí. Oslaic mo dorn atá leth ind eitni and. Amal atchonnairc in gilla anísin imsoí in claideb friss fessin co ndechaid triana druim síar. Fe amae a gillai or in rí.
13500] Indlid fessin inti Mess Fegra a charput & dobeir a laim ind ara {MS folio 116b 35} belaib. In tan dí luid assinn áth síar. Is and doriacht Conall issin áth anair. Amlaid sin a Mess Gegra ar Conall. Ató sund ar Mess Gegra. Ceist iarum ar Conall. Cid ail and ar Mess Gegra acht intí dia ndligi fiachu saig fair cach cumung rot bé. Atát
13505] mo brathir latsu ar Conall. Ni 'm chriss atát ar Mess Gegra. Bid {MS folio 116b 40} anim ón ar Conall. Ni fír ngascid ar Mes Gegra. comrac frimsa co n-oenláim. Is fair bias ar Conall. cumrigfithir mo lám dom thaíbse ar Conall. Co bo thrí ro cumriged lám Chonaill Chernaig dia thoíb. Ro thuairc cach a chéile combó derg ind aband díb. Fortressiu
13510] iarum a chluchi in Chonaill. Maith trá a Chonaill ar Mes Gegra.


{MS folio 116b} Rofetarsa ni ragasu co rruca mo chendsa lett. & tabair mo chend {MS folio 116b 45} fort chend & m'orddan for th'orddan. Benaid Conall a chend de ic Cassán Chloínta. & berid Conall in cend co tarat forin liic ar {MS folio 117a} bruach átha. || dolluid banna a mmediu in chind co ndechaid I
13515] cend in chorthi co lluid trit co talmain. Dobert dano a chend forsa corthe. & adnaic a cend in corthe co talmain co tarla fora beolu docum na haband. Conall Cloen a ainmseom co sain. ar {MS folio 117a 5} ro batar tri ainmi la Ulto .i. Conall Clóen, & Cu Chulaind Goll. & Cuscraid Mend. Ro randsat mna Ulad i trí iat. Ro char cach a
13520] fer don triursin. A trian ro charsa Coin Culaind batís guill cot acallaim. A trian ro charsat Conall Cloen batis cloín cot acallaim. {MS folio 117a 10} A trian ro charsat Cuscraid batis guit cot acallaim. Dobert im Conall a chendsom fora chend conid tarla dara ais combo diriuch ond uairsin.

Luid dí Conall ina charpat a oínur & in t-ara i carpat Mes Gegra. Nos brogat dó iarum i nUachtur Fine. Co comrancatar fri coicait mban and sin .i. Buan ben Mes Gegra cona bantrocht oc tuidecht {MS folio 117a 15} assin chocrich atúaid. Cia cá taí a ben ar Conall. ben Mess Gegra ríg. Timarnad duit techt limsa ar Conall. Cia do thimarnae
13530] or in ben. Mess Gegra ar Conall. In tucais chomartha latt or in ben. A charpat & a eich sund ar Conall. Sochaide da tabair {MS folio 117a 20} seotu ar in ben. A chend suno dano ar Conall. Am dílessa uadsom a fechtsa or in ben. No imdergtha in cend indara fecht & ro bánta in fecht aile. Cid dás in cend a ben ar Conall.
13535] Rofetarsa im ar in ben. Immarbág dorala eturro & Athirne. {MS folio 117a 25} Atrubairtseom nacham béradsa oenfer d'Ultaib. Comrac imma brethir iarum iss ed daas in cend. Tairsiu chucumsa ar Conall issin carpat. an frim or si coro chainiur mo cheile. Tuargaib


{MS folio 117a} iarum a foíd guil esti. co clos co Temraig. & co Alind. & fosceird
13540] {MS folio 117a 30} dara cend & sí marb. Ata a fert forsin tsligi .i. Coll Buana. in coll ro ás triana fert.

Dotuc ass a gillai ar Conall. Foréimdim in cend do breith lim or in gilla. Gat a inchind ass or Conall. & immir claideb fair. & tuc a inchind latt. & cummaisc áel air. co nderna liathroit de.
13545] {MS folio 117a 35} Dogníther ón & facabair in cend acon mnaí. & lotarsom co rancatar Emain. Ba maídmech im la Ulto rí Lagen do marbad doib.

Is de sin trá atá Cuaird Athirni. & Marbad Mes Gegra do Chonall Chernach & Cath Etair.


Athirne Áilgessach & Mider Brí Léith

{MS folio 117a} ATHIRNE Ailgessach mac Ferchertne. is e is doichlechu ro
13550] {MS folio 117a 40}boi i nHerind. Dochoid co Mider Brí Léith co tuc corra diultada & doichle úad fora thech .i. ar dibe & ar dochill. Arna {MS folio 117a 45} taidled fer do feraib Herend a thechsom do aigidecht l^ foigde. Na tair. na tair ar in chetchorr. Eirgg ass ol a setig. Sech thech sech thech ar in tres chorr. Cach fer do feraib Herend ataciched
13560] ni gebed fria chomlund a llaasin. Nocho doid a. saith riam bale {MS folio 117a 50} i nfacced duine. Luidseom dano & mucc urgnaide leis & paitt meda co n-essad a saith a oinur. & ro chertaigestar ara belaib || {MS folio 117b} in muicc & in paitt meda. Co n-acca in fer chuice. Dogenta th'oínur ar se la tadall na mmuicce & na paitte uad. Cia th'ainmseo ar Athirni. Nocon erdairc ón ar se .i. Sethor. Ethor. Othor. Sele. {MS folio 117b 5} Dele. Dreng Gerce. Mec Gerce. Ger Gér. Dír Dír iss ed mo ainmse. Ni thanic in mucc. & forfemmid inn air do chuibdigud. Dóig combad ó Dia thísta do breith na mmucce. ar nírbo anfélisium ond uairsin.


Athirne and Amairgen son of Ecet Salach

{MS folio 117b} BAÍ goba amra i nUltaib .i. Eccet Salach goba a ainm. Ainm
13565] {MS folio 117b 10} n-aill do Echen. suí cech admait. conna rabi riam l^ iarum goba bad ferr. Rucad iarum mac dó. Amairgen a ainm. Ro buí iarum in macsin i mmacrai cethéora mbliadna déc. cen labrad. Ro ás a. brú iarum combo méit adbul teig móir. & ba feithech glasremor in brúsin. & a smucli asa sróin inna beolu. Ba dub a
13570] {MS folio 117b 15} chroccend. Batir gela a fiacla. Ba glasbán a aged. Amal da urbuinne builg goband a lurgne & a sliastai. Batir laebladracha a thraigid. Batir adbolmóra a adbronna. Batir ardda imchiana a da ngruad. Batir domna dubderga a dí súil. Ba lebormailgech {MS folio 117b 20} anúas. Ba garb drestaide a folt. ba mellach cnámach carrgarb
13575] a druim. Nibó cáemduine samlaid. Dia follaigthe cu ciana inna suidiu cen foglanad doacmaised a múrtraide dó cotice a di leiss. Batír é a sercla gruth bruithe. mór luatha. mera derga. {MS folio 117b 25} caera glassa. diasa loscthi. gais chrema. cnoi caecha a mbith for clár oca oca airfitiud.

Dofoíd iarum Athirne a gilla .i. Greth a ainm co Ecet Salach do chor béla i tenid. Co n-acca Greth in n-arracht ndóer ndochraid ísin ara chind for lar in tige. Danéci co anmín. atrágestar Greth. Buí ingen Ecit i cathair cumtachtai & tlacht derscaigthe impe {MS folio 117b 30} issin tig. & sí a hoínur oc comét in tige. & in mac na fail. Co cualatae
13585] ní in mac fri gilla nAthirni. In n-ith Greth gruth ol se fo thrí. Niro recart Greth. & atrágestar co mmór. Asbert im frisseom arisi. Grínmuine gránmuine gais chrema. cuae uinn. ubla greti. gruth. in n-ith Greth gruth.

{MS folio 117b 35} Atnaig Greth dó assin tig. conid corastar dar droichtiu ind
13590] liss. isin cechair. Luidi iar sin co rranic Athirne. Atchonnarcais ócu ol Athirne olc féth fil fort. Deithbir dam ol Greth . Mac cetheora mbliadan naro labrastar riam dom acallaim indiu. & fotfuicfeso in macsin cen grád mani dibdaither. Cid asrubairt frit ol Athirne. Ni handsa ol Greth. In n-ith Greth. &c. Imchomairc
13595] {MS folio 117b 40} Athirne cindas both isind liss. Adfét dó in gilla uile amal luide Greth assind liss.


{MS folio 117b} Tanic Ecet fo chetoir. Asbert a ingen fris. Ro labrastar Amargen indiu ol si fri gilla nAthirni dodechaid sund do denam bela lais. Cid asbert friss. In n-ith Greth gruth. &c. Bid ed
13600] bias de ol Ecet. Ticfa Athirne do marbad in meic arna ragba {MS folio 117b 45} fair. ar biaid mór sóis ocun mac ro rádi in sein.

Dotet ind ingen iarum cosin mac lé assind liss dond airgi buí oc Sliab Mis tess. Dogní Ecet deilb in meicc di chriaid & suidigis fo láim chlí dó etir & a builg. & dobert dagthimthach imbi. & suidigis
13605] inna liugu amal bid ina chotlud no beth.

{MS folio 117b 50} Tic Athirne iar sin & a gilla Greth. Co n-accatar in mac inna thálgud. Dognith a mbieil leo. & batar ro maith & adacht for {MS folio 118a} samthaig. Dambert Athirne imma chend na || delba ucut amal bed in mac beth and. & atnaig do for teiched & eigther
13610] impu.

Lotar in tsluaig ina ndiaid. Tecmalla Aithirne a folad & a inmass issin less. & gabtha fair a les. Tecait Ulaid gleithir eturru. {MS folio 118a 5} Doberar .uii. cumala & log a einig dó & dognither cora eturru. & gaibid Athirne in mac for altram .i. Amorgen & legais suithe filidechta
13615] laiss. Conid iarum ro laig senordacht for Athirne & ro gab Amorgen ardollomnacht Ulad.

Aigidecht Aithirne

Dodechaid tra Athirne fecht and for turus isin fogomur do thaig a daltai Amorgene co mbaí adaig and. & coro fobbair imthecht
13620] {MS folio 118a 10} arnabarach. Conid and atbert Amorgen ac fostud Athirni.

    1. Raithe fo foss fogomur
      feidm and for cach oenduine
      la tóeb na llá langarit.
      Loíg brecca a broind osseilti
      ditnit ruadgaiss raithnigi.
      Rethit daim a dumachaib
      ri dorddan na damgaire.
      Derccain duba a ssithchailtib.
      Slatta etha amm ithgortaib


    1. {MS folio 118a} os íath domuin duind.
      {MS folio 118a 15} Draigin drissi delgnacha
      fri toeb in lair leithlessi.
      lan do mess trumtairnith.
      Tuittit cnoi cuill cainmessa
      do robilib rath. R.

Ro thriall dano imthecht isin gemrud. conid and atbert Amorgen.

    1. Dubaib rathib rogemred.
      robarta tond tuargabar.
      iar toíb bethad blai.
      bronaig eoin cach iathmaige.
      {MS folio 118a 20} acht fiaich fola forderge
      fri fuaim gemrid gairg.
      garb dub dorcha dethaite.
      Diumsaig coin cnamchommaig
      curtir ar aed iarnlestar
      iar lo dorcha dub. D.

Ro triall dano imthecht isind erruch. Conid and atbert Amorgen.

    1. Glass úar errach aigide.
      Is uacht in gaeth gignither.
      glaidsait lachain lindusci.
      luin ic ecnacht corr cruadeigmi.
      {MS folio 118a 25} Cluinit cúana a dithrubaib.
      fri eirge moch matarnaid.
      dúscit eonu indferaid.
      mór fiad resa firtheichet
      a fid a féor glas. G.

Ro triall dano imthecht issin tsamrud conid and atbert Amorgen ica chetugud dó.

    1. Fó sín samrad sithistar
      sadal fid forard forglide.
      Nach fet gaithe gluaseba.
      glas clum caille clithaige
      sóit srotha saebusci
      {MS folio 118a 30} tess hi fota fon. F.

Ro cetaiged dó iarum imthecht issin tsamrud. O rasiacht
13665] iarum oc Athirne imthecht. is and ra thothlaihsetar a daltai .i.


{MS folio 118a} Amargin coro thothlaigedsaide co Athirne ní dia éicsi do thadbsin dóib. Is ed tothlugud dorone Amairgin .i. tarb do thabairt is tech dia marbad do Athirne. conid and atbert Athirne oc tairmesc marbtha in tairb.

    1. {MS folio 118a 35} In tarban treballach
      bailcerblach adircech
      mer mothlach munelach.
      Oinmit na immirgi
      athair na n-innile
      tairrechtaid cecha tana in tarb. T.

Doberar gamain is tech dia marbad dar eis in tairb. conid and atbert Athirme.

    1. Berach oach aircheltach
      and elit im beim buridach
      samrad sirfes i cein
      dersaid bec beodartaid.
      mani tugedar d'ilbiadaib
      {MS folio 118a 40} nocho didnad dam.
      nia bron dían degduine
      dligesum dia berbud
      manip biada ber. B.

Diarberar iar sin caire is tech dia marbad. Conid and atbert Athirne.

    1. Cetnait chromm lomm lesc
      lintach liuntach lenamnach.
      ni ecmainger cen andre ét.
      esbadach aith iarna dith imma tlacht.
      toeb toll tana tuidmide
      tadbanar for sliastaib sním.
      sainemla beo bas.
      {MS folio 118a 45} buaid di a llacht a llóe.
      uar aigide i ngabras airrbe
      roilbe ruad rofes ona filedaib
      cobarthach caich cet. C.


{MS folio 118a} Doberar muc is tech iar tain co n-erbailt Athirne iar tain ic erail a mmarbtha.

    1. Mo chen mata moaigther
      do nach moaigther miad.
      airrechtach cecha debtha dure.
      ni ar dánaib dothiastar
      acht dia letharthaib lai.
      {MS folio 118a 50} lassamuin biad boligthe
      riana laile bal don matai is mo chen. M.

Ataigther tene trom trichemruad dó iar sin. Conid and atbert
13710] Athirne. ||

    1. {MS folio 118b} Tene trom trichemrúad
      tairges uacht n-oinfir
      erge lond. lassair lainderda.
      iar li grene glan
      fri silliud súla.
      suillse in cach taig
      tairges tene. T.


Aided Cheltchair meic Uthechair

{MS folio 118b 5} CId dia ta Aided Cheltchair meic Uthechair. Ni handsa. Fer
13720] amra ro buí de Ultaib .i. Blai Briuga. Secht n-airgeda leis. Secht fichit bo cecha argi. & seisrech cecha hargi. Tech n-oíged. ferand[...] leis. Ba geiss do dano ben for damrud dochum {MS folio 118b 10} a thaigi cen feiss dosom lee meni beth a fer na farrad. Dolluid dí Bríg Brethach ben Cheltchair for oigidecht dochum a thaigi.
13725] Ni maith a ndoronais a ben ar Blai Briuga. Is geiss damsa do thuidecht chucum amal tancais. Is fer truag ar in ben loittes a. {MS folio 118b 15} gessi féin. Is fir dano ar se. Foid lee in n-aidchisin. Adfiadar do Cheltchar. Dolluidside d'iarraid a mna. Luid Blai Briuga co mbai eter Chonchobor & Choin Culaind. Bátar oc imbirt fidchilli
13730] desciurd o Emuin Macha. Luid dano Celtchar mac Uthechair {MS folio 118b 20} co mbui i comfocus do. ro baí bruinne ind fir darsin fidchill. no clannaCeltchar in lúin ind co mbui triana druim iar ndul in gai triit. co ndechaid banna da fuil co mbuí forsin fithchill. Amein a Chu Chulaind ar Conchobor. Amein dano a Chonchobuir
13735] for Cu Chulaind. Ra tomsed on banda ille & inund. dus cia dib {MS folio 118b 25} diarbo foicsiu. Faicsiu in banna dano do Chonchobur. Siade cosin digail deirb. Atbath tra Blai Briuga. Atrulla Celtchar co mbui isna Deisib Muman tess.

Is olc so a Chonchobuir ar Ulaid. Is tuitim deisi and so. Ropo
13740] lor in fer marb diar n-esbuid. Ticed Celtchar dia thír. Ticed {MS folio 118b 30} dano ar Conchobor. & eirged a mac fora chend. & teiged i conimairge fris. Ni geibthe dano [...] cin ind athar forin mac. l^ cin in meic forsind athair. Luidside dí di gairm Cheltchair co mboí thess.


{MS folio 118b} Cid dia tudchad ar Celtchar. Meise ar in gilla. ro cumrigset, tar do geissu & i commairge frit. Fir or se. Is seim in muin {MS folio 118b 35} doberat Ulaid ummumsa techt for muin mo meic. Bid Seim a ainm & ainm a cheneoil ar in drui. Ansu a gilla or se. & ragatsa. Dogníther ón. Is de ata Semuine na nDési.

Is í tra eraicc conattecht im Blai Briugaid na tri fochaide ata {MS folio 118b 40} andsom ticfad la Ultu na remes do dingbail díb. Dolluid dí Conganchnes mac Dedad do digail a brathar for Ultu .i. Cu Ruí mac Daire meic Dedad. Ro fasaigestar Ulto co mmor. Ni ngeibtis gai. l^ chlaidib. acht no scendis ass amal de chongnu.
13755] {MS folio 118b 45} Dingaib din in fochaidseo a Cheltchair ar Conchobor. Maith ám ar Celtchar

Luid dia acallaim in Chonganchnis laa and co tarat breic imme. Cor gell a ingin do .i. Niab ingen in Cheltchair & praind ceit dia tairiuc cecha nona. Co tarat in ben breic imme co n-erbairt
13760] frie in n-innas no mairbfithe .i. bera iairn it eat derga tria mo luirgnib & im bonnab ||


Brislech Mór Maige Muirthemni

{MS folio 119a} [...] nad fordamarsa gol ban & mac cen etráin forru cosindiu. La sin docing in .l. banrigan ara chind & tornochtait a cíche friss. Is accu ro taiscelad ar tús cichi ban do nochtad .i. forna macgnimradaib.
13765] {MS folio 119a 5} & oc fastud Chon Culaind i nEmain Macha. & dobretha na téora dabcha usci do díbdúd a brotha. & ní tarlaiced a llaasin dochum in chatha.

Atchiu ni thic Cu Chulaind úaib indiu a maccu Calatin tresin ceird tosuigthi fil lib or Lugaid. Is cian dond fir fil sund ó Dún
13770] {MS folio 119a 10} Chermnai & o Belaib Con Glais. & o Themair Lochra. & o Chombur Tri nUsce beith fri Beolu Menbolg. Is olc in chelg tosuigthe file lib. is cian cu tic Cu Chulaind or Lugaid. Ticfa uainne imbarach. Ro bátar and co arnabarach. & dolbit clann Chalatin na sluaig im Emain Macha combo oensmúit forloiscthe in Macha uile. &
13775] {MS folio 119a 15} coro cuired Emuin Macha forsna sluagaib. & co torchratar na gascid dia n-adlennaib. & dobreth a mifoclad do Choin Culaind. Conid and asbert Lebarcham.

R. Atraí a Chu Chulaind comerig cob airthe Mag Murthemne ar firu Galeoin a gein Loga soalta soí frit
13780] churad cathchlessu. A Chu Chulaind comerig co mburetar {MS folio 119a 20} basa lia indrid Murthemni. Móra airdi óic do níth. nachit Cormac cotalgad Admuintire i céin Chonchobuir. ní tá Conall comnesam Cormaic ar nin eroemaid ar ni tria gairi cotobgní Lugaid lanchlemnas goin frisgegna gním. Gaib
13785] immut a andremuig a huí Chathbad comérig. Atrai. Conid and atbert Cu Chulaind .


{MS folio 119a} .R. An dím a ingen. ni mm'óenur domiulsa Chonchobuir {MS folio 119a 25} coiced ciabo bidbu imnedach ní imgen m'oenur ar is diairle iarna scís mo scís. nidam eirr imtholtanach accobrach
13790] imgona indiu.

Is and atbert Niab ingen Cheltchair ben Conaill Chernaig.

.R. Deithbir duitsiu ón a Chu Chulaind nit charpat Conaill {MS folio 119a 30} comathar caín róg renar ar Ultaib i n-athaib buaderthaib bith conid uanchend airm inid accid. ar ní imgonaid na
13795] aill ni gním ní chenae acht a fithis móir meic Amairgin.

A ben em ar Cu Chulaind ciabam trúsa nim tharraid cubes conróetar m'ainech nim ág archelad ni mmo guin immgabaim.

{MS folio 119a 35} Iar sin ro ling Cu Chulaind fora gaisced. & ro gab fathi immi. In cetna fathi ro -.ab immi ro maid fair co torchair a delg asa láim.
13800] Conid and atbert Cu Chulaind.

.R. Ni bidba bratt beres robud. is bidba delg athchummas chness. co tuitt tria thraigid. sciath for scanfaiter fuidb. {MS folio 119a 40} scarad faebuir. fri desláim mo duirn mosbaim fuil anabaid crechtnaigfit formnai fer. airchisfither dia már des Maig
13805] Murthemni dimes.

Iar sin ro gab a fathi immi. & ro gab a sciath co faebur chonduala fair. Conid and atbert fri Loeg mac Riangabra. Innill dún a {MS folio 119a 45} phobba Laíg in carpat. Tongu do dia a tonges mo thúath or Láech ciano beth coiced Conchobuir immon Liath Macha nis
13810] tibritis dochum in charpait. Ní erbart frit cosindiu. In menma nom airfitiged do gs ní hé domriacht. Maso áil duit tair féin da acallaim ind Leith fadessin. Teite Cu Chulaind a dochum. {MS folio 119a 50} & ro impa in t-ech a chlé friss fo thrí. & ro scaíl in Morrígu in carpat issind aidchi remi. ar nirbo ail lé a dul Con Culaind dochum in
13815] chatha. ar rofitir noco ricfad Emuin Macha afrithisi. Conid de asbert Cu Chulaind frisin Liath Macha.

.R. Níbu gnáth a Leith lithe for clé frim fechuir fíach {MS folio 119a 55} fonat gaibim gním donothlogmar éc. m thintla mo menma {MS folio 119b} i mmuige mag dianot imredinn ciana éssi derga || imchíana
13820] eich sceó ruith scarad creta cungai fortche forsa suidmís suide suilig ro don bai Badb i nEmuin Macha. Nibu gnath.

La sodain dodechaid in Liath Macha co tarlaic .a bolgdéra móra fola fora dib traigthib. La ssin ro ling Cu Chulaind in carpat. {MS folio 119b 5} & docuridar bedg de fodes iar Sligi Midluachra. Co n-accai in
13825] n-ingin ara chind .i. Lebarcham ingen Auae & Adarci. .i. mug &


{MS folio 119b} cumal ro boí i tig Conchobuir .i. Auae & Adarc. conid and asbert Lebarcham.

.R. Nán fácaib nán fácaib a Chu Chulaind. Fíal do gnúis. {MS folio 119b 10} gartach do grúad. goirthech caíngnúis do gnúis cnedach
13830] caín in tocad. ardo díth dubae dia mairgfem. mairrg ar mná. mairg ar maccu. mairg ar súle sir do guba muiche cichseo dano céim rigairech don chath ara mbebad airdde die mór Maige Murthemne dit éis.

& cumma asrubairtsi & asbertatar na tri coicait ban baí i nEmuin
13835] {MS folio 119b 15} Macha o guth mór.

Ba fer na fácbaitis ar Lóeg ar iss ed naro sáraigis cosindiu nert ceniuil do máthar. Acc amae ol Cu Chulaind. geib leic Loíg. la araid airitiud. la errid imdegail. la cunnid comairle. la firu {MS folio 119b 20} ferdacht. la mná mifre. tair rium don chath. Na frithail in
13840] n-airchisecht nachit chobradar. Tossuither in carpat éis for desel. La sin dobeir in banchuire gáir guil. La sin dobeir in banchuire gair guil & golgaire & bosschaire. Rofetatar nícon ricfed co Emuin Macha.

Beochobra Con Culaind isind ló fúair bás.

{MS folio 119b 25} IT brónaig banchuiri buidnib dér. diar n-apthaib. di maigib díe dall fríth fonúair fasciugrat ceirm co forcingi dinn risib rot bith mairg ro fathatar flathi fer i ar mbuntaib bethaed gamain íath imderga essi. Ammiti tuathchaecha taircebat mo {MS folio 119b 30} milliud morulad atomchuinfet concechalsat buada atmbelat
13850] eslabrai a baccaib ráth. Randfaider domun deslámaib dichra aige eblas eirr óencharpait ét im thúaith teora forranu fonena {MS folio 119b 35} nithu. ni ciat súli ní nad aiccet. Aithguba sirechtach sercfid brú in churad o ingnasaib. Concoillfither fír fer forgoba oinfer ecomluind ili eter da roth rosia dihal díriuch. Lorg
13855] Léith Macha mairg ét i ssídib sies ingantu adderga uane {MS folio 119b 40} urchraide noes nibu thais arcuech n-aignech la dulu diluba atabiusa fri ecraitiu aithber aithber iarum dithi de lathe Mag Murthemni atharda iba srúaim sruthborr slán lam broind


{MS folio 119b} begdolb crú iar feis nom fothraicfe Nith nemnech nél sorcha
13860] somlas semide. fuile form chuirp cribsaite. cretta fuidbechta {MS folio 119b 45} fuáim talman triuin tormaid écnaithi adrainfet comarbae cumachta. beca berthair ith amserdaib dith slabrae slab comdetae. cluim cathu canis n-imarburt. Gand gein gignithar gair ria ndomun díth. bith daer a acille bid dorcha a amser.
13865] {MS folio 119b 50} togaethfaid sochaide soifid iliu hé rofiastar i mbo cen athfir. Riris goí cloifid fir fessair cathu. carcair airchind imdibe ball brisiud cnama cumma tuinne tadlach sula saebrechta úabair ór urraib. arget ar crannaib. gemma a lecaib linfait {MS folio 119b 55} saint sleibe glainithe. gressach taircsiu sáer diamlaid ar
13870] {MS folio 120a} dofessammar fair i forciund a dala lathe || dia mbaidfider bith móras doine duib duile dia cennach. acht adraid in mac cona recht is ferr dúib co fa secht os mé im uabor immarordus a leic dogenaind bad ferr arom beth mad cet bith. It bronaig.

{MS folio 120a 5} Iar sin tuargabtar in banchuire gair guil & golgaire ar rofetatar
13875] nach ricfad co Ulto Cu Chulaind.

Ro boí tech a mumme rod n-altsom ara chind forin tsligid taidledsom béos in tan na theiged fora érim secci fadess & aness. Lestar co ndig leesi ara chindsom do gs. ibid dig. & documlai ass {MS folio 120a 10} & celebraid dia mummi. Téit ass iar Sligi Midluachra. iar Maig
13880] Mogna. Co n-accai ní na teora ammiti túathchaecha ara chind forin tsligid. Orce co nemib & epthaib fonoíset for beraib cairthind. Ba do gessib Con Culaind cen adall fulachta dia chathim. Geiss {MS folio 120a 15} dó dano cárna a chomanma do ithi. Rethid & ba do dul seccu. rufitir níbu 'c denam a lessa ro bass and. Conid de asbert friss
13885] ind ammait. Tadall latt a Chu Chulaind. Ni adliub ém ol Cu Chulaind. Até in biad cu ol si. Diambad fulocht mór no beth and or si ro adelta. Úair is bec fil and ni thaidle. Ni tualaing {MS folio 120a 20} mór nad fulaing l^ nad geib in mbec. Ataellasom iarom. & tonindnaig ind ammait leithi in chon dó assa laim chlí. Adetha Cu Chulaind
13890] iarum assa láim & dambeir fó sliasait clí. Ind lám rod gab & in tsliasait fo tarat ro gabtha o chund co fond conna rabi a nnert cétna indib.


{MS folio 120a} Documlat ass iarum iar Sligi Midluachra timchell Sleibe Fuait {MS folio 120a 25} fades. Conid and asbert Cu Chulaind fri Loeg. Cia facca dún
13895] a phopa Loíg. Conid de asbert Loeg. Troich imda & mórchoscuir. Fe amae ol Cu Chulaind. Fuaim immairic eich dubderga comrethi clár clé clithi remituit a rae ar mothuittet eich i fochluib. fe. cian {MS folio 120a 30} adraigsemar messchuriu fer nHerend. In tan dochúaid Cu Chulaind for Sligid Midluachra fodess co 'mmanaccai dó & an dunad
13900] boí i mMaig Murthemne. Is and asbert Erc mac Carpri.

.R. Atchiusa sund carpat cóem crichid cumtachglan co {MS folio 120a 35} pupaill uanicda co mórsaide do chlessaib cliss gascid i carput chaín chlessamna colgatchaín. Is amlaid atá in carpatsain for da n-echaib cendbeca cruindbeca corrbeca crú eich bedgaich
13905] bolgsróin bolgroisc uchtlethnai brondlethnai. cidat cuibdi comriata inn echradsin nídat comdatha. indala ech díb {MS folio 120a 40} luglíath lemnech maignech tairngech torandchlessach stuagmar fótmar focursid. In t-ech aile im círdub cenand brúmar co mbrúaib duba dorchaide. Da chuing ardda fororda foraib.
13910] Fuil fer findcass foltlebor issin charputsin. Luinech derg {MS folio 120a 45} daigerda na láim ar derglassad. enblaith etarluamnach uasa erra oenchairpait. Folt dúalách trí ndatha fair .i. folt dond ra tuind cind. folt croderg iar n-irmedon. mind orda ra tuigedar dianechtair. Caín cocarus in chind & ind fuiltsin
13915] co uirend teora imsrotha de immo chend. Comba samalta {MS folio 120a 50} ra tétaib órsnáid dar or n-indeona fo láim suad saincherda. na ra buiderad ris taitni grian i llathi samrata i mmedón mís mai. taidlech cecha fadmainni d'fuilt ind óclaígsin.

A sein chucund m fersin a firu Herend no frithalid.

{MS folio 120a 55} Turgabad fert fotbaig fo Erc mac Carpri in tansin. & doringintea {MS folio 120b} lebend sciath imbe. & dorónta tri catha || cróda comchóire do feraib Herend in tansin. & atbert Erc. Frithalid a firu Herend in fersin .i. Coin Culaind. & ro ráid na briathrasa.

.R. Comergid a firu Herend. atraigid fil sund Coin
13925] Culaind costodach coscarach claidiubderg. iraichlid erachlid. {MS folio 120b 5} airegid. Iactbadir cind de sein ailfitir aichthi cosc n-admait ditnui taclaid ferg fair. Óenní sin amáin mac Dé mac duini. mairg mindóene mairg séis mairg sreith mairg suthchernaid


{MS folio 120b} gen in flaith flaith findnélach fornélach fossad fichda fírchlich
13930] {MS folio 120b 10} feromail ra hart in domuin dedenaig. boí dano noí mís fo chleith ingeni détlaind bunaid. machit Macha immanar neóil slecht mairc ro chaith slecht bud adbur anmich airchind dian tic bacher Cua comergid. Comergid.

Cinnas fuirechlem. Cinnas aurisfemmar clessu ol firu Herend.
13935] Ni handsa. Is í mo chomairlisi dúib ol Erc na cethri chuicid. {MS folio 120b 15} filet sund di choicedaib Herend denid óenbuidin díb & óenchlár dona sciathaib immon mbuidinsin anúas & imma cuairt & foraib. & tabraid triar cacha arda immon mbudinsin. & dias oc imessarcain do neoch as tressiu don tslúag. & cainte co culluaisc accu. Co rragbat
13940] {MS folio 120b 20} algis dia gaibseom féin .i. Blad ar Bladaib a ainmside. & dano co rragbat algis dona gaib indlithib dolleicther fair beus. Atá i tairngere dia gaiseom rí do marbad de. mani gabthar algis de. & tabraid gáir guil & éigmi. ni geba in fer ara bruth & forbruth na {MS folio 120b 25} n-ech. & ni chunnecha comlund chucaib anial ro chunnig oc Tánai
13945] bó Cualnge. Dognither anísin amal ro rádi Erc.

Dotháet tra Cu Chulaind dochum na buidni. & dorat na trí torandchless forsin carpat .i. torandchless cet & torandchless tri cet & torandchless tri nónbur. do urscartad na slóg di Maig Murthemni. Tanic Cu Chulaind cusin mbudin. & gabaid glés
13950] {MS folio 120b 30} n-immberta a airm forru. Is cumma no imbred na gai & in scíath & in claideb & na clessa. comtar lir gainem mara & renna nime & drucht cétamuin & loa snechtai & bommand ega. & dulli for fidbaid. & budi for Bregmaig. & fér fo chossaib grega i lló samraid a lleithchind {MS folio 120b 35} & a llethchloicne & a llethlama. & a llethchossa. & a cnáma derga
13955] comscaílte iarna n-esrédiud fo Mag Murthemni. & ropo liath in magsin dia n-inchinnib iarsin tress dibergesin & imberta arm dorat Cu Chulaind forru.

Iar sin co n-acca in dís ocond immessorgain cena n-etarscarad. Is mebol duit a Chu Chulaind cen etargaire na dessise ar in cainte.
13960] {MS folio 120b 40} La sin trá ro thairling Cu Chulaind chucu. & dobeir buille dia durn i cend chechtar de co tanic a n-inchind dara cluasaib & dara srónaib immach. Darónais a n-etargaire or in cainte. ni drónand nechtar de olc ria cheile. Ni betis na tost tria impide forru ar Cu Chulaind. {MS folio 120b 45} In gaisin damsa a Chu Chulaind or in cainte. Tongimse a tonges
13965] mo thúath. nach mó a richtu a lessa duitseo andas damsa. Ataat fir Herend form sund & atú forro dano. Not airubsa dano mani thuca ar in cainte. Nirom aeradsa dano riam i cinaid mo drochthidnacuil.


{MS folio 120b} l^ mo dothchernais. La sodain ro díbairg in ngai dó 's a urlond {MS folio 120b 50} reme co ndechaid triana chend. & coro marb nonbur friss anall.
13970] Dodechaid Cu Chulaind triasin mbuidin co forcend. La sin ro gab Lugaid mac Con Ruí in tres ngai n-indlithe ro boí oc maccaib Calatin. Cráet dofaeth don gaiseo a macc.u Calatin ar Lugaid. {MS folio 120b 55} Dofaeth rí din gaisin or meic Calatin. Iar sin ro theilg Lugaid {MS folio 121a} in ngai || forsin carpat co tarlai i lLáeg mac Riangabra. co tarlaic
13975] a mbuí do innib ina medón co rrabi for fortchi in charpait. Is and sin ro ráid Láeg. Goirt rom gaet. &c

Iar sin tra dobeir Cu Chulaind in ngai ass. & celebraid Lóeg. {MS folio 121a 5} Conid and atbert Cu Chulaind bam eirrse & bam ara isind lathiusa indiu. In tan rosiacht Cu Chulaind co forcend na buidni. Co
13980] n-accai in diis oc imessorgain ara bélaib & cáinte co cullúaisc oca. Is mebul duit ol indala fer a Chu Chulaind cen etairgaire etruind. La sin tarblaing Cu Chulaind chuccu & sreith cechtar de a leth co {MS folio 121a 10} nderna brosnaig ndiib immon carraic ro boí ina farrad. In gaisin damsa a Chu Chulaind ol in cainte. Tongusa a tonges mo thúath
13985] ní mó richtain a lessa in gai duitsiu oldaas damsa. Cethri choicid Heren d form láim & form gail & form gaisced do aurscartad di Maig {MS folio 121a 15} Murthemni isind lósa indiu. Nott aírubsa ol in cainte. Ni dlegar dím acht oenailgis isind losa. & dano ro íccus do chind m'enig indiu chena. Aírfatsa Ultu it chinaidsiu ol in cainte. Nira aertha ém
13990] ríam ol se i cin mo díbese. nach mo dothchernais. A mbec arathá {MS folio 121a 20} dí dom saegulsa ní airfaither issind lathiusa indiu. Dobert Cu Chulaind in gai dó ar urlaind co ndechaid triana chend & coro marb nónbur ris aníar. & fethid triasin mbuidin amal atrubramar remaind.

Ro gab Erc mac Cairpri in tres gae indlithi ro boí oc maccaib Calatin. Cid bias din gaiseo a maccu Calatin ar Erc mac Carpri. {MS folio 121a 25} Ni handsa. Dofuit rí din gaisin ar meic Calatin. Rochuala lib dofaíthsad din gai o chianaib ro leici Lugaid. Is fír on ém or meic Calatin. dorocliair rí arad Herend de .i. ara Con Culaind .i. Laeg
14000] mac Riangabra. Tongus a tonges mo thúath ni tét ar guin ríg {MS folio 121a 30} rod mbí. La sin dolleici Erc in gai fair conid ecmaing issin Liath Macha. Gataid Cu Chulaind in ngai ass. & celebrais cách dia cheile díb. La sodain leicthi in Liath Macha & leth a chunga fo


{MS folio 121a} brágit co ndechaid i lLind Léith i Sliab Fuait. Is ass dodechaid
14005] Con Culaind is inti dano dochuaid iarna guin. Conid de asbert {MS folio 121a 35} Cu Chulaind. Rires t'ech óenchuing sunda indiu ol Cu Chulaind. La sain ataig Cu Chulaind a lethchoiss fo chend inna cunga. & faidid tresin mbudin in n-inas cetna. Co n-acca in dís ocind immesorgain ara chind. & cainte co cullisc ocaib. Ros etarscar
14010] iarum. & nirbo messu in t-etarscarad dorat forru andaas forsin {MS folio 121a 40} cethrur n-aile. In gaisin damsa a Chu Chulaind ol in cainte. Ní mó a richtain a lessa duit in gai andás damsa. Not aírubsa ol in cainte. Ro íccus dom inchaib indiu. ni dlegar dam acht oenalgis isind lousa. Aírfatsa Ultu it chinta. Ro iccus dia
14015] {MS folio 121a 45} n-inchaib ol se. Airfatsa do chenel or in cainte. Tír ém nad ranacsa riam ní ricfat scéla m'écnaig remum. uair is bec atá dom saegul. Dotheilg Cu Chulaind in ngai dó & a urlond reme co ndechaid triana chend & tré trí nonboru aile. Is rath co feirg a Chu Chulaind ar in cánti.

{MS folio 121a 50} Iar sin tra luid Cu Chulaind aridisi tresin mbuidin co forcend. Iar sin dano ro gab Lugaid in tres gai indlithi ra boí oc maccaib Calatin. Cid bias din gaiseo a maccu Calatin Tuitfid rí de ar meic Calatin. Rochuala lib dofáethsad din gai ro leci Erc imbuaruch. Is fir ón or se darochair rí ech Herend de .i. in Liath
14025] {MS folio 121a 55} Macha. Tongusa a tonges mo thuath ní taít ar guin ríg rod bí. {MS folio 121b} La ssin dolléci || Lugaid in ngai do Choin Culaind co n-ecmoing ind co tarlaic anro buí ina broind co rrabi for fortchi in charpait. La sin dolluid in Dub Sainglend úad co lleith a chunga co lluid i {MS folio 121b 5} lLoch nDub i crích Muscraige Tíre. Is ass dodechuid dochum
14030] Con Culaind. Is and luid aridisi coro fichi in loch la sodain.

Iar sain tra tarrasair in carpat a oínur forsin maig. Iar sin atbert Cu Chulaind. Rop ail damsa ol Cu Chulaind dul connici in loch ucut d'ól digi ass. Is cet lind ar iat acht co tís chucund {MS folio 121b 10} aridisi. Forcongersa foruib or Cu Chulaind mani thísiursa féin
14035] co tistaisi armo chend.

Iar sin tra ro theclaim inne a brond ina ucht. & téit ass dochum ind locha. Amal ro n-ánic in loch ataig a láim sethno a brond co fargab anro boí do indib ina broind. Ibid dig iarum & fothruci {MS folio 121b 15} ass. Is de atá Loch Lámraith i mMaig Murthemni. Ainm aile
14040] dó dano Loch Tondchuil. Iar sin docuridar bedg ass. & forcongair foraib co ndigsitis ara chend.

Dodechaid iarum crích mór ond loch síar. & rucad a rosc airi. & {MS folio 121b 30} téit dochum coirthi cloiche file isin maig co tarat a choimchriss


{MS folio 121b} immi nar ablad na suidiu nach ina ligu. combad ina sessam atbalad.
14045] Is iar sin dodechatar na fir imma cuairt immi & niro lamsatar dul a dochum. Andar leo ropo beo. Is mebol dúib ol Erc mac {MS folio 121b 25} Carpri cen chend ind fir do thabairt lib i ndigail chind m'atharsa rucad leis coro adnacht fri airsce Echdach Nia Fer. Rucad a chend assaide co fil i Síd Nenta iar nUsciu.

Iar sin tra dodechaid in Líath Macha co Coin Culaind dia imchomét i céin ro boí a anim and & ro mair in lon láith assa étun. Is iarum {MS folio 121b 30} birt in Liath Macha na tri dergruathra immi ma cuairt. co torchratar .l. leis cona fiaclaib. & xxx. cach cruí dó iss ed ro marb don tslúag. Conid de atá nitathe buadremmend ind Léith Macha iar marbad
14055] Con Culaind. Conid iar sin dolluid ind ennach fora gualaind. Nirbo gnáth in corthe út fo enaib ar Erc mac Corpri. Iar sin tra {MS folio 121b 35} ra choraig Lugaid a moing dara aiss. & benaid a chend de. Iar sin tra dorochair a chlaideb a llaim Con Culaind co n-eccmoing a láim doí di Lugaid co rrabi for lár. Benair a lám doí dano di
14060] Choin Culaind dia digail.

Documlat ass iarum in tslúaig & doberat leo cend Con Culaind & {MS folio 121b 40} a laim dói co tancatar Temraig. Conid and atá otharlige a chind & a láime doí. & lán lainne a scéith di úir. Conid de asbert Ceiid Faelad mac Ailella. i nAidedaib Ulad.

    1. Doceir Cu Chulaind caín tuir.
      trénfer i nnAirbiu Rofir
      reraig buidne ba mó clith.
      for Mac Tri Con for Lugthig.

    1. lín todforchair ferda nglé
      nirbo thuttim midlaige.

    1. {MS folio 121b 45} Cethri ochtair cethri deich.
      cethri coícait cain in treith;
      cethri trichait tolgda rím
      cethri cethrachait cruaidgnim.

    1. Cethri fichit fríth co feib.
      fosroirtib mac Sualtin;


    1. {MS folio 121b} Ro gaet i n-athgubu
      tricha ríg di erchoraib.
      im uii. fichtiu anchinne
      fosnacaib di erbonaib.
    2. Ata cend chonar do.
      droneirr i n-ochtor Temro.
      uaigthe iarom a forceth.
      d'airsciu Cairpri Niod Fer
    3. {MS folio 121b 50} Ata cend Echdach indiu
      i sSíd Nenta iar Usciu;
      Úaigthe cend Corpri caín rí
      do airsciu Echdach i Tethbai.

Iar sin documlat in tslúaig ass fades co rancatar abaind Lifi.
14090] {MS folio 122a} Amal rancatar in n-abaind || asbert Lugaid fria araid. Is trom lim mo chriss lán immum ol se. Is áil dam mo fothrucud. Docuredar ass erchomuir in tslúaig. Fothraicid iarum. Documlaiset ass iar suidiu. Atetha íach etera da cholptha. {MS folio 122a 5} docuiredar suas dia araid. benaidside tenid dia urgnum fo chetóir.

Is iar sin documlat slúaig Ulad atúaid o Emuin Macha dochum Sleibe Fuait iar cur a cessa díb. Ro boí cinniud tria chombáig iarum eter Choin Culaind & Conall Cernach .i. ciped chia díb no {MS folio 122a 10} marbtha ar tús a digail dia cheiliu. & mad misse marbthair ar tús ar Cú Chulaind cia luathe nom dígela. A lla not gentar ar
14100] Conall Cernach do digai; damsa resin fescursin. & mad misse marbthair and or Conall. cia luathe nom digéla. Nipa úar th'fuilsiu limsa for talmain ol Cu Chulaind in tan not digél.

{MS folio 122a 15} In tan iarum dodechaid Conall Cernach resin slúag ina charput co comarnic frisin Liath Macha & a thoesca fola tríít oc dul do Lind
14105] Léith. Conid and asbert Conall Cernach.

.R. Ni cumgid cuinge co lLind Léith co rrega co fuilib fonnaide fo chollaib clí co fuidlechtaib fuili fir sceo eich im {MS folio 122a 20} láim doí Lugdach. Lugaid mac Con Ruí meic Dare iss e ro marb mo chomaltsa Coin Culaind.


{MS folio 122a} Luid íar sin Conall Cernach & in Liath Macha reme coro lá cuairt sinn arbaig. Co n-accatar Coin Culaind immon corthe. Luid dano in Líath Macha co tarat a chend for brunnib Con Culaind. Is dethitiu don Liath Macha in corp út ar Conall. Téit tra Conall {MS folio 122a 25} iar tain. & ataig a thraig fri airrbe. Tongusa a tonges mo thúath.
14115] ar se. rop airrbe rofir in so. Ro batsis ainm dond inud ol in druí. Bid ed ainm in tiriseo co bráth. Airrbe Rofir.

Tocumlaí iarum i ndegaid in tslúaig. Is and ro boí Lugaid oca fothrucud. Decce dún a mmag ol Lugaid fria araid na tistar {MS folio 122a 30} chucund cen aicsin. Doféccai secha in t-ara. Dofil oenmarcach
14120] sund chucund or se. & is mór a. gripe & a luas dothet. indar lat is feochuine Herend fil uasa. Indar lat it loa snectai breccait a mmag fris anair. Ní inmain in marcach dothaet and ar Lugaid {MS folio 122a 35} .i. Conall Cernach in sin forsin Deirg Druchtais. Na eoin atchonnarcais uasu. na fóit a cruib ind eichsin. na loa snechtai
14125] atchonnarcais do breccad in maige friss anair. uanbach a bélaib ind eichsin. & a gglomraib in tsréin. Fég darisse ar Lugaid cisi chonar dotháet. Dotháet dochum ind atha ar in t-ara .i. in chonar {MS folio 122a 40} dodechaid in slúag. Dolléic sechund in t-echsin ar Lugaid ní áil dún comrac fris.

In tan iarum rosiacht Conall Cernach co medón ind átha doféccai secha dé de araid sucut ar se. Dofeccai secha in tres fecht. Dé de rig sút ar se. Is ferr damsa a adall. Adella cuccu. Is fo- {MS folio 122a 45} chen aged fécheman. ol Conall Cernach. Intí dano dia ndligi fiachu dosfothlaig fair. Dligim dítsu ar Conall Cernach .i. marbad
14135] mo chomcheili Con Culaind & itú ic triall a acrai fort. Ní cóir ón or Lugaid ar ní armide ar laechdacht duitsiu comrac frimsa sund co rrí búaid mo choscair lim tír Muman. Dogénaindse mani {MS folio 122a 50} beth techt dún for oenchonair & i comlabrai & i cotchennas or Conall Cernach. Nipa hansa a mbia di sudiu or Lugaid. Regatsa
14140] amne for Belach Gabrúain co ndechus for Belach Smechuin. Airgsiu amne for Gabuir for Mairg Lagen co comairsem i mMaig Argetrois. Lugaid is é cetaranic. Tanic a cheile ina diaid .i. {MS folio 122b} Conall Cernach. Tarlaic urchor fair || dia slig. & a choss frisin coirthe fil i mMaig Argetrois co ndecmaing i lLugaid conid de
14145] atá Corthe Lugdach i mMaig Argetrois.


{MS folio 122b} Luid iarum iarna chétguiniu co mboí oc Fertai Lugdach i nDroictib {MS folio 122b 5} Ossairge. Conid and immanarraid dóib. Rop áil damsa or Lugaid conum rabad fir fer úaitsiu. Cid ón or Conall Cernach. Connacham thised úait acht oenlám. ar ní fil acht oenlám lim. Rot bia or
14150] Conall Cernach. Cengaltar a lám iarum dia thóeb co suanemnaib. Ro batar ind sin eter da thráth din ló. & ni fuair nechtar de eill {MS folio 122b 10} fora cheile. In tan nad fúair Conall Cernach eill fair dofeccai secha a gabuir .i. in Deirg nDruchtaig. Cend con furriside. for- dibad na firu isna cathaib & isna irgalaib. La sin donic in gabuir
14155] chuci corra gaib mír assa thoíb co tarlaic inna raba ina broind {MS folio 122b 15} co rraba imma chossa. Fe amae or Lugaid ní fír fer anísin a Chonaill Chernaig. Ni tharddusa duitsiu or Conall Cernach act darmo chend féin. Ni tharddus im duit dar cend na robb & na n-ecodnach. Rofetursa tra or Lugaid nad ragasu co rruca mo
14160] chendsa latt. uair dofucsamni cend Con Culaind. Co tardda {MS folio 122b 20} trá ar se mo chendsa ar do chend & co n-erbara mo rígise fordo ríge. & mo gaisced fordo gaisced. Ar is ferr limsa combad tú laech bad dech no beth i nHerind. La ssin benaid Conall Cernach a chend de.

Tocumlai ass iarum cosin cend leiss. Co comarnic fri Ulto i rRoirind hi tirib Lagen. Forruimther a cend forsin chloich & ro {MS folio 122b 25} dermatad and. Co rrancatar Gris. Is and sin imchoemnacair Conall Cernach. in tuc nech uaib a cend ar se. Ni thucsam ar cách. Is and asbert Conall Cernach. Tongusa a tonges mo thúath
14170] or se ní midbine in sin. Is de atá Midbine oc Roirind. Tintaiset {MS folio 122b 30} dochum in chind arise. Co n-accas ní ro berbai in cend in cloich co ndechaid treithe. Niro damsat Ulaid co mbuaid choscair do Emuin Macha in tsechtmainsin. Ro damastar im anim Con Culaind co tarfád don .l. rígan ro saraigestar a llaa re tuidecht don chath.
14175] Co n-accas ní Cu Chulaind ina siaburcharput isind aeór os Emuin Macha. Conid and ro chan Cu Chulaind dóib co n-erbairt iarna eistecht.

{MS folio 122b 35} Eomuin Eomuin. oll olleith. tan ré Talcind trebfait iathu Emna. ticfat de Eoraip Elpae. di usciu ethar domuin
14180] dobním co sluagaib Succet sailiu gil gigsit co rríg n-ardnime alchel coton Sion suidigthe leis raigma do lathiu lanbratha. {MS folio 122b 40} Fer cain congeba frim anair isind oínmaig. maith in sin co comairsem a Emain.


{MS folio 122b} Siaburchobra Con Culaind i llathiu a éitsechta.

Úaine ortae a Eomuin. Ditiu ortae Eomuin. ar cleith doclast a Eomuin. Docer i cath a Eomuin. ciab oen {MS folio 122b 45} fri iliu. do loeg dofuart firu. Uaine ortae Eomuin. dofias mór fer mar fer mart. forriadam réim n-erchían ar ba rom ron traethad. Toret im gáir ngubae. Cain aindrae dun subae. Setu
14190] finna. forcu Dechtire. duin deme. dimemed art uasal. mad arg n-erred. rissed do fius már fer mart. Mad oen fri oen n-uathad admuind findmac nEithnend. Cach cruth {MS folio 122b 50} cach leth robae ro fertad fer Aife. Atbath Loeg iruilled nach bad trummu turbaid tom mo chaurchobraid Conall
14195] conoí luing lúath o Ultaib echraid echlaig dilind duib a mMuig Eo i mMaig Cride. U.

Cu Chulaind atbert. De aduentu Christi.

{MS folio 122b 55} CRist cetarét iathu écmacht n-anfót frecnairc || {MS folio 123a} fallnabthair ar chenel fechid. ar chel coemrí Comdiu
14200] ísund úasund athardae domoin do imdún duin fri nelbruig nia doíne ticfa a recht cach leth linfaid. lenfaid. do thogaís. troethfaid Isu iffern. imergib áil Ádaim i flaith forbais foláim {MS folio 123a 5} fris mbet formdig ingair fris failtniget fris raidfet recht nime. cia riseo cia tuili. dia n-eperat arbuir in rí ro ícc talmain ar
14205] flaith fordonosdá. ar ríchid natesbaí do foirm nert nime la forlinad suide séis for dindaib flatha. in rí iar mbúaid chatha. {MS folio 123a 10} oenaib. dedaib tredaib tria chumachta nat erglond. nad ecguth. nad erbur. Dall taidbsiu do doínib. robud ria. mbás. bias renna nime. Fochroithfet. grian gel inderg dithsir réim
14210] nglas rotha resair esce foleth luigther in luachthaidiu amser tria. torromu. Ísu as uasliu. as isliu tria erscartad


{MS folio 123a} iffirn. tria suidigud suide tria thuaslucud flatha. tria lanarbur {MS folio 123a 15} catha. tria lanchumacta nime im nimib. im doine im duile im bethu tria bithu. Crist.

Luid in Liath Macha do chelebrad do Emir. Co tara a chend ina hucht. & dochuaid ina dessel fo thrí. & desel Dúin Imrid. & Duin Delga.

Nuallguba Emire in so.

{MS folio 123a 20} A Leith Macha mór n-essad. mór ndirsan. mór ngalgat.
14220] . mór mairg. nodat décai immuddidnad nachitoisci cotuteilged eirr chain chumachtach cathbuadach uas do chlíu nad chliss crichbrugi Macha meic hui Nendrúaid. nél find forétis ríg side seol n-óir uas dindaib. ar thuathaib ilib imgonad {MS folio 123a 25} gein óir uas t'anail ar faebraib fechaid forrúair dubu Delgae
14225] dilachtai. Torreith rig eirr sceo bás rí ech uas echaib. uas bemmennaib oc buadaib oc foromnaib for énaib. Nit ecmaing fleisc na urlond. na urchor. nit ecmaing fein clí congaibed ferna aurdloctai. nit ecmoing dess dia mbenad bidbadu. {MS folio 123a 30} fordombenad a bunad immumdiched a urúath nam biathad a
14230] aruit. ardum cetmunter caín cathbuadach. ciallastar iar dun chath chruaid. n-oenguine. Atambebai ecomlund i cétaine. i cétlathiu fogomuir eirr broga Murthemni millsit ammaiti dichimmid n-etain. granne genite. cruan cern Con Culaind {MS folio 123a 35} cathbuadaig. Car in mete nasad mo miad no mét no gal no
14235] gart no grád. no gním. inid Cu Chulaind cathbuadach ocona ragaib ré. Rolá ár do Galianaib fri Hernu. Ros mbí Eraind arid mbebsat bás. Ar rofitir eirr chaín chumachtach chathbuadach co ngressed grissaib clóitis riana gail gabais {MS folio 123a 40} immi ecóir ara torchair a scíath. ara n-imgaib a ech.
14240] athcummai a delg. Dolluid adollus ara thethraig a nert nach nderbai dia chéim. Co farnaic ammaiti tuathchaecha ara chind. cu glas fonoiset fri tindell a cliu do cossecht. foa urseilb oa bund coa mullach corbo marb a leth laith gaile. {MS folio 123a 45} friasa comarnic. co torchair a ech ainmem. Liath leggur
14245] Dub Aiglend. olc lige adbul sluag doceir ciarbo oenchossid oenlámaid dithrachtai dia oenuch.


Ro marb Cu Chulaind .uiii. Láith. uiii. Níaith .uiii. Feci .uiii. nOengusa .uiii. Fiachaig .uiii. Fergusa .uiii. Faelgusa .x. mBrudi {MS folio 123a 50} .x. mBróin .x. mBrenaind .x. Corpri .x. Crimthaind .x. Conaire
14250] .x. Conaill .ix. truich .ix. ndruid. ix. nDoelgusa .ix. Saergusa .ix. nIllaind. xl^. arad .xl^. brolach .xl. brugad. cét mulach .c. ndíbergach .c. sen. c. n-óc .c. midais .xx. ríg. xx. colomon. xx. eirred án. xx. {MS folio 123a 55} olloman. im ocht cét lam ndess do imdibe. Im ocht cét súle clé do chaechad co fargaib in sluagsin uile fo anim dia éis issind
14255] oenló., ||

{MS folio 123b} Apraind a Léith Macha nabu díb n-echaib commaib fo charput ba sodursan. napu díb lamaib comlánaib comarnic. Apraind nach Conchobor claidebruad comairlestar. Dursan {MS folio 123b 5} nad Eirrge Echbel arnic. Apraind nach Sencha Sobeóil
14260] rosiacht. Dursan nach Fiacha Foltlebor fallnastar. Apraind nach Eogan Alaind acillestar. Dursan nach Fergna mac Findchaeme forcmastar. Apraind nach Fergus mac Lete luid. Apraind nach Feidlimid Faeborderg forcachai. Dursan nach Munremur morglonnach miadaigestar. Apraind nach
14265] {MS folio 123b 10} Amargin urdairc aigestar. Dursan nach Rochad Rigderg rathaigestar. Apraind nad bátar errid Ulad uile ocond airm i torchair i n-écomlund. ar no reidedsom a chorp ngel chrechtach ar Ultu fri iltuathu ilairbriu. Dursan nach Conall Cernach {MS folio 123b 15} cobrastar. Apraind nach Celtchair comrach cuala. Dursan
14270] nach Loegaire Buadach báigestar. Apraind nach Fergus mac Rossa roacht. Dursan nad batar Ulaid uile imme airm i torchair.

Domchommart a chuma. cotomessart a díth. Rom dithracht a díbad. Am dímain dia éis. ar nimda ni iarum. Ba meite
14275] cach cride rod car con bossad. ba meite cech cluas rodcuala {MS folio 123b 20} co bráth noco ndermanad. Ba meite cach dér no cíthe co bráth ba dia bithchoíniud. Ba meite cach rosc atconnairc no ciad frassaib fola. ar is dered fo dubai in domain dia eis. Ar niba fri ceili aile iarum nom accfither. Nibat gárechtaig
14280] {MS folio 123b 25} aiscedaig fergnúsi ocom urnaidm. Ar ní fugeb céli fri Coin Culaind cosmail.

Bit bronaig delguin dilactai. nibat failti buad bantrochta dobeba Mis Gegra gnimrathu. rogní mordígail. Adrulaid lumg mossad morgnima i mMaig Siamrach ro sephaid Conall iar Cormac
14285] {MS folio 123b 30} comaitecht conderaig a daltae digairsi mór gein ro gabai ar galaib oenfir iar mbreth ban side siachtum mórthochmarc


{MS folio 123b} meic dea Dechtiri derbad Soaltim. sainaltram Loga imréith fri mind rotha Scaithchi scelaige. eochraide inna nUlad {MS folio 123b 35} n-úath oa n-athaib. teist ro fersur ré siabordai ina urchomair
14290] sé mbliadna déc dlegma scur. saetha sechmai morthuatha. alchél cach uand dia éol immaciam. immacaínem. immanairchisem. Is truag in bith atáthar and. ar ni chomraicfeni nach laithiu aile. a Leith., A Leith. Finit. Amen.


{MS folio 123b 40}.Aided Choncobuir.

BAi mesca mór for Ulto fecht n-and i nEmain Macha. Docuridar dí immarbaga móra & comrama eturro .i. eter Chonall & Coin Culaind & Loegaire. Tucaid damsa ar Conall inchind Mess {MS folio 123b 45} Gegra coro acilliur ócu na comram. Ba bes d'Ultaib ind inbaidsin
14300] cach curaid no marbdais ar galaib oenfir no gatta a n-inchind assa cendaib & commesctha ael airthib co ndenad liathroite cruade díb. & in tan no bítis i n-immarbaig no chomramaib dobertis dóib co {MS folio 123b 50} mbítis inna lamaib.

Maith a Chonchobuir ar Conall naco ndernat oic na comram
14305] echt fon innasa ar galam oínfir. nidat tualngi comram frimsa. Is fir ón ar Conchobor. Doratad iarum forsin forud fora mbid do gs ind inchind. Luid cách a lethi arnabarach dia cluchiu. {MS folio 123b 55} Dolluid dano Cet mac Matach do chuairt ectra la Ulto. Beist {MS folio 124a} ass andsam ro boí i nHerind || in Cet. Is ed dolluidside dar
14310] faidchi na hEmna & tri laechcind leis do Ultaib. In tan bátar na ónmite co cluchiu do inchind Mes Gegra. Iss ed atbert ind ónmit {MS folio 124a 5} fri araile. Rocluinedar Cet anísin. Ethaidside in n-inchind a lláim indala n-aí & berid leis. O rofitir Cet ro boí i tarngere do Mess Gegra a digail iarna écaib. Cach cath & cach irga no bíd
14315] do Chonnachtaib fri Ulto dobered Cet in n-inchind inna chriss dús in tetarthad écht n-amra d'Ultaib do marbad di.

{MS folio 124a 10} Fecht and dí dolluidseom intí Cet sair co tuc tánai mbó a Feraib Ross. Donarraid i n-iarmoracht Ulaid ina diaid. Doriachtatar dano Connachtai dond leith aile dia thessaircainseom. Fechair
14320] cath eturro. Dolluid Conchobor féin issin cath. Conid and sin {MS folio 124a 15} gadatar mna Connacht do Chonchobur tuidecht for leith do descin a delba dóib. Fo bíth ni rabi for talmain delb duini amal deilb


{MS folio 124a} Conchobuir .i. eter chruth & deilb & dechelt. eter mét & córe & cutrummae. eter rosc & folt & gile. eter gaís. & alaig. & erlabra. eter
14325] {MS folio 124a 20} erriud & áne & écosc. eter arm & immad & orddan. eter gnais & gaisced & chenel. Nirbo lochtach trá intí Conchobor. A comairli im in Cheit ro gabsat na mná ailgis do Chonchobur. Luid iarum for leth a oínur dia descin dona mnaib.

Dolluid Cet im co mbuí eter na mná i mmedón. Nos indlethar
13430] {MS folio 124a 25} Cet inchind Mes Gegra isin tábaill. & nos teilc conid tarla i mmullach Conchobuir co mbátar a da trian inna chind & co torchairseom isa cend co tarla fri lár. Focherddat Ulaid chuci conid rucsat o Chet. For brú Átha Daire da Báeth is and dorochair Conchobor. {MS folio 124a 30} Atá a lige and baile i torchair & corthe fria chend & corthe fria
14335] chossa.

Maidid tra for Connachta co Sciaid Aird na Con. Dobertar Ulaid sair doridisi co Áth Daire Da Báeth. Mo brithse ass ar Conchobor. Dobér ríge nUlad do neoch nom béra connici mo thech. Not bersa ar Cend Berraide ar a gilla fadéin. Dobeirside
14340] {MS folio 124a 35} lomain imme & no mbeir fora muin co Arddachad Slebe Fúait. Maidid a chride isin gillu. Conid desin atá ríge Cind Berraide for Ultaib .i. in rí fora muin leth ind laí. Conócbad trá in debaid on tráth co araile dar éis in ríg. Co raimid for Ulto iar sin.

{MS folio 124a 40} Doberar tra a liaig co Conchobor .i. Fingen. Iss eside no finnad
14345] don diaid no theiged don tig. in lín no bíd i ngalur sin tig. & cech galar no bíd and. Maith or Fingen dia taltar in chloch asdo chind {MS folio 124a 45} biat marb fo chetóir. Mani tucthar ass im not ícfaind. & bid athis duit. Is asso dún ar Ulaid ind athis oldás a écsom.

Ro iccad iarum a chend & ro fuaged co snáth óir ar ba cumma
14350] dath fuilt Conchobuir & dath inn óir. & asbert in liaig fri Conchobor co mbeth i fomtin .i. arna tísad a ferg dó & na digsed for ech & na {MS folio 124a 50} etraiged mnai co anfeta & na rethed.

Ro boí dano isin chuntabairtsin céin robo beo .i. uii. mbliadna & nirbo engnamaid acht a airisium inna suidi namma .i. naco cuala
14355] Crist do chrochad do Iudaidib. Tanic andside crith mór forsna dúli & ro chrithnaig nem & talam la mét in gníma darónad and {MS folio 124b} .i. Ísu Crist mac Dé bí do chrochad. || cen chinaid. Craet so ar Conchobor fria druid. Cia olc mór dognither isind lathiusa indiu. Is fír on ém ar in druí. Is mór in gnímsin ar Conchobor. In
14360] fersin dano ar in druí i n-oenaidchi ro gein & rogenisiu .i. in .uiii. kl^ enair cencop inund bliadain.

{MS folio 124b 5} Is and sin ro chreiti Conchobor. & iss ésin indara fer ro chreti


{MS folio 124b} do Dia i nHerind ria tiachtain creitmi é .i. Morand in fer aile. Maith tra ar Conchobor.

.R. Ba hapraind na dáil cu ardríg. nar nagg atumbeoir i rricht chruadchurad cichtis cichtis mo beoil concichlais {MS folio 124b 10} crúas mór miled. maidm nitha múaid nimslóig serbairlech. sordnifed soerchobair la Crist congenaind. gair báeth baruléim for leth ain lan Chomded lanscél cé chointir crochad ríg
14370] ba moo coirp a rí ardrach adamrai. tumcichthe in gním i tinol tairisem treóin uasal i Coimded coimthecht congnam {MS folio 124b 15} caín bé la Dia dilgadach dia chobair. caín forlund fóberaind. caín comlund crothfind Crist ar nemthuir. nipu scíth ce chéssaitís coirp chriad. ciarbo ar Crist cáid cumachtach cia
14375] dú dún nad rochem rád dúr derchointe ru n-ortar inarmen {MS folio 124b 20} mona miad nad ríg roachtmar ron cráidi crochad Crist ma chotócbaimmis ba hassu nad bemmis iar n-ardrach ecomnart uasal rí ro cés croich cruaid ar doine digmaig dia ráith ragaindse bás achtu flaith for leccaind fochil n-éca nabu ní
14380] nemthuir necht remiteised do choimrid mo chride clúas in {MS folio 124b 25} ardrach nguba armu Dia indscib nad ríg roacht co fír fortacht fritumthá brón báis conatbiur ar omun dom dul druib. cen Dulemain digail.

Is and doringni Conchobor in rethoricse diaro innis Bachrach
14385] druí de Lagnib do Chonchobur Crist do chrochad. Diara iarfaig {MS folio 124b 30} Conchobor ciata airde ingantacha so. &c. l^ dano combad é Altus in consul dodechaid o Ochtauin do chungid in chisa co Gaedelaib no innised do Chonchobur Cridt do chrochad.,


{MS folio 124b}Aided Meidbe.

{MS folio 124b 35} CID dia tá aided Meidbe ingine Echdach Feidlig a Temraig. Trí meic Find .i. Conall Anglonnach & Eochaid Find & Eochaid Feidlech. Tri meic dano la Eochaid Feidlech & tri ingena. Na tri meic. Bres & Nár & Lothur .i. na Trí Find Emna. Na tri ingena .i. Eithni Uathach & Medb Cruachan & Clothro Cruachan
14395] dia n-ebrad.

    1. Teora ingena Echdach Feidlig
      fuaim iar fochlu.
      Eithni Uathach. Medb Chruachan
      & Clothru.

{MS folio 124b 40}

In Chlothru dano is sí banrígan i Cruachain riasiu no gabad Medb flathius ar ecin ón o Echdaig. Batar tri meic Echdach oc
14400] triall ríge do gait ara n-athair. Dolluid Clothru dia tairmesc & {MS folio 124b 45} dia codnugud. Araisom dano dofocrait cath for Eochaid. Dolluid Clothro ara cind. In do sárgud far n-athar duib ar si. Is anfír mór cia dognether. Is ecen tra ar ind oic. In facbaid iartaigi etir ar in ben. Ní morithir or ind oic. Is doich tuittim dúib
14405] {MS folio 124b 50} trianafar n-anfír. Taít chucumsa ar si or is inbaid comperta dam. dús in faicfid iartaige lim. Dognither on. Luid cach fer ar n-úair díb cucci. co mbaí maith de .i. Lugaid Riab nDerg mac na Tri Find Emna. Na taít a fectsa ar sisi i n-agid for n-athar. Is lór d'anfír dúib comrac riafar siair cenco tisaid do chath ria-
14410] {MS folio 125a} far n-athair. Iss ed tra sin ro thairmisc || iat de choscur in chatha. Is and dí domeled Clothru dligeda Connacht i n-Inis Clothrand for Loch Rí. Asberatsum tra is Medb ros marbsi. & is triana taíb tucsat na claidib in Furbaide mac Conchobuir. Gabais indí {MS folio 125a 5} Medb rige Connacht iar tain & dobert Ailill i flaithemnas chuci.
14415] & is i nInis Clothrand domeledsi dligeda Connacht. & ba geis dissi cena fothrucud cecha maitni assin tiprait ar dorus na indsi.


{MS folio 125a} Luid dí Furbaide fecht and co hInis Clothrand. & saidid cualli forsind licc forsa ndenad Medb a fothrucud. & ro chengail {MS folio 125a 10} suanemain do chind in chualli .i. cualli ba comard ri Meidb.
14420] & sínid in suanemain dar Loch Rí síar & sair. Berid leis in suanemain dia thaig. In tan iarum no bitis macrad Ulad oca cluchi ba é cluchi Furbaide no síned a suanemain eter da chualli & no bid oc {MS folio 125a 15} díburgud eturro & ni anad co n-ermaised in ubull no bíd for cind in chualli.

Fecht and di boí dál mór eter Connachtu & Ultu im Loch Rí aníar & anair. & dorala Medb oca fothrucud matain moch assin tiprait osin loch cetna. Is alaind in delb út or cách. Cia sin ar Furbaide. Siúr do máthar or cách. Boíseom oc ithi blogi do {MS folio 125a 20} thanaig. Niro ansom dí ri cungid clochi. Dobeir in mbloig
14430] isin tabaill. Oro boí a hetan Meidbi friu. dosleici in mbloig conid n-ecmaing ina mullach. Conid romarb dond óenurchur i ndigail a mathar.

Aided Meidbe in sin.,


Aided Derb Forgaill

{MS folio 125a 25}Derb Forgaill ingen ríg Lochlainne ro charastar Coin Culaind
14435] ara urscelaib. Dolluid anair i rricht da géise & a hinailt co mbátar for Loch Cuan & rond óir eturru. Amal ro boí dano Cu Chulaind & Lugaid a dalta .i. mac na Tri Find Emna laa and la toíb ind locha co n-accatar na heonu. Dibairg na heonu or {MS folio 125a 30} Lugaid. Dolleici Cu Chulaind cloich forru co ndechaid etera hasna
14440] co mboí ina broind. Bátar da deilb duine issin tracht fo chetóir. olc robá rim ar ind ingen. & is tú doroacht. Is fír ar Cu Chulaind. Ro súgi iarum a tóeb na ingine in cloich co mbuí ina beolu cosin loim chró roboí impe. Is dot insaigid tánacsa tra or si. Nathó {MS folio 125a 35} a ingen or se. In tóeb ro súgiusa or se ní chomraiciubsa riss.
14445] Dombéraso dano do neoch bas maith let. Is maith limsa ém or se dul duitsiu cosin mac as soíriu fil i nHerind .i. Lugaid Riab nDerg. Maith lim or si acht conot accur do gs. Luid iarum co Lugaid co rruc claind dó.

{MS folio 125a 40} Laa and dí i nderiud gemrid. snecta mór and. Doniat na
14450] fir corthe mór don tsnechtu. Lotar na mna forna corthe. Ba he a tuscurnud. Tabram ar mún isin coirthe dús cia as sia ragas ind. In ben o ría triit is í as ferr congaib úan. Ni roacht dí uadib. Congairther Derb Forgaill uadib. Nirbo áill lea or nirbo {MS folio 125a 45} baeth. Téit arai forsin corthe ro selaig uade co talam. Dia
14455] fessatar trá ind fir so nícon grádaigfider i fail na oínmná. Gatair a súile assa cind. & a sróna & a da n-ó & a trilis. Niba soaccobraite ón. Dognither a pianad amlaidsin. & berair iar tain da tig. Batar {MS folio 125a 50} ind fir is tilaig i ndáil os Emain. Is ingnad lem a Lugaid ar Cu Chulaind snechta for taig Derb Forgaill. Is i n-écaib atási dí ar
14460] Lugaid. Tiagait for comluath dochum in taige. Amal rochualasi ón dunaid a tech furri. Oslaic ar Cu Chulaind. Caín bláth forro scarsam or si. Is and asbert.

    1. {MS folio 125a 55} Celebraid Cu Chulaind dam
      domriacht om íathaib iúil
      & Lugaid luth la beirt.
      dia tartus seirc náchim chiúil. ||

    2. p.464

    3. {MS folio 125b} Isim éicen dul i cían.
      ní fo fechta nodam ét
      scarad friu bid dál éicne
      menim thistais écne éc.
    4. La Coin Culaind la Lugaid.
      risnarom úath na hómon.
      menbad athber co n-athlech
      nibad aithrech ar comol.
    5. Comul scartha fri Riab nDerg.
      {MS folio 125b 5} is delg i cridi cró cnis.
      Cu Chulaind do bith i n-ingnais.
      dirsan menbad leca lis.
    6. Menbad leca lis Lugdach
      lasa rumnad cach nderba;
      ba romoch ar n-étarba
      fri mac na Tri Find Emna.
    7. Nach accimse Coin Culaind
      domringne dérach dubach.
      díthre mo thúath truag amar
      & scarad fri Lugaid.
    8. {MS folio 125b 10} Nim rumartsa mo fianchara.
      Cu Chulaind caraid buafad.
      baí dam ceile soer subaid
      Lugaid mac Clothrand Cruachan.
    9. Buaid gaile buaid clis ria cách
      do Choin Culaind cruth rod n-aí.
      buaid ngaiscid do Lugaid lúath
      buaid mo chrotha sech cech mnaí.
    10. Cach buaid dimbúaid iar tain
      cipia frisa ferthar tnú;
      cach indbass bid indles n-úag
      cach trén bid truag l^ bid trú.

    11. p.465

    12. {MS folio 125b} Sirechtach dál in bith cé.
      {MS folio 125b 15} ni sét fris nem nech dogní;
      torbais dál báis sech cech ndúis
      gnúis chaín cid alaind a lí.
    13. Nimda genair cridi crúaid
      dobeir táeb fri ailethúaith.
      ara mence soas gné
      a gnuis ri úair ndochraite.
    14. In tan imreidmis Emain
      a Temair nírbo drochband.
      {MS folio 125b 20} Cu Chulaind and ba subaid
      & Lugaid mac Clothrand.
    15. Cu Chulaind dam d'acallaim
      co ngnímaib danaib Dubthaig.
      iss ed ba slán lam chride
      & lige la Lugaid.
    16. Ro scarsam friar n-amalla
      oca mbimmís fri cach sel
      bés no comairsem nach tai
      ro delbad dam dul ar cel. C.

{MS folio 125b 25} Iss ed atberatsom ní baí a hanim intisi in tan tancatarsom
14520] is tech innund. Asberat dano ba marb Lugaid a chetoir oca descin . Luid im Cu Chulaind isa tech cosna mná co tarat a tech forthu conna tudchid fer na ben i mbethaid assin tigsin .i. dona tri coicdaib rigan. acht ros marb uile. Is and asbert Cu Chulaind.

    1. {MS folio 125b 30}Derb Forgaill bruinne gel bán
      domriacht dar srotha sál.
      ba rath carat ro dam fír.
      ingen rig de Lochlaind lán.
    2. Oro boí eter da fert.
      dogní mert mo chride cró.
      gnúis Derb Forgaill fo licce leirg.
      Lugaid Riab nDerg dirsan dó.

    3. p.466

    4. {MS folio 125b} Ba hallud mór do Lugaid
      boí fora chrannaib glee.
      {MS folio 125b 35} coíca cetguine cen dáil
      la hannud cach ree.
    5. Derb Forgail clú co n-áne
      co ngenus & féle.
      noco rala cor n-uabair
      gnuis dar gualaind a ceile.
    6. Tri coicait ban i nEmain
      is me doruid a n-orgain;
      cia fogelmais ríg na túath
      ba luag dóib Derb Forgaill.

{MS folio 125b 40} Derb .i. Dér ingen Forgaill rig Lochlainne. Rolad a fert & a
14545] llia la Coin Culaind.


Noenden Ulad & Emuin Macha

NOinden Ulad cid dia tá. Ni handsa. Crunniuc mac Agnomain di Ultaib briuga cetach atacomnaic. Baí i ndithrub & i rroilbib & meic imda leis. Ba marb iarum a ben. Tan buí {MS folio 125b 45} lathe and ina thig a oínur. co n-accai in mnai chuce ina thech.
14550] Ba cuchtach leis innas na mná. Fecaid in ben fo chetóir. o dofessid for ergnam do denam. amal bid is taig no beth riam. O thanic co aithchi donairbir in muntir cen athchomarc. Foaid la Crunniuc {MS folio 125b 50} isind aidchi. Baí oca amser már iar sin & ni buí ní ba terc dóib leesi di cach thorud eter biad & etach & indbass. Nibá cian iar sin
14555] ferthair oenach la Ultu. No thegtis Ulaid dond oenuch. fiur mnai mac ingin. Farruma dano Crunniuc la cach dond oenuch. Etach maith immi. bláth maith fair. Is tacair duit trá ol a ben friss ni {MS folio 126a} forbara anfót do rád. Is decmaing ón ol seseom. || Curthir a n-oenach. doberar carpat ind ríg forsin mblai deod laí. Dobert
14560] búaid in carpat cona echaib. Asbert in sluag ni fuil ní as lúathiu andáit na eichseo. Asbert Crunniuc is luathiu mo bensa ol seseom. {MS folio 126a 5} Airgaibthersom lasin ríg fo chetóir. Adfiadar don mnai anísin. Is turbaid ém damsa ol si dul dia fuaslucudsom & mé alacht. Cid turbaid ol in tectaire mairfithirsium meni risiu.

Tolluidsi dond oenuch iarum. et ros gabat idain. Tomforidse ol si risin sluag or is mathair ruc cách uaib. Anaid frim coro {MS folio 126a 10} lamnar. Ro fémid uadib. Maith tra ol si biaid olc bas mó de. & biaid for Ultaib uile re mór. Cia th'ainmsiu ol in rí. Iss ed mo ainmse ol si & ainm mo gene bias arin oenuchsa co bráth. Macha
14570] ingen Sainrith meic Imbaith m'ainmse ol si. Comluid iarum {MS folio 126a 15} frisin carpat. & in tan roanic in carpat cend na blae ro scáich a asaitsi ara chind. co mbert emun .i. mac & ingen. Is de atá Emuin Machae in sin. Iactaidsi dano lia hasait. nach duine rodachúala son foscerded i cess. cóic laa & cethri aídche. Fir Ulad uili ro
14575] {MS folio 126a 20} batar and dosniced uili do gs ind ellsin. fri saegul nónbair o cach fiur ro baí and. Cóic laa & cethri aidche. l^ coic aidche & cethri laa. iss ed sin ro boí noinden Ulad. Nert mna siúil ba hed no bíd


{MS folio 126a} la cech fer di Ultaib fri saegul nonbair. isind noenden. Treide {MS folio 126a 25} forna bíd noenden di Ultaib .i. meic & mnaa Ulad & Cu Chulaind.
14580] Iss ed heret ro mbaí for Ultaib. ó amsir Cruincon meic Agnomain meic Curir Ulad meic Fiatach meic Urmi. conice amsir Forco meic Dalláin meic Mainich meic Lugdach. &c. Curir Ulad is de dogairter Ulaid.

Is desin tra atá Noenden Ulad & Emuin Macha.


Tréide Cétna Labratar Iarna Genemain

{MS folio 126a 30}CIA treide cetna labratar iarna genemain fó chétoir & cid ro labraiset. Ni handsa. Aí mac Olloman meic Delbaith. & Morand mac Cairpri Chind Chaitt. & Noinniu Noíbrethach. Is de chetus ro labrastar Óe macc Olloman .i. Baí Fiachu mac Delbaith {MS folio 126a 35} rí Herend for cuairt ríg & a bráthair na farrad .i. Olloni mac
14590] Delbaith. Batar laa and ic tomailt i nInis Tige i n-iarthur Herend .i. in rí Fiachu & a brathair Ollom. Leth in tige oc cechtar de. A druí dano for belaib ind ríg .i. Fiachach. Oro bátar oc tomailt a {MS folio 126a 40} fessi dothaet athach gaethe móre tarsin tech. conos tarat uile i socht mór niét in delma. Cid forcanas ind athach ar Fiachu frisin druid.
14595] Iss ed forcanas or in druí dán ingnad do thurcbail i nHerind. Cinnas dana ón or in rí & cia ó ngenend & cia bale i ngenfe. Dán bas chomgráid frit grádso ol in druí. & bid is tigseo genfes. & bid {MS folio 126a 45} ón mnai út tall do brathar genfes. Is torrach & beraid mac innossa & bid comgráid fritso. & ticfa grád amra aile and bas úasliu dia
14600] fogenat for ngradasi .i. grad ecalsi.

Ra firad trá uili anísin Ra genair in mac fo chetóir. & ro thríall {MS folio 126a 50} in rí a marbad in meic. coro thairmisc a athair .i. Ollom ar níba lia in rí is taig andaside. In tan ro bas ocond imrádud imme co cualatar in mac oca rád. Domurcbaid súas coro acilliur in ríg.
14605] Turggbair suas iar sin. Ní damsa dot inchaib a Fiachrai or se. Cid dober duit ar in rí. Ni handsa. Mo bruig mo lánamuin {MS folio 126b} lonchore co ndabaig dandlugae tucthar om ríg mucra escra. || cuach carpat calg tricha bó bró fíann fiacho. O Fiachna damsa insin uile ar in mac. Doberthar ar Fiachu. Cia ainm regas arin macsa
14610] i fectsa. Tabar Aí fair ar in drui. Conid assain trá ro ainmniged {MS folio 126b 5} aí airchetail .i. ó Aí mac Olloman. & is sí sein aí cetaerbairt Aí mac Olloman.

Morand im mac Carpri Chind Chait. Is de ro labrastarsede .i. ro marbtha lasin Corpre hísin cech soerchland ro boí i nHerind.
14615] Ar ba di athechthuathaib Herend dó. & ro gab rige nHerend ar ecin. & rap olc a rige ar ní bíd acht óengranne i cind cecha dési. {MS folio 126b 10} & oendircu a ccind na cuslindi. & oendircu i mmulluch na darach ina re. Ructha tri meic don Chairpriu hísin. & ro bádidís leis fo


{MS folio 126b} chetoir. ar ba doig ropdís torathair. Fo bíthin no bitis a cathbairr
14620] fo cennaib. In tres mac rucad dó .i. Morand. Ro thriall in cétna {MS folio 126b 15} do denam fris .i. a bádud. Ro herbad da oclach leis da chur i mbeolu na tuinne. Ora laiset uadib é i tuind mara brissis in tond in cathbarr & tócbaid in tond uasa in mac co n-accatar a gnúis for barr na tuinne. Is and asbertsom. Garg bé tond ar in mac.
14625] {MS folio 126b 20} Folengat chuce na ocláig & dofocbat súas. Nacham turcbaid ar seseom. Úar bé gáeth. Cid dogenam din macsa ar indara fer. Dogenam ar in fer aile facbam é i téig ar beind chloche i ndorus tige na cerda .i. Máen a ainmside cerd ind ríg. & cométam in mac dús in lessaigfe in cerd é. O dochuaidside assa thig co n-acca in
14630] {MS folio 126b 25} mac isin téig. & no mbeir leis isin tech. Fursain caindel a ben ar se. co n-acther in frithisea fuarusa. Tucad cucu iar sin caindel conid and atbert Morand. Solus bé caindell. Ro alt in mac la Moen iar sin fora seilb féin. Rofetatar im na oclaig út narbo lesseom in mac.

{MS folio 126b 30} Fecht and iarum dolluid Carpre do ól lenna do thig Moín. In tráth rop ániu doib oc ól. luid in mac as cach ucht i n-araile co ndechaid i n-ucht Chairpri. Ro mainigther in gein ar Carpre. Cóich in macsa la osnaid móir do chur. Focheird dano a máthair in meic .i. ben Charpri osnaid aile. Cid itáid ar Móen. in format
14640] {MS folio 126b 35} nofar geib. Cid inmain lemsa in mac & cid mac dam ropad ferr lem combad libsi é. ara mét far serce lim. & ara riachtain a lessa duib. Ni tharla tra aní hísein dúinni ar Carpre. Maith ém a Chorpri ar in dias oclach út ropad maith a lúag neich dobérad {MS folio 126b 40} duit mac amlaid. Ropad maith imm ar Carpre. Ro beraind a
14645] chomthrom de argut dara chend. & ropad trian de ór. Acht ni tarba a rád ar is erlabra dímaín a ndogníd. Amal bid oca no bemmís ar na ocláech fonaiscther fort so. Fonaiscther fair. Oro {MS folio 126b 45} naidmed fair folengat na óclaig cuce co tucsat in mac ina ucht. & coro dilsigset dó. Is é in macsa ar siat rucsam uait dia bádud.
14650] & iss ed so daronsam de. Is fír uile ar in cerd. Is desin tra ro bai mac Main fairseom. & it e sin teora briathra toesecha ro ráid Morand iarna genemain fo chetóir .i. garg bé tond. úar bé gaeth. Solus bé caindel.

{MS folio 126b 50} Gabais tra Morand ardbrithemnacht Herend iar sin. & ba
14655] marb a athairseom .i. Cairpre. & ro faidseom a mac co Feradach Find Fechtnach i crích nAlban dia thócuriud i rríge nHerend ar ro theichside ria Corpriu dar muir innund arnaro marbtha leiss. Co {MS folio 126b 55} tanicside fo gairmseom. & corra gab ardríge Herend Ocus Morand i n-ardbrithemnacht Herend. & ||