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Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na Núachongbála

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R. I. Best, Osborn Bergin and M. A. O'Brien

proof corrections by Caoimhín Ó Domhnaill

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2. Second draft, revised and corrected.

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    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na Núachongbála. R. I. Best, Osborn Bergin and M. A. O'Brien (ed), first edition [xxvi + 260 pp. 4 pls. (MS facss.)] Dublin Institute For Advanced StudiesDublin (1954)


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Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na Núachongbála: Author: [unknown]


Lebor Gabála

{MS folio 1a 1}IN PRINCIPIO fecit Deus celum & terram .i. Doringne {MS folio 1a 5}Dia nem & talmain ar tús & ni fil tossach na forcend fairseom féin. Doringne chétus in maiss nemchruthaig & soillsi angel isin cetna domnuch. Doringne firmimint isin luan.
5] {MS folio 1a 10} Doringni talmain & muire sin máirt. Doringne grein & ésca & renna nime sin cétain. Doringne enlaithe ind aeóir & tonnaitecha in mara {MS folio 1a 15}sin dardain. Doringne anmanna in talman archena & Adam do follomnacht foraib isind aine. Ro chumsain iarum Dia issin tsathurn do forbthiugud dula nua & ní o follomnacht sain.

10] Dobert iar sain airchinnchecht nime do Lucifiur co noi ngradaib {MS folio 1a 20}angel nime. Dobert dano airchinnchecht talman do Adam & do Eua cona claind. Imromadair iarum Lucifer (c)ombad tóesech trín slúaig angel. Ro timmart in Rí é co tríun sluaig {MS folio 1a 25}angel leis i nItern & asbert Dia iarum fri muintir nime. Diumsach
15] inti Lucifer. Uenite ut confundamus consilium eius.

Ro formtig tra Lucifer fri Adam. derb leis iss é no bertha ( ) dara eis conid aire sin dochúaid I( )ar Du( ) i ndeilb nathrach. {MS folio 1a 30}coro aslach immarbus for Adam & Eua im thomailt ind ubuill don chraund ergartha conid aire sin ro innarbbad Adam a Pardus
20] hi talmain coitchind.

Dolluid in Comdiu cuccu iar sain & atbert fri Adam .i. Terra {MS folio 1a 35}es & in terram ibis .i. Do thalmain dotringned & i talmain raga. In sudore uultus tui comedes panem tuum .i. ni fuigbe sasad


{MS folio 1a}cen saethar. Asbert dano frisin mnai. Cum dolore & gemitu paries
25] {MS folio 1a 40}filios tuos & filias tuas .i. bid co ngalar & co cneit tuisema do chlaind & do maccu. Ro immarbaigestar cland Adaim iarum .i. sinser Cain miscedach mac Adaim. Iar sin ro marbside a derbrathair .i. Abel tria saint & formut conid aire sin dorat Dia {MS folio 1a 45}dilinn darsin n-uile ndomun.

30] Seth im in tres mac Adaim ica mbaí cland is uad atat fir domuin uile .i. Noe mac Lamech meic Mathusalem meic Enoc meicIared {MS folio 1a 50}meic Malalel meic Cainain meic Eno s meic Seth meic Adaim. Uair is e Noe in tAdam dedenach cosa mbertar fir domuin {MS folio 1b}uile l^ Uair ro baid in diliu sil Adaim uile acht Noe cona thrí
35] maccaib .i. Sem. Cham. Iafeth acus a cethri mnaa .i. Cobba. & Olla.{MS folio 1b 5} & Oliba. & Olibana.

O dorat iarum Dia dilind darsin uile ndomun ní therna di doenib in domuin on dilind acht mad lucht na hairce .i. Noe cona trí maccaib. & ben Noe & mnaa a mac. Unde poeta cecinit.

    1. 40] Sluag nad chlóe guachel.
      Noe nirbo niathlen;
      scel co ngrain ro gleadger
      Sem Cam & Iafeth.
    2. {MS folio 1b 10} Mnaa cen midend morfeba
      45] os dilind cen dibada.
      Cobba brigda in bainela
      Olla. Oliba. Olibana.

Sem dí ro gab i nAssia. Cam i nAffraic Iafeth i nEoraip.

    1. Sem ro gab i nAssia n-ait.

      50] {MS folio 1b 15} Cam cona chlaind sin Affraic.
      Iafeth uasal & a maic
      siat ro gabsat i nEoraip.

Tricha mac bátar ac Sem im Arifacsad im Asur im Persius. Tricha mac ac Cam im Chuss & im Chanan. A cóic déc im
55] {MS folio 1b 20}oc Iafeth im Madui im Grecus im Hispainius im Gomerus.


{MS folio 1b}Iafeth tra mac Nóe is uad tuascertleth na hAsia .i. Asia Becc. Armenia. Media. fir na Scithia & is uad lucht na hEoropa {MS folio 1b 25}ule. Grecus mac Iafeth is uad in Grec Mór & in Grec Becc & Grec na hAlaxandrech. Hispanius mac Iafeth is uad Hispania. Gomerus
60] mac Iafeth da mac laiss Emoth & Ibath.

Emoth is uad fine thuascirt in domuin. Ibath da degmac leis {MS folio 1b 30} .i. Bodb & Baath. Bodb diarbo mac Dói athair Elanius. Elanius im mac Doi tri meic leis .i. Armen. Negua. Isacon. Armen im coic meic leis Gotus. Cibidus. Uiligotus. & Burgandus & Longbardus.
65] Negua tri meic leis Saxus. Boarus. Uandalus.

{MS folio 1b 35}Hisicon im in tres mac Elanius cethri meic leis. Romanus. Francus. Britus. Albanus. Is e in tAlbanus ro gab Albuin ar tus & is uad ainmnigther Alba coro innarbad lais a brathair tar Muir nIcht conid uad Albanaig Letha ( )

70] {MS folio 1b 40} Magoth mac Iafeth is dia chlaindseom na tuatha tancatar Herind ria nGaedelaib .i. Partholon mac Sera meic Sru meic Braimin meic Fattecht meic Magoth meic Iafeth & Nemed mac Agnomain

{MS folio 1b 45}meic Paimp meic Thaitt meic Sera meic Sruu & clanna Nemid .i. Galeoin & Fir Domnand & Fir Bolg & Tuatha De Danand amal
75] asbert in fili

    1. Magoth mac an Iafeth
      a cinnti ach land
      dib Partholon. Banba
      robo chadla a band.
    2. 80] Ba dib Nemed noíthech
      mac Agnomain óen
      Ba díb Gand díb Genand
      Sengand Slaine sóer.
    3. Cland Eladan imda
      85] ba díb Bres cen bréig l^
      {MS folio 2a} mac Eladan armgaíth
      meic Delbaíth meic Néit.
    4. Meic Innuí meic Allduí.
      Alldui ba mac Taitt;

      90] meic Thabuirn meic Eno
      meic Baath meic Ebath aitt.

    5. p.4

    6. {MS folio 2a} Meic Bethaig meic Iardain
      meic Nemid hó Paimp Páim;
      {MS folio 2a 5} meic Thaitt meic Sera meic Srú

      95] meic Braimin báin.
    7. Braimin mac Fattecht
      meic Magoth ba mór blad;
      ro bása na n-amsir
      com thadbsi ri mag. M

100] Baath indara mac Ibath meic Gomer meic Iafeth. is uad Gaedil {MS folio 2a 10} & Fir na Scithia. Mac dó in fer amra airegda diarbo ainm Faenius Farsaid Iss éside indara toesech .lxx. dochoid do denam in Tuir Nebróith diaro scailtea na bérlai.

Nebroth im feisin mac Chaus meic Chaim meic Noe. Is é in
105] {MS folio 2a 15} Faenius remrate tuc Bérla Féne ón Tur. & is aice buí in scol mór oc foglaim na n-ilbérla.

Dá mac im bátar oc Foenius .i. Noenual indala mac foracaib i flathius na Scithia dia éis. Nél in mac aile icon Tur rucadside {MS folio 2a 20} & ba suíside na n-uile mberla. Conid aire táncas ara chend ó
110] Foraind d'foglaim na n-ilberla uad. Tánic im Faenius assind Assia dochum na Scithia assa lluid do denam in Tuir. co n-erbailt i flathius na Scithia i cind .xl^. bliadan. Ocus co tarat toesigecht dia mac do Noenual.

{MS folio 2a 25}Hi cind da bliadan .xl^. tra iar ndenam in Tuir ro gab Nín mac
115] Béil rige in domuin. ar níro thriall nech aile smachtugud na tuath. l^ na hilchenela do thabairt fó óenmám & fo chís & fó cháin acht seisium a óenur.

{MS folio 2a 30}Toesig im batar and reme .i. in fer ba húasle & ba mó rath issin túaith iss e ba cend comairle do chách. no choisced cech n-ecóir
120] no gressed cech cóir. Ni thriallad insaigid. l^ smacht ceneoil aile. {MS folio 2a 35}Is hí sein trá amser hiro genair Gaedel Glass o tát Gaedil. ó Scotta ingen Foraind. is uadi ainmnigtir Scuitt de Gaedelaib. ut dictum est

    1. Féni o Fenius asbertar

      125] brig cen dochta;
      Gaedil ó Gaediul Glas garta.
      Scuitt ó Scotta.


{MS folio 2a}Is é Gaedel Glass ro chum in nGaedilg asna da bérla sectmogat It é in so a n-anmandside.

130]{MS folio 2a 45} GuitOatriRugindBoét
135]{MS folio 2a 50}FrigiaSardainHumindGalait
135][140]CaspiaMacidóinSaraicAchait l^

140]{MS folio 2b} AtheniEdisGaedilgLacdemoin
140][145]{MS folio 2b5}ArdainNumaFrancAegipt;

Unde poeta cecinit.

    1. 150] Berla in domain decid lib.
      Bethin Scithin Scill Scartain.
      Guith. Germain. Gaill co ngrain
      Poimp. Frigia Dalmait Dardain.
    2. {MS folio 2b10} Poim. Morind. Liguirn lir.

      155] Oatre Créit Corsic Cipir.
      Tessail Caspia Arméin áin
      Reit. Sicil Saraic Sardain.

    3. p.6

    4. {MS folio 2b} Bergaig Boet Bretnais Bróes bind.
      Hispania Romain. Rugind
      {MS folio 2b15} Humind . Indiae Araib óir

      160] Mucaig Masic Macidóin.
    5. Parthia Siria Saxus
      Athin Achait Albain cais.
      Ebra Ardain Galait. glan.
      Troia. Tesalia. Colaig.

    6. 165] Móysi. Media Farni Graing
      Grinni Lacdemoin Longbairdd.
      Tracia Numeid Edis esc
      ail aird Ethioip Aegipt.
    7. {MS folio 2b 20} A sein lin bérla cen meirg

      170] asro theip Gaedel Gaedilg.
      aichnid do ara érgna
      na haicme na hilbérla

SRú mac Esrú tra meic Gaedil iss é toesech do Gaedelaib luid {MS folio 2b 25}a hEgipt o ro báded Foraind cona slúag i mMuir Romuir.
175] i ndegaid mac nIsrael .Ixx & dcc. bliadan ó dílind co sin. Lucht cethri long luid Srú a hEgipt. & cethri lanamna fichet cacha lunga & triar amus cacha lunga

{MS folio 2b 30}Srú & a mac .i. Eber Scott. bátar iat toesig na llongse. Is in tansin atbath Noenual mac Baath meic Noenuail meic Foeniusa
180] Forsaid .i. flaith na Scithia. & marb Srú dano fo chetóir iar rochtain na Scithia. Gabais Éber Scott ar écin rige na Scithia os chlaind {MS folio 2b 35}Noenuail co torchair la Nóemius mac Noenuail.

Boí cosnam eter Noimius & Boamain mac Ebir Scuitt. Gabais Boomain rige co n-erbailt. Gabais Rifill mac Noemi rige co torchair
185] la Taitt mac Ogomain Dorochair Taitt iarum do laim Refloir {MS folio 2b 40}meic Rifill. Boí cosnam flathiusa iarum eter Reflóir mac Noemi


{MS folio 2b} & Agnoman mac Taitt. Co torchair Reflóir la hAgnoman. Conid aire sin ro innarbad sil Gaedil for muir .i. Agnoman & Lamfind a mac co mbatar .uii. mbliadna for muir timchiull
190] {MS folio 2b 45}in domuin atuaid. Is lia turim an ro chesatar d'ulc.

Is aire thucad Lámfind for mac Agnomain ar niba mó soillsi chaindell andate a lama ocond imram. Tri longa díb & cengal {MS folio 2b 50}eturru na digsed cach díb o 'raile. Tri toisig batar accu iar n-éc Agnomain forsin muinciund mór Mara Caisp .i. Lamfind & Alldoit
195] & Caicher drui. l^

{MS folio 3a}Is é in Cacher druí dorat in leges dóib dia mboí in murdúchand oca medrad .i. boí in cotlud oca forrach frisin céol. Is é in leges {MS folio 3a5}fuair Cacher doib .i. ceir do legad na cluasaib. Is é Cacher ro ráid friu dia ruc in gáeth mór iat issin n-ocian coro chesaiset mór
200] re gortai & re híttaid and. Co torachtatar i cind sechtmaine in rind mór atá a Sliab Rifi fothuaid. Conid isin rindsin fuaratar {MS folio 3a10} topor co mblas fína coro longset and. Co mbatar tri láa & teora aidche na cotlud and sin. Co n-erbairt Cacher druí. érgid ar se ni anfam co rrísam Herind. Cia hairm atá ind Heriu ar Lámfind
205] {MS folio 3a15} mac Agnomain. Is fate ar Cacher andás in Scithia. & ni sind féin ric ar Cacher acht ar cland ricfat i cind trí chét mbliadan ó 'ndiu. Gabsat iar sin na Gaethlaige Meotecda. Acus is and sin {MS folio 3a 20} rucad mac do Lámind .i. Eber Glunfind .i. comartha gela ro batar fora glunib. Is hé ba toesech dar éis a athar. Ua dóside Febri
210] Glunfind. ua dóside Nuado.

210]Brathmeic Agnomain
210]mac Deathameic Thait
210]meic Ercadameic Ogamain
210]meic Elloithmeic Boomain
210][215]meic Nuadat meic Ebir Scuitt
215]meic Noenuail meic Srúmeic Febri Glais meic Esrú
215]meic Agni Findmeic Gaidil Glais
215]meic Ebir Glunfindmeic Níuil
215][220]meic Lamfindmeic Feniusa Farsaid.

{MS folio 3a 25}Is hé in Bráth tanic asna Gaethlaigib iar fut Mara Torrian do Chréit & do Sicil. Róisit co Hespáin iar sain. gabsat Hespain


{MS folio 3a}ar écin. Agnoman tra mac Taitt iss e tóesech tanic de Gaelaib assin Scithia. Da mac lais .i. Lamfind & Elloth. Óenmac ic
225] {MS folio 3a 35} Lamfind .i. Eber Glunind. Mac oc Elloth .i. Eber Dub i comamsir isna Gaethlaigib. Da hua occo i comlaith .i. Toecht mac Tetrig meic Ebir Duib. Acus Noenel mac Febri meic Agni meic Ebir {MS folio 3a 40} Glunind. Ocus Soecht mac Mantain meic Cachir. Ucca & Occa da mac Aldoith meic Noenil meic Nemid meic Alloid meic Ogamain
230] meic Thoechta meic Teitrig meic Ebir Duib meic Elloith.

{MS folio 3a 45}Lucht cethri long trá. tancatar Gaedil co Hespain. Cethri lanamna déc cecha lunga. & secht n-amois cen mnaa. Bráth lucht lunga. Ucce & Occe lucht da long. Da brathair iat .i. da mac Elloid meic Noenill meic Nemid meic Alloit meic Ogamain
235] {MS folio 3a 50} Mantan mac Cachir druad meic Ercada meic Oitechta. lucht {MS folio 3b}lunga. Tri catha im l^ ro brissiset iar ndul i nEspain .i. cath for Tóesen cath for Longbardu. cath for Barchu. Co tanic tam forru co n-apdatar .xxiiii. díb im Occe & im Ucce. Noco térna {MS folio 3b5}assna da luing acht da .u. im Én mac Occe & Ún mac Ucce.

240] Bai mac maith ic Brath .i. Bregon cá ndernad in Tor & in chathir .i. Brigantia ainm na cathrach. A Tur Bregoin im atchess Heriu fescur lathi gemreta. Atoscondairc Ith mac Bregoin. Unde Gilla Coemain cecinit.

    1. {MS folio 3b10} GAEdel Glass ó tat Gaedil

      245] macside Níuil nertmaínig
      robo thrén tíar & tair.
      Nel mac Fóeniusa Forsaid.
    2. Da mac ic Fáenius fír dam.
      Nél ar n-athair & Noenal;

      250] {MS folio 3a15} rucad Nél ocon Tur tair.
      Noinel con Scithia sciathglain.
    3. Srú mac Esru meic Gaedil
      ar senathair slúagfaelid;
      is é luid fothuaid dia thaig

      255] dar ucht Mara ruaid Romair.

    4. p.9

    5. {MS folio 3b} Lucht cethri long lín a slúaig.
      for fut Mara Romair ruaid;
      {MS folio 3b 20} tall ina cláradba is cet
      cethri lanamna fichet.

    6. 260] Flaith na Scithia ba gním glan.
      in gilla diarbo ainm Noenal.
      is and atbath tall ca thaig.
      tan ráncatar Gaedil.
    7. Gabais Eber Scot na scal

      265] os chlaind Noenil co nefnar;
      {MS folio 3b 25} co torchair can chaenius cain.
      la Noemius mac Noenil.
    8. Nertmar mac Ebir iar tain
      diarbo ainm brechtgal Beomain.

      270] co traig Mara Caisp ba rí
      co torchair do láim Noemi.
    9. Noimius mac Noenil ind nirt
      ro gab in Scithia sciathbricc;
      {MS folio 3b 30} doceir in flaith comlán cain.

      275] la Ogmán mac Beomain.
    10. Ogmán iar sain ba flaith
      dar éisi Noemi nertmaith;
      co n-erbailt na chríne cen chill
      dara éis ba rí Refill.

    11. 280] Dorochair Refill iar tain.
      do laim Thait meic Ogamain.
      {MS folio 3b 35} dorochair Tait cencor thim.
      do laim Reflóir meic Refill.
    12. Refloir Agnoman cen on

      285] ré .iiii. bliadna i cosnam.
      co torchair Refloir ragel.
      la mac Tait la Agnoman.

    13. p.10

    14. {MS folio 3b} Noinel is Refill co rind
      dá mac Reflóir meic Refill;

      290] innarbsat Agnoman ass.
      {MS folio 3b 40} darin muir merda mórglass.
    15. Mathi na tóisig ba día
      tancatar assin Scithia
      Agnoman Eber cen ail

      295] da mac Thaitt meic Ógamain.
    16. Elloth. Lámfind. Lamglass léir.
      tri meic Agnomain imréil;
      Cacher is Cing clú co mbúaid
      {MS folio 3b 45} dá degmac Ebir echrúaid.

    17. 300] Arim a llong tri longa.
      ic tiachtain dar tromthonna;
      trí fichit cach luing luad ngle.
      & mna cach tres fiche.
    18. Atbath Agnoman nirbo aisc

      305] i n-insib Mara morChaisp.
      bale i mbátar re bliadain
      i fuaratar rodiamair.
    19. {MS folio 3b 50} Ráncatar Muir Libis lan
      seolad sé samlaithe slán.

      310] Glass mac Agnomain nirbo dis.
      and atbath i Caronisl^
    20. {MS folio 4a} Caín inis fuaratar and
      for Muir Libis na laechland
      rathi for bliadain co mblaid

      315] a n-aittreb sinn indsisin.
    21. Seolait for muir monor ngle
      eter lathi & aidche.
      taitnem lám Lamind laindrig
      {MS folio 4a5} ba cosmail fri caemchaindlib.

    22. p.11

    23. 320] {MS folio 4a} Cethri tóisig dóib nir dis
      iar tiachtain dar Muir Líbis;
      Elloth. Lámind lúath dar ler.
      Cing is a brathair Cacher.
    24. Cacher fuair leges dóib thall.

      325] arna medrad don murdchand;
      is é leges fuair Cacher cain.
      {MS folio 4a10} céir do legad na cluasaib.
    25. Is é Cacher comol gle
      doringne doib fastine;

      330] ic Sleibte Rifi con rind.
      ni fil foss dún co Herind.
    26. Cia hairm i fil ind Heriu ard.
      ar Lámfind in laech langarg;
      is fata asbert Cacher and

      335] {MS folio 4a15} ni sind ric acht ar mórchland.
    27. Cingset inna cath co fí
      fodess sech rinne Rifí;
      clanda Gaedil co nglaine.
      ro gabsat na Gaethlaige.

    28. 340] Genair mac irdairc and sain.
      do Lámind mac Agnomain
      Éber Glúnfind glan in gríb.
      senathair foltchas Febríg.
    29. {MS folio 4a 20} Fini Gaedil gasta glain.

      345] ccc. bliadan forsin tirsin;
      ro threbsat and ó sein immach.
      noco tanic Brath buadach.
    30. Bráth degmac Deatha dil.
      tanic do Créit do Sicil;

      350] lucht cethri long seolta sláin
      desel nEorpa co Hespáin.

    31. p.12

    32. {MS folio 4a} Occe & Ucce cen ail
      da mac Elloith meic Noenil.
      Mantán mac Cachir Brath dil.

      335] ba siat na cethri tóesig.
    33. Cethri fir déc cona mnáib.
      ba lucht do cach luing laechláin.
      & sesseor amos án.
      roinset tri catha i nHespain.

    34. 360] {MS folio 4a 30} Ard in cetchath noco chél
      ro roinset for sluag Toessén;
      cath for Barco ba gor gó.
      & cath for Longbardo.
    35. Ba dar éis in chatha clé

      365] tánic doib tám oenlaithe;
      lucht long mac nElloith cen chron.
      marba uile acht dechenbor.
    36. {MS folio 4a 35} Doriachtatar ass Ún is Én
      da degmac na tóesech trén;

      370] iar sain ro genair Bregoin.
      athair Bili in balcdremoin.
    37. Ro briss mór comlond is chath.
      for sluag Espáin illadach.
      Bregon na nglórgal na nglia.

      375] leis doronad Brigantia.
    38. {MS folio 4a 40} Bregoin mac Bratha blaith bil.
      is dó robo mac Milid;
      .uii. meic Miled maith a slóg
      im Éber im Herimon.

    39. 380] Deich meic Bregoin cen meirbe.
      Brego Fuat is Murthemne;
      Cuailnge. Cualo. Blad. cia bé.
      Ebleó. Nar. Íth is Bilé.

    40. p.13

    41. {MS folio 4a} Ith mac Bregoin co mblaid bind.

      385] tanic ar tús i nHerind;
      is é fer toesech ros treb
      do sil noesech nertGaedel. G.

Scuirem ifechtsa do scélaib na nGaedel coro aisnídem dona .uii. tuathaib ro gabsat Herind rempo.

390] {MS folio 4a 50} RO gab ém Cessair ingen Betha meic Noe .xl. láa ria ndilind Partholon mac Sera. tri chét bliadan iar ndilind. l^ Nemed {MS folio 4b}mac Agnomain do Grecaib Scithia i cind .xxx. bliadan iar Partholon. Fir Bolg iar sain. Fir Domnand iar sain. Galioin iar sain. Tuatha Dé Danand iar tain. Unde Fintan cecinit.

    1. 395] {MS folio 4b5} HERiu cia iarfaigther dím
      atá lim co grind.
      cach gabal ros gab
      o thus betha bind
    2. Dolluid anair Cessair

      400] ingen Betha in ben
      cona coicait ingen
      cona triur fer.
    3. Tarraid diliu Bith
      ina sléib cen rúin.

      405] Ladru i nArd Ladrand
      Cessair ina cúil.
    4. {MS folio 4b10} Bliadain dam fo dílind déin.
      i Taul Tuinne thend;
      ní fuarus ní im thomaltus

      410] cotlud bad ferr.
    5. Misse i nHerind sund
      ba suastin mo sét;
      conos toracht Partholon
      anair a tír Gc.

    6. p.14

    7. 415] {MS folio 4b} Messe sund i nHerind fós.
      sisi Heriu fás;
      {MS folio 4b15} co tanic mac Agnomain
      Nemed nimtha gnás.
    8. Fir Bolg is Fir Galión

      420] tancatar ba cían.
      tancatar Fir Domnand
      gabsat i nIrrus tíar.
    9. {MS folio 4b 20} Iar sain tancatar Tuatha Dé
      ina caipaib ciach cían

      425] co 'motormalt damsa friu
      ciarbo saegul cían.
    10. Iar sain tancatar meic Miled
      a Hespain anes.
      co 'motormalt damsa friu

      430] ciar thrén a tress.
    11. Doroacht saegul sír
      damsa nocho chel;
      conom tharraid creitem óg
      o Rig nime nél.

    12. 435] Misse Fintan find
      mac Bochra ni chél;
      d'éis na dílend sund
      {MS folio 4b 25} am sruith uasal hér. H.

Incipit de gabalaib Herend.

440] ROs gab iarum Cessair ingen Betha meic Nóe ut praediximus. .xx l^ l^. laa ria ndilind. Is é fochond a tiachtana. ar teched na {MS folio 4b 30} dilend. Uair asbert Nóe friu. Ergid ar se co himmel iartharach in domain bes noco ria in diliu. Lucht tri mbárc. Dosrala do Dun na mBárc hi crích Corco Duibne. Ro battea di bairc díb. Térna
445] {MS folio 4b 35}Cessair lucht a bairce .i. l. ingen & triar fer .i. Bith mac Nóe dia tá Sliab Betha. is and ro hadnacht i carn mór Slébe Betha. Ladru


{MS folio 4b}luam dia tá Ard Ladrand. is é cetna marb dochoid fo úir Herend. Fintan mac Bochra dia tá Fert Fintain os Tul Tuinne. Atbath {MS folio 4b 40} Cessair i Cuil Chesra la Connacta. cona coicait ingen. It é in so
450] a n-anmandside ut Fintan cecinit.

    1. CAín raind ro randsammar etrond
      messe is Bith is Ladru lond
      ar síd is ar céill doringne
      imon .l. ingen oll.

    2. 455] Sect mna déc rucus im Chessair
      {MS folio 4b 45} Lot is Luam is Máil is Barr.
      Froecar Femar Faible Foroll.
      Ciper Torrian Tamall Tam
      Abba Ulla Raichne Sille

      460] is é lín baí sinne and.
    3. A sé déc ruc Bith ri Bairind
      Sella Della Duib addéos.
      Fotra Traige Nera Buana
      {MS folio 4b 50} Tamall. Tanna Nathra Leos.

      465] Fodarg Rodarg Dos Clos rocluinter
      rop iat sain ar munter beos. l^
    4. {MS folio 5a} A sé déc iar sain re Ladraind.
      Alba Bona.
      Gothiam Germán Aithne. Inne

      470] Rodarg. Rinne. Iachor Ain.
      Irrand. Espa. Sine. Samoll
      rop é sain ar commond cain. .C.

Niro gab nech tra do síl Adaim Herind ría ndílind acht sain.,

{MS folio 5a5}Ba fás tra Heriu iar sain fri ré tri chét mbliadan l^ .xii. ar .ccc.
475] quod uerius est. Conos toracht Partholon mac Sera meic Srú. is é cetarogab Herind iar ndílind dia mairt for .xiiii. esca. i nInbiur {MS folio 5a10} Scéne. Uair fo thrí ro gabad Heriu a hInbiur Scéine. Do chlaind


{MS folio 5a}Magoth meic Iafeth é ut diximus. Isin tsescatmad bliadain aisi Abráim ro gab Partholon Herind.

480] Cethrur airech tanic Partholon .i. Sé féin. & Laíglinne a mac dia tá Loch Laíglinne la Hú Mac Cuais Breg. Slanga & Rudraige {MS folio 5a15}da mac aile Partholoin. Dia tá Slíab Slanga & Loch Rudraige. In tan ro class a fert Rudraige is and ro memaid in loch fo thír.

Secht mbliadna do Partholon i nHerind in tan atbath in cétfer
485] dia muntir .i. Fea dia tá Mag Fea. uair is and ro hadnacht i {MS folio 5a 20} mMaig Fea. Isin tres bliadain iar sain cétchath Herend ro briss Partholon i Slemnaib Maige Ítha for Cichol nGricenchos d'Fomórch- aib. & fir co n-oenlámaib & co n-oenchossaib ro fersat friss in cath.

490] Secht lochthomadmand i nHerind i n-amsir Partholoin .i. Loch {MS folio 5a 25}Láeglinne la Ú Mac Cuais Breg. Loch Cuan & Loch Rudraige la hUltu. Loch nDechet & Loch nEchtra & Loch Con la Connacta. & Loch nEchtra la Airgialla. Ár ni fuair Partholon ara cind i nHerind acht tri locha & ix. n-aibne .i. Loch Fordremain i Sléib Mis. &
495] {MS folio 5a 30} Loch Lumnig fo thír. Findloch Cera i nIrrus. Aband Lifi & Luí. & Muad & Slicech & Samaír forsa tá Es Rúaid. Find & Modorn. Buas & Banna. eter Le & Elle.

Cethri blíadna ria n-éc Partholoin tomaidm Brennai fo thír. Ro {MS folio 5a 35}slechta cethri maige la Partholon i nHerind. Mag nÍtha la Laigniu.
500] Mag Tuired la Connactu. Mag Lí la Hú Mac Cuais. Mag Ladrand la Dál nAraide. Ar ni fuair Partholon ara chind i nHerind acht óenmag .i. Senmag nÉtair. Is aire atberar Senmag de ar nír ás {MS folio 5a 40} frén na flesc feda trit riam. & is andside atbath Partholon míle fer & iiii. mile ban do thám sechtmaine. i k l^ maí. Dia lúain ros
505] gab tám & ros marb uile in tam ule acht oenfer tantum .i. Tuan {MS folio 5a 45}mac Stairn meic Sera mac brathar Partholoin. & ro ndelb Dia i rrichtaib imdaib. & ro mair in t-oenfersain o amsir Partholoin co hamsir Finnen & Coluim Chille. Co nd-ecaid dóib gabala Herend {MS folio 5a 50} o amsir Chesra cetaragab cosin n-amsirsin. & is é sin Tuán mac
510] Cairill meic Muridaig Mundeirg. Is dósin ro chan in suí senchasa in laídse sís. l^

    1. {MS folio 5b} A Choemu clair Cuind cóemfind
      fuind fer Fáil feib adféidim.
      cia dám iar tustin talman

      515] cetatarlad for Herind.

    2. p.17

    3. {MS folio 5b} Heriu ria ndilind datha
      {MS folio 5b5} feib adrímim a retha.
      fofuair féin fessaig findgil
      im Chessair ingin Betha.

    4. 520] Bith mac Noe na n-ildrem
      cid ro chloí re cladband.
      marb i Sleib Betha is badbu.
      marb Ladru i nArd Ladrand.
    5. Luid Fintan for fect fainne

      525] {MS folio 5b10} fríth a lecht ba léim luinne
      nirbo tricc i clud chille
      acht i firt uas Tul Tuinne.
    6. Do Dún Bárc fri fleid frossa.
      dosnuc trácht cen meid mesra

      530] ocon charn ic muir mesra.
      marb Cessair i Cuil Chesra.
    7. Xl^. lathe lanseng
      doruacht in sathe séimseng
      {MS folio 5b15} inna mbairc ria ndeilm ndílend

      535] gabsat áit hirend Herend.
    8. Atracht for fecht fír fuiglech.
      trí nert ind Ríg dia n-adrad.
      Fintan ba fer co scélaib
      de tholaib trenaib talman.

    9. 540] Tri chét bliadna arbágim
      raidim tri ríagla rímim
      {MS folio 5b 20} ba fás adfoidiu faidim
      Eriu aibind iar ndilind.
    10. Dolluid Partholon prímda

      545] réim rígda dar rám rámda;
      a chethrur curad caemdil.
      bá díb in tsaergein Slanga.

    11. p.18

    12. {MS folio 5b} Slanga Laiglinne lainech
      clárda caidglinne a curad;

      550] {MS folio 5b 25} athair urgnaide airech
      & Rudraige rurach.
    13. Ro slechta maige a mórchaill
      leis ar gaire dia gradchlaind.
      Mag nItha tes Brí buadchind

      555] Mag Lí luadrinn. Mag Lathraind.
    14. Secht lochthomadmand ca thomsid
      {MS folio 5b 30} co clothanmand cia thadbsid.
      línsat fo gébind gibsig.
      Herind indsig na amsir.

    15. 560] Loch Laiglend. Loch Cuan coltra.
      Loch Rudraige ruad cen rectga
      Loch nDechet. Loch Mesc medach.
      Loch Con. Loch n-elach nEchtra.
    16. Uacute;as Herind áille datha

      565] {MS folio 5b 35} feib adféidim cach fotha
      nocon fúair for dind betha
      acht tri locha.
    17. Tri locha aidble ammais
      & ix. n-aibne n-immais.

      570] Loch Fordremuin. Loch Lumnig.
      Findloch uas imlib Irruis.
    18. Aband Lifi Luí lúadem
      dia ndrechi cach druí denend.
      derbtais degairde. dílend

      575] {MS folio 5b 40} senchas senaibni Herend.
    19. Muad Slicech Samaír Sláne.
      Buas buane ar bladaeb benne.
      Modorn Find fo gne lanna.
      Banna eter Le & Elle.

    20. p.19

    21. 580] {MS folio 5b} Atbath iar n-uaill co n-ócaib
      Partholon cona chuain chétaig.
      {MS folio 5b 45} ro slechta. sellaib sétaib
      for Senmaig Elta Etair.
    22. Is aire i Senmag. sona

      585] is Dia delbach fotera.
      fo fich ro thesc méin mara
      ni frith frem na flesc feda.
    23. Fail and a fert iar fíraib
      {MS folio 5b 50} cencop nert eter noemaib.

      590] ba tuí a thuil fo dámaib
      ní coí crábaid diar caemaib. A. l^
    24. {MS folio 6a} Trí chét bliadna ci adfeisid
      os deilib diamra duasaig.
      don gasraid glebind gaesaig

      595] for Herind aesaig uasail.
    25. Fir mnai mac & ingen
      i k l^ maí mór derbaid
      ni slán samthodáil samraid
      {MS folio 6a5} tám Partholain i mBregmaig.

    26. 600] Baí .xxx. bliadna bocta
      ba fas fri fianna fecta
      iar n-éc a sluaig fri sectmain
      na n-eltaib for Maig Elta.
    27. Mé in tÚa Flaind fodlas fíru

      605] raind fri rígu doroígo.
      rob rád ráiter cach rad
      {MS folio 6a10} rop iar cádo a choemo. A.

FÁs tra Heriu iar tain fri ré .xxx. mbliadan iar Partholon conos toracht Nemed mac Agnomain do Grecaib Scithia a chethrur
610] {MS folio 6a15} airech. Cethri meic Nemid in sin. Cethri longa .xl^. dó for Muir Caisp re bliadain co lleith conna toracht acht a long a oenur Herinn.


{MS folio 6a}Is iat in cethrur airech .i. Starn & Iarbonel Fáid & Annind & Fergus {MS folio 6a 20} Lethderg Cethri meic Nemid in sen. Cethri lochthomadmand i nHerind i n-amsir Nemid .i. Loch Cál la Hú Niallain. Loch
615] Munremair la Luigne. Loch nDairbrech. Loch nAnnind i mMide. In tan ro class a fert & a adnacul Annind meic Nemid is and ro mebaid in loch fo thír.

{MS folio 6a 25}Is é Nemed ro bris cath Ruis Froechain for Gend & Sengand da ríg Fomore. & ro marbtha a ndís and. Ro class di rígráith
620] la Nemed i nHerind .i. Raith Chimbáeth i Semne. Raith Chind {MS folio 6a 30} Eich la Hu Niallain. Cethri meic Matan Munremair ro chlaidset Raith Chind Eich i n-oenló. .i. Boc & Roboc. Ruibne & Rotan. Ro marbtha ria matain la Neimed riasíu no chintís in claide.

Ro slecta dá mag déc i ndaire lige la Nemed i nHerind. Mag
625] {MS folio 6a 35} Cera & Mag nEba. & Mag Cúili Tolaid. & Mag Seimne la Connactu. Mag Seired la Tethba. Mag Tochair i Tir Eogain. Mag Semne la Araidiu. Mag Macha la Airgialla. Mag mBernsa la Laigniu. Lecmag la Mumain. & Mag Moda. Ro bris tri catha for Fomóre .i. loingsig {MS folio 6a 40} na fairgge .i. Cath Badbgna la Connacta. Cath Cnamrois la Laigniu.
630] Cath Murbuilg i nDal Riatai. Atbath Neimed iar sin do thám i nAilen Arda Nemid. i nHuib Liathain.

Boí dochraite mór for clannaib Nemid dara eise i nHerind .i. {MS folio 6a 45}Ó Morc mac Deled & ó Chonand mac Febair. dia tá Tor Conaind. risi n-apar Torinis Chetni indiu. Is inti boí morlongas na Fomore.
635] Da trian clainne & etha & blecta fer nHerend. cacha samna co Mag {MS folio 6a 50} Cetni. Ro gab tra ferg & tursi firu Herend re trumma in chísa. Lotar uile do chathugud frisna Fomóre. Trí daglaích occu .i. Semul l^ {MS folio 6b}mac Iarbonéoil Fátha meic Nemid. Herglan mac Beoain meic Stairn meic Nemid. Fergus Lethderg mac Nemid. Tricha míle
640] for muir. tricha mile aile for tír. Ro thoglatar in Tor. Dorochair {MS folio 6b5}Conand cona chlaind. Conid iarsin togailsin dosfarraid Morc mac Deiled. Lucht tri fichet long co torchratar comthuttim. & tanic in muir dar firu Herend & niro theich fer díb o cheile la duire in {MS folio 6b10} chathaigthe. conna terna díb acht óenbarc i mbatar .xxx. trenfer.
645] Lotarside ass for scaíl a Herind for teiched in galair & in chíssa .i. Marb Bethach i nHerind de thám. A deich mnaa dia éis fri ré {MS folio 6b15}tri mbliadan fichet. Luid Matach & Hérglan & Iartach .i. trí meic Beóain co Domon & co Herdomon i tuascirt Alban. Semión i tírib Gc. Fororbart a clandside i suidiu co mbatar i mmílib.
650] Dobreth doíre forru la Grecu .i. tarduth úire for sleibe garba. {MS folio 6b 20} combtar maige fo scothaib. Dollotar for élud .u. mile & gníset barca dóib dia mbolgaib. & dollotar dochum nHerend doridisi re mbunadas.


{MS folio 6b}i cind .xxx. mbliadan ar .cc. iar Nemud sain. Ocus is iat so a cóic thoisig .i. Gand & Genand. Rudraige & Sengand & Sláne. Fergus
655] {MS folio 6b 25} Lethderg im & a mac .i. Britan Máel o tát Bretnaig in domain. Gabsait Moind Conáin & linsat dia claind in n-insi móir .i. Britaniam insolam. Co toracht Ingís & Orsa da mac Uechtgilsi ríg Allsaxan. {MS folio 6b 30} co ngabsat forru. & ro innarbsat Bretnu for imliu na hindsi. Is iat sin turtheta clainne Nemid iar togail Tuir Chonaind. Unde in
660] suí senchasa cecinit.

    1. HERiu oll ordnit Gaedil
      adfediu drong dia ndálaib;
      Ro gabsat mór flatha fualngech
      {MS folio 6b 35} do chiniud uaibrech Adaim.

    2. 665] Ó Adam fírbind angbaid
      co dilind deilm ro hindled
      ni tessaig a treb tetbailc
      acht Cessair ingen.
    3. Act Bith is Ladru luadem

      670] Fintan fri abrú irend.
      nis fuair faillsig féigseng
      {MS folio 6b 40} Herend ria n-amsir ndilend
    4. Iar ndilind diamra dala
      .ccc. bliadna ci atbera

      675] ba glancharón fri gala.
      tuc Partholon mac Sera.
    5. Sech cech salmchanóin sochraid
      muinter Partholoin phecdaig
      marb uile lín a teglaig

      680] {MS folio 6b 45} fora Senmaig fri sechtmain.
    6. Sé choic mbliadna cen bruga
      cen fóit ba tiamda teimel.
      fas cech leth co ler labair
      nis ragaib nech acht Neimed.

    7. p.22

    8. 685] {MS folio 6b} Neimed cona fir na n-uile
      ar lín geimel is gaile;
      ba leis crich cocthe cuire
      iar ndith na haicme aile.
    9. {MS folio 6b 50} Imbered buaid cen baiglo.

      690] Neimed co n-úaill co n-érgnu
      mac Agnomain fri huaibriu
      cia samlín lag( ) ba sáegdo. |
    10. {MS folio 7a} Starn ro thuit ri mac Febuir.
      Iarbonél Fáid ba faelid.

      695] Annind co ngemlib gemen
      tri airig nemnig Nemid.
    11. Neimed ro sern im ratha
      ba teidm teined tar trocha.
      na re fri rogairm ratha

      700] {MS folio 7a5} boí tomaidm cethri locha.
    12. Loch Munremuir múr mellaig.
      dremuin drumremuir daingin.
      Loch nDarbrech dar fál fonnind.
      Loch Cál & Loch nAnnind.

    13. 705] Aith ro classa ri airbriu
      di ráith fri daigniu demniu.
      Raith Chind Eich i nDáil Idnu.
      Raith Chimbaeith i Semniu.
    14. {MS folio 7a10} Slechta leis ba sét suba

      710] da mag déc derce dega
      Mag Cera Connacht coma.
      Mag Moda & Mag nEba.

    15. p.23

    16. {MS folio 7a} Mag Tochair trén ro glanad
      Lecmag di mórmaig Muman;

      715] Mag mBernsa fri ruin rorath.
      Mag Cuile Talad. Mag Lugad.
    17. Mag Sered serge srotha.
      Mag Semne soillse datha;
      {MS folio 7a15} Mag Luirg lugthemne letha.

      720] Mag Murthemne. Mag Macha.
    18. Maidm and Moduirne máidis
      fri féin Fomóre falgis.
      cath Murbuilg magda morgais.
      cath Badgna. cath Cnamrois.

    19. 725] Hi crich Liathain i mMumain
      marb de thám triathár temen.
      co ngasraid glanféoir garda
      i nAileon Arda Nemid.
    20. {MS folio 7a 20} Nipdar dínaig im dolad

      730] in síl ro sílaig Neimed;
      la Conaind co curp chalad
      & la Morc mac Deled.
    21. Da trian a clainne cuchta
      nir fíal fri fainne fechta

      735] cís buan tria bithu betha.
      dá trian etha & blechta.
    22. Co Mag Ceitne crúaid idna
      dar Ess Rúaid ecne n-amra.
      {MS folio 7a 25} tairge fri fóir fri fairthe

      740] dóib cacha aidche Samna.
    23. Semul mac Iardain failid
      Fergus fairid feidm n-úabair
      Erglan mac Beoain bágaig
      na tri sáirfir dia sluagaib.

    24. p.24

    25. 745] {MS folio 7a} Sluag Herend cona fairind
      lotar ba cemmend cumaing;
      fian cos mbaí fuil dar colaind
      siar do thogail Tuir Chonaind.
    26. {MS folio 7a 30} Tor Conaind co méit airgne

      750] adcomaill col cét milte.
      cathir comola ceirde
      ferge Fomora fairge.
    27. Fir Herend iarna togail
      co rogail reimend remib

      755] ni therna díb deilm nitha.
      acht tricha do chlaind Nemid.
    28. Niptar coraig ma n-orbba
      in slog co mórgail marga.
      {MS folio 7a 35} don trichait niad nóisech

      760] luid cech toisech a arda.
    29. Hi tír Grec aithle ind ilair
      luid Semion ba sét sodáin.
      co n-irgnus os raind remáin
      luid Fergus i mMaind Conain.

    30. 765] Britan Mael mac na flatha.
      saer in slichtrad dar sretha;
      mac in Lethdeirg don lechtmair
      o tát Bretnaig in betha.
    31. {MS folio 7a 40} Bethach fo chéimim chlothalt

      770] marb i nHerind ar clitecht
      a deich mna dia éis iarum
      re teora bliadan fichet.
    32. Fo Sémión silais cétu
      ba lir legion la Gcu;

      775] nir foímtha ria n-ócu
      acht ro doertha la Grecu.

    33. p.25

    34. {MS folio 7a} Ba hé a n-ord na n-airech
      immedain bolgg nir bladach
      {MS folio 45} úir for sliabaib cairchech clochach

      780] combo mag scothach scorach.
    35. Scuirset cen chairge celgaich
      for fairge fergaig forduig;
      assin daíri dúr daltaig
      co mbarcaib is co mbolgaib.

    36. 785] Ba siat a n-anmand úalle
      na ríg mergand co n-áne
      Gand Genand glerib dagrand
      Rudraige Sengand Slane.
    37. {MS folio 50} Síl Semioin srethe slegrand

      790] gním gledion glethe glonband;
      Galión fir na n-orb n-imgand
      Fir Bolg & Fir Domnand., l^
    38. {MS folio 7b} Marid a tóit a tóraind
      randsat i cóic cen chredim

      795] cen tusled dia treib toebing
      ó Uisnech oíbind Herind. H.
    1. TOgail Tuir Chonaind co ngail.
      for Conand mór mac Febair.
      {MS folio 5} fir Herend dollotar dó

      800] trí tóisig ána occo.
    2. Herglan mac Beoain meic Stairn.
      Semul mac Iardain acgairb;
      ria longis luid laech na llerg
      mac Nemid Fergus Lethderg.

    3. p.26

    4. 805] {MS folio 7b} Tri fichit mile mod ngle
      iar tír & iar n-usce
      is é lín lotar o taig
      clanna Nemid don togail. T.
    5. {MS folio 7b10} Torinis inis in Tuir.

      810] cathir Chonaind meic Febair;
      la Fergus féin fiched gail
      doceir Conand mac Febair.
    6. Morc mac Deiled tánic and
      ba do chongnam ri Conand;

      815] dorochair Conand reime
      la Morc bá mórsceile.
    7. Tri fichit long darin ler
      lín tanic Morc mac Deileth.
      {MS folio 7b15} dosfarraid ria ndul i tír

      820] cland Nemid co nertbríg.
    8. Fir Herend uile sin cath.
      iar tiachtain na Fomorach;
      uile ros baid in lermuir.
      nammain acht tri dechenbuir.

    9. 825] Érglan. Matach. Iartacht án.
      tri meic Beóain meic Stairn stialbain;
      Bethach. Britan iarsin chath
      Bahath airdib is Ebath
    10. {MS folio 7b 20} Bechad Betach Bronal Pal

      830] Gorthigern. Glasna Ceram
      Gobran Gothian glan
      Gam Dam Ding & Deal.
    11. Semion Fortecht Gosten gle.
      Greman Gulliuc co nglice.

      835] Taman Turruc & Glas.
      Feb & Feran foltchas

    12. p.27

    13. {MS folio 7b} Tri dechenbor sin seol bind
      lotar iar tain a Herind
      {MS folio 7b 25} i trí doronsat a rraind

      840] tíar iar togail Tuir Chonaind. T.
    14. Trian Bethaig blad bind
      o Thorinis co Boind
      is é atbath i nInis Fáil
      da bliadain dar eis Britáin.

    15. 845] Trian Semion meic Erglain áin
      co Belach Con Glais co ngráin.
      trian Britain atbeir hua Flaind
      otá sin co Tor Conaind.
    16. {MS folio 7b 30} Clanna Israel for fecht

      850] sinn amsirsin a hEigipt;
      & clanna Gaedil Glais
      dochum na Scithia for longais.
    17. A Christ cain co caeme chniss
      a Rí patrech puirt Pharduis.

      855] it ríched bladmar ar mbla
      a Rí in talman in toga. T.

{MS folio 7b 35}FIR Bolg tra cóic thoisig tucsat leo ut diximus .i. Gand. & Genand. & Rudraige. & Sengand. & Slane. Coic meic Dela in sin. A cóic mnaa iar sain .i. Anust. Liber. Cnucha. Fuat. Etar.
860] Unde dicitur.

    1. Fuat ben Slane ni camm lib
      {MS folio 7b 40} Etan ben do Gand co ngail.
      Anust ben Sengaind na sleg.
      Cnucha ba ben Genaind glain.

    2. 865] Liber ben Rudraige in róit
      munter chumraide ni cúac.
      Rudraige ra re na reb
      docho lem is í a ben Fuat. F.


{MS folio 7b}Clanna Dela dí na firseo .i. Fir Bolg. Sláne in sinser mac Dela
870] meic Loith.

870]meic Oirthetmeic Semioin
870]meic Tribuaitmeic Herglain
870]meic Gothoirbmeic Beoain
870]{MS folio 7b 50} meic Goistenmeic Stairn[875]
875]meic Fortechmeic Nemid
875] meic Agnomain.

{MS folio 8a}Noí ríg díb ro gab Herind Sláne oenblíadain. Is é atbath l^ d'Feraib Bolg ar tús i nHerind. Rudraige dá bliadain co n-erbailt sin Brug bratruad. Gand & Genand cethri bliadna co n-erbaltatar
880] de thám i Fremaind. Sengand .u. bliadna co torchair la Fiacha {MS folio 8a5}Cenfinnan mac Stairn meic Rudraige meic Dela. Fiacha .u. bliadna. Cenfinna uile bae Herend na erchomair. co torchair la Rinnail mac Genaind meic Dela. Rinnail .ui. bliadna co torchair la Fodbgenid mac Sengaind meic Dela. i nEba Choirpri. Odbgenid .iiii.
885] {MS folio 8a10} bliadna co torchair i mMaig Murthemne la Eochaig mac Rinnail. meic Genaind meic Dela. Eocho mac Eirc .x. mbliadna. Ni boí fleochod ra ré acht drucht. Ní baí bliadain cen mess. Ro curthea gai a Herind re lind. Is leis doronad in recht cóir i {MS folio 8a15}nHerind ar tús. Dorochair tra Eocho mac Eirc la tri maccaib
890] Nemid meic Badrui. Is é sin cétrí do rind ro gáet ar tús i nHerind. Unde Colum Cille cecinit. Dena mo resnis a meic. &c.

Is iat sin ríg Fer mBolg & a n-aideda. Unde poeta cecinit.

    1. {MS folio 8a 20} FIR Bolg batar sunna sel.
      i n-inis moir mac Míled;

      895] cóic thoísig tucsat leo anall
      atát acum a n-anmand.
    2. Bliadain do Slane is fir so
      co n-erbailt na degdumo.
      cetfer d'Feraib Bolg na mbend

      900] atbath i n-inis Herend.

    3. p.29

    4. {MS folio 8a} Da bliadain Rudraige rúaid
      co n-erbailt sin Bruig bratruaid;
      a .iiii. Genaind is Gaind.
      coros marb tam i Fremaind.

    5. 905] {MS folio 8a 25} .U. bliadna Sengaind ba sáim
      coros marb Fiacho mac Stáir;
      a .u. aile ba thri ág.
      coro marb Fiacho Cenfindan.
    6. Fiacho Cenfinnan ria cach

      910] meraid a ainm co tí bráth
      cenfinna uile cen ail
      bai Herend na erchomair.
    7. Co torchair la Rinnail rúad
      fuairside a sé fria saerluad;

      915] {MS folio 8a 30} dorochair hua Dela de
      i nEba la hOdbgene.
    8. A .iiii. d'Fodbgene án
      co cath Murthemne na mmál
      dorochair Odbgen cen ail

      920] la mac Eirc la ardEchaig.
    9. Deich mbliadna d'Eochaid mac Eirc
      nocon fuair eochair amneirt.
      coro marbsat a rind roi
      tri meic Nemid meic Badroí.

    10. 925] {MS folio 8a 35} Cor ás Rinnal ní boí rind
      for arm etir i nHerind
      for gáib garga cen chlith cain.
      acht a mbith mar ithcrannaib.
    11. Tucsat Tuath De Donand dil

      930] láigne leo ina lamaib.
      dibsein ro marbad Eochaid
      la sil Nemid nertbrethaig.

    12. p.30

    13. {MS folio 8a} Anmand tri mac Nemid dano
      Luach. Cessarm & Luachro.

      935] {MS folio 8a 40} iat gonsat cetríg de rind
      Eocho mac Eirc i nHerind.
    14. Iar sain cathaigset Tuath Dé.
      ri Firu Bolg ba borbgne;
      rucsat a mmathius i mmaig

      940] a flathius ona Feraib. F.

Colum Cille cecinit.

    1. DEne mo resnís a meic
      innis scela dam colleic;
      {MS folio 8a 45} cian oro lethad cach n-olc

      945] oro gáet corp Echach meic Eirc.
    2. Eocho mac Eirc boí da bríg
      ferr cach ríg acht Crist cáid.
      iss e sin cetrí de rind
      ro gáet i nInis find Fáil.

    3. 950] Marbsat tri meic Nemid
      Nemid sluintit óic.
      clansat cletha dogra trít
      {MS folio 8a 50} co ndartsat fo odba bróic.
    4. Inti ní boí síd na sáim. l^

      955] {MS folio 8b} arin dáil bá baísi bróin
      ó Eochaig ba sidech sáer
      co amsir Mac Miled móir
    5. Mór in muriucht im thráth teirt
      dith meic Eirc ba hág nad n-airc

      960] fir i mbalggaib ba mór nert
      randsat inis ardglain Airt.

    6. p.31

    7. {MS folio 8b} Erendmag re Sláine sliss
      o Níth némannach fodess
      {MS folio 8b5} cossin Commor cuscle cass

      965] na Tri nUsce na trí n-ess.
    8. Re Gand cen chellach cen ches
      ba leis co Belach Con Glais
      Sengand o Belach in Chon.
      rosiacht mod co Lumnech les.

    9. 970] Naiscis Genand cumnech rúin
      otá Lumnech co hEss Rúaid
      reraig ríg Rudraige ráin
      o sen co Traig baile báin.
    10. {MS folio 8b10} Is cruaid in crobang ros cráid

      975] Tuatha De Donand do chéin.
      gabsat ba garbuicne glúair.
      for sleib cruaid Conmaicne Réin.
    11. Marbsat Firu buana Bolg.
      ba de batar úaga ard

      980] and sen ba forbairt mar feirg
      la Nuadait nArgetlaim n-aird.
    12. Ros coisc mac Eithlend na n-ag
      Lug lán ba fer feithgrind fial;
      {MS folio 8b15} roart dó ba fuilech fael

      985] i cath Maige Tuired tiar.
    13. Co Herind rancatar roiss.
      tancatar meic Miled mais;
      i tir fo thurind fo thess
      atchess a Tur bregoin brais.

    14. 990] Cetfer do síl Bregoin bind
      atbath dib i nHerind uill
      Dond mac Miled ír for leth
      dianid ainm Tech damac Duind.

    15. p.32

    16. {MS folio 8b} Cétfer ro hadnacht cen rind glas.

      995] i nHerind ba grind a ngres
      Ladru ba gargband a gus
      dia tá Ard Ladrand andes.
    17. Cetfer báte mét fodruacht.
      do síl mac Miled mét bárc.

      1000] Íth mac Bregoin ba mór glond
      dosrimart tond forsin tracht.
    18. Cetben luid i n-úir n-úair
      don chúain a Tur Bregoin báin.
      {MS folio 8b 25} Tea brega ben in ríg

      1005] dianid ainm fir Fáil.
    19. Ingen Magmóir ni dál doil.
      ben Echach meic Duach gairb
      Tailtiu bruine oenaig ain
      mumme Loga meic Scáil Bailb.

    20. 1010] Donither i mBrefne búain
      gnim fodirfe imbad mbróin.
      truag in derither fo deoid
      díth ind ailithir ó Róim.
    21. {MS folio 8b 30} Nertach mac Domnaill dogní.

      1015] dith con mind a chlí bud clé.
      noco bía i nHerinn
      ben na treb na tech na dé. D.

Fintan cecinit do raind na cóiced.

    1. COic urranna Herend

      1020] eter muir & tír;
      addeochsa na coemcainle
      cacha cóicid díb.
    2. {MS folio 8b 35} O Drobaís dianangbaid
      in chetrand cháid

      1025] cosin mBoind mbánadbail
      tes Bairche báin.

    3. p.33

    4. {MS folio 8b} O Boind bind banbruthaig
      co cétaib cúan;
      co Commor dalruthaig

      1030] na Tri nUsce n-úar.
    5. Ón Chommor chetnasain
      co fuirtiud cass;
      {MS folio 8b 40} ó Béolo ind angbaidChon
      dia ngairther Glass.

    6. 1035] O Lumnech longadbal
      lethan a lár.
      co Drobaís drongarmglan
      ris tiben sál.
    7. Suíthemail slectugud

      1040] arsaigter siúit.
      comlán in certugud
      ria roid i cóic. C.
    8. {MS folio 8b 45} Renna na cóicedsain
      co hUisnech rúit;

      1045] cach díb asa aird imríat
      dochum na liac co bo chóic. C.

Cland Semioin dano Gáleoin & Fir Domnand uile. Trícha bliadan iar nGenand & Rudraige tancatar Tuatha De Danand i nHerind.

{MS folio 8b 50}BATar iarum clanda Bethaig meic Iarboneoil Fáda meic Nemid
1050] {MS folio 9a} i n-insib l^ tuascertachaib in domain oc foglaim druidechta & fessa & fastini & amainsechta. Combtar fortaile for cerddib suíthe gentliucta. Combtar iat Tuatha De Danand tancatar Herind.

{MS folio 9a5}Is amlaid tancatar i nnélaib dorchaib. Gabsat for slebe Conmaicne Réin. la Connacta. & ro láset temel tri la & tri haidche
1055] for gréin. Cath l^ rige conatchetar for Feraib bolg. Fe hta cath {MS folio 9a10} eturru .i. cétchath Maige Tuired. hi torchratar cét mílec d'Feraib Bolg. Gabsat iar sain rige nHerend.

Tuath Dea tra in sin .i. dee in t-aes dána. Andei im in t-aes


{MS folio 9a}trebtha. Is accu batar brechta druad & arad & cuthchaire &
1060] deogbaire. Is iat Tuatha De Danand tucsat leo in Fál Mór .i. {MS folio 9a15}in lia fis baí i Temraig. dia ta Mag Fáil for Herind. Intí fo ngeisedsaide ba rí Herend. Condas ellacht Cu Chulaind & niro géis foe. nach fó daltu .i. fo Lugaid mac Tri Find Emna. & niro géis in chloch o sein ille acht fo Chund tantum. Ro sceind dano
1065] {MS folio 9a 20} a cride esti otá Temraig co Taltin conid é cride Fáil sein. Ecmoing ní hed fotera acht Crist do genemain iss ed ro bris cumachta na n-idal.

Nuadu Argatlám tra iss é ba rí do Thuaith De Danand .uii. mbliadna riana tiachtain i nHerind coro benad a lám de i cétchath
1070] {MS folio 9a 25} Maige Tuired. Edleo mac Aldoí is é cetfer dorochair i nHerind de Tuaith De Danand do láim Nerchoin hú Semioin. Hi cetchath Maige Tuired dorochratar Ernmas & Echtach & Etargal & Fiachra. {MS folio 9a 30} Gabais Bress mac Eladan iar sen rige nHerend. Co cend .uii. mbliadan coro íccad lám Nuadat. Nuado Argatlam iarum .xx.
1075] bliadan. Lám argait co lánlúth cacha láma in cach meór & in cach alt dorat fair. Dían Cecht. in liaig. & Créidne cerd i congnam fris.

{MS folio 9a 35}Taltiu im ingen Magmóir ríg Espane banrígan Fer mBolg. Tanicside iar cur áir Fer mBolg issin chétchath Maige Tuired co
1080] Caill Cúan. & slechtaither lé in chaill corbo mag scothemrach ria cind bliadna. Is hí in Tailtiusa ba ben Echach meic Eirc ríg Herend. {MS folio 9a 40} Coro marbsat Tuatha De Danand é. Is é mac Eirc dosfuc a Hespáin o hathair .i. o Magmór Mall rig Hespane. Taltiu tra ro threbastar i Tailtin & ra faí re Eocho nGarb mac Duach Daill de Thuathaib
1085] De Danand. & dorat Cían mac Déin Checht .i. Scál Balb ainm {MS folio 9a 45}aile dó. a mac di for altrom .i. Lug. Eithne ingen Balair Bailcbeimnig a mathairside. Co n-erbailt iar saín Tailtiu hi Taltin co tartdad a hainm furri. & conid hí a fert fil ond Forud Thailten sairtúaid. Co ndénta a cluiche cacha bliadna ic Lug .i.
1090] {MS folio 9a 50} Coícthiges ria lugnasad & coicthiges iar lugnasad. Lugnasad .i. noasad Loga meic Eithnend ainm in chluiche.

{MS folio 9b}Nuado Argatlam tra dorochair i cath dedenach l^ Maige Tuired. & Macha ingen Ernmais do láim Balair Balcbeimnig. Isin chathsin dorochair Ogma mac Eladan meic Neit. la hIndech mac De ríg
1095] {MS folio 9b5} na Fomorach. Dorochratar Bruidne & Calmál lo hOchtrilach mac


{MS folio 9b} nInnich. Iar marbad tra Nuadat & na ferso sin chathsain doratsat Tuatha De Danand rígi do Lug. & dorochair lais a senathair co cloich assa thabaill. Sochaide tra ro marbad sin chathsa co mBress {MS folio 9b10} maroen friu. Amal atrubairt Indech mac Dé Domnand in rí
1100] & fer co ndanaib & eladnaib éside. dar iarfaig Lug dó cia lín dorochair sin chathsain Maige Tuired. .i. Secht fir .uii. fichit .uii. c. uii. l. l. noí cét .xx. .xx l^l^. imm ua Néit nocha. .i. im Ogma mac {MS folio 9b15}Eladan meic Néit. Baí tra Lug mac Eithnend .xl. bliadan i rrige nHerend dar eis in chatha dedenaig Maige Tuired. Secht
1105] mbliadna fichet eter na da chathsa Maige Tuired.

Boí Eocho Ollathir .i. in Dagda Mór mac Eladan .lxxx. bliadan {MS folio 9b 20} i rríge nHerend. Is fair ro gniset fir Herend Sid in Broga. & a thrí meic .i. Oengus & Aed & Cermait Cáem. Tri meic oc Dían Checht .i. Cú & Chethen & Chian. & Minach in cethramad mac cenco
1110] n-airmet sochaide. & a ingen Etan baneices. & Airmed banliaig. {MS folio 9b 25}ind ingen aile. & Coirpre mac Etna in file. Crichinbel. & Bruidne. & Casmael na tri cainte. Be Chuille & Dianand na dí bantuathig. Tri meic Cermata meic in Dagda .i. Mac Cuill; Mac Cecht; Mac {MS folio 9b 30} Grene. Sethor & Tethor & Chethor a n-anmand. Fotla & Banba &
1115] Heriu a trí mnáa. Fea & Nemaind dí mnaí Néit. a quo Ailech Néit. Flidais dia tá Buar Flidais. a cethri ingena. Airgoen & {MS folio 9b 35}Bé Chuille & Dinand & Bé Théite. Dí ríg damraide .i. Fea & Femen dia tá Mag Fea & Mag Femin. Da dam dile insin. Torc Triath rí torcraide día tá Mag Treitherne. Cirba rí moltraide dia ta
1120] Mag Cirba. Math mac Úmóir in druí. Badb & Macha & Anand. dia tát Cichi Anand i lLuachair. tri ingena Ernbais na bantuathige. {MS folio 9b 40} Goibnend goba. & Luicne sáer. & Creidne cerd. & Dian Cecht in liaig.

Delbaeth dar éis in Dagdai .x. mbliadna i rríge nHerend co
1125] torchair & a mac la Cacher mac Námat brathair Nectain. Gabais {MS folio 9b 45}Fiachna mac Delbáeith ríge dar éis a athar .x. mbliadna aile. Co torchair Fiachna & ui. meic Ollaman la Eogan Inbir Móir. XXix. mbliadna d'uíb in Dagdai i rrige Herend .i. Mac Cuill. Mac {MS folio 9b 50} Cecht. Mac Grene. Randsat Herind i trí eturru. & ni fargsat maccu
1130] etir. Sethor & Tethor & Cethor a n-anmand. Cuccu tancatar


{MS folio 10a} Gaedil. Co torchratar la macaib Miled l^ Espain i ndígail Itha & Chuailnge & Fuait tri meic Bregoin in sin.

1130]Nuadu ArgatlamNeit
1130]mac Echtaigmac Indui[1135]
1135]meic Etarlaimmeic Allui
1135]{MS folio 10a5} meic Ordaimmeic Thait.
1135]meic AlduiFiachna
1135]meic Thaitmac Delbaeth
1135]meic Thabuirnmeic Ogma
1135][1140]meic Énameic Eladan.
1140]{MS folio 10a10} meic Baathmeic Delbaeth
1140]meic Ebathmeic Neit.
1140]meic BethaigAi mac Ollaman
1140]meic Iarboniuilmeic Delbaeth
1140][1145]meic Nemidmeic Ogma
1145]{MS folio 10a15} meic Agnomain.meic Eladan.

{MS folio 10a5}Lug mac Céin meic Déin Checht meic Erairc meic Néit. Is é cétaranic fidchill & liathroit & echlaisc & oenach i nHerind. Unde quidam cecinit.

    1. 1150] {MS folio 10a10} Lug mac Ethlend alt cen meirg.
      leis cetna acht oenach ard;
      ic caíni Crist ní bág báeth.
      {MS folio 10a15} atbath Conchobor gaeth garg.l^

Cacher & Nechtain da mac Namat meic Echach Gairb meic Duach
1155] Themin meic bressi meic Delbaeith meic Néit.

Siugmall mac Corpri Chruim. meic Ercmaire meic Delbaeith meic Ogma.

{MS folio 10a 20}Oengus Mac Óc & Aed Cáem & Cermait Milbel tri meic in Dagdai in sin.

1160] Corpre File mac Tuarda meic Turill meic Caitt Conatchind meic Ordaim meic Allui meic Thait.

Gaíla mac Oirbsen meic Elloith meic Eladan meic Delbaeth meic Néit.

{MS folio 10a 25}Oirbsen ainm Manannain ar tús. is uad ainmnigther Loch
1165] nOrbsen i Connactaib. In tan ro hadnaicced Manannan is and ro memaid in loch fo thír.


{MS folio 10a}Sé meic Delbaeth meic Ogma meic Eladan meic Delbaeth meic Neit .i. Fiachra. Ollom. Innui. Brian. Iuchorba. Iuchair.

{MS folio 10a 30}Donand ingen don Delbaeth chetna .i. mathair in triir dedenaig
1170] .i. Briain & Iucharba & Iuchair. Ba siat sin na tri dee dana. dia tá Sliab na Trí nDee.

Tuirill mac Caitt im senathair Corpri Filed & Etan ingen Déin Checht mathair in Tuirill.

{MS folio 10a 35}Tri meic Cermata im ut diximus. Mac Cuill .i. Sethor coll a dea.
1175] Mac Cecht .i. Tethor cecht a dea. Mac Grene .i. Cethor. grian a dea. Fotla ben Meic Cecht. Banba ben Meic Cuill. Heriu ben Meic Grene. Tri ingena Fiachna meic Delbaeth sen.

{MS folio 10a 40}Ernmas ingen Etarlaim meic Nuadat Argatlaim mathair na tri mbansa. & mathair Fiachna & Olloman.

1180] Tri ingena aile dano oc Ernmais .i. Badb & Macha. & Mórrigu .i. Anand a hainmside.

{MS folio 10a 45}A trí meic .i. Glond & Gním & Coscur. Boind ingen Delbaeth meic Eladan. Fea & Nemaind dí mnaí Néit meic Indui dí in gin Elcmair in Broga. Uillend mac Cathair meic Nuadat Argatlaim.
1185] Bodb Sída ar Femen mac Echach Gairb meic Duach Temin. Abcan {MS folio 10a 50} mac Bic Felmais meic Con meic Dein Cecht. fili Loga. Én mac Biceoin meic Sathirn meic Edleo meic Aldui meic Thait meic {MS folio 10b}Thabuirn. l^ Oc Tait mac Thabuirn condrecat forcla Tuathe De Danand. Is dósain ro chan in senchaid.

    1. 1190] HERiu co n-uaill co n-idnaib
      sinsit sluaig fora senmaig;
      síar co fuin ropdar foglaig
      {MS folio 10b5} a tuir thoglaig im Themraig.
    2. .XXXa. bliadan iar nGenand

      1195] gabsat sluaig siabro sonam
      for tuaith Bolc buaibthe barand
      tadall Tuathe De Donand.
    3. Dia do dáim ced dosrimrit
      gabsat co ngrain co nglanalt.

      1200] na neol olcoichthe
      {MS folio 10b10} for sleib Conmaicne Connacht.

    4. p.38

    5. {MS folio 10b} Cen dechla Herend derend ergnaid.
      cen ethra herim angbaid
      ni fessa fir for nim

      1205] in do nim no do thalmain.
    6. Mas do demnaib diabuil
      don longais lengduib laídig.
      slam co srethaib co slógaib
      {MS folio 10b15} cland Bethaig mas do daínib.

    7. 1210] Do daínib a ndír dligid
      in saergein dian síl serig
      Bethach Fianailen fobaid
      mac d'Iarbonel mac Nemid.
    8. Ni theilgset dáil na dliged

      1215] im ined Fáil co fuiled
      robán a daig & debech
      ma deired i mMaig Tuired.
    9. {MS folio 10b 20} Tuatha Dé ba tolg tréine
      im Thuaith bolg basit ríge.

      1220] inna cath co méit ualle.
      atbath cuane cét mile.
    10. Meicc Eladan aeb indna.
      fri fera doil fael fodla.
      Bres don Brug belgaeth Banba.

      1225] Dagda Delbaeth is Ogma.
    11. {MS folio 10b 25} Heriu cid rotbla roa.
      Banba Fotla & Fea
      Nemaind nar fodaind fathaig.
      Donand mathair na ndea.

    12. p.39

    13. 1230] {MS folio 10b} Badb is Macha mét indbais
      Morrígan. Fotla felbais.
      indlema ind ága ernmais.
      ingena ána Ernmais.
    14. Goibnend nir baeth bruidne

      1235] Luichtene saer cherd Creidne.
      {MS folio 10b 30} Dían Cecht frí dul rót roichthe.
      Mac ind Óc Lug mac Eithne.
    15. Crichinbel bruinde bladach.
      Bé Chuille Dinand drechach.

      1240] Cosmael co mbairdne becdai
      Corpre mac Etna is Etan.
    16. Huí in Dagdai diarbo threrand
      ran na mbuaball
      {MS folio 10b 35} flaithe febgarta adfiadam

      1245] tri meic Cermata Cualand.
    17. Cid Heriu ilair mile
      randsat a tír i tréide
      airich uill na n-ech n-ualle.
      Mac Cuill. Mac Cecht. Mac Grene

    18. 1250] Glé dosroíbaid dia n-irind.
      Mac Dé don rignaig rédim
      fri gail na ngním na ngleraind
      ni fil a síl for Herind. H.
    19. {MS folio 10b 40} Eochaid cen elmnas n-idland

      1255] delbas deochair a degrand.
      for fis na fian dia fuiglend
      cia dosruirmend nis adrand.
    20. Adraid ainm ind Ríg dobrórand
      fodlaid cech fír adfeidend

      1260] ro sern cach sín arsailem
      {MS folio 10b 45} Ro delb dír n-oibeng Herend. H.


{MS folio 10b}Tanaide cecinit.

    1. TUatha De Donand fo diamair
      fir cen chomall crabuid.

      1265] Cuileoin in chaille na crínaig
      daene d'fuilfeóil Adaim.
    2. Uasle thall na tuathe thréine
      lucht na cruache criíne.
      {MS folio 10b 50} aisneidem in dreimse i támne

      1270] a reimse 's a ríge.
    3. Ré .uii. mbliadna Nuadat nareng
      óssin chuanairt cheibfindl^
      {MS folio 11a} flathius ind fir chichmair chulfind
      ria tiachtain i nHerind.

    4. 1275] I Maig Thuired truim cen trucha
      i torchair cuing in chatha.
      cosnamaid ban in betha
      ro lead lám latha.
    5. .Uii. mbliadna Bressi na mbánat.

      1280] lór a dessi don duanabb;
      {MS folio 11a5} i flathius ósin chlár chnóboc
      coro íccad lám Nuadat.
    6. Nuado iar sein .xx. bliadan
      ruc saide for sluagad;

      1285] co Lug rinagach dia rigad
      Illanach cen uarad.
    7. .Xlstrok. do Lug ba lomda
      i rrige ós brug Banba;
      ni ranic nochtcholba nemda

      1290] octmoga don Dagda.

    8. p.41

    9. {MS folio 11a} .X. mbliadna don Delbaeth dichra
      co ríg remgáeth riachda;
      cen locht os braine na mbethga.
      a deich aile d'Fiachna.

    10. 1295] Noí mbliadna fichet fos fogart
      os chach fithirt dering.
      i rrige for Banba banuill.
      d'uib in Dagda for Herind.
    11. Iar sain tancatar meic Miled.

      1300] rancatar dia ruadath
      {MS folio 11a15} cland in merscáil móir ro maíded
      a Hespain cen uarad.
    12. Corod gonsat Gaedil gnithe
      co ndoidin tria thuachle

      1305] ni di braisse ni di baithe
      bec tasse na Tuathe. T.

Fland Manistrech cecinit.

    1. EStid a eolchu cen on
      mad ail dúib cor inniseor.

      1310] {MS folio 11a 20} aideda co tuachle thall
      forcla Tuathe De Danand.
    2. Edleo mac Aldui na n-all
      cetfer de Thuaith De Danand
      dorochair i nHerind óig

      1315] do laim Nerchoin hui Simeóin.
    3. Dorochair Ernmass ard a gal.
      Fiachra echtach Etargal;
      Tuirill Picreo baile Breg
      i cetchath Maige Tuired.

    4. p.42

    5. 1320] {MS folio 11a} Dorochair Elloth co n-ág
      athair mórgarg Manannáin;
      & Donand chomlan cain
      la Dé nDomnand d'Fomorchaib.
    6. Atbath Cethen & Cú.

      1325] do uathbas i nAircheltrú.
      ro marbsat Céin cían o thaig.
      Brian. Iuchurba & Iuchair.
    7. Marb de gai gne glaine
      Corpre mór mac Etaine.

      1330] {MS folio 11a 30} atbath Etan osind lind
      de chumaid Chairpri chendfind.
    8. I Maig Tuired ba thrí ág
      doceir Nuadu Argatlam.
      & Macha iar samain sain.

      1335] do láim Balair Balcbemnig.
    9. Docer Ogma cenchor fand.
      la hInnech mac Dé Domnand
      dorochair Casmael bruinne bil
      la hOctrilach mac nInnig.

    10. 1340] {MS folio 11a 35} Marba de tham thregtach tra.
      Dian Cecht & Gobnend goba.
      docer Luigne in saer co se.
      de saigit tréin tentide.
    11. Ro báided Créidne in cerd cass.

      1345] forin lochmuir lindamnas;
      oc tabairt méine óir.
      dochum Herend a Hespain.
    12. Atbath Bress i Carn hú Néit
      do cheilg Loga cen lánbréic.

      1350] {MS folio 11a 40} ropo domna trota trá.
      ól rota i rricht ind lomma.

    13. p.43

    14. {MS folio 11a} Be Chuille & Dianand dil
      marba na dí bantuathig;
      fescur co ndruidecht fo deóid.

      1355] re demnaib odraib aeóir.
    15. Dorochair forin traig thair.
      i fertaib Ratha Ailig;
      Induí mór mac Delbaeth dil.
      la Gand mac Dana dorngil.

    16. 1360] {MS folio 11a 45} Marb Fea ba buan a blad
      i cind mís iarna marbad;
      con raith chétna cubaid lind
      do chumaid Induí foltfind.
    17. Atbath Boind cosin mbáig

      1365] ic topor meic Nectain náir.
      docer Nechtain cosin neim.
      la Siugmall ua soerMidir.
    18. Abcan mac Bic Felmais uair.
      fili Loga co lánbuaid.

      1370] {MS folio 11a 50} docer la hOengus cen ail
      i n-aír Midir morglonnaig.
    19. Midir mac Indui aile.
      docer de láim Elcmaire; l^
      docer Elcmaire inn áig

      1375] de láim Oengusa imsláin.
    20. {MS folio 11b} Brian Iuchurba is Iuchair and.
      trí dée Tuathe De Danand
      marba oc Mana os Muir Mend
      do láim Loga meic Ethlend.

    21. p.44

    22. 1380] {MS folio 11b} Cermait mac in Dagdae de
      ra geogain Lug scícmainge.
      ba bara broin forsin maig.
      i flaith Echach Ollathir.
    23. Docer Cermait Milbél mas

      1385] la Lug mac Ethlend amnas;
      {MS folio 11b5} ic ét ma mnaí mór in mod.
      diaros bréc in druí dósom.
    24. Do láim meic Dein Checht chen chaire.
      dorochair in cruittire;

      1390] dorochair Lug os tuind tra
      la Mac Cuill mac Cermata.
    25. Docer Aed mac in Dagda
      la Coirchend caem comchalma;
      cen goí ropo dlug demne

      1395] iar ndul coa mnaí ar innerge.
    26. {MS folio 11b10} Dorochair Corcend a Cruaich.
      in trenfer amnas imlúaith;
      dond ail turcaib forin tráig.
      for lige Aeda imnáir.

    27. 1400] Docer Crichinbél cláen camm.
      primchainte Tuath De Danand
      dond ór fríth forsin Banba báeth
      do láim in Dagda ú Delbáeth.
    28. Ic tiachtain a hAlpain úair.

      1405] do mac in Dagda drechruaid.
      {MS folio 11b15} i n-inbiur na Bóinne i foss
      is and ro báided Óengos.

    29. p.45

    30. {MS folio 11b} Oenmac Manannain don méin.
      cetserc don ingin dobéil.

      1410] docer in mac maeth issin maig.
      la Bennan baeth a Bregmaig.
    31. Neit mac Induí 's a dí mnaí.
      Badb & Némaind cen goí
      ro marbtha i nAiliuch cen ail.

      1415] la Neptúir Derg d'Fomorchaib
    32. {MS folio 11b 20} Fuamnach fuam ba ben Midir.
      Siugmaill is brí cen binib;
      i mBrí Leith ba lathar lán.
      ro loscthea la Manannán.

    33. 1420] Docer mac Alloid co n-ág
      in mind maínech Manannán;
      isin chath i Cuillind chrúaid.
      do láim Uillind Abratrúaid.
    34. Dorochair Uillend co n-úaill

      1425] la Mac Grene co nglanbúaid.
      {MS folio 11b 25} docer ben in Dagdai duind
      de thám for leirg i lLíathdruim
    35. Marb in Dagda do gai chró.
      issin Bruig ní himmargó.

      1430] diarod gon Cetnen in ben.
      i cath mór Maige Tuired.
    36. Docer Delbaeth is a mac.
      la Cacher mac nár Namat;
      docer Cacher con Bóind baith

      1435] do laim Fiachna meic Delbaith.
    37. {MS folio 11b 30} Docer Fiachna & Aí án.
      la hEogan Inbir imslán.
      docer Eogan Inbir úair
      la Eochaid Iúil iar macrúaid.

    38. p.46

    39. 1440] {MS folio 11b} Docer Eochaid Iúil iar sain.
      la hAed & la Labraid;
      docer Oengus Aed.
      la Cermait co cruth chomchaem.
    40. Heriu & Fotla co n-úaill.

      1445] Mac Grene is Banba co mbúaid;
      {MS folio 11b 35} Mac Cuill. Mac Cecht co nglaine.
      i cath Temra tondglaine.
    41. Mac Cecht la Herimon án.
      Mac Cuill la hEber imslán;

      1450] Heriu sund re Surge iar sen.
      Mac Grene la hAmargen.
    42. Fótla re hEtan co n-úaill
      la Cacher Banba co mbúaid.
      finnaid is siat sein.

      1455] aideda na n-óc estid. E.

{MS folio 11b 40}Is iat sen tuirtheda Tuathe De Danand.

Gaedil dano tucsam a n-imthechta ó Iaféth mac Noe & o Thur Nebróith ille. & amal tancatar a hEgipt & assin Scithia dona {MS folio 11b 45}Gaethlaigib Meotecda & iar fut Mara Torrén. do Chréit do Sicil. &
1460] dano atchuadammar amal ro gabsat Hespain ar écin. & fosracsamar oc Tur Bregoin i nHespáin. Adfessam díb sísana co min ifesta amal tancatar i nHerind.

{MS foilio 11b 50}Ith mac Bregoin atchonnairc Herind ar tús fescor gaimrid a {MS folio 12a} mulluch Tuir Bregoin. Dáig is amlaid l^ is ferr radarc duine
1465] glanfescor gaimrid. Tanic Íth tri trichait laech dochum Herend & gabsat Brentracht Irruis Chorco Duibne in tansain tancatar. Baí {MS folio 12a5}im comdal fer nHerend ic Ailiuch Néit iar marbad Néit meic Induí Ailig la Fomóre. Batar na trí ríg ic roind chruid & sét rig Ailig. In


{MS folio 12a}tansin tanic Ith mac Bregoin a Corco Duibne i Ciarraige. & i
1470] {MS folio 12a10} lLuachair Dedad. i mMachaire Cliach. as fothúaid i nÉlib i tír Fer Cell. for fut Mide. i crích Luigne tar Slíab nGúaire dar Feda Fernmaige. i fossud clair Fernmaige. dar cend Sleibe Bethach. i Sliab Toad. sin mBocach Tíre Sírluim. i Crích Modorne i mMag nItha. do Ailiuch Néit.

1475] {MS folio 12a15}Is and bátar na tri ríg .i. Mac Cuill. Mac Cecht Mac Grene. Ferait failte fris .i. fri Ith mac Bregoin. Ruc Íth de brithemnaib Herend ar amainse & ar thacra. & ro chóraig cach cangin & cech n-imresain. {MS folio 12a 20} ro boí acco. & is and atbert Íth. Denaid rechtge chóir daig maith in ferand i n-aittrebthai. Imda a mess & a mil & a chruithnecht &
1480] a iasc. Is mesraigthe a thess & a uacht.

Is and sin ro cocrad leo Íth do marbad & ro dlomsat dó a Herind. {MS folio 12a 25} & tanic uadib a hAiliuch co Mag nItha. Tancas na diaid conice sin co torchair leo i mMaig Itha. Unde Mag nItha nominatur. Conid dia dígail Itha tancatar Meic Miled .i. Gaedil. Daig rucad
1485] {MS folio 12a 30} a chorp Itha co Hespain. Iss ed trá innisit eólaig is sesseor ar .xxx. do airechaib & do degdoínib tancatar Gaedil. & long cach fir díbside .i. .xxx. long. & cethror ar fichet de mogadaib occo. & long cach fir dibside. & xxiiii. do mogadaib maróen ri cach mogaid {MS folio 12a 35}in cach luing díb sin. doridise.

1490] Is iat so in sessiur ar .xxx. do thoesechaib tancatar i nHerind. amal ro scríb Fintan mac Bochra Rúaid. .uii. mbliadna ria ndilind co secht mbliadna do flaith Diarmata meic Cerbaill. Ba sé sen {MS folio 12a 40} a saegul Fintain. for glún Finnen & Coluim Chille. & amal ro scrib Tuan mac Cairill i fiadnaise fer nHerend & Finnen Maige
1495] Bile. & amal ro innisetar a daltaiside .i. Ladcend mac Baircheda. & Colmán mac Comgelláin. & Cend Faelad mac Ailela. & Senchán {MS folio 12a 45}mac Colaman Culad a Cruachnaib. & Bran Bairni. &c.

Is iat sin daltai Finniain & Tuáin. & iss ed ro raidset conid iat so na sé toísig .xxx. at tancatar Gaedil i nHerind .i. x. meic Bregoin
1500] & Ith in dechmad.

1500]{MS folio 12a 50}BregoCualoMurthemne
1500]BileCualngeEbleo. Nar

Oenmac Bile .i. Milid Espáine. Galam a ainm diles. l^


1500][1505]{MS folio 12b} .Uii. meic MiledNa deich cathmilid im.
1505]Dond.Cacher. Fulmán
1505]Colptha.Mátán. Setga.
1505]Amairgen.Surge. Sobairche.
1505]{MS folio 12b5} Eber. Ir.Én mac Occe. Ún mac Ucce.
1505][1510]Herimon.Etan. Gosten.
1510]Herech.In cethror ar .xx. do
1510]Febria & Hérennan ósarmogadaib so sís.
1510]{MS folio 12b10} na clainne.Aidne. Ai.
1510]Cethri meic Hérimoin.Assal. Mede.
1510][1515]MumneMorba. Mide.
1515]Luigne. Laigne.Cuib. Cliu.
1515]Cethri meic EbirCera. Saer.
1515]{MS folio 12b15} Find. AerSlán. Life.
1515]Orba. FerónLine. Traig
1515][1520]Fergna.Dul. Adal.
1520] Adar. Aire.
1520] Dése. Dela.
1520] Fea. Femen. Fera.

{MS folio 12b5}Tanic dano Lugaid mac Ítha in láech crúaid calma comnart
1525] co nniurt céit and do dígail a athar immalle fri cách. In t-ochtmad {MS folio 12b10} mac do Milid .i. Airennán ósar na clainne. is é dochoid sin seólcrand. {MS folio 12b15}do descain na Herend co torchair assin tseolcrand forsin farge. Co fil a fert. & fert Scéne mnaa Amairgen dond leith aile. Atbath {MS folio 12b 20} for muir acco in ben. co n-érbairt in port i ngebamne biaid ainm
1530] Scéne fair.

Doronsat meic Miled immarbáig imrama ic tiachtain dochum Herend assin baile i nfaccatar Herind uadib. Co rruc díb Ír mac Miled murchrech do cach luing. Cor formtig Eber Dond mac {MS folio 12b 25}Miled sinser na clainne. co n-erbairt. Nír fó líth linges Ír. sech
1535] Íth .i. sech Lugaid mac Ítha. And sein ro memaid in ráma ro baí i lláim. Ír. co torchair dara ais síar co n-erbailt sin n-aidche ár cind. & co rucad a chorp i Sceliuc iar nIrrus descirt Chorco Duibne. {MS folio 12b 30} Ba toirsech trá Eber Find & Herimón & Amairgen iar n-éc a mbrathar. & atbertatar ba coir cenco tomled. Eber Dond in ferand maro
1540] formtig a brathair .i. Ír. Iarnabárach ro hadnacht Scéne & Érennan


{MS folio 12b} ic Inbiur Scéne. & ro hadnachta a ndís. & atát a da nduma. & a {MS folio 12b 35}da fert taíb fri taíb and sin béus. Conid and sin atbert Amairgin.
    1. Bad fert Scéne ba amne.
      inge bid ainm Scéne bias for se.

      1545] bid fert Erennán co tí de
      dia bás ind filedse.

Ic tabairt a choisse dessi i nHerind asbert Amairgen Glúngel mac Miled in laídseo sís.

  1. Am gáeth i mmuir. ar domni.

  2. 1550] {MS folio 12b 40} Am tond trethan i tír.
  3. Am fúaim mara.
  4. Am dam secht ndírend.
  5. Am séig i n-aill.
  6. Am dér gne.g

  7. 1555] Am caín.
  8. Am torc ar gail.
  9. Am hé i llind.
  10. Am loch i mmaig
  11. Am briandai.

  12. 1560] Am bri danae.
  13. Am gai i fodb. feras feochtu.
  14. Am dé delbas do chind codnu.
  15. {MS folio 12b 45} Coiche nod gleith clochur slébe.
  16. Cia on cotagair aesa éscai

  17. 1565] Cia dú i llaig funiud grene.
  18. Cia beir búar o thig Temrach.
  19. Cia buar Tethrach. tibi.
  20. Cia dain.
  21. Cia dé delbas faebru. a ndind ailsiu.

  22. 1570] Cáinté im gaí cainte gaithe. Am.


{MS folio 12b}Item Amairgen cecinit.

    1. Iascach muir.
      mothach. tír.
      {MS folio 12b 50} tomaidm n-eisc.

      1575] iasca and. fothuind. én
      lethach. míl
      partach lág.
      tomaidm n-eisc
      iascach muir. Iascach. l^

1580] {MS folio 13a} I cind tri lá & trí n-aidchi iar sein ro brissiset meic Miled cath Slébi Mis for demno .i. for Tuaith Dé Danand. Is and dorochair Fés ben Úin meic Ucce. dia tá Fert Fése eter Sliab Mis & muir. {MS folio 13a5}Sliab Mis .i. slíab is messu fuaratar iar tiachtain Herend ar is and ro chuirset a cétchath i nHerind. No fothraic Lugaid mac Itha
1585] i lLoch Luigdech. Ros fothraic dano Fial ben Luigdech sind abaind téit assin loch. Luid a fer chucci nocht. co n-accassa {MS folio 13a10} ferda a fir. co n-erbailt ar náre. Unde Loch Luigdech. & Fíal & Inber Féile nominantur.

Imacallsat meic Miled i Sléib Mis & Banba. Asbert friu. mas
1590] do gabail Herend tancabair nírbo chóir in sén i tancabair. Is dó écin ol Amairgen Glungel in fili. Ascaid damsa úaib dano {MS folio 13a15}or si. Cia ascid or siat. M'ainm forin innsiseo or si. Bid ainm dond indsiseo ol Amairgen. Acallsat Fotla i nÉblinniu. Atbert a cétna friu. & cuinchid a hainm forin n-insi. Atbert Amairgen
1595] bud ainm dond insiseo Fotla. Acallsat Herind i nUisniuch. {MS folio 13a 20} Asbert friu. A ócu or si is mo chen dúib. Cían ó tá oc fádib far tuidecht. bud lib co brath ind insiseo. & ni bia co airther in domuin inis bus ferr. Ni bia ciniud bas chomlániu inda for ciniudsi. Is maith sen ol Amairgen. is maith ind fastine. Ni
1600] ria bérmait a buide ol Éber Dond sinser mac Miled acht riar ndeib {MS folio 13a 25} & riar cumachta féin. Cumma duit ol Ériu niba duit tarba na hindsiseo. & niba dot chlaind. Ascid damsa a maccu Miled & a chland Bregoin ol si .i. m'ainm forin n-insiseo. Bid e bas prímainm di ol Amairgen.

1605] Lotar meic Miled & meic Bregoin co mbatar i nDruim Chain {MS folio 13a 30} .i. Temair. Is and bátar tri ríg Herend .i. Mac Cuill. Mac Cecht Mac Grene. Fuigliset fri maccu Miled combad leo ind inis co


{MS folio 13a}cend tri tráth. fri telcud l^ fri tinól catha l^ fri giallad. Dóig leo ní thoirsitís doridisi ar dogentais druid tinchetla na ndegaid ar-
1610] {MS folio 13a 35} ná fétaitis tictain arís.. Doberamne ar Mac Cuill mac Cermata amal atbera Amairgen bar mbrithem féin dúib. Dáig da ruca gúbreith bid marb linni. Beir in mbreith a Amairgen ol Éber Dond. Atberimse ol Amairgen. Lecar dóib ind insisea. Cia {MS folio 13a 40} leth nod ragam ol Éber. Dar noí tonna amáin ol Amairgen. &
1615] is sí sen cétbreth rucad i nHerind.

Amairgen cecinit.

    1. Fir torachta tunnidé
      dar noí tonna móra monglassa.
      ní ragaid mani deib cumachtachaib

      1620] arlidir crib coternam
      tunide tíre tarrechmar
      macharaid domtha cert.
      mani charaid na damaid
      {MS folio 13a 45} ní me asbeir frib.

1625] Dollotar a Temraig fodess co rancatar Inber Féle & Inber Scéne ar is and bátar a longa. Lotar dar noí tonna immach iar sen. Canait druid Herend & filid tinchetla na ndegaid co ructha i cían {MS folio 13a 50} iat o Herind combtar torsig sethnón in mara. Gaeth druad in so ol Éber Dond. Fegaid lib in fil uasin tseólcrund in gaeth &
1630] {MS folio 13b} ní boí ón. l^ Ainmne ar Herech mac Miled luamaire lunga Duind co tí Amairgen Dalta do Amairgen Herech. Doroachtatar uile co mbatar i n-oenbaile. Atbert Dond in sinser is mebol dond {MS folio 13b5}aes dánaso ol se. Co n-erbairt Amairgen. niba mebol & atbert

    1. Ailiu iath nHerend

      1635] hermach muir. Mothach
      mothach sliab. srathach
      srathach caill. Cithach
      cithach aub. essach


      {MS folio 13b} essach loch. lindmar

      1640] linmar tor. tipra
      tipra túath. Oenach
      oenach ríg Temrach.
      Temair tor tuathach
      {MS folio 13b10} tuatha mac Miled

      1645] milid long libarn.
      libard Herend.
      Eber Dond díglass
      dichetal rogaeth
      rogaeth bán Brise

      1650] Brese ban Buagne
      bé adbul Heriu
      Herimon. ar tús
      Ír. Eber alius. A.

Dorala coir gaethi dóib fo chetóir. Atbert Dond. Dobersa ar
1655] {MS folio 13b15} se fo gin gai & chlaidib innossa na fail i nHerind. Ocus deligis in gaeth friu in luing i mbai Dond & Herech da mac Miled & in luing i mbaí Bress & Búas & Buagne. Coro baitte ocna Dumachaib {MS folio 13b 20} oc Taig Duind. Duma cach fir and. & is and ro baded Díl ben Duinn amal rádit araile. Ingenside Miled. & Herimón fein dorat
1660] fot furri. is fót for Díl seo ol se. Unde Fotla nominatur ut quidam putant.

Odba ingen Miled im mathair tri mac Herimoin .i. Mumne Luigne {MS folio 13b 25} & Laigne. Is hí ro léic Herimon i nHespáin & tuc Tea dara cend. Tanic im Odba i n-óenluing fria maccaib anes. & is iat ros lessaig
1665] co n-erbailt in Odba. Unde Odba. Tea im ingen Lugdach meic Itha is í thuc Herimón dar esi Odba & tilach no thogfad i nHerind {MS folio 13b 30} ina tindscra. iss ed caibchi ro thogastar. Druim Caín in tilach hísen .i. Temair Téa Múr. múr Téa ingine Lugdach meic Ítha. Lugaid .i. Lugith .i. Ith ropo lugu andás a athair.


1670] {MS folio 13b} Seólais Herimón .xxx. long. lám des fri Herind sairthúaith. It iat so a toesig.

1670]{MS folio 13b 35} BregoIt e im na .xiiii.
1670]Murthemnemogaid .i. Ai.
1675]{MS folio 13b 40} Eber mac ÍrCuib
1680]{MS folio 13b 45} LaigneDul
{MS folio 13b 35}Gabsat Inber Colptha .i. Colptha mac Miled is é ro gab port {MS folio 13b 40} ar tus combad e a ainm no beth forin phort. Unde Inber Colptha.

Meic Bregoin im ni farrgaibset iartaige. acht a n-anmand for
1690] {MS folio 13b 45} dindgnaib uaislib Herend. Noco n-innister clanna na fenned .i. Setga. & Gosten & Sobairche & Surgi. Amairgen is uad Corcu Achrach la hEle. & la hOrbraige. Corco Artbind & Corco Artbi.

Eber mac Ír. is uadside clanna Ollaman Fotla .i. clanna {MS folio 14a}Rudraige. l^ & is dia chlaindside Ulaid uile. Is dia chlaind
1695] Conmaicne & Cíarraige & Corco M'ruad & Corco Duibne. Dál Moga Ruith .i. Fir Maige Féne. & Laigse Lagen. Araid Chliach & na .uii. Sogain.

{MS folio 14a5}Herimón im tóesech na longse is uadside Leth Cuind .i. cethri fine Temrach .i. Conall. Colman. Eogan. Aed Slane. Is uad
1700] téora Connachta. & Airgialla. Lagin & Ossairge. na Desi Muman. & Ernai Muman dia mbatar clanna Dedad. & dia mbai Conaire {MS folio 14a10} Mór cona chlaind .i. fir Alban & Dál Riata. & na Múscraige. & Corco Bascind. & is d'Érnaib Muman Dál Fiatach .i. rígrad Ulad. Clanna Herimoin in sin. Is díb dano Fotharta dia tá Brigit. & Fintan
1705] {MS folio 14a15} Cluana Eidnech. & Huí Ailella & Hui Cheochain de Fothartaib in sen uile.


{MS folio 14a}Anais Eber thess .xxx. long. It iat so a toesig.

1705]BiliIt é na mogaid
1705]Milid & long cech
1705][1710]Cúalofir dib
1710]{MS folio 14a 20} BladAdar. Aire
1710]Eber DondCliu
1710][1715]Eber FindMorba
1715]{MS folio 14a 25} HerechFea
1715]Aer. OrbaFera
1720]{MS folio 14a 30} Fergna.
1720]Én. Un
1725]{MS folio 14a 35} Fulman.

{MS folio 14a 20}Bili & Milid is dia claind Gaedil uile. Cúalo & Blad & Ebliu ni fargabsat cland acht a n-anmand for prímslíabaib. Nár mac Bili a quo Ros Náir. Nocon innister cland na fénned .i. Én. Etan.
1730] {MS folio 14a 25} Cacher Fulmán. Mantan. Ní fargaib Eber Dond l^ Érech claind dáig ro baitté ut diximus.

{MS folio 14a 30}Cethri meic Ebir. Aer. Orba. Feron. Fergna. niro thechtsatarside claind. & lethbliadain dóib i rríge Herend coros marb. Íriél.

Lugaid mac Itha cóic ciniuda úad. .i. fine Dáire Daimthig .i.
1735] {MS folio 14a 35} na cúic Lugdaig. Lugaid Cál a quo Calraige Connacht. Lugaid Corr a quo Corpraige. Lugaid Corp a quo Dál Corpri Cliach. ut alii dicunt. Lugaid Oircthe a quo Corco Oircthe. Lugaid Laeg a quo Corco Loegde. Dia mbaí mac Dairine .i. Lugaid Mac Con {MS folio 14a 40} .i. Ailill Ólom is é rod ail. & ní étas uad cotlud ic neoch aile acht
1740] la Elóir .i. cú baí ic Ailill Ólom.

Eber Find im is dia chlaind Dál Cais & Dál Cén. & Delmna & na Desi Tuascirt. & Dal Moscorp ut quidam putant. Dál Mathra & Hui Derduib. & Cathraige & Éli & Tuath Turbi. & Eoganacht Casil. {MS folio 14a 45} & Eoganacht Áne. & Eoganacht Locha Léin. & Eoganacht Rathlind.


1745] {MS folio 14a} & Eoganacht Glennamnach & Eoganacht Árand & Eoganacht Ruis Argit. Síl Ébir in sen uile.

Baí cosnam eter maccu Miled imon ríge .i. eter Eber & Hérimón. Co rucad Amairgen chucu do chóra eturru. Co n-erbairt Amairgen {MS folio 14a 50} orba in taesig .i. Duind don tanaise .i. do Herimón. & a orbaside {MS folio 14b}
1750] do Eber dia éis & nira gab Éber in sen acht roind Herend. l^ Dáig is íat tri cétbretha ructha oc maccaib Miled i nHerind .i. in breth ruc Amairgen i Temraig. & in brethsain. i Sléib Mis. & in breth ruc Amairgen i Cind Sále i mMumain. for ossaib & altaib & chethraib. Amal atrubairt in fili.

    1. 1755] {MS folio 14b5} SUnd ruc Amairgen in mbreith
      ni chelat a chomathig
      i n-iath Máland miad cen meth.
      eter sluago mac Miled.
    2. Ro mid do chach díb a chert.

      1760] dia mbatar con tselgairecht
      ruc leis cách a dliged cóir
      trí chert Amairgen ardmóir.
    3. Cetguinid clossach rofes.
      cid fer cid cú cirres cnes;

      1765] {MS folio 14b10} d'arconaib ces nad chel.
      tairr la tír i tairthither.
    4. Lethe fir fenta ma connic.
      d'iurn munel gerr garit
      coin taffaind cossa na n-ag.

      1770] beth do lín nis tórmastar.
    5. Inathar fir thic fo deoid.
      cid maith cid saich leis in seól
      is derb ni tuilter do de.
      do dálaib na comrainne.

    6. p.56

    7. 1775] {MS folio 14b} Comraind coitchend do cach oen
      iarmotha sein ni seól sáeb;
      cen furail ille l^ innund.
      is í breth ruc Amargen sund. S.

Sessiur toesech tes tra fo deoid. & ui. toesig thuaid tarrasair
1780] {MS folio 14b 20} and. & ríge thess do Ébiur & ríge tuaid do Herimón. In sessiur thes .i. Eber fessin. Lugaid mac Itha. Etan mac Occe. Ún mac Ucce. Cacher. Fulmán. In sessiur thúaid .i. Herimon. Eber mac Ír. Amairgen. Gosten. Setga. Sobairche & Surge in sechtmad. Is de sin atrubairt Roigne file mac Ugaine Móir ri Mál mac Ugaine
1785] {MS folio 14b 25} ria brathair. Diar iarfact Mál can do thuirthecht. Conid and atbert Roigne.

.R. A meic áin Ugaine cia saig do rús Herind dergamne Scithia Fenius Forsaid fén saigis Nel Egipt. rersat ré ruidlis la Forinn fechtaib fornais Niuil Scotta combtar mathair Gaedil reithes Scott
1790] {MS folio 14b 30} comainm cain ingen Foraind tuath dagdea co tuthchatar co ort Olarbo din dibaid cain Crist debsus Muir Romair imratar muncind rergatar Scithia Eber Scott orthus ortatar Reflóir. Agnoman Lamind seolsat sech Caspión imluiset Libis cinset do Thorrian. sech sét {MS folio 14b 35}sech Affraic. siachtatar Hespain i compert Herimón Eber do Milid.
1795] mos broga Bili. do Ítha digail dáilset na scapháib .lx. a n-airm fir i fib fillsit Herind im dá sé saerglond sasai fir fenichas fris deib feig fochmarc.

{MS folio 14b 40}Nó combad iat da sessiur atberad .i. ui. meic Miled & ui. meic Bregoin .i. Herimon. Eber. Lugaid. Amairgen. Colptha. Ir. Brego.
1800] Bili. Fuat. Blad. Cualo. Cualnge. Is amlaidsen tra gabsat Gaedil Herind. Finit dona gabalaib anuasana.

Do Flathiusaib Hérend

{MS folio 14b 45}Incipit do flathiusaib Herend & dia hamseraib o ré Mac Miled co hamsir Tuathail Techtmair.

HISin chethramad amsir in domain táncatar Gaedil i nHérind
1805] .i. i n-amsir Duída meic Iase. diar triallad tempul Solman {MS folio 14b 50} & hi .xx.mad bliadain flathiusa imperii regis Asíriorum dia dardain arai lathe sectmaine. i k l^ maí araí lathi mís greni. Ferthair {MS folio 15a}cath l^ i Taltin eter maccu Miled & Tuaith De Danand. Co torchratar and tri ríg Tuathe De Danand cona tri rígnaib. Dorochair ám


{MS folio 15a} Mac Cecht la Herimón. Mac Cuill la Éber. Mac Grene la Amairgen. Heriu. re Surge. Banba re Cacher. Fotla re hEtan.

{MS folio 15a5}Isin bliadain iar sen cumtach Dúin Etain la Surge. & cumtach Duin Fine la Cacher & cumtach Delginsi Cualand la Setga. &
1815] cumtach Dúin Náir i Sléib Modoirn la Gosten.

I cind bliadna iar sen .i. iar cath Talten fertha cath eter Herimon {MS folio 15a10} & Eber i mMaig Argetrois .i. ic cosnam Dromma Clasaig i crích Mane. & Dromma Bethaig i mMoenmaig. & Dromma Fingin i mMumain. ara torthige. Dorochair Eber Find mac Miled sin
1820] chathsin. & dorochratar dond leith aile. Gosten. Sétga. Surge. na trí tóesig.

{MS folio 15a15}Gabais Herimón rige nHerend & ro classa da rígraith leis .i. Raith Oind i Crich Cualand & Raith Bethaig os Eóir. Dorat rige coicid Galian do Chrimthan Sciathbél de Domnannchaib. Dorat
1825] rige Muman do chethri maccaib Ebir .i. Áer. Orba. Fergna. Feron. {MS folio 15a 20} Dorat ríge cóicid Connacht do Ún mac Ucce. & do Etan. Dorat rígi cóicid Ulad do Ébiur mac Ír. a quo Ulaid Emna.

Hisind amsirsin tancatar Cruthnig co ngabsat Inber Sláne i nHuib Cendselaig. Ros léic Crimthan chuce. arin leges fuair {MS folio 15a 25}
1830] druí Cruithnech dó do chath fri Tuaith Fidga .i. tuath de Bretnaib. cach oen fori ndergtaís ba marb. & nis gaibtís acht iarna nemide. Conid é in leges blegon sé fichet bó mael find do dórtud isna hettrigib {MS folio 15a 30} bale i ferfaithe in cath Unde cath Ardda Lemnacht. & dorochratar uile Tuath Fidba triasin ceilgsin. Cora gaib Catluan mac Cing
1835] do Chruthentuaid. nert mór for Herind. Coros innarb Herimon. Is and sin tanic Cruithnechan mac Cinge do chungid ban for {MS folio 15a 35}Herimon. Co tarat Herimon dó mnaa na fer ro batte ocna Dumachaib .i. Bres & Bróes & Buagne. & ráth grene & ésca forra connabad lugu ro gabtha ferand ó feraib i Cruithentuaith indás
1840] ó mnáib co bráth.

Hisind amsirsin Herimoin cumtach Duin Sobairchi & Duin {MS folio 15a 40} Chermna. & Duin Binni. & Cairge Brachaide. i mMurbulc la Mantan mac Cachir. Ocus cumtach Tochair Inbir Móir i crích Hua nEnechglais. Cualand la hAmairgen mac Miled. Ocus cumtach
1845] Ratha Sailech i Fánat la Fulmán. Ocus Ráith Rigbaird i mMurisc la hEtan mac Occe.

{MS folio 15a 45}Is na amsir tomaidm .uii. Rige Lagen. & tomaidm .uii. mBrosnach


{MS folio 15a}Éle. & tomaidm Eithne i nHuib Neil. & tomaidm teora Socc la Connachta. & tomaidm Locha Riach. & Locha Ren. & Locha Cimbe.
1850] & Locha Findmaige. la Connachta. & Locha Da Chaech i lLaignib. {MS folio 15a 50} & Locha Laíg la hUltu. Ferthair cath eter Amargin & Cacher. i Cúil Chachir. & docer Cacher and. Ferthair cath eter Herimón & {MS folio 15b}Amairgin .i. cath Bili Tened l^ i mMide. & docer Amairgin in brithem & in fili and.

1855] Mebais ria nHerimón cath Comraire i torchratar Én & Etan da mac Occe. & Ún mac Ucce. Atbath Herimon iar tain i nArgetros. {MS folio 15b5} & ro class a fert and & sátir a lia .i. ic Raith Bethaig ós Eóir. i cind .xuii. mbliadan a flathiusa. & gabsat a tri meic ríge Herend & nos rannat Herind i trí .i. Mumne & Lugne & Laigne. Atbath
1860] {MS folio 15b10} Mumne de thám i Cruachain. Docer Lugne & Laigne i cath Ardda Ladrand la maccu Ebir .i. Aer. Orba. Feron. Fergna. i tres bliadain a flathiusa. Ráthe dóibside i rríge co torchratar la hÍriel Fáid mac Herimóin.

Gabais Iriél Faid mac Herimóin ósar na clainne ríge Herend {MS folio 15b15}
1865] iar tain. Ro slechta da mag déc laiss .i. Mag Rechet. & Mag Éli la Lagnib. Mag Commair. Mag Sleibe la Ú Néill. Mag Sanais la Connacta. Mag nDairbrech i mMide. Mag Techt la Hú Mac Cuais. Mag Lugna la Ciannachta Glinne Gaimen. Mag Faithne {MS folio 15b 20} lasna hAirthera. Mag Inis la Ultu. Mag Culi Feda la Airgialla. &
1870] ro classa secht rígratha leis .i. Ráith Croich i mMaig Inis. Raith Bachair i lLatharnu. Raith Chuingeda i sSemniu. Raith Modig. Raith Buirg i Slectaib. Raith Lochit i nGlasscharn. Fich Iriel {MS folio 15b 25}cath Arda Inmaith i Tethbu. i torchair Surge mac Duib. Brisis cath Tenmaige for Eochaid Echcend rí Fomóre. & cath Lochmaige
1875] i torchair Lug Roith mac MaFemis. Atbath Iriel i mMaig Muade i ndechmad bliadain a flathiusa. amal ro chan in senchaid.

    1. {MS folio 15b 30} IRIel ósar na clainne
      mac rig Fotla foltchaimme.
      rí Sleibe Mis rí Macha

      1880] ro bris .iiii. cruadchatha.
    2. Cath Cúile Martha maith sein
      inro marbtha meic Ebir;
      anmand doib ri cath ri clód.
      Aer. Orba. Fergna. Ferón.

    3. p.59

    4. 1885] {MS folio 15b} Cath Arda Inmaith atúaid.
      i torchair Surge slattchrúaid;
      {MS folio 15b 35} cath Tenmaige ropo thend
      i torchair Eocho Echcend.
    5. Cath Lochmaige luad cen geis

      1890] i torchair mac MaFemis.
      da mag déc derb lend uile
      ro sléchta con degduine.
    6. Díb Mag Séle sluinter lat.
      Mag nÉle & Mag Rechet;

      1895] Mag Sanais. MagTecht cen tnú.
      Mag Fáithne la hAirtheru.
    7. {MS folio 15b 40} Mag nDairbrech i mMide marc
      díb Mag Lugna la Ciannacht.
      Mag nInis la Ultu iar tain.

      1900] Mag Cule Feda hi Ferndmaig.
    8. Ro classa ic Iriél iar tain
      .uii. ratha do rígrathaib
      Raith Chróich i mMaig Inis áin.
      Raith Chungida. Raith Bachair.

    9. 1905] {MS folio 15b 45} Raith Lochit. Raith Glaisse Cuilg.
      Raith Móidig. & Raith Buirg;
      x. mbliadna i flathius ba flaith.
      do mac Herimoin ardmaith.
    10. Mumne & Luigne is Laigne.

      1910] tri meic Odba cen anble;
      Tea Temrach tend a treóir.
      mathair irdairc Iareóil.

{MS folio 15b 50}Gabais Ethriel mac Irieóil Fátha rige Herend & ro slechta .ui. {MS folio 16a}maige lais l^ .i. Tenmag la Connachta. Mag Lugair la Luigne. &


{MS folio 16a}
1915] Mag Belaig la Hu Turtri. & Mag Gesilli la Hu Falgi. Lochmag la Conailliu. Mag Roth la Hu Echach Coba. Co torchair i cath {MS folio 16a5}Roírend la Conmael mac Ébir i ndigail a athar hi .xx. bliadain a flathiusa is and fuair a aided la Conmael. Is do haidedaib na toisechsa anuas ro chan in senchaid so sis.

    1. 1920] TOisig na llongse dar ler.
      dia tancatar meic Miled.
      {MS folio 16a10} bit mebra limsa rim lá
      a n-anmand 's a n-aideda.
    2. Ebleo Fuat Brego Blad bil.

      1925] Lugaid Murthemne milid.
      Buas Bres Buagne na mbríg mór.
      Dond. Ir. Eber. Herimon.
    3. Amairgen Colptha cen chrád
      Eber Herech Herennan;

      1930] {MS folio 16a15} Cualnge. Cúalu. Nár amne
      Mumne Luigne & Laigne.
    4. Fulman. Mantán Surge ar sen.
      Aer. Orba Feron. Fergen;
      Én Ún. Etan. Gosten gle.

      1935] Setga Surge Sobairche.
    5. Palap mac Herimóin áin.
      & Cacher macn táin.
      {MS folio 16a 20} do dígail Itha na n-ech.
      dechenbor .xxx.a toesech. T.

    6. 1940] Atbath Brego i mBregaib bind.
      marb Murthemni con morlind;
      Cualnge & Fúat cencor fand
      ro marbsat Tuath De Danand.

    7. p.61

    8. {MS folio 16a} Dorochair Cualu ní chél.

      1945] la Crimthand scorach Sciathbél;
      {MS folio 16a 25} do thám Blad i mBladma bind
      Nár & Ebleo i nEblind.
    9. Amairgen file na fer.
      marb i cath Bile Thened;

      1950] marb Ir i Scelic na scál.
      marb conn Inbiur Erennán.
    10. Dond is Bile is Búan a ben.
      Díl is Érech mac Miled;
      {MS folio 16a 30} Buas Braes Buagne cosin mblaid.

      1955] ro báided ocna Dumachaib.
    11. Dorochair Sobairche seng
      na dún re Echaid Echcend;
      Mantan is Cacher na cned.
      dorochair la hAmairgen.

    12. 1960] {MS folio 16a 35} Aided Fulmán co feraib.
      la Hérimón ic Slemain;
      dorochair Lugaid na land
      i cath la Firu Domnand.
    13. Dorochair Luigne is Laigne

      1965] la maccaib Ébir anble.
      dorochair in cethrur cóir
      la Íriél mac Hérimóin.
    14. Cethri meic Ebir tall tra
      Aer. Orba. Ferón Fergna.

      1970] {MS folio 16a 40} ranic tarsna buidne a blad
      atbath Mumne i mMaig Cruachan.
    15. Sin chath for tenus na treb.
      sin maig i torchair Éber;
      torchratar malle.

      1975] Gosten Setga & Surge.

    16. p.62

    17. {MS folio 16a} Ún mac Ucce ard a rath.
      Én is Etan ildathach
      {MS folio 16a 45} Herimon bind na blaide.
      ros ding i cath Comraire.

    18. 1980] Docer Suirge mac Duib daith
      la Iriél i nArd Inmaith;
      Eber mac Ír fer inn óir.
      la Palap mac Herimoin.
    19. Palap uallach fúair rinni.

      1985] i cath gubach Gesilli;
      a sain co cummair comse.
      {MS folio 16a 50} bás tóesech na loechlongse. T.
    20. A Christ ós clannaib cuimnig.
      mac meic Flaind a laechLuignib; l^

      1990] {MS folio 16b} a Rí na mblat is na mbreth.
      is tú in t-abb is tu in tóesech. T.

Conmael mac Ébir cétrí Herend a mMumain. Ro briss .xxu. for síl Herimóin. & baí .xxx. bliadan i rrige Herend. conid romarb {MS folio 16b5}Tigernmass i cath Oenaig Macha. i ndígail a athar & a senathar.
1995] Is dó sein ro chan in senchaid.

    1. COnmael cétflaith a mMumain
      os Herind bá himchubaid;
      dorochair Ethriél dia deóin
      & Ollach mac Ethrioil.

    2. 2000] Ro briss a llos chlaidib chróin.
      for síl n-airdairc nHerimóin;
      {MS folio 16b10} cath Éli. cath Berri bricc.
      cath Slebi Betha bothbricc.

    3. p.63

    4. {MS folio 16b} Cath Ucha. cath Cnucha chruim.

      2005] cath Slébe mónaig Moduirn.
      docer i cath Moduirn moch.
      Sémrath mac airdairc Imboth.
    5. Cath Clére. cath Cairn Móir mind.
      i torchair Ollach Imrind;

      2010] cath Locha Lén luath ro briss
      for Mug Roith mac Mafemis.
    6. {MS folio 16b15} Fri ré bliadan bil
      ro giallad do mac Ebir;
      dorochair i cath iar tain

      2015] la Tigernmas mac nOllaig.
    7. Na hEoganachta malle
      Ciannachta Galenga Luigne;
      Dál Caiss Hui Echach co n-aíb.
      is iat sain clanna Conmail. Con.

2020] {MS folio 16b 20} Gabais Tigernmas mac Ollaig ríge iar tain. & brissis tri noí catha re cind bliadna for claind Ebir. Is leis tuctha cuirn ar tus i nHerind. Is leis ro berbad ór ar tus i nHerind & dano tuctha datha for etaige. & corthara. Is leis doronta cumtaige & brettnasa óir & argait. {MS folio 16b 25}Iuchadan ainm na cerda ro berb in n-ór hi Fothrib Airthir Life. &
2025] baí .lxxuii. mbliadna i rríge Herend . & is bec naro dilgend claind Ebir frisin résin. Co n-erbailt i mMaig Slécht i mmórdáil Maige {MS folio 16b 30} Slecht. & teora cethramthana fer nHerend malle ris. ic adrad Chroim Chróich. rígidail Herend. Conna térna amlaidsin acht óenchethramthu fer nHerend ass. Unde Mag Slect.

2030] Is na ré tomaidm .uii. locha .i. Loch nAlinne. & Loch Cé la Connachta. & Loch nUair i mMide. & Loch Febail i Tir Eogain {MS folio 16b 35}Loch Sílend i Cairpriu. Loch Gabur i mBregaib. & Daball i nAirgiallaib. Teora dubaibne Herend .i. Fubna. Torand. i Kalland.


{MS folio 16b} Dorat in cethramthu thérna d'feraib rige do Eochaig Étgudach
2035] {MS folio 16b 40} mac Dáire Domthig. do síl Lugdach meic Itha. Is aciside doronta ilbrechta i n-etaigib Herend .i. Oendath i n-étaig mogad. Da dath i n-étaigib aithech. Tri datha i n-etuch mogad & oclach. Cethri datha i n-etuch ócthigern. Cóic datha i n-etuch toísech. {MS folio 16b 45}sé datha i n-etuch ríg & ollaman & filed .uii. ndatha i n-etuch
2040] rig & rigan. Is as sin ro ás indiu na huli datha i n-etuch epscop. Unde cecinit Gilla Coemain.
    1. TIGernmas mac Ollaig aird
      flaith forin mBanba brethgairg;
      .uii. mbliadna ar .lxx. dó

      2045] i rrige for Gaedeló.
    2. {MS folio 16b 50} Leis ro berbad is blad bind.
      méin óir ar tus i nHerind;
      uane gorm corcair malle
      leis tucad for etaige.l^

    3. 2050] {MS folio 17a} Leis dorochair Conmal cain.
      cétrí Herend a mMumain
      .xxuii. ro bris
      for claind Conmail Conganchnis.
    4. Cath Elle ba holc a ord.

      2055] i torchair in rí Rochorb
      cath Lochmaige cen lemne
      and dorochair Degerne
    5. {MS folio 17a5} Cath Cuile Aird doss inn ag.
      & cath Cuile Froechan.

      2060] Fróechan mór in t-echt and sein.
      cath Maige Techt. cath Commair.

    6. p.65

    7. {MS folio 17a} Cath Cuile Athgoirt tiar tra.
      cath Aird Niad la Connachta
      cath Cairn Feradaig achtaig.

      2065] cath Cnamchaille i Connachtaib
    8. Cath Cuile Feda fáth ngle.
      & cath cruaid Congnáige.
      {MS folio 17a10} cath Tethba tend a meisce.
      cath Cluana mín Murisce.

    9. 2070] Da chath Chuile lim malle.
      cath Éle & cath Berre
      & uii. catha ni gó
      ic Loch Luigdech i n-oenló.
    10. Da chath aile ma raclos.

      2075] sinn oenúair i nArgetros;
      tri catha for Firu Bolg.
      cath for Erna nirb anord.
    11. {MS folio 17a15} I n-amsir Tigernmais tall.
      ro maidset .uii. lochmadmand;

      2080] Loch nÚair i mMide mod ngle.
      Loch Cé. Loch nAlinde
    12. Loch Silend i Cairpriu chain.
      Loch Febail i Tír Eogain
      Loch Gabor in ríg ríaraig.

      2085] maidm Dabaill i nAirgiallaib.
    13. Madmand trí ndubaband and.
      {MS folio 17a 20} Fomna Torand is Challand
      i mMaig Slecht sin Brefni braiss
      airdairc aided Tigernmais. T.

    14. p.66

    15. 2090] {MS folio 17a} Fir Alban Lagin Leth Cuind
      Clanna Luigdech i lLiathdruim;
      Eogan. Clanna Conaill Chais
      is iat sin síl Tigernmais. T.
    16. Crist cosin mbríg cosin mblaid

      2095] fortaill for cach ríg roglain.
      {MS folio 17a 25} flaith .ix. ngrád n-adbal nime
      Rí in talman co torthige. T.

Gabsat Sobairche & Cermna Find ríge nHerend .i. da mac Ebric meic Ébir meic Ir .i. do Ultaib. cétríg Herend a hUltaib. Randsat
2100] {MS folio 17a 30} Herind ar dó. Cechtar de assa dún .i. Dún Sobairche & Dún Cermna. Is lasin Cermna darochair Eochu Étgudach i cath Temra. Bátar .xl. bliadan i rríge. Dorochair Sobairche la hEcaig Minn mac ríg Fomóire. Dorochair Cermna la Eochaig {MS folio 17a 35}Find Faeburglas mac Conmail i cath Dúin Chermna. ut dicitur.

    1. 2105] Aided Sobairche na dún
      la Eochaig Mind darin mur.
      aided Cermna sin chath cass.
      la Eochaig Find Faeburglass.
    2. Dun Sobairche dian sluaglind

      2110] rían go ruadrind fua remm;
      telchaind fri muir móir maídim.
      {MS folio 17a 40} erchaill aíbind ar Herind.
    3. Archoin Emna diar mined.
      dalthuir dremna fri dulad.

      2115] co n-ímdaib calmaib caurad.
      do rígnaib amraib Ulad
    4. Áit i mbaí ind rigan rúanaid.
      Cheltchair chuanaig cauir chéilig.
      Findabair find a glégen.

      2120] sech ba femen ba fennid

    5. p.67

    6. {MS folio 17a 45} Fírinad fírmaith fodla.
      díndliged ndinmaith ndelbda
      mór fognítis róit romra.
      dún i mbitis óic Emna.

    7. 2125] O lotar Ulaid úate.
      túate triath di maig thriata;
      tartsat a firmoing féta
      ros gabsat rigdroing riata.
    8. Rígrad rogaide rádim.

      2130] silblad Chonaire chaemseing;
      {MS folio 17a 50} cland iar fír feib adfeidim.
      ríg ro gab Herind oíbind
    9. Uair is Patraic ro forcan
      is friss daldait a torcrad.

      2135] ro altaig beirt co mbalcblaid
      do macaib Eirc is Olcan.
    10. Uair rus bennach mac Calpraind.
      fosfuair tellach dia degclaind;
      raith co lleithet uas luchtlind.

      2140] go bráth nis trefit echtraind.
    11. Sobairche sluagach slegda
      tualaid telaigthe Temra
      rannta leis bruig bind Banba
      fri cing calma fri Cermna. l^

    12. 2145] {MS folio 17b} Co fail an dún dilend
      ergna rún rethaib remend
      uas tuind tibrig fria tóraind
      sund for dib n-imlib Herend
    13. Is Dún Sobairche slegach.

      2150] helad féraigthe Ulad
      dún Cermna nad chress celar.
      tess for muir medach Muman.

    14. p.68

    15. {MS folio 17b5} Maithi di ríg dorímim.
      flathi fír feib adfeidim

      2155] go tadgbríg roptar tualaing
      robdar arddig ar Érind
    16. Ed rí amsir áig indua.
      Nuadat Fáil fine Temra;
      ranta a gelaigthe glanda.

      2160] eter Sobairche is Cermna.
    17. Is cían taidbsiu a córad.
      cían ría n-amsir Mac Miled;
      {MS folio 17b10} for ar firu feib adfiadar
      ro giallad an drong duned. D.

    18. 2165] Adram Ríg gel gne
      cond mo chéille cét rúne;
      ro sern cach rath cach rige.
      ro delb díne cech dune. D.

Gabais Eocho Faeburglas mac Conmail rige Herend. & is e {MS folio 17b15}
2170] ro bris cath Luachra Dedad & cath Fossaid da Gort. & cath Commair Tri nUsce. & cath Tuamma Drecon. cath Dromma Liathán.Is and dorochair Smirgoll mac Imbotho meic Tigernmais. Ro slechta {MS folio 17b 20} .uii. maige leis. .i. Mag Smerthach la Hu Falge. Mag nAidne & Mag Luirg la Connachta. Mag nEmir & Mag Lemna & Mag Fubna &
2175] Mag Da Gabul la Airgialla. in sein. Dorochair Eochaid la Fiachaig Labrainne mac Smirguill meic Smertho meic Enbath meic {MS folio 17b 25}Tigernmais i cath Charmain i ndigail a athar. Unde poeta cecinit.


    1. {MS folio 17b} EOcho Faebor na fene.

      2180] nirbo baegul da díne;
      ro chaith hua Ébir iarum
      .xx. bliadan i ríge.
    2. Dia láim docer cen lesce
      Cermna Fáil find a thuicse.

      2185] & Imboth hua Ollaig
      {MS folio 17b 30} i cath Chommair Tri nUsce.
    3. Cath Fossaid dá Gort curad.
      cath Tuamma Drecon dreman;
      for Smirgoll cona thuatha.

      2190] ro bris cath Luachra Dedad.
    4. Docer re Eochaid uathmar
      hua Tigernmais na triathlam;
      mac Imboth Smirgoll somma
      {MS folio 17b 35} i ndebaid Dromma Liathán.

    5. 2195] Ro slechta leis co slemne
      .uii. maige certa cuibde;
      Mag Smerthach la Hú Falgi
      Mag nAidne. Mag Luirg. Mag Luigne
    6. Mag Lemna & Mag nÉnir

      2200] Mag Fubna find a forod.
      ri mac Conmaíl co nglaine
      ri táeb Maige Da Gabol.
    7. {MS folio 17b 40} La mac Smirguill co n -áne
      Fiacha Labraind co lleire.

      2205] docer a fríth a baegul
      Eochu Fáebor na féine. E.

Gabais Fiacha Labraind mac Smirguill meic Enboth meic {MS folio 17b 45}Tigernmais ríge Herend. Is na amsir tomaidm Fleisce & Manne & Labrainne. Fích cath for fairge fri claind Ébir. Fich cath
2210] Gatlaig i torchair MaFemis mac Echach Faeburglais. Fích cath for


{MS folio 17b 50} Érnaib do Feraib Bolg i mbale i fail Loch Erne. Iar mbrissiud in chatha ro memaid in loch .i. Loch dar Ernu uile in sein. {MS folio 18a}Dorochair Fiacha Labraind i cath Sleibi Belgadain l^ la Eochu Múmo mac Mafemis. o ráter Mumu.

    1. 2215] FIacha Labraind láech
      ní samlaim fri cách
      leis ro gaet co daith
      Eocho flaith na fáth
    2. Ro thatlaig tria cheilg.

      2220] i cath Gatlaig gairg
      {MS folio 18a5} mac Eochach inn airm
      Mafemis ainm n-airg.
    3. Gegna lais i cath
      Ernai aird a chloth;

      2225] robo deithbir daith.
      diar memaid in loch.
    4. La Mómo nach máeth
      docer in láech líath;
      trí ocht mbliadan bláth

      2230] ro riarad re Fiach. F.

{MS folio 18a10}Gabais Oengus Olmucaid mac Fiachach rige nHerend. & ro bris Cath Clere. & cath Cuirche & cath Slebe Calge .i. i crích Corco Bascind for Martiniu ro brissed. Cath Glasse Froecháin i torchair {MS folio 18a15}Froechán fáid. & ro bris .l. catha for Cruthentúaith. & for Firu
2235] Bolg. & da chath déc for Longbardu & .iiii. catha for Colósib. Cath Cúle Ratha i nDesmumain for Marthu. & cath Cairn Richida for Marthu béus. & cath Sleibe Cua for Ernu. & cath Ardachaid i {MS folio 18a 20} torchair Smirgoll mac Smértha rí Fomore. Is na amsir tomaidm Locha Oenbethe la Hu Cremthaind & Locha Sailech & Locha Cassan
2240] & Murbrucht eter Eba & Ros Céte la Hú Fiachrach. Ro slechta .uii. maige lais .i. Mag nOensciad la Lagniu. Mag Glinni Dechon


{MS folio 18a} la Cenel Conaill. Mag Cúli Cóel la Cenel mBógaine. Ailmag la Callraige. Mag Mucrima & Mag Luirg la Connachta. Mag Luachra Dedad. Mag ar Caill la Ciarraige Luachra.
2245] Is desin ro chan in senchaid.
    1. Oengus Olmuccaid amra.
      robo rí don roBanba;
      {MS folio 18a 30} .uii. mbliadna fo thrí cen tnú.
      iar marbad Echach Múmu.

    2. 2250] Maith in rí roga flatha.
      rias róímid .c. crúadchatha.
      ri táeb in choicat co rath
      ro bris for firu Alban.
    3. Ro bris da chath déc iar tain.

      2255] i lLetha for Longbardaib
      ria nOengus Macha cen baís.
      cethri catha for Colaís.
    4. {MS folio 18a 35} Cath Clére. cath Cuirche cais.
      cath Slébe Cailce celtbrais;

      2260] cath Rois Fraecháin rinnib ga
      & cath Cairn Ríchida.
    5. Cath Cuili Ratha. cath Cua.
      for Ernaib ní scel scíathgua;
      cath Ardachaid ard a bla.

      2265] i mbíth Smirgoll mac Smertha.
    6. Tomaidm .iiii. loch for leth.
      Loch Oenbethi. Loch Sailech.
      {MS folio 18a 40} Loch Cassán Murbrucht mod gle
      eter Eba is Ros Céte.

    7. 2270] Ro slecta .uii. maige leis.
      Mag Glinni Dechon drechdeis;
      Mag Mucrima monor cían.
      Mag Cúli Cael Mag nOenscíad.

    8. p.72

    9. {MS folio 18a} Ailmag Mag ar Caill na clad.

      2275] & Mag Luachra Dedad.
      riasin caemdos co cét rath
      uile ri Oengus nÓlach. Oengus.

{MS folio 18a 45}Dorochair trá Oengus Olmucaid la Enna nAirgdech mac Echach don Mumain i cath Charmain. Unde poeta cecinit.

    1. 2280] OEngus Olmucaid atbath
      rod marb Énna mac Echach
      i cath Charmain cetaib cend
      i mbatar amrai Herend.
    2. Enna ba flaith Fail co fraig

      2285] {MS folio 18a 50} é ro dáil do Gaedelaib;
      eich & carpait raclos
      scéith argait i nArgetros.
    3. Apraid a aided iar mbuaid
      for maigib Raigne rorúaid;lstrok

      2290] {MS folio 18b} la Rothechtaid raen Rossa
      la mac Máen meic Fergossa.
    4. Ba ri Gialchad gualu in gráid.
      diarbo mac Nuado Find Fáil.
      ba rí Sirna mac Déin dail

      2295] & ba rí Rothechtaid.
    5. Ro acht Nuadu nert cen raind,
      {MS folio 18b5} ro smacht slúago síl Bregaind.
      cid fí féigseng fíal mod
      ba rí Herend a oenor. O.

    6. 2300] Iar sain tic díne nUlad
      ro gabsat rige rubach;
      leo ro rímed rigda tor.
      mag Mac Miled a n-oenor. O.

    7. p.73

    8. {MS folio 18b} Cretem in Trinóit treoda.

      2305] Rí cach rígroit rodeoda
      fail baí bias fri cach ler
      is dias is triar is oenfer. O.

{MS folio 18b10}Gabais dí Enna Airgdech ríge nHerend. Is leis darónta scéith airgdide i nArgatros. & dorat do airechaib Herend. & baí .xxuii.
2310] mbliadna i rrige Herend co torchair la Rothechtaid mac Máen meic Oengusa Olmucada i cath Roigne.

{MS folio 18b15}Ba rí Rothechtaid dano fri ré da bliadan ar .xx. conid romarb Setna Airt mac Airt meic Ebir meic Ír do Ultaib i Cruachain do chommairge a meic .i. Fiachach Finscothaig.

2315] Baí Setna .u. bliadna i rrige Herend conid romarb a mac iar tiachtain don longais. i Ráith Chruachan.

{MS folio 18b 20}Gabais Fiacha Finscothach mac Setna Airt meic Airt meic Ebir meic Ír meic Míled ríge nHerend iar marbad dó a athar féin. & do Munemon mac Cais Clothaig a mMumain.

2320] Bai Fiacha .xx. bliadan i rríge. Scotha fína inna flaith co {MS folio 18b 25}fásctís i llestraib glaine. Dorochair iar sain la Munemón.

Gabais Munemón rige nHerend fri ré .u. mbliadan Is leis ro tinscantá munceda óir fo braigtib doene i nHerind .i. muin maíne .i. maíne fo munelaib. Co n-erbailt de tham i nAidniu.

2325] {MS folio 18b 30} Gabais Aildergdóit mac Munemóin meic Cais Clothaig meic Airir Arda meic Rothechta meic Rosa meic Glais meic Nuadat Declaim meic Echach Faeburglais meic Conmáil meic Ebir meic Miled. Is na amsir batar falge óir im dóitib. Dorochair la Sín {MS folio 18b 35}mac Déin. ut quidam dicunt. l^ is la Ollomain Fotla mac Fiachach
2330] Finnscothaig dorochair i Temraig. quod uerius est.

Ollam Fotla mac Fiachach Finnscothaig i rríge iar tain fri re .xl. bliadan. Is uad ainmnigther Ulaid .i. Olléith ó Ollomain. amp {MS folio 18b 40} is leis cetna dernad Feis Temrach. & is aici darónad Múr nOlloman hi Temraig. & ro gab seisiur dia chlaind ríge Herend cenech eturru.
2335] & éc a óenur atbath ina múr.

Finnachta mac Olloman snechta fína baí inna flaith. Do thám {MS folio 18b 45}atbath i mMaig Inis la Ultu. xx. bliadan dó i rríge.

Slánoll mac Olloman ní baí galar inna flaith & ni fes ca galar rodnuc. acht a fagbáil marb. sech nir sáe dath. nira lob a chorp.
2340] {MS folio 18b 50} & tucad a talmain lia mac la Ailill dia fis i cind .xl. bliadan.


Gabais Geide Ollgothach mac Olloman ríge Herend ba binnithir {MS folio 19a}téta mendcrott l^ guth & amor cach duine inna flaith.

Is leis conróttacht Dún Culi Sibrilli .i. Cenannais. Iss ed tucad bó cendfind Herend leis. Dorochair tra Fíac la Berngal mac Géde
2345] i ndigail a athar féine.

{MS folio 19a5}Gabais Berngal mac Géde rige nHerend. Is na remis luide ith a Herind ar immad in chocaid. & dorochair iar tain la Ailill mac Slánuill. Gabais Ailill mac Slanuill iar tain co torchair la Sirna mac Déin. meic Denuil. Is desin ro chan Ferchertne.

    1. 2350] {MS folio 19a10} OLlom Fotla fechair gal.
      dororaind Múr nOlloman
      cetna rí ruanaid
      lassi ndernad feiss Temrach.
    2. .L. bliadan ba ceól bind.

      2355] baí i n-ardríge for Herind;
      conid uad fri sáere son.
      gabsat Ulaid ainmnigod.
    3. Gabsat sé ríg réim co nghail
      for Herind ó Ollomain;

      2360] {MS folio 19a15} da cét .x. mbliadan balc tnú
      ni thuthchid nech eturru.
    4. Fínnacta Slánoll co rath.
      & Geide Ollgothach;
      Fiacc. Ailill armgáeth co rrath.

      2365] & in badblaech Berngal
    5. Ba hOllom ardu can ail.
      mac féig Fiachach Finscothaig
      uasli cach rí rígda a drech
      do chlannaib Ír meic Miled.

    6. p.75

    7. 2370] {MS folio 19a} Mórchland Rudraige rad ngle.
      curaid chroda Chraebruade;
      asa inud úall ros gab
      iss é ciniud Olloman. O.
    8. Labraid Longsech lór a lín.

      2375] ro hort Chobthach i nDind Rig;
      co slúag láignech dar lind lir.
      dib ro hainmnigthe Lagin.
    9. {MS folio 19a 25} Eocho Mumo mó cech breis.
      rí Herend mac MaFemis.

      2380] is uad ainm Muman cen mair.
      ainm Ulad ó Ollamain. O.

Sirna tra mac Dein meic Demail meic Rothectaid meic Maín meic Oengusa iss e ro scar flathius Ulad ri Temraig. & is é ro {MS folio 19a 30} diglastar Rothectaid mac Maín senathair a athar forro. Is é in
2385] Rothechtaid ro marbsat Ulaid i fill hi Cruachain. Dorochair Berngal la Sírna mac Dein ind sin. maróen & Ailill. & dorochair {MS folio 19a 35}leis Ailill iar tain. Is é Sírna baí .c. bliadan i cocud for Ulto. Gabais ríge iar tain. is é ro bris cath Aircheltra for Ulto. & cath Sleibe Airbrig. & cath Cind Duin i nAsul. & cath Móna Foíchnig la
2390] Hú Falge for Martinu & for Érnu. Is na amsir slógad ar tus i {MS folio 19a 40} nHerind. & is na amsir cath Móna Trogaide i Ciannacht .i. Lugáir mac Lugdoth tuc leis Fomórchu dar Herind.

Ro thinolsat fir Herend do chath fri Lugáir co Móin Trogaide. In tan batar oc slaide in chatha dofurmi tám forro co n-apthatar
2395] {MS folio 19a 45} fir Herend and. & co n-erbailt and Lugóir & Ciasarn rí Fomorach. & rí Herend Sirna. ut quidam dicunt. Acht atberat araile eólaig is i nAlind dorochair la Rothechtaid Rotha mac Roain. quod uerius est.

Is do hein ro chan in file so sís.

    1. 2400] {MS folio 19a 50} SIRna sáeglach sáer in flaith
      .l. ar .c. bliadan bithmaith;
      a sáegol fo chorthair cain.
      co torchair la Rothechtaid.l^

    2. p.76

    3. {MS folio 19b} Tomaidm Scirtige na ré.

      2405] & tomaidm Duailte.
      na ré ro mebaid immach
      Níth nemide nemannach
    4. I n-amsir Sirna meic Déin.
      tinscanad slogad slatréid;

      2410] ruc cách de chrích Mide immach
      fri huct fine Fomorach.
    5. {MS folio 19b5} Ro fích Sirna srethaib ga.
      cath Cind Dúin. cath Aircheltra.
      cath Mona Foichnig fáth bil

      2415] na da chath i Sléib Airbrig.
    6. Airdairc and in cath aile
      ro gniad for Moin Trogaide;
      i torchratar na tolaib
      fir Hérend is Fomóraig.

    7. 2420] Ro thuitt Lugáir mac Loga
      ic imthríall na himgona.
      {MS folio 19b10} & Ciasarn cen trot tra.
      maith is nirb oll la Sirna. S.

Item de eodem.

    1. 2425] Cath Móna Trógaide tair
      i torcratar Fomóraig;
      hé dorat con tulaig thind.
      Lugóir mac Lugdach Lamfind.
    2. {MS folio 19b15} De atá Moin Trogaide tend.

      2430] trogaide aitte óc nHerend
      & Fomorach tall tra.
      cen imbualad n-ardchatha. C.

    3. p.77

    4. {MS folio 19b} In sluag tánic don chath chlé.
      cechtar de na da lethe;

      2435] nirid gonsat gai gaile
      marba for Moin Trogaide.
    5. Ciasarn mac Dorcha co ndath.
      ba rí fine Fomorach
      {MS folio 19b 20} tánic dar Mumain ammaig

      2440] ra Lugair i cúic cathaib.
    6. Cath Luachra. cath Clare cain.
      cath Samna. cath Cnuicc Ochair;
      in cuiced cath can chaire.
      cath mór Móna Trogaide. C.

2445] Dorochair tra Sírna la Rothechtaid i nAlind. Baí Rothechtaid {MS folio 19b 25}Rotha .uii. mbliadna i rrige nHerend coro loisc tene geláin i nDún Sobairche. Is leis arricht carpat cethri n-ech i nHerind ar tús.

Gabais Ellim Ollfínsnecta ríge Herend oenbliadain co torchair la Giallchath mac Ailella Olchaín meic Sírna.

2450] {MS folio 19b 30} Gabais Giallchath ríge fri ré .ix. mbliadan tuc giall cach cóicfir a mMumain Co torchair i mMaig Múade la Art Imlig mac Ollfínsnechta.

Gabais Art Imlig ríge Herend da bliadain déc. & ro classa .uii. ndúine leis. Conid romarb Nuadu Find Fáil mac Giallchatha.

2455] {MS folio 19b 35}Baí Nuadu Find Fáil .lx. bliadan i rríge Herend. Dorochair la Bress Nuado Rí mac Airt Imlig.

Gabais Bres rige & ro bris ilchatha for Fomóri co n-erbailt i Carn Chonlúain.

Eochu Apbthach de Chorco Laigde oenbliadain i rrige iar tain.
2460] {MS folio 19b 40} tám cach mís inna flaith .i. da thám déc sin bliadain. Dorochair Eocho la Find mac Blatha meic Labrada Condilg meic Corpri meic Olloman Fotla. l^ combad de thám atbailed.

Gabais Find mac Blatha ríge fri ré .xx. bliadan co torchair la {MS folio 19b 45}Setna Innarraid mac Bresse a mMumain. Setna Narrad mac


2465] Bresse iss é toísech dorat chrod d'amsaib i nHerind .i. Innarrad. Baí .xx. bliadan i rrige Herend co torchair la Simón mBrecc.

Simón Brecc mac Aedain Glais meic Nuadat Find .ui. bliadna {MS folio 19b 50} i rrige Herend. Co torchair la Duach Find mac Setna Innarrad.

Duach Find .x. mbliadna conid romarb Muridach Balgrach mac
2470] Símoin. l^

{MS folio 20a}Muridach mí & bliadain dó i rrige co torchair la hEnna nDerg mac nDuach.

Enna Derg dá bliadain dec dó i rrige co n-erbailt de thám i Sléib Mis co sochaide móir imme.

2475] {MS folio 20a5} Lugaid Iardond mac Énda .ix. mbliadna i rríge co torchair la Sírlam i rRaith Clochrain.

Sírlám mac Find .xiii. bliadna i rrige conidro marb Eocho Uairchess mac Lugdach. Rosaiched a lám lár & sé na sessom.

Eocho Úairches dí bliadain déc i llongais for muir. is aire
2480] {MS folio 20a10} atberar Úairches de. for innarba ro bai ó Sirlám. Dá bliadain déc aile dó i rríge co torchair re maccaib Congail meic Lugdach Cál .i. Eochu & Conaing Becfiaclach. Atá debi ocna senchaidib immon dísseo. las torchair Eochu Uairches .i. Eochu Fiadmuine {MS folio 20a15} & Conaing Bececlach. Atberat araile is mac do Chongal Eocho &
2485] is mac Duach meic Muridaig meic Símoin in Conaing Bececlach. & iss inund mathair dóib & in tEochu Uairches mac Lugdach.

Eochu & Conaing coic bliadna i comflaith indara leth d'Eochaig {MS folio 20a 20} & in leth aile do Chonaing .i. in leth tuascertach do Chonaing. Dorochair Eocho Fiadmuine la Lugaid mac Echach Uaircheis.

2490] Lugaid .uii. mbliadna co torchair la Conaing mBececlach.

Conaing Bececlach .x. mbliadna dó i n-ardríge na Herend. Is {MS folio 20a 25}aire atberthé Bececlach uair ni thánic úair n-ómain l^ ecla dó ríam. Conid romarb Art mac Lugdech.

Art mac Lugdech meic Echach .ui. bliadna i rrige Herend Co
2495] torchair la Duach Ladraig mac Fiachach Tolcgraig. & la Fiachaig feisen.

Ailill Find mac Airt .ix. bliadna i rrige co torchair la Argatmár {MS folio 20a 30} & la Fiachaig & la Duach mac Fiachach immalle.

Fecta cath eter Argatmár & Fiacha Tolcrach i nÓenuch Thalten.
2500] co rroímid for Argatmár. Fechta cath eturru i mBregaib co torchair Fiachra Tolcrach sin chathsin.

{MS folio 20a 35}Tinolait fir Muman iar sein im Echaig mac Ailella Find & im Lugaid mac Echach Fiadmuine & im Duach Ladrach co síl Herimóin. & innarbsat Argatmár dar muir ri ré .uii. mbliadan.


2505] {MS folio 20a} Eocho mac Ailella Find frisin resin i rrigi Herend co toracht {MS folio 20a 40} Argatmár dar muir & co nderna síd ri Duach Ladrach co torchair leo Eochu i nOenuch Áne.

Argatmár .xxx. bliadan iar tain i rrige co torchair la Duach Ladrach & la Lugaid Laídech. mac Echach

2510] Duach Ladrach i rríge iarum .x. mbliadna conid romarb Lugaid Laídech.

{MS folio 20a 45}Lugaid Laídech .uii. bliadna dó i rríge co torchair la Áed Ruad mac Bóduirn meic Argatmair.

CID dia tá Emain Macha. Ni handsa. Trí ríg bátar for Herind
2515] i comflathius. Do Ultaib dóib .i. Dithorba mac Dimmáin a hUsniuch Mide. Aed Rúad mac Báduirn meic Argaitmair a Tír {MS folio 20a 50} Aeda. Cimbaeth mac Fintain meic Argatmair a Finnabair Maige {MS folio 20b}Inis. Doniat córa iarum na rígsin. l^ .uii. mbliadna cach fir dib i rríge. Trí secht mbliadan Rátha eturru .uii. ndruid .uii. filid
2520] .uii. n-ócthigirn. Na .uii. ndruid dia rímsad tria brictu. Na {MS folio 20b5}.uii. filid dia nglámad & dia n-erfuacra. Na .uii. toísig dia guin & dia loscud meni fácbad in fer díb in ríge i cind .uii. mbliadan. Co comet fir flatha .i. mess cacha bliadna & cen meth rúamna cech datha & cen mna d'écaib de banaidid. Timchelsat teora cúarda
2525] {MS folio 20b10} cech fir díb i rríge .i. lxui. Aed Ruad trá atbath díb ar tús .i. bádud ro báded i nEs Ruaid. & co tucad a chorp issin sídsin. Unde Síd nÁeda & Ess Rúaid. Ní fargaib in tAedsin claind acht oeningen .i. Macha Mongrúad. a hainmside. Conattaigside sel a hathar don {MS folio 20b15}ríge. Atbert Cimbaeth & Dithorba ni thibertaís rige do mnaí.
2530] Fechta cath eturru. & maidid in cath re Macha. Dorumalt .uii. mbliadna i rrige. Dorochair Dithorba i Corund foíside.

{MS folio 20b 20}Forácaibside cóic maccu maithe .i. Baeth. & Bras. Bétach & Uallach & Borbchas. Conatchetarside ríge. Atbert Macha na tibred dóib ar ní ó ráthaib tuc. acht a rroí chatha ar écin. Fecta
2535] cath eturru. Brissis Macha in cath for maccaib Dithorba. Co {MS folio 20b 25}fargaibset ár cend aicce. Coro chuir iat ar innarba iar tain i ndíthrubaib Connacht.

Tuc Macha iar sain Cimbaeth chucci do chéile di. & do thaisigecht a amsaige imme. O ro batar oentadaig trá Macha & Cimbáeth


2540] {MS folio 20b} luid Macha do íarair mac nDithorba i rricht chlaimsige .i. táes secail & rota ra comled impe. Conos fuair i mBairind Connacht. oc fune tuirc allaid. Iarfaigit na fir scéla di. & innissidsi dóib. {MS folio 20b 35} & doberat biad di con tenidsin. Atbeir fer díb is álaind rosc na calligi. óentaigem fria. Nos beirside leis fon caillid. Cenglaidsi
2545] in fersain a llus nirt. & fácbaid é sin chaillid. Ticsi doridisi don tenid. Cade in fer dachoid latt ar siat. Mebol lais ar si tiachtain {MS folio 20b 40} chucaibsi ar n-oentugud fri claimsig. Níba mebol ar iatsum ar dogenamni uli a cetna. Nos beir cach fer fon caille. Cenglaidsi cach fer díb ar niurt. & nos beir i n-oenchengul lé iat co hUltu.
2550] {MS folio 20b 45} Asbertatar Ulaid a mmarbad. Nithó ar sisi. ar is coll fír flatha damsa. acht a ndoirad fo doíre & claidet raith immumsa. corop hí bas primchathir Ulad co brath. Coro thóraindsi dóib in dún {MS folio 20b 50} cona heo óir imma muin .i. Emuin .i. eo muin .i. eó imma muin Macha.

2555] {MS folio 21a}Cóic bliadna ar .cccc. ria ngein Christ. & .l. bliadan aile ar .cccc. l^ ó gein Crist co turscur Emna Macha dona tri Collaib iar mbrissiud chatha Achaid Lethdeirg i Fernmaig. i torchair Fergus Foga mac Fraichair Fortren tiugflaith Ulad. i nEmain Macha. Is dó sin {MS folio 21a5}ro chan in suí senchasa.

    1. 2560] A Emain idnach óebind
      asa fidrad adfeidim.
      is mór ndíne dit gualaind
      ro gab ríge for Herind.
    2. A suidech úabair ethrach.

      2565] na ruirech ruanaid rathmar;
      at clúm claisse co clothblad
      a múr masse meic Cathbad
    3. {MS folio 21a10} Ba cathir cairptech curad.
      tailach airgnech nac umal;

      2570] bát tain techúaibrech taiged.
      la slúag n-etualngech Ulad.

    4. p.81

    5. {MS folio 21a} O ratchloss fó chlú domurni.
      rotchloss co Troí tar taburm;
      lonaichi múaid don Moduirn.

      2575] la ingin Ruaid meic Baduirn.
    6. {MS folio 21a15} Da mbátar na ríg rádim.
      fri fátal fír adfedim;
      ba drongdáthius drong ndígaind
      dia mboí comflathius for Herind.

    7. 2580] Is ferr tuirem na rígsain.
      sel for suidig na slógsain;
      sluindem tre glanband nguidech.
      anmand na ruirech mórsain.
    8. Mac Dímain ba deilm ndindgna.

      2585] {MS folio 21a 20} art co fíraib feidm febda;
      gai fris fri sidcolba samla.
      diarbo ainm Dithorba delbda.
    9. Ruad mac Baduirn ba d'Ultaib.
      nuall cach glanuill co cintaib;

      2590] nirb ingáeth ar aí in chentair.
      cid Cimbaeth mac Fintain.
    10. Flathius Fúait foentait córaid.
      for óraib iar cuairt cáemil
      {MS folio 21a 25} nirbu chlé fri recht fianna

      2595] ré secht mbliadna cach oenfir.
    11. Ataigtis ratha airib.
      secht n-airig ata inir;
      ba dluth re recht remib.
      sech ndrúith & secht filid.

    12. 2600] Im fír flatha do chomol.
      cech ríg fri ratha rogud;
      im síd gen úath.
      go mbíd cach tuath fo torud.

    13. p.82

    14. {MS folio 21a} Trebsat Temair tírig.

      2605] trí rígfir forsnar roemid;
      timchellsat flaithius Fotla.
      trí cuardda cach oenfir.
    15. Bá marb Rúad réided chrecha.
      huall betha badb cach catha;

      2610] ni fargaib na inud
      nech dia chiniud acht Macha.
    16. Macha go n-úaill go n-aéitid.
      ingen Ruaid rád co n-étid;
      {MS folio 21a 35} gabais dar díne dedeng.

      2615] rige nHerend ar écin.
    17. Nidat roí in rígraid ratha.
      na amsir firglain flatha
      nirbo buaid fo broi bratha.
      conda roín a rroí chatha.

    18. 2620] Tuc cucci in finnael fallais.
      Cimbaeth gan churu commais.
      cóic meic Dithorba ind indailt.
      ra himmacht for longais.

Cimbaeth trá cétflaith Emna Macha .xxuiii. a flaith. i nEmain
2625] atbath Cimbaeth. Unde poeta:

    1. {MS folio 21a 40}Cimbaeth cleithe n-óc nEmna
      ro gab tír torach Temra;
      cele Macha méit ualle
      cond catha na Craebruade.

    2. 2630] {MS folio 21a 45} Cia ro class la Macha múaid.
      la ingin n-aird nAeda Ruaid;
      Emain etraith orba laech
      ba hé a cetflaith Cimbáeth.

    3. p.83

    4. {MS folio 21a} Cluinet senchaide for selba.

      2635] a Ultu ána Emna
      anmand for ríg rointe tor
      o Chimbaeth co Conchobor.
    5. {MS folio 21a 50} Cimbaeth mac Fintain don Maig.
      Eocho Emna Eolochair

      2640] Umanchend mac Corrain caín
      Conchobor Rot mac Cathair.l^
    6. {MS folio 21b} Fiacha mac Feidlimthe fó.
      & Dáire mac Forgo;
      Enna mac Ratha ní rom.

      2645] & in Fiac mac Fiadchon.
    7. Findchad mac Baicc asa brí.
      Conchobor Mál mac Futhi;
      Cormac mac Loíthig ros gab
      la Mocta mac Murcharad

    8. 2650] {MS folio 21b5} Eocho mac Dáre din róth.
      Eocho Salbuide mac Lóc;
      Fergus mac Leite co rath.
      Conchobor cáem mac Cathbath.
    9. Cethri chet bliadna brassa

      2655] adfét cach suí senchassa;
      fot a flatha na fer ngaeth.
      ó Chonchobur co Cimbáeth. C.
    10. Macha diarbo Themair tech.
      las class Emain étualngech

      2660] {MS folio 21b10} ro dedaig díne na láech
      reraig ríge ria Cimbaeth. C.
    11. Cethri chét coíca bliadna.
      adfét cach suí saerchialla
      cia nós fegaid fri gním gaeth.

      2665] cor genair Crist iar Cimbaeth. C

    12. p.84

    13. {MS folio 21b} Fergus Foga fubaid gail.
      tiugflaith Ulad i nEmain.
      cóiced rí déc dedail dron.
      gab Emain iar Conchobor.

    14. 2670] {MS folio 21b15} Cath tri Colla for Fernmaig
      iar tiachtain dóib a Temraig.
      i ngáet iar cloithib a chiúil
      Fergus mac Froichir Fortriúin.
    15. Fás Emain Fáil niros corb.

      2675] marbtha rí rointe rígborg;
      ré .ui. mbliadna bil
      ón chath chían co cretim.
    16. .IX. cét mbliadna cen bunad re.
      ráid fri cialla Craebrúade.

      2680] {MS folio 21b 20} co Fergus Foga ba laech
      o baí cing co mbae Cimbaeth. C.
    17. Dia mbai Macha milib láech.
      i Temraig & Cimbaeth;
      do thuaith Temra tír iar sein.

      2685] cia díb diarbo chomamser.
    18. Ó amsir Nuadat Find Fáil.
      co hamsir Ugaine Máir;
      ro chlóe i ngediu cach smacht.
      co mbuí Heriu i córadacht.

    19. 2690] {MS folio 21b 25} Duach Ladrach lethan gair
      athair ind Echach Buadaig;
      ba hé cen gormríge gáeth.
      ba comdine do Chimbaeth. .C.
    20. Diar ort Labraid luithe sleg

      2695] i nDind Ríg for Cobthach Cael Breg;
      lll. bliadna ní báeth.
      ba céim ciana iar Cimbaeth. C.


{MS folio 21b}Is é in Cimbáethsin tra ro ail Ugaine Már mac Echach.

{MS folio 21b 30}Macha im baí .uii. mbliadna i flathius iar Cimbáeth co torchair
2700] la Rechtaid Rigderg mac Luigdech meic Echach meic Ailella Find meic Airt meic Lugdech Lámdeirg meic Echach Uairches.

{MS folio 21b 35}Gabais Rechtaid Rigderg rige Herend .xx. bliadan conid romarb Ugaine Mór dalta Cimbaetha & Macha. Is é ro marb Rectaid Rigderg i ndígail a mummi.

2705] Iar sin tra scristair flathius Ulad o Themraig.

Gabais Ugaine Mór mac Echach Buadaig ríge Herend & Alban {MS folio 21b 40} & co Muir nIcht. & tuc ingin ríg Franc do mnaí .i. Cessair Chrothach ingen rig Franc. & ruc sí coiciur ar .xx. do chlaind dó .i. da mac ar .xx. & teora ingena. Atberat araile co ngabad Ugaine rige Europa
2710] {MS folio 21b 45} uile. & rannais Herind i cóic rannaib fichet .i. Cobthach Cael Breg i mBregaib. Cobthach Murthemni i mMurthemne. Loegaire Lorc i Life. Fuilliu i Feib. Ailbe i mMaig Ailbe. Roigne i mMaig Roigne. Cingiu i nArgetros. Nár i mMaig Náir. Narb i mMaig Nairb. Faife {MS folio 21b 50} i mMaig Femin. Tairr i mMaig Tharra. Tríath i mMaig Threithniu.
2715] {MS folio 22a}Mál i Clíu Máil l^ Sen i Clochair. Bard i Clúain Corco Óche. Fergus Cnai i nDesib Tuascirt Oce i nAidniu. Máen i mMáenmaig. Sanb i nAíu. Eocho hi Seólu. Corand i Corund. Laeg i lLine. Lathar i {MS folio 22a5}lLatharnu. Marc i mMide. Muiresc i mMaig Murisce. Baí trá Heriu forsin raindsin tri chét mbliadan co tancatar na cóicedaig
2720] .i. Conchobor & Cú Ruí & Eochu mac Luchta & Ailill mac Mata. Is do sin ro chan in senchaid.

    1. UGaine uallach amra
      uas bruig buadach Banba;
      {MS folio 22a10} randsat a chlanna go cert

      2725] i cóic ranna ar fichet.
    2. Cobthach Cóel Breg for Bregaib.
      Cobthach Murthemne medaig;
      Lóegaire Lorc i lLifi.
      Fuilliu i Féib nir chlithi.

    3. p.86

    4. 2730] {MS folio 22a} Náirne i mMaig nemnech dú.
      Fer Rogen i Roigniu.
    5. Tarrus i mMaig Tharra fri nú.
      & Triath i Treithirníu;
      {MS folio 22a15} Sine i lLuachair luaded gle.

      2735] Bard i Cluanaib Corc Oige
    6. Fergus Cnai i crích Déise.
      Ord i nAidne ardglese;
      Móen i mMóenmaig go méit nirt.
      Sanb i mMaig Aí airdairc.

    7. 2740] Muridach Mál i Clíu Máil.
      Eochu i Seólmag seol saergraid;
      Lathru for Latharnu for leth.
      Mairc for Mide Mac Miled.
    8. {MS folio 22a 20} Laeg i lLiniu lígda a dath

      2745] mac Ugaine meic Echach;
      randsat in tir ro techt.
      na da rigset ar fichet.
    9. Áine. Faífe find a ngné.
      Mairisci for Maig Murisce.

      2750] alle imgela fó llí
      teora ingena Ugaini.
    10. Sé ranna Herend anall.
      dia mboí oc Tuathaib De Danand;
      iar sain ro rímed fond Fáil

      2755] ra Maccu Miled Espáin.

    11. p.87

    12. {MS folio 22a} Rand trí n-ua nDagdai ro leth.
      & rand tri n-úa Miled.
      rand Sobairche & Cermna find.
      boí .c. mbliadan ar Herind.

    13. 2760] {MS folio 22a 25} Rand na coicedach mc cuill.
      rand Moga Nuadat & Cuind;
      uaisliu cach rand uair ba rí.
      ros rannsat meic Ugaini. U.
    14. Trí chet bliadan buan ind ail.

      2765] go tancatar coicedaig;
      coiced gan chredim i crí
      randsat Herind Ugaini. U.
    15. Ni fuil a síl sontach se.
      acht Cobthach & Loegaire;

      2770] go Tibir toglaig Nath Í;
      cinid fodlaig Ugaini. U.
    16. {MS folio 22a 30} Eochaid hua Flaind fuair cach recht.
      ro fúaig in senchass sáerchert;
      suí go sodithdaib ségda bí.

      2775] sil Cobthaig meic Ugaini. U.

Docer Ugaine la brathair féin .i. la Bodbchad mac Echach i Telaig in Choscair i mMaig Maireda i mBregaib.

{MS folio 22a 35}Ni fargaib trá nech de chlaind Ugaine claind acht Cobthach Cael Breg & Laegaire Lorc. & da ingin forfacaib Fergus Cnai .i.
2780] Maer & Medan .i. Maer mathair Echach meic Lucta. & Medan rod n-alt

Sed hoc esse uerum temporum longitudo non patitur.

{MS folio 22a 40}Is o Chobthach tra cetheora fine Temrach .i. Colmán. & Aed Sláne. Conall & Eogan & teora Connachta. & noí trichait cét in
2785] cach raind. & .ix. trichait cet Airgiall & .ix. trichait cet na nDési. & Fothairt & Éraind & Albanaig & Dál Ríatai & Dál Fiatach .i. rigrad {MS folio 22a 45}Ulad. Baí Cobthach .l. bliadan i rrige Herend & ro marb húa a brathar é .i. Labraid Longsech.


{MS folio 22a}Loegaire Lorc im féin is é ro gab ríge nHerend iar nUgaine Mór
2790] coro marb Cobthach Cael Breg é tria mebail. & dano ro marb {MS folio 22a 50} in Cobthach cetna a mac in Loegairesin .i. Ailill Áne. & ro innarb Labraid Longsech mac Ailella meic Loegaire Luirc dar muir. co nderna síd fris. i cind tríchait bliadan & co tarat coiced Galián dó .i. Lagin. Is ó sein ille atá cocad eter Leth Cuind & Lagniu.

2795] {MS folio 22a 55} Dorochair tra Cobthach Cael Breg i nDind Ríg & xxx. ríg imbi adaig notlac mór la Labraid Longsech i ndígail a athar & a {MS folio 22b}senathar. l^ .uii. mbliadna & ccc. bliadan ond aidchisin cossin aidche inro genair Crist i mBethil Iuda.

Gabais Labraid Longsech ríge nHerend fri ré .xix. mbliadan.
2800] {MS folio 22b5} Baí digal for clainn Cobthaig i n-amsir Labrada Longsig. Co torchair Labraid la Melge Molbthach mac Cobthaig.

Gabais Meilge ríge Herend. Is uad ainmnigthir Loch Melge i Corpriu. In tan ro class a fert is and ro mebaid in loch fo thír. Dorochair Melge la Mac Corb mac meic Labtada a mMumain.

2805] {MS folio 22b10} Sé bliadna do Mac Corb co torchair la hOengus Ollam hua Labrada.

Oengus Ollam .xuiii. i rrige Herend co torchair la Irireo mac Meilge.

Gabais Irireo mac Melge rigi fri re .uii. mbliadan co torchair i
2810] {MS folio 22b15} nUltaib la Fer Corb mac Moga Corb. Dorochair Fer Corb la Condla Cáem mac Iarireo.

Conlaeth .iiii. bliadna co n-erbailt i Temraig.

Ailill Casfiaclach mac Conla .xxu. i rrige Herend conid romarb Amadir Flidais Foltchaín.

2815] Amadir mac Fir Chuirb .u. bliadna i rrige Herend co torchair la Echaig Altlethan.

{MS folio 22b 20}Eocho Altlethan .xi. co torchair la Fergus Fortamail.

Fergus Fortamail .xii. co torchair la Oengus Turmech Temrach.

Oengus Turmech tra is aice conric cairdes Sil Cuind ri Dál Riatai
2820] & Dál Fiatach. Enna Airgdech mac Oengusa Turbig is uad Sil {MS folio 22b 25}Cuind. Fiacha Fer Mara im is uadside Eraind & Albanaig & Dal Fiatach. Oengus Turmech doringni fria ingin tria mesca in Fiacha. Coro laad i nnoid oenseched for muir é o Dún Aignech co slonnud {MS folio 22b 30} meic ríg .i. bratt corcra co cúaich óir. Conos fuaratar iascaireda i
2825] Tráig Brenaind fona fiachaib. Conid desin ro lensom Fiacha Fer Mara. Ocus gabsat a chland ríge Herend & Alban .i. Eterscél


{MS folio 22b} Mór hua Iair. is é ro marbsat Lagin i nAlinn. & Conaire Mór mac Etersceóil. & Conaire mac Moga Lama. clíamain Cuind .i. athair na tri Carpre .i. Corpre Musc a quo Muscraige. & Corpre Baschaín
2830] a quo Corco Bascinn. & Corpre Rigfota a quo Dál Riatai.

Baí Oengus Turbech .lx. bliadan i rrige Herend co n-erbailt i Temraig.

{MS folio 22b 40}Gabais Conall Collomrach ríge Herend co torchair la Niaid Segamain.

2835] Nia Segamain .uii. mbliadna i rrige co torchair la Énna nAignech.

Enna Aignech .xxuiii. i rrige Herend Co torchair la Crimthand Coscrach.

{MS folio 22b 45}Crimthand Coscrach .iiii. bliadna co torchair do láim Rudraige.

Rudraige tra mac Sithride is úad Dal nAraide. ar is iatside
2840] firUlaid Emna .i. Clanna Colmáin meic Fiachach Finscothaig inna {MS folio 22b 50} fírUlaid. Ro gabsat .xxu. díb rige Herend. Dáig is iat tri sáeir Herend. Cond. Araide. Eógan. Unde Eochaid

    1. Trí sáeir Herend arcanar
      sluaig Arad co n-aíb Ulad;

      2845] Cond dan ceóladart Codal
      & Eoganacht Muman.,l^

{MS folio 23a}Rudraige trá mac Sithride senathair Conaill Cernaig meic Amairgin & Fergusa meic Róig. Atberat dano araile is Conchobor mac Cathbath meic Rosa meic Rudraige. secundum alios autem Conchobor
2850] {MS folio 23a5} mac Cathbad meic Rosa meic Fergusa Fairge meic Nuadat Necht.

Cech roí ro reraig Rudraige for Herind ro suidig Fergus a chlaind foraib a nnirt chatha .i. Cuir cc & Ciarraige & Conmaicni.

Is dósin ro chan Senchan Tórpeist.

    1. {MS folio 23a10} RO fích Fergus fichit catha
      co cumnigi

      2855] la fiansa feirt
      oc saigid cheirt ba Rudraigi.
    2. Rudraigi rí reraig Herind
      co taedenaib.
      noí ndeich mbliadan boí i rrigu
      for Gaedelaib
    3. Cech roí reraig
      co rruadchathaib cen chridenas;
      {MS folio 23a15} cotgab iar fír
      ros lín Fergus dia finichas.

    4. p.90

    5. {MS folio 23a}
      2860] Fích cath Curchu.
      cath Luachra laechdu Fellubair
      .uii. catha i Cliu
      in t-octmad friu i nGlendamain.
    6. Cath Sléibe Mis.
      cath Boirni buaniu comramaib
      fichthai Commuir
      mac Roig teoraib roaib rogmaraib
    7. {MS folio 23a 20} Ro fích cath Réin
      i Fertáis Milige
      2865] cath Aí úair
      la cath cruaid Cuile Sírinne.
    8. A dó for tráig
      i mbáid ríga co rrobáni.
      cloith roclossa
      Rossa meic Róig Rodáini. R.

{MS folio 23a 25}Baí trá Rudraige .lxx. bliadan hi rrige co n-erbailt do thám i nArgatglind.

2870] Gabais Fintait Már mac Niad ríge Herend .iii. bliadna co torchair la Bresal Bodíbad mac Rudraige.

Bressal Bódíbad .xi. bliadain i rrige Herend. Tánic díth do {MS folio 23a 30} díth do búaib conna térna díb acht tarb. & samaisc i nGlind Samaisce. Dorochair Bresal la Lugaid Luaigne mac Fintait Máir.

2875] Lugaid Luagni. .xu. bliadna co torchair la Congal Cláringnech mac Rudraigi.

Congal Claringnech .xui. Co torchair la Duach Dalta Dedad. Baíside .x. bliadna i rrige conid romarb Factna Fathach.

{MS folio 23a 35}Fachtna Fathach .xxu. bliadna co torchair la Echaid Feidlech.

2880] Eocho Feidlech dá bliadain déc. Éc atbath i Temraig.

Eocho Airem brathair Echach Feidlig .xu. Siugmall ro loisc i Fremaind.

Eterscél Mor mac hui Iair d'Ernaib Muman .u. Co torchair la {MS folio 23a 40} Nuadait Necht.

2885] Is hí seo tra amser inro génair Crist mac Dé bí do thessargain in chiniuda doendai.

Na coicedaig iar sein .i. Conchobor mac Factna. Corpre Nia Fer. Tigernach Tetbannach. Cú Ruí mac Daire. Ailill mac Mátach.

{MS folio 23a 45}Nuadu Necht de Laignib iar sein dá ráthe co torchair la Conaire i
2890] cath Clíach i nHuib Dróna.

Conaire Mór mac Eterscéoil .lxx. i rríge Herend Co torchair i mBrudin Da Derga. l^ combad and so na coicedaig.


{MS folio 23a 50}Lugaid Ríabderg .xxu. bliadna Co torchair ma chlaideb fein di chumaid a mná.

2895] Conchobor Abratrúad bliadain co torchair la Crimthand. Is {MS folio 23b}é in Lugaid l^ Ríab nDerg dorónsat tri meic Echach Feidlig ra síair .i. re Clothraind. & dano daróne in Lugaidsin mac ria mathair fein .i. Crimthand mac Lugdech rí Herend. Is é dochoid in n-ectra {MS folio 23b5}a Dún Chrimthaind re Náir bansídaige co mboí coicthiges for mís
2900] and. Co tuc seotu imda leis. imon carpat n-órda. & imon fidchill óir. & imon cétaig Crimthaind. Co n-erbailt iar tiactain immuig i cind coícthigis ar mís.

{MS folio 23b10}Gabais Corpre Cattchend ríge Herend .i. athair Moraind. cóic bliadna co n-erbailt.

2905] Feradach Fechtnach mac Crimthaind .xx. bliadan i rríge Herend. Éc atbath.

Fiatach Find o tát Dál Fiatach .iii. bliadna i rríge Herend. Coro marb Fiacha Findolaid.

Fiachu Findolaid .xuii. bliadna co torchair la Ellim mac Conrach.

2910] {MS folio 23b15} Ellim .xx. bliadan iar marbad Fiatach Findolaid dó. Térna Eithne Imgel ingen rig Alban tar muir. & si torrach conid tair ruc Tuathal mac Fiatach. Ro alt .xx. bliadan tair. & tanic a mathair leis tairis gabais Inber Domnand.

{MS folio 23b 20}Ocus lotar díbergaig Herend na comdáil and .i. Fiachra Cassán &
2915] Findmall .dccc. láech bá sé a llín & doberat ríge dó fo chetóir. & brissis .xxx. cath for Ultu. & xxuii. catha for Laigniu. & xxxuiii. catha for Mumnechu. & xxuiii. catha for Connacta. Conid a .xxiii. ar cét uile.

{MS folio 23b 25}Darónad feis Temrach leis iar sin. Tancatar fir Herend mnaaib
2920] maccaib ingenaib and. Ro gab Tuathal rátha gne & ésca & cacha cumachtai fil i nnim & i talmain. Ciamtís comneirt cóicedaig Herend connabtís comcheirt cóicedaig Herend ri claind Tuathail {MS folio 23b 30} Techtmair acht ríge dia chlaindseom co bráth.

Is é Tuathal Techtmar tuc bórama a Lagnib i n-inad marbtha
2925] a da ingen .i. Fithir & Dárfini. .i. Eochu Ancend rí Lagen tanic co rruc Dárine leis ar tús. Atrubratar Lagin ferr in ben forfacbais. {MS folio 23b 35}Atbert Eochu abramni ol se éc na mná thucsamar. & tabram in mnai aile. Doronad amlaid. Tucastar Fithir iar sin. Amal


{MS folio 23b} atchondaircside a síair atbath do náire. Marb Darfine dia
2930] cumaidside. Luid Tuathal i lLaignib. & tic Eochu na thech. Conid {MS folio 23b 40} and sin ro naisc Tuathal in bórama .i. Trí choicait cét bó Tri choicait .c. mucc. Tri coícait .c. lend. Cách díb a bliadain. Da fichet ríg rosfuc ó Thúathal co Finnacta mac Dunchada meic Aeda Slaine.

2935] Finnacta ros maith do chind nimi do mMo Ling Luachra co n-erbairt Mo Lling.

    1. {MS folio 23b 45} Fínnachta for Uíb Néill
      co féin immos romra racht
      is í in bárc forsin tuind

      2940] is í in tond forsin trácht.

Coro chairig Adomnán co n-erbairt.

    1. Indiu cia chenglaid chúaca
      in rí crínlíath cen déta.
      in búar ro maith do M'Ling

      2945] deithbir don cing nis n-éta.

{MS folio 23b 50}In bórama tra i trí no rainté .i. trian do Chonnactaib. & trian do Airgiallaib. Trían do ríg Temrach & do Chlannaib Néil.l^

{MS folio 24a}Dorochair tra Túathal i nDál Araide i mMónai in Chatha tria thangnacht bale assa mbructa Olor & Olarba. la Mál mac Rochride
2950] la ríg in Chóicid iar forbu .x. ar .c. i ríge. Tricha bliadan im dó i rríge Herend.

{MS folio 24a5}Gabais Mál mac Rochride ríge Herend fri re .iiii. bliadan co torchair la Feidlimid Rectaid mac Tuathail Techtmair i ndígail a athar.

2955] Feidlimid Rechtaid mac Tuathail Techtmair & mac Báne ingine Scáil dia tá Cnocc Báne la Airgiallu .i. Is and ro adnacht Is {MS folio 24a10} leis ro class Ráth Maige Lemna for Ultu. Deich mbliadna dó i rríge Herend co n-erbailt.

Cathair Mór mac Feidlimid coica bliadan co torchair la fein
2960] Luagni i Temraig.

Cond Cétchathach cóic bliadna xxx. l^ .xx. ut alíí aiunt co torchair la Tipraiti Tirech ríg Ulad. i Túaith Amrois.


{MS folio 24a} Conaire Cáem .uiii. bliadna. Co torchair la Neimed mac Srabcind.

{MS folio 24a15}Art mac Cuind .xxx. bliadan i rrige Herend co torchair i cath
2965] Mucrama la Lugaid Mac Con. Lugaid Lága dano & Ligurne Lagnech ro imbriset láma for Art.

Lugaid Mac Con .xxx. bliadan coros innarb Cormac hua Cuind. Co torchair don goth Néit iar tain la Ferches mac Commain.

{MS folio 24a 20} Fergus Dubdetach oenbliadain co torchair i cath Crinna la
2970] Cormac mac Airt meic Cuind.

Cormac hua Cuind .xl. bliadan co n-erbailt i tig Clettig iar lenamain cnáma bratain ina bragit. l^ it siabra ro n-ortsat iarna brath do Maelcend.

{MS folio 24a 25}Eochu Gunnat oenbliadain co torchair la Lugaid.

2975] Corpre Liphechair .xuii. bliadna. l^ xxui. co torchair i cath Gabra la Senioth mac Cirb de Fothartaib.

Na Fothaid óenbliadain co torchair Fothad Cairptech lasin {MS folio 24a 30} Fothad Airgdech. Dorochair dano Fothad Airgdech i lLine i cath Ollorba.

2980] Fiacha Sroptine .xxxi. l^ xxxui. Co torchair lasna tri Colla i cath Duib Chommair.

Colla Uais .iiii. bliadna coro n-innarb Muridach Tirech

Muridach Tirech .xxx. bliadan co torchair la Caelbad mac Cruind Ba Druí uas Dabull.

2985] {MS folio 24a 35} Oenbliadain do Chaelbad mac Cruind. Co torchair la Eochaig Mugmedon.

Eochu Mugmedon .uii. mbliadna co n-erbailt i Temraig.

Crimthand mac Fidaig .xui. Co torchair la Mongfind la derfiair féin.

2990] Niall Noígiallach .xxui. co torchair la Eochaid mac Ennae Cendselaig ic Muir Icht.

{MS folio 24a 40}Nath I .xxiii. co n-erbailt ic Sléib Elpa iarna béim o thenid saignén.

Is do amseraib & do aidedaib na rígsain ro chan in senchaid .i.
2995] Gilla Coemain. Heriu ard inis na ríg magen molbthach &c.


Do Flaithesaib Hérend Iar Creitim

{MS folio 24a}Incipit do flaithesaib & amseraib Herend iar creitim.

LOegaire mac Néill .xxx. annos regnum Hiberniae post aduentum
3000] Patricíí tenuit. Ard Macha fundata est. Secundinus. & Senex Patricius quieuerunt. Dorochair Loegaire i taeb Chasse. &c. {MS folio 24a 50} Ailill Molt mac Dath Í .xx. bliadan co torchair i cath Ócha la {MS folio 24b}Lugaid mac Loegairi. & Murchertach mac Erca. & la Fergus l^ Cerbél mac Conaill Cremthainne & la Fiachraig Lond mac Caelbad ríg
3005] Dail Araide. & la Crimthand mac Ennai ríg Lagen. Eogan mac {MS folio 24b5}Néil moritur. Quies Benigni secundí episcopi. Mors Conaill Chremthainne meic Neill. Quies Iarlathi tertii episcopi. Bellum Ocha in quo cecidit Ailill Molt.

Lugaid mac Loegairi .xxu. Co torchair i nAchud Forcha tre
3010] mírbail Patraic. Muridach mac Eogain moritur. Bellum Cell {MS folio 24b10} Osnaid. Patricius Scottorum episcopus quieuit. Cormac primus abbas. Quies Ibari. episcopi.

Murchertach mac Erca .xxiiii. Co torchair i telchuma fina i Clettiuch. Dubthach abb Aird Macha quieuit. Bellum Dromma
3015] Dergaige unde Campus Mide a Lagninsibus ablatus est. {MS folio 24b15}Dormitatio S. Brigite. Ailill .i. abbas Aird Macha. Quies Colmain meic Dúach. Bellum Eblinni.

Tuathal Máel Garb .xi. Co torchair i nGrellaig Elti la Maelmór mac Airgetáin hui Meic Hí. Quies Ailbe Imlecha. Ailill .ii.
3020] abbas Aird Macha. Bellum Slicigi ubi cecidit Eogan Bél ri Connacht. {MS folio 24b 20} Fergus & Dommall da mac Murchertaig meic Erca uictores fuerunt. Bellum Tortan. ria Lagnib in quo Mac Erca mac Ailella Muilt c ecidit. Bellum Cloenlocha. Nem episcopus.

Diarmait mac Cerbaill .xxi. Co torchair la Aed Dub mac Subni
3025] {MS folio 24b 25} rig Dáil Araide i rRáith Bic i mMaig Line. Duach abbas Aird Macha. Ciaran mac in tSaer. Bellum Cuile Conaire i Ceru ubi cecidit


{MS folio 24b}Ailill Banda. Colum mac Crimthaind Fiachra abbas Aird Macha. Bellum Cúile Dremni for Diarmait mac Cerbaill.

{MS folio 24b 30}Domnall & Fergus duo filii Meic Erca. Uno anno. Cath Gabra
3030] Lifi. Fergus & Domnall uictores erant. Quies Brenaind Biror anno aetatis suae.

Baetan & Eochaid da mac Ninneda .iii. Co torchair Eochaid la Cronán mac Tigernaig ríg Cianachta Glinni Gemin. Fecht i {MS folio 24b 35}nIardomon la Colmán mBec mac nDiarmata & la Conall mac
3035] Comgaill.

Ainmire mac Setnai .iii. Co torchair la Fergus mac Nellini.

Baetan mac Nainneda .i. anno. Ite Cluana. Oenu hua Loigsi. {MS folio 24b 40} Gillas sapiens quieuerunt. Mors Aeda meic Subni rig Moenmaige.

Aed mac Ainmerech .xxuiii. Co torchair la Brandub mac Echach
3040] i cath Dúin Bolg. Daig mac Cairill quieuit. Mordál Dromma Ceta. Feidlimid abbas Aird Macha quieuit. Eochu abbas Aird Macha. Grigorius papa. Dauid Cilli Muni quieuit. Quies Coluim Chille & Baithine.

{MS folio 24b 45}Colmán Rímid & Aed Sláne .uii. Co torchair Aed Slane la Conall
3045] nGuthbind mac Suibne. Dorochair im Colman Rimid la Locan Dilmana. Quies Comgaill Bennchoir. Bellum Slemna in quo Colman Rimid uictor fuit. Conall Cú fugitiuus fuit. Fintan {MS folio 24b 50} Cluana Eidnech. Quies Cainnig.

Aed Úaridnach .uiii. mbliadna co n-ebailt. uiii. Senach
3050] {MS folio 25a}abbas Aird Macha. l^ híc Grigorius. l^ Mors Branduib meic Echach. Aedan mac Gabráin moritur.

Mael Coba .iii. bliadna co torchair i cath Sléibe Toad la Subne Mend. Cath Odba ubi cecidit Conall Láeg Breg. Oengus mac Colmain uictus erat.

3055] {MS folio 25a5} Subne Mend .xui. bliadna co torchair la Congal Cáech mac Scanlain i Traig Breine. Mac Lasre abbas Aird Macha. Comgan Glinne Da Locha. Aed Bennain. Rónán mac Tuathail. Cath Both re Suibne Mend for Domnall mac nAeda. Cath Duin Chethirn. Mors Echach Bude.


3060] {MS folio 25a} Domnall mac Aeda .xxx. bliadan éc atbath. Cath Maige Roth & cath Sailtine in uno die facta sunt. Cath dib for Eogan & araile for Ultaib. Mo Chutu Rathin quieuit. Mo Lasse Lethglinni quieuit.

{MS folio 25a15}Cellach & Conall Cáel meic Maeli Coba .xu. éc atbath Cellach
3065] issin Bruig Meic inn Óc. Dorochair Conall Cáel la Diarmait mac Aeda Slane. Fursu quieuit. Uacca .iiii.or uitulos in una die peperit.

Blaithmac & Diarmait .xu. bliadna. Éc atbathatar don Budi {MS folio 25a 20} Connaill. Fechin Fobair. Manchan Léith. Airerán ind Ecnai
3070] quieuerunt din Budi Connaill. Sinodus Constantinapolitanus.

Sechnassach mac Blathmaic .ui. bliadna. Co torchair la Dub nDúin rí Corpri. Fáelán mac Colmain rí Lagen. Nauigatio {MS folio 25a 25}Columbani episcopi cum reliquiis sanctorum co hInis Bó Finni.

Cend Faelad mac Crundmáel .iiii. bliadna co torchair la Finnachta
3075] Fledach i cath Aircheltra. Prima combustio Aird Macha.

{MS folio 25a 30}Finnachta Fledach .xx. Co torchair i nGrellaig Dollaid la Aed mac nDluthaig. Combustio regum i nDún Chethirn. Adomnanus captiuos duxit ad Hiberniam. Mathim na Bórama. Luna conuersa est in sanguinem. in prodigium.

3080] {MS folio 25a 35} Loingsech mac Oengusa .uiii. bliadna Co torchair la Cellach Locha Cimbi i cath in Choraind. Mo Lling Luachra. Essuries maxima tribus annis in Hibernia ut homo hominem comederet.

Congal Chind Magair .ix. mbliadna co n-erbailt do bidg oenuaire. {MS folio 25a 40} Cú Chúarain rí Ulad & Cruthentuaithe.

3085] Fergal mac Maeli Dúin .xuii. bliadna Co torchair i cath Almaine la Murchad mac mBrain. Inrechtach mac Muridaig rí Connacht.

{MS folio 25a 45}Fogartach mac Néill. oenbliadain co torchair i cath Chind Delgen. la Cinaed mac Irgalaig.

Cinaed mac Irgalaig .iiii. bliadna co torchair i cath Dromma
3090] Corcáin la Flaithbertach mac Longsig. Domnall mac Cellaig rí Connacht moritur. Mors Murchaid meic Brain.

{MS folio 25a 50}Flaithbertach mac Longsig .uii. mbliadna co n-erbailt i nAird Macha. Subne abbas Aird Macha moritur.

Á ed Allain mac Fergaile .ix. mbliadna Co torchair i cathl^
3095] {MS folio 25b}Seredmaige la Domnall mac Murchada. Cath Uchbath in quo Bran Bec mac Murchada & Aed Mend ceciderunt.

Domnall mac Murchada .xx. bliadan co n-erbailt. Naues in aére uisae sunt. Quies Fidmuni. Cú Chumne quieuit.


{MS folio 25b}Niall Frossach mac Fergaile .uii. bliadna co n-erbailt i nHí na
3100] ailithri. Trí frassa inna flaith. .i. frass argait gil & frass mela. & frass chruthnecta. Fer da Chrích abbas Aird Macha.

{MS folio 25b10}Dondchad mac Domnaill .xxu. bliadna co torchair i cath Dromma Ríg la Aed mac Néill. Dub dá Lethi abbas Aird Macha.

Aed Ordnide .xxuii. Co torchair i cath Da Ferta la Mael Canaig.
3105] Bellum Dromma Ríg. Condmach. Torbach. Toicthech. Nuado abbates Aird Macha quieuerunt. Luna in sanguinem uersa est {MS folio 25b15}Murgius mac Tommaltaig rí Connacht.

Conchobor mac Dondchada .xxiiii. bliadna co n-ebailt. Bellum Lethi in Chaim ri Niall Kalle. Eogan Manistrech abbas Aird
3110] Macha. Bádud Turgéis i lLoch Úair la Mael Sechnaill mac Mael Ruanaid.

{MS folio 25b 20}Mael Sechnaill mac Mael Ruanaid .xui. bliadna co n-ebailt. Quies Feidilmthi ríg Cassil & rabo rí cid Herend co fressabra in Feidlimidsin. Cath Farcha ria Mael Sechnaill for Gallaib ubi
3115] {MS folio 25b 25} .dc. ceciderunt. Olchobor ri Casil quieuit. Forannan & Diarmait duo abbates Aird Macha quieuerunt.

Áed Findliath .xuiii. bliadna co n-ebailt ic Druim Inasclaind. Cath Cilli Hua nDaigri ria nÁed mac Néill. Frossa fola do thepersin co frítha na parti cró. Fethgna abbas Aird Macha.

3120] {MS folio 25b 30} Fland mac Mael Sechnaill .xxuii. co n-ebailt. Is leis ro leicit géill Herend for cúlu. & ro gabsom iat ar écin doridisi. Ainmeri & Mael Coba abbates Aird Macha quieuerunt. Cath Belaig Mugna {MS folio 25b 35}ria Lagnib for firu Muman. in quo cecidit Cormac mac Culennain. Di gréin do ascin i comrith in una die. Cerball mac Muricain ri Lagen
3125] quieuit.

Niall Glundub tri bliadna. Co torchair i cath Atha Cliath. Conchobor hua Mael Sechnaill rí Mide.

{MS folio 25b 40}Dondchad mac Flainn .xxu. co n-ebailt. Cath ria Murchertach mac Neill i torchair Albdon mac Gothfraid rí Gall. Mael Brigte
3130] mac Tornain & Ioseph & Mael Patraic tres abbates quieuerunt.

Congalach mac Mael Mithig .x. Co torchair la Gaullu Atha Cliath {MS folio 25b 45}ic Taig Giugrand. Cath Muni Brócain ria Congalach for Gallaib ubi .vii m ceciderunt. Dí cholomain tentidi d'ascin sechtmain ria samain Coro solsig in mbith uili.

3135] Domnall Hua Néill .xxu. co n-ebailt i nArd Macha. Muridach {MS folio 25b 50} abbas Aird Macha. Conchobor mac Taidcg rí Connacht moritur.


Cath Cille Móna. Cath eter Brian & Máel Muad. Mide fás cóic bliadna co rragaib Mael Sechnaill mac Domnaill.l^

{MS folio 26a} Mael Sechnaill mac Domnaill .xxiii. Cath Temrach ria Mael
3140] Shechnaill for Gallaib. Forbais tri laa & tri n-aidchi leis for Gallaib co tuc giallu Herend ar écin. uadib. Is and sin iarom forfuacair {MS folio 26a5}Mael Sechnaill in n-escongra n-airdairc .i. Cech oen ar se fil i crich Gall do Gaedelaib i ndaíre & i ndochraite táet ass dia thir feisin. Dub da Leithe comarba Patraic.

3145] Brían mac Cennetig .xii. Co torchair la Laignib & la Gallaib Atha {MS folio 26a10} Cliath i Cluain Tarb. Cath Glinni Mámma la Brian & Mael Sechnaill for Gallaib. Cath Craíbe Tilcha eter Ultu & Cenel Eogain ubi ceciderunt reges utriusque gentis .i. Aed & Eochaid.

Mael Sechnaill mac Domnaill i rrige Herend doridisi. co n-erbailt
3150] {MS folio 26a15} i Croinis Locha Annind. Coic catha fichet ro mebdatar ré Mael Shechnaill. In retlu mongach fri coícthiges. Mael Maire comarba Patraic. Findlaech mac Ruadrí rí Alban. Cath ria nAugaire mac Ailella for Sitriuc mac Amlaib. Fross chruthnecta.

{MS folio 26a 20}Comflathius for Herind fri re dá bliadan .xl. Cuán Hua
3155] Lothchain. Corcran clerech. Snecta mór. Amalgaid comarba Patraic. Cath Slebi Crott. Niall mac Eochada. Niall mac Mael Sechnaill.

{MS folio 26a 25}Rapa rí Herend co fressabra Diarmait mac Mael na mBó. Is amlaidse áirmiter i rréim rígraide na ríg co fressabra .i. Mad do
3160] Leith Chuind in rí & Leth Cuind ule & oenchóiced a lLeith Moga ace. is rí Temra & Herend co fressabra in fersain. Mad a lLeith {MS folio 26a 30} Moga im bes ní eberthar rí Herend friss co raib Leth Moga uili & Temair cona Túathaib & indara cuiced a lLeith Chuind chucu. Rabo rí Herend amlaidsin mac Mael na mBó uair ra boí Leth Moga {MS folio 26a 35}
3165] uile & Connachta & Fir Mide & Ulaid & Airgialla. ace. Is leis ro cured mac Briain dar muir.

Tairdelbach Hua Briain .xii. Dub da Lethi comarba Patraic. Dondchad mac Briain do Róim. Cath Saxan. Cnómess. Cath {MS folio 26a 40} Odba. Cath Móna Crunnióce. Éc atbath Tairdelbach

3170] Murchertach hua Bríain .xx. co n-ebailt de thromgalur Cath na Crincha re mac nDomnaill Remair & re nGallaib Atha Cliath for firu Mide. Dondchad mac Domnaill Remuir rí Lagen {MS folio 26a 45}interfectus est. Cath eter Cenel Eogain & Ultu ubi reges utriusque


gentis interfecti sunt. Mael Ísu comarba Patraic. Dallad Ruadri
3175] Hui Chonchobuir. Cath eter Ú Cendselaig inuicem in quo cecidit Enna Bacach Dondchad mac Murchada uictor fuit. Mael Coluim {MS folio 26a 50} mac Dondchada ri Alban moritur. Cath Fidnacha. Teidm na tesscha. Ecla na feile Eoin. Cath Maige Coba. Magnus rí {MS folio 26b} Lochlainne do marbad i nUltaib. l^ Senad Rátha Bresail. Cath
3180] eter Dondchad Mac Murchada & claind Domnaill. mebaid for claind Domnaill. Cath Átha Cliath. mebaid iarum for Lagnib. in quo Dondchad Mac Murchada. & Conchobor hua Conchobuir interfecti sunt.

{MS folio 26b5}Comflathius for Herind fri ré .ui. mbliadan trichat. Acht chena rabo
3185] ri Herend co fressabra Tairdelbach mac Ruadri Hui Chonchobuir. Enna mac Dondchada Meic Murchada rí Lagen quieuit. Cath eter Hua Mathgamna & Mac Duind Sleibe. Cellach comarba {MS folio 26b10} Patraic. Cath Licci Uatha. do brissiud for Diarmait mac Dondchada Meic Murchada. Cath Cúla Coll do brissiud do Diarmait i cind
3190] choícthigis for firu Muman & Ossairgib & Gaullu Puirt Lairge. Máel Ísu hua Anmeri ardsenoir Herend quieuit. Cormac Mac {MS folio 26b15}Carthaig ardrí Muman interfectus. Cath Monad Móre. Memaid re Lagnib & Connachtaib for Tairdelbach Hua mBriain. Diarmait mac Dondchada Meic Murchada & Tairdelbach Hua Conchobuir
3195] uictores fuerunt. Senad Cenannsa ubi Iohannes Cardinalis {MS folio 26b 20} praesidens interfuit. Millessimo secundo. celebratum fuit istud nobile concilium.

Murchertach mac Neill .xiiii. Co torchair la Hu Briuin & la Airgiallaib. Domnall Hua Londgain ardepscop Muman quieuit.
3200] Senud oc Bri meic Taidc. Cath Atha Fir Dead. Memaid re {MS folio 26b 25}Murchertach mac Neill for Connachtaib & for Huib Briúin.

Ruadri mac Tairdelbaig Hui Chonchobuir. Diarmait mac Dondchada Meic Murchada do chur dar muir. Saxain do thuidecht i nHerind & lánlott Herend dóib. Gilla Meic Liac comarba Patraic.
3205] {MS folio 26b 30} Saxain do thuidecht i nHerind. Heriu do lot dóib. Diarmait Mac Murchada do éc. Diarmait mac Cormaic do marbad do Saxanaib. Domnall Hua Briain rí Tuadmuman quieuit. Conchobor Moenmaige mac Ruadrí do marbad. Éc in Ruadrisin na ailithri i Cunga.l^


Connachta cid dia tá in t-ainm

    1. {MS folio 27a} Connachta cid dia tá in t-ainm.

      3210] a eolcho Fáil re sírgairm;
      in fail acaib túaid na tess
      eolach aca fail a eolass.
    2. Mani fuil acaib uile
      a eolcho bethad buide.

      3215] dagena dúib dílsi rand
      in t-eolach án Aed Ollbarr.
    3. {MS folio 27a5} Aed Ollbarr ollam Cruachan.
      is Herend ní imnuathad;
      iss é sluinnes síd re lá

      3220] mar atá arin crich Connachta.
    4. Cond ca cumachtach rap ferr.
      sósar molbthach mac Cetrend.
      is hé ro gab rig can acht.
      ar coiciud cendfind Connacht.

    5. 3225] Dobeired se ba slicht fír.
      snechta nemi co nertbríg;
      {MS folio 27a10} ar lár a thíri co tend.
      tan tictis Túath De Danand.
    6. Craind & clocha in domain.

      3230] da chur ind na urchomair;
      ra loisced lór a chrúade.
      re haidbriud oenuaire.
    7. Tess grene and dó fadéin.
      ba hingnad re cach do chéin;

      3235] ni derna druí dían ngarta.
      a chobes do chumachta.

    8. p.101

    9. {MS folio 27a} Doringni immarbáig n-aird.
      re Túaith Dé Danand drechgairg;
      co n-airgfed iat tolaib crand:

      3240] 's na airgfitis a ferand.
    10. Arnabárach dádaig dó.
      ra airg cách uili i n-oenló;
      ra loisc ar mbreith a mbó tra.
      a ndúni 's a ndindgnada.

    11. 3245] Mac mathar Cuind nír chlecht góe.
      Dálach lethet cech lángóe;
      {MS folio 27a 20} inund cumachta ros car.
      inund úaill inund borrfad.
    12. Tecait fir Herend uili.

      3250] co Dálach in degruiri;
      da guidi co tísad leo.
      coro chuired re Cond cóemgleó.
    13. Ragatsa lib imbárach.
      cid duilig lim ar Dálach;

      3255] act co fagbur feib as dlecht.
      cach ní ari ndingen druidecht.
    14. {MS folio 27a 25} Tri chét da chrud cach elgga.
      's íat aigfinda óidergga
      a cascrad is celgg calma.

      3260] can fascin can erlabra.
    15. Tabar a n-oi lib ille.
      ar Dalach i n-óenbaile;
      con n-eolór leo lathar nglond.
      coro chuiriur cath is caemChond.

    16. 3265] Dobertar a n-óe uile.
      i n-óenáitt i n-oenbuile;
      {MS folio 27a 30} cor gab don maig i mbuí in slúag.
      coro leg in snechta sirbúan.

    17. p.102

    18. {MS folio 27a} O sain immach is Mag nOí.

      3270] in magsain can imargoí;
      is on dáilsin dían in smacht.
      atá coiced Ól nÉcmacht.
    19. Condsnecta ó snechta Chuind.
      is ó fertaib co halaind;

      3275] A hséin dúib. aní dia tá.
      Connachta for Connachta. Con.


{MS folio 27a}

Cormac mac Culennain cecinit

    1. Iarfaiged nech acaib dam.
      cid dia tá in t-ibar ingnad;

      3280] cade fáth a ráda riss.
      ós chách Ibar macc nAngciss.
    2. Cá fid in crand glan gúr.
      ma ndernad in mírún.
      ca facsi a carddes sund sel.

      3285] na macc nAncis o n-anmnigther.
    3. {MS folio 27a 40} Clúain ro gabad oc Ailill sund.
      dá echaib ina ferund.
      o Dún Chlari co Dún nGair.
      ó Áni co Dún Ochair.

    4. 3290] Olc lasin áes sídi seng.
      tiachtain forro ina ferand;
      mildís in fér cach samna.
      noco scél can chomarda.
    5. Luid Ailill d'fari ind feóir áin.

      3295] & Ferchess mac Commáin.
      {MS folio 27a 45} co faccatar arin maig.
      tri bai & triar na ndegaid;
    6. Atat sund fir na fogla
      ar Ailill can mórdogra;

      3300] ben is da fer can dolma
      & tri bae maelodra.
    7. Atát oc indred ind feóir.
      is car n-ithi dar n-amdeóin;
      ac cantain cheóil sídi chain.

      3305] fris coteltais sil Adaim.
    8. {MS folio 27a 50} Ma chanait ceóil sídi sáim.
      ar Ferches mac Commáin.
      na beram céim secha sain.
      cor legam ceir nar cluasaib.

    9. p.104

    10. 3310] {MS folio 27a} Ni chúalatar in ceol cain.
      o thucsat ceir na cluasaib.
      co facca cach a chéili.
      rapa phrapp in chomeirgi.
    11. Daratsatar rind fri rind.

      3315] Eogabul & Ailill
      {MS folio 27a 55} darochair Eogabul de.
      & ro trascrad Áne.
    12. Dolluid co Áne Ailill.
      ros traig & ros tairind.

      3320] is dachúaid ina gnáis ar sain.
      ní ar áis acht ar éicin.
    13. Darat Áni scéin d'Ailill
      nocor immarbrécc ( )
      tall a chlúais deiss da chind chromm.

      3325] de ros len Ailill Olomm.l^
    14. {MS folio 27b} Ra fergaiged Ailill de.
      ra sáid a sleig i nÁne.
      ní thard cháttaid di ar sain.
      co fargaib hí can anmain.

    15. 3330] Cid Ferchess ni dechas úad.
      o ragab a arm d'imlúad.
      cer echt i ndegaid madma.
      can chrecht is can ch
    16. {MS folio 27b5} Luid Fer Hí sin tech sídi.

      3335] i mbátar a chomdíni.
      roptar imda gári gol
      im Áne is im Eógabol.

    17. p.105

    18. {MS folio 27b} Luid in marcsluag sídi immach
      im thráth ergi arnabarach.

      3340] loscset Dún Cláre is Dun Crott
      tucsat fo thenid etrocht.
    19. {MS folio 27b10} Tiagam co Dún Ochair Mág.
      cach ra cheili ca imrád
      marbam Ailill ina thaig.

      3345] is ingen Chuind Chetchathaig.
    20. Ni dlegam ingen Chuind chain.
      ar Fer Fí mac Eogabail;
      can baegul acht co mblaid.
      dígélat m'oenur m'athair.

    21. 3350] Dolluid Fer Fí siar iar sain
      & Aeblean a brathair
      {MS folio 27b15} ro ernnisat gním can geiss.
      delbsat Ibar mac nAngciss.
    22. Is and ro delbsat in crand.

      3355] ac Ess Máge na mórchland
      doriact chuci triar ros car.
      Mac Con is Cian is Eogan.
    23. In crand eter chrín is úr.
      ro gab Mac Con cen mírún;

      3360] ro gab Cían tall ó sil.
      a chamm & a dirioch.
    24. {MS folio 27b 20} Nocoro lugu in rand aile.
      ro gab Eogan andsaide
      a mbai de os talmain tair.

      3365] & a mbaí fo thalmain.
    25. Rop iat angcissi na fer.
      dáig ba fini oenmáthar.
      no geibed cach duini dron.
      in crand uili a oenor.

    26. p.106

    27. 3370] {MS folio 27b} Gebat breith far n-athar úaib.
      atbert Mac Con claidebrúaid.
      cid dúib cid dam dobera.
      ní acer a esbada.
    28. Ruc Ailill breith cer om.

      3375] ba mór a fích oc Mac Con;
      in t-ibar do Eogan dorat.
      & Mac Con do dermat.
    29. Ra focair Mac Con ar sain.
      cath for Ailill na dígail;

      3380] {MS folio 27b 30} nocor fuirged i fat.
      coro cuired cath Chind Febrat.
    30. Is and ra gonad Mac Con.
      cor baccach riam mór in mod;
      docer la Cairpre co lí

      3385] Da Nera druth Darini.
    31. Trít ra cuired in cath cruaid.
      Maigi Muccrama mongruaid;
      {MS folio 27b 35} dia máirt rapo lathi and.
      ar thuitset mathi Herend.

    32. 3390] Trít darochair Art mac Cuind.
      ropa rí ar Herind adluind;
      darochratar ra hella
      sect meic áilli Ailella.
    33. Trít ra gonad Lug Lág.

      3395] doringni in n-engnam ndana.
      {MS folio 27b 40} ro marbad Art mac Cuind chain.
      is Bénni Britt a Bretnaib.
    34. Trít docer Mac Con co ngráin.
      & Ferches mac Commáin.

      3400] aroen is Sadb ingen Chuind;
      do neim inn ibair aluind.

    35. p.107

    36. {MS folio 27b} Ni crand acht taidbsiu sidi.
      ní marat a chomdíni.
      {MS folio 27b 45} ni fid cailli thall a chorp.

      3405] acht olletig is amtrocht.
    37. Rapa díti tri chet láech.
      foscod in craind ba gnim gaeth
      ropad lór do thaig thuraid.
      ba dín ar cach ndíanphudair.

    38. 3410] Atá i ndíchilt fo diamair.
      ac sidib co saebriaglaib.
      ni fagaib act truag fo chet
      {MS folio 27b 50} is fagail buan is bithbét.
    39. Attrochratar tess is tuaid

      3415] do neim inn ibair armruaid;
      do ruirig tiar is tair.
      is duilig a iarfaigid. Iar.


{MS folio 27b}

Fland Manistrech cecinit

    1. A Gillu gairm n-ilgrada

      3420] eter drungu drongdála;
      {MS folio 27b 55} cadeat anmand uncide
      muntire na Trommdama.
    2. Tuirmem ar thóir togaide
      cóir a cuibrend cnedaidi.

      3425] dubi diana donaide
      fini fiara fregaidi.l^
    3. {MS folio 28a} Froechán fairtbe ilarchend.
      co llín goethar ngalarchland
      lucht ligiecht na lebarchland

      3430] Biniét & Lebarcham.
    4. Lomm Lúath nirbo lerbruga.
      corr chromm fri cadála
      tóir thruagthrom iar trebluga.
      luachlomm & lag( )ba.

    5. 3435] {MS folio 28a5} C
      tt Chliach crupa cuachthirim

      biat i mbruig bréicifirn
      at iat a trí n-ócthigirn.
    6. A treide mban mbrassalach.

      3440] fris nemede sam slissadach
      Doerdrec Dardul tessabach.
      Caelchret chnamdub chrissalach.

    7. p.109

    8. {MS folio 28a} Na trí drúith día ndruingside
      {MS folio 28a10} ropo dluith a ndellsaire.

      3445] Broimm ni foccul fandsaide
      Ochsud & Ersaire.
    9. Éc is liathach ilchathach
      na mbét mbrúchach mborrfadach
      craeb na crappall crumcharach.

      3450] Ith chael Cappall confadach.
    10. In triar trenfer tristaide
      ros gialdach glerfeb gnústaide.
      {MS folio 28a15} fri glaccad nglond ngnústaide.
      Sond Sacc Sappad sústaide.

    11. 3455] A trí mna fri mallchestrad.
      ced ros cna co cromchoscrad.
      Gloedad Garrmar Gerrchostlud
      troethad tradlad tromthrascrad
    12. Trede goband ngrofelgna

      3460] glere ngaland nguthemna.
      Gin grot gréchach grithfedma
      {MS folio 28a 20} Bir Brot berthad bruthenda.
    13. Ben cach fir co n-airinniud.
      nirob rib a rrogallud

      3465] Srianbalc slúagbalc sennalud.
      Mianat Gualdat gabaldub.
    14. Ben buraig can blataige.
      grad ar ngúraib griccigi
      Bangnuis burdond betaide.

      3470] & Srubdond Slicigi.
    15. {MS folio 28a 25} Carróc nirbo chendbuide
      rop hí in mallóc mornaide
      tar drónnfót ndrong ndergnaide.
      is Corróc corr comraire.

    16. p.110

    17. 3475] {MS folio 28a} A n-áes coimse cuchtaide
      fri cech soillsi sectaide.
      fot fri fuiniud fechtaide.
      Gat Brat Ruidiud rechtaide.
    18. A mná fá miad malassach.

      3480] nochos tá fiad forasach.
      {MS folio 28a 30} tillid a triall turusach.
      Liag Cíar Cingit chonasach.
    19. Na rannaire redcacha.
      fri slammaigi sergbrecta.

      3485] Goll Scicg Genán gargmartra.
      Neman & Dergslecta.
    20. Díth n-etha co n-achairi.
      crích can chrecha clothaide
      slatt fri silliud srethaide

      3490] mac do milliud sochaide.
    21. {MS folio 28a 35} Olc Aí rop fer ecalmór.
      lott cech laí for libarlúd
      ro alt Scipul screpulglór
      oc mac Gigur gigurgrún.

    22. 3495] Mang dia cloithe a cuindmine
      Bel faithe co siblige
      dede mbaccoen mbraiglide
      a da maccaem ingine.
    23. Rapa munter mallacta.

      3500] ni tuillter dorrimmarta.
      {MS folio 28a 40} ní sraib snassblad sommatta.
      nírbo gasrad gillata.
    24. Gruc grác grannach geránach.
      Grungat glamach gabelach.

      3505] brisc brasc bledach birágach
      melach derach domiadach.

    25. p.111

    26. {MS folio 28a} Braiged betach becaintach.
      is í thretach diupartach.
      crett chúan chontan chetoltach.

      3510] sluag dontach diupartach.
    27. {MS folio 28a 45} Di challig deac dingbala.
      fri muntir sin sograda
      cen tuilltige trebdana.
      muntiri na Tromdama.

    28. 3515] Dosfarraid dith ndronthaige
      Echdach las frith findchlaide
      ba uag eithrech errchraide
      don tsluag greiflech gillchaide. A.


{MS folio 28a}Turim Tigi Temrach .i. in tech mór milib amus


Cormac fili cecinit

    1. Domun duthaine
      comol cét cuire;
      bréc ilar líth fri labrad
      acht adrad Rig na n-uile.

    2. 3525] Atchiu cach recht im road
      {MS folio 28a 55} de chliu cert co grian.
      Temair indiu cid fásach
      baí ré ba nasad niad.l^
    3. {MS folio 28b} Nirbo thráig a tort toebach

      3530] diarb oenach Scott scelach;
      ba mór ndám diarbo domgnáis
      in dunad foglass ferach.
    4. Ba fond n-orddnide n-imglicc.
      ba borgbile co mbladblait

      3535] fri taidbsin ba druimm n-irdairc
      i n-amsir hui Chuind Cormaic.
    5. {MS folio 28b5} Is caem in gairm nos caema
      amal doroega sech ruama;
      tarca Boind bró bága.

      3540] Cathir Chroind cró buada.
    6. Dia mboí Cormac fri clotha.
      ba reil roblat a retha.
      ní frith dún amal Temair.
      ba sí rún belaig betha.

    7. p.113

    8. 3545] {MS folio 28b} Balc in brigsain fiad buidnib.
      ind rígsain réided Temraig.
      {MS folio 28b10} is ferr dúin tolaib fine.
      tuirem a thige teglaich.
    9. In tech mór milib amus

      3550] do dínib nirbo doloss;
      cathir glan glerib glanfer
      secht cét traiged a thomoss.
    10. Nis tairchell baisse burba.
      na cumga gaíse gargga;

      3555] nirbo rubach fria terbba
      sé coicait cubat a ardda.
    11. {MS folio 28b15} Noí cluid nis cluí garbdrend
      noí ndui na timchell;
      inairbirt na findchland.

      3560] cathir imairdirc imthend.
    12. Adba in ríg rí adranna
      fors ndáilte fín co finne;
      ba dín ba dún ba dindgna
      tri choícait imda inde.

    13. 3565] Trí coicait laech co llaine.
      nirbo borg ar bruidin;
      {MS folio 28b 20} ba sé lucht línaib dindgna.
      cach imda de suidib.
    14. Ba álaind in slóg samlaid.

      3570] taitned ór ósa

      airel n-airgnaid
      coica cach airel imglain.
    15. Secht coicait cannach connail
      fiad in dáim ndrongaich ndrennaig.

      3575] fri annud sútrall solus
      ba se tomus in tellaich.

    16. p.114

    17. {MS folio 28b} Secht coicait aile rochuala.
      fri cert glaine
      segda saindille soera.

      3580] coema caindebrai créda.
    18. In chathir grianach glansin.
      fledach fíanach co fondsib;
      indi fri sochli sobus.
      da sé ndorus de dorsib.

    19. 3585] Ba hé dliged in rígsain.
      ól as n-ibed in slogsain;
      {MS folio 28b 30} ba mét mór mór in lansain.
      trí chét ól isind olsain.
    20. A n-ol n-úag fri uabur.

      3590] na ruirech ruad na ranfer;
      nírbo dimbraig ind arim.
      tricha dálem nos dáled.
    21. Noí coícait stáb a roga.
      ba sí dál toga a tuile.

      3595] sech ba carrmocol glanbalc.
      ba ór ba argat uile.
    22. {MS folio 28b 35} Tri choicait coica ngalach.
      cen nach n-anad fri fuirech;
      fri airer cen nach tolach

      3600] na ríg rogach na ruirech.
    23. Coica rectaire randa.
      lasin flaith fálda firda;
      coica foss fledach fírglan
      la coicait riglach rígda.

    24. p.115

    25. 3605] {MS folio 28b} Coica fer ina sessam
      connoítis in fael fossad;
      {MS folio 28b 40} céin bid in rí ac aol
      arna hobbad doad dossam.
    26. Ba hán don mál ba mou

      3610] ar cach lou ba lia;
      trí mile ban airmech.
      mac Airt eirned cach dia.
    27. Cend drong filed fó fírda.
      saigtis dliged a ndála;

      3615] is derb ní baes ci atbera.
      cen aes chena cach dána.
    28. {MS folio 28b 45} Tuirmem teglach i ndálaib.
      taige Temrach de dínib
      iss hí seo a n-árim fíre

      3620] tricha mile de milib.
    29. Dia mbaí Cormac i Temair.
      ar roblat uas cech rogail;
      rígathgein meic Airt Oenfir.
      ní fríth de doinib domain. D.

    30. 3625] Cormac co cóeme chrotha.
      ba fotha fondbalc flatha;
      {MS folio 28b 50} genair o Echtaig imgil.
      mac do ingin Uilc Acha.
    31. O baí Solom oc siriud.

      3630] ferr cach ciniud fri comul;
      gein bad chumma fri Cormac
      a De in tormalt domun. D.

Conamail Conriucht. tóesech cúan Connacht ruc leis Cormac mac Airt a hÚaim Céise Coraind. Co tarat Lugni Fer Tri nOg
3635] mart cach liss i Connactaib dó dara éisi. Unde nomen accepit {MS folio 28b 55} .i. Conmac. Ingen Uilc Achi a mathair. Achi Ibrach.l^


{MS folio 29a}

Tech Midchúarda

3635]Marcaig cuind doibRannairi mael doib.Dabach.Rechtaire mael doibAraid cuind dóib.
3635]Cruittiri muc. for{MS folio 29a5}muin doib.Cuslennaig colpda doib.Dalemain mael doibFidchellaig colptha doib.[3640] Seguinni muc formuin doib
3640]Brithemain lonchruachait doibScolaige leschruachait doib.lassarDeogbaire leschruachait doibAirig forgaill lonchruachait doib.
3640]Suid littri{MS folio 29a10} lonchrua-chait doib.Gobainn mael doib. Umaidid irchrua-chait doib[3645]Muirig lon- chruachait doib.
3645]Tanaise suad leschrua-chait doib.Tuathait milgetain dóib.bir bruinnesLegi mael doibAire arrd loarg dó.
3645]Ollam filed {MS folio 29a15}loarg doibCarpatsaer camchnaim do. Luamairi milgetan doib.[3650]Airi désa loarg dó.
3650]Anroth filed camchnaim doib. Clessanaig colptha doib.daulCreccairi camchnaim doib.Clí. cam- chnaim dó.
3650] [3655]Senchaid camchnaim. dó.
3655] Aire echta muc formuin dó.
3655]Briuga cetach loarg dó.Cornairi & bunniri. midi mir tond doib.lésBraigetori remur n-imda doib.[3660]Cano cam-chnaim do
3660]{MS folio 29a 20}Augtar saírsi roichnech dó Druth ríg dromman do.
3660] Rannairi & iascairi. milgetan dóib Airi desa & doss colptha doib.
3660]Fádi & druid & commilid colptha doib lóchet.Dorsairi ríg. dronnna dóib[3665]Maccfurmid & fochloc ir- chruachait doib.
3665] Cairemain & toscairi remur n-imda doib.
3665]{MS folio 29a 25}Aeltaire & sair cruachait doib.
3665] Cuthchairi & midim ir- [3670] remurn-imda doib.
3670] Mairig & cladairi remur n-imda doib.
3670] Rathbuige & obraige. milgetan [3675] doib


{MS folio 29a}Suidigud Tigi Midchuarda ní cach rí las tá indiu amal ro boí ar tossuch. Tech Cuind Chétchathaig & tech Airt Oenfir. & tech Cormaic Ulota. & tech Corpri Liphechair. & tech cach ríg {MS folio 29a 30} ra boí i Temair co Niall Noígiallach. Mad suidigud tigi Temrach
3680] la Cormac ba moo són .i. Secht cét traiged a techsain. noí ndui immon techsain. Trí choicait imdad isin taig. & tri coicait fer in cach imdai. & tri coicait airel esib. & coica cach airel. Teora míli {MS folio 29a 35}cech laí no érned Cormac. cenmotha aes dána & rindeli. & cach oen dosaiged in ríg. Gaill & Romáin. Frainc & Frési. Longbaird
3685] & Albanaig. Saxain & Bretnaig & Cruithnig. ar dosaigtis na huili seo. co n-ór & co n-argut. & echaib & cetarriadaib. Tict is uili {MS folio 29a 40} co Cormac. ar ni rabi na amsir bud amru andás i n-aeniuch & i n-airmitin. & i fiss acht mad Solom mac Dauida. Tech im Loegaire meic Neill iar tain i Temair iss ed rasiacht trian taige
3690] Cormaic. Trí chet traiged tech Loegaire. l. imdad and. l. fer in cach imdaí & l. airel n-esib. & xx. fer in cach airel. cethri cubait {MS folio 29a 45}a thellach .ix. cubait a forlés. & xx. ina arda in taige. Secht tredui immon ráith & ocht ndorais forsin raith. Trí coícait comad forsin sluag caslach n-órda. & l. lestar findruine & .l. sithal n-órda
3695] forsin rigraid. in dabach coic cubait in caindelbrai istig. Secht {MS folio 29a 50} ndorsaire. secht rannaire ina carpdib immecuaird. In druith i comair ind ríg arada [...] a. Ríg & rigdruith istig. Na sluaig archena immon tech dianechtair.l^

{MS folio 29b}Nuado mac Faelchon meic Alldoit meic Thuathaide meic
3700] Caitt Catotchind cetna fer las ndernad Tech Mór Midchuardda ar tús i nHerind.

    1. Suidigud Taigi Midchuardda
      mthig dún a rád;
      cach aga cach airenach.

      3705] is choir do cach grád.

    2. p.118

    3. {MS folio 29b}Cethraimthe Taige Midchuardda
      bíd fri ríg aniar
      teora cethramtha aile
      sair co dorus dian.

    4. 3710] Canam alam aisneidem
      {MS folio 29b10}innas nadbi dáer;
      cia ága iarna dligud
      dobeir do cac oen.
    5. Araid máeir saír sonaide

      3715] i n-iarthur in tige.
      {MS folio 29b15}cund dóib ni dliged dona.
      ar belaib na n-ile.
    6. Innidem cruitt co ceolaib
      donascnai ségond

      3720] co muic for muin maen erlam
      {MS folio 29b 20}is cuibrend n-éroll
    7. Ollam britheman co mbuaid
      aire forggaill fír
      dober lonchruachait dóib

      3725] dú nach tic sín.
    8. {MS folio 29b 25}Suí littri & rí ruirech
      is réim cosmail cóir.
      dlegait athbach maithglan mín
      is prímchruachait dóib.

    9. 3730] Dobér do filid ollomun
      {MS folio 29b 30} & do airig ard.
      loarg maith mín míad nad borb
      nad chond labra ladg.
    10. Briuga & aire desa

      3735] la ilar
      dobér doib ni rand ísel
      loargg dia sásad.

    11. p.119

    12. {MS folio 29b} Saír & aire échta
      canai tecta lib.

      3740] dober dóib muic for muin
      canad mair no dlig.
    13. Druid & aire désa
      deicheng nadbí doer.
      dib línaib ebait ól

      3745] dlegait colptha caem.
    14. Cornaire & cuthgaire
      cuiremmar cor fair
      mid mir ni mogaith mór
      fri ol noda ail.

    15. 3750] Aeltaire & rathbuigi
      & raidfitir nach than.
      dober milgetan fria toil
      {MS folio 29b 40} ní etal cip tan.
    16. Cairemain maiss murigi

      3755] co munteras chóir
      ni bec mín. ní mór ndemon
      remor n-imda doib.
    17. Dorsaire druith delma aitt.
      cethern discir druit

      3760] dlegait aurfocra co ol
      drond dia caemnu cuit.
    18. Cuslennaig féil fidchellaig
      i n-airidiu airthir
      is colptha cóir cia firt gleis

      3765] fora meis scuirther.

    19. p.120

    20. {MS folio 29b} Cuit cáinte & braigire.
      ni léicther i faill.
      remur n-imda uuall co grinn
      ni dimda ( ) phraind.

    21. 3770] Rannaire déin dalemain
      rechtaire réim saer;
      i n-iarthur tige for lár
      arrospetti mael.
    22. Medam nime nual cen aír

      3775] rannais do cach oen
      eter dícháem digraiss fáth
      & fáth bas cháem.
    23. {MS folio 29b 50} Cid bec la cách úan a chuit
      ima rannaib ric.

      3780] Mac De ar ndálem ar coic
      is e condic.
    24. A meicc ma 'dchobra in fleid
      fónma molaid luid.
      iar n-airillud cáich istig

      3785] fri samugud suid. S.
    25. Tech Midchuardda Ríg nime.
      niba tech bad uilliu;
      tol Dé acht cách dodagni
      noca mbi hi suidiu. S.l^

3790] {MS folio 30a}

Dindgnai Temrach in so sís.

Nemnach .i. firthipra fil ocon tsíd i n-airthiurdesciurt na {MS folio 30a5}Temrach in glassi bec theit a Nemnig sair is fuirri atá in muilend cetadernad do Chiarnait chumail Chormaic.

Lathrach tigi Mairisen fil on tsíd fri Nemnaich atuaid. & teora
3795] {MS folio 30a10} clocha beca imbe. Is samlaid ra suidiged in tech hísein. lár ard


{MS folio 30a} tuard airisel. Mairisiu im bantrebthach in sin ra boí i comré ri {MS folio 30a15}Cormac. Nach tech suidigthir amlaidsin niba duabais. & ní bia can ana and.

Ráith Loegaire meic Neill fri sodain atúaid. Cethri prímdorais
3800] {MS folio 30a 20} cach ardda inti. & ro suidiged corp Loegaire foa scíath co ngruibni frisin clod immechtrach. airtherdescertach na rígratha Loegaire i Temair. & a aiged fodess oc cathugud fri Lagniu.

{MS folio 30a 25}Atá i toeb ratha Loegaire anairdes lect Matta .i. Matta .i. amus de Lagnib ro baí i fail Chormaic. Ra batar laa and oca cluchi
3805] cethri oclaig i taeb ratha Loegaire anairdes. dorelic Matta urchur de {MS folio 30a 30} chloich and. co ndechaid for cunt a da less co n-erbailt in t-óclach de.

Ráith ríg i táeb rátha Loegaire atuaid. Ataat trí decra inganta i {MS folio 30a 35}suidiu .i. lathrach ind rígthaige Chormaic i n-airthiurdesciurt na ratha a lleth fri raith Loegaire fodess. Lathrach ind Foraid la
3810] {MS folio 30a 40} taeb ind rigthaige aníar. Múr Tea eturru a lleth fodess .i. Tea ben Herimoin. Liathdruim & Druim Cain & Múr Tea & Cathir {MS folio 30a 45}Chroind anmand Temrach i tossuch. Ra adnacht iarum Tea ben Herimoin etir lathrach ind Foraid & ind rigthaige. Conid de sin ra ainmniged Temair .i. Tea mur .i. in cnocc bec fil eter na
3815] da múr a lleth fadess is and atá.

{MS folio 30a 50}Attá tipra fo thath ratha anair. & tri anmand fuirri .i. Liaig & Tipra Bo Finde. & Derc nDub. is de ata. ni théit a lLáeg co lLiaig .i. indala n-aí a Temair sair. alaile a Temair siar.

{MS folio 30a 55}Duma na Bó fri Duma na nGiall aníar .i. in Glass Temrach.

3820] Duma na nGiall fri lathrach ind Foraid sairtúaid.

Fál i tóeb Dumai na nGíall atuaid. .i. cloch in sin no géissedl^ {MS folio 30b}fontí no gebad rígi nHerend. Fál ainm na clochisin .i. fó ail .i. ail fo ríg.

{MS folio 30b5}Lecht Con & Cethin issin leittir i comairdas Ratha Ríg síar.
3825] Ataat dí chloich and .i. Lecht Con indala n-aí & Lecht Cethin alaile. conid annfocal .i. Cú & Ceithen .i. ro marb Cú & Cethen rannaire {MS folio 30b10} Cormaic for lár ind rígthaige i Temraig. ro gab cach ndiriuch ar sain fo digas na Temrach síar co n-arrass and. conid romarb brathair {MS folio 30b15}ind fir ro marbsom. & asrubairt Cormac arnaro marbtha Cú.
3830] ní tharraid etargaire coro marbait a ndís.

Atá firthipra issin chobfán ó Lecht Chethin fathúaid. Lóeg a


{MS folio 30b} hainm. síar cach ndiriuch brunnes. Atá lathrach cuchtrach Cormaic fora brú. uasin leittir uas Lóeg anair.

Rath na Senad i comair Dumai na nGiall fathúaid.

3835] {MS folio 30b 25} Lathrach pupaill Adomnain isind ráith hísin. & a cross ara belaib. na ratha sair & a suide fri croiss andess.

Attá lathrach in tigi ra losced ar Benén. gilla Patraic & for Lucat {MS folio 30b 30} Mael ed bec o chroiss Adomnain sairdess .i. i tóeb na conaire anair a bic.

3840] Ataat teora clocha beca i taeb Rátha na Senad. tuaid. .i. teora {MS folio 30b 35}clocha ra laithea forsna druidi. It e a n-anmand .i. Mael & Bloc & Bluicne .i. Mael sair & Bloc fadess. & Bluicne sairtúaith.

{MS folio 30b 40}Atá Lecht ind Abaicc fri anair. Is amlaid atá in cubat sairdes & siardes. tri traigid nammá a thomoss. Esc bec this. Is samlaid
3845] atá in ligi. & cloch bec fo thalmain na airthiur & alaile na iarthur. {MS folio 30b 45}Fogabtar tri traigid indala fecht & a trí co leith in fecht aile.

Ataat da duma frisin cubat atuaid .i. Dall & Dorcha acht nad {MS folio 30b 50} fail múr eturru. & na clocha & in cubat .i. Dorcha ainm in dumai iartharaig. Dall & Dorcha dano ainm in dumai airtheraig.

3850] {MS folio 30b 55} Atá Long na mBan on dumu airterach síartúaid Is amlaid ra suidiged lathrach in taige hisin. leithred foe fothúaid & airrand andess. & comthercbail múir imme anair. & aníar. & is faellitel^ {MS folio 30c}biuc i lleth tuascertach de fathúaid & fadess. Ata a chóir fuath {MS folio 30c5}tige fotai. A cethair déc de dorsib ind. l^ a .xu. ut alii dicunt. a
3855] secht sair & a secht síar. & asberat is and dosmelte Fess Temrach. {MS folio 30c10} Deithbir són or no thailled ermór fer nHerend and. & iss hé sin in tech mílib amus.

Atá duma bec fri láthrach in taige anairdess. isin chiund {MS folio 30c15}descertach Dumai na mBan a ainm.

3860] Atá cubat Caelchon & a arad i comair in chind airtherthuascertaich {MS folio 30c 20} Luinge na mBan. Caelchú ind sin mac Loairn meic Ruaid meic Caiss. de Eoganacht Caisil. Is dia chlaind Tuatha Cis oc Temraich. & is dibside Aicme Rois Temrach.

{MS folio 30c 25}Tredua Nesse mathar Chonchobuir isin chind airtherthuascertach
3865] i comair chind airtherthuascertaig Luinge na mBan sairtuaith.

{MS folio 30c 30}Rath Chonchobuir meic Nessa i taeb in Tredua atúaid & a dorus sair. i comartus Medi Con Culaind.


{MS folio 30c} Ata lathrach in Scéith cona Thuil i comartus in Medi sairtúaid. {MS folio 30c 35}Is amlaid atá ráth chosmail chutrumma forsin talmain & cruachine
3870] bec inna medón. lán ind ela de úir.

{MS folio 30c 40}Ata a comardus Ratha Conchobuir sairtúaid. Sescend Temra. i comardi & Long na mBan siartuaid .i. sescend salach bec fil and {MS folio 30c 45}i taeb Chairn na Macraide.

Atá Rath Granne o Sescund Temrach aníar for forard na tulcha.

3875] {MS folio 30c 50} Atá fo thath Rath Gránni atuaid Fán na Carpat i comarddus na Cloenfertai tuascertchi sair.

Ataat na dí Chloenferta fri Ráith Granni aniar Isin Cloenferta{MS folio 30c 55} descertaich ra hort ind ingenrad i Temuir. Isin Cloenfertai{MS folio 30c 60} thuascertaich [...] in mbreth i n-agid [...] brethi ruc
3880] Cormac imman glassin do orgain dona cairchib. l^ {MS folio 30d} Ata Carn na Macraide Lagen i taeb Sescind Temrach atuaid.

{MS folio 30d5}Attá Cross Férgossa .i. naemailithir. Is hé fil i Carraic Clúmain i taeb Chairn na Macraide. andes anair.

Ata dessel Temrach eter in da Charn na Maccraide .i. eter in
3885] {MS folio 30d10} carn tuascertach & in carn descertach.

Atta Carn Macraide Hua Neill i taeb dessil Temrach atúaid.

{MS folio 30d15}Rath Cholmain meic Caelchon ó Charn Macraide Hua Néill sairtúaid .i. on charn tuascertach.

{MS folio 30d 20}Atá Duma ind Luchdoind i taeb Ratha Colmain meic Caelchon
3890] aníar.

Attá Adlaic & Diadlaic i comardus Ratha Colmáin sairtúaith. {MS folio 30d 25}i táth na lettrach frisin raith anairtúaid .i. dí thiprait ind sin .i. Adlaic indala n-aí & Diadlaic alaile. acht nad fil deffir eturro.


Cethri srotha déc éicsi

{MS folio 30d}CEthri srotha déc. éicsi ind so sís .i.

  1. 3895] Fele & innruccus.
  2. Comgne & genelach.
  3. Immas & dichetal.
  4. Anamain & brethugud.
  5. {MS folio 30d 35}Teinm laeda & ler forcetail.

  6. 3900] Idna láme & lanamnais.
  7. Idna beoil & foglomma.

Trí Dee Donand .i. trí meic Bressa meic Elathan .i. Brian & {MS folio 30d 40} Iuchar & Iucharba. ba hed a n-écosc .i. monga findbuide foraib. Tri úanebruit impu. Tri lenti crochderga impu. Tri
3905] {MS folio 30d 45} slega imbailci imáithi i n-erdornaib a lám. Tri calgga dét fora slessaib. Tri scéith dergga acco co telchobradaib oir foraib. Trí delggi forloscthi ina lamaib. Brot & Robb & Ruidiud a trí {MS folio 30d 50} ndrúith. Fiss & Fochmarc & Eolus a trí ndruid. Dub & Dorcha & Teimel a trí ndeogbaire. Saith & Leór & Línad a tri
3910] rannaire. Tailc & Tren & Tressa a trí ngillai. Athach & Gaeth {MS folio 30d 55} & Side a tri n-eich. Aig & Taig & Tairchell a trí coin. Ceól & Bind & Tetbind a tri cruttiri. Gleo & Gle & Glan a tri tiprata. {MS folio 30d 60} Buaid & Orddan & Taiced a trí n-aite. Síd & Sáme & Suba a tri mnaa. Ana & Indmas & Brugas a tri ndúine. Caín & Alaind & Massech a
3915] tri rigna., l^


Fland Fína cecinit

    1. [...]

      {MS folio 31a} a
      c nDe
      sruithe saera sonaide.
    2. Ro ddet in cach cill cháid.
      eter tír is tuind is tráig;

      3920] foglaim ecnai crábud Dé.
      lubair cretra commairge.
    3. Ro ddet o manchaib na túath
      erniud na n-almsan co lluath;
      {MS folio 31a5} is a n-ecor immalle

      3925] in screpol issin cendfathe.
    4. Ro ddet a hadbai Ailig
      ríg amrai & ardairig;
      greit gascid gil clu co ngail.
      nad fetat fir fulactain.

    5. 3930] Ro ddet a hadbai Ulad.
      bregus buaid is brigbunad.
      brath bruth baide bág im gus.
      cath cruth caíme calmatus.

    6. p.126

    7. {MS folio 31a} Ro ddet a bairc móir Mide.

      3935] fiannus feile forsinge;
      gal gart amra caini drend.
      fortallus for iath nHerend.
    8. Ro ddet a crich Breg bulid.
      amais aille tuirc turid;

      3940] brithemain baird céte cros.
      snam selg mete marcachos.
    9. Ro ddet a lLagnib dom deóin
      ótá Etar co hIndeóin;
      {MS folio 31a15} fiala bid beoda bladaig

      3945] ciúni ceolda cormfledaig
    10. Ro ddet a lLagnib buan blad
      & don tslúag ó Thomar;
      crechad Cuille slicht dar Siúir
      & builli dar Indiúin.

    11. 3950] Ro ddet do chlaind Chrimthaind chaiss.
      do síl Labrada lanmais.
      calmatus dar fini fer.
      armdattus. grinni Gaedel.
    12. {MS folio 31a 20} Ro ddet a rRaigni ruanaid.

      3955] fir áilli co n-ollbuadaib;
      bendacht cech nóeb cona chet.
      is for Ossairgib ro ddet. R.
    13. Ro ddet a mMumain cen chess.
      drong ríg rigna is rígéices.

      3960] cen indsaigid ar Niall nert
      sonus sama sadailecht.
    14. Ro ddet a Desmumain duind
      forbflathius os Herind uill.
      {MS folio 31a 25} gleire gensa iar ngním ngle.

      3965] feile febsa firinne.

    15. p.127

    16. {MS folio 31a} Ro ddet a Tuadmumain truimm.
      flaith saerda sír Aulaim;
      ti dnacul mór mó cech rath.
      do síl Conaill meic Lugdach.

    17. 3970] Ro ddet a crích Connacht cóir.
      ana mblechta úall honóir
      feile brig buafad is blad
      a crích Cruachan na corad.
    18. {MS folio 31a 30} Ro ddet a hiarthur Connacht.

      3975] fir garga géri glonnacht.
      ferba do thlathi cech thuir.
      beca blathi a tidnacuil.
    19. Ro ddet d o síl Muiridaig maiss
      flathius Medba móramnais.

      3980] fir bláthi bithi borba
      trebthaig cecha trenforbba.
    20. Ro dett a tuasciurt Connacht
      tascid tíri dar trommalt
      {MS folio 31a 35} fir buada bronnait a mbaill.

      3985] tomailt túara síl Chonaill.
    21. Ro ddet a crích Conaill chaiss
      curaid chroda claidebglais.
      fir garga co caíni drend.
      retlanna ardda Herend.

    22. 3990] Fland find Fína mac Ossa
      ardsuí Herend eolossa;
      ar brú sro tha Réin a rrec
      fuair a réir mar ro lándet. R.
    23. {MS folio 31a 40} It eat sin moda co mbúaid

      3995] dlegair as cech thír ar uair;
      ond ló ro gab Níall nár nert.
      is cian mór o radam det. .R.


Cináed húa Artacáin: Fíanna Bátar i nEmain

{MS folio 31a} Cinaed hua Artacain:

    1. FIanna batar i nEmain

      4000] i rRaith Chruachan i Temair.
      i lLúachair lúatis curaid
      i nAlind i nÍarmumain.
    2. Ni marat ni fil a mbá.
      {MS folio 31a 45} cia bátar ili a n-aideda;

      4005] marait dia n-éis a scéla.
      acht mad duí nis dichela.
    3. Fergus mac Leite ba laech
      luid cosin mbéist ba bidg baeth;
      co torchratar malle

      4010] for Fertais rúaid Rudraige.l^
    4. {MS folio 31b} L


      Lugaid Lamderg rodas lá
      for Illaind mac Fergusa.
    5. 4015] I Sléib Uillend imbid glend
      ro bíth Furbaide Fer Bend
      Lugaid Riab nDerg rod bí and.
      i ndigail Cruachna Clothrand.

    6. p.129

    7. {MS folio 31b} Amargin ba garg a glecc

      4020] eter mór is eter bec;
      {MS folio 31b5} matan i nImliuch Áe.
      immalle atá a lecht Iáe.
    8. Lecht Con Ruí i Sléib Mis.
      lecht Lugdach fo lecaib lis;

      4025] i nDún Binne bríg de roí
      ro bith Fíamain mac Foroí.
    9. Docer Cu Chulaind co fí
      for cness Corthe Crumtherí;
      for Traig Baile bressim ngle

      4030] dorochair Oínfer Aife.
    10. {MS folio 31b10} Erc mac Corpri gáet i tress
      i cómair Themra fodess;
      and atá lecht Lugdach cia thois
      fon charn i Maig Argetrois.

    11. 4035] Lecht Fir Death forsind áth
      la Coin Culaind atchíi cách
      Cethern mac Fintain anair
      dorochair oc Smirommair.
    12. Erca Iuchna amnas búan.

      4040] oca togail docer Luan
      {MS folio 31b15} oc techt immach assa thaig.
      fríth lecht Lóegaire Buadaig.
    13. Atbath Celtchair conad áil
      fri Dún Lethglasse anair;

      4045] bás Blaí Briuga tria chin mná
      i ndesciurt Oenaig Macha.
    14. Aided Cuscraid la Mac Cecht.
      de luin Cheltchair croda in t-echt.
      dorochair Mac Cecht iar tain

      4050] la Conall mac Amargein.

    15. p.130

    16. {MS folio 31b} Guin mac nUislend ba helgna.
      fescur ar brú na hEmna.
      nirbo chian iarsin mebail
      co ngóet Fiacha i Temair.

    17. 4055] Ina ndigail nirbu rom
      gáet Gergend mac Illadon.
      la mac Rossa fríth a lecht
      & Eogan mac Durthecht.
    18. I fleid Belcon ro lamad

      4060] cetguine Cet meic Magach.
      {MS folio 31b 25} Belchu Breifne cona chlaind
      goita do cherddaib Conaill.
    19. Conall Cernach croda in t-écht.
      is and ro bíth i mMaig Slécht.

      4065] ic Raith Cruachan gním do rind.
      dia láim dorochair Ailill.
    20. Ro bíth Fergus matan moch
      do sleig Lugdach i Findloch.
      iss é sin in scél dia tá

      4070] óenét amnas Ailella.
    21. {MS folio 31b 30} Mes Gegra roíned cech róen
      dorochair la Conall Clóen
      & dodechaid a lind
      dar Munremur mac Gergind.

    22. 4075] I cath Etair bitha fir
      im Mes nDé mac Amairgin;
      do léim assa dún immach.
      dorochair Forgull Manach.
    23. Do láim Ferches ciarbo chol

      4080] dorochair Lugaid Mac Con;
      {MS folio 31b 35} is de ro gáet issin tres
      Ferches mac Commain eices.

    24. p.131

    25. {MS folio 31b} Gáet Art uas Muccrama meirg.
      coro hadnacht i lLuachair Deirg.

      4085] atá lecht Cormaic iar fír
      forinn áth ic Ros na Ríg.
    26. Atá lecht Murchertaig múaid
      for taíb Chlettig anairtuaid;
      atá lecht Taidc issin glind

      4090] foraccai Finddabur find.
    27. {MS folio 31b 40} Ata lect Cellaig sin Bruig.
      i n-ec n-uachta ní maluid
      i mMaig Mucrama atá
      lechtan Céin meic Ailella.

    28. 4095] Mongan ba mind cach díne.
      docer la féin Cind Tíre
      la féin Luagne aided Find
      oc Áth Brea for Boind.
    29. Dorochair Niall mac Echach

      4100] uas Muir Icht ni gním clethach.
      {MS folio 31b 45} Nath Í tolchar gáet iar mbúaid
      o Slebib Elpa sairtuaid.
    30. I nGrellaig Dollaid ro bá
      Finnachta mac Dunchada;

      4105] i mMaig Line ba tria laing.
      docer Diarmait mac Cerbaill.
    31. Ro bíth Fogartach mac Néil.
      i nDruim Ríg tes Taltin tréin;l^



    32. p.132

    33. {MS folio 32a} Docer Fergal finn a gné
      i cath Mona Almame
      i Cath Uch bad ro bit h Bran
      la dith nAedha meic Colgan

    34. 4115] Ata lecht Máil i nDruim Gam.
      foracca éca imnam.
      & lecht meic Con Crechta
      la Ferdomun oenechta.
    35. {MS folio 32a5} Lecht meic Carbad i rRea.

      4120] is cian mór o Sruib Rea.
      lecht meic Carbad i nDruim Gat
      la mac Inair meic Abrat.
    36. Aided Branduib co mbini.
      i Cluain Senboth Sini;

      4125] ruc bás mac Rudrach na n-ech
      i fiad móralaind Masten.
    37. Cid cath Ailbe ard in clú
      ro bí in mairt for Mumnechu.
      {MS folio 32a10} diar góet Cormac ard ind rand.

      4130] ria Tadc & ria Cerball.
    38. Hi Cind Fuait nír gním gremma.
      Augaire mac Ailella.
      & fer ba glórda gáir.
      Mael Morda mac Muricain.

    39. 4135] Niall Glundub mac Aeda aird.
      Conchobor o Thulaig Thaidc;
      is Maíl Dub rí Airgíall án.
      & Aed mac Eochocan;
      {MS folio 32 a15} frith a n-airlech cen timmi.

      4140] ria sluag ndagrech Dublinni.

    40. p.133

    41. {MS folio 32a} Dorochair mac Mail Mithig.
      Congalach Cnogba crichid
      la sluag sáerger sidi Gall.
      ic Ailen Tigi Giugrand.

    42. 4145] Domnall mac Lorcan ba losc.
      o fuair Murchad a mórchosc.
      gnim dia fuair déni & dód.
      na thig fodéni icon athól.
    43. {MS folio 32a 20} Hi cath Croíbi cumain lib.

      4150] Eochu mac Ardgair airich
      & Aed mac Domnaill déin
      robo dodraing d'Uíb degNeill.
    44. Sochaidi tuc i n-écin
      aided Bríain meic Cennetig.

      4155] riasin ngass nglórda co ngail
      {MS folio 32a 25} ria Máel Mórda mac Murchaid.
      ria slúag Gall mbrogach mbuada.
      i cath torach Tarbchluana.
    45. In cath i Sleib Crott cumnech.

      4160] tuc socht for sluag saerMumnech.
      Lagin tuillmech dia thorud
      dia fúair Lumnech luathgorud.
    46. Cath na Monad mór ind ail
      {MS folio 32a 30} dorat brón issin Mumain.

      4165] slúaig Lagen ro baid hua Blait.
      gráin a dagfer im Diarmait.

    47. p.134

    48. {MS folio 32 aa} Andso dóib ma tát i péin
      cen adrad Ríg roithes gréin;
      ro choscair Mac Maire mass

      4170] conos roscair fri fiannas.
    49. Mac Dé rom anacht co se
      ar immad na n-ecraite;
      {MS folio 32 a 35} iss e romm ain iarmothá
      conna toithus la fianna. F.


4175] {MS folio 32a}

Gilla na Naem Hua Duind cecinit

    1. Cuiced Lagen na lecht ríg.
      in ar chlecht cach dagfer dían;
      alaind mag linmar a lán.
      clár asargbad rigrad riam.

    2. 4180] {MS folio 32a 40} Uad cétrí Banba can brón.
      co métlí tarba re thúr.
      bari na sárfiadach sáer.
      Sláni cáem Galianach gúr.
    3. Mór rig iar Loegaire Lurc.

      4185] dar dír saersudi & serc.
      ar Fotla sadbir in slict.
      i cirt o Lagnib na lecht.
    4. Ríg Lagen mad ó chreitim cháem.
      {MS folio 32a 45} na ngretib dagfer is dál;

      4190] is tuirim mesta cu mór
      numir na slóg sesca slán.
    5. A tres rand re dluig nar dír.
      rofess a nguin tall ciar thrúag
      mar ro fég mo radarc riam.

      4195] a da trian re hadart n-úar.

    6. p.136

    7. Is éol dam ainm cach fir éim.
      {MS folio 32a 50} a blad a thairm im thig thíar;
      luadfet ed rígi cach ríg.
      is díl firi na fer fíal.

    8. 4200] Cuic bliadna Bresail in Beóil.
      niamda isna tressaib cen tár.
    9. {MS folio 32b} Illand t ri cha ic tuarcain troch.
      ficha ra cuar taig a crech

      4205] ba plág ic Sinaind na sruth.
      tám do chruth Illaind na n-ech.
    10. Fichi in t-ard can errim tuath.
      garg Lifi Ailill na n-áth
      marb cara Brigti nar baeth.

      4210] don tsaeth is chindte do chách.
    11. {MS folio 32b5} A nnóe Carpre fer saer sut.
      Carpre ra hed a haen dec
      ar fagthi ragil cach róit
      na hóic rapad ainib d'ég.

    12. p.137

    13. 4215] {MS folio 32b} A deich fuair Colman can choll.
      ropa chruaid in forlonn find
      dachuaid brón can charddi cell.
      cend mor a Mairge na mind .
    14. Tricha mac Echach ba héim.

      4220] {MS folio 32b10} slatt litha drechach na ndúan.
      Sáran Saeb cen allud án
      a lám do gaed Brannamh buan
    15. A nnóe nir mórán don min.
      ara choe do Rona n riam

      4225] espach éc ríg Mugna moir.
      can dín sloig o Murgna fial
    16. Fichi sel Crimthaind na cell.
      fer a ferchlaind ba fichda foll
      Fáelan. Conall. Fálbi Fland.

      4230] dá thadbi thall robo tromm
    17. {MS folio 32b15} Faelan tricha tend is trén.
      a ficha can fell cen ag
      o atbath Bel Búabaill cu n-ór.
      scél mór i Cualaind na clar

    18. 4235] Fiannamail re fichit fír.
      ciallamail i ngri

      a munter nar rogar riam.
      in fial ra gonad
    19. Bran mac Conaill a nnoe i nnirt.

      4240] slatt molaim ar cach cai a chert
      {MS folio 32b 20} espach éc d'ás ina ucht.
      bét do cach lucht a bas becht

    20. p.138

    21. {MS folio 32b} Fichi Cellach clí dar cach cáth
      rí can chennach Li fi in laech

      4245] marbad Cellach Cualand na crích.
      i lith buabhall narbo baeth
    22. A dó 's a deich Murchaid Móir.
      a urchair ar creich ba chruaidh
      re n-éc cind Berba thre bríg.

      4250] ro mill tír na Temra thuaidh
    23. {MS folio 32b 25} Faelan ro gon Dunchad dian.
      a mod sulchar re cach sin
      nír chaith acht bliadain nar búan.
      dual maith do riagail in righ

    24. 4255] Fáelan a deich nirba dúr.
      gér caemfál i sreith in saer
      a éc is dodaing in díl.
      mas fir can chommaind don chaemh
    25. A deich ro gab Aed na n-iath.

      4260] mar oen acus Bran nar baeth
      {MS folio 32b 30} fríth i cath Uchbad cunn ath
      a mbrath 's a luchrad na laech
    26. Nir garb ciar thuiredach trén.
      roba marb Muredhach muadh

      4265] ra ré a cúic fichet in fial.
      cach giall i rReched don ruadh
    27. Marb Cellach cussin rath riam.
      mar chath cach tellach ina thír
      a cethair déc Cellaig crúaid.

      4270] slúaig im rendaibh agon ríg

    28. p.139

    29. {MS folio 32b} Dachuaid éc ua Brain na boith.
      nua na sed ar gach moigh maith
      a nnoe is cruadbach ina chreich.
      ra bóe can cleth Ruadrach raith

    30. 4275] A hocht Bran Ardchend na n-áeb.
      blad can bai ara mbardchenn búan;
      a guin iss a rigan réil.
      dluig can cheil dígal nar dhual.
    31. A cuic dec Finnachta Find.

      4280] niro ídalta amhed 's a moirn
      {MS folio 32b 40} ro imgaib can tas bad timm.
      ciar mill bás asa broind
    32. Fichi Muridaich aird óic.
      in turidaich gairg can gruig

      4285] o do fuair cennach na cét.
      nira bréc Cellach a cúic
    33. A cethair Bran gemlech glúair.
      ra phlag cu neimnech fo neimh
      nóe mbliadna Ruairc ina rig.

      4290] i tír Liamna suairc i cein
    34. {MS folio 32b 45} Lorcan & Tuathal trá.
      Bocnár a rruathar 's a
      na fir ar Lagnib na lí
      ra bí sel sadbir a sé.

    35. 4295] A deich Dunlaing in t-ard óc.
      durmall & garg a grug
      mairg slúag or gatad in géc.
      trúag éc in ab adh aird ud

    36. p.140

    37. {MS folio 32b} Carpre a deich 's a hucht ra hág.

      4300] ro feith su

      {MS folio 32b 50} is a trí Domnaill na ndín.
      dunár dír do
    38. {MS folio 33a} Tri bliadna in Muridaig mín.
      riagla Muridaig na mein;

      4305] rofes cur abb Brigti in bán.
      nir lac a fál cinti ina ceil.
    39. Fichi marba degrand dían.
      ar Lifi Cerball can chlód
      cá rath urgna nara áem.

      4310] in caem i cath Mugna mór.
    40. {MS folio 33a5} Bid búan mo scel sadbir sút.
      na ceil tar Lagnib na liac.
      buden sein da dún déc
      ro cheil in t-éc uili iat.

    41. 4315] Is inderb bás Domnaill dúir.
      can tlas in cach dodraing dein;
      éc l^ guin ó muntir móir.
      dluig broin atchluintir i cein.
    42. Ruarc na ndamrad éc inn find.

      4320] robo bét in talman teind.
      {MS folio 33a10} no fúair aidid idlaig and.
      tall ona huib diglaig déill.
    43. Ugaine a hocht amra sút.
      can locht ar Bladma can bréic.

      4325] dorochair i cath Chind Fúait.
      ruac ra mill na graf can géic.
    44. A cuic fa chúic Faelan feig.
      saerbáig ni tre grúic con gríb;
      in t-escur ba rogarb riam.

      4330] cían ora romarb in ríg.

    45. p.141

    46. {MS folio 33a} Bliadain do Lorcan na llong.
      diamair is bocban a band.
      amal cach ndluig tafaind tind.
      guin ind find i ngrafaind Gall.

    47. 4335] A trí Braín cach gascid gúir.
      in tsáeir o Mastin 's ó Moen.
      i cath mer Dondchaid is dail.
      ro gáib fer in borrfaid braen.
    48. Túathal a deich cennach cáem.

      4340] is a deich Cellach na clíar
      {MS folio 33a 20} dá laech na cét modard múad.
      cu trúag éc na rogarg ríam.
    49. Murchad a sé mac Find fúair.
      glacc ro mill a ré im cach ríg.

      4345] Domnall na col mar ba cloen.
      ina thóeb ro gon in ngríb.
    50. Ugaine tri bliadna in borr.
      ropo rí Liamna na llind.
      bás in rig i ngemil Gall.

      4350] nir gand síd con feidil find.
    51. {MS folio 33a 25} A secht flaith na forland ngúr.
      ro thecht co maith Domnall dian;
      ro thuitt in comramach clóen.
      risin Aed forbarach fíal

    52. 4355] Fichi Dondchad Lagen lond.
      dagfer na mborrfad in barr.
      nucu fas merlig ro mill.
      bás ind find i nngemlib Gall.
    53. Mael Morda a secht déc don dúr.

      4360] glórda a sét is a recht ríg.
      {MS folio 33a 30} cia therna a cath Bríain in búair.
      fuair brath na diaid cana dín.

    54. p.142

    55. {MS folio 33a} Dunlang leth bliadna nir búan.
      na diamra ro chrech in cáem.

      4365] a thám cinti nucur chóir.
      dal bróin is milti do Moen.
    56. Dond Cúan raith bliadain bil.
      a maith re cliaraib ro chrean.
      Dondchad i cill ciarbo chol.

      4370] ro ngon is ro mill co mear.
    57. {MS folio 33a 35} A dó in sel uili cu hán.
      mar cach fer mblaide do Bróen;
      ba marb da dallad is dún.
      nir dúr a allud 's a aeb.

    58. 4375] Ugaine a cúic ba flaith fir.
      ní thre grúic ro chaith a chrod.
      ro marb Dond Slébe na sleg.
      mer is nír chond ceille in col.
    59. Dondchad deich mbliadna don bán.

      4380] conchar ic sreith riagla rig
      {MS folio 33a 40} fer a chomanma can chain.
      ro phlaig sodamna na sid.
    60. Dondchad a secht sel nach sáeb.
      ropo mer an nert aníar.

      4385] éc do chrosguinech na cúan.
      sét dúal dond Ossairgech fial.
    61. Murchad da bliadain can brón.
      cumtach i lLiamain na lán.
      ro thuitt in frossbuidi is fír

      4390] ré síl nOssairgi na n-ár.

    62. p.143

    63. {MS folio 33a} Broen mac Mael Morda a deich dó.
      can chleith ar aíb glórda in glé.
      ca trét na tuc mar cach ní.
      i crí noco ruc éc é.

    64. 4395] Da fichet in chialbuic caím.
      i Rechet Diarmait na ndán;
      co fuair brath is dogra ndúad.
      i cath buan Odba na n-ár.
    65. A cuic Dondchad tíri trén.

      4400] ina rigi borrfad búair.
      {MS folio 33a 50} marbad tre garbi acus gáir.
      is o báig Hua Falgi fuair.
    66. Dondchad Conchobor sáer sund.
      áen a borrthoraid 's a band.

      4405] can tlás taffaind ciarbo thromm.
      bás na ndond i ngrafaind Gall.
    67. Mac Donnchada a secht in séig.
      ro chlecht na hurcara áig.
      éc Ennai na imdaid óil.

      4410] a sloig fo dimblaid don dáil.
    68. {MS folio 33a 55} Is beó Diarmait drech cen tnúth.
      in fialbuic nucu breth baeth.l^
      {MS folio 33b} ropo dir Fiamain na fáth.
      cu bráth ar Liamain na laech.

    69. 4415] Sínid ria Lagnib na lán.
      i tírib nad sadbir slóg.
      arcgid na benna ma mbuar.
      mar is dual d'ú Mella mór.
    70. ro thuairc féin in cath fo chóic. C.
      {MS folio 33b5} is réill cach rath ara chuaird.

      4420] a crech ar Gallaib thre grúic;
      Nir fannaib a breth im bréic.

    71. p.144

    72. {MS folio 33b} Hua Duind fer na n-érgna n-óc.
      ro chren a berla cach mbrúit;

      4225] ro sil don Banba can bét.
      trét na ríg calma fo chóic. C.

Cuan Hua Lothchain cecinit

    1. Temair Breg bale na fian
      ros dedail Dia ra domiad;

      4430] diles Néill mad cubaid cell
      mínles mór mullaig Herend.
    2. Essérgi mná meic Miled.
      fossad airard airdirech;
      cathair Chormaic hú Chuind cain.

      4435] {MS folio 33b15} cainles airdairc iarthair domain.
    3. Des ri Banba bél ri Bóinn.
      adba Echach Mugmedóin;
      iarmarta selba sil Flaind.
      dún Diarmata meic Cerbaill.

    4. 4440] Cathir cét ríg Róim aile.
      ca tá Eriu ernaide;
      glanférphort ri gréin ri graig.
      ailénchnocc Néill Noígiallaig.
    5. {MS folio 33b 20} In Niallsin Niall mac Echach.

      4445] fo mbaí Banba barrbretach;
      gabsat brathir fritnúth fris.
      ar olc máthar mét anfis.
    6. Olc leosom a mathair Néill.
      romaith leo a mathair féin.

      4450] mac do Chairind clothNiall cain.
      scothniam fuilt ógfind imglain.

    7. p.145

    8. {MS folio 33b} Eochu Mugmedon dafuc.
      Cairind a hAlpain iar trut;
      {MS folio 33 b 25} ro rathaig Dia féin in mbreith.

      4455] corb í mathair Néil Noigiallaig.
    9. Lia do maccaib na rigna.
      du dagamsaib dagdirma;
      curset Níall cían immach
      dar sliabgortan senTemrach.

    10. 4460] Amlaid ra cuired in mac
      cen éta cen oenbratt
      amal rauc in chúmal.
      étig anbal écunnal.
    11. {MS folio 33b 30} Boí tri thráth ar fagthi.

      4465] Temrach co tromaithbi.
      tarmairt ciambad líach a lott.
      combad biad fiach femenbocht.
    12. Forfeimdetar fir Fotla.
      meni dentais dar focra;

      4470] altrom Néill im chomga cnes.
      menbad Torna trénÉices.
    13. Ruc Torna tathNiall da thaig.
      ciarb olc ri ingin Fidaig;
      {MS folio 33 b 35} co n-aithgeóin smacht féig fiadnach.

      4475] ro n-alt corbo noíbliadnach.
    14. Céttiachtain Néill i Temraig.
      cind noí mbliadan ar Bregmaig;
      ind fidbad ro ás triana chend
      ingnad ra feraib Herend.

    15. 4480] Álli na bronnor bruthach.
      {MS folio 33b 40} scuap narfoilt Néill meic Echach;
      soilse nat cainle ciartha
      cúl meic Cairne ciallmiacha.

    16. p.146

    17. {MS folio 33b} Gilidir casnaide cóir

      4485] eter stiglaib stúag brecsróil
      tuar mongi meic Echach uill.
      os luí na lamne ic Liathdruim.
    18. Findgidil ri tuind ar tracht
      eter linnib leborbárc;

      4490] {MS folio 33 b 45} gualu lendmarcáich Lis Breg.
      eter gelmaccaib Gaedel.
    19. Lethi na cro dernand dil
      gurmu na gas a glassin.
      ic badbchosc slóig na síl seng.

      4495] mallrosc mór meic ríg Herend.
    20. Binne náit tromtheoit nime.
      sennit angil immaine.
      {MS folio 33b 50} fogur gotha in gaethmaill glain
      meic laechdind Locha Febail.

    21. 4500] Tarmairt co muchtais daíne
      is co mbaittis da imbaide.
      arin n-allisin uas bil.
      ic farcsin in gillaisin.
    22. Cuich and ind naídiu ar cach fer

      4505] immasiu druim desel Breg.
      mac do Eochaid ar Torna tend
      echoir chomga chnis Herend.
    23. {MS folio 33b 55} Atberimse ar se Echaid
      eter bás & bethaid; l^

      4510] {MS folio 34a} cid insa ic Mongind mét ngíall.
      tongimse is limsa laechNiall.
    24. Masa lett ar Torna tricc.
      doromla Banba mbarrbricc;
      lád cuaird co sál sair

      4515] im lébend Cuind Cetchathaig.

    25. p.147

    26. {MS folio 34a} Mo chétchungid ar Niall.
      ra athair féta firfial;
      {MS folio 34 a5} mo mathair do chor a cacht.
      or dosrathaig écomnart.

    27. 4520] Ni ro n-aiscada duit sain.
      a maccáin maeith mergil
      doberaind dambad lemsa hí.
      nocot erfaind im oenní.
    28. Atbert Mongfind forin maig.

      4525] degben Echach ilchrothaig;
      bid doer Cairenn cuma cáich
      {MS folio 34a10} céin maires tóeb Taltenchlair.
    29. Ni cubaid a n-abbrai a ben.
      ar Niall mor a mullaig Talten;

      4530] tecmong donti fo tathar
      is breth lettrom lesmathar.
    30. Tongimse fom sciath fom ga.
      ar Níall a íath Etarba
      na fil fo nim sís fo gin grind.

      4535] ro lama cís for Cairind.
    31. {MS folio 34a15} Mad calmu inti dobera.
      mad ferr imres iarnslega;
      missi bias fon drolmaig de.
      eter chomlaid is choire.

    32. 4540] Curid do Niall a mathair
      ar uamain echta anfathaig
      ar Mongfind dorbaid cét cell.
      uair is deoin d'ordan Herend.
    33. Iar sain ro sairad Cairend.

      4545] ic flathib Fáil na fairend;
      {MS folio 34a 20} corop macréid a menma.
      Néill mullaig maelTemra.

    34. p.148

    35. {MS folio 34a} Dochuatar iar sain o taig.
      coic meic Echach ilchrothaig

      4550] Ailill fíal Fiachra a Fid Ross.
      Niall is Brian is blathFergos.
    36. Ni leictis Niall i carpti
      meic Echach find hu Chairpri.
      cuir combinne ceoil nime

      4555] meic Mongfinde mergile.
    37. {MS folio 34a 25} Iar sain ar cuairt Herend dóib.
      a ssíl Echach Mugmedóin
      a n-athair rempo rop e.
      longphortach Locha Erne.

    38. 4560] Luchair cuiciur dirmach dron.
      ro boí thall issin dithrob;
      fota o thiprait ro baí a tech.
      datta a ndelb dúr a ndebech.
    39. Ro marbsat torcrata in cruí.

      4565] a cuciur brathar bithnuí;
      {MS folio 34a 30} occu mara thuitt in torc.
      taccu nira luitt a llongphort.
    40. Atbert in sinser saer.
      rá chethrur brathar bithchaem;

      4570] taet nech uaib do thur digi
      do brú Banba bratgile.
    41. Atraig Fiachra flaith fer Fáil.
      gabais a chúach na chleláim;
      a gae na durn doraid.

      4575] a milchu na mórlomain.
    42. {MS folio 34a 35} Ergid immach monor ndil
      d'iarraid digi dia muntir;
      co n-acca in tiprait tuagaig.
      n-escraig n-alaind n-ilbuadaig.

    43. p.149

    44. 4580] {MS folio 34a} Eces senmna fora brú.
      bel aicce i tallfad cú
      clethchur fiacal imma cend.
      grannu anathu Herend.
    45. A Fiachra ma chungi dig

      4585] orm do thiprait trethangil;
      {MS folio 34a 40} dafuc damsa taeb re taeb.
      cid óc th'amsa rot acáel.
    46. Deiccis Fiachra fer dond dron.
      na ngeib ecla & uamon;

      4590] atbert ni fuair tiprait trell
      docel ogusce Herend.
    47. Atragat in dias aile
      do derscugud chomrome
      rancatar cuáth na halla.

      4595] tancatar cen óenbanna
    48. {MS folio 34a 45} Atnaig Brian do thiprait.
      ica raba in t-uath imthend;
      ataig in póic di ar dig.
      barr soirche síl Airt Oenfir.

    49. 4600] Massech in phóc thucais dam.
      ar sisi ra Brían mbarglan;
      druim ríg alaind ri graig.
      oentadall duit i Temraig.
    50. Atagat ca rád ra Níall.

      4605] dul don tiprait cu trithchian;
      {MS folio 34a 50} ara miscais cá máthair
      ar dáig acnid anfathaig.

    51. p.150

    52. {MS folio 34a} Atracht Niall ind noidiu.
      ni erracht riam bud choimiu;

      4610] do chungid digi drune.
      eter drongaib donnmune.
    53. Da ga dergcora na ndrong
      araile caemgorm
      cuach argit oengil cen fell.

      4615] ar mínmac fénnid Herend.
    54. {MS folio 34a 55} O ranic cosin nglassi.
      mac rig Banba barrchaissil^
      {MS folio 34b} cu n-acca in ndelb n-acaraid.
      coscaíl cennliath crinchlothaig

    55. 4620] Tri timchuaird fiacal fota
      niptar mine muíthslatta.
      feib betis benna buabaill.
      síntis dara sengualaind
    56. Ammar bad luisse do sléib

      4625] miss. marta medarréil.
      {MS folio 34b5} lastais a ssuile serba.
      ar dúre a drochdelba.
    57. Rap é a athesc ra Níall nua.
      nucor aithesc immargua

      4630] nabad éim dó deog deccair
      cen chéim na comlepaid.
    58. Rop é aithesc Néill nemnig.
      nirb athesc immerbeid;

      4635] ocdam iarthair domain dil
      nodos pocfad ar oendig.

    59. p.151

    60. {MS folio 34b10} Ra druit a bel ra bélaib.
      ind firflaith ind firsegain
      mac slattglan síl Chuind cen chlód
      ros tattlaig ar thennmedon.

    61. 4640] Ro iad impi a da rigid.
      Niall don Banba blattbilig;
      ras druit ria cích is ria cness.
      marbad hí a ben bithdiless
    62. O ro feg súas secha in mbratt.

      4645] fó sén docuas don tochmarc;
      {MS folio 34b15} cid caem grian i cléith nime.
      coímiu niab na hingine.
    63. Ba derggidir a haged.
      & corcair liac Lagen;

      4650] a munél gel immar glain.
      a barr mar bude n-ailestair.
    64. A bratt uaine impe.
      iss e firglan forfilte;
      snáth sróil ris ni thorchair de.

      4655] co corrthair óir forloiscthe.
    65. {MS folio 34b 20} Ca delb ra gabais ar Niall.
      do thaeb chlair Thailten tairtíar
      is tu is ailliu i ndeilb duine
      a ingen blaith barrbuide.

    66. 4660] In gráin ro gabais armo gnúis.
      ar duthaig nucun ar drúis
      tossach sain flatha Temra
      ma mbiat catha is chomfedma
    67. Erig a Neill ar issi.

      4665] na millter do mórgessi;
      {MS folio 34b 25} eirg i férmag Talten trell
      ar belaib antnem Herend

    68. p.152

    69. {MS folio 34b} In lind ara tanac cend.
      dar fot Fana na fidgrend.

      4670] bid buaid do dig a dind chuirn.
      bid mid bid mil bid morchuirm.
    70. Mescfaidir do bráthir de.
      ar riachtain na huarboithe.
      cuinnigsiu ascid cech fir.
      4675] forru a Neill tastaig toebgil
    71. {MS folio 34b 30} Rop hí ascaid connaga.
      ar do brathrib blattgela.
      i ndáil fer talman sund dno.
      lá is aidchi rempo.

    72. 4680] Immar nascfeso do naidm
      abbair riu níba bagbaild
      do láib is d'aidchib cengair.
      in bith cona baethrennaib.
    73. Mar atrubairt inn ingen

      4685] ra Niall. don Boin baininber
      {MS folio 34b 35} ra comailled ra cinned.
      nir aitched nir aidmilled.
    74. Iar sain atragat don dáil.
      a cuiciur carat commáim;

      4690] ingnad ri sluag nGaedel nglan.
      cach fidbad i rraesedar.
    75. Ro iarfaig Eochaid scéla.
      thall dá maccaib minergna
      feimdit labrad ris in chland.

      4695] acht Niall samglan solusbarr.
    76. {MS folio 34b 40} Iar sein atrubairt in rí.
      ri cethrur mac Mongfindí;
      in n-é giall far tengtha de.
      ruc Niall cen erchra uaibse.

    77. p.153

    78. 4700] {MS folio 34b} Daratsammar dó ar in meicc
      tria naidm firían fírinraicc
      i ndáil fer talman trom.
      labrad lá is aidchi remond.
    79. Ma daratsaid dó ar Eochaid.

      4705] is athesc flatha feochair;
      {MS folio 34b 45} is don macsain. is maith lem
      doratsaid rige nHerend.
    80. Atbert Mongfind ra maccaib.
      denaid debaid ndúrglaccaig;

      4710] ni fíal dúib a rád ri nech.
      marbthar acaib Niall nemnech.
    81. Atragat suas cend i cend.
      cethri meic ardríg Herend;
      tucim arin gargméin nglain.

      4715] do thuttim ardNéill acaib.
    82. {MS folio 34b 50} Atraig Niall lennán Line
      álli a níab níam naeimnime;
      falt co ndath óir na írna.
      do síd macc na mórrigna

    83. 4720] Atbert Torna ria dalta.
      aeris a meic míngarta;
      ni bia debaid dichmaig de.
      sídaig meic na Mongfinde
    84. Nos cuirter sin certcha.

      4725] oengabaind na oenelta;
      {MS folio 34b 55} loscis in rí fora chlaind.
      ropbain do dáil decmaing.l^
    85. {MS folio 35a} Is and atrubairt riu thall.
      tessargain cruid in goband

      4730] amal dogentais in mbeirt.
      combad foe Heriu ardneirt.

    86. p.154

    87. {MS folio 35a} Tuc Brian in carpat ria aiss.
      tuc Ailill in ngaisced lais;
      tuc Fiachra in telchuma thair

      4735] tuc Fergus in cúail crínaig.
    88. {MS folio 35a5} Na builgg na huird ard in treóir
      is in cepp i mbaí ind inneóin.
      & ind inneoin féni.
      ros tessairg Niall narféili.

    89. 4740] Atrubairt Eochaid ar sein
      cen assair cen imresain;
      inneoin Temrach tair co trom.
      bud rí Níall menmnach macdond.
    90. Mar atrubairt a n-athair

      4745] ar ferand Cuind Cétchathaig.
      {MS folio 35a10} ra Niall ra chlaind na degaid
      cen do raind ar rígThemair. T.

Fothart for trebaib Con Corbb

    1. Fothart for trebaib Con Corbb
      ri Temair cid rodas terb

      4750] Eochu Fuath Airt erctha gluind
      fri Art mac Cuind gabthais fergg.
    2. {MS folio 35a15} Dia roinned a dám i nnóe
      ocon mnaí co fad in rí
      na fairsed Lagniu iar lín fer

      4755] mac ríg Breg di Boinne brí.
    3. Brigit ba dia chlaind iar céin
      sluindfet mar gréin glan a níab
      mac huí Echdach ba fíu ríg
      ba díb Fintan fethlach fial

    4. p.155

    5. 4760] {MS folio 35a} Brigit & Fintan find
      conacnat frim siu & tall;
      {MS folio 35 a 20} di omnai óir as mo thur
      úaim dóib eter bun is barr.
    6. Mo siur mo brathair beó

      4765] anad a breó fri cech ró
      ro thríal mo chiall cairdes friu
      sech ba fial ba fíu ba fó. F.
    7. Ced ros ndechaid assa thír
      Eochuid Breg dom brecdais géil;

      4770] mac Feidlimthi Rectaid rúaid
      do chúain Túathail Techtmair thréin.
    8. {MS folio 35a 25} Hécin ris ndechaid immach
      Echuid ria cath clú ro chleth.
      leis dobert fri selba sreth

      4775] cleth cáirthind i Temra tech.
    9. Dobreth cend fir forsin cleith
      ar scáth in scéith ba bil braith;
      demin leis ba hed ind sein
      mescfad in fleid immon flaith.

    10. 4780] {MS folio 35a 30} Iar sain atbert ris in druí
      Mac Da Chúr nad chanad gaí
      dobreth cleth chairthind co crú
      tre thnú issin tech i taí.
    11. Frisin druid adféded cert

      4785] atbert oenrí Herend Art;
      cia don tslúag ro choirp in tech
      ca airm i tá in chleth cluinem lat.
    12. Lassais leis in chleth co crú.
      {MS folio 35a 35} ra anacht in tech nir on dó.

      4790] in druí ciarbo demin lais a chlí
      adsuí tenid co fí fó. F.

    13. p.156

    14. {MS folio 35a} Eochaid Fuath Airt & Cond
      Fiacha Suidge síd glond ngrind.
      nídam eligthe dia sluind

      4795] roptar meic Feidlimthi find.
    15. Brathir duilge dún fria fis.
      cland Fiachach Suidge serb gus.
      triar leoman lotar fodes.
      {MS folio 35a 40} Oengus is Eogan is Rus.

    16. 4800] Diaro choill Oengus elgna in gein.
      rosc ríg Temra assa thuil;
      doringni galgait iar sein
      Cellach mac Cormaic do guin
    17. Ro carta a Bregaib a Brí

      4805] a Slemain a Sléib Trí nDé
      trebsat Femen co n-ír
      co ndernsat tir ndiles de.
    18. {MS folio 35a 45} Na Dési Muman mór chath
      úan a mbunad buidnib cloth;

      4810] Oengus Eogan acher bruth
      Rus is Fothud cona foth. .F.
    19. Colum Cille ba gein glan
      brathair dil dam acht mo chel
      Colum co crábud co ngrís

      4815] dom snádud iar n-aís for nem.
    20. Brigit form deis tall sund síu.
      Colum do chlíu ni geis dó
      {MS folio 35a 50} do síl Chrimthaind Níad Náir
      ríg tairmchell firu Fail fó. .F.

    21. 4820] Galenga Delmna ní adiú.
      Ciannacht im Chenna ní gó.
      co cath Crinna cend fri ard
      dia tarbart Tadc firu fó. F.


Feidlimid athair Echach

    1. {MS folio 35b} FEidlimid athair Echach

      4825] amra duine;
      ba flaith ba fíal toga
      dar iath nHerend uile.
    2. Eocho o ro dlomad
      do thecosc trén medair

      4830] .uii. cétaib for conair
      docomlai a Temair.
    3. Docechaing do Bregaib
      i lLife laind fodair
      co rrancatar Lagin

      4835] a les nech dia cobair.
    4. {MS folio 35b5} Cú Chorp co secht cetaib
      ní leiced im grissa
      dlomtha im Breg buasa
      cor threb and .ix. mísa.

    5. 4840] Mac Moga Corbb cendmair
      & Eocho aignech
      {MS folio 35b10} glanait sluago Mumnech
      do chlár Lifi Lagnech.
    6. Lín catha ro fersat

      4845] feib marcach nirt traigthech;
      ba fri Echaig n-ilchaig
      Altlethain ard ailchech.

    7. p.158

    8. {MS folio 35b} Leth Lagen do Echaig
      dar cach cath ro chuire

      4850] acht forflaith co nglaine
      Con Corbb forro uile
    9. {MS folio 35b15} Is í sein in chommaid
      ar tossach ar mochat.
      Con Corp cen nach clethalt

      4855] & clainne Fothart.
    10. Fothart roda fersat
      .uii. catha garg bunad
      oc cosnam chirt Lagen
      ri mórthuathaib Muman.

    11. 4860] Cath Maige. cath Gabra.
      cath Fea feib tindrem
      {MS folio 35b 20} cath Cruaich cétaib comram.
      cath Commair Tri nInber.
    12. Cath Arda Scol sciathaig.

      4865] for Tuathmumain tuathaig
      ba tailc tlí do laechaib.
      cath Átha hÍ uathaig.
    13. It é sin .uii. catha
      ro memdatar remib.

      4870] for mórthuathaib Muman
      fri cach fugal feidil. F.


Augaine Már mac ríg Hérend

    1. {MS folio 35b} AUgaine Már mac ríg Herend
      airdairc ruiri
      gabsat a chland insi Banba
      amra duini.
    2. A lluith Cobthach barsna Brega
      bríg nad clithe.
      Loegaire ba líth laithe

      4875] i ngab Life.
    3. Labraid hua Loegaire
      din lígmaig.
      {MS folio 35b 30} i nDind Ríg ba ruathar n-anrath
      ort in rígrad.
    4. Rigrad Herend úaco fledól
      fiallach comsech;
      ros n-ort uili cani samlaith
      Labraid Longsech
    5. Is lán Heriu dia clannab

      4880] cern co soírfuil;
      Cobthach Loegaire díb línaib
      da mac oenfir
    6. {MS folio 35b 35} Is ó Chobthach atá síl Cuind
      i cach magin.
      is ó Loígaire la sodain
      diabol Lagin.
    7. Lán ind árim na .uii. bliadan
      ar díb cétaib.
      gabsat cocad re ngein Isu

      4885] inar tétaib.


Túathal Techtmar ba rí Temrach

    1. {MS folio 35b} TUathal Techtmar ba rí Temrach
      tolgda magen
      {MS folio 35b 40} Eochu mac Echdach an fugell
      ba flaith Lagen.
    2. Lende banmac ben ba Tuathail
      tucht dunrími.
      Báne a hainm ingen co mbáig
      Scáil a sídib.
    3. Scéla derba a ndí ingin

      4890] tuchtach díne
      Fithir Darine delm cadla
      ambra bríge.
    4. {MS folio 35b 45} Ba dia tochmorc dolluith Eochu
      art nad chlithe.
      co ruc Fithir fordarc flathe
      leis i lLife.
    5. La sin dolbais ba marb Fithir
      fír infíadam
      dobreth Darine durímem

      4895] du Echaid iaram.
    6. O imránic fria siair
      scél cen réde
      {MS folio 35b 50} ba marb Fi thir fuam co n-áni
      ara féle.
    7. Fuabairt Tuathal dia digail
      tolcda gened
      adacht Lagniu lethan fuidel
      tobar tenedl^
    8. {MS folio 36a} Dobert doíri forsna Laigniu

      4900] luath atchiam.
      bóroma már miad as maam
      nadba ríam.
    9. Rosuc Tuathal tri chert catha
      coimdiu grianda
      roscomrad dó tre deilm digla
      .xxx. bliadna.
    10. {MS folio 35b5} Berthis Feidlimid .uii. mbliadna
      brig co certa;
      rosnuc Cond ba comdiu flathe

      4905] fiche fechta.
    11. Fianna dobreth do Art
      bríg na dénur.
      tri deich bliadna brigach huriuth
      cen nach lénud.
    12. Asloíset Lagin ar Chormac
      clú nad labra;
      {MS folio 35b10} dobbeotar fair ba fri ogra
      aidchi samna.

    13. p.161

    14. {MS folio 36a} Sainreth gním dogníth la Dunlang

      4910] ba gním demnach
      gním na n-ingen airdairc n-aerbach
      i taeb Temrach.
    15. {MS folio 36a15} Tricho ingen den rígraith
      rechto buadaig.
      cét dia n-ingenaib na cáemaib
      lachar nuadaib.
    16. Tricho ingen ar trichait cét
      coscor caingnech.
      iss ed selge slóg dar Bregmag

      4915] laechrad Lagnech.
    17. La deich n-ingena do Chormac
      coblod n-áne
      Ailbe Gruadbrec Treithne Lethleór
      & Gráne.
    18. Lemuin Letherthe la Scéithi
      Admór Ainge
      {MS folio 36a 20} Fásse. Talinne delm n-áne
      Innerb cainethar cain coeimde.
    19. Cain secht n-ingena la Fergus

      4920] cen chint fortil
      Domnae ndeach & Semmouir
      la Tar Forcil.
    20. Echtan Chailech Sand Be Tibre
      dál as derbo.
      Inderb Iten Bilene a Tuirbiu
      Cear a Cerno.
    21. {MS folio 36a 25} A dí deac arm d'Ailill
      bantrocht saerdae.
      Emer Talten & Naírne

      4925] & Moirne.
    22. Sogen Feidelm Frithnán
      febdai dála.
      Brechtan Buadach ba lí súla
      na teor Mamma.
    23. Dofích Cormac a chlainn febdai
      flatho finde.
      {MS folio 36a 30} timart Lagniu luad nad indo
      a chual rinne.
    24. Ess ed ro bi dinaib clannaib

      4930] crích des Cloíned
      da ríg deac dal cen uabair
      galaib oenfer.
    25. Amru bodbríg immud batar
      brigach n-athbach
      Fergus Foltlebor ba sochlach
      Ailill cathbuadach Cind Nathrach.
    26. {MS folio 36a 35} Nenaisc bóramai ba brigach

      4935] in breo buadach.
      nenaisc condmaith tri chach mbliadnai
      nenaisc giallnai & sluagad.

    27. p.162

    28. {MS folio 36a} Segdai ratha fil ar Lagnib
      lathar féile.
      ratha retland rath escai
      & gne.
    29. Ratha gruaide & gnuise

      4940] gním nad bine.
      {MS folio 36a 40} ratha cuibse & ciche
      & cride.
    30. Ratha ceneoil & clanna
      & cíalla.
      ratha flathi & fenni
      & fianna.
    31. Ratha a fir ratha a mná
      mór a reined.
      ratha a meic medar adbuil

      4945] ratha anmain & einech.
    32. Ratha etha & mblechta
      mó cach molad.
      {MS folio 36a 45} ratha tuatha & tocad
      & torad.
    33. Ratha toísig & trebond
      dalaib gargaib.
      cona sciathaib cona ngaib
      cona calcaib.
    34. Ratha topair & trethain

      4950] & tíre.
      de cach cether coblud n-áne
      rath cach ndíne.
    35. Is rath erro drucht la dathen
      demni dála
      {MS folio 36a 50} ratha a mbeoil ratha a fíra
      ratha a llama.
    36. Ratha maigi & muri
      moo scelaib.
      ratha nime cona braenaib
      cona néllaib.
    37. Nasca uili forna duilib
      ara canam.
      eter aer & tene
      & tarand.l^
    38. {MS folio 36b} Nach dúil nach cland fil is nimib
      nuallaib adblib;
      it é ratha rethaib solmaib
      fil ar Lagnib.
    39. Ara clannaib ara ceniúl

      4960] nual cach thratha.
      de neach file & bias
      co dé mbratha.

    40. p.163

    41. {MS folio 36b} Imm brith uadib
      inna bórime bríg adbail
      cene maras medar n-inmain
      nem tar talmain.
    42. Dollotar Mumnig dia ndilgiund
      tressa mílib
      grengsait Laigniu laichaib d'amsaib

      4965] assa tírib.
    43. Dolluid Coirpre dia soírad
      srúaim nad sachu.
      {MS folio 36b10} immúa mathra issind Lifiu
      fich secht cathu.
    44. Cath i nGabair la
      cath Fee cath Lifi no slonnid.
      cath Maige nAilbe. cath Ferna.
      cath Commair.
    45. O dusnecmart tri secht cathu

      4970] scél nad étla.
      nenaisc Corpre fora mathrai
      a cís cétna.
    46. {MS folio 36b15} Cia mét in cís asinberam
      briathraib fíraib
      tri coicait cét caíniu dálaib
      lend co lígaib.
    47. Tri coicait cét dinnaib torcaib
      ni dim guaib
      tri coicait cét is di gnoaib

      4975] dona buaib
    48. Bretha uile armaib rathaib
      firaib fíalaib
      {MS folio 36b 20} cach ae a húair allud amin
      i cach bliadain.
    49. La tri coicda
      dinaib lanamnaib lucht londgnad
      forsna fledaib fúan cen imned
      forsin condmad.
    50. Coica sémech

      4980] immi agtait.
      {MS folio 36b 25} coíca ech ní eraic fóil
      i srianaib óir & argait.
    51. Coica coire
      immin coire n-amra n-umai.
      da dam deac lucht in chori
      ba sét subai.
    52. Sithbe iairn a dí loairc
      lathar n-amra;
      ba o Lagnib in fer ferda

      4985] fri bruith slabra.
    53. Is amlaid dligthe
      in fer find fail fri slonnud
      {MS folio 36b 30} cona ael cona inbiurb
      cona chonnud.

    54. p.164

    55. {MS folio 36b} Cethracha ríg risra íccad
      rígdai flathi
      o flaith Tuathail delm nad clithe

      4990] co flaith Finnachta rod mathi.
    56. O flaith Finnactai ní tucad
      tuath tri borrfad
      {MS folio 36b 35} cosin flaith find fil fri anfad
      i fil Dondchad.
    57. A ndoruirmius cani soindisc
      scel cen buafad
      cruth ascomrath ní cen saethar
      o baí Tuathal. T.

4995] Fiadnaisi ar tús i nHerind cia conammidir. Ni handsa. Ocha {MS folio 36b 40} mac Sengaind do Feraib Bolg. tan nad rabe naidm l^ árach l^ aitire acht fiadnaissi namma & sessed lóge in lessa na coisced no bered [...] d'fiadnaisse in tansain.


{MS folio 37a}


  1. 5000] Can chlóen Can rudrach
  2. {MS folio 37a5}Can rogair Can rofota
  3. Can dimríg Can forbrig
  4. Can ecnairc fri frecnairc
  5. {MS folio 37a10}Can uathad fri ilar

  6. 5005] Can ecuibdius Can ecenelas
  7. Can écomfuaim Can anoct
  8. {MS folio 37a15}Co ndath & tothocht
  9. Cona thomus fri fid & deach & reim & forbaid. & alt. & insci & etargaire
  10. {MS folio 37a 20} Co raib and

  11. 5010] A formolud. A chotut.
  12. A mallrugud. A delidin.
  13. A chonnail A oen. A lan
  14. {MS folio 37a 25}A diabul. A lugugud.
  15. A sáerugud. A doerugud.

  16. 5015] A irard. A irisel
  17. {MS folio 37a 30}A lorgga fuach A dialt n-etarleme
  18. A thelgud noe. noe duine .i. in tan tuttes in duine forsin
  19. {MS folio 37a 35}tuind is e son immefoccul eturru. in sin. tot.
  20. A airichill fuit. A chendfochrus

  21. 5020] A dichned. A dochned
  22. {MS folio 37a 40}A indsce mod. A erlond indsci.
  23. A demi thepidi. A lanamna demi
  24. {MS folio 37a 45}A genis de .i. géin ón lanamain. for cach ceneol labartha docuisin
  25. o dialt co bricht.l^

5025] {MS folio 37b} Haec sunt exempla precedentium.

Can cloen cuibdiusa

Gabiam la seise soirche {MS folio 37b5} seotu sochraide soirthe ria ndul issin fargge.
5030] gleam ar lessu re n-aidche .i. soirthe & aidche exemplum


{MS folio 37b} Cloen cretti. Fland mac Lonain i nduain Delbna cecinit.
    1. Tír da Locha
      forsiung fotha
      {MS folio 37b10} fond fochrotha
      cricha cuan.
      caille cailfota
      cuibrend buadach
      barcc reil roenetrocht

      5035] rúamach ruad

{MS folio 37b15}Can rudrach. Mac Da Cherda cecinit.

    1. Mo thipran i Collamair
      ní cách atarodomair.
      intí atarodomair.

      5040] atib cona commadair.

Can rogair.

    1. {MS folio 37b 20} Is caingen
      bith frisin less n-imdangen.
      & gairm neich na dorus
      ra romus.

Can rofota.

    1. 5045] Atá sund os chind in tslúaig
      eo find fota fo néim.
      {MS folio 37b 25} focheird faíd ngluair ngrind cloc bind
      i cill Choluim hui Néill

Can dimbrig. Fer Muman cecinit.

    1. 5050] Ind hue issind ass gandfir
      fo tarrib taebleirg tuignech
      {MS folio 37b 30} deoraid amal cech Laignech
      maignech amal cech Mumnech.

5055] Can forbríg. Rechtgal hua Siadail i ndúain Oengusa meic Domnaill cecinit.

    1. Badbrí chuicid Herend uile
      {MS folio 37b 35} ard bara. brass bile
      dobádi sís ni síd chena
      cach ríg acht Ríg nime.


5060] {MS folio 37b} Can ecnairc fri frecnairc.

    1. A Flaind locha línib same
      {MS folio 37b 40} at fond flatha fine
      gnath la Fland lathar n-áne
      bare sech a díne.

5065] Can uathad fri ilar. Mael Cainnig hua Tolaig .i. mac Lairi Laídig.

    1. Cormac suí amra
      {MS folio 37b 45} d'éis in Dagdai immaradim
      mac Culennáin. can écnach

      5070] co cetlaib mora alaind.

{MS folio 37b 50}Can écuibdius. Oengus mac Oibleni cecinit.

    1. Oc cungid na féile
      asa fortrén taitnem
      túir la féige frithgnam

      5075] co léir ord na caibdel.

Can ecenelus

    1. Tanic sund de muntir Dé
      cleirchén gelbán caín a lí.
      ni fetar císi rún

      5080] bud messu dún oldás dí . . l^

{MS folio 37c}Can écomfúaim.

    1. Is hé rí Senchae same
      gelcloe gaile iar crud chuile
      do feolairecht ngona

      5085] for Eoganacht Fer Maige.

Can anocht .i. a ndá nocht iarna ndiriuch don dligud. {MS folio 37c5}Fogonar airchetul i n-anocht n-ellagar is coitchendsium uile son.


{MS folio 37c} Co ndath. & tothucht. ut dicitur. Tlachtga na n-uath dub a n-aerthar brecc i fochanar. find i mmoltar. Ut dixit
5090] cos

    1. Ciaptis ganna fir betha.
      óthá Liphe co lLetha
      nos firfed ol níptis
      ol dige di dernaind Domnaill.

    2. 5095] {MS folio 37c10} Mael Ruanaid ruad imma rind
      arching dorair ndualaig
      is caill. tón bo can buaraig
      for aill. srón cherr Mael Ruanaid.
      meic Flaind.

5100] Brecc i fochanar. Ut dixit Fíngin mac Flaind

    1. Daronusa dóib drong bind bairdne
      brethir gleisi
      gniim can tlási.
      nís tartsatsum duas dar esi.
    2. {MS folio 37c15} Nís len ecnach
      ond aes chetlach cruth ron cuala
      ar ar ndála
      acht na tucsatsum dúas for duana.

5105] Tothocht dano .i. amal beit a bésa corop amlaid moltair .i. molad laich do laech & molad clerich do chleriuch.

A chotut ut Fer Muman dixit.

    1. Goth gruce golfad bréice.
      {MS folio 37c 20} baeth críche. crich co ndorthor.

      5110] íar mbeith siu saeb a thigthol
      taistel Milchon meic Onchon.

A mallrugud ut Cormac cecinit do Inis Caín

    1. Nech no bíad bliadain láin
      i taig aiged Indsi Cain.

      5115] rabad glebán a níab .
      oc dul dar Sliab Sion saír.


{MS folio 37c}A delidin litterda ut idem

    1. Glainidir gol co amson.
      suí dian sosad silochta

      5120] {MS folio 37c 25} Sine Cathaig cóir.

A delidin sillabacda. ut Mac Lénín dixit.

    1. O bí mac cleib
      caindlech. saer
      sert cach n-ainm
      ainm gossa Fer

A chondail. Cormac dona Cnoib Segsa.

    1. 5125] Aed Ailig ollchathach
      ailsius Deir ndianim Dubthaig
      as goam gilidir gési Locha Léin.

A diabul.

    1. {MS folio 37c 30} Águr águr iar céin

      5130] beith i péin péin. ni síd sid.
      amal chách cách co bráth bráth
      in cach thráth tráth cid scíth scíth.

A lugugud. Ut Fland mac Lonain.

    1. Mo charasa Cnámine

      5135] caras iath nÉile n-achtach.
      bid fálid frim dámine
      cia dom facced cét marcach.

A oen. Ut Clothna mac Oengusa dixit.

    1. {MS folio 37c 35} Imchomarc roruad rogda.

      5140] d'fir imdích sosluag Sadba.
      a iath na trenfer tigba
      úaim do threnfer glegel Gabla.


{MS folio 37c}A doerugud. Mac Legind fri gilla rig Resad

    1. Ar corrucan cumraide.

      5145] ollurgbail ar nglanbaile.
      nis fuar caem a chomdile.
      ciaso daer is dagduine.

{MS folio 37c 40} A urard.

    1. Frim gruad corcra ma chora.

      5150] domruacht bochta fombena
      ni chelim uair it cara.
      feib atberim atbera.

A irísel. in ben síde cecinit

    1. Sect mbliadna lána o noct.

      5155] fotgluasfither ón oenphort
      feraib mnaaib mairg ros bí
      imin Dond cathach Cualngi.

A lorgga fuach. Cormac cecinit issin Tririg.

    1. {MS folio 37c 45} In tóceb mo churchan cíar.

      5160] forin n-ocian n-uchtlethan n-án
      in rag a Rí richid réil.
      asmo thoil féin arin sál.
    2. Imba sessach imba seng
      imba tressach torgib drong.

      5165] a Dé in cungene frimm.
      o thí oc techt for lind lond.

Lorgga fuach eter da focul .i. sal & sessach. imbá. is í in lorga fuach.

{MS folio 37c 50}A dealt n-etarléime .i. remsuidigud óensillaibe eter da chomfúaim
5170] fidraid. Ut idem in eodem.

    1. Ced leth co bráth iar cuaird chross
      cos lafe mo bachlach cress.
      imbá sair imba siar ní súail
      imbá fothúaid imba fodess.


5175] {MS folio 37c} Is é in desmerecht and sin .i. ced eter dered ind raind toesig .i. lond & tossach ind raind tanaisi.

A thelgud noe.

    1. {MS folio 37c 55} Orddan na rríg recht as gleo
      céin ba béo bert fogní

      5180] saerthot slantot cecha sa
      tathot rota rodatí. tissat.

A urachil calaidi.

    1. Cencob delbalaind mo drech.
      nimthá a chleith ceil na guth.

      5185] deithbir dam. cid diúir mo dath.
      uair nach i ro chiúir mo chruth.l^

{MS folio 38a}A airichil fuit.

    1. Colum Cille céin nombó.
      bid mo ducan da co fert

      5190] fri cach nguas gera dat
      no molur méit mo derc.

A Cendfochrus.

    1. Fegsat filid Fail i fus.
      fenchas co feig la Fergus.

      5195] mad tar mal cach maige immach
      doróscib doínib Dubthach.
      A Dia a rí.

A demidichned

    1. {MS folio 38a5} Dal ro dalus ba mór in báes.

      5200] issinn arus os Druim Lias.
      a mmo Chomdiu a rí ru. ra
      cach mbi biu ba bas ní thías.


{MS folio 38a}A deichned

    1. La mac fir neit fadb corcra

      5205] teit daig de nim ni tercda
      forruim denn. co cruind ochtga
      gnath cend i crub Con Echtga.
    2. Cellach cemind inmain fer
      forraind febra

      5210] {MS folio 38a10} mac ríg rigi tuir latha
      duib as diliu dam dar

A demi thepidi

    1. Is hé daig derg dige dath
      fris na gaibther cath na cith

      5215] iss ed cend is chainem cruth
      fil fotrith fon bith

A lanamna demi .i. ferindsci l^ baninsci do thabairt isin demiinsci iss e suil a ssuil ut quidam cecinit.

    1. Is hé a bra is a ru fúair

      5220] lass fil gruad gland amal gin
      {MS folio 38a15} sein sith fri silbad rig co reing rig.

A genis de . ut quidam dixit

    1. Is he mac milis ne tar cach triath
      is sí ímcain imchess caich

      5225] fri fath a finchruib ar fuach


Cellach Húa Rúanada

Cellach Hua Ruanada cecinit.

    1. SLuindfet duib dagaisti in dana
      bid diglaim ratha; do raith
      eter isel & uasal

      5230] {MS folio 38a 20} co rrabat i cluasaib caich.
    2. Sétrad fata ferr a fegad.
      aiste drumchla dana dein. '
      rind airchetail rabuic riagla
      gabait na cliara do cheim

    3. 5235] Setrad ngarit gres saer sorcha
      suairc dath;
      ni fuil co n-anmain nach molfa
      romtha a rath.
    4. In rannaigecht menmnach mór.

      5240] assin topor engach úar;
      fegaid mar ata a áeb.
      is caem do denam na nduan.
    5. {MS folio 38a 25} In rannaigecht bec bulid.
      can mangairecht can mebail;

      5245] itaba sund co saigid
      i n-airib dana dremaig.
    6. Dechnad mór at millsi a laide.
      úas indse gil gne
      {MS folio 38 a 30} caiste ria ni dan side

      5250] aiste is ferr i nHere.
    7. Lethdechnad lugbairt craeb chumra
      ni saeb selba;
      and sain ni laiste mo labra
      aiste amra.

    8. p.174

    9. 5255] {MS folio 38a} Is aisti rathmar co rrind.
      is eicsiu athlam indlim;
      bagaim conid bairdni bind.
      debidi alaind imrind.
    10. {MS folio 38a 35} Debide scailte na scél.

      5260] ní híside nad athgén;
      iss hi seo ind aiste blaith brass
      i ngnathaigther in senchass.
    11. Aiste uallach acum
      ní hord aicnid imniabthaig :

      5265] maith maisse cech raind réil rigin
      a ddéin miding milbriathraig.
    12. Snam sebaicc so sluindebthair
      {MS folio 38a 40} rosia firu fungaire;
      dentar limsa dúas ní gó;

      5270] do chnuas na cno cumraide.
    13. Cassbairnne chumaide
      is brass mar nos binnige;
      noco chóir a cammfige
      dar cend n-oir iss indile

    14. 5275] Anamain irdairc
      uasal in slonnod.
      nis denand duine
      uile acht ollom.
    15. {MS folio 38a 45} Is iat sain ardaiste in dána

      5280] fognas na llaíde; nar loing.
      do Dia bermait buide ar mberla
      cia duine. segda nach sloind. S.



{MS folio 38a} Dían airing. ut.

    1. Currech Lifi cona lí

      5285] ní cach ri da fodamair.

Dían miding. Ut.

    1. Anmchaid Ossairge amra
      caíne. &c.

{MS folio 38a 50}Dían íarseng. ut.

    1. 5290] Ro gabsa eólchaire
      eolas do éicsib. &c.

Dían arthromm ut

    1. Dungalach dalguinech
      dorar ard idlach

      5295] eslabar dosgalach
      Desmumnech diglach

Dían midtromm ut.

    1. Fó sen dia ngab Oengus Albanach
      Alba thulchach trethantriathach

      5300] ruc do chathrachaib costud chlarach
      {MS folio 38a 55}cossach labach lethansciathach.l^

{MS folio 38b}Dían iarthromm. ut.

    1. Bendacht De for Eithne n-ollguirm
      ingin nDomnaill

5305] Dían brecta centromm. ut.

    1. Brigit buadach
      buaid na fine
      siúr Ríg nime
      nar in duine

      5310] eslind luige
      lethan breo.

    2. p.176

    3. {MS folio 38b} rosiacht naemnem.
      mumi Gaedel
      {MS folio 38b5} riar na n-aiged

      5315] aebel ecnae
      ingen Dubthaig
      duine uallach
      Brigit buadach
      bethad beo.


De dúlib feda na fored

5320] {MS folio 38b}DE dúlib feda na fored la filidaib. is oendialt fri rigi. is a dó ri timmargain.

{MS folio 38b10}Corus fored fégait filid firtbar dá eo X1695 aire X1696 ar oen-X1698 uair. X1697 iar. X1699 aed. Uird na forfed .i. etir bail & baile. Da emancholl X1699. bairg X1699 baire X1699
5325] bair. & brai. & bran. & bairt & baire. & bairend & bai & baill. & baile. It emanchuill. noda benadar uile & rlstrok. {MS folio 38b15}Beoil & beoir & treoir X1695 beid & teid & reid & gleid & seid & gleid. & seid. dead. & stead & tread it X1695 noda benadar uile.

5330] Lian & brian & grian & trian & triall & srian & cliar & riar & mían {MS folio 38b 20} & tiar. & miad. ifin a feda uile. Feoil X1695 fíal. X1697 feóil X1695 fia. X1697 . feaig. X1695 fiag. X1697 . noda benadar uile. Buidle & buidlen. & airem it da X1698 Buaid & druaid it da X1698 duar & cruan & mual & fuar nuall & fúam &
5335] {MS folio 38b 25}duan. X1698 a fid uile. Cual is X1698 . Coel is X1696 Cuitti .i. X1698


{MS folio 38b}Coich is X1696 buar. X1698 . boir is X1696 muid .i. X1698 . maes is X1696 boaid & Boar & boa & boilban & [...] boairig is X1696 noda mbentar uile. Doí & roí & coí & moí & loí & gnoí is X1696 noda benadar uile. Noer is X1696 . Suad.
5340] {MS folio 38 b 30} is X1698 muag is X1698 Lanchumang i forfedaib. Cumang i forfedaib fegthair do thaebomnaib. Téit dede i n-oen atabong tui techtaid file fath nad fubai. Is é in lanchumang eter in da fid airegda i comrecru. Is é in cumang in baile i mbit in {MS folio 38b 35}da gutta isin oensillaib in baile i tochadar in da forid.

X169CX1681X1682X1683X1684X1685X1680X1686X1687X1688 X1689#ceirtOg;X1680X168BX168CX168DX168EX168FX1680X1690X1691X1692X1693X1694

eba ór uillend ifin emancholl 1 X169CX1695X1680X1696X1680X1697X1680X1680X1698X1680X1680X1699X1680X1680X1680

5345] {MS folio 38b 40} CId ara n-apraiter nemid fri gradaib filed. ni handsa. ar nemchumscugud di ulc friu. fo bíth náire tria brict doringni Nédi do Caiar .i. do ríg Connact.,


Marb Cairpre Músc co n-áne

    1. {MS folio 38b} MArb Cairpre Músc co n-áne.
      ac fiaduch na fordáme.

      5350] iar ngabail a dúaine dó.
      ic eolchaib Muman ní immargó.
    2. {MS folio 38b 45} Atbath Cairpre Baschain bunaid
      de galur i nIarmumain.
      ica doenib ba dis sin

      5355] ni fetatar a muntir.
    3. Gai meic Cruind Badrui ro briss.
      druim Cairpri Riatai ind rigliss.
      co torchair fond na fagla.
      la Cond catha Congabla.


Ríg Hérend

5360] {MS folio 39a} O Dilind co ragaib Partholon Herind .cccxlstrok. Sin tsechtmad bliadain iar tiachtain atbath. fessin.

{MS folio 39a5}Trí chet mbliadan o thánic Partholon coro marb a chland de thám.

Oentricha bliadan iar Partholon .i. iar n-éc clainne Partholoin
5365] tánic Nemed.

Sé bliadna déc & da cet o ro gab Nemed Herind co togail Tuir Chonaind.

{MS folio 39a10}Da cet mbliadan o thogail Tuir Conaind coro gabsat Fir Bolg Herind.

5370] Secht mbliadna trichat fot flatha Fer mBolg.

{MS folio 39a15}Sláne toesech Fer mBolg cetrí Herend uno anno. Gallem ros marb.

Rudraige .ii. bliadain. a éc sin Brug.

Gand & Genand .iiii. bliadna marba de thám i Fremaind.

5375] Sengand .u. bliadna Fíachu Cendfinnan mac Stairn ros marb.

{MS folio 39a 20}Fiacha Cenannán .u. bliadna coros marb Rinnail

Rindail .ui. bliadna. Fidgein mac Sengaind ros mar.

Foidgen .iiii. bliadna co torchair la Eochaig mac Eirc i mMaig
5380] Murthemni.

{MS folio 39a 25}Eocho mac Eirc meic Rinnail meic Sengaind meic Dela meic Badrui. .x. mbliadna co torchair la tri maccaib Nemid. is é seo cetfer ro marbad de rind i nHerind. Ri dedenach Fer mBolg.

{MS folio 39a 30}Nuadu Argatlám .xx. bliadan. Balar ros marb.

Bress mac Eladan meic Néit .uii. mbliadna d'ól rota i richt
5385] lomma ros marb.

Lug mac Ethnend .xlstrok. Mac Cuill ros marb.

{MS folio 39a 35}Eocho Ollathir .lxxx. marb de gae chró.

Delbaeth .x. Cacher ros marb.

5390] Fiachna mac Delbaith .x.

{MS folio 39a 40}Tri meic Cermata .xxuii. Mac Cuill. Mac Cect. Mac Grene. i cath Talten dorochair Mac Cuill la Eber. Mac Cecht la Herimon. Mac Grene la Amargin. Sé bliadna fichet ar chet fot flatha Tuathi {MS folio 39a 45}De Danand co dered flatha Lapades & tossach flatha Solman.


5395] {MS folio 39a} Mcclxxu. ó dilind co tancatar Meic Miled Herind.

Herimón .xuii. Éc atbath i rRaith Bethaig.

{MS folio 39a 50}Mumni & Luigni & Laigni tri meic Herimoin i cath Arda Ladrand ro marbtha Luigni & Laigni. la maccaib Ebir. Marb Mumni de tham

5400] {MS folio 39a 55} Is lór scribmait i fus de rígaib Herend. Uair ra scribsammar remaind isna Gabalaib íat.

Ra scribsammar dano rig Muman etir genelaigib Muman.

{MS folio 39a 60}Ra scribsammar dano ríg Lagen eter chomramaib Lagen inar ndiaid.l^

5405] {MS folio 39b}Ríg Lagen

  1. Bresal Belach .xliiii
  2. Enna Cendselach xlstrok. bliadan
  3. {MS folio 39b5}Crimthand mac Ennae Eocho Guinech rí Hua mBarrchi mac a ingini féin ros marb.

  4. 5410] Fraech mac Findchada .xi.
  5. Illand mac Dunlaing a éc. l^ a marbad i cath Dumai Achir.
  6. Ailill mac Dunlaing .xx.
  7. {MS folio 39b10}.e. Cormac mac Ailella .x.
  8. Corpre mac Cormaic .ix.

  9. 5415]
  10. Colman Mór mac Corpri .xxx.
  11. .e. Aed Cerr mac Colmain .xii.
  12. {MS folio 39b15}Brandub mac Echach .x. Lagin ros mar i cath Damcluana.
  13. l^ Saeran Saebderc de muntir Senbotha Sini ros marb.
  14. {MS folio 39b 20}Ronan mac Colmain .ix. éc de rith fola. Atberat araile co
    5420] ngabad Crundmael mac Ronain rigi
  15. Crimthand Cualand mac Aeda Cirr meic Colmain. xxuiii. a marbad i cath Atha Goan.
  16. {MS folio 39b 25}Faelan mac Colmain .xxx.
  17. Fiannamail mac Mael Tuili .xiii. i cath Aife l^ Selga ro marbad
    5425] {MS folio 39b} la Hu Cendselaig i Fortuathaib Breg. l^ Foichsechan da muntir féin ros marb.

  18. p.182

  19. {MS folio 39b 30}.e. Bran mac Conaill .xi.
  20. .e. Cellach mac Gerthidi.
  21. .e. Murchad mac Brain .xu.
  22. Dunchad mac Murchada .i. I cath Alinni dorochair la Faelan
    5430] la derbrathair fein.
  23. {MS folio 39b 35}.e. Faelan mac Murchada .x.
  24. Bran Bec mac Murchada a marbad i cath Uchbath.
  25. .e. Muridach mac Murchada .xxii.

  26. 5435] Cellach mac Dunchada
  27. Ruadri mac Faelain .ix.
  28. {MS folio 39b 40}Bran Ardchend mac Muridaig .ix. a loscad & a ben i Cill Cule Dumai i lLaigis Chuile la Finacta Cetharderc mac Cellaig.
  29. {MS folio 39b 45}Finnachta mac Cellaig .xiiii.

  30. 5440] Muridach mac Ruadrach .xxi. Finacht do gabail a rígi doridisi iar mbrissiud fa dó ar da mac Ruadrach. A éc i Cill Dara.
  31. {MS folio 39b 50}.e. Cellach mac Brain .u. Is é thuc in cathroíniud for muntir Cilli Dara.
  32. .e. Bran mac Faelain .iiii.

  33. 5445] .e. Ruarc mac Brain .ix.
  34. {MS folio 39b 55}Lorcan mac Cellaig .iii.
  35. Tuathal mac Mael Brigti .iii. Lagin féin ros marb.
  36. Dunlang mac Murchada .xi. rí Lagen & comarba Brigti.
  37. {MS folio 39b 60}Muridach mac Brain & Coirpre mac Dunlaing oenmí.

  38. 5450] Murican mac Diarmata .i. Lochlannaig ros marb.
  39. Ailill mac Dunlaing .iiii. Lochlannaig ros marb.l^
  40. {MS folio 39c}Domnall mac Muricain .iii. Lagin ros marb
  41. Cerball mac Muricain .xxiiii a gae féin ros marb a láim a gillai féin.

  42. 5455] {MS folio 39c5} Augaire mac Ailella uii. Sitriuc hua Ímair ros marb i cath Cind Fúait
  43. Faelán mac Muridaig .xxii. a escur i nOenuch Colmain & a éc de
  44. Lorcan mac Faelain .i. Gaill Atha Cliath ros marb iar roí forro
    5460] i tús laí.

  45. p.183

  46. {MS folio 39c}Broen mac Mael Morda .iiii. Ossairge ros marb Broen i mMide. Lorcan i mBrega. Murchad i Cualaind
  47. .e. Tuathal mac Ugaire .uiii
  48. {MS folio 39c15}Murchad mac Find meic Mael Morda .ui. A marbad la Domnall
    5465] Cloen mac Lorcain.
  49. {MS folio 39c 20}Augaire mac Tuathail .ui. A marbad la Amlaeib Cuaran i cath Bithland
  50. Domnall Cloen mac Lorcain Hui Chendselaig ros marb i mmebail. {MS folio 39c 25}Dunchad mac Domnaill .xu fel do Mael Morda fair arna
    5470] irail do Mael Shechnaill
  51. Mael Morda mac Murchada .xiii. A thesbaid i cath Briain. Act {MS folio 39c 30} atberat araile is é Gilla Barrini mac Gillai Rigni de muntir Lifechair ros baid oc Drochiut Dubgaill oc tintod on chath
  52. {MS folio 39c 35}Dunlang mac Tuathail óenmí. A éc i nGlind Da Locha.
  53. Dond Cuan mac Dunlaing .ii. a marbad i lLethglind la Dondchad
    5475] mac Gillai Patraic iar cotuch & comlugi i tús laí.
  54. {MS folio 39c 40}Broen mac Mael Morda .ii. a dallad la Sitriuc mac Amlaib & a ec de.
  55. {MS folio 39c 45}Augaire mac Dunlaing .uii Dond Slebi mac Mael Morda ra
    5480] loisc tech fair ac Dubloch i lLaigis Chule
  56. Dondchad mac Dunlaing .xu a dallad la Dondchad mac Gillai Patraic arna thabar a tempul Disirt Diarmata.
  57. {MS folio 39c 50}Dondchad mac Gillai Patraic .iii.
  58. Domnall mac Dondchada .i na Fortuatha ros marb

  59. 5485] Murchad mac Dunlaing .i. Ossairge ros marb i mMaig Mulchet
  60. {MS folio 39c 55}Broen mac Mael Morda
  61. Diarmait mac Mael na mBó .xxx. A marbad la Conchobur Hua Mael Sechnaill ac Odba
  62. {MS folio 39c 60}Ra gab Murchad mac Diarmata rígi Lagen ri laim a athar coro
    5490] marbad e rena athairl^
  63. {MS folio 39d}Domnall mac Murchada .i. bliadain.
  64. Dondchad mac Domnaill Remair .iii. Conchobor Hua Conchobuir {MS folio 39d5}lasro marbad oc Raith Móir i nHuib Maeli Ruba.
  65. Enna mac Diarmata .iii. Dondchad Murchada & cland Domnaill
    5495] ros marb.

  66. p.184

  67. {MS folio 39d}Dondchad mac Murchada & Conchobor Hua Conchobuir da bliadain i comflathius coro marbait malle i cath Atha Cliath la {MS folio 39d15}Gallaib Atha Cliath & la Domnall Hua mBriain.
  68. Diarmait mac Ennae a éc i nAth Cliath.

  69. 5500] {MS folio 39d 20} Enna mac Dondchada meic Murchada .uiii. A éc i lLoch Carman.
  70. Diarmait mac Dondchada Murchada .xlui. & ba rí Lethi Moga {MS folio 39d 25}uili eside & Midi eside. A éc i Ferna iar mbúaid ongtha & athirgi in .lxi. anno aetatis suae.
  71. Saxain. iar sain miserabiliter regnant. Amen a. amen.l^

5505] {MS folio 40a}Ríg Hua Cendselaig.

  1. Crimthand .xlstrok. Eocho Guinech ros marb
  2. Findchad mac Dega .iii.
  3. {MS folio 40a5}Fraech mac Findchada .ix
  4. Dath I mac Crimthaind .x

  5. 5510]
  6. Oengus mac Fedilmid
  7. {MS folio 40a 10}Faelan Senchustul .iii. Is remi ro mebdatar secht catha for Ossairge isin chath dedenach docer Tuaim Snama
  8. Eogan Caech mac Dath I .ii.

  9. 5515] Muridach mac Oengusa .ix.
  10. {MS folio 40a 15}Faelan mac Silain .ix.
  11. Eochaid mac Muridaig .x.
  12. Forannan mac Mael Udir. .iiii.
  13. Brandub mac Echach .x.
  14. Conall mac Aeda .xx.

  15. 5520] {MS folio 40a 20} Crimthand mac Ailella xuii.
  16. Dunchad mac Conaill .xu.
  17. Ronán mac Coluim .xx
  18. Crundmael mac Ronain iii.
  19. Cummascach mac Ronain

  20. p.185

  21. 5525] {MS folio 40a} Colgu mac Crundmael .xi.
  22. Crundmael Erbuilg mac Ronain .iiii.
  23. Cummascach mac Ronain xui.
  24. Colum mac in espuic .xxxix.
  25. {MS folio 40a 30}Bran hua Maeli Duin .iii. i cath Atha Buichet ro marbad.

  26. 5530] Cu Chongelt mac Con Mella .u.
  27. Laidcend mac Con Mella .x
  28. {MS folio 40a 35}Elodach mac Fáelchon .uii. a marbad i cath Oenbethi la Aed mac Colgan.
  29. Aed Mend mac Colgan .u. a marbad i cath Uchbad.

  30. 5535] Sechnassach mac Colgan
  31. {MS folio 40a 40}Cathal hua Cinaid .xu.
  32. Dondgal mac Laidgnen .ii. a marbad la Ossairge i cath Belaig Gabrain. Anmchaid mac Con Cerca is lais ra brissed in cath.

  33. 5540] {MS folio 40a 45} Dub Gilcaig mac Laidgnen .ix. a marbad i cath Ferna Mare.
  34. Cendselach mac Brain a marbad i cath la Hu Cendselaig féin.
  35. Etarscel mac Aeda meic Colgan .iiii.
  36. {MS folio 40a 50}Corpre mac Laidcnen .xiiii.

  37. 5545] Cellach mac Dungaile .xiii.
  38. Cu Chongelt mac Cathail .ii.
  39. Cathal mac Dunlaing .x.
  40. Corpre mac Cathail .xiiii.
  41. {MS folio 40a 55}Echthigern mac Guaire. ix. a marbad la Bruatar mac Dubgillai
    5550] rig Hua Drona.
  42. Flannacan mac Faelain .i. bliadainl^
  43. {MS folio 40b}Cellach mac Guaire .i.
  44. Tadc mac Guaire.
  45. Donnacan mac Cetfada .iii.

  46. 5555] {MS folio 40b 5} Cairpre mac Diarmata .uii. a fratribus suis occisus est.
  47. Dungal mac Faelain .ii.

  48. p.186

  49. {MS folio 40b}Riacan mac Echthigirn .xiiii.
  50. Faelan mac Guaire .i.
  51. Dubgilla mac Etarsceoil ix.

  52. 5560] {MS folio 40b 10} Tadc mac Faelain .xix.
  53. Cinaed mac Carpri .xiii. a Northmanis occisus est.
  54. Bruatar mac Dubgillai .iii. a marbad i fill la Tuathal mac Augaire.
  55. {MS folio 40b 15}Cellach mac Cinaeda a marbad i cath la Ossairge

  56. 5565] Echtigern mac Cinaeda .iii. a marbad la maccaib Cellaig meic Cinaeda
  57. {MS folio 40b 20}Dondchad mac Taidc .xii.
  58. Domnall mac Cellaich .ix.
  59. Máel Ruanaid mac Domnaill .uii.

  60. 5570] Dondchad mac Cellaig .ui.
  61. Muridach mac Riain .i.
  62. {MS folio 40b 25}Bruatur mac Echthigirn .iiii.
  63. Diarmait mac Dondchada xiiii. a marbad do Donduban mac Imair i mmebail.

  64. 5575] Mael Morda mac Lorcain .xuii.
  65. {MS folio 40b 30}Tadc mac Lorcáin.
  66. Diarmait mac Mael na mBó
  67. {MS folio 40b 35}Dondchad mac Domnaill Remair. A marbad la Conchobor Hua Conchobuir oc Ráith Móir

  68. 5580] Dondchad mac Murchada a marbad i cath Atha Cliath.
  69. Enna mac Dondchada .uiii.
  70. Diarmait mac Dondchada .xlui.
  71. {MS folio 40b 40}Domnall Cemanach mac Diarmata.
  72. Murchad mac Dondchada.

  73. 5585] Murchertach mac Murchada.l^
{MS folio 40c}

Rig Hua Falge.

  1. CInaed mac Conchobuir .xlstrok.
  2. Failge Rot .iii. mac Cathair
  3. Bruidgi mac Cathair .ix.
  4. Aed Róin mac Falge Ruit .x.

  5. p.187

  6. 5590] {MS folio 40c 5} Ailill mac Aeda Róin .xxiiii.
  7. Fland Da Chongal .xiiii.
  8. Cillini mac Forannáin .iii.
  9. Forbassach hua Congaile .iii.
  10. Ailill Corrach mac Flaind Da Chongal xuiii

  11. 5595] {MS folio 40c 10} Flathnia mac Flaind .iii.
  12. Cummascach mac Flaind .x.
  13. Cinaed mac Flaind .xuiii.
  14. Mugrón mac Flaind .xxu.
  15. Domnall mac Flathniat .iii.

  16. 5600] {MS folio 40c 15} Cellach mac Dungaile .xxx.
  17. Oengus mac Mugroin .iii. a marbad la Finnacta mac Cellaig.
  18. Flathnia mac Cinaeda .ii.
  19. Cinaed mac Mugróin .iii.
  20. {MS folio 40c 20}Mael Sinchill mac Mugróin .ix.

  21. 5605] Cathal mac Corpri .iii.
  22. Conchobor mac Flannacain .xii. is é ro marbad i Cluain Fota
  23. {MS folio 40c 25}Fini. sin tempul & ra losced screptra Finniain immale ris. amp minda Finniain do sargud immi.
  24. Uathmaran mac Conchobuir .ui.

  25. 5610] Uallachan mac Cathail .xiiii.
  26. Cinaed mac Conchobuir .ix.
  27. {MS folio 40c 30}Mael Morda mac Conchobuir .x.
  28. Lorcan mac Mael Chéin .u.
  29. Find mac Mael Morda .ii.

  30. 5615] Find mac Mael Finni meic Mugroin .ii. bliadain.
  31. {MS folio 40c 35}Conchobor mac Mael Cein .xiii.
  32. Amargin mac Cinaeda .uii.
  33. Domnall mac Mael Morda .i.
  34. Amargin mac Conchobuir .x.

  35. 5620] Conchobor mac Find .xui.
  36. {MS folio 40c 40}Cond mac Conchobuir
  37. Conchobor mac Brogarbain
  38. Congalach mac Conchobuir .xuii.
  39. Murchertach hua Conchobuir .x.

  40. 5625] Dond Slebi mac Brogarbain iii.

  41. p.188

  42. {MS folio 40c}Domnall Hua Conchobuir .iii.
  43. Dondchad .iii. mac Gillai Faelain hui Domnaill in Cossalach & Cu Gemrid anmand aile dó
  44. {MS folio 40c 50}Congalach Hua Conchobuir .x.

  45. 5630]
  46. Conchobor Hua Sibleain
  47. Conchobor & Murchertach insimul coro dallad Murchertach la Conchobor
  48. {MS folio 40c 55}Conchobor xx. solus coro marbad i cath Atha Cliath & Domnall a mac. & Goll
    Gaible. & sochaide aile.

  49. 5635] {MS folio 40c 60} Rogan mac Domnaill i rrigi .iii. a marbad la Hu Brain & Cu Fafni i n-oenfect & Domnalll^
  50. {MS folio 40d}Cu Faiffni xxx bliadan
  51. Dondchad mac Con Fafni
  52. Aed mac Domnaill .ii.

  53. 5640] Cu Fafni .iiii.
  54. {MS folio 40d5}Dondchad mac Con Fafni .iiii. bliadna. a ec ic Liath & a derbrathair fein ros marb.
  55. {MS folio 40d10}Mael Morda mac Conchobuir. a marbad la Mael Sechnaill i Cill Dara la derbrathair fein per dolum

  56. 5645] {MS folio 40d15} Conchobor mac Con Fafni. tri mís
  57. Mael Sechnaill mac Conchobuir .ii. bliadain
  58. Congalach mac Con Fafni xu. A éc per magnam tribulationem
  59. {MS folio 40d 20}Murchad mac Con Fafni da bliadain tri lar flatha Congalaig coro marbad alla andes de Chill Dara la Congalach

  60. 5650] {MS folio 40d 25} Murchertach mac Murchertaich .iii. coro marbad la Aed Hua nDuind i mmebail i Feraib Cell.
  61. {MS folio 40d 30}Aed mac Dondchada meic Con Fafni .uiii. Coro losced et(::) Carrain
    Hua mBernsa
    l & Mael Sechnaill mac Congalaig
    lucht lasad

  62. p.189

  63. 5655] {MS folio 40d} Domnall mac Congalaig a marbad la Ocan Hua Dimmasaig iar noi mis do i rrigi
  64. {MS folio 40d 40}Mael Sechnaill mac Congalaig coro marbad ic Liath la Claind Mael Ugra.
  65. Ruad Roigni a marbad ic Liath la Claind Mael Ugra.

  66. 5660] {MS folio 40d 45} Diarmait mac Congalaig
  67. Murchertach mac Congalaig. sairsenach da marbad i Cill Cainnig
  68. Diarmait mac Con Broga meic Aeda Hui Dimmasaig a éc i rRos G

5665] {MS folio 40e}

Reges Ossairge

  1. FEradach Find mac Duach meic
  2. Nuadu mac Colmain
  3. {MS folio 40d5}Ronan Rígflaith mac Colmain
  4. Scandlán Mor mac ind Faelaid .xi.

  5. 5670]
  6. Tuaim Snama .xxxi.
  7. Faelan mac Senchustal
  8. Cu Cherca mac Faelain .xix.
  9. Fland mac Congaile
  10. Ailill mac Faelain

  11. 5675] Cellach mac Flaind
  12. {MS folio 40d 15}Forbasach mac Ailella
  13. Anmchaid mac Con Cerca
  14. Tomína mac Flaind
  15. Dungal mac Cellaig .iii.

  16. 5680] Faelan mac Forbasaig .xi.
  17. {MS folio 40d 20}Mael Duin mac Cummascaig .u.
  18. Fergal mac Anmchada .u.
  19. Dungal mac Fergaile .xl.

  20. p.190

  21. {MS folio 40e}Cerball mac Dungaile .xl. Ni fuil i nHerind tricha cet as na tucad do

  22. 5685]
  23. Riacan mac Dungaile
  24. Cellach mac Cerbaill a marbad i cath Maige Ailbe
  25. Diarmait mac Cerbaill .xx.
  26. {MS folio 40e 30}Culen mac Cellaig .u.

  27. 5690] Dondchad mac Cellaig .xxxi.
  28. Gilla Patraic mac Dondchada .xxi.
  29. Cellach mac Diarmata .uii.
  30. Dondchad mac Gillai Patraic .xxxi. {MS folio 40e 35}Gilla Patraic mac Dondchada .xxii.

  31. 5695] Domnall mac Gillai Patraic.
  32. Dondchad mac Domnaill.
  33. Gilla Patraic Rúad xiiii. a marbad i cath Maigi Coba.
  34. {MS folio 40e 40}Cerball solus prius & Domnall & Find Hua Caellaide. insimul.
  35. Domnall mac Dondchada.

  36. 5700] Domnall Mac Gillai Patraic. In Goll mac Cerbaill ros marb.
  37. {MS folio 40e 45}e. Find Hua Caellaide.
  38. Dondchad Bálcg Mac Gillai Patraic. A marbad don gilla
    do Mac Raith Hua Branain & don gilla Scellain Hui Fergaile
  39. {MS folio 40e 50}Dondchad Dub acht is tri lar flatha Dondchada Bacaig ar
    5705] ro gabad Dondchad Bacach la Tairdelbach Hua Conchobuir
  40. Murchad mac Murchada & Conchobor mac Cerbaill.
  41. {MS folio 40e 55}Gilla Patraic mac Domnaill meic Dondchada xx. bliadan a marbad la Hú Broenain tre fill & mebail ina tig fein i Cill Chainnich
  42. Cerball mac Domnaill. coro innarbad la Diarmait Mac Murchada.

  43. 5710] {MS folio 40e 60}Murchad Hua Caellaide & Dondchad Mac Gillai Patraic insimull^
  44. {MS folio 41a5}Caellaide uincto Dondchado la Diarmait rig Lagen. postea Cerball & Dondchad insimul.
  45. {MS folio 41a}Cerball mac Domnaill iterum tenuit regnum. & Murchad Hua
  46. Dondchad solus iar n-innarba Cerbaill la Mac Murchada ríg
    5715] Lagen.
  47. {MS folio 41a 10}Domnall Mac Gillai Patraic a marbad la Laigis
  48. Domnall mac Cerbaill meic Domnaill.


{MS folio 41a}

Ríg Connacht.

  1. AMalgaid mac Fiachrach .xxxiiii.

  2. 5720] {MS folio 41a 15} Ailill Molt .xx.
  3. Dui Galach xix.
  4. Eogan Bél mac Duach .xxxuii. Fergus & Domnall da mac Meic Erca ro marb Eogan Bel i cath Slicigi
  5. {MS folio 41a 20}Ailill Inbanda mac Eogain .ix. A marbad i cath Cuili Conaire
    5725] i Cera
    ro marbad Ailill
  6. Dui Tengad Umae a marbad i cath Seggissi la Murchertach mac Erca.
  7. {MS folio 41a 25}Eocho Tirmcharna .xx.
  8. Feradach mac Rosa .iii.

  9. 5730] Mael Fothaid mac Mael Umae .iii.
  10. Aed mac Echach Tirmcharna .xxii.
  11. Uatu mac Aeda meic Echach Tirmcharna .xxuiii.
  12. {MS folio 41a 30}Colman mac Cobthaig .xxu. i cath Chind Buga dorochair la hu Briúin.

  13. 5735] Rogellach mac Fuatach .xxu. la Diarmait Ruanaid darochair i cath Chairn Chonaill.
  14. Longsech mac Colmain .iii.
  15. {MS folio 41a 35}Guaire Aidni mac Colmain .xii
  16. Cend Faelad mac Colgan .xix. a suis occisus est

  17. 5740] Dunchad Murisci mac Mael Duin a suis occisus est
  18. Cellach mac Rogellaig .uii. in clericatu obíít
  19. {MS folio 41a 40}Fergal Aidne mac Airtgaile xxii.
  20. Inrechtach mac Dunchada Murisci.xx.
  21. Muridach Aí mac Murgiusa xi.

  22. 5745] Cathal mac Muridaig
  23. {MS folio 41a 5}Domnall mac Cathaill .ii.
  24. Inrechtach mac Muridaig marb i n-ailithri.
  25. Aed Balb .iiii.
  26. Fergus mac Cellaich xuii.

  27. 5750] Aillill mac Inrechtaig .uiii.

  28. p.192

  29. {MS folio 41a}Dub Inrecht mac Cathail
  30. Dond Cathaid .xii.
  31. Flathri mac Domnaill .xuii.
  32. Ardgal mac Cathail a éc i nHí Coluim Chille.

  33. 5755] Tipraiti mac Taidc .xiiii.
  34. Murgius mac Tommaltaich .xxx.
  35. {MS folio 41a 55}Diarmait mac Taidc .xui.l^
  36. {MS folio 41b}.e. Cathal mac Murgiusa .u. bliadna
  37. .e. Murchad mac Aeda .i.

  38. 5760] .e. Fergus mac Fothaid .iii.
  39. {MS folio 41b 5}Fínnachta mac Tommaltaig .xii. anchorita eter Lubnigi de tham is marb fuit.
  40. Conchobor mac Taidc .xxuii.
  41. Aed mac Conchobuir .iii.

  42. 5765] Cathal mac Conchobuir .xxi.
  43. {MS folio 41b 10}Fergal mac Ruairc .x. Domnall mac Congalaig rí Breg ros marb.
  44. Conchobor mac Taidc .iiii. a ec de thregat.
  45. {MS folio 41b15}.e. Cathal mac Taidc. tri lae.
  46. .e. Cathal mac Conchobuir .xxx.

  47. 5770] .m. Tadc mac Cathail .xx.
  48. .m. Art Hua Ruairc .ii.
  49. .m. Aed Hua Conchobuir .xxxiiii.
  50. {MS folio 41b 20}Aed mac Airt Hui Ruairc uii.
  51. Ruadri mac Aeda Hui Chonchobuir .xiiii. Coro dallad la Hua
    5775] Flathbertaich
  52. {MS folio 41b 25}Domnall mac Tigernain Hui Ruairc
  53. Domnall mac Ruadrí.
  54. Tairdelbach mac Ruadri
  55. Ruadri mac Tairdelbaig éc i Cunga na ailithri

  56. 5780] {MS folio 41b 30} Conchobor Moenmaige a suis occisus est.
  57. Cathal Crobderg mac Tairdelbaig.l^

{MS folio 41c}

Rig Ulad.

  1. Muridac Munderg .xxiiii.
  2. e Cairill mac Muridaig .xxu.

  3. 5785] e Eochu mac Muridaig xxii.

  4. p.193

  5. {MS folio 41c 5}e Eochaid mac Conlai .xx. a quo Hui Echach Ulad.
  6. e Fergna mac Oengusa u.
  7. e Demmán mac Cairill .xi
  8. e Baetán mac Cairill .x.

  9. 5790] Daig mac Cairill .x.
  10. {MS folio 41c 10}.m. Aed Dub mac Suibni .u.
  11. Fiachna mac Baetain .i. Fiachra Lurgan. a marbad i cath Druing
  12. {MS folio 41c 15}.m. Fiachna mac Demmain .ii. i cath Ardda Corrain darochair
    5795] Fiachna mac Demmain.
  13. Congal Caech mac Scanlain .x. i cath Roth ro marbad.
  14. .e. Dunchad mac Fiachna .ix.
  15. {MS folio 41c 20}e Mael Coba mac Fiachna .ix.
  16. e Blaithmac mac Mael Choba .ii.

  17. 5800] Congal Cendfota u. Bécc Bairchi mac Blaithmeic ros marb Congal
  18. {MS folio 41c 25}Oengus mac Aedain .xui.
  19. Bécc Bairchi .xxiiii. éc i n-ailithri.
  20. {MS folio 41c 30}Cu Chuain mac Dungail .ii. Scandal Find hua Rotain de Dal
    5805] Araide ros marb
  21. Aed Róin .xxui. i cath Fochairde darochair la Aed Allain.
  22. .e. Bressal mac Aeda .i.
  23. {MS folio 41c 35}Cathassach mac Ailella .xui. i rRaith Betha darochair.
  24. .e. Fiachna mac Aeda Roin .xxxuiii.

  25. 5810] Tommaltach mac Inrectaig .x. Eochaid mac Fiachna ros marb.
  26. Eocho mac Fiachna .x.
  27. {MS folio 41c 40}Cairill mac Fiachna .ix. i cath Lapaist i Carn Chantain eter Ultu & Hu Echach Coba. Muridach mac Echach ro bris in cath.
  28. .e. Mael Bresail mac Ailella .ii.

  29. 5815] {MS folio 41c 45} .m. Muridach mac Echach .xuii.
  30. Matudan mac Muridaig a éc i n-ailithri.
  31. Lethlobor mac Longsich .xui. a éc de guin medoin.
  32. {MS folio 41c 50}Anbíth mac Aeda .x. for crích na nAirther ic Dabull ro marbad. l^ comtis iat Conaille Murthemni ra marbsat

  33. 5820] .e. Eochocan .i.
  34. {MS folio 41c 55}.m. Auromun mac Aeda .iii.
  35. Fiachna mac Anbitha .i. a suis sociis occisus est.
  36. .e. Bécc mac Auromuin .iii.

  37. p.194

  38. {MS folio 41c}.e. Muridach mac Eochacain .i.

  39. 5825] {MS folio 41c 60} Atdith mac Laigne .uiii. Hui Echach féin ros marb.
  40. .e. Cennetich mac Lethlobuir .xii.
  41. Aed mac Eochacain .xu. a marbad i cath Atha Cliath
  42. {MS folio 41c 65}.e. Dubgall mac Aeda .ui.
  43. .e. Longsech mac Tommaltaig .iii. l^

  44. 5830] {MS folio 41d} Eocho mac Conaill .u.
  45. .m. Matodan mac Aeda .xu.
  46. Niall mac Eochada .xu.
  47. {MS folio 41d5}Aed mac Longsich .u.
  48. Eochaid mac Ardgail .xxxii i cath Chille Tilcha.

  49. 5835] Gilla Comgaill mac Ardgail .i.
  50. {MS folio 41d 10}.e. Mael Ruanaid mac Ardgail trí mís.
  51. Matodan mac Domnaill se mís in Torc mac Duib Thuinni ros marb i lLethglais.
  52. .e. Domnall mac Matodain .i.

  53. 5840] {MS folio 41d 15} Niall mac Duib Thuinni .iiii. bliadna & se mís.
  54. Niall mac Eochada .xlii.
  55. {MS folio 41d 20}Dondchad Hua Mathgamna .iiii. bliadna &
    a marbad i ndaim liac Bennchuir.
  56. Cu Ulad Hua Flathroe .ui.

  57. 5845] Aed Meranach .ii.
  58. Lochlaind mac Mel Ruanaid oenmí.
  59. {MS folio 41d 25}Dond Slebi Hua Eochada. .xxx. bliadan. Hua Lochlainn rí Ailig ros marb.
  60. Goll Gorbraige .iiii. Eochaid Hua Mathgamna ros marb.

  61. 5850] {MS folio 41d 30} Dondchad Hua Eochada .iii. a dallad la Hua Mathgamna
  62. Aed & Eochaid da mac Duind Slebi coro marbad Aed la Hua
  63. {MS folio 41d 35}Mathgamna .i. guin ra gon Hua Mathgamna é & marb da legus Conchobor mac Con Ulad
  64. {MS folio 41d 40}Eochaid mac Conchobuir coro dallad la mac meic Lochlainn
    5855] Magnus mac Conchobuir
  65. {MS folio 41d 45}Ruadri mac Con Ulad meic Conchobuir. a marbad la Gallaib. l^


{MS folio 41e}

Rig Dail Araide.

  1. Saran mac Caelbad.
  2. Conla mac Coilbad.

  3. 5860] Fachtna mac Coilbad
  4. {MS folio 41e 5}Eocho mac Conlaid a quo Hui Echach nominati sunt.
  5. {MS folio 41e 10}Aed Brecc. i cath Monad Daire Lothair ro marbad & cethri rig Cruthen.
  6. Aed Dub mac Subni.

  7. 5865] Fiacha Lurga.
  8. Congal Caech.
  9. Lochini mac Fingin
  10. {MS folio 41e 15}Eocho Iarlaithe.
  11. Mael Caich mac Scandail.

  12. 5870] Cathassach mac Mel Chaich
  13. Ailill mac Dungail
  14. {MS folio 41e 20}Aed Airech l^ Ared i cath Fernmaigi darochair.
  15. Cu Chuaráin
  16. Lethlobor mac Echach Iarlathi

  17. 5875] {MS folio 41e 25} Fiachra Cossalach.
  18. Dubthach mac Congaile
  19. Eochaid mac Echach
  20. Inrectach
  21. Cathassach mac Ailella.

  22. 5880] {MS folio 41e 30} Flathroe mac Fiachrach.
  23. Cinaed mac Cathain
  24. Tommaltach mac Inrectaig
  25. Bressal mac Flathroe
  26. {MS folio 41e 35}Eochaid mac Bresail. a suis occisus est.

  27. 5885] Lethlobor mac Longsich
  28. Mac Etig mac Lethlobuir Mael Finnia mac Flannacain ri Breg {MS folio 41e 40} lasro marbad Mac Etig i cath Ratha Cró
  29. Muridach mac Meic Etig.
  30. Becc mac Meic Etig.

  31. 5890] {MS folio 41e 45} Longsech Hua Lethlobuir

  32. p.196

  33. {MS folio 41e}Tommaltach Hua Lethlobuir.
  34. Cathal mac Tommaltaig
  35. Cellach mac Becce
  36. Aed Hua Longsich

  37. 5895] {MS folio 41e 50} Lethlobor Hua Fiachrach
  38. Flathri mac Aeda Hui Lethlobuir. Domnall mac Amalgada ros marb.
  39. Conchobor
  40. {MS folio 41e 55}Flathbertach

  41. 5900] Domnall Bratglas Airgialla ros marb
  42. Aed mac Domnaill
  43. {MS folio 41e 60}Congalach mac Carill Cenel nEogain ros marb i mBelach Giric inn Inbir.
  44. F
    (le ) l^

5905] {MS folio 42a}

Rig Uisnig.

  1. Conall Cremthaind mac Neill Noigiallaig a éc opund
  2. Fiachu mac Neill Noigiallaig i Carn Fiachach dorochair.
  3. {MS folio 42a5}Ardgal mac Conaill. Lagin ros marbsat i cath Detna.
  4. Mane mac Cerbaill .xii. I cath Detna darochair.

  5. 5910] {MS folio 42a 10} Diarmait mac Cerbaill .xxiiii. Áed Dub mac Subni ros marb.
  6. Colman Mór mac Diarmata Dub Slóit mac Trena ro marb
  7. Colman Mór in curru suo.
  8. Colman Bec mac Diarmata. i cath Belaig Dath dorochair

  9. 5915] {MS folio 42a15} Aed mac Ainmerech ro marb Colman Bec.
  10. Suibne mac Colmain .xuiii. Aed Slane ros marb.
  11. {MS folio 42a 20}Fergus mac Colmain .uii. Anfartech hua Mescill ros marb i cath Blatteined.
  12. Oengus mac Colmain .uii. Domnall mac Murchada ros marb.

  13. 5920] {MS folio 42a 25} Conall Guthbind mac Subni .xu. Diarmait Ruanaid mac Aeda Slane ros marb.
  14. Mael Doid mac Suibni .xu. i Cnoccaib Mael Doid darochair.

  15. p.197

  16. {MS folio 42a}I cath Roth docer Airmedach mac Conaill Guthbind. {MS folio 42a 30} Lommainech rí Mugdorn aiti Diarmata Rúanada ros marb.

  17. 5925] Diarmait mac Airmedaig .xxxiii. Finachta Fledach ros marb.
  18. {MS folio 42a 35}Murchad mac Diarmata .xx. Conall Grand hua Cernaig ros marb.
  19. Dermait & Airmedach i cath Bili Tened ro marbtha.
  20. {MS folio 42a 40}Aed & Colgu .u. Dorochair in cethrursa. la Fland mac Aeda
    5930] meic Dluthaig. & darochair Fland sin gliaid chetna .i. Fland mac Dluthaig meic Ailella.
  21. Domnall mac Murchada .xlui. Diarmait & Ailill dá ríg Fer {MS folio 42a 45}Ross ro marbsat Fiachu mac Domnaill meic Murchada i mBregaib for cuairt maccaem.

  22. 5935] Niall mac Diarmata meic Airmedaig .uii. Muridach mac. Domnaill ros marb
  23. {MS folio 42a 50}Muridach mac Domnaill .ii. Dondchad mac Domnaill ros marb.
  24. Dondchad mac Domnaill meic Murchada .xxx. Docer mac {MS folio 42a 55}Conaing meic Amalgada meic Congaile meic Conaing meic Congaile
    5940] meic Aeda Slane. & Conaing mac Dungaile meic Congaile i cath Liac Find la Dondchad mac Domnaill meic Murchada ríg Herend. Is {MS folio 42a 60} é in fath. .i. fer de muntir ríg Breg ro boí ic marbad Faebairdatha airchinnich Tuilén. Is é in Dondchad cétna ro marb Fogartach mac Cummascaig meic Neill meic Cernaig Sotail. Is é dano ro
    5945] marb Fiacha mac meic Cathail meic Aeda Bric meic Dluthaig {MS folio 42a 65}meic Ailella meic Aeda Slane i cath Forcalaid .i. ammus longphuirt. & is and sain docer rí Breg .i. Congal mac Conaing meic Amalgada meic Conaing meic Congaile meic Aeda Slane. Fland mac Congalaig meic Conaing meic Ama lgada meic Congalaig is é

  25. 5950] {MS folio 42b} Conchobor mac Dondchada .xii. a bádud i n-usci i Cluain Iraird la ríg Gall.
  26. Mael Ruanaid mac Dondchada .x.
  27. {MS folio 42b 5}Mael Sechnaill mac Mael Ruanaid .x.

  28. p.198

  29. {MS folio 42b}Lorcan mac Cathail .ii. a dallad la Aed Findliath.

  30. 5955] Dondchad mac Eochocain hui Chonchobuir. Fland mac Mael Sechnaill ros marb.
  31. {MS folio 42b10}.e. Fland mac Mael Sechnaill .xlstrok.
  32. Conchobor hua Mael Sechnaill .iii. malle ra Niall Glundub ro marbad.

  33. 5960] {MS folio 42b 15} Domnall mac Flaind .i. Dondchad Dond mac Flaind a brathair féin ros marb.
  34. Dondchad Dond mac Flaind xxui. subita morte. l^ de thregait periit.
  35. {MS folio 42b 20}Oengus mac Dondchada .i.

  36. 5965] Dondchad mac Domnaill .iiii. Fergus mac Oengusa ros marb.
  37. Fergal mac Oengusa. tri mís
  38. Aed mac Mael Ruanaid .i.
  39. {MS folio 42b 25}Domnall mac Dondchada .iii.
  40. Carlus mac Duind meic Dondchada. la Murchad mac Find &
    5970] la Amlaib Cuarain ro marbad.
  41. {MS folio 42b 30}Murchertach .xii. i cath Dromma Criaich ro marbad la Domnall mac Congalaig.
  42. Coic bliadna iar sain. Midi na fasuch tria Fergal mac Oengusa iar n-éc Domnaill hui Neill.

  43. 5975] {MS folio 42b 35} Mael Sechnaill .xlu.
  44. Mael Sechnaill Got .iiii. obiit dolore extenso.
  45. Roen .ui. I cath Monad Mílain ro marbad
  46. {MS folio 42b 40}Domnall Got .ii. Mael Kallainne da marbad.
  47. Conchobor mac Flaind .xl. Murchad mac Flaind ros marb ar
    5980] commairgi bachla Isu.
  48. {MS folio 42b 45}Murchad mac Flaind. Mac Maelain ros marb i clocthig Cenansa.
  49. Mael Sechnaill Bán mac Conchobuir .xi. Fir Thethba ros {MS folio 42b 50} marb i nArdachud epscoip Mél iar cotuch & comlugi.
  50. Domnall mac Flaind .uii. Luigni & mac Meic Aigennain ros
    5985] marb eter Loch Lebind & Fabor Fechin.
  51. {MS folio 42b 55}Conchobor mac Mael Sechnaill trí mis. Hú Briuin ros marb.
  52. Dondchad mac Murchaid Hú Minniceain ros marb
  53. Mael Sechnaill mac Dondchada. & Murchad mac Dondchada .ui. {MS folio 42b 60} Murchad ro marb Mael Sechnaill a brathair.l^


5990] {MS folio 42c}

Comarbada Patraic

  1. PAtraic .luiii. o thuidecht Patraic i nHerind co eistecht.
  2. Sechnall mac Restituit .xiii.
  3. SenPatraic .ii.
  4. {MS folio 42c 5}Benen mac Sescnen .x.

  5. 5995] Iarlaithe mac Trena .xiiii. o Chluain Fiacla.
  6. Cormac .xii. primus abbas de Chlaind Chernaig.
  7. {MS folio 42c 10}Dubthach .xiii.
  8. Ailill .xiii. primus.
  9. Ailill .x. secundus. ó Druim Chád i nHuíb Bressail don da
    6000] Ailill.
  10. Duach .xii. de Huib Turtri.
  11. {MS folio 42c 15}Fiachra .x. mac Colmain meic Eogain a hEnuch Senmáil.
  12. Feidilmid .xu. hua Faelain o Domnuch Nemand.
  13. {MS folio 42c 20}Caurlan .iiii. O Domnuch meic hu Garba d'Uíb Níallain.

  14. 6005] Eochaid mac Diarmata .iii. o Domnuch Rigdruing
  15. Senach Garb. .xiii. o Chluain hui meic Gricci de Uib Niallain {MS folio 42c 25} .i. gobai i ngraid o Chill Móir.
  16. Mac Laisre .xuiii.
  17. Tómmine .lxxxiii.

  18. 6010] Segini .xxuii. mac Bresail o Achud Chlaidib.
  19. {MS folio 42c 30}Forannan .i.
  20. Fland Febla mac Scanlain h Fíngin .xxuii
  21. Suibne .xu. mac Crunnmael meic Ronain d'Uib Níallain.
  22. {MS folio 42c 35}Congus .xx. scribnid. unde torad penne Congusa .i. hui
    6015] Da Sluaiga meic Ainmerech a Cuil Athgoirt.
  23. {MS folio 42c 40}Céle Petair .uiii. o Druim Chetna i nHuib Bresail. Fer da Chrích .x.
  24. Cu Dinisc .iiii. mac Concais hui. Chathbath meic Echach
  25. {MS folio 42c 45}Dub da Lethe mac Sinaig .xuiii.

  26. 6020]
  27. Airectac .i. bliadain hua Faeláin d'Uib Bresail
  28. {MS folio 42c 50}Faennelach .iii. mac Moenaig Mannacta is e docer la Dub da Lethi oc Rus Bodba. unde dicitur.

    1. Faendelach aness
      is é a less. teclaim sluaig.

      6025] {MS folio 42c 55} Dub da Lethi mac Sínaig
      dofail co rigaib atúaid.


  1. {MS folio 42c}Condmach .xiii. mac Duib da Lethi is e sin in mac i ndiaid a athar. ut prophetauit Bec mac De.l^
  2. {MS folio 42d}Artrí .ii. Is é rachoid martra ó Eogan & ó Niall & ó Suibni
    6030] mac Fairnig.
  3. Eogan Manistrech .uiii. Eogan mac Anbthig comarba Patraic {MS folio 42 d5} & Finniain. & Buite. anmchara Neill Glunduib. Trí airchinnig sunna ra gabsat abdaine ar ecin nach airmiter i n-offriund .i. Fland Rói mac Cummascaig. & Aed mac Conchobuir ro éig assin
    6035] {MS folio 42d 10} charpat. & Gormgal mac Indnotaig.
  4. Forannan .xuii. mac Murgili. Murgel nomen matris eius.
  5. Dermait .iiii. hua Tigernain Is leis daratad in t-anart eter {MS folio 42d 15}na gae ac Croiss Ardachaid & in t-imaire lossa & nir rathcha coro lobsat ar met a smachta.

  6. 6040] Fethgna .xxu. .i. Figlech mac Nechtain de Chlaind Echdach.
  7. Ainmere hua Faelain. .i. bliadain. is e rígi hua Niallain {MS folio 42d 20} & sacerdoti Aird Macha.
  8. Mael Coba .u. bliadna mac Crundmael de muntir Cilli Móire.
  9. {MS folio 42d 25}Cathassach mac Rabartaich hui Moínaich de Chlaind Suibni.
    6045] marb na ailithre i nInis
  10. Mael Brigti mac Tornain .xxxix. comarba Patraic & Coluim Chille de Chlaind Chonaill .i. na hoentad.
  11. {MS folio 42d 30}Ioseph .ix. mac Fathaig de Chlaind Gairb Gaelta di Dál Riatta
  12. Mael Patraic .i. bliadain mac Maile Tuli hui

  13. 6050] Cathassach .xx. mac Doligen hui Eog
  14. {MS folio 42d 35}Muridach .ix. mac Fergusa o Glind Airind i Sleib Culind.
  15. Dub da Lethi mac Cellaich .xxxiii. Deolaid ingen Maeli Tuli meic Se
    o Inis Cain Dega mathair Duib da Lethi.
  16. {MS folio 42d 40}Murican mac Ciaracain .iii. o Boith Domnaig

  17. p.201

  18. 6055] Mael Maire .xix. mac Eochacain.
  19. Amalgaid .xxix.
  20. Dub da Lethi .xii.
  21. Cummascach .iii.
  22. {MS folio 42d 45}Mael Isu .xxu.

  23. 6060] Domnall .xiiii.
  24. Cellach.
  25. Mael Maedoc Hua Morgair
  26. {MS folio 42d 50}Gilla Meic Liac .i. mac ind fir dana.
  27. In t-epscop Hua Muridaig

  28. 6065] Gilla Chomded Hua Carain.
  29. Tommaltach mac Aeda meic Tairdelbaig Hui Chonchobuir.l^


A Chóicid chóem Chairpri chrúaid

Orthanach hua Cellama Cuirrich cecinit

{MS folio 43a} ria mBresalbuadach co mbúaid ba lúath a chéim Chairpri cháeim

    1. 6070] Cath cruaid Cnamrois rind.
      ria mac Fiachach co ngliu duind;
      tri ríg noi mile mór dremm
      focerar and de chlaind Chuind.
    2. {MS folio 43a 5} Fiachra Cassán febda in rí

      6075] da biach bar baill bróe atróe.
      torramaid borrama nad gand
      mar gall mblooic melid broe
    3. Borbchath dubach Achaid Aird
      for goblaib crand broach mborr;

      6080] {MS folio 43a 10} focer durbarr dualach drem.
      ba buadach o Dunlang dond.
    4. Crothais in lubra for cach n-aill.
      err faebur fland ferta truim;
      tricha cath ba clothach n-oll

      6085] arfich arm Illand ngorm.

    5. p.203

    6. {MS folio 43a} Niall co n-orddun ort co ngail
      Eriu & Albu fo cháin;
      {MS folio 43a 15} dorochair forin maig muad
      ra Eochaid mac Ennai áin

    7. 6090] Aithbe Loegaire meic Néill.
      i taeb Chassi glass a tír.
      dule Dé dars tánic dáil.
      rucsat dáil báis forsin ríg.
    8. Reraig Herind ardrí Molt

      6095] hua Fiachrach Fland Febla colt;
      i cath Ocha ard a lecht
      {MS folio 43a 20} is and ro slecht Ailill Molt.
    9. Matan Maige Uachtair Aird.
      ing do slúagaib díth co feirg.

      6100] degmac Loegaire meic Néill.
      arfaemtha faen fo laith fo leirg.
    10. Cat lond Luachra uasu thuas.
      atchess Brigit ni firt fás;
      {MS folio 43a 25} flandchath Findabrach ba húais

      6105] im chorp nIlladan iar mbás.
    11. Unce Cloenta coscur cruaid
      fóen focloentais catha gráin;
      co torchair risin sluag
      Bodbchar bile buiden báin.

    12. 6110] Buaid Dromma Loegaire lúaith.
      londgair la cuain gormais méin;
      {MS folio 43a 30} memaid for Diarmait fathuaid.
      hua Cerbaill co síl Néill

    13. p.204

    14. {MS folio 43a} Buaid n-ard nAlmaine ni chél

      6155] adguide. bél do cach dúil.
      Co noí milib dermar dál
      Fergal már mac Maeli Dúin.
    15. Aed mac Ainmerech co n-áeib
      in fael fadlidech co n-uaill

      6120] a chend de Dolb ro ben Dolb
      {MS folio 43a 35} i nDun Bolg rafuc a mbúaid.
    16. Doraid Muman mid co mend.
      Fáelchad file faebur fland;
      for mac Finguine ba reng.

      6125] fácbaid Cellach ellach and.
    17. Ber lat mo chomrama it chlúais
      co farcba i llebraib dar th'éis.
      {MS folio 43a 40} dubidir mo guss fri gúal.
      gilidir mo duais ri géis.

    18. 6130] Is iar marbad inna túath
      is iar fandrad inna sáer;
      is ár crechaib cen nach síd
      atrethad in coiced caem. A.
    19. Is iar n-orddaib trichat dremm

      6135] is iar mbullib tan ba hing;
      ní fri Cellach tecait and
      {MS folio 43a 45} tan fortgellat fiadat Find.

    20. p.205

    21. {MS folio 43a} Clárbruig Herend irgal chrúaid
      ba léibend co n-irbaid áig.

      6140] ba i cath Duib Chommair.
      fofúair in dig tonnaid tréin
    22. Hír chath Muman in mart.
      ro bris Cellach cintach cert;
      nirbtar tana táinte torc

      6145] im Chath Atha Slabacc slecht.
    23. {MS folio 43a 50} Sithbe Cerbaill fora chuaird
      nirbdar dermaill a dí dóit.
      focer Cormac mór in bét
      sé mili ar chét is a cóic .A.l^

    24. 6150] {MS folio 43b} Dia ngabat mo chomraimse
      for cloich nad gluaster braine;
      bud fortail a n-oenchathsom
      for cethri cathaib aile.
    25. Dia ngabat mo chomramaig.

      6155] Lagin lergi Labrada.
      ni biat co falma fria n-aiss
      {MS folio 43b 5} a ngaiss nach a slabrada .A.


{MS folio 43b}

Broccán Craibdech cecinit

    1. Lecht Cormaic meic Culennain

      6160] i mmedón Lagen lerda;
      lecht Cobthaig meic Augaine
      i nDind Ríg uas brú Berba.
    2. Lecht Eithni. lecht Oengusa
      i cill Chellosnaid cheolaig;

      6165] {MS folio 43b 10} lecht Luirc uas Leirg Labrada.
      lecht Etersceoil meic Eogain.
    3. Lecht Inciúil i n-arddÉtur.
      lecht Conaire sin Brudin;
      lecht Oengusa Osrithi

      6170] issind ard ós Chill Chulind.
    4. Lecht Crimthaind. lecht Congalaig
      fri Brí Eile ro róenta;
      lecht Colmáin meic Diarmata
      lecht Suibni uas Chassan Clóenta.

    5. 6175] {MS folio 43b 15} Lecht leithi na tromdáme
      i n-airthiur Mona Mulach;
      lecht Fergusa Cendfota
      ac Coirthe Maige Dumach.
    6. Lecht Domnaill meic Murchada

      6180] fo brunnib Cairge Crodaind;
      ar lár Cluana Conaire.
      lecht Airmedaig meic Conaill.
    7. Lecht Lugni meic Herimóin
      i ndesciurt Maige Mugna;

      6185] {MS folio 43b 20} lecht Ebricc meic Ebir Duind
      for brú Atha meic Lugna.
    8. Lecht Cellaig ríg Ossairge.
      lecht Colmain cáeim co cuibde
      for Maig Ailbe dellgetar.

      6190] lecht Fogartaig meic Subne.

    9. p.207

    10. {MS folio 43b} Lecht coic cét déc degdoene
      firithir lebor légthair;
      im Diarmait mac nDondchada
      dorochratar i mBréchmaig.

    11. 6195] {MS folio 43b 25} Lecht Senaig. lecht Sechnasaig
      i nDruim Almaine aithrind;
      lecht Maele Dúin Dergaenig
      i fail choirthi meic Cairthind.
    12. Lecht Airt meic Cuind Cétchathaig

      6200] ra Lagnib ra luaid chinaid.
      lecht Dáire. lecht Fothada.
      lecht Aeda meic Fidaig.
    13. Lecht Gomuir Oengusa
      issin chnucc i comair Charmuin

      6205] {MS folio 43b 30} lecht Fergail ferglonnaig
      meic Maeli Duin i nAlmain.
    14. Lecht Aeda meic Fergaile.
      lecht Colgan rachluinem.
      lecht Uchmaid ríg Lochlainne

      6210] taeb ri táeb i Fid Chuilend.
    15. Lecht Aeda meic Ainmerech
      ac Cill Rannairech randgil;
      lecht Ebir. lecht Herimoin
      isind ráith oc Luachair Bairnig.

    16. 6215] {MS folio 43b 35} Lecht Con Ruí. lecht Fergusa.
      lecht Con Culaind cruaid eubail
      lecht Becce meic Lethdergain.
      lecht Amairgin meic Eugain.
    17. Lecht Berngail de Chruthentúaith.

      6220] lecht Feidlimid ba Rechtaid;
      lecht Ladraind. lecht Partholoin.
      & lecht Tuathail Tectmair.

    18. p.208

    19. {MS folio 43b} Lecht in trichait rígingen
      ar thrí milib mod n-ainmech.

      6225] {MS folio 43b 40} ba hí in chomrama Chloenferta
      dia mbaí in borama Laignech.
    20. Lechta tri mac Liphechair
      i Cnamros ba deilm digla.
      lecta trí mac nDíarmata

      6230] i fothaig mulind meic Dimma.
    21. Da chath déc ro mebdatar
      for Huib Néill nert co ndruine
      iss é Enna Cendselach
      ro brissestar uile

    22. 6235] {MS folio 43b 45} Cid mór libsi in lechtachsa
      do glonnaib Galian ngradbind;
      fil lim menbad emiltius
      a secht cobeis no n-airmind.
    23. Is dar timna in Duleman.

      6240] is dar brethir Crist chaingnig
      do cech ríg do Gaedelaib
      dobeir ammus for Laignib.
    24. Uair is leo darochratar
      tri fichit rig de Mumain.

      6245] {MS folio 43b 50} tri choicait cóic mórfessir
      de slúag Lethi Cuind cubaid.
    25. Ní ármim acht rigdomna
      & ríg arna rigad;l^
      {MS folio 44a} is Lagin ros marbsatar

      6250] is mairg fors ndessid a ndígal.
    26. Secht cind cia nos faílsaindse
      ra ré mís ní maidfind.
      gluind Lagen ní innisfind
      cen secht tengtha cach óenchind

    27. p.209

    28. 6255] {MS folio 44a} Ní do dalb na thuscurnud
      {MS folio 44a 5} inna leth cia ron selbsat;
      ní do phróis na do bocasaig
      úadib aneich na dernsat.
    29. Cóic fichit cét cindfetar

      6260] i cath Ardgail nírb uathad;
      ac cosnam na fidchilli
      fuair Rogellach mac Fuatach
    30. Tend in tinól tarclamsat
      do grethlach Lis in Ruba

      6265] {MS folio 44a 10} do chath Maige Mucrama.
      do Smutgail Tigi Duma.
    31. Cóic mile do Dubgallaib
      & do chúain cech thíre;
      is Lagin ros marbsatar

      6270] issin chath i mMaig Íle.
    32. Urbaid mór im Albanchaib
      i cath Roth nirbo chlethach:
      Dobarchu do Domnannchaib
      ro marb Domnall mac Echach.

    33. 6275] {MS folio 44a15} Aithbél ba búaid bantrochta
      mathair Ercoil ben Midgna;
      ro marb na deich Fomoraig
      issin traig ic Tuind Chlidna.
    34. Ra loisc na secht gelliti

      6280] isin glind ic Sléib Eiblend;
      ro bris forsin dublongais
      forfémdetar fir Herend.
    35. {MS folio 44a 20} Ra chonaig in ruadchallig
      ros báid for lár na Berba;

      6285] ro saltair forin Luchthigern
      i ndorus Derci Ferna.

    36. p.210

    37. {MS folio 44a} Rucad cusna Cichloscthib
      iar n-argain tiri Siria;
      ro marb tri chét cethrachat

      6290] de slúag Pentasilia.
    38. Ba hí búaid na mbanLagnech
      mathair Hercoil adfedem;
      {MS folio 44a 25} i n-airechas for Gaedelaib
      .uii. mbliadna i rígu Herend

    39. 6295] Iar sain ros gab Dithorba
      mac Dimmain delbda in duine;
      darochair la Galianu
      i n-oenuch Arda Ruide.
    40. Nir ferr do mac Mugair

      6300] don Rúad ro gab in ríge.
      is Lagin ros marbastar
      nirbo chualle i cind tíre.
    41. {MS folio 44a 30} Cid Crimthand mac Lugada
      niron anacht ar Gnathail;

      6305] diarbo athair a derbráthair
      diarbo senmathair a máthair.
    42. Gnathail ba de Laignechaib
      doringni mór de galgat;
      's e tarlaic in oenurchur

      6310] rias roemid cath Chind Febrat.
    43. {MS folio 44a 35} Tress na samna slegderge
      aidche mairt i mMaig Rechet;
      rop imda cend cen cholaind
      & coland cen dechelt.

    44. 6315] Domnach i mmís mithemain
      ropdar lámderga Lagnig.
      linti fola fersatar
      ac graffaind Cilli Fabrig.

    45. p.211

    46. {MS folio 44a} Tromsluag na secht mórmíle

      6320] {MS folio 44a 40} i mMaig Ailbe ro sellad;
      tria fochond na hoenbreithe
      fó cia beith cerc i trebad.
    47. Na ríg is na hollomain
      bendacht De fora n-anmain;

      6325] is mairg tír i torchratar
      it srotha fína fo thalmain.
    48. In fiallach ros marbsatar
      sain chan im Lifi lígda.
      {MS folio 44a 45} is réil fora n-iartaige

      6330] féth a fola 's a ndigla.
    49. Dá chath déc ra mebdatar
      dar muir sáer slicht nad choimsech;
      iss ed ón ros brissestar
      Labraid Longsech.

    50. 6335] Scéla Bresail Bregamain
      do Lagnib lathar foníal.
      {MS folio 44a 50} is é ro gab ardríge
      o Dún Chermna co Muir Torrían.
    51. Do Bresal Brec bemmennach

      6340] tuctha .x. mile ercal^
      {MS folio 44b} iar forbais for Saxanaib
      iar tollad Slebi Elpa
    52. Bágim báig for Laignechaib
      o thus domain co dered

      6345] na fríth sluag de Gaedelaib
      bad mó ánlecht l^ enech
    53. Na deccra na degbuada.
      na dúne trá na dindgna
      {MS folio 44b5} na epscoip na hairchinnig

      6350] & na filid imda.

    54. p.212

    55. {MS folio 44b} Ní chluinem i n-oenchuiced
      eter thalmain is naemnem.
      callig immar naebBrigit
      & clerech immar Chaemgen.

    56. 6355] Is triar immar tri ingena
      Bladma bendachait Gaedil
      is commor immar Milidach
      & sruth immar in Toedin.
    57. {MS folio 44b 10} Is fid immar FidMeirge

      6360] ra cnes catha & comlaind
      is ess immar Ess nDuthaite
      & dún immar Dublind.
    58. Is tipra mar in nEchlascaig
      & fid immar Fid nGaible

      6365] is lia mar Liic Tullida
      & mag immar Mag nAilbe.
    59. Is inad bad chomébind
      ra Les Loga meic Eithlend.
      {MS folio 44b 15} is cell immar Thamlachtain

      6370] & cathir immar Leithglend.
    60. Is cluain immar naemrelic
      Aeda Find feib adfeidem.
      inmain inad essergi
      i fil martra naem nHérend.
    61. Noe fichit crumthirech.

      6375] cóic mili mórda ferta.
      ac M'Oedóc hua nDúnlainge
      atat a ferta.
    62. {MS folio 44b 20} Broccan trúag in dinertach

      6380] mór di dúanaib ro chertaig;
      ciarbo thúi nirbo thibri
      is e doringni in lectaig. L.


Medb Lethderg cecinit.

    1. Macc Moga Corbb celas clú

      6385] cun feras crú dara gáib;
      ail uasa ligi ba líach
      {MS folio 44b 25} ba slaide chlíath dar Clíu Máil.
    2. Mo rígan ni ráided góe
      ba deil ba bróe ri cech n-airc;

      6390] dubidir ri bran a brae
      gerithir a gae ri ailt
    3. Gilidir a chness ra hael
      ar óen co tiagmais ar cae.
      airddithir a scíath ri scál

      6395] sithithir a lám ri lae.
    4. {MS folio 44b 30} Forc rí Herend trognaib tríath
      ra chodnaig scíath ri cach sceo;
      erca brech biathais dia bir
      riachais ar fir in cach gleo.

    5. 6400] Secht catha ra láe ma thir
      imráe díb mar cach n-ailt;
      cá cath dib ingnad in bét
      nach dingbad cét in cach airc.
    6. {MS folio 44b 35} Tri catha Atha Find Fáil.

      6405] cath Átha in Scáil ba scae ráen;
      cath Fosta ba forrach niad.
      focer ra triath Maige Máein.
    7. Cath Glasse Críche ra chlóe
      nithe dia mbae bretha ar báig;
      6410] cath Bernais rabert in Cú
      ra thairbir a chlú crú fá gáib.

    8. p.214

    9. {MS folio 44b} Ra chóssain da arm a thír
      dar marb ríg narbo lac
      cosnam Galián gignis fích

      6415] ba dirsan díth arin mac. M.

Medb Lethderg ingen Chonáin Chualand is í ro chan in marbnadsa. ic sádud na cloiche fil fora lige. i Sleib Suide Chon Corbb. La {MS folio 44b 45}Fedlimid Rectaid im athair Cuind Cétchathaig ro marbad Cú Chorbb mac Moga Corbb i cath. & ra foí in Medbsin iar sain ra
6420] Feidlimid Rectaid. & atá inad a tige béus i Temraig. & is sí dorat deog nemi i Temraig do Lugaid Laigse mac Laigsig Cendmóir. {MS folio 44b 50} & is sí ra fodail na Loígsi & na Fotharta i secht rannaib. ar dáig na betis d'oentaéib combad lugaite a nert i n-agid ríg Lagen.l^


{MS folio 45a}

Dubthach hua Lugair cecinit.

    1. ANdsu immarbáig ri Lagnib

      6425] láthur ferda
      Labraid Longsech ro marb Chobthach
      i Tuaim Tenba.
    2. Eochu Censelach mac Ennai
      ba rí rathach;
      ar ngeimled gíall
      marbastar Niall mac Echach.
    3. {MS folio 45a 5} Is cid Nuadu Necht mac Sétnai
      sáer a bunad;
      ro marb Eterscél mac Eogain

      6430] ardríg Muman.
    4. Is cid Fergus mac Róig di Ultaib
      na ngus ngalmar
      Ailill mac Rosa Ruaid
      fúair dá marbad
    5. Na trí Ruadcind ba di Lagnib
      láechda in crobang
      {MS folio 45a 10} marbsat Lugaid
      & Conaire & Conall.
    6. Erc mac Cairpri clothrí Herend

      6435] cona thuraind;
      tend in barrfind
      bentais a chend de Choin Chulaind.
    7. Cid mac Nad Fraich Oengus Muman
      cona fairnd
      ic Sossad Chell
      barfácaib a chend la Ailill.
    8. {MS folio 45a 15} Dorochair and Eithni Uathach
      ainm dar treba
      gráin co ngarge

      6440] bá do Lagnib Cairpre mac Dega.
    9. Cid Ailill Molt co cath Ocha
      ba rí rathach;
      co tríchait chét
      dosrat i n-éc Crimthan cathach.
    10. Torchratar sund uaisle Herend
      mar ra hadrad;
      {MS folio 45a 20} is é a ndíl cen dimblad
      na ríg raglan. A.


6445] {MS folio 45a}

Idem Dubthach cecinit.

    1. CRimthan clothrí cóicid Herend
      Hechtair Elgga.
      drumne d'ór milib molta
      bruidni berga.
    2. Briathar fíren
      hua Bresail Beolaig meic Fiachach;
      in bár far brunnib mBrég mbrathach
      in scál scíathach
    3. {MS folio 45a 25} In scél scaílit baird baidg Banba

      6450] fán mbith mbrígach;
      in bres bethrach in bréo bagach
      in gleo gnímach.
    4. In gnuis alaind
      ás Lagnechaib Lifi lergmóir.
      {MS folio 45a 30} in fíal fortail ar cech fintóir
      in slíab dergóir
    5. In doss dítnes dronga Domnand
      don chlár chathbath;
      in maidm for Midi múaid mifrech

      6455] in naidm nathrach.
    6. In nert n-antrend
      na cáemnacair clód na costod
      cruaid a descol
      Crimthan co mbúaid is co coscor.
    7. {MS folio 45a 35} Cath na Samaíre ar samain
      is é ros fossaig
      da tuc in maidm ac Raith Bresail
      ar Maig Mossaid
    8. Mac Ennai Chendselaig comláin

      6460] cond fond fine
      ba ssil Síuir dar glun a graige
      sech Dún Sige.
    9. Cosnamaid Herend uile
      echtach Áne.
      {MS folio 45a 40} á 'tchess midach Maige Fíne
      sech Ess Máge.
    10. Morfind Mesnech & Masten
      & Mugna;
      meraid co bráth

      6465] na nderna ac Áth Mac Lugna.
    11. Lagin im Chrimthand mac Ennae
      nertait calmai
      acht munter nimi ma nDúlem
      nimthá samla.

    12. p.217

    13. {MS folio 45a} Is é Crimthand chinnes ar cách
      co fáth fuilech
      is e oenfer
      is ferr do síl Gaedel nguinech.
    14. Is é Crimthann

      6470] cinnes ar cách cétaib ruathar
      ro chraid crícha clemna a brathar
      Medba Cruachan.
    15. Is é ro chreiti do Phatraic
      cen dúr ndligid;
      {MS folio 45a 50} ros gab d'anmcharait cháid chredail
      oc Ráith Bilig.
    16. In bennachtu dorat
      noco n-urchrand
      {MS folio 45b} ar l^ Meill co llí

      6475] ar mullach Da Thí is for Crimthand. C.
    17. Dubthach missi mac do Lugaid
      laidech lantrait;
      mé ruc in mbreith
      eter Loegaire & Patraic.
    18. Me ros faisit is ros forgaill
      fath cen dibdud.
      {MS folio 45b 5} me ruc innechad na sargud
      dó & dilgud.
    19. Lemsa cetna baclas dirthach

      6480] is cros chloche
      iss é mo thimthach
      ro baí im Chrimthan i cath Oche.
    20. Mo lúrech iairn mo scíath uma
      mo chnes mo charat
      baroccalt féin fer na n-airech
      iss ed ron anacht.
    21. {MS folio 45b 10} Dursan flaith fíal forsa roemid
      réim atconnarc.
      Ailill Molt intí fars n-immart

      6485] ba rí Connacht.
    22. Secht cét déc cen esbaid n-oenfir
      ní ran roengó;
      ro marb Crimthand i cath Oche
      sin sin oenló.
    23. Cethri bliadna resin cathsin
      cen nach tusled.
      {MS folio 45b 15} ro thairngert Patraic do Chrimthand
      is e ros brisfed.
    24. Do briss Énna

      6490] da primchath déc daltis fuli;
      ar Uíb Néill ba gairm can chaire
      a mmaidm uli.

    25. p.218

    26. {MS folio 45b} Do bris Crimthand cethri catha
      fa dó delbaim;
      iar feiss ri Meill n-imgil n-imgrind
      ingin Ernbraind.
    27. {MS folio 45b 20} Adlaic damsa ech mall mongach>
      nach saig siliud;
      ar domthalla

      6495] inalli rom chlanna is rom chiniud.
    28. Co raib fóm co deired domain
      dúas mo dúane
      corop ech bas talam tíre
      alad úane.
    29. Fuil tri fudbu ara sethnaig
      trethnaig tolgmaill.
      {MS folio 45b 25} Torchair ni tondmaeth ris tomtim
      Formael Fordruim
    30. A erbull oc Banna brectrúaid

      6500] ra hald n-airdde;
      tend a chrechmuirn
      a chend a crechmuirn na fairge.
    31. Fintar lib lethet na criche
      forsa ngébam.
      o Glais in Ascail ris ndalam
      co Maig Sergam.
    32. {MS folio 45b 30} Secha sair na saig Meisnech
      co muir milach
      as fodess. i tress treolla

      6505] co hEs nDimma.
    33. And atbert Da Thí mac Crimthaind
      in fond forais.
      undseo co lluath
      dotbia in tuath ra togais.
    34. Noí ngrad nimi
      & in dechmad grád talman tilchaig.
      {MS folio 45b 35} is iat dilsi lúagi lemmthair
      duani Crimthain. C.
    35. Milliud Mide mórad Lagen

      6510] léim dar Lulchach
      ni thanic rí bad chommaith
      i crí ri Crimthan.,


{MS folio 45b}

Item de eodem

    1. Cath tucastar Crimthann
      do Laegaire línmar;

      6515] {MS folio 45b 40} rop é in cath ard ágmar
      i torchair in rígrad.
    2. Cath tucastar Crimthann
      do Churc trén ros tassig;
      rop é in cath saer sochair

      6520] i trochair sluag Casil.
    3. Cath tucastar Crimthann
      do Dáire nar dubad.
      rop é in cath cruaid claideb
      dar slaided slúaig Muman.

    4. 6525] {MS folio 45b 45} Cath tucastar Crimthann
      fri Ailill n-ard n-uathmar;
      nirb é in gleo cen saethar
      diar throethad rí Cruachan.
    5. Cath tucastar Crimthann

      6530] ic Ess Ruaid barulad.
      rap é in cath cruaid claideb
      dar slaided sluaig Ulad.
    6. Cid mór dorat Crimthann
      do chathaib im rótu

      6535] {MS folio 45b 50} ba mó dorat Énna
      do chathaib ri hócu.
    7. Ro bris Enna Ailend
      da chath déc cen dodaing;l^
      {MS folio 46a} for túathmaig na Temra

      6540] for sluag Cerna crodaing

    8. p.220

    9. {MS folio 46a} Deich ríg ro marb Énna
      do findrígaib funid
      Aed Emna. Niall Ailig
      Fland Temra ra turim.

    10. 6545] Lugaid is Lorc Lumnig
      Oengus ag fri dala
      {MS folio 46a5} Mael Dúin ba fáth airgne.
      Ailill Carpre Caba.
    11. Énna mac Neill náraig

      6550] rap é in rí co nglaine
      is and fuair a thiugba
      lasin nEnna n-aile.
    12. Énna mac Neill náraig
      raba ri cáem cialla

      6555] ra hEnna na bága
      ra bíth i cath Liamna.
    13. {MS folio 46a 10} Cid Liamain ra lotar
      Lagin tarsi i Tarbga;
      do loscud na Temra

      6560] la Enna n-ard n-amra
    14. Amra in céim ra luid
      do loscud na Cruachna;
      ar múrad na hEmna
      ba gním febda fúachda.

    15. 6565] Fuachda lotar Lagin
      dar Áth Dúne Dogair.
      {MS folio 46a 15} ba lerithir Lagin
      lirithir da scoraib.

    16. p.221

    17. {MS folio 46a} Ra scuirset a n-eochu

      6570] dar múr Casil chliaraig.
      rucsat giall cach nónbair
      leo co Mastin miadglain.
    18. Ba miadach in munter
      ro bátar oc Enna;

      6575] {MS folio 46a 20} ropsat liri a ndala
      ropsat láma trena.
    19. Rapsat láma trena
      nit scela cen bunad.
      ra Leth Cuind na claideb

      6580] ra morthuathaib Muman.
    20. Cáin tucad do Énna
      a lLeith Chuind na curi
      screpal cacha tigi
      do findruini uili.

    21. 6585] {MS folio 46a 25} Cain tucad do Énna
      a Mumain fri gressu
      ungi d'ór cech lissu
      issin bliadain ba nessu.
    22. Ropsat mathi Lagin

      6590] fri lind Ennai imglain
      ro boí ith i talmain
      ro boí mes i fidbaid.
    23. Ra bítis a tigi
      i tilchaib can aithbi.

      6595] {MS folio 46a 30} ní bertis da rótaib
      ar uamain a cathmi.
    24. Ra bítís a tigi
      i tilchaib 's a cétib;
      rucsat giall cach cóicid

      6600] gabsat iat ar ecin.

    25. p.222

    26. {MS folio 46a} Labraid Bresal Belach
      Fiachu mac na flatha.
      uadib ra chin Énna
      {MS folio 46a 35} ni scéla co tacha. C.


A bairgen ataí i ngábud

    In gilla

    1. 6605] {MS folio 46a} A Bairgen ataí i ngábud.
      nuchun faigbe th'imsnádud;
      nit ain rí Lagen de
      raga i ndegaid da séitche.

    In challech

    1. Rat ain Murican molbthach

      6610] {MS folio 46a 40} rat ain Cerball is Chobthach;
      rat ain Lorcan luades gail.
      rat ain Domnall mac Murchaid

    In gilla

    1. Nit ain Fíngin na Ailill .
      & Tadc Rathlind robind.

      6615] nit ain Domnall a Dún Láir
      nit ain Subne mac Colmáin

    In challech

    1. {MS folio 46a 45}Rat ain Mael Kailne na cath.
      rat ain Oengus na n-ardrath.
      rat aineca Ugrán ard

      6620] rot ain Tressach & Tadc.

    In gilla

    1. Nochonot ain Dondchad mac Rind.
      na Chellachán áith imgrind.
      nit ain Conall na cath.
      {MS folio 46a 50} na Chatharnach na Chobthach.

    In challech

    1. 6625] Rot aincfe Lorcán Liamna.
      {MS folio 46b} & Tadc l^ a táeb Iarba;
      rat ain Ciarmac Slane seing
      & Cellach mac Cerbaill.


    In gilla

    1. {MS folio 46a}Nit berat Lagin loga

      6630] ó Thairdelbach Bórama;
      nochot gebat a gleo gáid.
      nít berat leo a himmarbaig

    In challech

    1. Ailill Mór mac Dunlaing duind.
      {MS folio 46b5} ro bris .uii. catha for Leth Cuind;

      6635] ro briss .uii. catha aile
      for Mumain na rigraide.

    In gilla

    1. Grend Muman o Charn co Cliu
      immot breith assa leith adíu.
      grend Connacht a hEctge úair

      6640] grend fer nHerend ra hoenuair.

    In challech

    1. Da clóra rí Liamna lán.
      firfaider in t-immorrán.
      betís colla de can chend
      dambad e Brandub borbthend.

    In gilla

    1. 6645] {MS folio 46b 10} Mo chobais do Ríg nime
      d'oenmac Maire ingine;
      ni chuala ríg bad ferr cruth
      l^ rismad ferr airfitiud.

    In challech

    1. Ni chuala ríg bud ferr ciall

      6650] na Brandub na mborbgíall;
      na bad ferr do chur chatha.
      ná do thairnium anflatha.

    In gilla

    1. {MS folio 46b 15} Is ris atrubairt in rí.
      Máel Dúin ba fáth co fí;

      6655] teiged rí Lagen dar muir.
      l^ tabrad giall co Temraig.

    In challech

    1. In cend assa 'trubairt sein
      Mael Duin ba fath co neim.
      is é Brandub ro ben de

      6660] dia mairt ar Maig Almaine


    In gilla

    1. {MS folio 46b} Ro marb Ailill Connacht crúaid
      issin leirg ri Temraig atúaid;
      {MS folio 46 b 20} ro marb Dondchad mac Neill glain
      issin chétain ós Charmanmaig.

    In challech

    1. 6665] Sluaig Muman is mór in dál
      táetsat tresin n-immarrám;
      Mumnig & na Lagnig
      comraicfit im oenbargin. A.

    In gilla

    1. Midig Connachtaig ar cind.

      6670] & Ultaig na n-ardmind;
      {MS folio 46b 25} slóig Muman cusna habnib
      condricfat im óenbargin. A.

    In challech

    1. Fir Herend o thuind co tuind.
      ní himmarbáig im morruill;

      6675] nocho berat o Lagnib.
      diambtis budig d'oenbairgin. A.

{MS folio 46b 30}

Gilla ríg Muman. & callech do Lagnib doringni in n-immarbaigseo. ac Liss na Calligi i cind Maige Dala. Uair i mbiataigecht ro baisi and sin do ríg Lagen .i. do Cherball mac Muricain. Co tanic gilla
6680] {MS folio 46b 35}rig Muman ar búannacht da tigsi. arna chur do ríg Muman d'fiss a ceta. ar bá bágach andiúit in challech. Is and ro buí funi na n-aireman ar cind in gillai i tig na calligi. Tucad in chétbargen ro fuined deside i fiadnaisi in gillai co nduaid. Uair ni fitir in {MS folio 46b 40} challech nach do foigdi chena tanic in gilla. Ro bas im ac funi
6685] bairgene aile dona airemnaib. Conid and atbert in gilla. A ben ar se déna in mbarginsin ní as ferr andás doringnis in mbargin a {MS folio 46b 45}chianaib. Cia dethitiu i failisiu don bargin út ar in challech. Uair ni th'arisiu téit ria. Téit im ar in gilla. Uair m'airigid in bargen a chianaib & mo rímchuit in bargen út. Uair is for búannacht
6690] dodechadus ó rig Muman. Ia ón omm ar in chaillech. ro gab a {MS folio 46b 50} commairgi fort in bairgenso. Uair atási for commairge ríg Lagen.

Conid and atbert in gilla. A bairgen ataí &c. Ra chomraicset Lagin & fir Muman immesin. Coro curit tri catha eturru.,l^


{MS folio 47a}

Dallán mac Móre cecinit.

    1. 6695] Cerball Currig cáemLife
      clód catha for Cond.
      ra facsin a áebdreche
      arbath Cnogba corr.
    2. Ar cara 's ar culicán.

      6700] cáemgnéach land na láim;
      mac mór molbthach Muricáin
      co mbúadaib co mbáig
    3. {MS folio 46b 5} Buaid crotha búaid cáemcheneóil
      for Cerball in Chairn;

      6705] búaid catha cirb claidebrúaid.
      búaid n-étgaid. búaid n-airm
    4. Ardanfud dond dilinni
      déscin Cerbaill chóem
      fond fíal fortacht firinne

      6710] fírlaith Mugna is Móen
    5. Mass gass glan gluair gelbdaide
      gébaid mBanba mbuirr;
      {MS folio 46b 10} doss dess dían degduine
      díscrútan hua nDuind.

    6. 6715] Díscrútan a chomrama
      cechlaiter co bráth;
      a chatha 's a chongala
      úaim nos cechla cách.
    7. Comrama dia chomramaib

      6720] Cerbaill cirt na náem;
      .uiii. catha ra chloastar
      for Fland sochla saer.

    8. p.227

    9. {MS folio 47a} Cath Mathaig. cath Mucnaime.
      cath Bregmaine band.

      6725] cath Aichle nirb assusón
      do thur Themra thall.
    10. Cath Tlachtga ba tortbuillech
      cath Rige. cath Ross;
      cath Crinna ra chloastarsom

      6730] for Fland febda foss.
    11. Comram dia chomramaib
      Cerbaill rodos caith;
      {MS folio 47a 20} deich catha ra churestar
      for ríg Muman maith.

    12. 6735] Cath Luachra ba lenamnach.
      cath Lui for leirgg luimm;
      cath fuilech Fetomuir.
      cath Toa. cath Truim.
    13. Cath Cnamchaille curestar.

      6740] cath Argetrois úair;
      cath Gabráin. cath Silchoite.
      tulchad Raigne rúaid.
    14. {MS folio 47a 25} Na deich catha cinnimse
      for Mumain mór in dind;

      6745] ro bris mac mór Muricain
      for Finguine find.
    15. Oenchath déc duaibside
      brisfid Cerball caemm;
      for Cormac cid comalta

      6750] for ríg Casil cáein.
    16. Comrama dia chomramaib
      Cerbaill luaith ro lass;
      {MS folio 47a 30} .uiii. catha for Conchobor
      for ríg Connacht cass.

    17. p.228

    18. 6755] {MS folio 47a} Cath Moga. cath Moenmaige.
      cath Sinna na slúag;
      do braneón nirb airbire.
      cath Eidnige úar.
    19. Cath Luatraid. cath Cétmaige.

      6760] cath Buasi co mbuais;
      cath Boirend co mbithbuirre
      for Conchobor cluais.
    20. {MS folio 47a 35} Comrama dia chomramaib.
      hú Faelain in mind maith;

      6765] na da chath ra chloastar
      for Aed Findliath flaith.
    21. Cath Sleibe Fúait fortamail
      co furiud co feirg.
      cath Torand ba fortamail

      6770] co tres rúad co reidg.
    22. Ra chuir Cerball cetguinech
      cath for slúag nGall gel.
      {MS folio 47a 40} na comrama atchuadammar
      is Cerball fodoscer. .C.

    23. 6775] M'aes cumtha cumnigim.
      caemFland Usnig aird.
      Cú Chinad mac Fergusa.
      Cellach Mór o Mairg
    24. Ingen Flaind ros láncharus

      6780] co nglaccaib lánglana fosgniat.
      a da grúad co nglansoilsi
      co ndath losa líac.

    25. p.229

    26. {MS folio 47a} Bran degrí hua nDúnchada
      dergnáma slúaig Gall;

      6785] Ailill Mór hua Muridaig.
      Tressach Berba barr.
    27. Itge Patraic primapstail
      dom snádud for nem;
      mo menma ba minascaid

      6790] is co Crist foscer. C.


{MS folio 47a}

Idem de eodem.

sed post mortem Cerbaill hoc cecinit

    1. MO chen a chlaidib Cherbaill
      {MS folio 47a 50} bát menic i mórenglaim.

      6795] bat menic ac cur chatha
      ac dichennad ardflatha.
    2. Rapsat menic ac dul chrech
      i llamaib ríg na robreth;l^
      {MS folio 47b} bát menic ac raind tána

      6800] ac degríg do dingbála.
    3. Bat menic i lláim ragil
      bail i mbítis Lagin
      bat menic eter rígraid
      bat menic im mordirmaib.

    4. 6805] Mór de rígaib ca raba
      dara churis chomrama.
      mór sciath ro scaltis i tress.
      {MS folio 47b 5} mór cend .mór cliath. mór caemchnes.
    5. Xl. bliadan can brón

      6810] ro bá oc Enna na n-ardslóg;
      ni rabadais riam i n-argg.
      acht i llámaib ríg rogarg.
    6. Datrat Énna nír breth gand
      da mac fadéin do Dunlang.

      6815] .xxx. bliadan duit na seilb
      do Dunlang tucaisiu theidm.
    7. Mór ríg rot techt ar eoch ard.
      co Diarmait rigda rogarg.
      {MS folio 47b10} bliadain ara cóic dec duit

      6820] in n-airet ro bá ac Diarmuit.,

    8. p.231

    9. {MS folio 47b} I n-oenuch Alend ra hed
      rat tidnaic Diarmait durgen.
      datrat Diarmait in rí nár
      d'fir Mairge do Muricán.

    10. 6825] {MS folio 47b 15} Xl. bliadan co tend
      ro bá i lláim ardríg Alend.
      ni raba bliadain can chath
      ac Murican morglonnach.
    11. Dotrat Muricán ri Gall

      6830] i taig Carmain do Cherball;
      nít tuc Cerball do dune
      céin ro buí ar bith bude.
    12. Ropo días derg do días glan.
      i cath Odba na n-oiged;

      6835] da fargais Aed Findliath fóen.
      {MS folio 47b 20} i cath Odba na n-ardróen.
    13. Ropo derg th'faebur rofess.
      i mBeluch Mugna rat mess
      cath Maige Ailbe inn áig

      6840] fá ndernad ind immarbáig.
    14. Romut ro maid in cath cain.
      dia dardaín ac Dún Ochtair;
      {MS folio 47b 25} da darochair Aed garb glé
      isin leccaind os Líathmuine.

    15. 6845] Is romut ro maid in cath.
      lá ro marbad Cellach;
      mac Flannacain línib slóig.
      i Temraig aird uasalmóir.
    16. Is romut ro thraiged tess.

      6850] i cath Bóinne na mborbcless;
      dar thuit Cnogba cleth inn áig
      immut fégad ar th'orgráin.

    17. p.232

    18. {MS folio 47b} Ropsat fraechda nirbsat meirb.
      rapa laechda do lúathfeidm;

      6855] dar thuitt Ailill frossach Fáil
      i tossuch ind immforráin.
    19. Ni rabadais lá madma
      ac Cerball na cáemgarda.
      nir atluig lugi n-ethig.

      6860] ní thanic dara bréthir.
    20. {MS folio 47b 35} Nocho rabadais lá liúin.
      fuarais mór n-aidchi n-anuil;
      fúarais mór ríg co rath áig.
      arais mór cath it chomdail.

    21. 6865] A chlaidib ríg na rolog
      na sail bith for merugod;
      fogeba duit th'fer dána
      tigerna do dingbala.
    22. {MS folio 47b 40} Cia festa forsa mbia seilb.

      6870] na chia risa tibre theidm;
      din ló dochuaid Cerball ass.
      cia ca mbia do lepthanas.
    23. Nichat léicfider sech láim
      co róis Tech Náis co nertbáig.

      6875] bail i tá Find na fled
      atdérthar ritt is mo chen. M.


Brandub mac Echach

{MS folio 47b 45}Brandub mac Echach rachui [...]d i nn-aigid Aeda meic Ainmerech mathar do Áed mac Ainmerech [...] Noco tarat im Aed [...] cádus do epscop Aedain
6880] {MS folio 47b 50} sída ruc leis [...] Aedain iar tain [...] erbairt r[...]

Guidim Comdid cumachtach

    1. {MS folio 48a} GUidim Comdid cumachtach
      comsid Cille Rannairechl^
      rob é dígal Chummascaig

      6885] guin Aeda meic Ainmirech
    2. Guin Aeda meic Ainmerech
      atá duib i tairngire;
      rí in talman do thurchairthi
      is adbal ind anbthine.

    3. 6890] Tri catha meic ardEchthach
      cu Aed inna urnaide.
      {MS folio 48a5} ticfa uair na dergmaitne
      is bud crúaid in comraicthe.
    4. Guin Aeda iar nguin Chummascaig

      6895] dagentar mar ármimse;
      sé míli mar maidimse
      scél firi radimse.
    5. Bud garb gleo na cétaine
      do Themraig na torcraide.

      6900] niba suail in lechtlaige
      bias re rígaib Lorcmaige.

    6. p.234

    7. {MS folio 48a} Betit mnaa cana muntera
      betit fir i fuledaib
      betit meic for merugud

      6905] du sceol meic meic Muredaig.
    8. Bud cotach bud comfossad
      ce beit catha comdine
      bud cumthach bud comraichne
      ra hUltaib inn erslébe.

    9. 6910] Is í seo mo chomairle
      do mac Echach anbthenach;
      {MS folio 48a 15} na bíd in rí robladach.
      im síd ra mac Ainmerech.
    10. Is ímo chomairle

      6915] mairg nech doní dormaine;
      mairg faemas a anfine
      mairg móras a mogduine.
    11. Dar Scadarc re sciathbudin
      doria mac meic Muridaig;

      6920] dar Muntech dar Munigin
      dar Dámne co ndubfedaib.
    12. {MS folio 48a 20} Dar Étur dar Ardchaillid
      doria forgla ar tinoilni.
      dar Ard mBresta mbladaíbi

      6925] dar sess Slane sribúaine
    13. Dar Fé cusna fidlessaib
      dar romag re roslagaib;
      doria rena rodirmaib
      bud comraicthe comuabair.

    14. p.235

    15. 6930] {MS folio 48a} Beit fir ina faenligi.
      re mac Echach erbadaig.
      snigfid fuil dar fidrengaib
      suidfit brain for bernadaib.
    16. Atchiu goo gergorma

      6935] osa slúag co llinmuire.
      atchiu adbar ármaige
      os rennaib a rigruide.
    17. Atchiu chath can chuntabairt.
      atchiu in Badb ca thairngire.

      6940] {MS folio 48a 30} atchiu adbar irgaile
      ac sluag Berba barrglaine.
    18. Atchiu maidm ar mórsluagaib.
      noco lem nach duanmebair.
      atchiu bróen dar sárslegaib

      6945] atchiu Aed i n-úarilaid.
    19. Atchiu ár ar Eoganchaib.
      atchiu lén ar aignechaib
      atchiu Leth Cuind comchubaid
      {MS folio 48a 35} do thuttim re Laignechaib.

    20. 6950] Atchiu ár i n-óenbaile
      ar Leth Cuind in chomlongaid
      atchiu chlaind Neill níamchoraig
      is a n-aigthe i n-oenchonair.
    21. Atchiu mana morchatha

      6955] for Leth Cuind co comramaib.
      atchiu degríg ndegLagen
      do dreim dara n-ormanaib.
    22. {MS folio 48a 40} Cretim Ísu n-archanglech
      in Rure ca rubimse;

      6960] Rí nime ní chelimse
      is é in Comdiu gudimse. G.


{MS folio 48a}

Bemmend Branduib for Brega in uno anno so sís.

    1. SEcht mbémmend tuc Brandub for Brega

      6965] da chath déc dosbert Énna iar n-ena.
    2. {MS folio 48a 45} In cétbéim tuc Brandub borb in digail
      da darochair Muridach matan asin Chrínaig
    3. Indal a béim tuc Brandub i nOdba na n-áne

      in cainchomrac de chlaind Aeda Sláne.

    4. 6970] In tres beim tuc Brandub os Cherna céim unchaig.
      {MS folio 48a 50}
      ridach Muridach mac Murchaid.
    5. In cethramad béim i Temraig na tua;
      tus Fer Da Lua.
    6. In coiced beim tuc Brandub ós Cherna céim n-úabairl^

      6975] {MS folio 48b} dar thuitt Muridach mac Mael Ruanaid.
    7. In sessed béim tuc Brandub hua Muridaig Mugna.
      dara thuitt i nOdba leis Colmán ba céim urgna.
    8. In sechtmad béim tuc Brandub bidba cési.
      dara thuit Aed mac Flaind leiss i Cnucc Déin os Dési. S.


Echta Lagen for Leth Cuind

    1. 6980] {MS folio 48b} EChta Lagen for Leth Cuind
      forsna clannaib i lLiathdruim
      imda ar n-anfala na tig
      ic clannaib Labrada Longsich.
    2. {MS folio 48b 10} Labraid Longsech na laine

      6985] hua irdairc Úgaire.
      ro marb Cobthach cosin rath
      i mBrudin Tuamma Tenbath.
    3. Oengus Ollam ord cuman
      ro marb Corbb Cliach Muman;

      6990] Fergus Fortamail fechair
      docer Eochu Altlethain.
    4. Crimthand Coscrach sin chath
      ro marb Conall Collomrach.
      {MS folio 48b 15} Nuadu ro marb rí in Broga.

      6995] hua Ieir for Leirg Labrada.
    5. Ailill Connacht ciar garb sein
      is é ro marb Amargin.
      Lugaid Riab nDerg ossin glind
      rod marbsat na tri Ruadcind.

    6. 7000] Fer Gel Fer Roguin rathach.
      is Lomna Druth dergdathach.
      na Ruadcinn ni dalb saine
      is iat ro marb Conaire.
    7. {MS folio 48b 20} Cet mac Matach ria molod

      7005] rola in cloich for Conchobor.
      Ailill mac Matach mór gus.
      is leis dorochair Fergus
    8. Erc mac Carpri co cruas Gaill.
      is é ro marb Coin Culaind

      7010] Find mac Rosa cossin rath.
      leis dorochair Mes Dead.

    9. p.238

    10. {MS folio 48b} Do láim Mes Gegra co ngail.
      Loegaire mac Amairgin.
      {MS folio 48b 25} di láim Mug Smaile sin trait

      7015] docer Daire mac Cormaic
    11. Deich n-ingena Cormaic cain
      ra loisc Dunlang i Temraig.
      .xii. ingin ríg Muman.
      's a deich do ríg Ulad.

    12. 7020] Ailbe. Treithne. Grane gle.
      Lemon. Sciath. Admoer. Ange;
      Faife trillsech cen tige
      {MS folio 48b 30} Innerb & Talinne.
    13. Ingena Ailella Flaind.

      7025] Domna Detach Der Forgaill;
      Innerb Nechtain Tibre tra.
      Ciar is Semair sálfata.
    14. Ingena Ailella Áne.
      Taltiu & Moerna & Nárne

      7030] Emer Brectan Sogen Slain.
      Feidelm Fratan ni triamain.
    15. Mám Mungairit mín a drech.
      {MS folio 48b 35} Mám Mullethan Mám Trillsech;
      cét n-ingen la cech n-ingin

      7035] ros marb Dunlang dondInbir.
    16. La Fothad Canann sin chath
      docer Ailill Cend Nathrach;
      la Cailte Cosluath cairpdech
      docer Fothad findAirgdech.

    17. 7040] Aed mac Fidaig di láim Find
      {MS folio 48b 40} Di sleig Fiaclaig meic Conchind;
      ar in grád ni chél ane.
      dorat d'ingin Breg Éile.

    18. p.239

    19. {MS folio 48b} Din tsleig cétna ro marb Find.

      7045] Culdub mac Fidga forfind
      din gaesin ro marbtha thall
      {MS folio 48b 45} Deicell find aithech Érand.
    20. Mug Corb rí Lagen ro lass
      ro marb Cormac Cond Longes;

      7050] ro marbsat sin tress
      Ferches mac Commáin éices.
    21. Corpre Liphechair na llend
      rod marbsat da Ruad Roírend;
      Senioth Sarnia noco chél.

      7055] {MS folio 48b 50} is iat ro marb Eocho Domlen.
    22. Fiachra Cassan comul ngle
      docer la Íath mac Cailte.
      Eocho mac Ennai inn áig
      ros marb Bécc mac Lethdergáin.

    23. 7060] I Ráith Becce i mBregaib thess.
      {MS folio 49a} do l^ cer Bécc .l. eicess.
      la Echaid Cendselach cerr
      is leis dorochair Laidcend.
    24. Lasin nEochaidsin cen chath

      7065] dorochair Niall mac Echach
      Dúnlang Maisten in maige
      leis ra caisced Loegaire.
    25. {MS folio 49a5} Laignech ro marb rachuala.
      Brían i cath Damchlúana.

      7070] Ailill Molt rí Temra thall
      fúair a cherbbad la Crimthand.
    26. Oengus mac Nad Fraich fír dam.
      is la Lagniu ro marbad
      rí Cassil céim cen gainne

      7075] la Ailill mac nDunlainge

    27. p.240

    28. {MS folio 49a} Brandub mac Echach na n-ech
      ro marb Aed mac Ainmerech;
      Cummascach mac Aeda ard.
      ros marb Lochine londgarg.

    29. 7080] I nDún Bolg ba bét co mbrath.
      dorochair Bécc mac Cuanach;
      i cath Detna thess con chaill
      docer Ardgar mac Conaill.
    30. {MS folio 49a15} Maelodrán ros marb co tailc.

      7085] Dunchad Conall meic Blaimaic
      Murchad rí Lagen na lend.
      docer Fergal flaith Herend.
    31. Conall Mend rí Cairpri cain.
      malle is Fergal dorochair;

      7090] Aed Lagen rí Hua Mane
      i cath irdairc Almaine. E.
    32. {MS folio 49a 20} Níall Glundub gád is guba
      fúair ar lár ac Lethduma.
      la Laigniu sobladach sith

      7095] Congalach mac Mael Mithig
    33. Brían Broga bili buada.
      docer i cath Tarbchluana
      ra ríg nAlman ba cruaid cecht
      {MS folio 49a 25} rop adbal is rop ardecht. E.


Clanna Falge Ruis in ríg

    1. 7100] {MS folio 49a} CLanna Falge Ruis in ríg.
      clanna Dáre cén drochdíl;
      síl Enechglais taebgil tra
      clanna oenfir & oenmna.
    2. Medb ingen Bresail bulid

      7105] a ben Chathair atchlunid;
      {MS folio 49a 30} mathair na mac nglan
      prap ros rathaig in rigan.
    3. I n-oenfecht batar ina broinn.
      in triar i carcair chumaing.

      7110] ré bliadna nir luaid les
      cruaid lé & tiamda a torrches.
    4. Lám chlé Ruis Falge cen feill.
      {MS folio 49a 35} i lláim Enechglaiss imtheind.
      baí slicht in chalaid cu cnaim

      7115] na falaig mán findláim.
    5. Ros Falge finnat na fir
      is ónd falaig ainmnigthir.
      a síl co saidbre saine
      is Ú Falge iatsaide.

    6. 7120] {MS folio 49a 40} Lam dess Ruis Falge uile
      ar cind Daire in degduine;
      fúair farrach a láime in laích
      Dáire Barrach mac Cathair.
    7. Dáre Barrach co ngnuis glain

      7125] doringni esba amlaid.
      éicnech ra imluaid a bais
      ara findgruaid Enechglais.
    8. {MS folio 49a 45} Guth na rigna ra n-athair
      do meic caema it comarthaig.

      7130] ráid in gné síraig nach saich
      ar is firfáid cach firlaith.

    9. p.242

    10. {MS folio 49a} Comardai do mac a Medb
      is rignaide do rodelb;
      triana n-airdmes ra halta

      7135] {MS folio 49a 50} a cairdes bud cengalta. l^
    11. {MS folio 49b} Do meic a Medb co mbaide
      bat ríg bat rodaíne;
      tri cind choire criche Breg.
      tri croda Life Lagen.

    12. 7140] Cip é brisses báig na fer
      da síl & da seimed
      ra ré cen roga can rath
      {MS folio 49b 5} niba hé in sona saeglach.
    13. Ór derg tuarastul in trír

      7145] ra taeb ech mbretnach mblathmín;
      ór derg o cech anruth and
      ina sargud na saerchland..


Slan seiss a Brigit co mbuaid

    1. {MS folio 49b} SLan seiss a Brigit co mbuaid
      {MS folio 49b 10} for gruaid Lifi lir co tráig;

      7150] is tu banflaith buidnib sluaig
      fil for clannaib Cathair Máir.
    2. Ba móu epert in cach ré
      airle Dé fri Herind uill.
      indiu cid latt Liphe líg.

      7155] ropo thír caich ar n-uair.
    3. {MS folio 49b 15} O doréccu Cuirrech caín
      assa tháeb na torc
      dobeir macdath for cach meild
      in cor foceird for cach ríg.

    4. 7160] Ba rí Loegaire. co ler
      Ailill Áne adbol cor
      marid Currech cona lí
      ní mair nach rí ro boí for.
    5. {MS folio 49b 20} Ni mair Labraid Longsech lán

      7165] iar tundsem a thríchait cáem.
      i nDind Ríg ba hadba gnath.
      o thuc bráth do Chobthach Cael.
    6. Gabais Herind hua Luirc.
      Oengus Roirend réim co sairc.

      7170] rolá flathi dara feirt
      {MS folio 49b 25} Maistiu munbrecc Moga Airt.
    7. Ailend aurdairc álaind fál fuis.
      fail mór flathi foa cnius .
      ba mó foscnad tan atchess

      7175] Crimthan Coscrach ina crius.

    8. p.244

    9. {MS folio 49b} Gáir a ínaig iar cech mbuaid.
      {MS folio 49b 30} im chúail claideb cumtaig drend
      bríg a fían fri indna ngorm.
      gloim a corn for cétaib cend.

    10. 7180] Gles a hindeón comdad cúar.
      clúas a duan do thengthaib bard;
      bruth a fer fri comlund nglan.
      cruth a ban fri óenach n-ard.
    11. {MS folio 49b 35} A hól meda for cech mbruig.

      7185] a graig allmar ilar tuath;
      a seinm rond do rígaib fer
      fo duilnib sleg cóicrind cruach.
    12. A ceóil binni in cach thrath.
      a fínbárc for tondgur fland;

      7190] a fross argait orddain máir.
      {MS folio 49b 40} a tuirc óir a tírib Gall.
    13. Co muir nAlban amal chair
      raith a orddan la cech ríg.
      ru fer amaill im cech cain.

      7195] Alend alaind cona bríg.
    14. Bressal ba rí for Eilgg.
      Fiachra Fobrecc fein co ngairg.
      {MS folio 49b 45} Fergus Fairgge. Find mac Roith
      carsat boith i nAlind aird.

    15. 7200] Adrad lithu ni fiu clúas
      solud na sén siabras bás.
      is bréc uile iarna thur
      indid Alend is dún fás.
    16. {MS folio 49b 50} Foglass a ngein tibes duit

      7205] {MS folio 50a} a maigreid l^ tuaith cricha Cuirc.
      di cech lín ro n-alt a húair
      doringne luaith Liphi Luirc.

    17. p.245

    18. {MS folio 50a} Currech Lifi lir co hor.
      Currech Sétnai síth co ler.

      7210] is mor ríg fris rala cor.
      Currech Corpri Nio Fer.
    19. {MS folio 50a 5} Cathair Már ba forgu delb.
      reraig Herind ilar ndolb.
      ce chutgáre oca ráith

      7215] ro scáich a ngal ilar fodb.
    20. Fiachna Fomnae Bresal ran.
      rerid sál co snigib sleg.
      trichait ruirech réin cu cor
      {MS folio 50a 10} gabsat tír im Themair Breg.

    21. 7220] Benna Iuchna álaind port
      imma ndessid ilar fert.
      fega latt i nAlmain aird
      adba Thaidg meic Nuadat Necht.
    22. Fodbae Feradaig fo mind.

      7225] {MS folio 50a 15} immu nd-aigtís buidne bend.
      a barr breglass a brat líg
      is mór ríg rala dar cend.
    23. Dunlang Fornacta ba fíal.
      flaith fri Niall ro chathu cloí

      7230] ce adfeissed scel do neoch.
      ni hé in bith ceta boi.
    24. {MS folio 50a 20} Brigaiss Illand im thuaith
      tríchait catha fri cech ríg;
      hua Ennai. ald fri nath.

      7235] nibu sluag cen rian ríg.
    25. Ba rí Ailill ernad rath.
      resi ndressed cath crodond cruaid.
      {MS folio 50a 25} Cormac mac Corpri. Colmán Mór
      Brandub barc i mbatar sluaig.

    26. p.246

    27. 7240] {MS folio 50a} Ba slicht flatha Faelan find.
      Fiannamail fri forbud fland.
      Bran mac Conaill co llín glond
      ba si in tond dar cach n-ald.
    28. {MS folio 50a 30} A Brigit 's a tír atchiu.

      7245] is cach a úair immudrí
      ro gab do chlú fora chlú
      ind ríg is tu fordatá
    29. Tathut bithlaith lasin Ríg
      cen a tír i fail do rúaim.
      7250] a ue Bresail meic Déin.
      {MS folio 50a 35} i slan seiss a Brigit co mbuaid. S.


{MS folio 50a }

Haec sunt nomina uirorum componentium lapides.

7250]Ilían caslióir Solman.Trathlethan rathbuga Temrach.
7250]Canor casleoir Nemroith.
7250]Barnib casleoir Hiericho.Blocc mac Blair rath-[7255]buga Cruachan.
7255]{MS folio 50a 40}Cir casleoir Roma.
7255]Arann casleoir Ierusalem.Blance mac Da Bráu rathbuga Emna.
7255]Alen casleoir Constantinopoil
7255]Bachas rathbruga Nemruaith.Balar mac Buarainich [7260] rathbuga Bressi.
7260]Cingdorn casleoir Con Ruí
7260]{MS folio 50a 45}Goll Clochair meic Brain doringni Casel meic Nath Fraích.Crichel mac Duib Chuthi rathbuga Alinni.
7260]Rigriu casleoir Ailich. & Gablán mac hú Gairb.


7265] {MS folio 50a}

Gormlaith ingen Flainn cecinit.

    1. CIa dír do chlerchib na cell.
      imthecht can fethal can mind.
      {MS folio 50a 50} hathsacaird Cluana

      cia rot slatt immot bratt find.

    2. 7270] Abbair fri Niall nAeda
      cid cian ní chela aire
      fail ríg is beo i mbliadnai
      bus marb i mbliadnai aile.


Túarastla Rosa Failgi

7275] {MS folio 51a}Dorat do Fiachaig Baccid. l. corn craeslethan & l. dabach dondíbair. & l. gabur gormglas co sríanaib & muncib óir & argit.

Dorat dano .x. cairpdiu cethirech. & coic fidchella & u. branduib. {MS folio 51a 5} & xxx. scíath co srethaib óir & argit. & l. claideb fuilchrech faeburgéra i truallib fichthib findruini. do Thúathul Tigech mac Mane Máil.

7280] Dorat dano do Dáire Barrach tri coícait sleg semnach co fethanaib {MS folio 51a 10} finnargit. & l. scíath fo chobradaib óir & argit. & l. claideb colgnaiti & u. falgi óir. & l. lend lordatha. & uii. mergi mórchatha.

Tuc dano do Chrimthannán .l. cammán creduma co lliathroitib credumaib & .xu. fidchella derscaigthi la fichit brandub
7285] {MS folio 51a15} brecboirdnech & maccaemnacht cirt choicid Lagen.

Dorat im do Niad Corbb mac Loegaire Birn Buadaig do rig Ossairge. cét mbó breccfind óiderg & láeg la cech dá boin & nasc creduma eter cach dá laeg. Cét scíath mbilech mbrainech .c. {MS folio 51a 20} cruisech crandchorcra .c. mánaís lethanglass .c. lend lóchorcra
7290] .c. mílech ordatha .c. n-ech n-illdathach. .c. corn cáemecoir .c. ndabach ndergibair .L. carpat cethirech .l. fidchell fianimberta {MS folio 51a 25}.l. brandub. .l. bléide buabaill belfairsiung .l. coire créduma .l. mergi mórchatha. La commus & comairle cirt coicid Lagen.

Dorat dano do Eogan mac Guaire meic Eirc meic Bacáin .i.
7295] do ríg Laigsi cét mbó .c. scíath .c. claideb .c. sleg sithfata .uii. mergge minbratta.

Mór rath rofír fer Falge Ruis. dober do chach comarbba cirt coicid Corpri Nia Fer.

Dlegait sin o cech ríg congeib coiced Lagen o sein ille.,


Túathal Techtmar

7300] {MS folio 51a} Luid Feidilmid Rechtaid o Themair do sáerchuaird for Laigniu. {MS folio 51a 35}Aidliss do chelebrad de Fiachraig Cassan boí for gairi oca. Ba haitiside dano da athairsium .i. do Thúathul Techtmar. Iss ed atbert Fiachra Cassan friss. Niba samlaidsin ám téiged t'athair .i. Tuathal Techtmar. Cinnas ám a mmo sruith téigedsaide ol
7305] Feidilmid. Is and asbert Fiachra Cassan. Ro boísium imnedach {MS folio 51a 40} i tossuch a bethad ám ol Fiachra Cassan. Is é a óenur forácbad da chenéol i nHerind ar ro díbdáit uili cland Ugaine Máir la athechthúathaib Herend iar n-écaib Fiachach Findfalaid .i. athair {MS folio 51a 45}Tuathail Techtmair. & ro gabsat athechthuatha Herend flathemnas
7310] Temrach. Rom bert im a mathair intí Tuathal chucumsa. ar ba cara da athair missi & ba tarissi dó beith form foesam. acus dano ba meisi ba toesech na tri coícat amus batar oc Ellim mac Conrach fri dilgend saerchland Herend na tócbaitis cend & na {MS folio 51a 50} ergitis na cend. ra churiusa dano Tuathal eterna l^ amsaib & ba
7315] {MS folio 51b} Tuathal Amus atberthea friss. do dichlith a cheneoil. Luid iarum in gilla lathi óen and co dorus na Temrach. & bai Ellim in rí ac ól in tansain. & atbert Tuathal frisna dorseori dola da innisin {MS folio 51b 5}don ríg a bith is dorus & íttu fair. Ra innisetar na dorsaide sain. Iss ed asbert Ellim nach leicfithea istech é. & na bertha deog immach
7320] dó. Ra innisetar na dorsaide sain do Thuathul. Tan atchuala Tuathal sain. iss ed atbert. Nira dligiusa ar se diultud frim i {MS folio 51b 10} Temraich. Uair baile athar & senathar damsa Temair. Ra innisetar na dorsaide sain do Ellim. Iss ed atbert Ellim ni demin lim combad fír dó & ni fordergfaither fair i Temraig. Tanic tra
7325] iar sain dom insaigidsea. & ra innis dam in dímíad tucad dó & ba {MS folio 51b 15}olc limsa sain. & tucussa deichelt ríg dó. & ra radius friss dola taris d'iarraid sochraite do chosnom rige nHerend. & cia fogabad cenco fagbad ra beindse ara chind ar brú mara mo trí choicait {MS folio 51b 20} amus & mo brathair fein cona tri coícdaib amus batar aiceside ac
7330] Eochaig Anchend béos. batar acisede ri dílgend na saerchland. Imthigid iarum Tuathal fon córgudsin & cech ní ranic a les leis. I cind amsire iar tain fácbaimse Ellim & ticim d'indsaigid Echach


{MS folio 51b} Ánchind. & berimse limm Findmál mo bráthair & a thrí choícait malle riss. Co rancamar Rind Rámand. & nirbo chian dún inn úair
7335] thanic Tuathal chucund na longaib & ra fersamni fálti friss. & {MS folio 51b 30} ra rígsamni é & tancamar leiss secht cétaib laech co Temraig. amp ra fuacramar cath for Ellim mac Conrach. & ó 'tchonnaircside in sluag comaithech. tánic immach co Achaill. & ro ferad cath crúaid comnart eturrund cid ed ra memaid for Ellim Aigle & ra cuired ár
7340] {MS folio 51b 35} a muntire. Terna Dairbre mac Lulaig arna lott co Druimm nDairbrech .i. do Ligmunib dó. & is uad ainmnigther Druim nDairbrech


{MS folio 51 b}

Orthanach cecinit.

    1. MAsu de chlaind Echdach aird

      7345] atai a baird búaid cech oín.
      indid etarlam nach ndúain
      {MS folio 51b 40} de chomram chruaid Chobthaich Coíl.
    2. Cobthach gabais Brí 's a broen
      ba derb. ba cael gné a chuirp;

      7350] gabsai format fí fo bailc.
      combad rí for Life Luirc.
    3. Luid do raith mo ruirech ruiss.
      ror dígus ba fingal gand;
      goíta leiss Loegaire Lorc.

      7355] luid a mac hi tiri Gall.
    4. {MS folio 51b 45} Gabais Cobthach ciaso chian.
      clandais sluago sochla dál.
      degleth Ulad errid uill.
      echtga Cuind co n-orddan már

    5. 7360] Mad Cu Difne de lith lerg.
      fuadait crithre grinne n-ard;
      in dailsin sliucht nad cherb.
      clusiút Laigniu lon fri Corb.
    6. Guin iar Lugdach Reo nDerg. ríg

      7365] rucad a tír thoirthech tríath.
      {MS folio 51b 50} anim dóib túath iarna rath.
      otá Boind co Ath Cliath.
    7. Cia nad cuala co rían.
      rigi Meiss Gegra don Máen;

      7370] mac Mis Delmond dorar már.
      marbsi Conall oc Ath Chláen.l^

    8. p.253

    9. {MS folio 52a} Abrait loga lam. dar crích
      fuilliucht fola dara thuaith;
      tri barrchaiss Berba co mbáig

      7375] ros rir Conall i lláim lúaith.
    10. Lanri Lagen luin co ngairg.
      Corpre Nia Fer co feirgg;
      iar nguin Ailella dond Aird.
      atbath Cet mac Magach meirg.

    11. 7380] {MS folio 52a5} Medon Uisnig ard in dind.
      dia n-atád in bruiden borr;
      ba sí maten magen ing
      i n-abbad rí Lagen lond.
    12. Lassar medras in mbith mbúan.

      7385] Bruiden Da Choca co n-ár;
      adbath Con Corb comnart glond.
      la Cormac Cond Longes lán.
    13. Lathrais boromai fo mind.
      mór a tormach toirthech dramm;

      7390] {MS folio 52a 10} Tuathal Techtmar Cormac Find.
      Fiachra Cassan cosin nGall.
    14. Coic cét déc trichem tromm.
      tress bliadain birte bend;
      bliadain aile immed n-oll

      7395] a comlond lig lumnech lenn.
    15. Lathrais Cormac gaís co sós.
      sech ba formach fora ngres;
      fuacrais ba fianna in fás.
      fri trichait mbliadna in bés.

    16. p.254

    17. 7400] {MS folio 52a} Béimend Tuathail tuathaig Techt.
      iar fecht fithre formach n-án.
      indred Cormaic findgen grían.
      iar nguin na n-ingen oc Fál.
    18. Finta dún ca teng na tend.

      7405] ol at eola ecna uill;
      ol at cana gnoe grind
      cid dia mbóe roe Cuind.
    19. Ce atchether tredua cain
      Cormaic for maíl maige maith;

      7410] {MS folio 52a 20} is mac Ailella ind ríg.
      ro n-ir Brigit immon flaith.
    20. Fácaib Eochoid Find Fuath nAirt.
      a thír ar tír Lifi Luirc;
      lathrais cathu ba caur tailc.

      7415] tar cend Lagen fri Leth Cuirc.
    21. Cetna cath fiche ba úath
      ó Ardd Luathrid luid dond ár;
      Aed mac Dergabail tren fer
      írend docer sinn áth.

    22. 7420] {MS folio 52a 25} Óas aurglaiss ba orddan n-án.
      nibu thair fri forggu fer;
      fácbaid Cathair cond cach sluaig.
      la Laigniu thuaid i mMaig Breg.
    23. Ba ard cisel choscair chain.

      7425] Cormac co n-ani a chuir.
      ar galaib oenfer iar tain.
      da ríg déc dó do guin

    24. p.255

    25. {MS folio 52a} Goíta Labraid Life líg.
      Lugaid Corc den rigraid ráin;

      7430] {MS folio 52a 30}
      aich Eochaid flaith fir
      Fiacha Cron co forthiu máil.
    26. Mogelni Morca már dam.
      Eocho mac Duind trén dornd;
      dá mac Labrada cend carad

      7435] Ailill Etan canar gorm
    27. Gormac Lagen lir co glend.
      Corpre Liphechair fo mind.
      fich secht catha dara cend
      co cath Commair na Tri Lind.

    28. 7440] {MS folio 52a 35} Lanrí Lagen lir co tuaig.
      Dunlang feided flatha feóin;
      fri Niall nithach nene uair.
      atbath i cath Feda Eoin
    29. O fecta cath Dromma Deirg

      7445] tallad airriun ír co ngairg;
      o Brí Éle aurrand chaem.
      corrici taeb Uisnig airdd.
    30. Ardflaith Gaedel ceneoil Cuind
      clu ordduin uill errid áir;

      7450] {MS folio 52a 40} amal leoman eter trét.

      ardtuatha cail
    31. Cond co cétaib catha

      sochraide f

      fialla rua
      end (uardath) ruaig

      7455] ros gab o muir co Muir Mend

    32. p.256

    33. {MS folio 52a} Muadmeic Augaine co ngrád.
      Cobthach Loegaire fria luad;
      fris dia tucam lór sloged n-án.
      amal muir co n-anfud úar.

    34. 7460] {MS folio 52a 45} Aill is tóla catha cruach.
      aill is cora cacha crích;
      aill is grinne fidlo find.
      aill is rind fri noach nith.
    35. Nocho tulsat flathi fiann

      7465] fais a nduine dían a mbress.
      Patraic ás Herind hi foss.
      Brigit oas Herind andess.
    36. O dosranic Brigit bán
      ní morchatha roda gael;

      7470] co cath Uchbad aurgal búan
      imbu buadach Aldán Áed.
    37. {MS folio 52a 50} Imsceng Fiadat ardontá
      amal phupall bís im dall
      truag a cumge f

      7475] dogní síl mac nAdaim and.
    38. Ol is de chlaind Echdach find
      ataí co rind recni chaiss;

      uar dam fadess
      dligthi Dondchad molbthach mass. Ma.


Gormlaith ingen Flaind

{MS folio 52b}GOrmlaith ingen Flaind meic Mael Shechnaill tanic ar debaid
7480] ó Cherball mac Muricain do thig a athar & ro chuiredar ra haiss arís d'indsaigid Cerbaill. i cinta ind imdergtha tuc Cerball {MS folio 52 b5}di. Cerball i n-othrus in tansain i nNás. Is i do iarfaigid scela in chatha Maigi Ailbi & amal ra marbad Cormac. Ra boísium iarum
7485] oca innisin dissi mar ra gatad a chend de Chormac & se fein na fiadnaisi. Is and atrubairt Gormlaith.

    1. Cindas berass Ísu breith
      for dreich na derna maith
      {MS folio 52b 10} na tarat anacul fír

      7490] don epscop don ríg don flaith. &c.

Tuc Cerball lua da choiss friasi & si fo chossaib sinn airidin coro thuitt Gormlaith dara aiss siar co raba a nnáire ri cach. Conid airesin rachuaidsi ar debaid do thig a hathar

{MS folio 52b 15}O rachuala Niall Glundub sain. tanic atuaid & Conall & Eogan &
7495] Airgialla laiss do thabairt dilsi Gormlaithe ar ecin o Lagnib Acht chena ra thairmisc Gormlaith & iss ed ra ráid co faigbed a dilsi chena ó Cherball. uair atrubairt Gormlaith is miscaiss dorat. & {MS folio 52b 20} ro batar cethri puirt fichet acci i lLagnib & d[...]gal tarsib & a dilsi di. Uair is e Cerball ruc ar tús riam a chrod do miscnechan & a dílsi don mnaí. Conid and sin ra iarfaig Niall de Fland corugud
7500] catha Lagen


    1. Ossairge do chlé a catha.
      hú Chendselaig dess flatha;
      a n-aesam in chatha cruaid.

      7505] {MS folio 52b 25} Gaill is Lagin i n-oenuair.



    1. {MS folio 52b} Niall. Airgialla do chlé ar catha
      ra sluag Temrach dess flatha
      ra Conall ra Eogan ard
      a n-oesam na cath comgarg.


    1. 7510] Da mbetis da Airgiall and
      da Eogan is da Chonall
      is dá Mide in airme
      toetsat uile ri Laigne.


    1. {MS folio 52b 30}Cid dochana Temair do grád

      7515] na Ailech na Emain án;
      dá sé catha im Niall ngruad nglan
      meni dingbat cath Lagen.


    1. Brigit rempo is na ndíaid
      is imgoin ra
      caith sciaith

      7520] dorat dóib ara hadrad.
      ríg Herend do lúathmarbad


    1. Cidit beodai Lagin na land
      nocho gebat ra Conall;
      {MS folio 52b35} Conall & Eogan a tig.

      7525] riu nocho gebat Lagin.


    1. Da tiastai i lLaignib na land
      da roster da bar fiss and
      Conall is Eogan co ngráin.
      dagebat chath co cruadgair


    1. 7530] Niall. A Flaind meic Mael Shechnaill áin
      nocho lind beri do báig
      dáig do chlemnasu ríu.
      romor gebi ri Laigniu



    1. {MS folio 52b} Do rig Ailig ni lúaid ni lúaid less.

      7535] saigid fodess fodess dairib doss.
      medi can gein brainib
      saigid fodess.
      snaidi fris
      ass Emain oss. O.


{MS folio 52b}

Dallan mac Móre ollam Cerbaill cecinit.

    1. COrmac Femin Fogertach.

      7540] {MS folio 52b 45} Colmán Cellach cruaid ugra.
      co mílib dorochratar
      i cath Belaig muaid Mugna
    2. Fland Temra din Taltenmaig.
      Cerball din Charmain chithaig.

      7545] i septdecem septimbir
      cloiset cath cetaib ilach
    3. Tadcg in triath a Desgabair
      {MS folio 52b 50} co sústaib brúthi borrslat.
      re cách ro escomail

      7550] do chlod catha for Cormacl^